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tv   Today  NBC  January 6, 2015 7:00am-11:01am EST

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stay warm out. "today" show is up next. see you for local updates in just a few minutes. don't forget to download our weather app. good morning. coast to coast, as the bitter cold intensifies, the fast-moving snow storm races across the country, causing major problems on the roads and massive delays at airports while out west mudslides knocked homes off their foundations and temporarily cut off an entire neighborhood. massive manhunt. two new york city police officers shot overnight while investigating an armed robbery. this morning, the all-out search for the suspects in a city still reeling from the assassinations of two other officers. murdered over money? the investigation into the death of a hedge fund founder takes a new turn. was he killed by his own son for reducing the 30-year-old's monthly allowance? and dog fight. that feud between peta and sarah palin over those photos of her
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son get nastier and even more personal and she will take on her critics when she joins us live "today," tuesday, january 6th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a chilly tuesday morning. did you catch that? 21 degrees outside. that is headed down that temperature. >> it was 60 in new york city sunday. 21 today. getting colder. snow on the way. wipe that smile off your face. >> exactly. >> i feel really bad. i really do. let's see what's going on. another arctic high and reinforcing cold air behind that. we are going to be watching this strong high pressure build in. it's going to push in this much-colder air.
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we've got windchill warnings and advisories stretching from the dakotas all the way into the northeast today. right now it feels like 16 below in minneapolis, 8 below in chicago, zero in cleveland. new york city it feels like 9. and then tomorrow morning, record lows minneapolis, minus 27. we're going to get to minus 14 in minneapolis tomorrow morning. minus 4 in indianapolis cleveland at 7. as we move into the northeast, it will be 24 in new york city 16 in charleston. and look at this thursday even colder. 9 below in chicago. that's an air temperature. 10 below in indianapolis. plus we've got this clipper system that will be coming across. portland will see very close to record lows. central park too. we've got lake-effect snow watches, warnings winter weather advisories and winter weather warnings. as this clipper comes across snow is developing. let's look live right now. washington, d.c. we are talking about snow, a few inches.
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this will basically shut down washington, d.c. in fact we already know we've got closures of schools in and around the d.c. area. now, chicago, they've seen a few inches of snow already. there have been school closings as well. roads getting anywhere from two to three inches of snow. and overnight in oswego and upstate new york semi tractor trailers off the road. big problems. they're going to pick up anywhere from a foot and a half to two feet of snow in some spots. let's go to dylan dreyer right now. she is in upstate new york outside of syracuse. snow has stopped but the cold is still coming dylan. >> it definitely is. i caught a cold myself too, al. the heaviest band of lake-effect snow has pushed well to the north. it is absolutely brutal as we got here to central square yesterday. take a look at the picture i
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took just before 5:00. near white-out conditions. it was next to impossible to drive. then literally minutes later, it looked like this. totally clear. that is the nature of lake-effect snow. as that clipper system moves to our south, it is going to shut off the lake-effect snow here in western new york for most of the day today. that clipper has made a mess of roads back through sioux city iowa we saw this pile-up on i-29. amazingly, nobody was injured. dangerous roads near south dakota where the heavy snow made for whiteout conditions there. now we are focusing on the cold. we've already seen the cold hit areas like minneapolis and back through chicago, where people are just bundling up and trying to brace for the cold as best they can. windchills are down around 30 below and getting colder it's kind of hard to bundle up enough to stay warm. and, al as you know we see this clipper move through. we are going to see winds shift back over to the west and northwest. that will turn back on the lake-effect snow machine. as you mentioned, we could see
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another one to two feet of snow where the heaviest bands of snow set up in this area. >> absolutely, dylan. let's go to the map and show everybody. here's what we're talking about. from the leeward side of the eastern great lakes, erie pennsylvania on through watertown and syracuse we're talking about another two feet of snow. and then we've got this reinforcing shot of cold air right on into the weekend. so we are going to be in the deep freeze for a little while longer. >> adding insult to injury right? >> all right, al. thank you very much. meanwhile on the west coast, heavy rains in washington state have led to dangerous flooding there and mudslides have pushed homes from their foundation and forced hundreds to evacuate. miguel almaguer has the latest on that. miguel good morning to you. >> reporter: matt good morning. this is one of the neighborhoods on the brink of an even larger mudslide. huge swath of land has given way. there's fear more of it could collapse later today. while the brunt of this storm has already moved on the damage
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and the destruction is still here. for a region used to rain this was historic. what many in washington call the most destructive in a decade streets cracked and crumbled neighborhoods under water. mudslides shut down highways and roads as at least three homes were pushed off their foundation. others teeter on the edge. tiffany binkley's mother and aunt were inside this house when the hill above gave way. >> they have a few bumps, scrapes, stuff like that but they made it out alive, so -- that's a miracle right there. >> reporter: with up to nine inches of pounding rain in just over a day, firefighters rescue the elderly. 200 people were temporarily stranded as mud and debris flowed into town blocking the only road out of the neighborhood. >> all of a sudden just all hell broke loose. and everybody's calling, get
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out! we could hear everything falling down. >> reporter: as rivers burst banks, some roads could be blocked for weeks. the power of this storm cascading from a nearby fall running three times the normal rate. this massive weather maker, punishing the region now on the move. >> it's an amazon-size stream of clouds and moisture stretching from the tropics up into the pacific northwest, bringing us unusually near-record temperatures and with that a lot of moisture. >> reporter: this morning in washington state, no serious injuries. but the threat here still lingers inlinger s s s. and the cleanup could take months. there is concern that waterlogged hillsides like the one behind me could give way later on today. geologists are on scene to test the soil. if there is any good news most of the rain seems to have stopped for now. savannah matt? >> miguel almaguer in
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washington thanks very much. a manhunt is under way for a suspect who shot and wounded two new york city police officers. it happened late last night while those officers were responding to a robbery call. rehema ellis has more on this story this morning. hi rehema. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. the two officers are listed in critical but stable condition. they're both expected to recover. officials don't believe the shooting was targeted but it comes at a time when police tension in the city is running high. >> i just heard four gunshots and looked at my brother and was like oh, my god. >> reporter: police are still on the hunt for two suspects this morning after they shot and injured two nypd officers in the bronx late last night. one of the suspects is seen here on surveillance footage moments before the shooting. two plain clothesed officers responded to an armed robbery call. encountering the suspects blocks from the robbery scene. during the confrontation, the suspects opened fire shooting one officer in the arm and lower back and the other in the arm
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and chest. >> they performed courageously this evening. they literally went running out of the station precinct house to respond to that robbery scene. >> reporter: moments later, the suspects escaped, stealing a white camaro before crashing it and taking off on foot. a black revolver was found near the car. while officials believe this was not a targeted shooting this incident comes as police across the city remain on edge. just a day earlier, thousands gathered to lay nypd officer we wenjian liu to rest. he and his partner, rafael ramos, were gunned down in their patrol car. monday mayor de blasio publicly addressed the protests for the first time condemning the action. >> it was disrespectful to the families who had lost their
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loved ones. and i can't understand why anyone would do such a thing in a context like that. >> reporter: a $10,000 reward is now being offered for the arrest and conviction of the suspects involved in this latest shooting that happened overnight. savannah? >> raheemehema ellis, thank you very much. now here's matt. >> savannah thank you very much. year in wall street off to a bit of a shaky start. the dow fell 344 points monday oil prices tumbling below $50 a barrel. jim kramer host of cnbc's "mad money" joins us to put it in perspective. low oil prices are good for consumers. it's like a pay raise. puts more money in your pocket. apparently not so good for the market. >> we have to be careful of an overreaction. we still have to keep in mind that 300 million americans benefit. 17 million americans who couldn't -- >> the way i'm hearing this basically these oil prices are
7:11 am
low not because there's a glut of supply but a slowing down of demand and that might mean that the global economy is slowing down. >> there is a real problem in europe. europe is slipping back into a recession. china does much better with low oil prices. they could come back a little more. merging markets could do better. i'm not sweating this decline. >> let's put it in perspective. june or july last year the price of oil per barrel was about $100. >> right. >> now yesterday it dropped below $50 for a while. is there a price that's simply too low? >> at $40, you begin to see a lot of bankruptcies for some of the overstretched oil companies in texas and oklahoma. that's where they start losing a lot of money. north dakota starts losing a lot of money. we're talking about less than 10% of the country. >> you're downplaying this? >> wre. >> you think this is a blip on the radar, not a sign of a longer term problem? >> absolute blip. it will be positive six months from now. >> jim cramer thank you so
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much. back to savannah. the 114th congress convenes today with republicans officially taking control of capitol hill. what does that mean for the president and the gridlock in washington? national correspondent peter alexander is at the white house this morning. peter, good morning. >> reporter: savannah good morning to you. for the first time since the bush administration republicans will control both the house and senate. their top order of business? trying to overcome grumbleings from conservatives in the party as john boehner looks to secure his third term as speaker later today. fresh off november's republican rout -- >> we are going to make them squeal. >> reporter: the grand old party is eager for a new start. >> i do think we need to work together. that was the failure of harry reid, his refusal to work together. >> reporter: incoming senate majority leader mitch mcconnell's main goals for his party, don't be scary. telling the washington post i don't want the american people to think that if they add a republican president to a republican congress that's going to be a scary outcome.
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their first test whether john boehner can hold off tea party conservatives challenging his speakership and the controversy over louisiana's steve scalise, house's number three republican still defending his speech to white supremacist group led by former kkk leader david duke ten years ago. >> who republicans decide to elevate into a leadership position says a lot about who -- what the conference's priorities and values are. >> reporter: republicans will push to pass the keystone pipeline and fight the president over immigration. >> republicans know there's a lot on their shoulders. there's expectations from voters to get something done. can they prove that ahead of 2016 they can be a governing party, a party that has a positive agenda? >> reporter: meanwhile overnight with florida becoming the 36th state to allow same-sex marriages -- [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: -- the state's
7:14 am
former governor seems to soften his stance on gay marriage calling for respect for the good people on both sides of the issue. the best bellwether of who's running is best seller list of upcoming book tours, ted cruz mike hulkabee rand paul. the potential 2016 will have a lot to say soon at least on paper. >> look toward the new exploratory committee. >> and they'll be here in the studio as they come to talk about these things. >> we have natalie here now and the tragic death of two athletes. >> caught in an avalanche while training in austria. craig melvin is here with the story. good morning. >> natalie, good morning to you. we were told these were athletes with a lot of potential, skiing in austria when that deadly
7:15 am
avalanche struck. training with four other skiers monday when according to the associated press, the group went off course, apparently triggering the massive avalanche on the mountain. first responders say they had no location equipment and were eventually found under 12 feet of snow. >> they were not only great ski racers but they were really outstanding young men who were focused on a passion of becoming world cup athletes. >> reporter: his friend had a golden heart. >> the first to laugh. he was always positive always talked about bringing the good vibes and we lost part of our heart today for sure. >> reporter: head master praised his determination and strength of character. >> he was loved by his peers, his teammates because, above all, he was a kind person and he worked hard. he had a big heart. but he was very nice to other
7:16 am
people. it was a devastating loss and one difficult to see so young. >> young men with big dreams taken too soon by a sport they love. reaction to the deaths of these two athletes have been coming in from the biggest stars, lindsey vonn calling it a tragic loss. ski in peace, ronnie and bryce. natalie? >> such a loss. thank you, craig. forcing indonesia to expand the search air for airasia flight 8501. today, officials displayed some of the debris that has been found so far, including passenger seats and safety information cards. officials say that searchers believe they have located the tail and parts of the fuselage in parts of the java sea. the plane crashed late last month with 16 people on board. school bus driver and 17-year-old student were killed monday after the bus collided with a train in north dakota. 12 others were injured in the crash, some suffering broken
7:17 am
bones. the ages of students range from 5 to 17 years old. investigators say the bus driver failed to yield to railroad crossing signs but because it is a rural area there were no crossing arms. off-duty police officer from kentucky is recovering after accidentally shooting himself inside of an elevator. this happened in cincinnati. it's all caught on the surveillance camera in the elevator. he was trying to remove his gun from a holster when you see it fired accidentally. the bullet ricochetted off the elevator wall and hit him in the stomach. his wife called 911 for help. the officer was treated for nonlife threatening injuries. and on a lighter note for many of us coffee break is an essential routine, part of your day but you probably wouldn't expect to see the top women's tennis player take one right in the middle of the match. take a look. all right. here is the story. serena had just lost the first set of the match in australia
7:18 am
when she decided she needed a little jolt. apparently jet lag kicking in. she checked with the chair umpire. minutes later there you see, it was delivered right to her. the miracle drink, recovered to win the match. not only win. she crushed her opponent and advanced in the tournament. we all need espressos in the morning. >> egg mcmuffin. >> now you're talking. >> natalie, thanks. >> mr. roker, what else do you have? as we look across the rest of the country, the clipper coming across the atlantic states and ohio river valley. sunshine continues through the gulf coast. temperatures normal today. look for finally dry weather in the pacific northwest. that's good news. with temperatures in the low to mid 50s. we'll get to your local forecast co [vet] two yearly physicals down. martha and mildred are good to go. here's your invoice, ladies. a few stops later, and it looks like big ollie is on the mend. it might not seem that glamorous having an old pickup
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truck for an office... or filling your days looking down the south end of a heifer but...i wouldn't have it any other way. look at that, i had my best month ever. and earned a shiny new office upgrade. i run on quickbooks. that's how i own it. looking for accumulations of one to two inches and plenty cold. but it gets colder tomorrow with a strong gusty wind. it feel like it's in the teens. a high of 28 degrees wednesday afternoon. and then the real cold arrives thursday. 9:00 in the morning and 22 thursday afternoon. in the teens friday morning. another cold day saturday and then clouds start moving in sunday. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> al thank you very much. carson is here.
