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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  February 19, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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list. and from cold cases to cold kids. the temperature will plummet to possibly record-breaking lows. and this morning we're asking pediatricians how to best protect your children when they head outside to catch the bus. and we're off to a very cold and windy start this morning. you can see the flags blowing on the ben franklin parkway. and the cold coming tomorrow is expected to be even colder. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. at some point doesn't it just -- >> bottom out? >> i think we're getting to that point. meteorologist bill henley is here with his first alert forecast. bill, we've got more wind out there this morning. >> yeah we didn't have that yesterday, and that's the big difference between yesterday and today. the temperatures have been falling overnight. the wind making it feel so much colder. a live view from the poconos which saw a few snow showers yesterday. that could happen again today. but mostly it is the cold. right now in philadelphia 16 degrees. 4 degrees in the mountains. 11 in pottstown and 15 in
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millville. with the wind though millville feels like two below zero. it feels below zero for pottstown, allentown and reading and zero right now is the windchill in wilmington. one is what it feels like in philadelphia. so you've got to bundle up this morning, and this afternoon, not going to be much better. 13 degrees at 7:00 16 at 9:00. and then at noon 18. but the wind will be stronger so it's not going to feel any warmer than it does right now. we'll go through it hour by hour when i'm back in ten minutes. right now let's check in with jillian mele. >> good morning. a live look in bucks county route 1 at pennsylvania avenue. no cars out there. completely clear. 95 looks good through bucks county and even some of your side street 202 parkway is clear. if you're waking up and taking mass transit, septa is okay operating on a normal schedule today. normal schedule for new jersey transit. amtrak operating on a modified schedule due to the cold weather and patco operating on a normal schedule this morning. tracy.
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when it's this cold it raises concerns for parents who worry about their kids standing at the frigid bus stop. >> hopefully not standing for too long. our matt delucia is live in center city for us. matt, you've talked to doctors. what are they saying about kids and really the exposure they face when they're waiting on the bus out there? >> reporter: chris and tracy, you would think that there's a specific time limit that you don't want to keep the kids outside for too long while they're waiting for the school bus. but doctors are telling us it's a subjective thing, that parents need to keep an eye on them and decide when it does appear to be too dangerous. we stopped by some schools yesterday and talked with parents. we are expecting, of course a windchill that dipped from the single digits down below zero today and tomorrow. of course, tens of thousands of students in our area wait for the bus every day. some of the parents say that they're doing everything that they can to keep the kids warm. some are opting to avoid the bus stop altogether. and then you'll hear from a pediatrician on what she recommends.
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>> gloves and a scarf on this morning. he said he wasn't cold but i'm cold. >> when the kids are outside, they're not standing still like we are. they're running around and having a great time. you should keep an eye on them make sure that they are telling you when they're feeling cold and then bringing them inside when they're saying that. and then you can warm up with some nice hot chocolate. >> reporter: and right at dawn when most of the kids are waiting for the bus, that is usually the coldest part of the day. so definitely a time to be careful. coming up at 5:00 the top three things that doctors recommend that you should do before you send the kids out the door. for now live in center city, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. as that potential for record-breaking cold looms, you can count on the nbc 10 app for alerts and the latest forecast on this arctic blast. that app is a free download in the app store. a philadelphia missing persons case ten years old today will be part of a new fbi program to reexamine cold cases. richard petrone and danielle
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vanished on this date in 2005. the young couple was last seen leaving a bar on south street. petrone's pickup has never surfaced and their bank accounts were not touched. the fbi and local law enforcement will talk about the case later this morning to refresh the public's memory. happening today, the defense picks up the case in the trial of a washington township police officer who's accused of misconduct after he arrested an assemblyman on drunk driving charges. he's accused of falsifying records when he arrested paul moriarty in 2012. the officer faces more than a dozen counts. the prosecution wrapped up its case yesterday. officials eventually dropped the drunk driving charges against moriarty. 4:34 and 15 degrees outside. also today authorities will arraign a man accused of trying to vandalism a septa bus. police say he propped a mousetrap with nails poking from it under the tire of the vehicle in november. at the time of his arrest he was on probation for slashing the tires of dozens of cars in
