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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  February 12, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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not one, not two, but three, that's how many winning powerball tickets there are this morning. we'll tell you where they were sold and where people could be waking up millionaires in our area. and workers in philadelphia are closer to a prize of a different source this morning. the right that they may soon have and what it will mean for local businesses. plus first alert radar tracking snow for today. but the big story really is the extreme cold that will move in after that. it's 4:30. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm chris cato. all the powerball money in the world may not buy you warmer temperatures this weekend, unless you buy a ticket to fly somewhere south.
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meteorologist bill henley is here with his forecast. it's not too bad out there right now. >> no not too bad. i have a feeling that ticket sold in puerto rico is not too cold this morning. temperatures are coming down a little bit. we're in the 20s and low 30s now. clouds overhead and we are watching for snow. snow showers during the day will not be impressive. in fact, before the snow moves in, the temperatures will climb. we'll be near 40 at lunchtime and some scattered snow showers as the temperatures start coming down this afternoon. right now it's 31 wilmington northeast philadelphia trenton, mount holly, pottstown all in the 20s right now. but before the snow showers arrive, in spite of the clouds the temperatures will climb. 33 at 9:00. by lunchtime, 40 degrees. as we go into the afternoon hours, we'll be watching for those scattered light snow showers. go through it hour by hour when i'm back to show you where those are most likely to occur. right now let's check in with jillian mele. >> let's start things off in new jersey where it's pretty quiet
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on the majors. this is a live look at route 73 right at the entrance to 295. 73 looks good. 295 also free of any accidents. if you're taking 76 as we round the curve, 76 is also clear. drive times looking really good. 11 to 13 minutes in both directions between the blue route and the vine. tracy, we are all here this morning. we are not winners of the powerball. >> i know. and chances are you are not a powerball winner at home this morning either. but we're all in this together. >> that's right. and listen to this. three people did beat those 1 in 175 million odds. three winning tickets were sold for that $554 million jackpot. take a look at this map. lottery outlets in texas, north carolina and puerto rico. puerto rico's first-ever winner sold a winning jackpot. other prizes are also in play for numbers that didn't match all six but may have matched five or less. so if you do have a ticket you'll want to check those numbers closely.
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here are the winning numbers from last night in case you haven't looked or you want to look again and double and triple and quadruple check. 11, 13 25 39 54. the powerball, 19. and we'll leave those up a little longer for you. 11, 13 25 39 54 powerball, 19. now, listen to this. a ticket worth $2 million was sold somewhere in pennsylvania. we don't know where yet. and $1 million tickets were also sold in pennsylvania and new jersey. as soon as we find out where those were bought we'll let you know. >> $2 million, $1 million, that would be good too. >> we'll take it. the fire marshal is looking for the cause of a house fire in northeast philadelphia that broke out around 1:00 this morning on princeton avenue. despite initial reports of people being trapped inside firefighters found no one in the home. 4:33. happening today, philadelphia lawmakers are expected to approve mandatory paid sick days. nbc 10's jesse gary is live at city hall. jesse, this has been fought for for a long time. tell us how this measure is
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going before city council today. >> reporter: this is a copy of the policy paper that the ordinance is based off of and paid sick right here it's spelled out exactly how this sick leave would be enacted. workers would earn one hour of sick time for every 40 hours on the job. the maximum would be five sick days in a calendar year. this would benefit mainly food and beverage workers or so-called restaurant workers who currently do not get sick time. bill greenlee sponsored the bill and said the issue is one of fairness and protecting the public from the spread of germs. >> you could spread whatever you have to your coworkers, to the customers you may be working with, and also as a lot of us know when you force yourself in when you're not feeling well instead of maybe only being out a day or two, you might be out a week or two. >> reporter: businesses with fewer than ten employees are exempt, but those companies must provide unpaid time. in the face of passage, opposition has eevaporated for the most part but there are
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still concerns. and we'll talk about that in the next 30 minutes. live outside city hall this morning, jesse gary nbc 10 news. a west philadelphia family is expected to move back home after being forced out by an accidental demolition. firefighters rescued them after an excavator hit their house and trapped them inside. the city tells us a company was demolishing the home next door when machinery accidentally hit their wall. >> and he hit the side of the home. the front of the home started to buckle. the roof started to fall. he then took the bulldozer and tried to push it back. >> all repairs will be completed by tonight. a cam endid county community is planning to stop a group home with people with mental health issues. residents are pushing back from having a halfway house in berlin. dozens attended a neighborhood meeting last night. up to eight people who have had
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mental health issues may be living in this proposed group home at any time. rutgers university's behavioral health care will run this home. and officials say the residents there need a place to live just as much as anyone does. but a lot of neighbors are worried about their safety. >> we don't know what we're dealing with. we're not privy to that information, so we have to assume the worst. >> these are our children. i mean, they are our children. they could be your child, my child, anyone's child. >> but neighborhood leaders say rutgers originally told them the new residence would be visiting professors who were working at rutgers university. rutgers says the state has deemed all of the new tenants, quote, fully appropriate to live in the community. and they will be supervised 24/7. well a lot of couples may see "50 shades of grey" this valentine's day. one classroom got an early preview. >> still ahead, the racy lesson plans that has one teacher facing some very angry parents. plus a driver speeding away from police crashes into a mother's minivan.
