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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  February 5, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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showed the sandwich bag to two other 8 year-olds. one of the boys notified the count ler and school confronted the kids worried maybe they ingested the drug. all four children were rushed to hospital. in addition they say the 13-year-old was found with eight packets of crack cocaine and it is news, as you can imagine, has many parents concerned. >> for them to be that age. >> how? it's getting ridiculous. they have to be controlled. she's only 6. she shouldn't be around it. >> reporter: just moments ago we have learned that the 13-year-old has tested positive for marijuana. dhs, again, heading to interview the parents. we're told the three other boys are expected to be okay and they'll probably be released a little later on this evening. it's a story we'll continue to follow. for now live outside southwest detectives. nbc 10 news.
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thank you. count on nbc 10 to bring you the latest updates on the story. you can also get updates any time by going to the nbc 10 news app. now to the weather. it was chilly this morning. and temperatures have been dropping ever since. >> chief meteorologist "hurricane" schwartz is here. glen, how cold does it feel outside? >> do we really want to know? >> it feels like the single digits. even in philadelphia it's the coldest it's felt all day. we had windchills in the 20s this porn.morning. it keeps going down. the flag an indication of how windy it is. 18 in allentown and 24 in philadelphia. we have wind so it feels like 3 in allentown and 9 in philadelphia. even atlantic city and dover have windchills down to 9 degrees. and that's based on the sustained wind not the gusts. it can feel colder than that if
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you get a strong gust coming at you. as we go through the evening, temperatures dropping into the teens. the wind will start to diminish later on evening. most of the evening is going to feel like single digits. i'll tell you when it's going to warm up and when to expect the next snow coming up with the seven-day in a few minutes. also tonight, a man brutally beaten and two philadelphia police officers are facings. investigators say the officers not only attacked the man, they arrested him and then lied about what happened. nbc 10 live tonight. christine, why didn't investigators going question the officer's stories? >> what they did was totally improper. in violation of any policy anything. >> reporter: philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey said he and his department is embarrassed and hurt by what two officers did in may of 2013. >> they just started hitting
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him. one held him against the wall while the other beat him with the baton. >> reporter: sean mcknight and kevin robinson initially said this man rivera assaulted them. instead it's a case of police brutality. >> he never resistedover fought back. these guys do not represent the majority of police officers. i cannot stand here and say i've got 6,500 officers that always operate within the framework of the law. within the framework of the department policy. >> reporter: charging the officers with assault, conspiracy obstruction, and several others sends a message to the community that officers are not above the law. >> every one of the people get removed from the department brings us a step closer to having the kind of police department that people in this city deserve. >> the two officers turned themselves in here this morning
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and are expected to be arraigned this evening. i spoke to the officers returning as well as the fraternal order of police and they say the officers were just doing their job and innocent. reporting live at police headquarters. >> thank you christine. cheertears in a jersey shore courtroom as one man was sentenced to three years in prison. anthony senatore expressed remorse for the death of 6-year-old brandon holt. senatore's 4-year-old son got a a.22-caliber rifle and accidentally shot and killed their neighbor brandon. the gun was left unsecured in the parent's bedroom. >> the torment of these thoughts be -- >> he'll be able to see his children blow the can ls out on their birthday. for brandon we'll only be able
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to visit his grave. >> reporter: he previously pleaded got two count was engaraging the welfare of a child. city in the lehigh valley has gotten rid of the gun control laws. they're blaming the nra. >> reporter: allentown was forced to repeal a law requiring report, lost, or stolen guns. now you don't have to. they hope the state supreme when a gunman opened fire on a city council meeting. >> guns and city council meetings are a terrible and tragic mix.
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he wonders why anybody would allow guns inside city meetings. >> literally people would be able to attend city council meetings packing heat. i think that's a terrible idea. >> but starting in allentown, it's now legal to bring an assault rifle inside a city building to open carry inside city council. you can even bring guns into city-owned parks. it's all part of a plan by groups like the nra to force local cities in pennsylvania to scrap their strict local gun laws. >> it was just another law that was probably unenforceable. >> a long time gun owner and supports the nra's move saying gun laws should be uniform across the state. because it can be confusing when cities and towns have different rules. sometimes just a few miles apart. >> at any given time you may be breaking the law and not knowing it. >> reporter: and other cities
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voting to repeal their own law. other cities lying philadelphia and and pittsburgh vowed to fight the nra in court. in allentown randy gill hall. more than 20 cities and towns have started to repeal their gun laws because of legal threats from the nra. in is coming to a head now because a new pennsylvania state law allowing groups like the nra to file lawsuits against local gun ordinances even if they can't prove any harm was done. in new jersey drunk drivers could be allowed on the much sooner than before. the state senate introduced a measure that would change the penalties for first-time offenders. some would lose their licenses for days instead of the current three month penalty. they would have to install an ignition device that measures their bac. delaware has an extra $37 million on their hands. the question is how to spend it. >> one state leader made his pitch for the money today.
