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tv   Today  NBC  January 22, 2015 7:00am-11:01am EST

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inor injuries associated with that too. the "today" show is next. we'll be back here for local updates in just a fewnutes. >> get up-to-date information on the nbc 10 news app. good morning, inferno. a massive fire rips through a luxury apartment complex in new jersey. the flames and smoke so intense they could be seen for miles. hundreds forced to evacuate amount state of mortgages now in place. major storm. nearly a foot of snow i part of texas this morning. that system moving east washington new york boston all in its path. clearing the air, new england patriots coach bill belichick meets the media for the first time after his team is accused of an under-inflated football and what should happen if it's determined the patriots cheated. not backing down the woman at
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the scandal of prince andrew describes her court documents in explicit details. despite his emphatic denials, she claims six encounters with famed alan dershowitz. he responds today in an exclusive interview, today, thursday january 22nd 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza leadership good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a thursday morning. what a story unfolding across the water not too far fromnous new jersey. >> it's not too much you can wake up and smell your lead story. that is the case an apartment complex devastated. those are the images this morning. >> we want to go to our pilot who is providing us that shot. how is it going? what are you seeing? what are the remains you are
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seeing of this debris? >> reporter: well savannah matt a tremendous amount of fire out here, a tremendous amount of smoke from these pictures in chopper 4. still pockets of small flames popping up once in a while. the fire has been burning since yesterday everyone in edgewater, new jersey. these are luxury apartments located here along the hudson river water front. also this fire is being called one of the largest fires in bergen county. many of the local streets surrounding this fire which i'm sure you can imagine have been shut down. several schools in the area have been shut down as well. amazingly, no injuries have been reported leadership thank you very much. it is our lead story. let go down on the ground where nbc's anne thompson is standing by. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. there is a state of mortgages here in edgewatt.
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schools are closed and some roads, too, as firefighters try to determine what caused that spectacular blaze at the apartment complex that is still smoldering behind me. you could see the five-alarm blaze from manhattan. the avalon at edgewater complex along the hudson river consumeled in flames. officials say it danld or destroyed 175 unit. leaving as many homeless for the night leadership we left with what we had. without the kids and the dog. our cars are all under feat. there is nothing left. >> reporter: the fire began around 4:30 wednesday afternoon with no visible sign of the massive destruction to come. >> there was plenty of people and residents. i guess you can say the building wasn't totally filled because of the time of day.
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that was fortunate thing. >> reporter: amazingly none were killed. >> to have a fire of this scope and have so many people displaced we feel fortunate and thankful. >> reporter: authorities say everyone else left under their own power. a few firefighters suffered minor injuries. 18 years ago there was a fire on the same site. >> that apartment complex was under construction. the cause was never determine but arson was ruled out. now this morning, there is no cause for this fire either. last night, about 160 people spent the night in a community shelter. officials say they will work with all those displaced to find new homes, including fork yankees' radio announcer, john sterling. he too, lived in this apartment complex. he too, apparently lost his home. savannah. >> anne thompson thank you so much. >> our thoughts with those displaced. >> absolutely.
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moving to texas, dealing with record-breaking snow. al is here now, that's a powerful system. we think it may be heading east? >> that's right. we will watch it along the gulf and the eastern seaboard. amarillo texas, picking up almost a foot of snow. that's more snow for january than st. louis, boston, also juneau alaska. to the maps we go right now, we are looking at winter storm warnings winter weather advisories and winter watches from new mexico on into texas. so far we've seen over 11 inches of snow. this system now pushing to the east and north. so you got snow already in amarillo. it will end relatively quickly. this system comes into the gulf. bringing heavy rain and thunderstorms to the north. snow will start to set up.
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rainfall amounts, basically one-to-three inches. the snow though into parts of west texas will be one-to-three maybe even six inches of snow and guys this gets into the gulf and ten tomorrow sets up along the southeastern atlantic coast. becomes a nor'easter. we will take a look at that and the potential tracks and what that can mean later. >> thank you. well the super bowl is fast approaching. outrage is growing over the new england patriots in the so-called inflate-gate around what to do about it. peter alexander is at gillette stadium. good morning to you. >> reporter: you said it first the scandal, now the scrutiny. patriot's head coach bill belichick will face people as the investigation heats up as to whether his team knowingly broke the rules.
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that's how deflate-gate were born. >> they look over towards the patriot's side line. sucking the air out of the run-up to the super bowl t. question how and when nearly a dozen balls were deflate and if they knew about i. one former nfl ballboy said it would be almost impossible to pull it off undetectible leadership at that point thousands of people are pouring into the stadium. official meldia tv crew members are everywhere. >> reporter: several current and former quarterbacks have spoken out insisting altering gameballs is nothing unusual. >> the altering of the ball is from the quarterback's end. for them it's how it feels coming off their fingertips. >> reporter: the patriots say they are cooperating with the review. the team and bill belichick have a reputation for playing with the rules. in the spy-gate they found they
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videotaped the side line scandals and one week before this the baltimore ravens complained about the formations they used against them in their narrow playoff win. >> it's league deception. >> reporter: they don't have a resident precedent for repeat offenders. >> we have never been down this road before t. fact that the patriot versus this track record. it's the same coach and same ownership, that will not help the patriots this time around. >> reporter: now, more voices are weighing in on this. former long-time referee jerry austin says he was informed he told espn during a halftime inspection of last sunday's game all 12 imse imse colts' footballs were found to be properly inflated. but all 12 provided by the patriots were fought a. league official says this review could
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wrap up in days. >> that's a damming piece of information. tanks. i have a great guy with me right now, hines ward won four super bowls, by the way was mvp of super bowl xl leadership my pleasure. >> i heard people say this is the mother of all scandals to it's fought even worth our breath. one guy said it's like driving 61 miles per hour in a 50 miles her pour where do you fall? >> it's cheating. regardless of how you may want to spin it. it helps tom brady provides a better grip on the football especially in bad conditions like rain. you want to deflate the ball you don't have all big hands, but to provide a better grip you will at the time air out. >> game balls were inspected before the gym. at halftime they were found to be under inflated. how do they do it? >> from the time period where the referee checks the football. you may give the ball to the
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ballboy. he lets a little air out of it. tom brady says i feel about it. i like this grip. >> now you are talking about a conspiracy, several people involved who, would the coach have known? >> it's probably tom brady and the ballboy. every week they scuff the football take that new film off the football because it becomes real slick. also you want to let the air out of the ball just to have a better grip on it. >> so as a receiver, a guy that performed at the highest levels possible how much of an advantage would it be for you to catch the ball? >> well for guys that have big hands and use gloves. it's easier to catch the football. it's almost like catching a nerf football. for the quarterback, it's about the grip. you see quarterbacks who wear gloves because they want to get a better grip on the football throwing the football. >> i will put you out on a limb if if they determine tom brady
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and bill belichick knew it was happening and did it intentionally to gain some advantage, we're ten days before the super bowl. when would they do it? >> i don't think they will do it before the super bowl. the punishment has to be harsh. this is the second time around guilty for keithing. i don't know if you take a 1st round pick or you fine them money. that's nothing t. patriots don't want to have a 1st round or anything. >> if it's done before the super bowl doesn't it taint the game? >> they might. especially if you with tin game. everybody says the patriots haven't won a super bowl since spy-gate. so now if they win the super bowl now have you this kind of looming over the organization. >> we are talking about the game for all the wrong reason hines, it's great to have you here thank you very much. we want to know what you think. head to our facebook page let us know. if guilty again, that's f, should the patriots be banned from the super bowl?
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should tom brady or bill belichick be banned from the super bowl? sa van that. >>. meantime it's day two of big talks in havana cuba focusing on re-establishing ties with the countries. some big obstacles remain. andrea mitchell is in havana this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. well the president's new opening to cuba is broadly popular according to our recent poll but, in fact when american and cuban diplomats sit down to talk about normalizing relations, which start today, neither side know what is to expect. the dawn of a few era between the united states and cuba. for these american college students from brown university study income havana born after the cold war. it's a chance to witness history. >> we are excited to see the culture preserves and i am excited to be a part of this
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woman in history. >> i am intrigued with the political history it has with the u.s. >> reporter: but living with cubans is like living without social media. how is it being a young person without wifi? >> being unable to contactpy parent or i can't set up internships for the summer. i'm out here along. >> reporter: change isn't coming fast enough. >> we have better chances of raising a family if we believe the country. thus huge limitations for young cubans to have a home of their own and things like that. >> reporter: retired bank era fael fernandez and his wife believe the talks will produce change. >> if both sides respect their systems, that's the bottom line a lot of things will go forward. >> we will eradicate whatever the mistrust is and then we will build a new relationship from scratch.
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>> reporter: led by two strong women, u.s. santa and the dip la mat. the pede iiate is opening embassies, reversing special flights, which could take longer perhaps up to a year. then banking, credit. financial tie, post-challenging for the cuban government say observers, universal access to the internet exposing more cubans to a wider world, even as a russian spyship in havana's harbor today was a alongering reminder of cuba's past. so the question now is how quickly they can overcome the mistrust of the past and agree on an entirely few future for our two countries. back to you, savannah matt. >> andrea mitchell in cuba for us. thank you. naatly is here she has another story developing out of cuba. >> at guantonomo bay, a navy captain at guantonomo bay has been fired and is being investigated if connection with an alleged affair with a woman
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on the base and the recent death of her husband. nbc's chief correspondent jim miklaszewski has more on this story. good morning. >> reporter: natalie, this was not any navy cap table. he was the top commander at guantonomo bay, cuba. but captain john nettleton was fired yesterday in connection with the mysterious death of worker who was found two weeks ago. in the course of the investigation, criminal investigators reportedly found evidence of an alleged affair between the dead man's wife and captain nettleton. now, no charges have been filed and the investigation is still under way. and while captain nettleton was if charge of the navy fleet, he was in no way connected or had authority over the infamous gitmo detention facility which president obama vowed again to shut down during his state of the union speech this week. natalie. >> all right, jim miklaszewski thank you.
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republican heavy weights mitt romney and jeb bush will meet in utah leading to speculation they will try to avoid in a collide for the run for the white house in 2016. according to "new york times," bush opposed romney several weeks ago before he made it known he is considering a presidential run. the two have been drumming up support from dofors in weeks. officials in new town connecticut, have dome lished the home where adam lance zalanaadam lanza lived. the land will be kept as an open space. u.s. goalkeeper hope solo has been suspended from the women's national team for 30 days and won't participate in matches next month in europe. u.s. soccer officials did not reveal the reason for the suspension but it comes just days after the arrest of her husband, a former nfl player
7:17 am
for driving under the influence. solo was in the car at the time. she was not arrested or detained. it is the latest off field trouble, though for solo. earlier this month, a judge dismissed two misdemeanor accounts of domestic violence against her. hillary clinton is considered the front runner for 2016. if that doesn't work out, she may turn her hand to samberg. she described a mock conversation with vladmir putin after initially leaving office. take a look. >> vladmir, you think you'd like to be president again? >> i think i do. you want to run or you want to go announce it? we'll tell dimitri, he can be prime minister? excellent, excellent idea. we have a process, yes leadership i think she sounds a little more like her husband, right? former president bill clinton
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perhaps. >> he talks to himself like that the good guy the bad guy? >> i don't think he's right. get off. anyway,let show you what we got happening for the rest of the country. we told you about that storm system coming out of texas. we have a storm in the pacific northwest. icy conditions inland. a nice day in the northeast. plenty of sunshine tempera you want a loan to build a factory in america? you can't do that. nobody builds factories in the us anymore... you can't do that. using american raw materials makes no sense... you can't do that. you want to hire workers here in the states? they're too expensive, you can't do that. fortunately we didn't listen to the experts. at weathertech we built american factories, we use american raw materials and we hire american workers., proudly made in america. quality like can't do that. good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley.
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a cold and cloudy start. we'll see gradual clearing. temperatures upper 30s to low 40s today. by tomorrow morning, it's cold with clear skies overnight. we'll start with sunshine on friday. near 40 friday afternoon. it's the weekend that could turn stormy. saturday, snow sleet and then rain with a high of 37. clouds and sunshine on sunday. another chance of snow monday. and then it gets much colder. have a great day. that's your latest weather. >> all right, al thanks very much. we were talking about the deflate-gate if the patriots are accused. what should they do as a punishment? >> how about the winner goes on to sun? >> broadcast on nbc, we'll take it. >> fought going to happen leadership this story is going to go one or two ways this week. it's either going to peter out or the momentum will build. it has been right there. the hashtag deflate-gate has been a trending topic on twitter
7:20 am
all week long. should the patriots be banned? a whopping 81% like hines ward mentioned earlier, if you want a stern punishment. people agree with them. 81% saying yes. heather writes in of course they should. it should not be tolerated. the colts lost because they didn't play as well. look who is getting if here's krispy kremes ours are fully filled. boston common coffee deflated cookies available all locations. we got some here in the orange room guy, i'll bring some to you, here you go back to you. >> not the only deflated football we like around here. >> 19% don't think they should be banned. >> were those 19% in boston by any chance? >> money drops. look how people think it should be. >> some people think belichick should not be allowed to coach in the seumer bowl if found
7:21 am
guilty. >> they give him a suspension game one who cares? >> we will be watching carson thank you. coming up presence andrew is set to make his first public appearance since being accused if a shocking sex ring scandal. meantime the accuser is offering a few account of her claims. >> it includes new accusations against famed attorney alan dershowitz. he will respond in a live exclusive interview. first there is "today" on nbc.