7:20 am
outpouring support and photos for a young man battling serious illness. >> anthony lyons, 16-year-old currently under dlsgoing chemo at phoenix hospital. a family friend created a facebook page called photo doggies for anthony, hoping people would share pictures of their dogs putting smile on anthony's face. lo and behold word got out. a million people had joined this facebook event. lisa writes in i live in alberta, canada. another one here ana. hi anthony. this is maggie. i just woke up to say good morning to you. armstrong down there. kristen, anthony's mom writes in we're really feeling the love from you and your pets. thank you from the bottom of our hearts. you wanted to get in on the well wishing. there are pictures of your dogs. for some reason this facebook
7:21 am
page went down last night. a new one is up. we're waiting for facebook to comment on why. nant sending you nothing but the best this morning from the orange room. >> best wishes. carson thank you very much. coming up other photos that are getting a lot of attention this morning. feud between sarah palin and peta is heating up. the former governor is talking about it with us live this morning. also staged to look like a suicide? the latest twist in the death of a $200 million hedge fund founder as his own son is charged with murder in that case. but first on a tuesday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
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good morning, i'm vai sikahema. it's cold out there and we have a little bit of snow. meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> between 4:00 and 7:00. the first snowflakes just after 7:30 and now a steady very light snowfall in philadelphia. you can see plenty of clouds. dozen look too impressive does it? i-95 right by international. that light snowfall is going to continue during the day. you can see it from different views. that snow is is going to be here through the morning. accumulating just slightly. we're looking at one to two inches with some snowfall and then it tapers off this afternoon. it's a clipper and a fast mover and it will keep on going. look at the temperatures. well below freezing. 19 right now in wilmington and
7:27 am
16 in potstown and going to be a snowy day during the day today. this afternoon, just some scattered snow showers and the temperatures stay in the 20s. >> thank you, bill. you can get important weather information and updates delivered right to your smartphone or tablet with nbc 10 weather app. free download can get on our website at let's get a check of traffic now and a look at septa with jillian mele. jill? >> good morning, vai. taking the frankfort line no a or b service. lansdale/doylestown delayed. 76 at belmont avenue you can see the conditions are snowy and wet, take your time. a vai? >> take your time and stay warm out there. another update in 25 minutes. always get the latest weather and news on back to "today" show. see you in half an hour.
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7:30 now on a tuesday morning, the 6th day of january, 2015. very cold as you can see, in new york city. going to get a little bit colder. and al says some light snow is also on the way. we'll talk to him about that in a couple of minutes. morning, everyone. >> good morning to you. in the headline this is morning a fast-moving system prompting winter storm watches and warnings across the country with the heaviest snow falling from parts of iowa to ohio. flooding rains from separate storms has caused mudslides out on the coast of washington state. hundreds of people have been forced to flee their homes in one town where several buildings were washed off their foundations. and the new congress with the republicans in control of both chambers opens today. one of the first orders of
7:31 am
business speaker of the house, john boehner, facing some opposition from the right of the party. but he is expected to be re-elected to a third term. speaking of politics we'll talk to former alaskan governor sarah palin with her headline making slape inging spat with peta. in new york city shot and kill killed in his apartment sunday. his son is accused of murder after an apparent argument over money. nbc correspondent kate snow has more on this. good morning. >> good morning to you, matt. thomas gilbert jr. was arraigned on charges of second-degree murder. the son had clips full of ammunition and the packaging for the gun used in the crime. they say the son shot his father and then tried to make it look like a suicide. thomas gilbert jr. known as tommy, seemed to have a charmed life. his family owned an apartment in an exclusive manhattan residence and spent summers in the
7:32 am
hamptons. elite private school boarding school and then princeton. at 30 he he is now charged with murder. tommy went to his parents' place sunday and asked his mother to leave so he could speak to his father alone. >> mother did leave. she went to get some food for junior. about 15 minutes after that she had a bad feeling and decided to return and she found senior on the floor with a bullet in his head. she also found a gun resting on his chest, his left hand covering it. >> reporter: she called 911. >> it was said the husband was shot by her son. >> reporter: detectives who responded to the apartment suspected the crime scene was staged to look like a suicide. they went to tommy's apartment they found two magazine clips and other ammunition. >> we found numerous loose rounds as well and the manufacturer's box of a glock 40 caliber. also we have a shell casing envelope with the serial number
7:33 am
of the gun that was recovered at the crime scene. substantial amount of physical evidence to use. >> reporter: law enforcement sources say tommy gilbert was having money problems. a few weeks ago he argued with his parents when they wanted to reduce his monthly allowance. sources say they hadn't talked again until tommy showed up on sunday. he has had other brushes with the law, too. law enforcement source says four previous arrests, including one for drug possession and one in september when tommy was arrested in the hamptons for violating a protective order that requested he stay away from a former schoolmate. authorities suspected arson. however, police have never identified gilbert jr. as a suspect nor has he been convicted of any crime. 70-year-old tom gilbert sr. is being remembered as a kind friendly man, whose small hedge fund had a good year in 2014. attorneys for the son, tommy
7:34 am
gilbert jr., had no comment on the case. employees of the hedge fund his wife and family are understandably in shock. one friend told nbc tom was intelligent, thoughtful and nonaggressive. and he added that that's sort of a rare trait to be nonaggressive as a hedge fund manager. >> thank you. take a turn now. al has more on this cold weather. >> that's right. actually we'll take a look at some places where it's a little warmer. if you want that warmer weather, let's head out west. big ridge of high pressure pushing the jet stream way up to the north. so temperatures are actually above normal. seattle, 53. 7 degrees above normal. los angeles, going to be up near 80 11 degrees above normal. phoenix looking warm much even denver 54. that's nine degrees above normal. clipper is coming across bringing light snow. colder air behind it. lake-effect snow around the great lakes. good news for our friends in the pacific northwest, you'll have dry weather the next couple of days as they continue that cleanup of all those mud
7:35 am
good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. light snowfall this morning looking for accumulations of one to two inches and plenty cold. but it gets colder tomorrow with a strong gusty wind. it will feel like it's in the teens. a high of 28 degrees wednesday afternoon. then the real cold arrives thursday. 9:00 in the morning. 22 thursday afternoon. in the teens friday morning. another cold day saturday and then clouds start moving in sunday. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather, guys. >> al thank you so much. coming up on trending how would you feel? the guy thought he won half a million dollars and then was told his ticket was a misprint. >> oh, bummer. dog fight with animal rights sir, we're loaded and getting ready to go... ...we're going to need you on the runway. (vo) don't let
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great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. more processed flakes look nothing like natural grains. let's get real. sarah palin once famously compared herself to a pit bull. now she's in a fight with with peta. it all began with these photos of her son, trig stepping on the family dog to reach the sink. palin called peta double standard hip crits who can, quote, kiss her okole. thank you for giving me a chance to say okole on national television adding to our vocabulary. >> good. i'm glad you looked it up and knew what it meant. >> on a serious note you posted these photos of trig thought it was a sweet image of your 6-year-old son overcoming
7:41 am
obstacles and finding a way to reach the sink. instead, peta fired back calling you a bizarrely callus woman. it's odd that anyone including a mother would find it appropriate to post a thing with no sympathy for the dog in the photo. did you think it was okay for a child to step on a dog? >> in this case yes, because trig's service dog is a strong trained dog that does really really love his best buddy, trig. and they put up with each other. and there was no harm at all to this dog. ironically peta made my point, though that i was making in the post where i said you know life gives you what may be perceived as stumbling blocks and use them as stepping stones instead and may 2015 the new year allow opportunity for that and then that day i witnessed my own son using, as a stumbling block a stepping stone.
7:42 am
>> and you really call out peta for hypocrisy saying it posted a picture that ellen degeneres tweeted of a little girl standing on a dog. she was, of course their woman of the year in 2009. >> right. and bristol had pointed that out to me because she's met ellen and really likes ellen. she said you know mom, look at this image. it's the exact same image, a kid using the canine as a stepstool and the outcry there with ellen's posting was oohs and ahhs and sweet. and then she became woman of the year for peta. and, of course man of the year i think just last year 2014 was mayor de blasio and he he had just doggone it kill aid groundhog when he dropped it last year on groundhog day. absolutely hypocritical double standard usual applied to
7:43 am
perhaps, constitutional conservatives. >> you fire off some shots and land some punches in this posting for the hypocrisy that you just mention. you also talk about president obama, that he tried dog meat when he was under 10 years old in indonesia. i have to ask you about that one, though. is that trading cheap shot for cheap shot? >> heck no. that was the best line in the post that i wrote. it was the kickoff line. hey, peta chill. at least trig didn't eat the dog. and, no it also made a point that you know president obama, to many of the far-left radicals who are part of peta they look at him as i don't know their messiah. and, i don't know i think he as a child, probably the same age as trig did much worse than just use the dog as a stepping stool. >> there are some areas of common ground. i think you said that you probably agree with peta's true mission, respecting god's creation and critters and peta
7:44 am
said they have no reason to believe that your household pets aren't ordinarily pampered. do i see the makings of a peaceful resolution here get together and smoke a peace pipe? >> smoking the peace pipe. well i do respect -- if that truly, sincerely is their mission, to respect the sanctity of god's creation and all the critters absolutely. you know many of them though would never put up with what i believe in. and i believe that our resources here including in many cases wild protein, animals, are put here for man's responsible use and utilization. so i think that they would certainly disagree on the fact that i hunt. you know i eat, therefore i hunt and many of our mills are wrapped in fur, not cellophane. and they probably wouldn't support me on that issue. but i believe there would be mutual respect and support if we can both agree that yeah god's
7:45 am
creation here is really precious very sacred and we should do all we can to conserve. >> real quickly before i let you go the name of the dog, kind of unusual for a dog's name. how did you come up with that? >> i had a roommate in college named jill. loved her. always want aid jill. and then hadassah that's' jewish name for esther. i didn't have a six kid but had a dog that i finally got to use those names. >> governor palin, thank you. it's always good to have you. appreciate it. >> thank you so much. and coming up who needs elsa from "frozen"? the breathtaking real-life city made of ice. carson rolls out next. ♪♪
7:46 am
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7:50 am
>> is it national bring a family to workday? special guests over in the green -- orange room. not the green room. the orange room. >> they went from the green room right into the orange room. "the new york times" calls this mother/son daughter trio the first family of instagram due to their highly successful personal accounts. good to have you here. >> hi. >> good morning. liz, what are your accounts first of all? >> @new yorkcity. >> i'm @realestate. >> and i'm @food. >> how did this start? are you surprised because of the success you've had? collectively you're at 1.5 million follower. >> liz found out about instagram early on and tom and i jumped in after her. >> what's the key to a good shot shot? give us a tip. >> i think it's framing competition. >> and i think it's clarity and relatability. >> relatability? >> you have to relate to the photo, obviously. >> i think it's color and light. >> color and light?
7:51 am
>> uh-huh. >> we have a lot of that stuff around the set. you have your phones? >> uh-huh. >> we'll send these guys out. you can go to the plaza, matt lauer's dressing room if you like. the color green is everywhere. >> if you can pick a lock. >> and then we'll put up your pictures. why don't we start with you? grb this phone, liz. start with a good one of the gang here at the table. we'll let you guys go crazy. so you do your magic on our crew. >> this is @new yorkcity. >> what's our role in this? what's our motivation? >> so you frame it up. right, liz? that's it? that's the secret. >> that's the secret. >> i'm going to turn 14 any day now. >> perfect. guys back to you. we'll get you guys. >> carson, thank you. we'll see the results. could you spend the night here? we're about to show you the daring lengths that two guys are
7:52 am
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7:56 am
good morning. it's 7:56. i'm vai sikahema. no flights are taking off landing at philly international airport because of the weather. we will have more on that in a little bit. first alert forecast with meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> snow is moving into the area and sometimes the airport can cease to have activity because of other areas getting snow. there is snow on the ground. that is the view in center city. just a dusting so far. the radar is filling up with very light snowfall but with temperatures this cold it will be accumulating this morning before it tapers off this afternoon. 20 now in philadelphia. teen for northeast philadelphia. wilmington is at 19 degrees and it's 10 in the pocono mountains and even at the shore the temperatures are well below freezing. we will see snowfall this morning. that's when we'll see the stead
7:57 am
and then scattered light snow showers this afternoon. one to two inches of accum accumulation expected. >> thank you, bill. of course you can get important weather information and updates delivered right to your smartphone or tablet with the nbc 10 weather app. a free download at our website. good morning to you, vai. you can see the snow on the radar blanketing the area and zoom this map in to 76 so you can see how messy the roads are. out near road 202. a slow go. a lot of heavy volume out there. speeds to 35 miles per hour and also delays on mass transit, including as you can see these lines on septa listed. >> again, no flights taking off or landing at philly international until 8:30 this morning. airport officials suggest you check your status to make sure it's not canceled or delays. we'll see you in another half hour.
7:58 am
7:59 am
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rir ir
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8:02 am
dunham will :. k of that new season tomorrow. steals and deals is back with deep deep deep discounts for must-have items for 2015. >> there she goes. let's go inside. natalie has a check of the top stories. take it away. >> feeling the cold out there, bone-chilling arctic air is spreading across the eastern two-thirds of the country. temperatures are well below normal even for january and they'll plunge lower. blowing snow is causing travel problems throughout the midwest and great lakes. airport delays are growing. it's even snowing this morning in washington, d.c. some stormy weather in washington state has triggered flooding and mudslides there. and that pushed several homes off their founda debr ow blocking the
8:03 am
s, cutting off entire neighborhoods. there have been no serious injure injures but there is concern that mudslides could cause collapse. support for a 7-year-old girl who survived a plane crash that killed her family. gabe gutierrez is in nashville, illinois. good morning. >> reporter: natalie, good morning. the gutzler family has own this had furniture for years. they're a huge part of this community, known for their generosity and now their resilience. this morning, nashville, illinois population 3,000, is grieving but also rallying around the 7-year-old that has captivated the nation. >> we firmly believe there's a reason she walked out of that wreckage. there's a purpose for her life. she will positively affect lives. >> reporter: on friday sailor gutzler was flying home from a florida vacation with her family when their twin engine plane
8:04 am
plunged into the kentucky woods. killed in the horrific crash, sailor's parents, her 9-year-old sister and 14-year-old cousin. this is the exact spot where the plane crash landed. local authorities believe that sailor was able to crawl out and soon headed in that direction. she scrambled nearly a mile through heavy brush to knock on larry wilkins' door. he says her relatives have thanked him personally by phone. today in illinois visitation will begin for her kurch, seecousin sierra who leaves behind four brothers. >> just always fun. i mean the gutzlers were there, you knew it was going to be a good time. >> reporter: today, grief counselors will be back on hand at local schools. we're told by the superintendent that students are writing notes of support that will be given to that young girl who survived against all odds.