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tim furlong is live in dover tonight. what are some of the proposals for the money? >> reporter: to be clear, it's not really extra money. that would be nice. it's money from financial penalty settlements with the big banks. and delaware's attorney general is asking legislators to use the money to fight drugs and crime. wilmington crime the entire state's problem? >> crime is everybody's problem. >> reporter: attorney general made the case to the joint finance committee of the state. he wants to use $37 million in bank settlement money to fight drugs and crime up-and-down the entire state. wilmington seems to have the most serious problem. he's asking to use the money to substance abuse treatment centers, summer and afterschool programs offender reentry programs. he also wants millions for community policing. new castle county police chief told me if you use the money to educate people away from drugs, specifically heroin, you'll be on the road to less crime. >> we educated our children
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about seat belts, we educated our children about alcohol. we didn't educate them about heroin because no one likes talking about it. >> reporter: he was talking about here in dover today. he wants legislators to say yes to the plan sooner rather than later. he said lives are at stake. >> the real difference between acting in february and the spring. >> reporter: cold winter night here and there are some other pieces of the plan like housing programs and next week the governor's new commission for fighting crime has the first meeting. he wants the settlement money flowing sooner rather than later. he said lives are at stake. he doesn't want to wait until it becomes part of the budget process. that could go into the summer. live in dover. a sheet of ice came off, hit over here. another one came off and broke the windshield. blendind sighted by a slab of ice. one driver's close car and why
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police have trouble stopping the trucks that let ice fly off their roofs. this is no toy. how they're using a drone to improve the state roads as well as your commute. temperatures are dropping and some areas will be in the single digits. how long the bitter cold will stick around and the chance for snow early next week. (vo) after 50 years of designing cars for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet.
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a morning walk to school took a very understand unexpected turn for two young girls. >> the ground opened up beneat their fooet feet. fire officials say unsecured metal trap doors gave away. the girls fell into a basement six feet underground. a nearby crossing guard took the picture of one of the girls coming out. this bus driver rescued one of the girls. >> i was just thankful i was here to help her out. >> reporter: you want it taken care of. >> yes. they can come and cover it up board it up do something. fill it up. do something. >> doctors checked the girls out at a hospital. they'll be okay. now the man who owns the building along with the city are working to fix the doors. we'll stay on top of that.
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police on the trail of a serial burglar in montgomery county. police say 20 moms have been hit in areas of hilltown, new britton township. the burglar uses a crow bar to get inside homes during the daytime. a break in the case came last week. a man driving a cream-colored honda. the man asked for directions and took off. making progress but more work needs to be done to improve the cam don schools. the superintendent said the city schools have made improvements like new parent centers and new community school coordinator but one mother said the progress wasn't enough to keep some of her kids of moving out of camden public schools. >> they have no control over what is going on in their class or even school. >> the superintendent said he recognizes the need to work closely with families to meet each child education needs and improve grades and high school
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graduate rates. better funding for schools that was the focus today in montgomery county. the newly formed basic education funding commission wants to find a more efficient way to distribute money to pennsylvania schools. it's just one of many meetings planned cross the state. the final push to enroll people in a health care plan before the end of the affordable care act open enrollment period. democratic lawmakers in new jersey called on residents to pick a plan before the february 15th deadline. there will be 18 more enrollments in the state between now and failure to get coverage would result in a fine of $325 or 2% of your yearly income. a man was driving to work when the next thing he heard an explosion of class. charles said he was driving behind a tractor trailer this morning when slabs of ice flew off the truck and went through his wind shield. she called 9-1-1 and it took him 15 miles to get the truck driver to pull over on the pennsylvania turnpike. >> i was looking at him and i
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was waiving him down he actually looked at me looked like he smiled. he had to see this. i guess he thought he didn't do it. >> pennsylvania law fines drivers up to $1,000 if flying ice injuries or kills someone. a bill proposed in harrisburg would fine drivers if snow or ice creates any public danger. remote controlled drones aring more and more popular and making a lot of headlines. >> now pen dot has one, too, to help fix pennsylvania roads. this is the dragon fly x 4. they said the unmanned aerial vehicle or drone will help them repair, build, and rebuild highways more efficiently. it can also capture aerial shots of issues around the state that could make roads unsafe like landslides. the drone gives a much-needed birds eye view of the state. >> another piece of information that helps you address whatever specific problem you have that you need to resolve.
