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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 3, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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a morning to dress in layers. a live look at center city philadelphia. it says 20 degrees on the bottom of the screen but will feel like single digits when you walk out the door. a cold blast of air hitting you outside. good morning this is "nbc 10 news today" on this tuesday. i'm chris cato. let's go to bill henley in the first alert forecast. bill, you told us last night the cold air was moving in and it is definitely in place. the strong winds have settled down a bit this morning, but they have not gone completely. you can see the flag atop the aramark building this morning getting a workout. and it is cold 19 in northeast
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philly. allentown, 13 degrees. 20 for wilmington millville, and philadelphia international. factor in the winds, 8 degrees in the city. get ready to bundle up. it's a cold start. we'll see lots of sunshine today at 19 degrees at 7:00. not much of a warm up by 9:00 21 degrees. in the middle 20s at noontime. headed for the upper 30s. it will stay below freezing throughout the day. we'll go through neighborhood by neighborhood, hour by hour to show you which areas will peak in the 30s this afternoon. but right now we watch out for icy spots. jillian mele has a first alert traffic bu
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gypsy. the frigid air is in place this morning. katy zachry is live in south whitehall township. you still have snow on the ground there, but the big story this morning is the cold air, right? >> reporter: it really is. but as you said there's some ice, snow and slush on the ground. bill said it's 13 degrees up here. i can tell you it feels a lot colder. we are in this parking lot where you can see right now, not sure if this was up treated, my guess is it would be. this is a complete sheet of ice. this is a good example of what you could be walking out to this morning on your sidewalks and driveways after areas refreezed overnight due to the temperatures plummeting. you can see the snow piled up here on the ground beyond us. it is snow covered. then going out to the street this is cedar crest boulevard, there is some slush on the roadways, but really for the most part your majors, 76 the northeast extension, 78 22
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everything was looking good as we came up here. so i did check in with allentown police because allentown schools are on a two-hour delay this morning. we know they made that decision yesterday. i don't know if they made it in anticipation of the icy conditions that we are expecting or because of the absolute frigid temperatures, but either way, allentown kids are getting to go to school a little later this morning, which is really nice. they won't have to standout at the bus stop because it is cold out here. we'll have reports throughout the morning. reporting live in south whitehall township katy zachry "nbc 10 news." go get warm. here's how to stay up to speed on the changing weather conditions through the "nbc 10 news" app. get the latest forecast and advisory sent straight to your phone or tablet. it's a free download at the app store. 4:03. a man is in extremely critical condition after a shooting in southwest philadelphia. nbc 10 was first on the scene at 65th and woodland street before
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2 k go. police tell us they noticed an out-of-control car on the road. when the officers approached, the victim stumbled out of the car. the car was pierced with bullet holes and the man was shot. no word on a suspect or motive. also new overnight, investigators are trying to figure out what started a fire at a vacant house in camden at 12:45 on mount vernon street. nobody was hurt in that. and something to watch out for this morning on lincoln drive, a water main break as part of the major road closure overnight. police blocked off lincoln drive near gypsy drive in the east falls neighborhood. trucks will be clearing the ice, but watch out for repair work there. parental guidance? a philadelphia woman and her teenager daughter are accused of shooting two women at a laundry mat onaround 5:30 last night. the woman and her 13-year-old
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daughter know the victims and following them to the laundromat and opened fire. one of the victims was grazed in the head and came within an inch of loser her life. >> reckless, because kids could have gotten hurt. they walk around every day. anybody could have got hurt. >> the other woman was shot in the leg. both are in stable condition. mother and daughter are in custody but not charged at this point. 4:05 now. happening today, delaware county leaders will tour a place that promises to produce jobs but has also produced controversy in a neighboring county. this is the marcus industrial complex, a former oil refinery on the delaware. sunoco logistics is turning it into a processing center for ethane. sunoco said this will create hundreds of permanent jobs across the state, but there's one potential snag here. the natural gas liquids will be
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pumped from the marcellus shale region of western pennsylvania through a cross-state pipeline stretching across the state. several townships mounted legal guidelines against that pipeline not wanting it in their county. sunoco promised investors the project will go through. today we'll find out if delaware county council is concerned about the legal challenges and if the county is offering any tax incentives to sunoco logistics logistics. another important deadline looming for revel in atlantic city. they are appealing the casino sell to a developer. rebel has until 4:00 to respond to that appeal or the deal could fall through. the develop earner has threatened to walk away. and the sole utility supplier says it will cut off
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power to the building on thursday unless they pay their bill. we are told that would be a violation of their court order. and local teens took a hit yesterday from the labor relations board. the group is hoping to get back to work at the pennsylvania convention center after filing a complaint for unfair labor practices, but the board dismissed that complaint saying it did not have jurisdiction in the case. last year the two unions missed the deadline to sign an agreement with the con vengtser and they were barring from working there. police in mercer county hope you can help them find a man here in the bottom surveillance video. police believe that's the car that hit the victim on sunday nights along east state street. the driver's car may have damage on the hood and windshield on the passenger side.