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philadelphia's mayfair neighborhood. 4:34 now. this morning we're seeing documents that could outline how pennsylvania's attorney general would defend herself against possible criminal charges. kathleen kane is fighting the results of a grand jury investigation. that panel recommended charging her in connection with a leak of grand jury information. in documents presented to the state supreme court yesterday, a montgomery county judge said he did have the authority to appoint a special prosecutor for that grand jury. kane is challenging that saying he did not have the legal standing and calling for the appointment to be declared unlawful. the city wants this so-called ice palace in west philadelphia torn down. we're just waiting for them to say when it will happen. the building is covered in ice following a fire monday morning that we showed you. and the city says it is in imminent danger. the owner says he wants to tear it down as soon as possible. we're also waiting to find out the cause of the fire. as you saw in that video, the streets around there, 52nd & locust are still closed because of fears that the ice or
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the building could fall and impact traffic. >> right. philadelphia city leaders want to talk. >> how they're making it easier for neighbors to get ahold of them. plus, ice to art. a local artist turns one of the many signs of winter into a rather eye-catching masterpiece. a blustery start this morning. a windy and cold day today. right now 15 degrees at 4:36. and we're tracking record cold for tonight. homecoming? it's awesome. but with the citizens bank education refinance loan it gets even better.
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test. this is a statewide required monthly test of the emergency system originating from the
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pennsylvania emergency management agency harrisburg. this is only a test. it's 4:39. if you live in philadelphia or bucks county you'll probably see peco crews. they plan to inspect 39,000 polls in both areas through spring as part of its preventative maintenance program. they'll repair and replace poles. it says it inspects every utility pole throughout its coverage region at least once every ten years. philadelphia has a newly improved philly 311 system to make it easier for you to get in touch with city officials, alert them to problems like utility poles and things like that. the city teamed up with unisys to beef up its system. now if you see problems you can report them can you get
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important city information and find educational opportunities simply by dialing 311 or by downloading the philly 311 mobile app. and get this. there's also a plan to integrate that system into police cars. officers will be able to monitor requests and respond to nonemergency calls through 311. there's no time frame yet on when that will happen. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> the cold continues, but this morning, we've added wind to it. the wind is a gusty one that's going to be with us right on through the day. in fact, it will be increasing this afternoon. 16 degrees right now, feels like 1 degree with that wind. and philadelphia's not alone. northeast philadelphia atlantic city wildwood. wildwood now feels like one below. five below in reading. a very cold morning. but it is dry this morning. it's this afternoon that could see some scattered snow showers blowing through the area. they'll be brief like they were last night. 14 degrees in reading is the temperature that we're going to
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see at 9:00 this morning. 15 degrees in philadelphia. not much of a warm-up today. by 11:00, 19 degrees. and those winds will keep a lid on temperatures this afternoon. high temperatures in the upper teen low 20s. a brief snow shower blowing through and winds gusting to 30 miles an hour. a real chance that we'll hit record low temperatures tomorrow morning. i'll look at the future weather to show you what to expect when i'm back in ten. >> a real chance. there's a real chance. >> at this point if we're going to be one degree off, we might as well set a record right? it's definitely a morning to bundle up if you're waiting for the train or bus or running 20 yards to the car. you want to do that quickly. >> let's talk to jillian about what you'll face out on the roads. >> good morning. most of mass transit operating on a normal schedule today. right now we're not seeing any big significant changes or delays, but i wouldn't be surprised if later in the morning we get delays due to the cold weather. in fact amtrak northeast corridor is operating on a modified schedule today as a result of the weather conditions. so just keep that in mind.