8:05 am
natalie? >> incredible. she'll certainly need the support there. gabe gutierrez in nashville, illinois. the mystical combination of ice and lights are drawing visitors. fantasy and famous world landmarks. they're best seen from night when they're lit up from inside like giant lanterns. let's go outside once again and get another check of the chilly weather from mr. roker on the plaza. >> thanks natalie. that looked very cool the china ice sculpt city. what we have going on right now. we have been talking about snow. clipper system coming across. in pittsburgh a little light snow as is washington, d.c. temperatures in the teens, getting up to the mid 30s down in washington. this is going to continue to come down. heaviest amounts are going to be around the leeward side of the great lakes in between cleveland, buffalo, watertown and syracuse.
8:06 am
some folks could be looking at 18 to 24 inches of snow generally speaking. good morning, i am meteorologist bill henley. light snowfall this morning. looking for accumulations of one to two inches and plenty cold but it gets colder tomorrow with a strong gusty wind. will feel like it is in the teens. high of 28 degrees wednesday afternoon. then the real cold arrives thursday. 9:00 in the morning, 22 thursday afternoon, in the teens friday morning. another cold day saturday then clouds start moving in sunday. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al. just ahead on trending two guys who are documenting their climb, el capitan. >> love how you say that.
8:07 am
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try our new grilled chicken strips in the new monterey chicken melt. subway. eat fresh. >> announcer: what's trending today is brought to you by subway. build your better breakfast. all right. we're back at 8:11 on a tuesday morning. great time for what's trending today. >> time for trending. do you guys like that song? >> yeah. >> whoo! >> what do you do for a thrill? actually don't answer that. some of us may take a cold bath and skip our morning coffee. really? how about tackling the world's hardest rock climb. that's what two dare devils are doing right now at yosemite national park. they're spending more than a week scaling the jagged rock known as el capitan. they want to be the first to free climb it meaning no safety
8:12 am
nets just a rope. they're about halfway through. and they just pitch a tent along the side of a mountain to rest. that's relaxing. >> that's terrifying. >> have you ever been to yosemite? >> i have not. >> you see people perched on that thing and you stand below it and can't believe it. >> could you really relax hanging on the side of the mountain? >> i can't pitch a tent on solid ground. >> apparently a storm system is moving through as well. they hope to get done by this weekend. fingers crossed. >> how are we getting these photos? >> they are very much socially active. one of the guys' wives is also posting a lot. >> there's great signal on el capitan. >> four bars. new mexico man thought, key word thought he struck it rich after scratching off a lottery ticket. it looked like he won about half a million dollars. but when john wines went to claim his prize the store clerk had bad news. he said it was a misprint. >> what? >> meaning he would not get the
8:13 am
money. i think, matter of fact -- let's listen. >> i didn't misprint it. i bought the ticket in good faith, thinking if i won i was going to get my money and they told me no. they absolutely positively told me no. >> imagine. >> oh, my gosh! >> 250? >> see that little up top by the one? there's apparently half of another number that invalidates that ticket. the lottery apparently offered him $100 worth of lottery ticket. >> no. >> to ease his pain. >> not the same. >> he went back to the store clerk, he had closed up. he retired. >> done. good-bye. >> that's awful. >> can we send our congratulations, by the way, to cameron diaz? she's waking up a married woman this morning. >> congratulations. >> blissfully single but love has changed her mind. she wed rocker bengie at their home monday night. reese witherspoon and gwyneth
8:14 am
paltrow were there. they tell "people" magazine they could not be happier to start their lives together. >> i've known bengie for a long time. great guys. pictures of him with the tattoos. love finds its way in different shapes and forms and so cool to see those two together. both lovely people. >> i love his nfl video. >> wrong one. >> bradley cooper on the cover of "w" magazine in a photo shoot celebrateing some of the best performances of 2014 donning slicked back hair and very little else. then on monday he celebrated his 40th birthday with jimmy fallon, showing off a really new skill and a good one. air guitar. ♪ ♪
8:15 am
♪ >> wow! >> that same guitar solo, "down by the river." he does it a lot better than i do. >> a really good thing dogoing. >> they do. >> every time on jimmy fallon now, they somehow one-up the previous bit they did. >> remember that laughing? so funny. >> every time a real good rapport. >> and that. >> look at the hair hat. >> that is what's trending. >> air guitar hats. we shared the story of brook birmingham thrilled about her 172-pound weight loss. she wanted to show off her body in a bikini but ran into a problem with "shape" magazine. now she's being featured in the pages in a special photo spread. we'll talk to brooke in a moment. first the rest of the story. it started with this photo, sporting a bikini 28-year-old brooke birmingham was proud of her body after losing 172
8:16 am
pounds a goal that took more than four years of diet and exercise. she submitted her new look to "shape" magazine for a weight loss article but birmingham received an e-mail from the magazine's writers saying my editors is hoping you could send over a different after foet o they're looking to include one with a shirt. birmingham fought back on her blog writing, i don't feel like my body was given the same respect as others on their site. this is a body after losing 172 pounds a body that has done amazing things. that blog quickly went viral sparking a firestorm and a conversation about accepting and embracing real bodies. "shape" magazine however claims it was all a misunderstanding. >> feature brooke and five other real women inside the pages of "shape" magazine and we want to start a larger discussion about what happens after you lose a significant amount of weight. >> we look forward to reading it. will you have your bikini pkt? >> of course. >> absolutely. >> staying true to that promise, "shape" took us behind scenes to
8:17 am
the photo shoot, acknowledging one woman's effort to embrace who she is. and brooke is with us now along with "shape's" editor at large. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> have you seen this photo yet, brooke? >> yeah. i saw it just the other day. >> we have to throw it up on the screen and let people take a look at it. how does it feel for you to see this photograph inside the pages of "shape" magazine? >> it's completely amazing. i mean there's no other word that i can describe it. it's more than i thought it would be. >> were you surprised at the reaction all of this got, starting back in the spring? >> oh, yeah. i mean i had no idea that when i started my blog i would go what they call viral on the internet and all this would happen. i am so honored that it did. >> from "shape" magazine's perspective, you said this is a misunderstanding. there was an editor that said we don't take those kind of pictures t sounds like this has
8:18 am
been a learning experience for everybody. >> absolutely. we are so thankful that brooke helped to kick start this important conversation about what happens after you lose a lot of weight. it's something we don't typically talk about in the media or in general. when you lose a significant amount of weight there is a journey after the journey. that's the conversation that we're talking about now. and we continue to want to make that dialogue go on and on. >> speaking about starting a conversation you certainly have done that. you had a round table and sat down with other women who have gone through this weight loss journey. what are the things you talk about? what's the number one issue for people who have accomplished losing the weight but then face a new life and a new issue to get adjusted to? >> it's hard to shed that old thinking i'm overweight i don't deserve things in life because i'm not good enough. we work through them and decide we are worth it. >> the magazine is taking it further. you're starting a new section
8:19 am
that gets into some of these issues of what happens after weight loss which actually makes a lot of sense. >> it absolutely does yes. we are so excited. we're launch inging, talking about the journey after the weight loss journey. weight loss tips. we'll be tackling issues that you haven't really seen before when it comes to this arena of weight loss. >> looking back at how this started, you go on this weight loss journey. you did it the hard way, four years. you wanted to get your picture in the magazine. there was that moment of rejection. for it all to have happened like this at this point, would you change a thing or are you glad it turned out the way it did? >> not only did i get to share my story i got to share my story with a bunch of other people in the magazine as well. they're all wonderful women. >> brooke birmingham appreciate it. by the way, brooke also wrote an inspirational essay about her
8:20 am
journey. you can read it on let's send it over to matt and nicole. >> thanks, savannah. that's right we have nicole kidman. she's met her match in a movie in the form of a talking bear named paddington. someone you may not want to be friend with his. take a look. >> did you say? >> yes. >> what happened to him? >> good. >> but then he disappeared. >> oh! >> i'm sorry. that creature means a great deal to me. >> why? is he endangered? >> he is now. >> hey, nicole nice to have you back. the whole idea here was to make a movie your kids could seen sooe and enjoy. are you going to warn them before you take them to see them that you don't play a good guy in this? >> oh, they know. >> oh, yeah? >> they were very upset that i wasn't playing the bear's mother. >> i'm sorry. bummer. >> now they've adapted to the idea and my 6-year-old actually
8:21 am
enjoys i'm the villain. >> you had fun with this, didn't you? >> yeah, i did. i wanted to do something that was fun. i've done, obviously, many movies that are heavier. >> right. >> and this was just lighthearted. and i love paddington bear. >> for people who aren't familiar with the story, this thing has been around since the 1950s. there are something like 35 million copies of the book in print. the message of it is that he is an outsider looking for acceptance? >> yes. well he is a bear that comes from peru and comes to england and is an orphan and needs to find a home. >> so there's a universal message here? >> yeah. well for me the message is you know kindness to strangers and that we're all sort of able to take care of each other. and families exist whether they're blood families or extended families. who knows what makes up a
8:22 am
family. there seems to be a noise. >> we're running sound from the movie. movie. >> i'm hearing the movie. it's following me everywhere. >> i was reading an article yesterday about you. it was a really good article but something jumped out at me that i like. your friend sheryl crow was talking about you in the article. she said in her opinion, you have been so poised your entire -- you know where i'm going here? >> no. >> so poised your entire life and some people may mistake that poise for iciness. >> right. >> do you understand what she's talking about? >> i mean i think some of the characters i've chosen tend to be far more removed and -- only because people say it. i go well i'm also very shy, as you know. >> right. >> but as i've gotten older, i think i've gotten -- i've lost some of that shyness. >> you seem to open up a little bit more with a little bit of
8:23 am
age. you've been famous -- >> i laugh a lot more now. >> do you? why? do you feel freer to do it? >> and happier. >> which is nice. >> yeah. >> you've been famous for about half your life and i mean really famous. >> yeah. >> do you ever wish you could get some of that public time back for yourself? >> no! i mean -- oh, it's been an extraordinary journey, my life from a little girl that grew up in sydney and sort of watched the academy awards on tv when i was 7 years old to have actually come that whole distance it's extraordinary. i can't believe it myself. >> i like -- i was reading in the article also. i like the fact that you and keith in nashville and other places have this rule. i think it's a really healthy rule. when you're with your children -- you've got two sets of children older kids and younger kids. the younger are, what 6 and 4? >> 6 and 4. >> when a fan comes up as much as you want to be nice to the fan, when you're with your children you don't take pictures. explain to me how you came to
8:24 am
that. >> because our kids don't understand what we do. so for them it's just like why is a stranger taking a photo of you? and it's very discombobulating to them. they find it odd. >> also they feel as if you are theirs and theirs alone and why does this other person have some ownership over you? >> right. they look and find it -- yeah they get the better of us. they're like she's my mommy. >> exactly. you've been living in nashville now since, what 2006? >> yes. it's that long? yeah. >> does it feel like home now to you? >> oh, yeah very much. >> what's life like there for you? >> we have a very easy warm peaceful life. and i think that's -- you know that's something that i always wanted and i was heading towards. i didn't know how to find it. and i found it now. >> 2014 over moving into 2015. >> yeah. >> do you have goals? not to make it sound trite, like
8:25 am
a resolution but do you have thing s things you would love to accomplish in the coming year? >> not really. >> no? just take it easy and relax, you slacker? >> what do i want to accomplish? i just want to enjoy. i think -- keith and i always say we're so blessed, to be able to laugh a lot, love a lot and play a lot. >> please give our best to keith. >> i will. >> good luck with the kids and good luck to getting a sense of enjoyment in the coming year. >> thank you. >> it's always nice to see you. >> good to see you. >> why are you laughing? >> i laugh. >> is it not good to see me or -- >> no. i just laugh. >> little insincere there for a second. >> no! >> paddington opens nationwide january 16th. let's go over to savannah. >> all right, guys. thank you so much. coming up no hidden cameras this time around jeff rossen
8:26 am
i am chris cato 8:26. time to check the first alert forecast with meteorologist bill henley on the first alert weather day where we have snow falling. >> getting a dusting at the studios and much of the area. snow is falling in the pocono mountains as well. just some light snow. they have been making snow overnight to add to snow pack. you can see the radar screen is very busy but it is just light snowfall. it is cold enough it is only snow and it is accumulating. 19 degrees right now at philadelphia. 21 in wildwood. 16 for pottstown and allentown. forecast is calling for temperatures to slowly climb into the middle 20s by 3:00
8:27 am
today, with scattered showers later today. by the end of it looking at one to two inches. see if the snow is impacting traffic. nbc10's first alert traffic reporter jillian mele has that. >> good morning. on this map, you can see the radar and all of that snow blanketing our area to the lehigh valley. this is route 22. we have snowy conditions there. accidents across the area maple shade, 73 northbound approaching main street and delays on septa. the thorn dale line delayed 20 minutes. a ground stop for flights headed to philadelphia international airport. planes bound for philly aren't allowed to take off in their origin city. planes are departing out of philadelphia, depending where they're heading. call to check the status of your flight. back with another update in 25 minutes. have a good morning.
8:28 am
8:29 am
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8:30 am
8:30 now on this tuesday morning, the 6th day of january, 2015. and, by the way, even though we're still talking about this show uh-uh don't want to miss our show this coming thursday. country music legend garth brooks is going to be with us across the board, all four hours. and he will be performing live. so check that out on thursday morning. >> looking forward to that. coming up this morning, a special new year's steals and deals. you have to eat better learn
8:31 am
something new, take a trip? jill is standing by with bargains you can't afford to miss. >> also help for your new year's resolutions on start today, workout plan for people who hate to workout, like our own jeff rossen. jenna wolfe and joy bauer will show him what to do and how you can really get that burn going yourself. >> one investigation jeff has never done. he has never gone to a gym. >> exactly. wait until you see him in spandex. >> he hates it. we talked to him about that. how about a check of the weather? >> midatlantic states light snow. heavier snow around the eastern great lakes. snow through the plains. dry weather in the pacific northwest. thank goodness. sunshine through the southwest. then for tomorrow we're looking at more snow around the great lakes. some of it could be a heavy one, two feet possible. sunshine continues in the pacific northwest. bitterly cold in the northern plains into new england and the northeast, midatlantic as well. temperatures anywhere from 10 to 30 degrees below average.
