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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  February 18, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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moved through very rapidly up. get a burst of snow, a quick dugs a half inch or an inch. in just about 15 30 minutes, strong gusty winds, low visibility and then it's gone. behind it some of the coldest air we've seen in 21 years. so these temperatures now, well by tomorrow morning it's going to feel like it's below zero. and that's just the beginning. we'll see how low it's going to go and talk more about the weekend storm with the seven-day in a few minutes. this record-breaking cold snap has already led to three deaths in montgomery county. deaths the county coroner says could have all been prevented. dr. hoffman says when it's extremely cold checking on neighbors, friends and family could mean the difference between life or death. in the past two months two men died in montgomery county from hypothermia. and an elderly woman died when she slipped outside her own home. hoffman says any weather-related death is easily preventable if neighbors will just check on one another.
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a big mess inside a southwest philadelphia church as it opened for an ash wednesday service. the basement at divine catholic church in norwood flooded. workers turned down the thermostat and the pipes froze. >> nothing but water. water from one end of the building to the other. >> what starts going through your mind? >> i don't know what to do. >> plumber mike daley says when it's below 20 degrees outside, it's worth a higher utility bill to keep your thermostat up when you're not at home. keep track of how cold it will get in your area or track tonight's snow showers by using the nbc10 app. it's free to download for your smartphone or tablet. happening right now -- a large crowd gathered in philadelphia to join the debate over charter schools. >> the school reform commission could vote tonight to add 39 new charters in the city. nbc10's christine maddela is joining outside tonight's meeting. >> you spoke to parents on both sides of this issue.
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>> reporter: exactly. some of those parents have even been arguing with each other tonight. the parents i talked to say this is about their children's future, so it's hard to not get emotional. take a look. >> we want more! >> reporter: a pro charter group chanted outside the district headquarters. security turned a long line of people away saying the meeting is at capacity. two police officers escorted one woman out of the building shortly after the meeting started, a meeting filled with heat emotions on both sides of the issue. >> we pay tax just like everybody else! >> if you open up another charter, it will bleed our schools once again. we're already in debt. so, why would you do it? why? >> we can't afford it. >> reporter: these moms told me every new charter school takes away money from the already underfunded philadelphia public schools that's why they want them to vote no on the new charter application. >> there's no guarantee every
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child will get a seat in a charter school. that's what i'm worried about. our most vulnerable students being left behind. >> reporter: the advocates say their kids deserve a better education than a philly public education. >> i see a total difference in my children. >> reporter: you don't think they would have succeeded as well in public schools? >> not at all. >> i'm a parent. i want the best for my child. if i can get him into charter school, why not? >> reporter: the school reform commission is still inside school district headquarters listening to testimony. they're scheduled to vote on each of the 39 charter school applications this evening. reporting live, christine maddela, "nbc10 news." philadelphia district attorney asked the state's highest court to get involved in pennsylvania's death penalty debate. district attorney seth williams announced today he's petitioned the pennsylvania supreme court. he wants the court to reject governor tom wolf's moratorium on the death penalty. he calls that move unconstitutional. the governor issued an order
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putting the death penalty on hold in pennsylvania last industry. governor wolf's office issued a statement today, it reads in part, the governor took the action because pennsylvania's capital punishment is flawed ineffective, expensive and many times unjust. two coworkers get into a fight and it ends with a dpaedly stabbing. tonight nbc10 is taking a closer look at the montgomery county business where this all happened. we've learned that the jbs meat facility in franconia township has a history of violent encounters. nbc10's randy gyllenhaal joining us live from the facility. do we know what led to today's incident? >> reporter: it's unclear what sparked today's fight. the victim's family is telling nbc10 they had no idea he had problems with coworkers but around 9:00 this morning, two people at this meat packing plant were stabbed. it's not the first time something like this has happened here. investigators say the fight broke out by the loading docks. two coworkers at this meat packing plant began brawling.