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this is 76 the eastbound side at the blue route. as drivers head past the concha conchahocken. both directions of 76 very quiet now. drive times, pretty average start. route 100 southbound from route 113 to route 30 will take you about five minutes. route 30 eastbound from 340 to route 113 also a five-minute trip. and eight minutes is what we're seeing on 202 northbound from 29 to 76. tracy? >> jillian, thanks. 4:42. we're not the only ones shivering in the cold this week. >> much of the nation is in the freezer. look at this. this car is literally frozen to the ground in maryland. next what caused several layers of ice to form and keep the car in place there. plus addressing a growing epidemic, the important message this video will aim to get across to local students later today.
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4:44. new this morning, lawyers for the man accused of killing a 7-month-old want to take the death penalty off the table now that pennsylvania governor tom
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wolf issued a moratorium on lethal injections in the state. rushdie is facing first, second and third-degree murder charges in delaware county after police charged him with murdering hamza ali in 2013. he also faces kidnapping and abuse of corporation charges. rushdie's lawyers say the state should not be able to impose the death penalty because of that current moratorium. philadelphia's district attorney wants the state supreme court to get involved in the death penalty debate. >> people can differ on the death penalty, if we should have it, but it's up to the state lawmakers to determine whether it's criminal law and what the punishments are, not the governor. >> seth williams has called on the state supreme court to rule that the governor's moratorium is unconstitutional. governor tom wolf's office is firing back in regards to the pennsylvania constitution. a statement reading in part governor wolf has the power to grant reprieves. the governor took the action to place a moratorium on the death penalty because pennsylvania's capital punishment system is flawed it's ineffective,
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expensive and many times unjust. it's a quarter to 5:00. new from our delaware bureau the aclu has settled two lawsuits involving the police department. settlements focused on three incidents centered around the conduct of police officers. in one, police ticketed a man for flashing his headlights to warn other drivers of a speed trap. in another, officers arrested a man who cursed in their presence after being assaulted. the charges were dismissed. 4:46 now. new forensic testing helped police make an arrest in a cold case murder in western pennsylvania dating back to 1974. investigators have charged 58-year-old joseph leos with the murder of a 14-year-old friend. police say when he was 17 he allegedly shot the boy. forensic tests found gunpowder residue on leos' old blue jacket that was seized at the time of the killing. new jersey is getting more money in superstorm sandy relief grants. lawmakers know how they'll use the cash. those fema grants will bring $2.6 million to the state. some of the money will go towards fixing up generators at
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palisades medical center in north bergen. the rest will be used to repair the police station and borough offices. well the snow and ice and bitter cold may be getting a lot of people down. we get that. >> we understand. but a local artist, he's hoping that his work will lift your spirits a little. even though you're looking at ice. a thick piece of ice in fairmount park caught the eye of sculptor don harrison at montgomery and martin luther king drives. he decided to transform the ice into the shape of a goddess. and here is her shape. we found him working yesterday. >> everybody's down you know about the weather and how it's so cold. so i figure why not give people something to smile about? >> he's transformed himself into a bit of an ice sculpture. drivers passing by were enjoying his masterpiece and with cold temperatures sticking around that sculpture won't be melting any time soon. >> i like his intent putting a smile on people's faces. caught on dashcam video, a
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close call on an interstate highway in tennessee. look at that. a pickup truck loses control on black ice and nearly hits the department of transportation worker. that worker was at the scene of a tractor trailer accident. police did not file charges against that pickup truck driver. and another wintry scene. this is baltimore. where a car, you just mentioned this, chris, frozen to the ground. here's what happened. a water main break flooded the area. passing cars splashed water onto the parked vehicle, and it froze the car in place. >> yeah and that car may not be going, just like that ice sculpture, won't be going anywhere any time soon. >> and bill it's going to get colder, right? >> tomorrow morning we're likely to be in record cold territory. it's cold enough right now. it will feel colder because the wind will still be blowing tomorrow. and that's the difference between yesterday and today. it's a gusty wind that's blowing across the landscape. 16 miles an hour. we've already seen gusts to near 30 miles an hour. so 16 degrees feels like one degree. and the wind will be increasing this afternoon.