8:32 am
good morning, i am meteorologist bill henley. light snowfall this morning, looking for accumulations of one to two inches and plenty cold. but it gets colder tomorrow with a strong gusty wind feels like it is in the teens. 28 degrees wednesday afternoon, then the real cold arrives thursday. 9:00 in the morning, 22 thursday afternoon. in the teens friday morning. another cold day saturday then clouds start to move in sunday. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. matt? >> announcer: start today is brought to you by weight watchers help with the hard part. >> all right, al. thank you very much. now our month-long series "start today" where we help you jump-start those lifestyle changes you would like to make in this new year. we kicked things off on monday.
8:33 am
"today" correspondent jenna wolfe is back with more. good morning. >> hey, matt, good morning. my goal this month is to help you burn a little more. you see a trainer, fantastic athlete doing a bunch of exercises, it's so easy to think i can't do that. instead we found someone you already know to whip into shape this month. i promise you, if he can do it so can you. it might seem like he gets a lot of exercise. [ bleep ]. >> don't hit the camera. how do you respond to that? jeff rossen with nbc news. >> but looks can be deceiving. jeff rossen may be retrieving that stolen bike but he's not exactly about to take it on a ten-mile ride. >> i don't work out. i wish i would. i detest it. i detest working out. i don't know why. i hear people say oh, it clears my mind. it makes me feel better t makes me feel terrible. i would rather be at home. >> sound familiar? >> your clothes get tighter. you say i really should do something. but then there's the stress of work. i have three kids.
8:34 am
marriage and stress is all over the place. and your own health goes on the back burner. >> but to his credit this new year jeff agreed to put his health back at the forefront. and he's letting me lead the way. >> i need accountability. you're going to be the one who holds me accountable. the viewers will hold me accountable. so i need that. >> that's exactly what he'll get. jeff's not alone out there. so many people just like him, want to start. they just don't know how. >> all right. let me list my athletic history. okay. now -- yeah. i played little league baseball. that's my athletic history. >> that was yesterday? >> yeah, right. that was a long time ago. >> add to that a parent of young kid with his a severe weakness for carbs. >> i'm standing in my kitchen. because i have kids i have a bag full of fresh bagels that i want to eat, black and white cookies. for the kids chocolate chip muffins my wife just bought. for me this entire kitchen is like one giant mine field.
8:35 am
>> finally, despite his usual confidence jeff admits being anxious about this whole working out thing. >> so i hate working out. i hate eating less. and what i hate most is even though i make a living on television allowing everyone in to this like personal battle. >> results are going to take a little bit of time to come. you're going to see your clothe also start feeling better. you're going to start liking the way you look. your wife is going to start talking to you again. those kind of things will make you feel better. >> and jeff is here now, along with "today" nutritionist joy bauer. good morning all. >> good morning. >> you've had such a weird relationship with exercise. you say you hate working out. >> yes. >> why would you put yourself through this on national television? >> two words, jenna wolfe. >> love you. >> very persuasive. >> have you had stops and starts? >> not really. >> lots of stops. >> i would like a credit for at least a start. clothes get tighter. i travel a lot. i'm here a lot.
8:36 am
i work a lot. the kids sug know all about. it's hard to find that time and it's easy to make excuse. >> what are your goals? are they realistic? >> i would like to lose what 15 pounds. >> in a month. >> is that realistic? >> sure. it depends how much effort he puts in the commitment he makes. so far, he has really done that. >> what's your biggest fear about taking this on? >> this right here is a big fear. being on television and talking about this even though like i said, i'm on tv all the time. it's embarrassing. it's a little embarrassing and i'm anxious about the working out, too. >> when you take on someone like jeff no history of working out, do you have a different approach? go slow? >> of course. you go slow. he already dislikes the gym so much. i don't want him to hate it even more. i don't want him to get scared off. i want him to understand what he's doing and see that if i do this this will happen. the more he understands and the more we back into it and ease into it very slowly he will appreciate the work that he's doing there and he will want to keep coming back and do more. >> joy, obviously, diet is an important part of any health program.
8:37 am
>> right. >> what do you have in store for this guy for the month? >> i created an entire plan for jeff incredibly similar for the one i crafted for viewers on there's a couple of guidelines that i want everybody to hit. jeff is doing, high five a val valiant job. >> sorry. >> sorry, jenna. protein and fiber-rich breakfast. it will wake you up rev your system and control your appetite for the rest of the day. the second piece is to drink two cups of water before breakfast, before lunch and before dinner. that's because it takes up space in the belly and will pull back and prevent overeating at that meal. the next piece is to strike the starch at dinner. it's a huge one for jeff and a lot of our viewers. we tend to be addicted to carbs and overeat those starches in the evening. lots of proteins and vegetables. last is in between meals when he wants to eat everything and a lot of it nonstarchy vegetables in unlimited amounts.
8:38 am
from a psychological standpoint it's really important when you're trying to lose weight and you're dieting to know that you have something that you can eat at any point of the day. >> and she put me on a diet that i've been doing for five or six days. i'm not hungry during the day. i'm not eating the pasta. i was eating 3500 calories before? >> 3500 calories. now he's hitting 2,000 or less and is feeling great. >> i'm not hungry. >> what do you have in store for him? >> we're going to break down jeff's workout plan over the course of the month by body part upper body lower body so he again, understands. i want him to be able to at the end of the month, walk into a gym, know what he has to do and get the results he want. >> next time you crave one of those black and white cookies, you're going to love the carrot sticks. just as satisfying. >> carrots rule. >> good luck. >> thanks matt. >> thanks for letting us put you through this. more tips online. jenna will be back in our next hour with four ways to start burning those calories. then tomorrow on "start
8:39 am
today," jill martin dives into hoda's closet. good luck with that. to help her, and you, get more organized in 2015. speaking of jill she's standing by with remarkable steals and deals to start off the new year. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:40 am
8:41 am
all right. we're back at 8:41. time for steals and deals. five must-have items for 2015. "today" contributor jill martin is here to reveal today's bargains. good morning, jill. >> good morning. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. >> this is like resolutions made to come true? >> made up to 75% off. >> i like that. >> we're done sort of getting our gifts. now it's time to start the new year in style. so first up this is if you are making over your diet. each one of these is a little makeover. think pro kitchen pro juicer. the retail is $265. gourmet juices healthy
8:42 am
smoothies, soups and more. joy was just talking about this. we should give one to jeff rossen. stainless steel, easy cleanup. the deal is $69. that's 74% off. >> wow! really good. should i try one of these juices? >> i actually tried one before. do you like vegetable juices? >> not really but somebody does. jeff rossen does. >> instead of black and white cookies. >> let's keep trucking over here. lingerie. >> this is more like workout clothes? >> well, this is -- >> we're moving for the first time. i can't pick it up. this is make over your lingerie drawer. you should revamp your bras every year. things change and shift and, anyway -- >> they sure do jill. >> retail $78 to $84. you're wearing a t-shirt or blazer you may need something. seamless means you will not see obviously any seams. these are great for t-shirts. >> gives you good support and
8:43 am
everything? >> good support. removable tags in there as well. one size fits most. 32 a to 36 b. of course they stretch. there's two different sets. look on to see exactly what you get. four in each. it has adjustable straps. $78 to $84. the deal $24. up to 71% off. >> you could really stock up if you wanted to. >> and split them up into gifts or people in your family. >> like that. the next item that's coming to us as we walk in place, learn a new language. i like this. this is fun. >> ola! my mother is a spanish and french teacher. i always said i wanted to learn french. this is a great and inexpensive way to do it. living language online course. this is an online course. retail is $150. offering online language courses with a one-year access package. it takes you through 2015. choose from ten different languages, package include ss one year online training 46 lessons and two e-tutoring classes with
8:44 am
a native speaker. access it on your computer tablet and your phone. there's no excuse. retail $150. the deal $45. 70% off. you want to learn a language? >> i actually would. i know a little spanish. i would like to get better. this is a fun gift for somebody. >> great gift and it's on a lot of people's bucket list to learn a new language. >> i like it. educational now to plush. a nice new towel set here. >> okay. this is spruce up your home for your bathroom luxury mike microcotton towel set. >> this is working great. >> i like it. you're doing fine. home source international. retail $159. microcotton. six-piece towel set. two bath two wash two hand towels. the deal $39. that's 75% off. >> i like that. okay. >> and last but not least, always a great thing to get in january. luggage set. >> okay. plan a trip. even though many of us just went on trips, it's great at the
8:45 am
beginning of the year to plan again and make over your luggage situation. these are from travel pro. retail $320 to $400. you get one of these. eight-wheel spinners 29," 25" and 21," carried at macy's dillard's and other fine retailers nationwide. retail $320 to $400 the deal $79 to $90, 70% off. >> and it matches the orange room. >> it really does. >> jill thank you. the juicer the bra set from coobie living language towel sets and luggage from travel pro. go to steals and deals page at good job. >> thanks. >> thank you so much. happy new year. >> happy new year. two stars from the celebrity apprentice thomas joan as and gilbert godfried. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
snowing here in new york city on a tuesday morning. we're back at 8:47. donald trump has his hands pretty full with the new cast of nbc's ""celebrity apprentice"." last night two contestants were sent packing in back-to-back episodes. >> kevin, you're fired! >> would you want to go home? >> to me i look upon it as a game. >> gilbert, you're fired. >> didn't get out much there. it's a game. you're fired. kevin jonas, gilbert gottfried, hi guys. you're project manager. >> i was. >> had this commercial for a company that dealt with digital clutter? >> organizes your life. >> seemed like it was going pretty well. >> they shaut an iot an infomercial, we shot a commercial.
8:49 am
>> you had major problems with geraldo rivera. what was the problem? >> i think he didn't like taking direction from me. but at the end of the day, we were fine. tas just about the tension in the room. >> you're too nice. i have a feeling he will be more honest. what was geraldo's problem? >> matt you're glib. you're glib matt. you're glib. >> that's not geraldo. >> no. that was when tom cruise was here. >> exactly. >> totally stuck with me. >> it's still in your mind? >> every time i watch it he's glib. he's very glib. >> you need to move on. you really do. >> i can't! i can't have closure. >> did you start this show with a strategy? a real strategy? >> i walked into it thinking what a bunch of idiots. i'm on this show where i always feel like shaking them and going, do you really think donald trump is that stupid that he's going to hire you to run
8:50 am
trump enterprises? >> probably not. let's talk about your firing. >> yes. >> you go into the room and try a little bit of strategy. >> yeah. >> you brought a friend and you brought the guy you didn't like in geraldo and donald said you were trying to outthink him. >> i wasn't trying to outthink him. if i'm going to get rid of geraldo, i need to have backup. but clearly trump said it like seven times i needed to fire lorenzo lorenzo. i went with a strategy. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. i think people appreciated it online. >> gilbert, i've had the pleasure of knowing you for a long time. i don't view you as -- as a particularly competitive person. do you have a natural and competitive side? >> oh, yes, yes. i'm such a strong competitor. yeah because of playing sports all those years. >> right. because of being a world-class athlete? >> go ahead, punch me as hard as you can.
8:51 am
>> the good news here you raised money for charity. >> yes. >> for autism speaks and convoy of hope. >> no i was actually raising money for al qaeda. in retrospect maybe it wasn't a good charity. >> that's why you got fired, i think. >> we were so close to being out of this segment. gilbert, kevin, nice to have you both here. >> thank you, matt. >> we appreciate it. you can catch ""celebrity apprentice"" mondays, 8:00, 7:00 central time. >> oh, you're glib. you're so glib. up next, the first family -- stop it! >> glib. you're glib matt. >> the first family of inzagram updates us. >>
8:52 am
8:53 am
people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. we are being documented this morning by the so-called first family of instagram. didn't know there was such a thing. carson how is it going? >> it's going well. liz and tom, sarah, the first family of instagram. half an hour ago you took your phones and went around the plaza, talking about tips to make your photos resonate with people. that's why you have 1.5 million collective followers. liz, this is just a beautiful, classic, iconic shot. >> exactly. that's what people love. they love to see iconic new york city shots that they wish they
8:54 am
could experience themselves. and who wouldn't want to go ice skating at rockefeller plaza? >> all right. let's take a look here. really cool picture. >> i went around the studio here and figured i would show some of the viewers what's behind the scenes things that you normally wouldn't see on tv while you're watching the "today" show. >> pretty cool. the camera in there but you also tilt it up to show behind that sort of the robotics of television. it's a very tech savvy, cool photo. nice and food. >> yeah. >> this is simple but really appetizing and beautiful. >> thank you. that was from the nbc test kitchen. and they were cooking hamburgers for another session, so everyone loves a good burger. >> everybody loves a good burger. well done guys. >> thank you. >> are you going to keep shooting around? >> of course. >> how much time do you devote to to these shots? >> sometimes just walking around the city i snap a picture. >> we'll put these up at you can check those out or on
8:55 am
our instagram page as well. let's go back over to savannah. >> thank you. >> sophia bush star of nbc's hit show "chicago pd." she plays detective erin lindsay. detective lindsay had decided to leave the intelligence unit. when a fellow officer gets shot she stays to help track down the suspect. good to see you. you're no longer in intelligence we have something in common. >> yeah. you know. but i moved to the feds. only a little in common. you know it's a whole different universe. but on the return of the show tomorrow i'll stay with the unit to investigate what happened to bur gechlt s burgess. got to watch out for my girl. >> little fire during the christmas holiday. want to tell us about that? >> yes. >> oh, wow! that's not a little fire. >> it was about two-feet tall.