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on your phone. online. on the go. wells fargo makes it easy to get banking done. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. let's get your first alert forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> it's a cloudy and cold start. low clouds and in some areas light fog. a little bit of a breeze blowing the flags on top of the building in center city. fog is easing in the western suburbs, wester chester county into lancaster. lancaster dealing with dense fog and light fog now in allentown. just a few snowflakes. most of the shower activity has come to an end. the temperatures will be climbing. we'll get some breaks of sunshine. right now it's 32 degrees in philadelphia. we'll be holding in the low 30s to start with. by midday we'll be in upper 30s topping out near 40 later today. we continue to follow breaking news. police are clearing an accident
7:27 am
involving a salt truck, a tractor-trailer and two other vehicles on 295 south. nbc 10 was first on the scene this morning. the driver of the salt truck that flipped over was taken to the hospital. we're working to find out that driver's condition. let's get you updated on the mess it created on the roads with nbc 10 traffic reporter katy zachry. >> there is still a backup. the accident is still there and here are details. 295 southbound near exit 18. it's in paulsboro. you'll slow down to 12 miles an hour and even slower as you get to this scene and make your way around it. just the left-hand lane is getting by around that. you can take route 44 or new jersey turnpike around that and lastly area bridges do have speed restrictions because of the weather. >> another local update in 25 minutes. get realtime updates on news and weather on the nbc 10 news app.
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it's 7:30 on a thursday morning, it's the 22nd day of january, 2015 cloudy cold some snow flurries here in the northeast. hopefully it's nice where you are waking up. >> absolutely. let's take a look at the headline, a five alarm fire in new jersey still in a state of prnls. the flames destroying much of the building t. cause is still under investigation. delegations from the u.s. and cuba are holding a second day of unprecedented talks aimed at normalizing ties between the two countries. both sides calling the meetings productive and destructive. the measles outbreaks has
7:31 am
grown to at least 70 cases now. health officials urging parents with children too young to immunize to avoid team parks. coming up a new app offering inadvisable boyfriends to women for a small fee. they will send you text messages flowers, this morning when one of our intrepid producers gave eight shot. >> we love her the perfect person to try this. all right, let's begin this half hour though with a new court filing in the sex scandal case twirling around britain's prince andrew this as he gets ready to make his first public appearance after they have surfaced. kir simmons is in davos, switzerland, good morning to you. >> reporter: he appeared to be intently staring at his smartphone. programs that's no surprise he is so focused because he is likely to make a statement later about these allegations and that
7:32 am
will be unprecedented for a royal. prince andrew has rejected claims by a woman who says she was underaged when she met him that same woman in court documents says she first met prince andrew when she was 17. i few he was a member of the british royal family but i just call him andy. she is fighting back against recent denials which the royal family i have seen buckingham palace's recent emphatic denial that is false and hurtful to me. i hope my attorneys can interview prince andrew under oath. she also jeffrey ep stein paid her $15,000 after she had sex with the prince. >> that money for what i had done and to keep my mouth shut about working with the prince. she is seeking to join a lawsuit
7:33 am
filed by other alleged victims against the u.s. government for an earlier plea deal reached with ep stein if 2008 convicted of soliciting it an under age girl for prostitution ep stein served 30 months in a sentence and is a registered sex offender. last week prince andrew's former wife the duchess of york told matt her ex-husband is being defamed. >> it's defamation of a character. as a great father and humongously man for britain, i won't stand by and let him have his character defamed. >> reporter: already leaders that want to discuss the world's 'problems. even amid a tight security here prince andrew cannot escape questions over what happened more than ten years ago. and ep stein's lawyer alan dershowitz himself, rejects the claims the woman in the case says they had sex leadership alan did you ever meet her? >> no i've never seen her, met
7:34 am
her. i don't know who she is. >> in her latest statement the women at the continuing scandal says he is lying by denying he had sex with me. this is an extraordinary gathering here in davos, where presidents meet and ceos with celebrities. you have to assume prince andrew would fought want to make a statement as he does in this setting. it appears the prince has no choice but to defend himself. >> thank you, you just mentioned alan dish wit, also accused by the woman in this lawsuit. he joins us exclusively leadership good morning. >> good morning. >> you told matt earlier this month you'd never even laid eyes on her. she put a picture of herself around the relative time period in her court papers. do you notice her? have you seen her, have you ever met here? >> i've never met her and i chal her to come on your show she is hiding behind the litigation privilege.
7:35 am
she has filed a per injured affidavit. i can prove by documentary evidence i couldn't have been in the places she said i was at the time. for example, she said she had sex with me in jeffrey ep stein's ranch, i was there for one hour with my wife and doubts who are here with me today in the studio. never out of their sight. two other people were with me. nobody was on the ranch at the time. said i had sex with her on a private island. i was there once with my wife and daughter and prominent professor of a harvard business school. she is categorically lying and making the bole thing up. >> she specifically said she had sex with you on six different encounters. she mentions those places in new york in florida. can you prove it didn't happen there? >> absolutely. as long as she gives me the date. i am a busy person i am if europe in israel. i am teaching. she has to give me a date. ly show her i was never ever anywhere near her at any time. she is making the whole thing
7:36 am
umm. she is a categorical liar. i challenge her in public. then we will have it now court. >> you talk about these allegations were put in a lawsuit. i think you call eight state bond kind of a drive-by shoot income a legal sense and you had no opportunity to respond. however in the latest papers, legal papers from their lawyers, they say you, in fact have had the opportunity to be deposed. >> they are lying. >> they show letters where they deposed you. >> they didn't show my letters in row responsibility i wrote two let first response a, if you ask me about my legal relationship with ep stein, it's covered by attorney-client privilege. they said i might be a witness. they never accused me never accused me until december of having sex with her. this is pinnochio's nodes growing longer and longer remember i responded and said i would be happy to be deposed if you could give me any indication that i would be a relative
7:37 am
witness. i categorically denied i was a witness. >> an january 3rd they yet again asked you for a to be depoesd. where you be deposed? >> it's the newest hut pa. i defend myself and they sue me for defamation. they made a mistake. now they have to be deposed. i have to be depoesd. i am happy to have this out in a court of law because they will be proved all of them to be categorially lying and making up this story. it will be a terrible thing for rape victims. they have put rape victims in a terrible position when i unequivocally prove they sat down and made this all up tragically it will hurt real rape victims and you shouldn't, you shouldn't generalize. >> i think you said on this program, you were willing to waive the statute of limitations, if this accuser could file a criminal case against you. >> let her go ahead and do it. >> her lawyers say we sent that
7:38 am
waiver to you asking you to waive the statute of limitations that they got no response and your lawyer said you are considering it. >> no that's not true. what happened is they asked many tow waive it to them. if a prosecutor makes an investigation and makes a decision and tells me that if he find she is lying, that he will spros cute her for lying, there will be a mutual waiver. let the prosecutor decide. let there be an investigation. afraid of the nothing. i am hiding nothing. she is afraid of repeating this in public. she is afraid of giving dates or specification. i have been absolutely up front in giving every and answering every question and the lawyers are lying through their teeth when they say i have refused to be deposed. they're hiding her. we sought to depose her. they're refusing to accept service on her behalf leadership she says in the affidavit financier jeffrey ep stein had
7:39 am
sex with under aged girls on a regular daily basis and it was quote obvious to 240es around him. so obvious and bold she writes anyone spending time at one of his residences would have clearly been aware of what was going on. you did spend time there. were you aware of such a ting? >> of course in not, in an academic setting. i first met him through lady rothschild and dinner with shimon peres and met with the developer of the ge in ome. we had an academic relationship. i was never in the presence with a single young under aged woman. i was with him with prominent scientists and prominent academics. they are again lying about this. i never saw him in doing anything improper. i was not a witness. i was fought a participant and i will prove it categorially. >> alan dershowitz thank you for being here and giving us your perspective. we appreciate it. now let's get a check of the weather now and sent it over to al. >> thank you so much tamron --
7:40 am
savannah sorry about that. we are looking at a storm system coming out of the gulf. this thing, already, is going to be causing problems. this is friday morning. look we have severe weather here. we got icing conditions up through parts of the mid-mississippi river valley. by friday night it's into the mid-southeast. then it's along the coast saturday morning. this thing starts to intensify, rain snow sleet along the i-95 corridor. and here's the dilemma. we got this blue line. this is the rain-snow line. right now we think it sets up around new york city. depending on where it does we will be looking at a decent amount of winds, gusting up to 55 miles per hour. right now, it looks like the heaviest snow is up coastal northern new england, one-to-three inches along the coast. both models now coming into agreem good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a cold and cloudy start but
7:41 am
during the day the clouds will break and we'll see gradual clearing. high temperatures upper 30s and low 40s today. by tomorrow morning, cold with clear skies overnight. we'll start with sunshine on friday. near 40 friday afternoon. it's the weekend that could turn stormy. saturday, snow sleet and then rain with a high of 37. clouds and sunshine on sunday and another chance of snow monday and then it gets much colder. have a great day. and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al thank you very much. coming up on trending was it sexiest -- sorry. can we agree that the teleprompter said sexiest? >> yes, it does. >> in my defense. all right. sexist what is the question about a tennis commentator's request to twirl around on court. we will get a lot of conversations around this. carson will reveal what you revealed in your facebook chat. first these messages leadership look at that. no you have to wait.
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[coughing] dave, i'm sorry to interrupt... i gotta take a sick day tomorrow. dads don't take sick days, dads take nyquil. the nighttime, sniffling sneezing, coughing aching, fever, best sleep with a cold medicine. vo: 85 percent of people who travel will go someplace they've already been. where's the fun in that? it's time to find someplace new. book the hotel you want with the flight you want and we'll find the savings to get you there. savannah had a facebook chat on wednesday and carson's got some of what she revealed. >> yes, sir, come into the orange room. on the hot seat with savannah yesterday. i like homeland if i had a super power, i would spend time with my baby. kiersten writing, ever milked a cow?
7:47 am
you wrote back, umm, no but i have briefly touched and utter. >> no i just remember touching an utter. >> okay. mad lynn writes i believe when you were in law school you rented my d.c. condo where we had a small-ish fire. yes! i heard it was candle-related. we'll explain that. >> it's funny because i did set our house on fire a little bit when i was in law school. you know just a little. right before exams. i had a candle burning. i was studying. i fell a sleep. i was very tired. it caught on fire the whole room caught on fire it was quite scary and terrible. we had three roommates, girls, the smoke was all over. sorry, padmadeleine. she was so sweet. >> was it the turn of the century, were you studying by candlelight? you can read all at the website. on the hot seat next week. >> carson thank you, bud.
7:48 am
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we're following this breaking news into nbc 10. an out of control car crashed on the new jersey turnpike within the last half hour. police tell us that people are injured and trapped inside the car. it happened in camden county. the car veered off the highway into the woods. we have an nbc 10 crew on the way to that scene and information from nbc 10's katy zachry. >> there are significant delays between exits 4 and 3 southbound on the new jersey turnpike because that's where it happened. you'll encounter it if you're on the new jersey turnpike southbound right after you pass exit 4. right here. it's near exit 4. the right-hand shoulder is blocked as a result of that single car crashing out of control. we understand there are injuries. it sounds like there's a significant response to it out on the roadways so it is causing delays on the new jersey turnpike southbound for drivers. moving on further south on 295
7:57 am
southbound for new jersey drivers, a tractor-trailer crash involved with an overturned salt truck. you can take route 44 or the new jersey turnpike around that. now a check of your morning weather and fog is spreading according to meteorologist bill henley. >> we saw it in the western suburbs. coatesville was down to zero visibility. the clouds will thin out during the day and allentown is reporting dense fog at quarter mile visibility while lancaster is at zero. light fog in hazelton area. add to that a few snowflakes. scattered shower moving through. those showers will come to an end and temperatures that are in the cold zone right now at 32 degrees in philadelphia will be near 40 this afternoon. >> you can stay on top of the winter weather heading our way by downloading the nbc 10 news app and get updated forecasts, travel alerts for your iphone or android. i'm tracy davidson.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up a health alert for women. concerns on the link with between birth control pills and brain tumor. plus no boyfriend? there's an app for that. you might like tall darg and handsome. would you settle for a virtual guy? >> it says hey jennifer how are you? smiley face. very smooth. >> we will put the invisible boyfriend app to the test. >> starting today, college costs skyrocketing the right way to save for your little won's higher education. today, january 22nd 2015.