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>> pennsylvania spent $22,000 on the drone back in 2012. well we warned you yesterday. it wasn't going to be all that cold first but as the day went on it was going to get colder and colder by tonight single digits in parts of the area. it always feels like that when you add the wind. the wind will be dying down somewhat. especially later tonight. we have some changes in the outlook for the weekend which some of you will enjoy. the flag blowing hard but the wind not quite as strong as a couple of hours ago but the temperature is down to 24 degrees. it was in the 30s this morning. wind north at 23 gusting to 29 and so it is bitter cold out there. 18 in allentown. 8 in mount pokecono. and 26 in stone harbor.
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not exactly very warm. and it's of course going to get colder. the northwest wind continues to funnel in the cold air. we'll see how much we're gusting now. oh, up to about 30. we were up to 41 miles an hour wind gusts a couple of hours ago. it is diminishing a little bit. the temperature is going down so much the windchill keeps dropping. it's in single digits in most areas. 3 in allentown. look how much colder it is than this time yesterday. nearly 20 degrees colder. you add the wind on top of that, that is a huge difference! and by tomorrow morning, the wind will be down but the temperatures way down. 4 below in mount pocono 2 in allentown, 6 in quakertown. a lot of snow on the ground there and with the clear skies and light wind it will be able to go down really fast. 7 in dialstown, 10 in trenton, 9 in vineland.
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everything is kind of delayed a little bit with this weather pattern here. it means sunday is looking pretty mild. we have a storm that is going to come by to the south. it will produce heavy snow but that's way up to the north now. boston is in the heavy snow. and by monday night and tuesday morning, there will be some snow to the north and lesser chances as you go to the south. similar to what we've seen with previous systems. so once again, the farther south you are, the less chance you have of any snow. if you get any, the less chance of it accumulating to any degree. but tonight everybody is cold. 12 in philadelphia. 2 north and west and below zero in the poconos. very cold tomorrow. less wind a mix of sun and clouds and on the seven-day forecast really not that bad over the weekend.
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it's going to warm up into the 40s. it's dry for saturday most of the day if not the entire day sunday is dry. bit time precipitation comes it looks like it will be rain in philadelphia with a mix to the north and then monday is the nasty day. snow to the north and area of icing, sleet, freezing rain to the south. >> thank you. the biggest of the season? we'll hear from them and dave montgomery on the future of the gm next.
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i'm john clark. the fliers have won a season high four straight game. going for five in a row for the first time in almost a year. and fliers goalie has been hot! he's 5-0 over the last six games giving up an average of a goal a game. it fliers are sten points out of a playoff spot now. if they want to climb back into it they need to win tonight. >> you know it's one of the biggest games of the year i think. we have won four straight at home. and it would be great to finish off with another win. >> this is one of the biggest games of the year. to see where we're at and the test ahead of us. fillies chairman said ownership is watching the situation closely with the phillies. dave said he thinks he has a quality guy in reuben, but in an evaluation is coming. >> he spent an entire year with
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reuben i think he'll have a good idea how effective reuben is. and collectively the decision will be made. >> comcast sports net reports the bills will not bring first-round pick to their major league spring training. jp crawford will be in the manner league spring training. penn state tim fraser has been assigned to contract. seahawks coach pete carroll on the "today" show this morning. he knows russell wilson's interception may be the worst finish ever at a super bowl he knows his decision to pass will be judged forever. >> it was the worst result of a call ever. the call would have been a great one if we caught it. nobody would have thought twice. >> i don't think everybody is on the same page about that sequence necessarily. but that's okay. >> reporter: the troubles continue for tiger woods. he backs out at tori pinetori pines.
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he withdrew on the 12th hole. it's the third withdrawal in the last eight starts. he said his back wouldn't loosen up.
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it's bringing in colder and colder air. it keeps feeling kolgder and colder. a low tonight of 12 in philadelphia. as low in some of the snow-covered northern and western suburbs. and tomorrow only 30 degrees but a fairly mild weekend compared to what we've seen this winter and it looks like the storm may hold off until sunday night through monday night, and northern areas will see the most snow. southern areas will see just about all rain. i think there will be icing in the middle somewhere during the storm. that's the main thing, i think, we're going to be looking at. we'll have another look at that tonight. >> thank you. for all of us here at nbc 10
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thank you for watching. the news continues now with nbc "nightly news." tonight the measles outbreak spreads to a daycare outside chicago. on our broadcast tonight, babies diagnosed with measles. this time near chicago, five of them all at the same day care facility. and this raises the issue of infants too young to be vaccinated. 80 million at risk as hackers infiltrate one of the largest insurance companies in america. making off with all the necessary tools for identity theft. tonight, who's been hit and the one thing to do right now. gathering storms from coast to coast. another major snow event for the city still buried in the east and out west warnings of an atmospheric river threatening major mudslides. and play it again, the disappearing act happening in too many american homes and the new push to bring back the music.


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