8:56 am
my mom was very excited to give me a gift and, you know just got the iphone 6 plus the size of an ipad and had zoomed in on my face. so the whole thing was blocking her peripheral vision. and i looked up to say thank you and was like mom! because her gift was on top of a christmas candle and just on fire. >> my gosh. >> just happened to be a can of gasoline. >> yeah. you good morning i am chris cato, 8:56. time for the first alert forecast with meteorologist bill henley to see how the snow is falling. bill coming down in some parts. >> looking at a dusting to a half inch. cape may is starting to see the snow in the area that's the view from cape may this morning.
8:57 am
clouds and light snow are falling through the day today and accumulating as well. radar shows quite a bit of snow. harrisburg and lancaster county are seeing snow come to an end. won't be all day. there's a possibility of scattered snow showers this afternoon. look at the cold. freezing temperatures 19 degrees in philadelphia. a snowy day but light snow one to two inches. remember get important weather information and updates delivered to your smart phone or tablet through the nbc10 weather app. it is a free download. get it at time to check the traffic. we have an accident or a few accidents on the pennsylvania turnpike. jillian mele has an update on that. >> that's right, chris. jessie gary sent video of this is the turnpike near morgantown a big delay, at least a two vehicle accident involving a
8:58 am
tractor-trailer. let's go to the maps. an accident on the eastbound side approaching women oh grove, left lane blocked. extension, left lane blocked. 495 at terminal avenue slippery conditions. >> a morning to take it slower out there. that's it for now. another update in 25 minutes. remember, you can always get the latest news and weather at now back to the "today" show. have a great tuesday.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker natalie morales willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today." it's tuesday morning. it's january 6th, 2015 and my land as my grandmother would say, is it cold outside. >> my land. >> time to pull up the scarf. >> the snow is coming down. it's cold all across the country. i'm willie geist, al roker, natalie morales, tamron hall. >> there's a reason i'm doing this. >> you know exactly why. i'm following. >> i'm warm inside despite the temperature because maya rudolph is on today. she'll be on in a few minutes. >> what is mindy kaeling going
9:01 am
to say about this? >> i said one of my favorites. >> oh, mindy! >> you have a whole line of talented women. >> in some places they call that a harem. >> no, no no. i enjoy a smart funny woman. >> apparently you have a long list of them. >> number one funny one -- >> christina. >> way to save it. we climbed up to zero today. it's crazy out there. >> this is not -- don't want to hear polar vortex. not using that phrase. but we do have some bitterly cold air. arctic express. big area of high pressure. this high pressure is probably the strongest we've seen in about five years coming out. it is just pumping in this cold air. temperatures will be anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees below average reinforcing cold air. windchills are really the big problem. windchills are anywhere from 15
9:02 am
to 40 degrees below zero. frostbite can occur within 15 minutes on exposed skin. it is dangerously cold. >> you don't want to have anything really exposed, right? >> especially your face. >> right. >> correct. >> good segue tamron. >> thank you. >> so it turns out what your mother used to tell you about covering your nose and mouth with a scarf is true. do you remember this scene from "christmas story"? >> i do. >> come on, mom. i'm going to be late. >> sorry ralph! >> my kid brother looked like a tick about to pop. >> what? what is it? what is it? what is it? >> i can't put my arms down! >> comes in handy when you're a mom. >> that's right. >> wrap a scarf like a mom. >> so yale scientists yale
9:03 am
scientists, no less. >> yale scientist. >> say the cold virus thrives in colder environments if we can keep our noses warm, less likely to develop cold symptoms. >> nasal cavity, temperature in the nose decreases and that provides a better environment for the viruses to grow. >> is it true then that, cold weather does cause a cold? >> it doesn't cause a cold. >> what is it? >> you get the virus in you from touching somebody or -- >> right. >> and then once the virus is in there, then the cold air coming into your nose replicates, grows. >> how long does it live in the scarf? how long will it live on -- >> i don't know that it lives in the scarf. >> throw it in the washing machine. machine. >> furnny you say throw it in the washing machine, willie because we've got this washing machine -- >> oh, yes. >> consumer electronics show going on right now in las vegas.
9:04 am
lg's new washing machine. it's really two washing machines in one. it starts underneath. we have a picture, i think, of this thing. it's like this high tech -- you put the wash in the bottom and then there's one in the top. it allows you to do two loads at once. it's got this high-pressure nozzle that shoots the detergent like at supersonic speeds so it uses less water. >> it's about time. >> we don't know how much it costs. but you can bet it's going to be really expensive. >> yes. >> it's going to be -- >> unbelievably expensive. >> when i buy splurge clothes, if i wear this so many times, it works out to like $1 a day. >> if you have this washer for 2ds 00 years, you will make your money back. >> the average washer lasts ten years, give or take. if we all pool in together, put it in your office, since you have the larger office we could share it. i'm being practical.
9:05 am
>> i've got a -- i stole my parents -- we got a ge washer/dryer. it washes and it dries. >> no. >> it's got like four cycles. and guess what? today's washer -- we got a new washer/dryer, you're launching the space shuttle. >> are you serious? >> you go through the manual and you're like i'm not that dumb. >> no. it eliminates dry cleaning. i'm obsessed. when i go to lowe's i walk up and down looking at -- obsessed with washer/dryers. >> little illness going on. >> i love looking at washers and dryers. >> they should be simple. buzz when you're done and that's it. >> no, no no. >> let them go. >> i love that you can do your whites and your darks. >> exactly. >> you can do that in a regular washing machine. >> but you can do it in different loads. >> everything cold and the colors won't run. put them in together. >> i do that sometimes. >> you need cold hand wash,
9:06 am
delicate, wool. >> your basic washing machine has those things. but with the buttons and the -- then try to -- >> you are really worked up about this. >> seriously. >> pumpkin frapuccino. >> it is now locked. you need a safe cracker to get into this thing. >> you have to crack the code. >> you literally -- now it's beeping. it has a password. >> i hate it when it keeps beeping at you. why are you beeping? >> who are you people? are you still carrying around brick cell phones and pagers? >> no but do you know what i am carrying around? >> let's move on to this. >> who had this guy? >> i didn't get mine until like 1985. >> walkman. the yellow was so cool. work out with. >> that's a cassette. >> cassette player. >> right. >> still talking about consumer electronics show. now there's a new walkman. a completely new walkman. unfortunately, it costs $1119.99. >> washer/dryer. >> that's ridiculous.
9:07 am
>> that's too much. >> superior audio experience. it will be available in the spring. >> unless it gets up and puts the headphones on for me that's ridiculous. that's craze. >> i how many mixed tapes did you guys make on that, right? >> guardians of the galaxy. how great is that? >> i used to spend hours listening to casey casekasem's top 40. >> i actually ran kasey kasem's top 40. >> that doesn't mean you're old. >> no, i'm old. reaching for the stars or reaching for the coffee. >> we're on a segue roll here. serena williams playing in perth australia, back in shape, back in form. back of course, being the champion she is. apparently she was a little tired during her first match. so of all thing that is serena
9:08 am
could ask for gatorade red bull. i don't know. sports energy drink. no, she make this is request. take a look. >> is it illegal to order an espresso? >> an espresso, she said. i need an espresso. >> that's great. she's got a sense of humor about it anyway. >> i mean, i don't know if it's allowed. is it allowed? >> okay. so serena is asking for an espresso. she lost the first set and said listen, i don't know if this is allowed. apparently it is. i love that they also have cream and sugar. >> that was the best part. >> how would you like it? extra hot, soy? she drinks it and goes on to win the match. by the way joy bauer says having about 100 milligrams of caffeine before working out can help your muscles work stronger. now the person who played her -- >> i have a shot before i work out. espresso shot. espresso shot. >> does it make a difference? >> i think so definitely.
9:09 am
>> you do? >> last night, long night. i'm super tired. >> you have one of those little es espresso makers? >> i'm afraid to drink too much coffee in the morning. >> one espresso before noon. after that, you're fine. >> pull a serena. >> i don't know if this is allowed on the "today" show. >> classic. >> sitting there. >> espresso. >> nice, cliff. >> very nice. >> this is the official shot? by 9:55 we'll be bouncing -- >> what's wrong with you, al roker? >> still wondering why was it such a long night? >> don't ever do that. >> you almost did a danny thomas spit take. >> can i have some of that, please? >> charity long into the night. right? >> thank you. >> al, shot before the weather? >> no, i'm good.
9:10 am
i just took one. >> thank you. >> let's see what we're looking at. this cold air. man, it is rough. i mean cold. high pressure is going to be just push inging on down, as it does this strong high pressure, colder air will start to make its way in. and so we've got winter storm -- i should say windchill. i'm just kind of tired. i need something. oh, maya rudolph thank you so much. that's so nice of you. >> you're welcome. >> thank you. >> now you have to drink it, al. >> all right. you know i don't like coffee. >> oh, maya. >> but when maya rudolph brings it. that's right. that's what's going on -- [ talking super fast
9:11 am
plenty of cold. tomorrow, strong gusty winds, feels like it is in the teens. a high of 20s. the real cold arrives thursday. 9:00 in the morning. 22 thursday afternoon, in the teens friday morning. another cold day saturday, then clouds start to move in sunday. have a great day. >> fast forward voice is uncanny. >> it's akin to a chicken. >> the roker chicken. hey, look who's here. maya rudolph. >> hi, everybody. bright and early. >> bright and early. we'll get her an espresso.
9:12 am
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[ kevin ] this is connolly cameron, zach, and clementine. we have a serious hairball issue. we clean it up, turn around and there it is again. it's scary. little bit in my eye. [ michelle ] underneath the kitchen table underneath my work desk we've got enough to knit a sweater. [ doorbell rings ] zach, what is that? the swiffer sweeper. the swiffer dusters. it's some sort of magic cloth that sucks in all the dog hair. it's quick and easy. pretty amazing that it picked it all up. i would totally take on another dog. [ kevin ] really? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] aaah, the amazing, delicious cinnamon and sugar taste of cinnamon toast crunch and cold milk. ♪ ♪ cinnamon
9:15 am
toast crunch. crave those crazy squares. maya rudolph is known from "snl" for her over the top impressions of beyonce. who could forget this squat scene from bridesmaid? let it happen. >> just live in that moment. right there. >> there she goes. >> beautiful. >> i love it. >> enjoy your coffee. >> comfortable place to be. right in the middle of the street. >> yes. here is maya rudolph. catch her in the new film
9:16 am
"inherent "inherent "inherent "inherent advice." looking into the disappearance of a former lover. >> i need contact information from you. >> did he ever mention the name of shasta? >> girls gone missing? >> that's her. >> yeah. she was in love with him. deeply in love. >> oh, shasta and doc lived together for a short while. >> oh. >> maya rudolph, good morning. >> good morning. >> dark comedy set in l.a., 1970s, right? >> 1970s. >> we mentioned you're the secretary to doc played by joaquin phoenix. >> petunia leeway is my name. don't wear it out. >> just rolls off the tongue. >> doesn't it? there's a lot of characters' names in the book that roll off
9:17 am
the tongue like that. you've seen it. it's an incredible cast that fills out all of these characters that are in the book beautifully brought to life in this movie. it's really trippy. >> it's a head trip. it definitely is that. >> i've got to say it's funny. i know it probably is a different funny than people have seen me be part of. i don't even get to be funny in it. it is kind of funny, too. i don't know. but it's -- joaquin is really funny, physically and -- i feel like the more i see it, the more i get the jokes, too. >> your long-time partner paul thomas anderson directed the film. he directed "boogie nights," "magnolia." he said this about working with you. it was great. it was easy if you can get a couple of hours to tell her what to do and she does it, i would
9:18 am
recommend that. >> he said that? >> to the boston globe, right. what was it like working with your husband? or your partner. excuse me. >> i'm just reeling from how funny that is. it is actually really nice to sort of play dress up and go to work together, you know. i feel like when you're watching someone do what they do so well it really is such a pleasure and paul is such an incredible director. he's so in his body and his element when he's directing that it's fun to get to watch. and few times now i've given birth while he was shooting so i don't get to see him. this time i had our baby and then i got to go to work and then actually -- and see what he does. because, you know, i'm home with the kids while he's off you know, shooting and in his adventure, what grown-ups do when you're home with a newborn baby. so it was nice to see -- it was nice to go to work together for a change.
9:19 am
it was really fun. >> did you pack a lunch? did he pack the lunch? >> i packed the lunch. i gave birth, packed lunch. no, really. seeing this movie it's hard for me. we ended up reshooting some of my stuff. i mean, i was perfect. it wasn't because of me or anything. >> right. >> we changed the location and we had to reshoot some stuff and we ended up shooting it four days after i had my baby. >> four days? are you kidding? >> no, i'm not. i'm not kidding. yeah. that was the first time i shot it. there was a baby in there the first time i shot it. >> that explains a lot. >> yeah, that explains a lot. >> that director had some nerve asking you back four days later. >> he knew he could get me to do it. those are the things that you do for people that you love. and obviously -- it felt like a family affair. it was summertime. and there was this big cast nieces and nephews are in the movie. >> how cool. >> it was really fun. it was just a great -- i felt really lucky to be part of it. >> we loved having you here.
9:20 am
great cast, joaquin phoenix, owen wilson, reese witherspoon, martin short, huge cast. >> huge. >> she did the list just so she could say benita mentora. >> maya rudolph. >> now you're doing russian. >> i don't know what happened. the espresso. whoo! coming up next six habits that could prevent a oh boy, this always happens to your father. you're clean. you got that right! bam! just gotta check your bag. huh, charmin ultra strong. you're cleaner than i thought. charmin ultra strong cleans so much better it meets even his highest standards of clean. with a soft duraclean texture, charmin ultra strong is 4 times stronger. and you can use up to 4x less. are you good to go hun?