8:01 am
♪. >> i love you. >> i love your curls. >> look at that. oh. ♪ you want it ♪ ♪ baby you got it ♪ >> this is boston move. we love you. >> good morning, this is what retirement looks like. >> we're in the scenic city chattanooga, tennessee. >> we're here from the sun schein if florida. whew! >> welcome back to "today." it's 8:00. it's the 22nd of january, 2015. carson carson daly you come over here you got it you want it. bust a move. carson's throwback pick. >> in 1981 it won the best. staple hip-hop community. you think it's a novelty song
8:02 am
it's not. we just relived it. >> i love it you want it. you got it. >> a stroll through music lane carson daly. it's cool very good. hey, speaking of music. tomorrow on "today" "american idol" hopes ryan seacrest is stopping by. natalie is at her post at the news desk. >> good morning to you. a state of mortgages, this morning in edgewater, new jersey, a five-alarm inferno overnight destroyed a apartment complex. schools in the area are closed. up to 400 people lost their homes. there were no serious injuries. the flames could be seen across the hudson river here in new york city. a fire on that same site 15 years ago destroyed an apartment complex under construction at the time. new england patriots coach bill belichick meets the media today for the first time since the deflate-get a scandal broke.
8:03 am
they say they are cooperating and whether nearly a dozen footballs were purposely under inflated during sunday's afc championship game. the blowout over indianapolis patriots quarterback brandon browner tweeted on wednesday, though that they could have used a beach ball and still won. fighting words there. american and cuban diplomats are sitting down for historic talks on on embassies in each other's country. it's a key part of the effort announced last month to end a half century of cold war hostilities. on wednesday, they did spar over a u.s. immigration policy that grants special protection to cubans who defect. jay cosby and jay leno are weighing in on the bill cosby scandal. >> good morning, jaylen no interviewed bill cosby numerous times on the show. now the former talk show host is
8:04 am
sounding off on his thoughts on accusations surrounding cosby. >> i mean i don't know why it's so hard to believe women. >> reporter: for the first time since the cosby scandal broke, we are hearing jay leno commenting yesterday at a television for executives in miami. >> you go to saudi arabia you need two women to testify against a man. here you need 25. >> reporter: so far, more than 20 women have accused the comedian of drugging or sexually assaulting them. cosby has never been charged with any crime. his attorney has repeatedly denied allegation leno's comments coming hours after an interview was released with malcolm jamal warner who played theo on can "cosby show." he said just as it's painful to hear any women talk about the sexual assault, whether true or fought it's just as hard to watch my mentor go through this. >> earlier, co-stars made
8:05 am
similar comments defending cosby. cosby has faced protests and hecklers during his north american stand-up comedy tour. patrons requested refunds at his performance last weekend. nbc news reached out to cosby for comment. he has not answered back. when you are down and out and feed a single hand you got to hope you have a friend like this one. angelica at the miami zoo was feeling sad. zookeepers say she was upset about being placed in timeout. you see that tender scene posted online it shows her buddy colby consoling her. the upon can i is asking hey, is he single? it's 8:05. let's get another check of the weather with al.
8:06 am
>> we have some nice folks out here where is the roland park country school? >> baltimore, maryland. >> nice to see you guys. guess what it would have been buddy hackett's 90th birthday. you are his daughter? >> i am i'm alicia hackett. >> i love your dad. >> thank you so much. >> a fellow cry crier leadership thanks for honoring him. >> thank you very much. look at that. very nice. he was good. thank you very much i really appreciate that. that's really nice. okay. let's show you what we got going on. as you can see, we got wet weather now making its way through dallas. it will be into new orleans coming up soon back behind it we got snow. this same system will make its way up the coast later this weekend. but in the meantime afternoon
8:07 am
temperatures awfully chili through the rockies, into the pacific northwest. 20s and 30s up through the great lakes, into northern new england. you will find down in parts of central an southern florida today. look for wet weather, gulf snow to the southwest. icy mix in the pacific northwe good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. a cold and cloudy start, but during the day the clouds will break and give gradual clearing with temperatures in the upper 30s to lower 40s. tomorrow morning it is cold. we'll start with sunshine on friday. near 40 friday afternoon. and the weekend could turn stormy. saturday snow sleet and then rain with a high of 37. clouds and sunshine on sunday. and another chance for snow on monday. then it gets much colder. have a great day. and that's your latest weather. >> at times you just hear things. it takes you back. i love the buddy hackett. that's tantastic stuff.
8:08 am
all right, al thank you. just ahead, no boyfriend, no problem. one of our producers tries out a new app that puts you in a virtual relationship. >> it should be the right way to save for your child's future. let's go right now to savannah. >> hi everyone look i'm here with don cheadle. we rode on an airplane recently. >> you wouldn't know it. >> you ignored me. >> no let's let the audience decide. >> what happened was, i said hi don, how are you? he didn't give me -- >> aren't you supposed to read that ring ring!... progresso! it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people. make it progresso or make it yourself it's gonna tempt your tummy, with the taste of nuts and honey. it's a honey of an o. it's honey nut cheerios.
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you want to tame me. dove wants you to unleash the beauty of your curls. that's why we created new dove quench absolute. this system deeply nourishes curls to quench dryness for 4 times more defined natural curls. new dove quench absolute. . >> it's 8:12. a good time for what's trend is erd trending today. we love giving away secrets. you may hear something that sounds like this. leadership vrom vroom. >> yes, the sound of your engine. we heard it in movies like "fast and furious" that throaty roar screams horse power, control, mid-life crisis. but guess what the one if your
8:13 am
car is probably fake. >> what do you mean? >> cars have become more fuel efficient and quieter and while that's a good thing for a lot of people a lot of guys especially still want to hear that sound. they now create it using computers, they generate it pence the engine. >> they don't tell you. they find if you go to the dealer people aren't liking the car, it's too quiet? >> yes, people want the sound of a powerful engine. i test drove a partscar mid-life crisis you know what they didn't have it correlated correctly. i was going 28 miles an hour and it was going vroom, vroom. >> you better fought get a hybrid. >> exactly. well child birth as we know is no laughing matter. maybe in indianapolis it is. in minnesota, at the minnesota birth center are now being offered laughing combas for pain
8:14 am
re -- laughing gas for an epidural. the method is fda approved unlike an epidural the gas does not linger in the mother's system. it doesn't affect the baby they say, it's cheaper, costs less than $100. it's also a very good time if you have been to the dentist. >> i have been to the dentist. i never needed the nitrous. >> it's the best. >> does it take that much pain away labor pain? >> i don't know. i wonder if you could do both. >> it's a boy, ha ha. >> i had a puppy ha, ha, ha. >> see what you think about this one, it's an interview lighting up social media with claims of sexism. it happened after canadian evgeni bouchard won a tennis match. she is ranked no. 7 in the world. here's what the reporter asked the 20-year-old star. >> last night you tweeted you
8:15 am
love it and the girl is working for you, she was kind enough to give us a twirl. can you give us a twirl and talk about your outfit? >> a twirl? >> here we go leadership and probably that guy wouldn't have asked a male tennis star to give him a twirl. >> probably not. >> later, she said it was very unexpected. she added i don't know an old guy asking you to twirl. it was funny, but some are fought laughing saying it is sexist. what do you guys think? >> i don't know if i'd use the word sexist, i think it's lame. >> it's completely lame. she won a great match. i think he was trying to make a point about her outfit and serena. >> it's not the blue. >> serena does twirl after all the graim games she played. >> there was kind of an el creepo factor.
8:16 am
>> he's a reporter for unity. >> that's water trending today. now, a new app getting attention, it guarantees to land you the perfect relationship chanel jones is here with more on that. good morning. >> good morning, here's the deal if you are single the man or woman of your dreams is now at your fingertips. you can't just see him or her per se. you can text and get voice messages one of our brave producers signed up for the app. it's called invisible boyfriend. it's a new service that allows you to invent your perfect other half. it turns out, it might actually work leadership good morning, theodore leadership good morning, what was once the stuff of movies leadership where do i play? do you have a name? >> yes. samantha. >> is now a reality, thanks to the invisible boyfriend app. we decided to put it to the test. a never married 42-year-old tv producer looking for a fake boyfriend. what could go wrong?
8:17 am
>> reporter: meet jen one of our star producers here at "today." she's 42 her interests include the yankee traveling and eating carbs. >> here we go. >> after filling out a detailed survey and forking over $24.99. >> i we may have a winner. >> jen was officially off the market. >> he's 40 and he's athletic leadership is that what his profile says. he's had problems before. >> reporter: pleat the boyfriend derek deter he also lives in new york and loves the yankees and cars. so far he's getting an a-plus he's a winning texter leadership it says hey jennifer this is dereker, how are you? smiley face very smooth. >> juliette juliette wherefor art thou juliette. >> if any friends ask, they met at starbucks.
8:18 am
invisible boyfriend is the brain child. >> i was newly divorced. i got tired of everyone asking if i was dating someone. >> nearly a decade later they are playing romance match maker. >> there is a culture that someone is looked down upon if they are not in a relationship leadership signing up gets you 100 texts and a postcard from a man or woman of your dreams. >> that is only the beginning. >> ultimately as we expand and grow further, we hope to provide gifts at work or flowers sent from your invisible boyfriend on valentines day. >> proving the perfect match is a click away. >> there he is leadership so there you go. here's the deal this app may sound a bit strange, since it went live on tuesday, there has been a huge interest. some people use the app to practice what they're going to say to real life love interests or to make their dates jealous leadership oh leadership what do you think? >> oh my gosh.
8:19 am
>> you know what i think some people love to be loved. i guess, if i could psychoanalyze it. >> i say any of those invisible guys would be lucky to catch jen. she is a fantastic young lady. >> derek deter included. >> there may be tenderic deters leadership now we're putting jen's picture up while we're at it. >> jen is not real. >> derek doesn't care. coming up why the p
8:20 am
we are back now with "today" health a study raises concerns over birth control pills linking long-term use of the pill to an increased rick of brain tumors. dr. natalie aczar is an nbc contributor. good morning to you. >> hi good morning, savannah. >> it's good to have you here. a lot of people might hear the headlines and freak out. what did the study say about birth control pills and tumors? >> the study was trying to not determine a cause andesque. what it was trying to do is look to see is there an association between the use of hormonal contraception and an increased risk of these brain tumors let's put this into context, are rare tumor, roughly five in 100,000 people. nonetheless the glyoma is a primary broken tumor.
8:21 am
>> there was this association. what is the cause and effect? >> statistically what they were showing is there an association, meaning if you are exposed to birth control, could this effect an outcome? they generate an odds ratio, which is a statistical number. the higher the number, the stronger the association is. what they found was for women who ever used hormonal contraception ever in their life the risk was slightly higher. some group apham sis shows more recent use, within the last five years of the diagnosis of brain tumor how long you used it. greater tan five years there was an association, probably the most important piece of information to come out of this study was that progesterone had the highest risk of this particular brain tumor. >> another factor how early someone started on the contraceptive. what's the take away if you are a woman on contraception you think, what should i do? >> how many people are using
8:22 am
hormonal contra session the take away is that we have known for a long time that potential hormonal influences in cancer breast cancer cervical cancer potentially increase and we know hormonal contraception decreases the risk for ovarian and end do mettial cancer. what we also say you need to speak to your physician. there is no real risk factors for brain tumors. so the numbers are still quite small, even though it potentially raises the risk. the overall number is so small the benefits of using them largely outweighs this risk. it merits further investigation. >> i hear you thinking call your dmplt good to have you here thank you so much. >> you guy versus seen the movie "mean girls". >> yeah. >> 11 years after released it is the focus of a college course. can you get credits for this. >> reporter: it's been called a
8:23 am
must-see movie. >> you can't sit with us! >> reporter: but for these college student, mean girls is mandatory. >> did you know the movie before you started the class? >> yes. >> when your fraendr friend and family hear you are taking a course on "mean girls". >> everyone says oh it's such an easy class. >> reporter: students say the comparative literature course is anything but easy. studying concepts like fe pail friendships, competition and power. >> i see some girl on girl crime here. >> even though you don't have that much power yet. it's important to learn how to navigate it. >> reporter: examining everyone from ultimate green e queen bee joan crawford. to pod earn day mean girl regina george. >> how many of you have ever felt personally victimized by regina george? >> it's a part of a discussion another voice in the discussion that's been going on for 3,000 years. >> reporter: that links queen
8:24 am
bees through the ages and at all ages from the playgrounds to the nursing home a best selling author recently wrote about her grandmother's retirement committee. >> when you play they say, we're not looking for anybody new or when you sit down they say, these seats are taken. >> reporter: for her, it's another example of how mean gifrls can grow up to become mean mommys even mean grannys leadership i tell my daughters and probably everybody's mother told them the won't last forever, people grow up people grow out of this people behave better. come to find out they don't. >> that's nothing new as this class has discovered. >> we think we are the ones to have this conversation. if reality, it's been going on since like the odyssey leadership i can't go out. >> reporter: perhaps proving mean girls are here to stay on the big screen and beyond. halle jackson, nbc news los
8:25 am
angeles. >> it is the most unusual or cruellest course you took? >> college, what? >> i can't remember. >> i took a course on john ford westerns. it was awesome. it was fantastic leadership silent movie colleges? >> that's cool too leadership all right. let head over to savannah. >> look who we found here don cheadle. a big fan of your work glad to have you here. how do you like my puppy? >> man, i will try to take him home. >> you won't be the first to do that. >> new season of "house of
8:26 am
we continue to follow breaking news out of camden county at 8:26. within the past hour a car crash on the new jersey turnpike southbound in cherry hill. something caused that car to veer off the road and crash into the woods. we still don't know what caused that to happen but injured people are trapped inside the car. no word on how many people or how severe the injuries are. we have a crew arriving on the scene now and will give you more information as soon as we can. stay with the "nbc 10 news" app for updates. but we'll check out how this is impacting the traffic with katy zachry. we have a crew approaching the scene trying to get more details, but the new jersey turnpike southbound is between exit 3 and 4. it was originally on the
8:27 am
right-hand shoulder but now i'm hearing reports of the right-hand lane blocked as well while crews work to correct that car upright. we understand there are several people trapped inside and injured. it is causing delays. 15 miles an hour down here. you'll be slowing approaching that. and you'll probably be going slower as you come to the crash. there's also one on 295 southbound in greenwood township still out there near route 678. we'll switch gears now to get the forecast from meteorologist bill henley. >> chris temperatures are still below freezing for much of the area. still could be icy spots with plenty of clouds and low cloudiness in center city. but it is fog to the west and easing a bit in allentown and coatesville. but zero visibility in lancaster and light fog in the pocano mountains. and a few snow flurries too. we are back with another update in 25 minutes. have a great morning.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
. >> we are back now 8:30 on a thursday morning. it's the 22nd day of january, 2015. a little chilly here in new york. not terrible. we had some flurries before but it seems to be stopping. we are out on the plaza with some nice people. thanks for sticking around. >> we got a great scene going on inside babies baby, babies babies they're here for a good reason. they are the children of some of our staffers here our extended
8:31 am
family at the "today show" within they get that college bill jean chatski will tell us how to start saving today. >> plus on our special series curl power, we will help these women who usually wear their hair straight stick straight learn to embrace tear natural curls. wait until you see how they look now. >> i can't wait for that. he's a nice guy, he doesn't play one on tv. we will catch up dw "house of lies" star don cheadle. >> now al and the weather. >> a lot of weather from the gulf icy mix back through west texas. we have a lot of wet wet in the pacific northwest. sunshine into the northeast. then for tomorrow that, whole mess makes its way into the gulf mid-atlantic states and the appalachian, over river valleys, more of a mess sunshine
8:32 am
good morning i'm meteorologist bill henley. a cold and cloudy start. but during the day the clouds will give way to gradual clearing to high temperatures in the lower 40s to upper 30s. we'll start with sunshine on 40. near 40 on friday afternoon. the weekend could turn stormy. saturday, snow sleet and then rain with a high of 37. clouds and sunshine on sunday. another chance of snow monday. then it gets much colder. have a great day. and that's your latest weather leadership all right, al thank you very much. this morning on start today, a bit of a stress for parents, saving for college and retirement at the same time. it can be a daunting task. we have a few staffers.