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so those flags will be getting a workout. and tonight, the wind still with us. this morning, 11 right now in pottstown and doylestown. 15 in trenton. millville in atlantic city at the airport, 15 degrees. now down to 12. and st. davids is at 12 along with newtown square as well. 12 degrees above zero but it feels like it's below zero when you factor in the wind. and that is going to get even colder tonight. watching some clouds off to the north and west a few of those may be blowing in this afternoon. might see an isolated shower. otherwise we are dry this morning. just have to bundle up. this afternoon, 2:00, 19 degrees in philadelphia. not much warmer in south jersey at the shore. 21, the cold winds blowing. a few scattered snow showers right on through the area. 6:00 this evening, the temperatures are coming down. look at the single digits north and west. that's what we'll see in philadelphia by 11:00. five degrees in northeast philly at 11:00.
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six in willmingtonwilmington. one degree would tie the record. that's what it forecasts at 4:00 tomorrow morning. but the wind will be blowing at that hour so temperatures as we head into the 5:00 hour will feel like they're 17 to 23 degrees below zero tomorrow morning. so you think it's cold today, stand by. tomorrow will be the worst of it. and then there's improvement over the weekend. gusty winds, definitely cold today. an isolated snow shower won't last long. it will be blowing through with winds gusting to 30 miles an hour. teens and low 20s today. then here comes the record cold for tomorrow morning. one would tie the record for tomorrow's day. 17 the high. and the wind will be blowing through friday. but over the weekend, clouds will be blowing into the area. and temperatures will be coming up after a very cold morning saturday. 33 degrees saturday afternoon. sunday we'll see rain and rain will be out of here come monday. the cold is back for monday, tuesday and wednesday. >> never so much have so many looked forward to a rainy sunday. thank you, bill.
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46 degrees. it's going to be nice. >> that does sound warm. this morning it will hit you on the way to your car. now what's going to hit you when you hit the roads with jillian. >> not too much. it's really quiet on the majors which is a good start to this thursday. if you're headed into center city using 95 southbound that's where it gets busy later in the morning. for now, no accidents or delays. between 12 and 13 minutes between woodhaven and the vine street expressway. this is right at the surface of the bridge. the surfaces are dry out there. so we're not dealing with any speed restrictions. the bridges are clear and no problems to report so far if you're waking up in delaware. chris? hidden danger may be lurking in your spice cabinet, of all places. a seasoning that could trigger an allergic reaction. and new this morning, a medical nightmare for this california hospital. a superbug in the hospital has made dozens sick and may be responsible for two deaths.
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you're used to it by now, right? wind in the morning along with these cold temperatures. those are the flags along the ben franklin parkway. and some scattered snow showers according to meteorologist bill henley this afternoon. and then record cold tomorrow. but we have you covered. everything you need to know coming up with bill. new this morning, there's a new warning for people allergic to peanuts. the fda advises people with those peanut allergies to avoid cumin. after shipments of cumin tested positive for peanuts that are not listed on the label. you may be wondering where will i encounter assumecumin, a lot of people use it in chili recipes. there have been recalls since december including spice mixes, beans and marinated meats. the fda said if you've suffered a reaction contact the fda to report it. five minutes before 5:00. school and health officials are keeping tabs on a measles scare at princeton university. the school says a student
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reported having symptoms of the measles. it said the student is better now and no longer contagious. doctors ran some preliminary tests. more need to be done to confirm it that it was actually measles. princeton is notifying everyone who might have had contact with the student. meantime officials at los angeles hospital -- at a los angeles hospital say a drug-resistant superbug may have contributed to the deaths of two patients there. they were among seven people who became infected with the bacteria during a procedure involving a scope placed down the throat. hospital officials notified close to 200 more patients that they may have been exposed to the superbug. at 4:55 we have new numbers here on the number of people who have signed up for health insurance through the affordable care act. also known as obamacare. people had until sunday to sign up under open enrollment. in pennsylvania more than 470,000 are covered. in new jersey, the number is 252,000. and in delaware, it's close to 25,000. now, here's the thing. those numbers include people who are newly enrolled plus those
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whose coverage automatically renewed from last year. happening today, emergency workers in philadelphia will make an announcement about the city arming police and firefighters with a drug that treats heroin overdoses. both departments will talk about their decisions to use narcan today. it can reverse a heroin overdose. heroin kills which is the title of a new video campaign law enforcement officials in bucks county hope people will take to heart. the public service video that you see here will officially premiere later this morning at bucks county technical high school. authorities say the video depicts the human devastation caused by heroin addiction. it's all part of a larger program to try to reverse the recent increase in heroin overdoses and deaths across the country. we have a link to the video on the nbc 10 app or at police arrested four people after a heated protest as the philadelphia school reform commission approved five new charter schools.