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9:24 am
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9:25 am
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benefiber. now available in stick packs. good morning i am tracy davidson. a snowy morning just as our first alert weather team predicted. meteorologist bill henley has an update. >> tracy, the steadiest light snow in the area now is falling in parts of delaware and south jersey, but still coming down in the pocono mountains as well. this is a live view from camel back seeing some light snowfall. they made a lot overnight, it is cold across the area. right now, delaware south jersey, light accumulating snowfall, but areas north and west of philadelphia already seeing it start to taper off. we will see lighter snowfall heading into the later morning and afternoon hours. but never going to warm up much today. 16 in pottstown. 20 in philadelphia. with the wind blowing, feels
9:27 am
like 9 degrees in pottstown, 19 degrees for northeast philadelphia. light snow falling with light southwesterly winds. 20s, feels like the teens. the snow is light, it is causing problems on the pennsylvania turnpike. in morgantown burks county. a driver slid into the path of an 18 wheeler. there were no serious injuries. drivers are dealing with the backup. and jillian mele is watching an accident in cherry hill. >> that accident on the pennsylvania turnpike was eastbound. cherry hill dealing with an accident. had on field and berlin road is closed. crescent road is an alternate. radar shows the snow across the area. this is what the roads look like in northeast philadelphia. this is the intersection of cottman avenue. an accident on the northeast extension, another on pennsylvania turnpike eastbound in our downtown. i am tracy davidson. another local update in 25 minutes. you can download our nbc10
9:28 am
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9:30 am
that's right, snow on the ground here in new york city. >> pretty. >> welcome back to "today" on tuesday morning january 6th, twrch. it's cold wherever you live, as al told us in our last hour. i'm willie along with al, natalie, and tamron. we want to start with a very special birthday wish. >> my aunt josephine, who is in austin. her birthday was yesterday and she's in the hospital. she watches us every single day. i hate to derail the show and say happy birthday but she is the most important person to me. >> dark natalie! >> wow! >> the woman who birthed me. >> happy birthday aunt josephine. we love you. love you, aunt josephine. >> here is the thing. we love you.
9:31 am
natalie, you love her. >> okay. >> just say you love her. >> i absolutely love her. i haven't met her but i do love you. anybody who helped bring you up in the world. >> we're thinking about you. happy birthday. >> i love willie's transition from the espresso problem we're having here. >> lot of espresso. >> please! >> by the way -- >> what? >> i'm getting a lot of tweets, people saying they like the simple washing machine. >> but i'm getting a lot of tweets that say they like the modern. here is what the deal is with twitter. the people who respond to you are the people who like you except for the few -- >> orange room. hey, brittany? can we do a little hash tag battle? hash tag simple washer hash tag fancy washer. >> why say fanscyfancy? modern. >> modern and simple. >> they don't make them like that. >> stop, go.
9:32 am
>> they don't make them like that. >> lowe's or home depot -- >> i had a dishwasher that was two drawer. the second drawer was always broken. like it never worked. >> what brand? >> really good brand, really high-end brand. it doesn't matter. bottom line is sometimes when one thing goes, it throws the whole system off. that's the only thing you worry about. >> that's what's going on with me right now. >> when one thing's broken -- >> when one thing goes -- >> the whole system's broken. >> the whole thing's bad. >> you know when people start -- >> oh my goodness. wow! let's show you what we've got going on. clipper coming through. as you can see outside our window right now snowing. it's light but just enough to make the roads and the sidewalks a little slippery. we're also looking at gorgeous weather in southern california. 81 degrees in los angeles today. sunshine along the gulf coast. snow around the great lakes. heavy snow will be the leeward
9:33 am
side of the eastern great lakes. some areas could pick up another one to two feet between now and tomorrow. again, good news for our friends in the pacific northwest. mudslides, flooding. they will at least get drier weather and temperatures fairly normal, mid 50s. the cold air extending as far south tomorrow as atlanta. a high of 37 degrees. . good morning i am meteorologist bill henley. light snowfall this morning, looking for accumulations of one to two inches and plenty cold. but it gets colder tomorrow with a strong gusty wind. it will feel like it is in the teens. high of 28 degrees wednesday afternoon. then the real cold arrives thursday. 9:00 in the morning, 22 thursday afternoon. in the teens friday morning. another cold day saturday then clouds start moving in sunday. have a great day. >> announcer: start today is brought to you by weight
9:34 am
watchers, help with the hard part. now to our month-long series "start today." this morning is all about easy ways to burning off extra calories. earlier, we saw that jenna wolfe has taken our investigative correspondent jeff rossen under her wing to help him shed some weight, even with his very busy schedule. >> this is hard to believe, but jeff has never gone to a gym. he's probably not alone. if he can do this you can, too. jenna is here with her top four tips to help us lose weight. good to see you. >> how are you doing? >> is jeff hating you yet? >> jeff is already hating me. hated me before. will hate me again. someone like jeff, who has never been to a gym who hates working out, who has no interest in breaking a sweat can do it, enjoy doing it, can want to do it so other people like him can do the same thing. >> you got him to the gym. >> that was step one. four tips here. first one i started him off with easy, walk more. you've been doing this a long time, al. we talk about this. i want you to start here. what i'm going to do, grab an
9:35 am
inexpensive pedometer, any kind of step tracker. i'm going to track your steps over the course of the next month to see how you do. i know you have one. >> extra. >> there you go, pocket that. >> hook that up to your phone? >> for this particular one. i want you to write it down aim for 10000 steps a day. you'll see over the course of the month what that means. >> walking right now. water. >> so important. >> how much do we need to drink? >> it help ss fill you up, get your body going keep the calories down because it fills you up so much. >> what's the rule of thumb? >> 20 sips first thing. 20 sips. get your body woken up off the bat. let it know it has work to do. half your body weight over the course of the day in ounces of water. for al, 85 ounces of water. get drinking. not all at once. pace it out over the course of the day. for you, natalie, your water is all set over here. it's not that daunting when you break it down like this. it will help fill you up. you'll see a difference in the
9:36 am
calories you end up consuming. the bathroom is if you go down make the first right. >> and you get more step. >> and more steps because you're constantly -- >> food diary. another really important step. >> so important. >> jeff has been keeping track? >> yes. >> writing it down. >> honestly, this is how i lost all the baby weight the first time around. lester, erica hill and dylan dreyer and i, we all e-mailed it to each other and we're all held accountable for the food choices we make. at the end of the night i want you to show me what you eat. jeff rossen's day one food diary. one glass of water that's it. omelette, bagel cheese and chips and he had a brownie. 3500 calories. >> and flank steak. >> he had a lot of food. >> is this for one person? >> one person, one day without me giving him any tips whatsoever except try to increase your water a little. five days later, look at the choices he has already made. >> wow! >> swapped the bagel for english
9:37 am
muffin, more water, half a piece of pita. greek yogurt as a snack. ends up 1900 calories without him even starting a diet. >> half. >> exactly. >> he made these choices on his own, was held accountable. >> smarter choice then. >> and then you'll hear about -- >> cutting out the carbs. after 6:00 pm. why? >> it's never smart to cut out an entire food group. you eat the biggest meal at the end of the day. cut out carbs after 6:00 pm. take the same protein vegetables put it on a salad. it's an example of what you can do. >> throw some quinoa in. >> it will fill you up a little more. those are my tips. >> jenna thank you so much. something else that will make you feel good. meditation. it's tamron's secret to reducing stress. she wants you to try it in her tuesday trend after this levitating tamron.♪
9:38 am
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time now for my tuesday trend. as i mentioned on the show before, i like to meditate. it's something that i do daily. this year, i decided to take it up a notch and begin practice ing meditation, based on the idea that it's a quieting of the mind practiced twice a day for 20 minutes. studies show it has real health benefits, being used to help at-risk kids in schools, soldiers suffering from ptsd and women who have been the victims of violence. dr. david lynch started the foundation, spreading the technique to others around the world. jerry seinfeld, ellen degeneres russell brand are all big fans. if you could dedicate 20 minutes to meditation, denise tweet immediate back said it was a big part of my life transformation.
9:43 am
start with baby steps so not to overwhelm. life is good. peter said i don't know what it is what it involves how to do it. i don't know the benefits. i guess i need help. here to get us started is john butler. good morning. good to see you. >> good morning. >> i've seen you twice this week. i took my introductory free course on sunday about two hours long. and that's basically where you introduce people to the idea of transcendental. >> advertising is obviously a big part of that. people are finding out as a culture we're discovering that the answers have to come from within. we can't rely on the outside over and over and over and expect it to fix. we go back to democrats, it doesn't work. back to republicans. same problems over and over and over. where is it going to come from? >> you're hearing it from people of all walks of life, moms, dads people who live in the city, in rural areas, we're just
9:44 am
all feeling overwhelmed? >> technology sped up the pace of life to the point that the activity is way overbalancing the amount of silence the amount of down time, the amount of rest. so we suffer. we feel like life is a struggle, it's a burden. it's not. it's easy. >> tell me the difference in transcendental meditation versus what i do, trying sit there 20 minutes and quiet my mind? >> they generally fall into three categories. focus concentration or contemplation or open monitoring, guided meditation. transcendental is different in either of those in that it's the movement of the mind until it's quieter and quieter, more abstract, fulfilling. and that happens spontaneously when you set up that the mind takes over. it will do it if you give it a chance. >> it's not a religion or philosophy. in the course i attended you say anyone can do t a lot of people
9:45 am
on twitter felt like, a, they didn't have enough time or with their busy life, juggling kids and work, they could not do 20 minutes twice a day. >> i know. everyone feels like that. we're all so busy. oh, my god, one more thing to squeeze into my life. if you just squeeze in this thing you'll find suddenly the space starts to open up. you start to get more done. you feel more clear. you prioritize better instead of spending all the time and endless little things that are distracting us, we focus on what we want to do. it just goes easily. >> you have an official website where you talk about the health benefits for people suffering from high blood pressure, ptsd with soldiers even kids who live in violent areas you introduce programs that have helped kids who live in some of the urban communities but it's not free, which again a lot of people ask about in the class. how do you balance that out? it's something you want to give to the world for free but you can't. >> of course. there is a course fee. the course fee just goes to support all the centers everywhere. the idea is to make the
9:46 am
meditation available to as many people as possible. if it was just a few donation-based centers, how many people would be able to make it to l.a., new york to learn if they're in philadelphia, new york, seattle? it's funded by the course fee. the whole point is to make it available. >> january 11th, i start my official train inging and then i have three classes after that. we're going to check back in with john to see if it works and if i was able to actually master the technique. see you january 11th. >> looking forward to it. >> oh, boy. thank you very much. >> from reducing stress to reducing your mess, we'll try to improve our lives. how to get your kids' toys under control and why that toy box is not a good idea. after this, i'll be tw after seeing everything, i think this is the one. but let me take one last look. sure. take your time. built-in nav heated seats for mom dvd with wireless headphones for the kids! and tons of room for the golf clubs! golf clubs, and strollers. shhh ... i love this part.
9:47 am
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affordable care act specialists can tell you if your taxes could be affected. no appointment needed. no charge. go! go go, go! >> oh, my gosh! >> play time. >> look at these kids tearing up the room. as if there's not enough toys in
9:51 am
your house already your kids may have received an entire new batch. it seems toys are all over the place. >> all over the place. organizing, with good ideas -- they're all over the place. can't avoid it. lifestyle director at "parents" magazine. laura, good morning. >> hi, laura. >> thanks for having me. >> they are everywhere. >> don't want to step on the kids. let's get started with labels, labeling. >> one of the mistakes parents make, they're trending, you see them all over pinterest, but they're easily erased. handwritten label or something that's typed out, something that won't be washed off. >> containers and label. >> you don't want containers that aren't easy to open. >> opt for something with an open top or drawer that is slide easily like this. >> these bins right here. >> so easy for kids to put things away. >> you don't like toy boxes or
9:52 am
storing toys on the floor. >> i don't. >> why not? >> the secret to keeping toys organized is every play thing needs a designated home. with the toy box you're throwing anything and everything inside. it's jumbled. it's a mess. like likewise, if toys are stored on the floor they're not really put away. that's only for big things like a play kitchen. everything else should be on a shelf in a closet, in a bin. >> what do you do with the old toys? i love this toy. a year later they don't want anything to do with it. >> donating toys purging occasionally is the key to staying organized. often it is the parents having trouble getting rid of things, not the kids. be honest with yourself about what your kids are actively using. don't save it because you spent a lot of money because it's beautiful, because grandma gave it to them. if they're not playing with it it's just clutter. >> and other kids will enjoy it much more. >> absolutely. >> let's talk about how you can organize things. for example, cars. >> asher is over here. >> playing with cars.
9:53 am
this is something we do at my home, too. my kids have little cars everywhere. you put them in the match box car case. >> ones from amazon are great. and we have this adorable race car backpack. when you unzip it, it becomes a racetrack. >> i love what you did with the shoe organizer with the dolls. >> great way to maximize vertical space that's normally unused, perfect for barbie and other small toys. great for accessories and other small toys. >> thanks. we're out of time. thanks, kids. >> keep playing. have fun. >> see the rest of the tips for getting organized on
9:54 am
9:55 am
we've got
9:56 am
good morning i am tracy davidson. a wintry morning outside. let's get your first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley. >> light snowfall continues, especially in cape may county where we're seeing some of the steadiest snow in the area. it is north of cape may that it is coming down a little heavier. areas north and west are seeing it taper off. we will see some scattered snow showers this afternoon, but it is much lighter already in
9:57 am
philadelphia. look at the cold. 20 degrees in philadelphia. feels like 10 with the wind blowing. also a 10 wind chill for trenton. a cold and snowy day, light snow tapers off to showers later today. get important weather information and updates delivered to your smart phone or tablet with the nbc10 weather app, a free download. get it now at an update on the roads, including an accident in the lee hi valley. jillian mele has that. >> this is a live look at the accident route 22 eastbound side near cedar crest boulevard. left lane is blocked. one lane of traffic is getting by, not seeing any big delays associated with that accident. we have some delays on septa. keep that in mind. an accident in cherry hill. closed between browning and evesham. another local update in 25 minutes. get the latest news and weather on
9:58 am
now back to the "today" show. have a great day, and stay safe. has helped thousands of people let go of all the hassle that comes with selling or trading in. we make selling your car truck or suv fast, safe and fair with three simple steps: one -- get your free online valuation. two -- drive to your local car-buying center. three -- walk out with a check in as little as thirty minutes. buying cars is all we do. all makes and models and no dealership pressure we'll even settle your loan or lease. so, don't wait. get your free online valuation now at
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10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. booze day tuesday here at the "today" show, january 6th. 2015. jenna bush hager is filling in again for the vacationing kathie lee who is soaking up the rays. >> zen. >> you're not the only bush girl on the show today. we have another girl, sofia bush. >> sofia bush. >> is she related to you? >> i do not think so. just because we have the same last name. >> billy bush is. >> billy bush is related. he's my cousin. >> sofia is not. >> she's just a cute girl -- i would like -- >> maybe a distant relative.