8:33 am
when these kids are ready for college, it will cost nearly $164,000. today we enlist the help of jean chatski. good morning. talk to me a little about what president obama was referring to when he gave the state of the union address and he talked about proposing changes to 529 accounts. >> he didn't actually say it. he issued some language about it and essentially he's looking at taxing money when it comes out of 529 plans. right now withdrawals are tax-free. that would be a big deal if it happens, butter with going to have to wait and see. >> we will get more on that. let introduce our favorite behind the scenes people at "today" show let's start with patrice and her son jensen. you have a question? >> yes, i'm always told to save for retirement before college, but given the astronomical costs of college, how does that make sense? >> it makes sense there is financial aid and there is no financial aid for retirement.
8:34 am
but if you want to do both at the same time or if you are worried about that 529 taxation issue, put money in a roth ira, it can be used for retirement or college and braul withdrawals do come out tax-free. >> let's move on to gavin and quinn. quinn is only a-month-old. doing so great. what's your question? >> already freaking out. we actually feel pretty good about our retirement savings, so far. so we were wondering, how much should we put away for college? >> i don't want you to panelic. very few people take full tuition for college when you talk about grants loans scholarships an financial aid. so if are you thinking your child will go to a public university and can you put away $100 a month or a private university $250 a month, then will you make a significant dent. you want to aim to save about a third of the costs by the time they get there leadership
8:35 am
gotcha. >> gavin, you got the bounce down. you did really well there. i will get to ellie in a second. patrice, you have another question. >> i will be honest. i haven't started saving yet for his college, justin is 17 months. at what point am abad mom, all right, it's time to start saving? >> okay. you are never a bad mom. he is 17 months old. if you can start now. start as soon as can you, that's fantastic. one way is to bank your winfall. so the average tax refund is $3,000. if people some of that away each year it would make a really big dent. >>let bring in ali and her son jokes himjoakim. what is your question for jean? >> we have been really fortunate in the fact that our parents and grandparent want to give gifts for birthdays and holidays. we are not quite sure what to do with those gifts. >> open a 529 college savings.
8:36 am
ask the grandparent to contribute to that account. one way for them to do it is to get the money to you. you can put it in and take a tax deduction in 34 different states. those tax deductions are available for a 529. one thing to watch out for if you are a grandparent, if they want to own the account, they need to transfer it into your name by the time he's a junior in high school otherwise, you are going to have a financial aid issue. >> by the way, is there an amount they can contribute each year in. >> grandparent can contribute up to $5,000 for gifts at one time. so they can make an annual gift to spend nice grandparents. >> good news jensen is headed off to college already. >> he's over it. >> ladies gentleman, thank you very much jean thank you for the information. if you've got more questions for jean or any of the start today experts, they will be here for their early facebook check, that is tomorrow on "today."
8:37 am
up next don cheadle on his hit show and movie directing debut. first, this is "today" on nbc. 99 cents. that's all it takes to get a refreshing deal at dunkin' donuts. just because it's cold out doesn't mean you can't enjoy any sized iced tea or iced coffee. just 99 cents all month long. america runs on dunkin'.
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8:39 am
. >> all right. we are back now at 8:39 with oscar nominated actor don cheadle. he stars in "house of lieings," he has a unique way of doing things. >> some people believe in the dar ma of non-attachment. some people believe in the darma of loving kindness. but i've come to realize i believe in the darma of search and destroy. >> how many times you wanted to do that in real life? don cheadle. good to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> i was reading going to the fourth season. you said if your opinion it really found its groove last year three seasons in why?
8:40 am
>> i think it takes time for us to for everything to sort of congeal, you know what i mean? we find our characters better the writers are understanding our voice, incorporating our voice. i think it's kind of how long it takess shows to find their groove. >> when i read about that i thought isn't it great you are doing this on cable, because fourth quarter television is famous for having a short attention span and might not have let this show go. >> it's not a situation we are clamoring for ratings. the subscribeer base is strong the president has faith in the show it can stay on. >> i got this cool media packet for the show it's elaborate. i can't open it up on character, your character drops an f-bomb pence the cover. i was read whack the executive producer said many of the episodes in this year in this season were inspired by the fable of the scorpion and the frog. can you give me the version of that? >> basically the scorpion wants
8:41 am
to cross the river, the frock says you are a scorpion he says i wouldn't spring you, we'd both drouvenlt halfway across he says why did you do that? he goes i'm a scorpion. >> it's in my nature. >> basically it. what did you think was going to happen? >> the characters are walking that line between what they'd like to do your character and his nature. water his nature? >> i think he is always trying to find what that is. he is sort of fighting against his own best interest. you see who he wants to be with his son, his father and you see who he feels he has to be in his business and the two aren't true leadership let me ask you about some other things going on. i saw you a couple weeks ago at the golden globe, you were handing george clooney the saysle b. award. it's a huge honor being the one giving it out? >> is it an honor? i had fun, it was great.
8:42 am
george is a good friend. it was nice to honor him that way. >> as an oscar nominee, hotel rwanda i'd like your take on this controversy or lack thereof and the nominations for acting this year? >> i think it's more about the diversity in the business as a whole. i think this is just a microcosm of the macrokos him. and they're mostly white men 62-years-old it's not surprising what comes out. i don't think it's about who gets nominated. that's not the thing. although there is an attendant number for movies that get nominated. it's a shame you are not in that category it can mean a certain financial hit for your problem. it's more about the business i think than the academy. >> i think the larger picture is the way to go. are you about to make a directorial debut about myles
8:43 am
davis. >> it is. it was nerve we'll be right backing. >> is that myles or you as myles? >> that's me. >> wow leadership yeah i'm starting to find love for my imperfect movie. no that's me too, no that's myles. >> now i'm completely confused. don cheadle. great to have you here. >> thank you leadership i want to tell people you can catch "house of lies" sunday on showtime. next up, how to embrace the hair yo
8:44 am
8:45 am
. >> all right, we are rounding up our girl power series with embracing your curls. millions of women spend lots of time not to mention dollars, to get those locks stiff straight.
8:46 am
how about loving the hair you have? we have pros to hen us with that. from louis licari salon. model lindsay, you came in super straight with your hair. we want to show your before photo. have you long curly locks, most days you spend your days straightening it out with a flat i-on-now we see her after with her curly hair how did you get this look which is adorable? >> i always get asked, i have curly hair you don't have to straighten your hair embrace your curl. one thing you have to remember is don't shampoo your hair every day. >> okay. >> once a week is more than enough for curly hair. >> whoa can you get it wet, though? >> wet and condition, don't shampoo it. the other thing with lindsay, we cut a few inches off, no layers lifted a bit, add some layers this is her natural curl.
8:47 am
we diffused it. the right product is the key. the key is when you use product on curly hair use it on soaking wet hair. not predried or towel dried? >> why because it soaks if better? >> it goes 2350 your hair versus staying on your hair and looking dirty. >> it looks beautiful. very healthy and great. congratulations, let's go over to our next modem. cynthia alvarez a celebrity stylist. her model is danielle. she came to us this morning. let show you a before picture. we were told danielle spends 95% of the year with straight straight hair. here you are with your natural curls. again, really gorgeous how do you like it in. >> i absolutely love it. >> do you think you can do your hair like this? >> i think i can try. se taught me a lot. >> a lot of people would think, wait i would like to look like this. >> she has beautiful spiral curls, but she has a lot of
8:48 am
common curly hair concerns. she is not aloevenlt dove hair found half of women with curly hair find hard to manage. i see this all the time. we started with a moisturizing cleanser followed by a leave-in conditioning treatment which helps the hair and nourish it from within. so she can let her hair down like this or put it up for a night on the town. >> these girls are gorgeous. >> thank you. >> how do you make sure you don't end up frizzy? i have curly hair it doesn't look like this. >> she has coarse dry hair. i recommend natural oils which is popular right now. to help soak in and nourish it from within. that way you cut your time if half. i recommend for client try different products. curly textures are so different from one another. different products will work differently on your hair. all right. you look beautiful. thank you so much. >> thank you. finally, there is a good
8:49 am
one. what if you have a kid with a head full of curls, you don't know how to manage them. cozy freedman has a salon in new york city this is mia. i love your curls, do you? >> i love it. >> good, how did you do it? a lot of times i think my little girl will have curly hair and i will not know what to do. >> we hear that all the time. kids come in with straight hair. they think they have frizzy hair it's not nice. look at her gorgeous natural curls him we did the natural curls. this is wet to show you what to do. she has beautiful curls. they're not frizzy. they're beautiful and shiny. >> ba do you do in. >> you never want to brush or comb curly hair unless you are in the tub. use conditioner, comb it through. people with curls generally have a lot of knots. >> okay. >> you want to do that. when you come out, a lot of people think to rough it up. you don't want to do that. you want to take a towel and
8:50 am
blot it try. >> okay. real quirks i'm almost out of time. you use a diffuseer. >> if you need to dry it. let it dry naturally with styling gel, use a little cream just to smooth it out at the end. no frizz. >> all right. cozy mia, don't worry, she will do the other half of the hair. it will look as cute as this side. coming up next the ranch will never be the same. jenna wolf becomes a trainer on "the biggest narrator: gas prices are down helping middle class families. but now, the
8:51 am
white house wants to impose title ii regulations on your internet meaning new government taxes and fees. every month: you'd pay more. 11 billion dollars a year in new taxes and fees. internet freedoms can be protected with the white house and congress working together, but imposing new tax increases through public utility style regulations will hurt middle class families let's protect the internet we love without regressive taxes and fees. no to title ii.