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jury selection begins this morning in the misconduct trial of a police officer in gloucester county. this is dash cam video showing the washington township police officer. his name is joseph deguide ventura. the travel stop was illegal as the police officer lied on the police report. a man is accused of hiding his identity after stealing a gun. brandon ruff is charged with giving a fake name to his police department. this is video from him on an unrelated story. he handed over three guns at a police station in northeast philadelphia last august but didn't tell officers he was a cop and gave them a phony name. investigators say one of the guns had been reported stolen. ruff is suing the department for
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false arrest. that big wind blowing last night was a cold wind. and it certainly is cold this morning. getting a very cold start. and the cold came in so fast that it did not completely dry up last night. so watch out for icy spots. those spots will be disappearing a bit today, even though it will stay below freezing. we'll see lots of sunshine and some of the snow and ice will be disappearing. right now, frozen solid at 13 degrees for allentown. northeast philly at 19. and 20 degrees in millville right now. add to that a little bit of a breeze. nowhere near as windy as yesterday during the afternoon as we saw wind gusts of 41 miles an hour yesterday. right now it's a 9-mile-an-hour breeze in northeast philadelphia. 12 at philadelphia international. 13-mile-an-hour winds in wilmington and dover. those winds are starting to come down, but just enough to make it feel like it's in the single digits. 4 is the windchill in trenton and allentown.
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7 degrees is what it feels.÷h&ike in millville. 10-below in the pocano mountains. another cold morning. but look at this, the clouds move out to bring lots of sunshine across delaware. a few high clouds are moving off. we'll see a few clouds blow through during the morning, but we're in for a lot of sunshine this afternoon. the temperatures will be moderating as the day goes on. 9:00, we'll see clouds and some breaks of sunshine. 21 degrees. throughout the morning, the clouds thin out. this afternoon, the temperatures are much improved over where they are right now. 28 degrees. still low for this time of the year, but we will fix that tomorrow. the extended future weather when i come back at 10:00. >> we need a fixer, that's good news. thank you. 4:10 now up. time to get a check on the highways this early morning. jillian mele is watching the roads with a full moon to light her way. look at that, impressive. >> good morning to you. the majors in and out of center city are looking good. the vine street expressway is
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clear, 95 is clear and 76. just a few drivers out there. nothing major to deal with at this hour. your drive times for some of the majors in new jersey 42 northbound from 55 to the walt whitman bridge 5 minutes. that's pretty quick. 14 minutes on 295 southbound from route 38 to 168. chris? as you likely know measles are making a comeback. next we'll tell you why new jersey governor chris christie says this about vaccines and why he immediately had to clarify his comments. i'm jesse gary live in university city. measles in the spotlight here in pennsylvania coming up what you need to know what is being done and what you need to know to keep your kids safe. we'll talk about that right after the break. plus rock salt or de-icer? which side do you go for? one of them will damage your sidewalk more than the other. we'll tell you which is safer and which will save you some money.