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one holding a knife. a 25-year-old employee identified as danny vazquez was stabbed and killed. his family tells nbc10 that vazquez was a father to three young children. they say he didn't have any enemies at the plant, but police say his attacker worked in the same building. that suspect was also wounded but is alive and now in police custody. >> there's not somebody on the loose at this point and there doesn't appear to be a danger in the community. >> reporter: today's violent attack comes after a series of other incidents at this same plant. in 2005 two workers were shot while sitting inside a vehicle. a third worker was charged but told police the shooting was an accident. and in 2006 a riot broke out in the cafeteria. s.w.a.t. teams descended on the factory after workers became upset with management because they didn't receive christmas bonuses. but today's attack is by far the most serious, leaving one worker dead and another in police custody. that suspect has yet to be
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identified. now, the company that owns this plant is jbs usa. they're one of the largest meat processors in the world. they tell nbc10 in a statement that workers here will be getting grief counseling that they're devastated by this deadly attack but they would not answer questions about past incidents at the plant. live in franconia township, randy gyllenhaal, "nbc10 news." happening now, atlantic city mayor delivering his state of the city address in less than an hour from now. mayor is expected to talk about plans to cut $15 million from the city's payroll budget amid a.c.'s casino crisis. guardian is addressing city council at tonight's meeting under way right now. we're learning more tonight about the expansion of atlantic city's iconic steel pier. plans call for a new ferris wheel, zip line and restaurants. there's also a rebuilt boardwalk and an elevated walkway planned for the northeast inlet neighborhood. city council expected to approve
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both measures tonight. richard stockton college in new jersey just a short time they officially took the name stockton university. the state secretary of higher education and the president counsel of state colleges signed off on the change last week. >> i think it's not just a celebration for stockton not really for our community, but for the region for the state and for the northeast. >> stockton first opened in 1971 with 1,000 students. there's now more than 8500 students across new jersey and beyond. it's become a tourist attraction of sorts but officials in west philadelphia say this building encased in ice is dangerous and needs to come down. nbc10's cydney long is live at the building on 52nd street. that demolition is now one step closer? >> reporter: we can say one or two steps closer. take a look. this fence that was erected around the frozen building a couple of hours ago, put up by
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the owner to keep onlookers and any passers-by out of harm's way as the demolition plans are being finalized. it's not a matter of if but when. the city's licenses and inspections will give the green light to a demolition contractor to tear down what's being weighed down by thousands of pounds of ice. it burned money and now frozen over. it's become a spectacle to onlookers, causing concern for those who live and work nearby. >> they think, like, nothing could happen to them. and then a blink of an eye, something can, you know, just fall off. >> reporter: today the owner contracted a new jersey company to secure the perimeter of the frozen building after the streets department cleared away excess snow. l&i tells nbc10 that three contractors are bidding on the demolition work and that once a contract is awarded, that company will need permits and a demolition plan with public safety in mind approved by the city.
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roy is concerned for curious children playing nearby and people's homes and businesses attached to the glacier-like building. >> people that live in this area i'm pretty sure they're concerned about their properties. something should be done to make sure their properties are taken care of. >> they have to come down safely. if this street going to have to be cut down until they bring this building down because this is a busy street. >> reporter: he lives fewer doors down. his landlord has not indicated he needs to be evacuated. >> come down sooner safety for everyone and maybe something productive for the community could go in and replace it. >> reporter: and the ice extends out beyond the building all the way to the traffic signal as well as some electrical wires. we checked with peco an hour ago and they say there's no safety issue related to this. in fact they re-energized the area other than the building that was burned. also we found out that the red cross is also assisting two young women who rent an
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apartment on locust. that apartment no longer liveable. live in west philadelphia, cydney long, "nbc10 news." danielle won't get to see her son grow up and richard patrone didn't get to walk his daughter down the aisle. the disappearance of this philadelphia couple has left investigators stumped for ten years and for their loved ones the pain is as strong as ever. >> just can't have a day without thinking of him and thinking what could have happened to him? did he suffer? >> tonight family members talking about their ten-year wait for answers. plus, investigators give us new details about the case. more record-breaking cold is on the way. how far the temperatures will drop, plus details on a weekend storm.