8:52 am
. >> nbc's biggest loser, this season fitness correspondent jenna wolf spent time at the ranch as a guest trainer. >> exciting. for the contestants, the concept is somewhat bittersweet, they have an arsenal of equipment, 24 hours aday at their disposal. it's getting them to use it and evlthively is often the hardest part. when i was recently asked to be a trainer at the ranch, i decided to go in a different direction. since 2004 the "biggest loser" has been one of the biggest success stories, the before and after picture astonishing. but this season may top most. the contestants are all former athletes. once at the peak of tear game
8:53 am
now almost unrecognizable. this former soccer player weighed in at 3 humidity pound a. spy pro softball player tipped the scales at 283. rugby player was a whopping 483 and a spy football player woody carter 398 pound leadership push. what is it going to be? >> reporter: but with the help of their trainers plus a little competition and a lot of sweat, by the time i paid them a visit at the ranch, they'd already made considerable progress. >> we have fitness expert jenna wolf from the "today" show here today with us. >> hi guys. >> she will be working you guys out. >> when i'm tired, fat, pregnant exhausted, the last thing i want to go work out, i can and i will. tell me what people at home don't get a chance to see. >> people don't know when the cameras are off, these guys are here working. they're hiking climbing a mile. they're in that gym an running. they go from not being able to do those things to doing those
8:54 am
things continuously because they're putting in the work. >> with one week left these former athletes will soon leave the ranch and have to find their own way all by themselves. >> you have every luxury in the world awarded you in this room. you may not have that when you go home. so i put together a workout today that involves none of it. you want it. want it. with nothing more than will and want i push these contestants and i push them hard leadership come on i'm pregnant i'm doing it with you. maybe a little too hard at times. come on rob, let's go leadership stop saying let's go i'm doingpy best. this pregnant lady is kicking my butt go yeah i like it leadership i hear from the beginning, why is this show so successful? >> i think people are always looking for that pill that answer. we all know what the answer is. it can be eat less and mover around more. >> a simple concept as these
8:55 am
athletes can attest to acquires a simple theory. if it was easy, we all would be doing it no fad, no skills no gimmick, just hard work. >> i can't believe you are 25 weeks pregnant and you are still down on the floor getting it done. that's a testament all to itself. >> while uncomfortable, i learned it's no harder than anyone else's journey here. if they can do it so can i. this little one will remember this for a long time. good luck to all of you leadership i know i say this there are certain things we get, certain perks we get to do with our job because of how lucky we are. this was one of them for me. that was a dream come true. >> i it was food segments. you should be on that show you are so good. >> thank you. as hard as it seems they are working, they are working even harder if real life. they put in hours and hours in every day. it's a testament for how much they want to be there. >> be i the time you left was that guy rob speaking to you?
8:56 am
>> barely. he appreciates me. >> that's a normal day leadership all right. thanks congratulation it's so cool. few want to see jenna on the "biggest loser" we all do her episode airs tonight at 8:00. . >> coming up ryan wilson stops by. but first your local we continue to follow this situation on the new jersey turnpike that we have been following throughout the morning. new jersey state police confirm that three people were killed in this car crash. this is a live picture on the turnpike southbound. you can see some traffic is getting past the accident now. you can see the flashing lights there. police tell us the victims were trapped inside the car. something caused the car to veer
8:57 am
off the highway and crash into the woods around 7:30 in cherry hill. we'll see how it's affecting traffic now. katy zachry is here now with that. chris, you can see a significant backup right behind this crash. and it happened between exits 3 and 4. we're talking about the cherry hill area the new jersey turnpike southbound, if so what you have is you can really make this out, we have the right-hand shoulder and the right-hand lane blocked because of emergency vehicles trying to remove the car from the roadway to begin the accident investigation because it is a deadly accident investigation. so it will be out here for some time. and as we have a wider shot, you can see all the backups. we go to my traffic computer right now, you can see about 6 miles an hour. that's as slow as you can go to leading up to the crash. 295 southbound was the scene of a crash earlier this morning. that has since cleared. you can still see crews on the road affecting things on the right-hand shoulder but other than that traffic is getting by on 295 southbound in greenwich
8:58 am
township. and now your forecast with meteorologist bill henley. it is foggy on the turnpike. >> the fog has produced some ice but the roadways have been treated. temperatures have not moving much so it could be slippery out there. 31 in and 29 degrees in reading. i'm back in 25 minutes with an update. i'm chris cato. have a great morning.
8:59 am
9:00 am
noungs nouce from nbc news this is "today's" take live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" it's thursday morning, january 22nd 2015 i'm willie geist along with al roker, natalie morales. al welcome back. >> friends of the weather channel hanging out there, doing some stuff. >> i love the blackboard. >> at the end of the day the blackboard. >> all classic. >> they were figuring out, we were talking earlier, it comes down to deflate-gate. they were talking about the pressure in the ball. the pressure of the gas in the
9:01 am
ball. >> gas in a ball. okay the boston globe has a new report the nfl informed the patriots it did find 11 of the 12 balls from sunday night's game that throwout confirms what we heard from espn yesterday. reports say they are cooperating, the patriots are with the league's investigation. a number of current and former quarterbacks say altering game balls is nothing unusual. >> that doesn't mean it's not cheating though. >> right. >> in other words, everyone is keating. >> when those balls come in, it's like baseball. we were talking to hines ward earlier, they're slick. they scuff. we don't always deflate them t. other interesting thing he said without knowing anything specifically there is no way if the balls were deflated a quarterback is fought aware of it. the quarterback is the one that says i'd like little less air in my ball. it's unlikely he didn't know. we asked on our facebook page
9:02 am
if guilty should the patriots be banned from the super bowl? banned? look at these numbers. 81%, fought going to happen. >> it's not even on the list of punishments. >> my question is what kind of punishment can they institute. >> either they establish the rule it's either a fine but what i say is if the league thought this was such an egregious thing they would have instated, had on tear rulebook a more significant penalty. to hines ward's point it must be outsiders, peer mortals don't know water going on. why wouldn't the league say this is such a bad cheat, if you are caught doing this you are then banned. because they do ban you for other things using marijuana, for example. they see it as something egregious and damaging to the sport. >> but this just comes at the end of a fought great year as an
9:03 am
81 statement and so now you tainted what should be the ultimate game. it's just sad. >> look at what's happened to baseball. if we talk about tainting of sport. you still have loyal die hard major league baseball fans after sammy sosa mark mcguys, a. rod. they've had some awful things and violence as well. >> this is the current water happening now. what we're talking about. >> gets what will happen? huge super bowl ratings? people go that's a win still in some way for all of them. there will be huge interest. i usually watch the cowboys earn it since it hasn't been since 1905. i kid my team because i love my team. i know the facts here. >> the cowboys at the end of that gain? >> i'm saying whatt the problem, what are you talking about, women is? that's what i said. >> i think the colts fans are feeling. >> the cowboys were in my
9:04 am
opinion robbed with the packers. i said robbed, yes, i said it. i thought they were robbed with the packers. these are the things that go on. i'm not saying they should not be punished. i'm simply saying the nfl has established rules for this an suddenly to ban the team would be it seems. >> that's not even on the request. >> per the request of 90-100% of the voters. should they be punished? absolutely. bank them? >> it will come after the game. >> bill belichick can get something. >> blah blah blah all we want. >> if you are bill belichick, whatever the fine is 50 grand, i lose a draft pick. you get to go to the super bowl. you will take that five times out of 100. >> a lot of people on twitter says it sends the wrong message to our youth. >> yeah kids are wearing these jerseys. you know if they're wearing the brady jersey you want to feel
9:05 am
proud about what he did on the field, not to say he did or didn't we don't know. >> it's terrible it's cheating. it will not affect the super bile. >> that's the bottom line. >> you asked a good question will it affect the legacy? >> i think it will. >> hines ward i put that question to him today. he said, yeah there will be an after the rick you put spy-get a along with this. people say yeah but. >> a lot of different things. >> i'm opened to the argument that it would, but i think tom brady is one of the best quarterbacks of all time. i think that yeah i think that when he is inducted into the hall of fame i just don't know about this coming up. there will be other marks. >> maybe it's more of it affects the teams. >> what about baseball and the tar on the bag. that was a huge controversy earlier as well. you talk about cheat income anyway in sports it just does
9:06 am
not. >> cheating in period in life. >> i do the forecast. i'm juiced. >> are you juiced? >> at least you are honest about it. >> do you think all this happens naturally? >> no. . uh-uh. >> a teachable moment when you are going into the soccer game on saturday you say, listen it's fought cool pan, you want to win on your merit because of hard work. if you lose go shake the other guys hand and dust it off. that's a teachable moment. >> there you go. another teachable moment is if you are a celebrity, it's always fun to surprise people. >> sure is. >> especially if you are doing a surprise for some deserving people. for example, celebratedly cooper surprised troops at a army center in san antonio, texas last week during a screening, posed with service members, visited patients and wounded soldiers. so that is a fantastic surprise. >> that's so great. >> that's really cool. >> he's such a cool guy.
9:07 am
you know him so well. he is always stepping up beyond water expected of an actor. we talk about role models. here is this guy on the big screen. he is always doing great stuff. >> he says publicly privately, i don't care he doesn't listen to all the controversy i care about what chris' family thinks those are the opinions that matters. >> it shows in the performance. he is honest with the people he is trying to represent. >> you haven't lived until you listen to willie and bradley speak french to each other. it's magical. >> oh they did. >> they keep this bromance going. >> they keep it going. >> we have our berets. >> it's really. >> i'll be looking for that on youtube. >> we sit along 'the senne.
9:08 am
>> will pharrell attending a half court shot. take a look at what happened. >> oh, no. >> oh. >> ouch. >> that's fought great. >> no i don't think that's good. >> it's not a good surprise. >> then he's dragged out of one more time maybe it's a little vague. >> oh. >> oh my gosh. >> right in the face. >> then he's dragged out by security. >> the back story is he was filming an upcoming movie called "daddy's home" with mark wahlberg. that's an act tres, a stunt person. >> he has a good track record. remember he looked and threw it to 1st base and posed as a security guard at a lakeer's game and ejected shaq, found him in the crowd and threw him out. >> he didn't hurt him with a ball. >> it's for a movie. >> not to worry. >> bradley keeper will ferrell,
9:09 am
celebrity surprise. you decide. all right, of course it's close to the super bowl time and we are starting to see the early athd ads on the internet karl jr., is it a little too sexy for karl jr.? it's very sexy as it is take a look. >> i love going all natural. it just makes me feel better. not that you can see me in my 100% all natural juicey. >> so the creative thinking behind sit that austin powers scene. >> is that the thinking? >> the thinking behind it. it's going au natural. everything being au natural. i think it's kind of good. >> it's a little controversial.
9:10 am
the buns were overinflated. >> were they? >> another super bowl controversy. >> the melons were too much? >> another thing to talk to your kids about? do you like it? >> it's fun time. it's funny. >> the market is 18-34. >> what's the hiding of the face? >> just saying. i'm just blushing. >> it's less gratuitous than paris hilton washing the car. >> we should do a best of the naughtys yeah. throwback thursday. >> okay. >> i got something here. all right. do i show the people. i will show you at home first before i show you. there you go can you name her? >> i think it's obviously? >> really? >> even i know who that is. >> i don't know if i'm convinced it's that obvious? >> i knew ahead of time. >> here's the clue,ly go out on the plaza, hi all. >> hi all. >> okay. she was just 15-years-old at the
9:11 am
time. >> i'm walking. >> you are not stopping. >> without a jacket parentally thanks willie. >> you don't have a coat? >> i'm going out bare arms. >> are you joking? >> no i'm no. she starred in the original "freaky friday" which was released nationwide today. my skirt is flying up. here we go how many people you think will get this? i can't hear you guys either. >> we can hear you. >> i can hear you. >> hey! hey! okay. hi! okay. hi i love you, too. okay. do you know it? >> all right who is it? >> jody foster. >> what movie today? oh are you not so aware now. okay. hold this card. you hold it. what movie? go down it's there. >> "freaky friday." oh my. >> look at that you take that. i'll get it signed next year.
9:12 am
>> all right, have a good one. i'm coming back in. >> it's cold. i'm only here a second. >> oh, my god, can i get a hug? mmwah. there you have it. it was easy. we got to work harder on these things guys al. >> al is going to greet you at the door tamron last time you almost fell if you remember. >> here we go. >> hey, okay. >> oh that's not right. >> i'm out by myself. >> it's 12 degrees out, that's not right. >> let me in! let me in! let me in! >> that's not nice. >> that's wrong. >> it week e woke me up. >> you are i ceoing it's so cold out there. how come you didn't have a coat? >> i wasn't ready. >> goose bumps. >> while you warm up. you are crying. >> i'm crying dear. >> it's an excuse to get next to you two. >> hand warmers.
9:13 am
>> let's show you what's happening right now. now that my jacket is off, all gutty out here. anyway low pressure coming up, this thing caused a 11 inches of snow in amarillo. severe weather down to the southeast. early saturday morning it becomes a for easter. so right here if you notice this blue line that's what we call the rain-snow line the 32 degree line. it's set up at 7:00 a.m. right across new york city. do we see heavy snow or does it move a little to the north or west. it will depend on the track of this storm. we do know it is going to be very, very windy. a couple modems basically showing new england gets the bulk of the sno good morning, i'm meept rolgs bill henley. a cold and cloudy start. but during the day the clouds will start and we'll see gradual clearing in the upper 30s to lower 40s. by tomorrow morning it gets cold with clear skies overnight.
9:14 am
we'll start with sunshine on friday 40. the weekend could turn stormy. saturday, snow sleet and rain with a high of 37. clouds and sunshine on sunday. another chance of snow on monday. then it gets much colder. have a great day. and that's your latest weather. >> al thank you so much. which loved him, coming up rainf wilson is back on tv in backstrom in a decidedly different character. >> hi. >> how is it going? >> let's hang out, should we? let do it. >>let do this. >> all your life you're told to tame your curls... ♪ when you try to tame my curls, it feels like you want to tame me. dove wants you to unleash the beauty of your curls. that's why we created new dove quench absolute. this system deeply nourishes curls
9:15 am
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9:17 am
emergen-c transforms more than just water. emergen-c. let your awesome out. . >> okay. rainn wilson probably best known for his emmy nominated australian him and bizarre assistant to the regional manager on the hit comedy "the
9:18 am
office." >> now he is in a series "backstrom" he plays a loatheing police leiutenant. rainn wilson it is so cool to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> on position? >> a little taste of nbc again. >> how does it feel to be back? >> my old network. i miss you. the peacock. >> the jen when emotion is written all over your face. so this is quite a turn from you. the world knows you as dwight schroot. does this enable you to shed the skin and do something different? >> a lot of people ask that. i'm an old theater actor. you go with the role. the script got offered to me. i read this part. holly moly. this is so great. it's so complex and rich and interesting this character. i was just thrilled to get a chance to do it. it's very different from dwight.