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4:14. today members of congress are trying to find out why this winter's flu vaccine has been less than effective than first hoped.@ itr(t&háhp &hc tie made a comment about the measles vaccine. >> there has to be a balance. i'm not giving people that option but saying they need to have a balance. >> governor christie said parents need to have a choice about vaccinating their children but later clarified children should be vaccinated for measles. this is in response to the measles outbreak centered in
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california. right now there's one confirmed case of measles in this area in new castle county delaware, not connected to the outbreak in california. but pennsylvania officials are warning to the potential exposure in franklin county. new jersey has no confirmed cases so far this year. and as local and national politicians try to draw the balance between parental rights and this outbreak measles will be a hot discussion today. how are officials in pennsylvania spreading the word about preventing measles? >> reporter: chris they will handle this all by phone. there will be a call-in for members of the media and health care professionals. this action comes amid concern that the california outbreak could make its way here to pennsylvania. in december at least 40 people who visited or worked at disneyland in orange county california contracted measles that has spread to a half dozen states with 92 confirmed cases
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in california. >> this is a major public health concern. partly because we have fairly large groups of people lots of times pockets of them who don't believe in vaccination, and this is the kind of infection to jump into and area like that and quickly go from person to person. >> reporter: dr. lawrence of mainline health says we are the victim of a successful campaign since the '60s that wiped out measles in this coverage but the rest of the world is ravaging the disease which sometimes makes its way to the united states. he supports vaccinations for children. coming up next hour we'll explain why he is taking that position. live in university city jesse gary "nbc 10 news." 4:16 now. music producer shug night is facing charges for last week's attempted murder outside of los angeles. a judge revoked his $2 million bail after he was told he's a flight risk.
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the founder of his record company turned himself in on a movie set. whitney houston's daughter is fighting for her life at a georgia hospital. bobby christina brown's husband found her face down in a bathtub on sunday. brown is surrounded by her family and they are asking for privacy. well, the u.s. justice department has closed its investigation into news corp's phone scandal and won't file charges. this announcement was made after a three-year probe into rupert murdoch's phone. he was working for british companies that were eavesdropping on american phones for years in search of stories. the american department has not commented on its decision to file charges.
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this was a deadly accident last night in villanova. police say a tree fell on a car killing the driver on spry road. no one else was injured. now that accident in villanova was the 13th weather-related death in the country. one of the other victims was a massachusetts woman run over by a snowplow. the woman was hit in the parking lot of a condo complex outside of boston. the d.a.'s office is investigating to determine if charges should be filed in that. and in connecticut, people are still working to clean up after two winter storm there is in the span of one week. 11 inches fell in waterbury yesterday making it tough to get around. no snow chains on those tires. some residents say this storm was worse than the blizzard of 2015. >> it was for some. >> we missed the one about a week ago. then yesterday they got hit with another or two days ago they
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were hit with another storm there in the northeast. we've got cold wind. yes. that's going to stay with us this morning, but we'll see sunshine today. all the precipitation is done. could run into some icy spots during the morning hours especially north and west where it froze up in a hurry yesterday. the wind is blowing though it is nowhere near as strong as it was yesterday. the wind has been settling down as the day goes on. right now we're looking at 20 degrees in philadelphia. windchill of 8. winds out of the west/northwest at 12 miles an hour. ing it is colder in the pocano mountains as you expect. but look at the fresh snow from yesterday's storm system. it looks like you'll see sunshine today in the mountains. plenty cold 20 in wilmington along with philadelphia international. teens for northeast philadelphia. wrightstown, toms river 16 degrees. going to lehigh county look at 14 degrees right now. mertztown, 14 degrees. 13 degrees at the airport.