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they left a philadelphia bar and were never seen again. >> now the fbi is planning to put even more resources into finding richard and danielle. tomorrow marks ten years since the couple's disappearance. nbc10 has learned that's when the fbi will announce its new push to solve this case. officials tell us this will be the first case from philadelphia
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to become a part of the agency's new cold case initiative. of course it's not just the fbi looking for answers. >> nbc10's denise spoke with richard's family about the loss they still feel ten years later. >> it's destroyed our lives. destroyed our lives. >> reporter: marg and richard mark the tenth year of their son's disappearance, sharing pictures of happier times but shouldering as much grief as the night he vanished with danielle. >> you just can't have a day without thinking of him. and thinking, what could have happened to him? did he suffer? >> reporter: the crime was carried out so cleanly with no trace, and no witnesses. federal investigators believe whoever was behind this knew what they were doing. danielle's son, just a toddler when they went missing. richard's daughter only 14 years old. >> i just need him back. please. >> reporter: angela now manages
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the family bakery. she's a mother to 5-year-old timmy, who reminds her of the grandfather he'll never meet. >> there's definitely like monumental times in my life where i think, you know everything is perfect. the only thing i'm missing is my father. >> reporter: that was never more apparent than when she got married this past october. >> that was definitely one of the toughest days because you know, it's supposed to be the happiest day. and it was. everything was beautiful but, of course, the whole time i was wishing that he was there. >> reporter: she walked down the aisle wearith a bouquet with her father's picture. the family seeks the same answers and justice a decade later. >> that's the sad part. won't bring him back. somebody goes to prison for a thousand years, my son's dead. >> both of my eyes are open. i want justice for my son and danielle. >> reporter: "nbc10 news." >> the disappearance of richard
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and danielle imbo is just one of hundreds that are still unsolved. nbc10 putting the spotlight on some of those cases in a special series called "finding the forgotten" tomorrow on "nbc10 news" at 4:00, the search for missing mother who eight months later has still not been found and no one has been arrested. we ask experts why case like this go unsolved as well as the tools to get answers. on you can take a closer look at the 518 people missing from our area. click on one of these pictures to find out more details about their case including when they were last seen and the circumstances of their disappearance. it's all right there on our website. you can filter by state and by gender to get details on a particular case. to find this feature you go to and look for the special section called "finding the forgotten."
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well this brutally cold february continues. we barely got up to the freezing mark today. actually felt decent because it's been so cold. we had a little sunshine and very little wind. now we're tracking some snow showers coming in within the next couple of hours. record cold coming in after that. and then a storm over the weekend. we've had nice dry conditions during the day. it was a very cold start. 29 degrees. that's pretty cold. the average high is 44. it feels like 21. there hasn't been a whole lot of wind today. we're in the 20s across the entire area. the clouds increasing as the system gets closer to us than it has snow showers with it. you can see this band down from central pennsylvania all the way into virginia. and it's charging to the east coming through washington, d.c. right now with a burst of the heavy snow. central pennsylvania now. it's going to take a little while.