9:19 am
so that's cool audiences will get to see some different colors from me as an actor. >> and you, i think this is the best reason to take this role. he's supposed to be kind of an out of same guy, so you had to gain weight to play this part? >> no i didn't have to gain weight. >> you didn't have to? >> but i gained weight america. okay. >> i would go with you had to. >> no it was this weird thing. it's this weird thing that your brain does when you are playing a role that you know the fatter you are, the better it is for the role. so all of a sudden it's like i'm there in your green room and will is the danish you know there is an extra piece of bacon normally you'd push it aside or whatever like should i go jogging this morning? no i don't really need to xoer size i exercised last week. >> all in service of the character is there then you top it off being shirtless, three
9:20 am
episodes if i guess every episode so far you have had a shirtless scene. >> you know, it's true. it's sort of we i think fox really did not want women to watch this show basically. so. >> it makes you more loverable. >> i don't think women or guys to watch the show. so i was topless in a lot of it. they're showing how real and shluby and not slick this show is. it's good for some comedy. me without a shirt is it's a very funny. >> we'll take your word for it. >> wlat not funny this controversy over the deflate ball. are you a seahawks fan. >> yes. >> what do you say about it? >> i think the new england patriots should be lined up and executed. >> that wasn't among the choices. >> okay. i think next year they should be fined and belichick should be lined up and executed. wait that's off the table. >> in a much nicer, happy
9:21 am
belated birthday. >> oh thank you. >> tuesday was your birthday. we brought you a little something. >> oh, no. the cake. >> a little snack. >> a red velvet take. >> it's for the role. >> you can eat the whole thing and fought worry about it. >> that's fantastic. thanks al. >> smell it? >> don't do it? >> al push my face in. >> no, no, no i can't do it. >> rainn wilson we are so happy for you. we love you in the show. it's awesome. "backstrom" premiers tonight on fox. she is known for romantic comedys now she is in a new series called "a pack of fears" also stars like jennifer garner and blake lively. we will catch up with the swedish beauty hanging
9:22 am
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9:25 am
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9:26 am
...with a smooth, weightless feel revlon. love is on. at 9:26 we continue to follow breaking news on the new jersey turnpike in camden county. state police say three people died in a one-car crash. this is new video here of the turnpike southbound at the crash scene in cherry hill. you can see the flashlights there. police say the vehicle veered off the highway into the woods. no word why. the victims were trapped inside the karl. we'll bring in first alert traffic reporter katy zachry with a look at how this is impacting the traffic. >> this happened just before 7:30 on the new jersey turnpike southbound between exit 3ss 3 and 4. as we zoom out, you can see all the traffic trying to merge into
9:27 am
that one lane going by this traffic. that's the good news. if we go to the traffic computer right now, this is what you have. you have traffic slowing to 6 miles an hour approaching the scene. this is between exits 3 and 4 on the new jersey turnpike southbound. also throughout the area 76 outside of philadelphia this is at city avenue. the westbound lane looking really good. snow is on the ground but it's not on the roadways. and traffic is moving pretty smoothly there. take a look at the drive times between 22 minutes for the vine street expressway and 476 westbound. it looked like a foggy view in that picture there from the turnpike. we'll get the latest weather from bill henley. >> the fog and clouds will take some time to disappear. 32 degrees in center city but just climbed above freezing. the snow showers will disappear as the day goes on and this afternoon we'll get breaks of sunshine. i'm chris cato.
9:28 am
have a great morning.
9:29 am
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines. a new study on asthma suggest income and race plays a role at where a child lives. they looked at urban and rural areas and found those living in poverty and those who are african-american or puerto rican have the greatest risk of developing asthma researchers were surprised to find living in a city did not consider to be a risk factor. allergens may do much harm. hope for people with type i diabetes. a 4-year-old boy in australia who battled the disease half his life received the part
9:31 am
artificial pancreas. the device is being called a medical break through. the boy's mother says it is already improving his life. mortgage applications are surging thanks to some of the lowest rates if a long time. applications jumped more than 14% last week and were up more than 40% from a year ago according to mortgage banker's association and applications for refinancing soared 22% from the previous week. that's up 63% from a year ago. the boom driven by the lowest mother-in-law rate since may of 2013. gook him is said to be planning to sell wireless phone service directly to consumers. according to "wall street journal," google may offer discounted wireless data plans, using sprint and t-mobile in a move that could pressure other carriers to lower their prices. the paper said it's fought clear when the service would begin or how much it would cost. the creator of one of the most popular film franchises ever says his ideas were
9:32 am
scrapped in the upcoming film "star wars" the force awaken. george lucas said he came up with ideas for new "star wars" material t. people at disney though didn't want to do those ideas. they made their own for "star force" scheduled for release in december. with that let's send it over to al. >> all right, thanks so much. for "today" we got this system out of the gulf coast. it's bringing rain back to the west. snow am rim lo picking up almost a foot. more of a wintry mix through the pacific northwestp. sunshine through the northeast into the great lakes. clipper coming down tomorrow a lot of wet weather through the southeast and icy mix. through the mid-mississippi river valley and the appalachians. sunshine out west 73 good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. a cold and cloudy start, but during the day the clouds start to see gradual clearing.
9:33 am
high temperatures in the upper 30s to lower 40s by today. by tomorrow morning, it gets cold with clear skies overnight. we'll start with sunshine near 40 friday afternoon. it's the weekend that could turn stormy. saturday, snow sleet and rain with a high of 37. clouds and sunshine on sunday. another chance of snow monday. then it gets much colder. have a great day. and that's your latest weather. >> actress and model molly ackerman has been in front of the camera since she wastive years old. these days she is best known for herrero mantic comedies starring alongside vince vaughan in "the couple's retreat." make rex ryan's ex-girlfriend in "the proposal." and who could forget who stole katherine hiegle's love interest in "20 dresses." is there they are highlighting inequalitys and injustices in
9:34 am
this country. nice to see you. >> nice to see you, too. good morning. >> so this is really a very important series. it centers around an important huh pan right issue. it's fought just here in the united states. we think it's happening everywhere else. but it's also happening here in this country. >> oh yeah. to a very large degree and it's just so well hidden and that's why this is such an important documentary because once it's out there and people know about it i feel like human 80 wants to help. we want to be of service. if we den know where to start. what do you do? if you don't have the information, where do you go? it's one of the thing i like they write these amazing books, documentarys that i give you tips on what you can do so you don't feel helpless and also bring, you know, to our attention what's really going on beneath the surface. >> you went to chicago in particular. >> yeah. >> you spent time with some of the women who have been in the sex trade there. what did you find and hear in
9:35 am
their stories? >> you know we went to cook county prison where they have amazing prostitutes anonymous program and the interesting thing was that a lot of these young women began their stories with you know i didn't know this was prostitution, that i was being prostituted because it started at a really early age, almost 100% had been somehow sexually molested. they thought that was a form of life and that you give your body up for presents from your dad or your uncle and that is just a vicious cycle that continue. some of them until they got in prison didn't realize they had been prostituted. which was really surprising. but also just there, i was so inspired by them. they're such survivors and emotionally mature and incredible women. we're all one step away from being that as well. it's just they were given a tough, you know shortened of the stick at birth pretty much.
9:36 am
>> well, these swedish meatballs will make sense in a moment. for those of you at home wondering, the film sound incredible and physical kristoff is a brilliant writer and a person to shine the light on this. we mentioned in the introduction you have been on camera since you were five. we dug into the archives in the interest of complete embarrassment. >> oh great. >> do you recall this sear's ad that you appeared in. are you the one if yellow i believe. can we get yellow. do you remember that ad? >> no i don't remember. >> are you sure that's me? >> yes. >> there were so many that i have no. >> oh there it is. >> that's not me. >> that's not me. >> it looks like a robert palmer video. >> i think you are older than five. she's got a little bit bigger cup size than i do.
9:37 am
so i mean. >> this is just the option of the deflate-gate. >> you would go there. >> ali, swear that that's -- >> is it? >> it probably is. i don't recognize. is that you? really? >> we will take our producer's word for it. she don't it completely. it's what all went horribly wrong. >> what about the swedish meatballs? >> i'm swedish. a little taste of home. >> thank you. >> by the way, they have great matte meatballs. i am a big fan. i take my son, he gets swedish vision. but and they taste great. the only thing is i'd say, yeah there he is. >> that's a cute little meatball right there. >> he's the best tasting one. >> do they prepare them differently? >> you can take them home you fry them in butter get them
9:38 am
crispy. >> the lingen berry sauce. >> you need that. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> a path appears premiers monday night on pbs. >> and we'll investigate that photo for you. get to the bottom of it. up next whether you are saving for a house, a retierl, how to make it happen a bucket for ♪ the question i get get the most is probably, do you feel fear? what's the closest you have ever come to death? they're boring. i have a website because i need a way to put myself forward in my own way. this is my story and and this is how i want to share it with people. i'm alex honnold and this is my squarespace. i will light up every room i walk into. olay presents the regenerist luminous collection. renews surface cells to even skin tone. in just two weeks, see pearlescent, luminous skin. regenerist luminous.
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9:42 am
the thrills you've been craving. the moments you've been missing. the vacation you've been looking for is here. come and take it. universal orlando resort. . >> we are back with "today" helping you keep your resolutions for the new year whether saving for every stage of life. >> whether you are a baby boomer with your eye on how to build up the nestegg. >> good to see you. >> you have been busy saving lives since the few year? >> saving.saving lives. let's start off with people who are 25 years old. we got erin lowry, she's 25. what advice do you have for erin
9:43 am
our viewers? sample erin is pretty much in the sweet spot t. average of a first time home buyer is 28-years-old t. first thing i want her to do is do play shopping. go look at homes. physical out how much you will need for a downpayment and start to put away that much. you want to aim for about 10% of the price of your home. put it in a separate account. work on her credit score. she wants it up over 740 to get the best interest rates. >> some people want more than 10%, though. >> if you go to 20 it would be amazing. it depends on where you live 10% is pretty good. >> cool. let move on to kate a viewer in her 30. like a lot of parent saving for her kids' college fund. >> you start we are tirement. you got to save before you save for college. if you want to do both at the same time you can put money in a roth ira. very flexible. many open up a 529 college savings plan. saving for to
9:44 am
physical out the best one for you. depending on where you live. and encourage your parents and grandparented. aunts, unkments to get in the game. they might prefer to buy, to put some money into your account rather than buy yet another tool. amanda waterman in her 40s, looking for a savings for retirement. shelves in the army for 20 years. how does your advice for whose who served the country? sample when you are separating from the military as she is about to do. you have an mortgages cushion. you got to go out and fiend a new job. that can take some time. also pay attention to your thrift savings plan that's a military retirement program. you got to roll that over or leave it alone, you have to make a choice. leaving it in the tsp keeps the fees low. if you move it into an ira, have you more choices. i want her to check out operation which is
9:45 am
the ebook i wrote and published specifically for military families. it's free for families. lots of information there. >> let's move on to richard haase. he is in early 50s and wants to increase retirement. >> he wants to bump it up at 6,000. that great. that's catchup you are allowed to kick $6,000 more a year into your 401k. 240u678 6,000 is lot. it's $500 a month. physical out where you can come up with that money. can you work on the cell phone bill or do you have to make a bigger change? do you have to look at downsizing where you live sooner rather than later or finally, you can look at trying to bump up the other side of the equation. work on your income. make i maybe you can get a part-time job doing something in the evenings. >> great advice as always thank you, thank you. if your budget allows you to take in a movie. we have a country him must-sees
9:46 am
like the new johnny depp film. we jump start no matter who you are, if you have type 2 diabetes, you know it can be a struggle to keep your a1c down. so imagine ... what if there was a new class of medicine that works differently to lower blood sugar? imagine loving your numbers. introducing once-daily invokana®. it's the first of a new kind of prescription medicine that's used along with diet and exercise to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. invokana® is a once-daily pill that works around the clock to help lower a1c. here's how: the kidneys allow sugar to be absorbed back into the body. invokana® reduces the amount of sugar allowed back in ... and sends some sugar out through the process of urination. and while it's not for weight loss, it may help you lose some weight. invokana® can cause important side effects including dehydration, which may cause some people to have loss of body water and salt. this may also cause you to feel dizzy, faint lightheaded, or weak
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aching, fever, best sleep with a cold medicine. ♪ ♪all day and all of the night - the kinks♪ ♪all day and all of the night - the kinks♪ yoplait. with a smooth and creamy taste your whole family loves. it is so good all the time. release a devastating avalanche of taste on your tongue. bury yourself in the flavor full of sweet icing and filling. call off the hounds! rescue is unnecessary. pillsbury toaster strudel, the snow day of breakfasts. . >> if you plan on taking in a
9:50 am
movie. we got the ones worth the ticket price. >> if you are snowed in we got something here for you as well. jump start your weekend entertainment, jack rico the editor-in-chief of show biz cafe. let start with the movies. there has not been a good family movie, the new ones from the mind of george lucas, strange magic. >> it's written and produced by george lucas. fe heart of the story this movie is about finding love in the most unexpected place, one of the more memorable things i like about this film. it uses new versions of popular songs from the last six decade. it ranges everywhere from elvis presley to lady gaga. >> a little of a musical then. oh i love that. >> absolutely. >> johnny depp mordechai. with a fabulous mustache. >> you know, he likes these querky characters. this is a modern day screwball
9:51 am
comedy. it has johnny depp who stars as this aristocratic art dealer who has to recover this stolen painting that has a lost bank account that leads to nazi gold. it has a great supporting cast gwyneth paltrow, olivia munn. >> i like that. . >> i think i have to talk about this next one. it's in my wheelhouse. we are talking about on tv the miss universe panel ent airing i am hosting with tom roberts from msnbc. >> absolutely. >> lots of good musical acts there, not just beautiful women. >> you have physical jonas and prince royce and if judging you have boxing great manny paqqio and the miss universe has viral moments. let see if we will get other one. >> we had some controversy with miss israel an miss lebanon.