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her reaction that helped police arrest the suspect and give her some satisfaction, too. 25 degrees in the poconos. clouds are overhead and we're watching for snow that will be arriving during the day today. right now if you're heading out the door 29 degrees here at nbc 10. the time is 4:37.
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4:39. the future of the former revel casino hotel is anyone's guess following the latest ruling in bankruptcy court. a judge refused to extend the deadline for the property to be sold to a florida investor. the judge put off ruling on a request by revel's owner to kill the sale outright and keep the investor's $10 million deposit. if you live in public housing in philadelphia you now have a new way to pay your rent. the philadelphia housing authority is expanding the use of a new payment option caused rezzcard. it allows respects to pay with
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cash, credit debit or electronic debt online by phone or one of the payment centers located throughout the city. now, there's also a free mobile app. pha residents can use that to check their balances or view payment history. officials say the card helps people pay their rent on time and establish good credit. the president of the philadelphia housing authority says rezzcard is a great alternative when they the tenant, cannot make it to the management offices during business hours. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> clouds today and we'll be watching for snow during the day today. i don't think you're going to see it during the morning commute. what we're seeing right now is a temperature of 30 degrees and holding in philadelphia with cloudy skies. it probably is not going to come down much more. a little bit of a breeze out of the south at seven miles an hour. so that 30 feels like 23 degrees. the windchill right now. snow showers, we saw a few flurries overnight. but right now it's very light snow that's moving into central
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pennsylvania. it's looking more impressive here than it will by the time it moves into our area. hour-by-hour forecast shows temperatures that will be coming up before the snow moves in. a mostly cloudy start. might see some hints of sunshine but not bright sunshine. but look at the warm-up before the light snow starts moving in. that's 11:00 in the morning. some snow showers in the poconos. but the rest of the area will have to wait till the afternoon hours to see light scattered snow. 3:00 this afternoon, those temperatures will start coming down as those snow showers move through the area. don't expect to see accumulation as the ground will be warm but you'll see that things get very cold after the snow. tonight we'll drop down into the teens. by 11:00, 20 degrees and falling in philadelphia. a blast of some very cold air on the way. so look for some scattered snow showers during the day. but most of the day we'll just be looking at clouds and temperatures in the upper 30s to near 40 degrees. that will be early this afternoon. then the numbers come way down
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later on. the seven-day forecast with the details of the cold that's going to be here for valentine's day weekend when i'm back in ten. >> a weekend to bundle up. 4:42. let's get to you work and check the roads. >> love will be the air but warmth will not. jillian? >> starting off in the lehigh valley things are looking really good. this is a live look at i-78 at lehigh street. 78 is clear as you can see, 22 no accidents to report there. as far as the northeast extension extension, drive times are pretty average between quakertown and the pennsylvania turnpike. you can see 21 to 22 minutes is what it's taking in both directions. average speed both ways actually in the mid-60s right now. it's a really good start, tracy. well it's official. the team that forced the dragons out of the little league playoffs cheated. >> a lot of people talking about this one. this morning we have the taney team's gracious response to the news about their competitors. plus some trouble for a pennsylvania middle
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schoolteacher over the erotic assignment she gave students. the "50 shades of grey"-inspired lesson that shocked parents. plus an unusual reason for traffic trouble in boston. how this boat ran aground in the middle of an intersection.
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4:45. and we have breaking news from overseas. russian president vladimir putin says both sides in the ukrainian conflict have agreed to a cease-fire. fighting is scheduled to stop at midnight saturday local time. an agreement was also reached on where heavy weapons will be pulled out in two weeks. the fighting has been going on since last february and included the shooting down you'll remember, of a malaysian airline plane last year. there are still unresolved issues according to france's president. we'll continue to monitor this breaking news and bring you any new developments as soon as we get them. a carjacking suspect picked the wrong van to hit during a high-speed chase in dallas.