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but it's coming. if you get into this darker blue stuff, you're getting a burst of snow. the visibility goes really bad. can you get a half inch or an inch in a short period of time. and then it's gone. followed by the wind and the cold. here's that band as we see 7:00. so the computer models have it pretty well. and moving straight into delaware by 8:00. it's going right through much of delaware new castle county and getting into the lehigh valley and the poconos. by 8:00 it's coming through the philadelphia area. now, not everybody's going to get hit. but probably more than half. at least from philadelphia west we will. you'll get that little burst. everybody's going to get this, the cold air. it's going to feel like single digits north and west by 10:00 tonight. by tomorrow morning, it's zero or below zero for the feels like
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temperature. and during the afternoon, it's still going to feel like it's below zero. of course, the wind is going to continue to increase. and the temperature is not going anywhere. by friday morning, we're in the 10 to 20 below range. in windchills. even into the philadelphia area. and that arctic air that is coming down, it leaves for one day on sunday for the storm to come in. and then returns. the rest of the month it's going to be bitter cold. tonight the snow showers after 7:00. 14 for the low in philadelphia. 12 north and west. the wind really picks up toward day break. tomorrow, 20 to 30 gusts to 40. that will be a big deal especially with temperatures only in the teens. chance of snow flurries coming down. there's that near record low. friday would be a record -- could be the coldest temperature in 21 years. then saturday we have one of
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those storms. it looks like mostly rain from philly southward. wintry mix could start snow then ice, then rain. then snow to ice up in the lehigh valley and in the poconos. that's a tricky one. it all changes to rain on sunday. and then as we go into next week, as the arctic air comes back. >> thanks. john clark. does cole hamels want to be traded? we'll tell you what he says. marshall harris joining us from clearwater. there's nothing more romantic than a spontaneous moment. so why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? with cialis for daily use, you don't have to plan around either. it's the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating
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i'm john clark. with phillies rebuilding cole hamels tells "usa today" he wants to be traded pep says quote, i just want to win and i know it's not going to happen here. four teams have made real offers for cole and a total of eight teams have shown interest. could cole's announcement today speed up the process? hamels tells "usa today," when i signed my contract the phillies told me they would contend. they told me they would contend every year. but things happen. he went on to say, and i want to go to a place where i can win again. let's go to a place where it's supposed to be warm. pitchers and catchers report to clearwater tomorrow but marshall harris is wearing a jacket. what's going on today? >> reporter: it's a little chilly here john. some chilly words from cole hamels. not exactly what ryne sandberg wanted to hear on spring training eve. hamels and the rest of the pitchers and catchers will have their first official team
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workout tomorrow morning. earlier we got a glimpse at one of the newest phillies aaron harang along with some more familiar faces like ken giles, jake dekeman. another familiar face we have yet to see ryan howard. he's not due to report until next week. ryne sandberg doesn't seem to be too worried about the big piece's mind set despite the fact the phillies are actively trying to trade him. >> we can get younger around ryan howard. know that he's got a lot of things off his mind coming from him. i think that he is at a place where he wants to -- with a free mind be better on the baseball field and raise his game. so, i'm anxious to see what that looks like and to see him go about it. >> reporter: howard will be a little bit more difficult to move than hamels. he's guaranteed two more years, $60 million. live from clearwater florida, for nbc10, marshall harris
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comcast sportsnet. >> keep warm. flyers have re-signed nick schultz to a two-year deal. take a look today, defenseman team mu going through his first real practice. yesterday was the morning skate, today the practice. he hopes to play in a game in seven to ten days. by the way, the pga's bmw championship will be coming to new town square in 2018. according to comcast sportsnet. if members approve. john clark.
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we are really in the thick of this cold and snow aren't we? >> yes. some of this air from siberia is headed our way. snow showers this evening. brief snow showers, but long-lasting cold wave. interrupted for one day, on sunday, by rain. as we get into the 40s. but some bitter cold for tomorrow, tomorrow night, into friday morning, through friday night. >> and then you said the rest of the month isn't looking great
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either. >> yeah, after sunday. >> wonderful. >> siberia. for all of us here at nbc10, thanks for watching. on the broadcast tonight, polar express. dangerous subzero temperatures across a huge part of the country. so many roofs collapsing crews can barely keep up. our crews tonight losing control on icy roads from north to south, what to do and whatnot to do in that moment of panic. sudden blast of explosion tears through a california oil refinery. residents from miles away say it felt like an earthquake. tonight, the tangled mess of wreckage and the investigation. what happened? and new revelations as the defense lays out its case of the american sniper trial in texas. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york this is "nbc


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