9:52 am
should she photo bomb or not? >> this weekend number two the hit british show "the fall" on netflix. >> looking to bin him out this weekend, you should consider can bbc thriller "the ball." this is a high brow thriller. it came out on bbc 12 which is considered the showtime of the united states and it has jillian anderson who stars in the show with anne dor na n. it's about a serial killer. the interesting thing about this is jamey wright dor na n is about to blow up. we will get to see him in this performance, he got a bunch of accolades from a creepy performance we will see on "50 shades." >> okay. finally turning to music. grammy nominees album is now out. which artists are featured on this? >> taylor swift with "shake it off" the record of the year. she is the favorite for almost
9:53 am
every single category. arian na grande. has super star status. if you want to get familiar with the album. it's a great album. >> how did you get ready for this? >> last saturday was ditch your new year's resolution day. you got one that might actually help it's called "coach me." . >> the way it works is in three ways. it gives you these daily reminders, great community people with the same goals. if you need to hire an online coach, can you do that. >> thanks so much. good to see. >> you we are back in a moment. first this is
9:54 am
9:55 am
. >> coming up next billy bush back with hoda. that's a good thing for america. >> we just saw tony
9:56 am
the breaking news we continue to follow is in camden county. investigators are investigating a deadly crash on the turnpike. three people were killed when their car veered off the roadway and crashed into the woods. you can see the crash scene there in cherry hill. this happened around 7:30 and is still impacting traffic at this hour. nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter katy zachry is here with more on that. chris, it is definitely slowing things on the new jersey turnpike southbound. this crash happened just after exit 4.
9:57 am
so between exits 3 and 4, the right lane and right shoulder have since been blocked. going on two-and-a-half hours now, we did hear from state police investigating this deadly crash. they say this should be clear in the next few minutes. that's good news for any of the drivers caught in this delay, the slow delay near exits 3 and 4 on the new jersey turnpike southbound. time to check the forecast with meteorologist bill henley now. >> we have a little bit of a warm up but not much. look at the low clouds over center city. half a mile visibility in some areas. currently two miles visibility at philadelphia international. light fog will be slow to leave us today. once we do see the fog clear out we'll start to see some breaks of sflooinunshine. right now it is 34 degrees in northeast philadelphia. we'll be back in 27 minutes with another update. remember, you can always get the latest news and weather through
9:58 am
the nbc 10 app. now we are back to the "today" show. i'm chris cato. have a great thursday.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. don't try to hide your thighs. it is january 22nd. billy bush is not scared. no he's back. he's filling in for a few more days. we've got a big show baby. >> you guys have to open up with that angle? >> that's the pants angle. we have a hot group over there. can you take your eyes off them? >> no, it's amazing. tony danza!
10:01 am
they're not together. >> honeymoon in las vegas you guys know is on broad way. tony plays the character. it's a good one. they're going to talk to us. they're going to sing for us. >> and danza learned to play and will play this morning. he does it all the time. i saw you on madison avenue with those guys. >> they go everywhere with me now, billy. i'm sorry. >> so we were almost late coming up to the set. billy and i were fwlued to the tv. the coach of the patriots was having a news conference. >> he was going to address deflate-gate and the balls being deflated by a few pounds. i thought what a great idea. he's going to take this head on. >> yes. >> channel yourself right now. you are the head of corporate
10:02 am
communications for the new england patriots. did the coach just help himself? >> i don't think so. my answer is no. >> i don't either. >> no. >> all he did was state that there's an investigation. first, he went unbelievably and talked about the footballs and that when i'm in practice with my guys, we make the balls sticky. we make them extra -- >> wet. >> i work with the most difficult balls for my guys. almost like he was being accused of playing at a disadvantage. >> he said he didn't know anything about the deflated balls. we were just waiting for the questions. that's when usually the good stuff comes. point-blank, why were they deflated. have you had your own investigation. if you missed it watch exactly -- this is how he answered those questions. >> i told you everything i know. >> coach --
10:03 am
>> i don't have an explanation for what happened. i don't have an explanation for what happened. i don't have an explanation for what happened. >> that went on and on and on and on and on. >> that's all he said. he said the nfl is conducting their investigation. and of course you and i are looking at each other. if we're in the room first question is are you conducting your own investigation. obviously there's somebody on your team who handles the footballs. that would be the first person to ask. he refused to go there. you can't tell us that? >> just ask the guy who handled the balls. with all the cameras in the universe and all the pre-game cameras, somewhere, someone had a camera on those balls. someone moved them they held them. >> they're just not willing to go there. i have so many good friends who where patriots fans. my brother lives up there.
10:04 am
i love tom brady. >> love. >> and i don't think any of those people were served well by bill belichick right there. he did not help himself. >> no he didn't. he did say they were fully cooperating with the nfl investigation. if you are not interested in the super bowl at least now you kind of are. now, there's something. oh my god, what happened, i want to see. >> is he the grumpiest guy you've ever seen though? he doesn't smile. the sweatshirt is always on. >> he did sound kind of cranky. so i'm minding my own business yesterday, i'm having lunch. >> i'm minding my own business by the way too. >> you're right. i was doing a shoot about how to spot eating so much and save calories off your lunch. then suddenly i'm surprised at my table with a note and a
10:05 am
beautiful glass of wine. >> i said i have a burning desire for you, have always been your secret admirer. have this glass of wine and i'm sitting at the lab wearing a lavender sweater. that is my agent who i threw under the bus. >> the guy didn't know what was going on so i went over. >> i looked at you like this you got the note and the wine -- you started looking around. just when we out your boyfriend on tuesday, i was thinking you were thinking typical man. right, now that they know i'm taken, now they're coming out of the woodwork everywhere sfwli. >> i wondered if it was joel. but no it was your agent. >> he was like don't put me on camera. >> by the way, the other hot topic yesterday, all the fun, the one thing everyone took away was your jeggings.
10:06 am
if you missed yesterday, those look like denim jeans right there but they're a jeging. if you have thick thighs or your husband or boyfriend has thick thighs this is a perfect way -- >> i heard that the website -- >> oh, they blew up we have a run on jeggings. they're going crazy over there. i had to look up the brand. anyway i'm wearing another set today. >> they're joe's jeggings. >> those are dark denim. >> these are not denim. these are just dark navy blue jean. equally stretchy right there for the thick-thighed man. >> all right. so one of our favorite things they do on fallon is the fallon lip flip. >> love it. >> it's so much fun to watch. >> last night jennifer aniston
10:07 am
was playing. let's take a look. >> i just got tickets and this insane lineup this year. the microscopic men will be there at like 4:00 in the morning, who knows. 10:00. i don't care. i'm sleeping over dude! >> i'm jimmy fallon. i host the "tonight show" and i'm just a pretty pretty pretty pretty little thing y'all. i think i'm going to flip out. >> before i die, please lip flip me. i'm dying to have a lip flip. >> you need to be lip flipped. >> the technology behind that it's so confusing. >> we love some jimmy fallon. >> you're such a positive person i can't imagine you've
10:08 am
ever had a bad day. >> every now and then. >> did you ever just want to scream maybe traffic. >> yes, it happened. >> this poor woman is at the ferry terminal. she's having a terrible time. i think the person selling her the ticket, i think the ferry left. >> she missed it. >> she absolutely lost it. >> let's see. >> luckily some dope was there with his camera to record her. >> you have no idea -- realize what this means! [ screaming ] >> you have no idea what it means [ bleep ]! >> hear the guy? i got it on tape. i'm a youtube star. i got her. what a dope.
10:09 am
but she made it to the "today" show. >> that moment and we've all been there. i've been in that situation where you've had the worst day and at the end of the day there's only one thing you have left to do, it's catch the ferry. everything's piled up to that moment and then your head just explodes. >> it's the 15 things before. >> it's not the last thing. >> i identify with her. i felt for her pain. you know, we've all been at a counter, they dealt with 10,000 people before you. you're not their only concern. >> let's show you the pandas. put you in a good mood. >> this is cute. >> just watch pandas. who cares. >> this is a five-part series coming here. >> oh, my god. >> and the chinese have spent billions on breeding pandas. look how cute they are. >> you just want to cuddle up.
10:10 am
>> everybody loves that video. the only person -- the only -- well there's only one animal that doesn't love that video. that's the puppy downstairs. he does not want to be out-cuted. >> this is a five-part thing on pbs. it's called earth, a new wild. i get to do a song every thursday. this one's kind of chill. i picked carol king. have you seen the movie "a league of their own"? >> i have. >> this is when you're looking back on your life. here it is. ♪ now and forever, you were a part of me ♪ >> beautiful. ♪ and the memory cuts ♪ ♪ didn't we find the ecstasy. didn't we share the daylight ♪
10:11 am
♪ when you walked into my life ♪ >> ready? ♪ i remember all the promises still unbroken ♪ >> that part's coming. ♪ and think about all the words -- >> ready for the chorus? >> come on boys! ♪ we had a moment ♪ >> just one moment. >> all right. carol king we love you. >> beautiful song. >> we're getting ambush makeovers and it's a party because we have tony danza. >> we're going to talk to tony about his great [ female announcer ] hands were made for talking. feet...tiptoeing. better things than the pain stiffness, and joint damage of moderate to severe
10:12 am
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10:13 am
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10:14 am
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10:15 am
danza for all his memorable characters. but now tony has taken his talents back to broadway in the movie honeymoon in vegas. >> i cannot stop. he's that guy, you want to hug him and grab him. >> good to see you guys. >> i'm so excited i don't know what to do with myself. i have my boys here. >> we love this. >> rob who plays jack in the show. late of chaplain in case you don't know who he is. >> how close to the movie is this? >> it's close to the movie, but when jason and andrew got together 11 years ago, andrew had always thought it should be a musical. jason was looking to write a vegas kind of thing. so they got together.
10:16 am
it's the most fun show -- it's laughs. you hear people laughing. the orchestra's on the stage. >> look at you. look at you. >> look at the fun. look at the girls. vegas -- by the way, it's not only vegas. we go from brooklyn to vegas to hawaii back to vegas. the set designer has done an incredible job. >> did something that very few people can do. you got raves from all the papers. that on broadway is one of the most difficult things to do. >> the big one too was the "new york times." >> yeah. >> basically i've been chasing that for 40 years. you name the venue, i've tried everything. tell me i did something well. this show is really special. the reason it's special because it's -- it's like it's family-friendly yet you enjoy it and your kids enjoy it.
10:17 am
i had a kid there the other day, 8-year-old. he say to me i want to be an actor. i said if this show hangs around long enough you could play jack. >> have you always been a singer? >> let me tell you. i've been working on it a long time. i'll give you -- this is good. sammy khan was a good friend of mine. so his wife knows me a long time. since '94 when i tried to do this i want to be a song and dance man, she's been coming to the various shows and stuff. >> yeah. >> she came to see this show. she's seen ups and downs and everything else. she walked in and she said, you see what happens when you practice. >> and you tap. a standing ovation moment in the show is when you get out there and do your tap solo. >> i get to do a tap thing.
10:18 am
>> you're living your dream. >> the guy that taught me tap, he taught me a few of the breaks that are in the show. >> have you lost weight doing this? >> it leans you out a little bit. >> there's nothing harder than broadway. >> but it's lovely work. >> dancing around, you're going to lose a pound or two. four years you've worked on this right? >> i've been involved with this a long time. jason came to my house, played a little bit of one of the songs. wow, i get to sing that. >> you're going to sing for us a little later with your group, right? >> you're actually going to see the 11th hour number. it's called higher love. it's so great that i decided not to perform today. you have to see these guys do it. in the review it's called the musical moment of the year. >> we look forward to it. we're going to see it in a
10:19 am
little bit. >> coming up we have an important health alert for women flo: hey, big guy. i heard you lost a close one today. look, jamie, maybe we weren't the lowest rate this time. but when you show people their progressive direct rate and our competitors' rates you can't win them all. the important part is, you helped them save. thanks, flo. okay, let's go get you an ice cream cone, champ. with sprinkles? sprinkles are for winners. i understand. oh there's an energy crisis happening alright. a human one. and it's time to fight it. with the good energy of quaker oats. it's how we help keep go-getters like you going and getting. one bite at a time. try new quick steel cut for a heartier texture.