10:01 am
she's from "chicago pd." we have one of hollywood's newest and best looking jenny mccarthy and donnie wahlberg this is a docu series as opposed to a reality. whoa. >> copping a feel. >> she's very open about all things. and i was curious if he was, apparently -- >> we like people that are open. >> we do. >> speaking of the bachelor last night. >> talk about being open, the bachelor -- >> do you watch the bachelor? >> i watch the bachelor when my husband allows. we talked about -- >> what do you mean when he allows? >> when he's not around. he watches a little bit -- i like watching with him because his jokes are hilarious. like, the weirdest sort of -- and in a funny way he makes these jokes about being on the bachelor and blah, blah, blah, it makes it hilarious. >> commentary. >> who is this girl? why is this girl here?
10:02 am
>> this guy, prince farming they call him, i can't believe it is the 19th season. >> can you believe that? >> 19 seasons. >> we're so old. >> and into it. okay. 33 years old, chris soles. he's from iowa. so usually they have 25 women and so they did this big dramatic thing where -- >> it was a lot -- first of all, it was three hours, epic epic season and premiere. they did this thing where they brought 15 girls, he got to know some of them. and then chris harrison came in and said, hey, not to overwhelm you but there's 15 more. >> so all these girls started coming out, okay. so he got to give some roses away. the first -- he got a first impression rose. so he gave this to this girl named brit who i sort of liked. she was -- she is a woman who gives hugs for free. let's watch. two, three four, five. >> five mississippi, six mississippi seven mississippi. >> eight, nine, ten.
10:03 am
>> look at the claws in the back. >> 12 mississippi. >> that was at least 12 mississippi. >> 12 mississippi seconds. >> let's discuss. >> wait. >> this creeped me out. >> the claw -- the old claw in the back. >> what was going on? what was going on with that hug? >> he liked it. >> she hasn't had a relationship in years. she gives free hugs on the streets of l.a. >> i like hugs, but i don't know if i would give free hugs. >> that's brit. don't forget that. things quickly got intimate with brit and chris. take a look. juicy. ♪ >> when we're kissing, it was honestly like i'm kissing someone that is my boyfriend, that i've known for a long time. oh, my gosh. something real is going on amidst all this chaos. and i'm loving it.
10:04 am
are you like, tripping out a little bit. i actually really like you. >> what did you expect? >> now, was she hot because they were kissing or that roaring fire was right behind her? >> okay first of all a little crazy eyes. and the smacking -- when you're kissing someone, you don't realize what it looks like or sounds like. that sounded -- >> also, you know, i've always learned and maybe i haven't played the game right, but i haven't played it in ten years, but i've always learned you don't put all your cards out there right away. and for her to say, i actually like you and she just met the man. >> she just met him and they already made out. >> not great. >> let's keep our eyes on people's eyes. that's how you know who is cuckoo and who's not. here is ashley. she showed weird behavior last night. look at her eyes. take a look. >> it is like an onion.
10:05 am
you cut them, but when you cut them, you peel them back. and what you do is you peel them back layer by layer. what is that? that's an onion. i swear it is an onion. can i please just kick it? if this is a pomegranate, god bless it. it is a pomegranate. it is. wow. i feel powerful. >> okay. whatever that was. that was totally weird. but what she did do that one, she interrupted somebody else's time with him, so he would spend time with her. she walked up with her own rose. she's a cuckoo. >> that doesn't seem in the theory of not showing all your cards at once. >> she's crazy. >> did he keep her? >> yes he did. >> he kept the onion? >> why don't we talk about this? there is a drunk girl is this
10:06 am
coming up? kara the drunk girl. let's watch her. >> megan. >> the blonde is the drunk one. that's tara. she was falling over. okay. just real quick. she's the drunk one. and she almost fell off the thing. >> right. >> he kept her. >> he kept her? which this is -- this is going on for a long time. this is a lot of -- >> so he can kept the drunk girl. he gave her a rose. okay. he gave crazy eyes the one who broke in with the pomegranate, gave her a rose. and the first girl he made out with, he gave a rose to her. >> well, the question is, how much of this is producing and how much of it is that a man just don't know. that men just don't know. >> a lot of men -- >> a lot of women -- >> a lot of women are, like, we know.
10:07 am
>> they like the drunk one and they like the crazy one because there are better odds with those, i think, right? >> i guess if that's what you're looking for. if that's what you're looking for. >> anthony? yeah. anthony -- >> all right. >> okay. so let's move on. good news if you're cameron diaz. she got married, we heard, to benjy madden. they got married in a private ceremony at her house. he's the guitarist and vocalist for that band good charlotte. if you wonder who he is, this may help you. he has a twin brother named joel madden. who is joel madden. joel madden is married to nicole richie. >> look at that. >> so they are sisters in law and that means lionel richie is in the picture. cameron diaz's father-in-law law. father-in-law once removed. they're not really related right? >> yes.
10:08 am
>> doesn't matter. but she can sing with him if she wants to. >> that must be so cool to have lionel richie as your father-in-law law. >> they got married on monday night, either to keep it secret or a good way -- we talked about how to get out of the holiday depression. what better way than to get married. >> she's 42 years old first marriage. you wonder, there are a lot of things you wonder about. she dated -- remember her with a-rod and all kinds of different guys. justin timberlake. i wonder if she decided -- sometimes you wonder if it is the right time and a great guy happens to come along at that time and it worked. >> my parents said, hey, nice to meet you, and they were married three months later. >> are you kidding? >> i know. >> how long after you met henry did you get married? >> five years. he needed some coercing. >> there is a feeling of some people, they know, it doesn't matter how long they met they just kind of like brit and chris in the bachelor. when you know you know. celebrity news. blake lively gave birth,
10:09 am
congrats to her her husband is ryan reynolds. >> one good looking babe. >> no kidding. teresa giudice you know her from the real housewives of new jersey is in federal prison now, she went to the federal correctional institute in danbury, connecticut, there were photos of her having her last meal before she went in. tmz has shots of her eating. exclusively in a diner. and exclusively eating an egg sandwich. so -- >> listen. >> that was not a nice, flattering shot. >> no. nobody likes a picture while you're eating. but it really got us thinking, what would be your last -- first of all, would you eat a last meal? she pulled over presumably at 3:00 in the morning before -- hopefully neither one of us will spend time in jail. >> you never know. >> when you pull over and have a last meal -- >> i don't know. i think if i were -- look, she's leaving her kids behind and she has to feel terrible. i don't know how, but i don't know how you eat something but, you know you can't. sometimes you can't. you know what i would eat? i would stop at the greasiest
10:10 am
mexican food restaurant i could find, a bean burrito a margarita, guacamole. that may prove disastrous once i enter jail, but -- >> you'll be happy. and that's what matters. >> exactly. >> don't go anywhere. check out who is waiting in the wings. one of hollywood's sexiest steamiest hottest couples, jenny mccarthy and donnie wahlberg. >> and from the nbc when the flu hits, it's a really big deal. the aches. the chills. the fever. an even bigger deal? everything you miss out on... family pizza night. the big game. or date night. why lose out to the flu any longer than you have to? prescription tamiflu can help you get better 1.3 days faster. that's 30% sooner. call your doctor right away. and attack the flu virus at its source with prescription tamiflu. tamiflu is fda approved to treat the flu in people 2 weeks and older whose
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if you have enrolled in a medicare part d plan where walmart is a preferred pharmacy you could be saving up to 80% on your copays over other pharmacies. if you transfer your prescription to a walmart pharmacy, your copays could be as low as a dollar. so you can enjoy the things that really matter. transfer your prescriptions to a walmart pharmacy to start saving today. see if your plan is in the preferred network by visiting save money. live better. walmart. okay, here is a question. what happens when you pair a former teenage heartthrob with a former playboy playmate? >> what happens? you get a very hot couple. >> oh yeah. >> donnie wahlberg and jenny mccarthy married just over four months and giving a glimpse of their life with a show called "jenny loves donnie." take a look.
10:14 am
♪ >> who is giving this woman away? >> i am. >> please be seated. >> did you say kiss me? >> i said don't kiss me yet. >> don't kiss me. >> she was ready. she was ready. >> before we go on he looks at her and says, you look beautiful. whispers it. >> we're already in love with your love. >> that is real. he does that every day. and surprises me like that all the time. >> was it in the beginning like that? when you met, did you feel what you're showing right here? did it happen right away? >> yeah. it kind of did. well, we took a few weeks to go out. i gave him my number, he never called me. it is true but after the -- her show. i did her show. she gave me her number and i was, like, oh wow.
10:15 am
her number. i'll say hi to her before i leave. i walked out of my dressing room and she walked down the hall and said good-bye and split. i was, like what is that? this is like a prank from her -- >> it was me being like -- i felt like i was in ninth grade. i like the boy, i just want to talk to him on the phone and i ran. >> you don't seem shy. either one of you. but you were -- >> to each other. >> so you decide you were going to live this out on a -- it is not a reality show. it is a docu series. you're showing what is going on. went into the decision to do that? that can be a risky venture as we have seen with some past couples. >> we're not really worried about that. everyone says, my god, he's going to break up it is a jinx for reality show couples. but we always say, reality tv shows don't break up couples, couples break up couples. it has nothing to do with that. we don't need to do the show, we wanted to do the show. we both are workaholics. i'm on blue bloods and new kids on the block and she's on
10:16 am
sirius, writing a book, going on tour. >> i realized if i didn't fill this hole i would be doing -- wind up doing a sitcom or something and i looked at him and said the only way you would be able to do anything would be reality. so let's fill this hole with something we love to do, which is be together and do a docu series. >> and we have been doing wahlbergers on a & e, which is huge, a great show, and we wanted to do something in that spirit, loving and fun and it is not going to be train wreck television because we're not a train wreck. we love each other, having a great time. >> feel good tv. >> people think they know you, i'm sure. you've both been in the public spotlight for so long. how will people be surprised? >> i think there is -- that's the perfect word for it. they'll be surprised. i think people know me as outrageous, and really in normal life i can be quite boring. but also very sincere and donnie is -- >> boring in real life, outrageous on the show.
10:17 am
>> outrageous on the show. donnie you know, what i was surprised is how funny he is. like when i met him, i'm like you're freaking hilarious. you should do comedy. and everyone will see that his comedic chops are brilliant. >> since you guys are newlyweds we have a game, a newlywed game but playing it -- >> anything weird or anything? >> nothing. >> how about a dishwasher? >> the other person will try to guess how you answered. what is the first thing you noticed about jenny? donnie tell us the first thing you noticed. >> first thing i noticed was her eyes, but the fist thingrst thing i checked out was her butt. >> what did you say? smile. >> what was yours? >> eyes. >> next one, jenny, what was the first thing you noticed about donnie? >> you just showed it. >> that was it. >> next one. >> now we got it. >> what is your favorite junk food? >> her favorite junk food,
10:18 am
chicago deep dish pizza. >> you win! >> ding, ding, ding. >> and what's his? >> oh gosh -- junk food. kentucky fried chicken? >> no. >> east coast. >> donnie, if jenny had to choose one thing to wear every single day of her life what would she wear? one item of clothing? >> you'll make a joke, but it is these hideous blue washed out pants with a unicorn on the side. >> sweat pants. >> sweat pants. >> you won. >> oh, my god. >> we wish you such good luck with your show. you're a fun couple lovely couple. donnie loves jenny premieres tomorrow on a & e. >> could they do it? madelyn is back with two fans she tried to cut the creep during the holidays. >> they have something to show
10:19 am
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10:22 am
able to -- cut the creep. >> okay. for six weeks we introduced you to andrea and nicole who were hoping to maintain their weight and not gain a single ounce during the holidays. >> the question is, did they do it? we are about to find out from their fearless leader and ours diet and health editor madelyn fernstrom. this has been a tough go of it. the holidays are difficult. how did everyone do? >> tell us about andrea. >> first we'll talk about andrea and how she did in the past two weeks. this is the whole christmas week was big and in the time from right before christmas until now, andrea has -- >> all right. she was on the scale. >> she lost two pounds! >> what? >> she's down to -- >> and from the start of this not only did she cut the creep but she was down seven pounds from thanksgiving. >> awesome! >> she stayed even and she lost. >> which is the hardest time of the year. >> congratulations.
10:23 am
>> thank you. >> how does it feel after -- during the holidays, we all feel terrible come january. you were having the opposite feeling. >> i feel good, yeah. i feel good. i was very stressed out with everything going on, gifts and preparing meals and everything. but i just modified my snacking a lot. >> we'll talk about that in a minute. let's check in with nicole. how did you do? >> we'll talk about her weight first, she has been doing really well. she hasn't always been that -- in the period of time of christmas between now, nicole who is petite, 4'11", lost another pound. and overall, not only did she cut the creep, she was down a total of three pounds. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> that's great. good job. >> that feels pretty good too, i would imagine. >> yeah. >> down with thanksgiving and christmas. snacking is the culprit for a lot of us. these ginds s guys found ways to modify.