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police chased this white car when it crashed into two cars. well in the one minivan, a woman was driving with her son and boyfriend. she gets out, runs up to the suspect's car and lets him have it. she hit him. she and her boyfriend dragged him around until police got there. >> i jumped out of the car and i'm, like what the hell is wrong with you? why would you -- you're in a school zone. what are you thinking? he didn't say anything, you know. i mean, i was just angry. >> authorities plan to charge the suspect with aggravated robbery and hit-and-run. 4:46. look at this. two men survived a crane crashing into their van in north jersey. rescue crews worked to free the two men trapped inside their delivery van under an overpass. a tractor trailer carrying the crane hit the overpass which is what sent the crane crashing down onto the van. both men were conscious and talking after rescue crews freed them. happening today, we'll find out if the senate confirms the president's nominee for secretary of defense. earlier this week the senate armed services committee voted
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unanimously to advance ashton carter's nomination. the full senate will vote on it this afternoon. carter would replace outgoing defense secretary chuck hagel. congress is doing two important things today in the war against isis. first they're looking over the president's request to expand the war, and they're deciding who will be in charge of it. nbc 10 national correspondent tracie potts is in washington with more. >> now -- >> reporter: this afternoon congress votes on ashton carter as defense secretary. he'd take over a war president obama wants to expand up to three years in iraq syria and perhaps beyond. >> the president should have all the tools necessary to win the fight that we're in. >> there is no appetite for any boots on the ground except in limited circumstances. >> reporter: that is the key issue. will congress authorize what the president calls limited enduring offensive combat? >> it's very broad. very ambiguous.
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nobody really know what enduring offensive combat operations means. >> reporter: president obama explained. >> i will only send our troops into harm's way when it is absolutely necessary for our national security. >> i'm not going to vote for anything that has the interpretation we can have combat ground forces on the front line fighting someone else's war. >> reporter: military leaders insist this war cannot be won by air alone. >> we know we need competent partners on the ground but they don't necessarily need to be u.s. boots on the ground. >> reporter: democrats want more details. >> so that you don't have an open-ended check. we don't end up in another iraq and afghanistan. >> reporter: republicans want more leeway. >> we may not advocate that for now, but why take that option off the table? >> reporter: a vote may not happen until march. between now and then lawmakers say the president's job will be convincing the public that we may need to send in troops. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. 4:48. this story will have you shaking your head. parents of some pennsylvania
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middle school students not happy about an assignment based on the book "50 shades of grey." teachers in a westmoreland county school district not far from pittsburgh gave students a puzzle that contained suggestive words from that very adult book which is now a movie. this is a look at the puzzle but the words have been blurred out. >> mr. grey your next meeting. >> counsel, please we're not finished here. >> this is a clip from the new movie. the puzzle contained words like "spanking, submissive and bondage." school officials say they don't know how many games were given out to the middle schoolers. and the book has been a top seller for several years now. it's about an erotic romance featuring explicit scenes about bondage and submission. boston street crews dealing with tons of snow are trying to get the city in ship shape. >> yeah. tough to do though when there's a ship blocking your way from getting it in ship shape. take a look at this. a truck carrying a 43-foot yacht
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got stuck in a snow pile yesterday, snarling traffic in boston's downtown financial district. workers had to jump in and dig out the truck to get the yacht on its way. the ship finally made it to the side of new england boat show that starts saturday. later this morning, penndot will be sending snow removal help to massachusetts. emergency crews and equipment will leave later this morning from penndot facilities across the state including the stockyard in bucks county. crews will be using plows, dump trucks and backhoes to help remove that record snow that's fallen across massachusetts. here at home bitter cold is coming, and leaders in philadelphia are working to make sure everyone stays warm. today starts the give back giveaway campaign. people can get vouchers for coats, hats and scarves at forman hills stores. forman hills is giving away $1,000 worth of winter gear. the giveaway starts at 3:00 this afternoon, just in time for the
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bitter-cold temperatures. >> temperatures will start falling during the afternoon, but the real cold will come in tonight, tomorrow and over the weekend to sunday is going to turn especially -- we've got a lot going on including the chance of snow showers, too. right now we've got the clouds. no snow just yet. i don't think we're going to see it during the morning commute, but this afternoon, we will likely see some scattered light snow showers. as far as accumulation doesn't look like that's going to happen. it's just too warm and it will get warmer as the day goes on. right now you can see those clouds over center city. otherwise a clear view across the delaware from the adventure aquarium. 31 in reading. 30 in philadelphia and cape may is at 30 holding steady with clouds in place. the wind is very light right now, but that will change. we'll get a strong northwesterly wind, and that's going to drive the temperatures down this afternoon. but before that happens, these will be coming up. 31 right now in wilmington. 26 degrees in wrightstown. toms river is 25.
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and blue bell is 32 degrees while collegeville and eagleville have dropped into the upper 20s. nothing dropping just yet. from the clouds. but you can see just a little activity off to the north and west moving through central pennsylvania. light, very light snow showers will be moving in. and they are going to be scattered. so look for that to happen this afternoon. but before they move in the temperatures will climb into the upper 30s to near 40 degrees. then the winds in those gusty winds late this afternoon. will bring the temperatures down. tomorrow, 12 degrees to start with. 22, the high temperature. much colder than it is right now. and winds making it feel even colder. the bitter cold eases on saturday. we'll get some light snow for valentine's day. but the temperature will be up to 34 degrees after a morning low of 14. sunday frigid winds blowing 9 in the morning, 18 in the afternoon, and even colder monday morning. down to three degrees. sunshine on monday.