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10:22 am
okay. if you or someone you know is using birth control pills you want to listen to this. a study released overnight has found early and long-term use of the hormones in those pills may be linked to an increase in brain tumors. >> before you panic, we want to find out what this really means for women. there's an association here with a slight increase. >> it seems scary. but break it down a little bit for us. >> as billy said it's an association. here's the distinction is what is statistically significant may not necessarily be clinically meaningful. they were trying to assess is there an association between
10:23 am
exposure to hormonal contraception and an increased risk in brain tumors. they found there was. the longer you used it the more closely you used it to the brain tumor being diagnosed, the risk was higher. then there was a difference between progesterone only. >> if someone has been on birth control for a long period of time. >> yeah. >> should they, if they can, take a break from it. is that a smarter thing overall to do? >> that question is the one that i love. what happens in medicine a lot, we're all guilty of it, you do things sort of reflexively. every once in a while, it's good to have a stop check and say, let's re-evaluate our practice. are we keeping women on birth control for too long. i don't know what the answer is there. the research on this particular
10:24 am
issue was mixed previously. there was always a suggestion that maybe it could or maybe it couldn't. >> still i mean the numbers are low, right? i saw a statistic, five in 100,000. >> that's typically what we consider the incidence. i want to point out that the incidence in this case of ovarian cancer is roughly ten in 100,000 and hormonal contraception fights against ovarian cancer. >> is there a better kind of birth control? is there one that you say might be better and safer? >> what we have been doing is trying to give women the lowest concentration to reduce the risk as much as we can. other than that there are non-hormonal iuds that are available. >> doctor, thank you for clearing that up. >> you've done it.
10:25 am
we're about to find out if billy really has access to hollywood with a trivia game. not all your life you're told to tame your curls... ♪ when you try to tame my curls, it feels like you want to tame me. dove wants you to unleash the beauty of your curls. that's why we created new dove quench absolute. this system deeply nourishes curls to quench dryness for 4 times more defined natural curls. new dove quench absolute. we used to have so many empty rolls! mom! that's why we switched to charmin ultra mega roll. charmin ultra mega roll is 75% more absorbent so you can use less with every go. plus it even lasts longer than the leading thousand sheet brand. charmin ultra mega roll. why do i cook? because i make the best chicken noodle soup. because i make the best chicken noodle soup. because i make the best chicken noodle soup.
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10:27 am
starting to see a break or two of sunshine in the pocono mountains. view from shawnee. still getting a few snowflakes there. we're seeing some snowflakes in south jersey as well. most of the area is just looking cloudy and for now, cold holding at 32 degrees in philadelphia wilmington and millville. the snow showers have been brief and very light. right now, southern burlington county, that one is starting to fall apart. as the day goes on less and less likely you'll see a snow shower. should see some breaks of sunshine as we head into the afternoon allowing temperatures to warm into the low 40s. >> remember, you can always stay on top of winter weather through the nbc 10 weather app. updated forecasts, traffic alerts and weather related news anytime, download the app for free at the app store. we continue to follow this breaking news now out of camden county. we just have this new video in to nbc 10 newsroom here. this is the vehicle that was involved in that crash on the new jersey turnpike this morning. three people killed when that vehicle veered off the highway for some reason and crashed into the woods. this happened just after 7:30 on
10:28 am
the turnpike southbound near cherry hill. nbc 10 news crew is there gathering information. we'll have an update coming up on nbc 10 news at 11:00 this morning. nbc 10 was first on the scene of another crash this morning on i-295 in green ridge township. a salt truck, a tractor trailer and two other vehicles collided just before 5:30 a.m. you can see that salt truck there, the new jersey dot truck flip on to its side. i'm chris cato. have a good morning.
10:29 am
10:30 am
we're back today on this thursday with access hollywood's billy bush in for kathie lee. we are ready to reveal our ambush makeovers for two women both about to celebrate milestone birthdays. >> no one can make them look for beautiful than this dynamic duo. >> la la la. >> you forgot the song. >> i don't know the song. >> lewis, la la la la. >> that's a good song. >> and the woman who can make anyone look flawless because she
10:31 am
does herself, "today" contributor and author jill martin. ♪ jill martin ♪ >> we'll work on a different one. >> how was it today? >> they were comed. we unwrapped them and found two great ladies. >> all right. jenny is up first. this wife and grandmother turned 60 in may. she's already celebrating. we wanted to help make this milestone birthday memorable with cut, color and clothes that will really make her shine. >> we saw your sign grandma needs a makeover with nine grandchildren. i understand why with all the babysitting. >> it's awesome. i love grandchildren. they're just so much fun. >> but you'd like to be pampered. >> oh, definitely. definitely. >> what do you think that she wants a makeover? >> i don't understand why because she's so beautiful now, but she -- it's for the excitement of it. i really happy for her. >> see, what did you say?
10:32 am
>> i said that's the answer john. there's only one answer and that was beautiful, john. >> keep your blindfold on just a second. here is jenny's before picture. all right. let's see the new you. >> oh, my gosh! >> see, john! do we have a defibrillator in the house? seriously. i don't want you to go down here. >> take off your blindfold. >> john be careful. >> oh, my gosh. wow. >> are you ready? >> i don't know. >> spin right around. >> oh, my god! it's me. >> you are hot. >> you are on fire. >> wow. >> do me a favor. look at camera 12 for one second. >> oh, my gosh. >> yes -- two things. number one, these ladies just
10:33 am
let their hair go too long. we cut off a good 12 inches shaped it around the face. perfect for every day. what i did a made the hair color a little bit darker. it made her skin color beautiful. >> he's nervous. >> i can't even believe it's me. >> i go to go out and buy a tux and take her out. >> you got to come up with a pick upline she's a totally new woman. >> this is available at nordstrom. >> you can join your husband right there. >> all right. you ready? here we go. we have our next one. lisa. she's 49 from virginia. there she was. very early this morning. another may baby. mechanical designer for an aerospace company.
10:34 am
she says she has no imagination when it comes to her style it. she'll return home to her husband with a brand new look. >> big birthday coming up. we're happy we could give you this gift. >> absolutely. i turn 50 this year. fireworks year. i'm so excited. >> your sister is busting over there. >> so excited for her. this could not have happened to a better person. >> and you're bouncing already. >> it's incredible. >> all right. lisa's here with her mom, brenda her sister. ladies leave the blindfold on. >> oh, i can't wait. >> lisa! oh girlfriend. oh my gosh that is so cute. ladies reveal. take a look. >> oh, my gosh! >> she's going to freak out.
10:35 am
>> mom's crying. i'm cry sfwlg you ready? >> turn around. >> oh, my gosh. oh my gosh! this is awesome. i look more like you than me. >> look right in that camera. you look so hot. >> you look hot. what did you do? >> even more than a foot of hair cut off. and then shaped layered around the face. and the hair color, i wanted to make it very believable soft auburn brown. just beautiful, subtle. you are a fox. >> look at mom. mom. >> you are a mess. >> thank you so much. >> mom what do you think? >> i don't know who she is. >> where did that jacket come from? >> it's kind of an edgy side. we gave her these three pieces so she can mix and match. >> do you guys love?
10:36 am
>> absolutely. >> you did a great job. >> for both of our ladies. all right. give these women a red carpet ready. >> yeah. >> we're going to play this game coming up. it's a fun awards trivia game coming up after this. >> i have an advantage. >> ladies you look so it rushes through the scratches in the floorboards. dances up the height marks on the door. it wraps around your favorite family photos. it helps this place tell a story all your own. it's what's there in the air when you've made your house a home. air wick home is in the air make fit happen! new fit me matte and poreless from maybelline new york. beyond matching skin tone...
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10:40 am
looking for a little support. what you get is a game of a thousand questions. was it raining? were your flashers on? was there a dog with you? by the time you hang up you're convinced the accident was your fault. then you remember; you weren't even in the car. at liberty mutual we make filing a claim as stress-free as possible. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance it appears to be winter. >> yes it is we are also in the thick of the award season. since you happen to be mr. hollywood, we thought we'd put you to a test with trivia awards. our friend joe. >> let's get right to the question. >> we're playing a game. >> you've got your buzzers. there is a prize for the winner. i am expecting an acceptance
10:41 am
speech. which best actress winner wore this dress to the academy awards? >> i'm trying -- >> and i'll need an answer. >> julia roberts. >> and you are correct. >> that was a hail mary. >> there you go. vintage dress to the 2001 oscars when she won. >> who's next? >> which award has neil patrick harris ever been asked to host? >> globes, my friend. >> it is the globes. he has of course hosted the tony's four times, the emmy's twice. and it's a tie. which award weighs the most? oscar, golden globe or screen actors guild award? >> i feel bad because they're showing it on the screen right there. >> then it is the screen actor's
10:42 am
guild. continue to tie. which best actor winner famously grabbed halle barry and consisted her. >> billy takes the lead. >> katy perry is has been -- >> the super bowl! >> okay. and that is the wrong answer. you may want to wait until i finish the question. has been nominated for 13 grammy awards including two this year. how many grammys has she won. >> what are the choices? >> you pick a number. >> six. >> katy has won zero. >> and that is the right answer. another hail mary pays off. >> he would have given us options -- >> gaming the system. at which award show did jennifer lawrence famously trip -- >> oscars twice two years in a row. >> there we go. a commanding lead has opened up. >> i knew that too. >> which singer holds the record
10:43 am
for the most grammy nominations by a female artist, 53 -- >> what? >> most -- >> madonna. >> no. >> mariah. >> and it is beyonce. and we come to question eight. >> okay. >> to date 12 people have completed the elusive the emmy, the grammy the oscar and the tony. name any three of these 12. >> i can name one. >> i'll take one. >> rita. >> that is correct. the list includes audrey help burn whoopi goldberg. mike nichols. let's move on. >> i don't think we have anymore time. >> really? the winner is billy bush. i have an award for you billy. it is a real award. host with the most. speech please?
10:44 am
>> i want to thank hoda. in honor of hoda i will give i it to you. i love the puppy. >> i have a lot to say too. get ready for more fun with the cast of honeymoon in vegas. >> right after this. if you have enrolled in a medicare part d plan where walmart is a preferred pharmacy you could be saving up to 80% on your copays over other pharmacies. if you transfer your prescription to a walmart pharmacy, your copays could be as low as a dollar. so you can enjoy the things that really matter. transfer your prescriptions to a walmart pharmacy to start saving today. see if your plan is in the preferred network by visiting save money. live better. walmart. our tent is falling... you got it? we need nails. anncr: with just five minutes' prep, campbell's oven sauces help you cook a real dinner right in the middle of real life.
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10:49 am
oh, yeah, we are back with the amazing tony danza starring in "honeymoon in vegas". >> tony's here with cast members who are about to perform for us. where do we pick this story up? >> this is our 11th hour number. what happens is, jack rob's character, he's trying to get to vegas to get his girl back from me. >> good luck. >> he's trying to hitch a ride. he ends up hitching with a bunch of elviss and there's only one
10:50 am
way down. ♪ >> the world mayfamous flying elvis. ♪ when the king passed on in '77, i was only 8 years old ♪ ♪ but his story must be told ♪ ♪ so i got on my knees and said elvis, please you got to tell me what to do ♪ ♪ and light shone down and a heavenly voice i'm talking to you ♪ ♪ he said love is never easy roy ♪ ♪ love is never clear ♪ ♪ love requires faith, my boy ♪ ♪ conquer all your fears ♪
10:51 am
♪ go beyond your mission, roy, look into the sky ♪ ♪ and love fly, fly ♪ ♪ until you feel that higher love ♪ ♪ i'm talking about a higher love ♪ ♪ you don't know what you're missing if you don't know how to listen for the higher love ♪ ♪ i got the word from the king bub, that a man ain't is man if he can't get a higher love ♪ >> guys! i can't do this.
10:52 am
there's got to be another way down. >> no other way down! ♪ love is not convenient ♪ ♪ kiss your fears away ♪ ♪ and fly, fly, fly ♪ ♪ until you feel that higher love i'm talking about a higher love ♪ ♪ higher love higher love ♪ ♪ you try and you try as hard as you can, but you wonder why ♪ ♪ a man ain't a man ain't a man
10:53 am
ain't a man without the higher love ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> awesome! honeymoon in vegas is playing. if you're coming to new york, please go check it out. that was awesome! >> look who i got. lady elvis. >> we
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
how much fun was today? >> are you kidding me? >> we're going to have more fun tomorrow. >> tony. >> kathie lee's going to check in from miami.
10:57 am
we're going to see what she's been doing these days. >> we know what she's been doing. do we really need t
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
right now at 11:00, breaking news, three people killed in a crash this morning on the new jersey turnpike. nbc 10's monique braxton is live where the crash occurred. those three people were all in one vehicle, right? >> reporter: that's right, chris. they were in one vehicle and just a few moments ago i got off the phone with new jersey state police and they told us that at this point they have not identified the three occupants of the vehicle that died just over the dip in the southbound side of the new jersey turnpike. i'm above the highway. what i can tell you is those three people were adults. i got that from new jersey state police. i asked them if the road was icy at the time. if someone may have fallen asleep. they say


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