10:24 am
>> the thank is interesting that is interesting is you don't have to deprive, just modify. >> what is this? >> this is creamy spinach parmesan dip. i used light mayo and light sour cream. very good. >> creamy and has the parmesan flavor. >> and lots of spinach. >> you can use the veggies if you feel like it. >> or baked chips. most important, she didn't use non-fat -- she used real things and cut back like parmesan cheese is usually a cup, she cut it back to a third. make it real. >> what happens over here? >> this is buffalo turkey dip, actually instead of chicken. i used left over turkey, shredded it, cubed it, greek yogurt cheddar cheese and ranch dressing powder. >> the powder. so it is not so fattening. >> so no sour cream no,5 ÷ mayo, just greek yogurt. >> i can't do dairy but -- >> i'll try it, of course, why
10:25 am
not? >> nicole discovered something a lot of people know a good trick is plain greek yogurt if you can tolerate. latte or au lait? cozy or cool? exactly the way you want it ... until boom, it's bedtime! your mattress is a battleground of thwarted desire. enter the sleep number bed. save $300 on the final close-out of the c3 queen mattress set. he's the softy. his sleep number setting is 35. you're the rock, at 60. and snoring? sleep number's even got an adjustment for that. you can only find sleep number at a sleep number store. right now find the lowest prices of the season with the c3 queen mattress set only $1199.98. know better sleep with sleep number. mom usually throws a gogurt in there. well mom's not here today so we're doing things dad's way. which means i get... two. (singing) snack time and lunch. (singing) snack time and lunch. gogurt because lunch needs some fun. other anti-aging creams say they're fast... but why stop there? from l'oreal revitalift triple power moisturizer with 3% pro-xylane... repairs wrinkles refirms contours
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10:27 am
fall. the temperatures, they're cold across the area. 21 degrees in philadelphia. doesn't take much to make it feel colder. the southerly wind at seven miles an hour makes a windchill of 12. snowfall in central delaware and into south jersey. much of the area is seeing it taper off. there will be more snow moving in, light scattered snow showers this afternoon. feels like 9 in trenton. 13 in wilmington. light snow with a little accumulation as we head into the afternoon hours. looking at one, possibly two inches in some areas. the snow caused problems on the turnpike in morgantown. you are looking at this here this happened this morning. the driver swerved to avoid another vehicle that was stopped and then slid into the path of an 18 wheeler. the accident caused a backup but no serious injuries.
10:28 am
>> good morning to you. you can see the light snow that bill was talking about on the radar. if we zoom in, you will see the highways, we have some volume out there. this is 76 peshlsespecially westbound westbound. accident 422 eastbound. and then heading into cherry hill, we have an accident. that's closed between browning road and evesham road. >> i'm vai sikahema. a full hour of news in 30 minutes.
10:29 am
10:30 am
we're back with more of "today" on this booze day tuesday, first snow of 2015. this is not kathie lee. jenna bush hager is filling in while kathie lee takes some vacation time. >> we're about to learn a good lesson if you feel like you're constantly running around, pulled in a million directions, we're going to teach you how to say no and feel good about it. >> lisa turberist has written a book "the best yes: making wise decisions in the list of endless demands ." this is something we can all take a page from. jenna happens to be mentioned in your book too. >> she is. she is the most nonfrantic woman i ever met. we had a dinner and described you in one word and everybody used the word gracious, lovely, kind.
10:31 am
>> that's so nice. >> great thing with my kids to say, because jenna made the decision that that is the character she wants to put on display, that's her best yes. she made her choices line up with that. >> that's so nice. i'm surprised. >> yes, yes yes. we love her. >> we say yes and then we say no. >> that's right n order. we have to make sure to understand what no isn't. so what is no? no is not a cuss word. though sometimes it is painful to use right? no is not hurtful. it does not have to be hurtful. it can be very gracious. no is not a rejection. it is a protection of our best yes answers. >> if someone invites you to a party and you feel terrible, saying no sometimes feels like you're dissing them, you know? >> it feels like you're doing that in some ways. >> so here's where -- >> this is what we both do. >> yes, stall. stalling is not going to help.
10:32 am
unlike sugar, delaying does not make the best -- does not make your no any easier. so here we go. all right. when you stall, you're going to build their hope that you're going to say yes. you're going to halt future plans. if you're -- if you think they're going to take a space at their party, they may not invite somebody else and it makes the no harder to receive in the end. >> you think it will die on the vine and everyone will forget all about it. >> that's right. exactly. if someone asks you, can you do this, immediately you check your schedule and you know you can't, don't delay, go ahead and give a gracious no. >> i need to learn how to do that. >> what is no? no is a -- ready for this? >> what is it? >> a gift. that's right. it is a gift. and so here's the thing. >> what's going on? >> i'm a people pleaser by nature. so no can be hard to say. i'll give you a gift. these are some ideas from my
10:33 am
book the best yes of how to say no graciously. >> okay. >> okay. here we go. >> what is the gift? >> this is if someone asks you to do something, you can't do it. i should say, while my heart wants to say yes, yes, yes, the reality of my time makes this a no. >> that's a good one. here's one. >> you asked me to go to a party and i can't, thank you so much for thinking of me or asking me to be involved in a project this project sounds wonderful but as much as i would love to be involved, i can't give the project the attention it deserves. >> that's true. >> my heart says yes, yes, yes, right, you've honored them. your project is valuable, you honored them but you have to say no. it is gracious. >> thank you. >> okay. tape this to my forehead. >> four things to consider. when you're trying to make a decision you already established, okay, i want to have a best yes life. so as my season rolls in, i've got to make the decision is
10:34 am
this a fit, this request, is it a fit with my time is it a fit with my ability, my money, my passion my season? >> what do you mean my season? >> jenna, you're in a season where you have a little person in the house. >> nearly 2. >> nearly 2 years old. you're in a season where you probably are not going to be able to -- >> we talked about this morning, it is harder to -- putting her to bed is my priority. >> your best yes right now is maybe to go home, but in a different season in a couple of years, you may be able to say -- >> before she was born. >> to the end. >> prioritize the best yes. >> prioritize your best yes. here is the most important part. >> yes. >> it is people over projects every time. that's going to be the best yes. because when we set our life to the rhythm of rush, we will not like who we are. that's true for me. so my best yes is to prioritize relationships, my relationships with god, my relationship with my family, the friends i love
10:35 am
people over projects. >> love it. >> brilliant. >> that was such a great -- >> i feel better. >> thank you. >> thank you for teaching us. >> for more ideas on how to graciously say no, head to >> all right, manile dollary le million dollar listing josh is here with great advice for your home. >> that guy is trouble. >> i can't wait to meet him. >> and actress sophia bush gets a scare of a lifetime on christmas day. oh there's an energy crisis happening alright. a human one. and it's time to fight it. with the good energy of quaker oats. it's how we help keep go-getters like you going and getting. one bite at a time. try new quick steel cut for a heartier texture. quaker up. intensify your brows strengthen your look. new brow stylist sculptor from l'oreal: 1. define
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california native and only child actress sophia bush became one of hollywood's hottest -- very important for people to know after landing a breakout role as brooke davis on the cw hit series "one tree hill". >> and now a new hit on her hands with "chicago pd" where she plays a tough detective who is part of an elite intelligence uniit when she sepz a new job with the fbi, a fellow officer is shot and her plans get put on
10:40 am
hold. take a look. >> i was expecting you at task force today. >> a patrolman in our district was shot. >> i heard. >> i need to see this through. i don't expect you to wait for me. >> this guy you're going after, you need help on the federal side? just reach out. i want him to pay for what he did and i want you on my team. >> thank you. >> wait a minute. >> whoa. >> what happened? >> this is drama. what happened? tell us. >> so detective gets recruited to help run the federal task force which is a huge deal for a police officer and also big deal as a female. and she wants to pursue the kind of cases she wants it pursue and decides she wants to get out and look at things on a national level. as that happens, officer burns is shot. and, you know, i got to look out for my girl. put everything on hold and figure out who did this to her, but you'll see.
10:41 am
>> drama. >> a lot going on. >> we heard, and we love her, that you got to welcome with mariska hargitay. >> do you love her? what is she like to work with? >> she's a queen. >> the queen. >> she's really a queen. she is so dynamic and intuitive, plugged in, passionate the ideas that she comes up with the way she knows everything from the mechanics of the cameras to the sort of overall feeling of the scene, it is really unbelievable. >> does everyone ask you if you're related to jenna? >> nobody asks her. >> nobody asks her. >> i want to hear. what do they say? >> so many things. oh yeah. and they're so confused and they're, like which one are you? are you a cousin? i'm like, i'm from canada. i'm nothing. >> canadians and texans are similar, laid back. i hope that doesn't offend you. but i like to be called your cousin. >> no kidding.
10:42 am
>> you got a pretty face. >> you had something happen in your home on christmas vacation, something caught on fire. >> yeah. well, let me give you the back story, so my mother just got the iphone 6 plus, which is really like the -- and i was, you know showing her you can zoom in and out to zoom on something when you want to take a photo. she zoomed in on my face across the room, had given me a gift to unwrap on christmas and i had given her a gift. it was a book. i put it in a bag with a lot of tissue, because how do you wrap a book? and i guess she set it on the table right on top of a christmas candle. so i'm opening my gift and i go, oh, mom -- mom! and there is 2 and a half feet of flame in the air and -- literally -- she didn't even know she captured it on the phone. she's trying to take pictures of me opening the gift. >> is that you yelling mom? >> uh-huh.
10:43 am
my mom went -- and i grabbed it and through it out the front door on to the stone patio -- >> it was photo proof. that was so awesome. >> amazing. >> i jumped on it until the flames went out. >> we might be related. that type of thing would happen to me. >> sophia, thank you so much. we wish you great luck with "chicago pd". >> and really good for my job. >> we'll find out what every homeowner should do before they sell. and red flags to watch out for when you're buying from celebrity realtor josh altman. if you have enrolled in a medicare part d plan where walmart is a preferred pharmacy you could be saving up to 80% on your copays over other pharmacies. if you transfer your prescription to a walmart pharmacy, your copays could be as low as a dollar. so you can enjoy the things that really matter. transfer your prescriptions to a walmart pharmacy to start saving today. see if your plan is in the preferred network
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we want to point out she has been out here for two days. now it is snowing. she wants a job. a brand-new season in the next few weeks if you're thinking about putting your
10:49 am
house up for sale or shopping for a new place to live, there are a lot of things you need to know before you hit the market. >> here are tips with josh altman, the powerhouse real eat estate agent from "million dollar listing ." >> when people get ready to sell their home, it is so personal because their children grew up there that sometimes they have difficulty letting go to start off. >> yeah. it is funny you say that. it is like every memory that they had in that house adds another $20000 to the price of the house. so what i always tell people is you got to step away, step out of the box, detach yourself from the property mentally and emotionally and that way when it comes time to sell, you're ready to negotiate and your mind is clear. you're not thinking about all that stuff, at the end of the day, it is a game. this this is a property. it is an investment. it is not your home anymore. you're trying to make money on it. >> when you realize you're going to sell the first step is to find a real estate agent. how do you find a good one. >> what i suggest, i get calls
10:50 am
all the time, how do i choose the correct agent? meet with two or three of them. that's important. when i refer a professional to anybody you want to meet with a couple, right? and the few important questions you want to ask are how many sales have you to had in the immediate area, and make sure you say immediate, because it is important to have somebody who knows the local inventory, who has lots of clients. another important question which a lot of people don't ask is what is your budget. what are you going to actually spend on my house marketing this house? a lot of times you'll see real estate agents, they put a house on the internet and call it a day. >> they do? >> that's not right. we're talking about the big investment of people's lives. make sure they have a budget to actually market your property. >> pricing is important. you want it to be at a competitive price. but not -- how do you know what is the right number? >> it kind of goes one way or another. you have the type of sellers who want to price it aggressively okay? even a little underpriced. places like noew york, you are
10:51 am
seeing bidding wars. if you're not in a hot market like los angeles, san francisco new york, i say 10%, 15% more, give it room to negotiate. everybody likes to negotiate. when you walk into a place, aren't you going to offer less? >> definitely. >> you say declutter, depersonalize get the junk out. >> you like your stuff. it is funny, because people don't realize how hard it is to actually see themselves in there. >> that needs to be decluttered. do we see an after? >> it is tough. it is tough to do that. i see houses all day long. it is tough when i walk through to imagine myself in the house and i'm an expert at this. imagine how a regular buyer feels. unless you look like tom brady and giselle, take down your photos, and take down as much as possible, get rid of -- >> the art can stay up. >> for sure. and declutter and really make it a blank pallet for everybody to walk in and imagine their lives. >> you want to be ready. when you put your house on the market it not clean all the way, the kids are there, you have to be ready to go.
10:52 am
>> ready to go. i would say 20% of the sales that i sell a year are literally off the cuff, somebody in my car, they want to see a $3 million house i say i got the perfect one for you, i take them over, it is sold. >> you have to be flexible. >> if you're on the market, it is a way of life for a few months until your house sales. >> if we want to sell our property, what should we do? what is first step? >> the number one request that i get -- >> we want to buy. >> you want to buy. what i hear a lot always is school districts. it is so important. and we actually ran the numbers to see how much more expensive a house in a school district would be compared to the same exact house that is not in a good school district. it will range anywhere from 15,000 to $50,000 more to be in that better school district. by the way, it is worth it. it is a very safe investment. and when it comes to reselling, it is easier. by the way, private schools, a lot more expensive thayn goode iveive than a good
10:53 am
public school. >> josh, thank you. that was good. we're going to be back in a moment. >> first this is "today" on nbc. >> yes, it is. >> on nbc. >> on nbc, in case you forgot. >> yes indeedy.
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
. before we go, i want to mention that our very own hoda will be on the mir ditheredith vieira show today and i hear she was asked about something very famous called the hodini. >> you're first one out the door, always. >> always. >> no one called you on it. you know what, hoda -- >> one time i was at kathie lee's house and it was over, trust me that party was way over so i was trying to leave and i had my hand on the front door to leave and her daughter cassidy was upstairs and she goes, gotcha. i went -- oh! i felt totally and completely busted. >> i'm going to watch you next
10:57 am
time. >> by the way, you're going to try to teach me how to do this at some point. >> we're going to learn. it is worth the learning. >> if you want to see more of the hodini, go to the meredith vieira to find out what time it airs in your city. >> andrea and nicole's dip recipes from cut the creep will be on so, tomorrow, we have wwe superstar and really nice guy john cena will stop by and visit. >> and wait until you see what jill martin did with your closet. scary. >> hazmat area. >> newest trends for all the couples that got engaged over the holidays. tomorrow is wines
10:58 am
10:59 am
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right now at 11:00, the first snow of 2015 continues to fall. it may not be a heavy amount but it's a nuisance for anyone trying to get around. the snow is leading to many accidents, including this one in wilmington new castle county. a fire truck hit a house. more on this coming up. a live look at center city. this is market street. the cold temperature means whatever is falling is going to stick to the ground. radar showing a large area of generally light snow covering most of the delaware valley and in some places the snow is tapering off. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. we have team coverage of the first snow of 2015. crews are spr


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