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23. the high temperature. then we'll be tracking the possibility of rain and snow for tuesday. and wednesday. >> did you say three degrees on monday? >> i'm already so cold just looking at the 3. >> i'm pretty sure he left a digit off of that reading somewhere. >> yeah i think so. let's get you to work jillian, how about that? >> the majors around center city are looking good. we covered the lehigh valley a couple minutes ago. it's good. philadelphia area roadways also clear right now. that includes 76, 95 vine street expressway. this is the blue route. not too many vehicles out there right now. 76 is clear the entire length and so is the blue route. chester county traveling route 100 southbound from route 113 to route 30 that will take you about five minutes. four minutes on the route 30 bypass eastbound from 340 to 113. 202, from 29 to 78 will take you about eight minutes. chris? now to the little league baseball scandal. the philadelphia taney dragons are now weighing in on the
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cheating that stripped the championship from the team that beat them. the chicago team. jackie robinson west. they are no longer the u.s. champs now. officials say that team used players who live outside its geographic boundaries. the dragons released a statement saying the chicago players were great competitors on the field and gentlemen off the field. atlantic city could soon get a new look and a new way to get around. next, the plan to overhaul one of a.c.'s busiest streets. plus, a royal renovation. the upgrade plan for one of philadelphia's historic theaters.
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4:56. happening today in delaware wilmington will celebrate its latest move to energize its downtown district. a groundbreaking ceremony will be held this morning for the new market street village apartments. dozens of new units will be housed in three historic buildings. the local developer in charge of this project says the time is right to introduce these homes to the booming market street
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corridor. in philadelphia, construction could begin this summer to renovate the royal theater on south street. that's from our partners at "the philadelphia business journal." it once hosted musical legend but has been vacant for more than 40 years. developers hope to submit applications this spring to begin construction. thousands of jobs could be coming to our area after a small lehigh valley airport has land. it's letting go of hundreds of acres for a fedex ground distribution hub. experts say that could create had,000 4,000 jobs. one of atlantic city's busiest streets, last night city officials took a look at plans for the makeover of atlantic avenue. the proposal calls for bike lanes, new sidewalks, l.e.d. street signs -- streetlights rather more visible crosswalks and landscaping. state transportation money would pay for this project. if it's approved it could be completed by the end of this
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year. independence blue cross has signed on to be the sponsor of philadelphia's bike share program. mayor nutter made that announcement yesterday with blue bikes. he says independence blue cross will contribute $1.7 million to that program. the bike share system is scheduled to start later this year. well, today officials in chester county will hold a grand opening for a pet food pantry. it's called henry's cupboard. a state senator is behind the campaign which is named after his poodle that you see there. that poodle died in december. the pantry is aimed at helping low-income pet owners who might have a hard time coming up with money to care for their animals. today's grand opening will be held at the chester county aspca in westchester. impltsz on his birthday today, a now town hall program honoring abraham lincolndebut. it marks lincoln's constitutional push to end slavery in america. the event will feature a panel discussion of scholars
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humanitarians and philanthropists. can you also get a rare viewing of the 13th amendment. and philadelphia will hold its annual lincoln day parade this afternoon. it will step off at 1:55 from the union league on broad street. it will end up at independence hall where a ceremony will be held. today marks abraham lincoln's 206th birthday. >> and if you're going out to the parade bill said it's going to be 39 degrees, relatively warm for what we've been experiencing and what we're about to experience. >> yeah it may feel tropical compared to what we'll experience this weekend. more on that in a moment. >> you're watching nbc 10 news at 5:00 a.m. which starts right now. >> nbc 10 news starts now. here it is three winning powerball tickets are out there somewhere. this morning we're learning more about where those winning tickets were sold and some smaller prizes too, in this area, maybe. and providing paid sick time for anyone who works in philadelphia. the vote today, it could bring
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you one step closer. and we're looking at nbc 10 first alert radar showing us show on the way for this area. but it's what's coming behind the snow that could really impact your weekend. if you have some indoor plans, some house cleaning you want to get done this may be the weekend for you. good morning. welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's begin with bill henley. bill? >> it is cold right now. cold enough for snow. and we'll be watching the skies for some snow showers. but right now it is dry in the pocono mountains. 25 degrees for mount pocono. and you will see some scattered snow showers develop later this morning in the mountains. but the rest of the area looks like it's going to have to wait until this afternoon. the light snow is moving through central pennsylvania and into southwestern pennsylvania just south of pittsburgh. and it's going to fall apart to some degree. we'll just see scattered light showers. and before the showers move in the temperatures will move


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