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whitehall, 15 degrees. slatington, 12 degrees and temperatures are falling. they won't come down a lot more as we have a bit of a breeze allowing for mixing but we are watching clouds to the south. it won't be completely clear today but we'll get enough sunshine to see temperatures coming up. and a nice wind along the shore as well. the forecast is calling for a very cold start, but afternoon temperatures will be in the upper 20s to near 30 degrees. with the sunshine it will feel a lot warmer today. and less wind too. winds out of the west 7 to 14 miles an hour. and it goes even warmer 0slqz cf1 o next half hour. 4:20 now. we saw freezing conditions overnight that could potentially lead to dangerous conditions on the road this morning. in fact, we know a portion of lincoln drive was closed overnight because of a water main break to cause that part of the road there to ice over.
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that's one thing to be aware of this morning. nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter jillian mele is here with what to watch. on 15th street it is difficult to see what is happening in this camera view, but all lanes on the eastbound lane in this area are blocked off as a result of this accident. i actually just got word of this from one of our viewers. i was sent a tweet about the accident to find it in the camera. that's what i was doing the last couple minutes. there you go take 78 if you need a highway to get around that. that's a good option. and as chris mentioned, lincoln drive is blocked at gypsy lane because of the water main break that happened last night. in the meantime take schoolhouse lane as your alternate. all right, thank you. emergency repairs are finished now on a bridge in montgomery county. you can see the crews working underneath the bridge in shelton yesterday. a portion of church road was closed for several hours while crews made the repairs. all roads in the area have since
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reopened. now to our digital exclusive. and a question that faces homeowners every winter whether or not to use rock salt or pay the extra money for de-icers? chemical engineers say rock salt will damage your car and crack your sidewalk. while de-icers are better they can still hurt the environment. but there's one thing you can do to minimize the damage all around, get the answer right now in the full story on our nbc 10 app. well, delaware is taking new steps to help small business owners. next, we'll tell you where to log on before you start shopping. and not all groundhogs are thrilled about their special duties on february 2nd. next you'll see this fury guy lash out at a mayor in michigan. ouch!
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happening today, members of an e legal division will receive a top honor at capitol hill this morning. these men were part of the special service nope as the devils brigade specializing in explosives and hand-to-hand combat to relieve europe from nazi control. this, of course led to a hollywood movie. if you are thinking of starting a business in delaware there's a new website to check out. it's called business first steps. entrepreneurs can find all the information they need to and a new business in delaware. go to to check it out. well, instead of predicting the forecast, one groundhog in wisconsin had a different message for the mayor of the town. >> he says -- that he --
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>> the famous jimmy of sun prairie bit the mayor's ear during the town's groundhog celebration. yeah. the mayor flinched but kept on going. look at that he clamped right on. yeah. got a little nibble. the mayor went ahead with his prediction of the early spring. now jimmy's handlers claim the mayor got it wrong and they are due for six more weeks of winter. that is insult on top of injury. the mayor then clarified he's the only one who can translate jimmy's prediction. the handlers don't know what they are talking about. and if i'm getting bit by an oversized rodent then i'm going to predict an early end to winter. well, who wouldn't want to use a road map after seeing all that? well, it might help you stay warmer if you snuggle up with one, but seeing that video,
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maybe that's not a good idea after all. temperatures have plummeted right now to 19 degrees at 4:26. we are watching for icy spots this morning. jillian mele is in the first alert traffic center. good morning jillian. you try to snuggle with that thing and let me know how it goes. good morning to you. 422 if you're heading out that way, drive times are looking pretty good. no big problems or delays. 8 minutes both ways between route 29 and 76. and i'm caykaty zachry live in white whitehall township. the thing many drivers are doing this winter that is costing them big.
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get ready for a cold start this morning. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. meteorologist bill henley is standing by with a first alert weather forecast. the temperatures plummeted in a hurry with the strong gusty winds. the winds have died down a bit, but it is very cold including in the pocano mountains where the temperatures have dropped into the single digits. 7 degrees in mount pocano. 20 in philadelphia. the suburbs dropped down into the teens. trenton, mount holly, pottstown. with the wind


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