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>> we're not full! you destroyed our public schools! >> that vocal protest happened at a packed meeting at school district headquarters. they considered 39 applications, 4 potential charters. opponents say the new charter ss are for public schools. people for the charters say they'll offer better options for the students. >> it lets the charters know that those that are doing well continue doing well. those that have work to do have to step it up. >> the src clearly indicated that they are willing to increase their deficit. >> the soc says the five new charters will have minimal financial impact on the district, but that's contingent on nonperforming charters closing in the near future. well tonight's episode of the nbc spy drama "allegiance"
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takes pla is in ss place in philadelphia. >> the feds of the russian spies are racing to retrieve a laptop there city hall that holds secrets to stop an attack on america. and among the cast of characters mayor michael nutter who is playing himself. no word on how big his role will be. so you'll have to tune in to see it for yourself. or in the case of tracy and me we'll have to dvr it. catch the new episode during the all-new thursday night on nbc. it starts with "the slap" at 8:00. "blacklist," a tracy davidson addiction and then "allegiance" followed by nbc 10 news at 11:00. the new "rocky" spinoff. we spotted sly at 13th 13th & dickinson yesterday. the new movie will be titled "creed." it focuses on the grandson of apollo creed. >> did we notice that was still on or was it that impersonator? >> i'm pretty sure we checked it out. >> that was the real deal there.
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>> nbc 10 news today at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. they are the faces of the forgotten. the fbi will announce a new effort today to find missing people. and it starts with this philadelphia couple who disappeared one decade ago. cold concerns as another batch of bitter cold blankets the region. we have important information for parents about how to protect your children. yeah and cold just barely sums it up this morning. windy out there, too. you see the flags flying in the stiff wind. 15 degrees is what it says on the screen there, but it actually feels much colder with that windchill. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's begin with bill henley to talk about the cold temperatures. >> yeah another day of cold air, but the wind is blowing. that's the big difference from yesterday morning. the winds right now are steady at 15 16 miles an hour in philadelphia. and those winds will be gusting to 30 miles an hour during the
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day today. that is a clear view across the delaware. we'll start with sunshine but we'll keep an eye on the sky for a chance of some showers moving in this afternoon. those will be fast-moving snow showers, though. so don't expect to see accumulation. 15 degrees, expect to see a lot of people bundling up. when you factor in the wind that 15 now feels like 1 below zero in philadelphia. 3 degrees colder -- or feeling in pottstown, feels like 3 degrees below zero also in wilmington. stand by for a cold blast during the day today. a bitter wind. 16 degrees at 9:00. just 18 degrees at lunchtime. and then we'll be watching for an afternoon snow shower this afternoon. we'll go through it hour by hour with future weather when i'm back in ten. right now let's check in with traffic reporter jillian mele. morning, jillian. >> good morning to you, bill. it's quiet on the majors. this is a live look at the boulevard. no accidents or delays. a couple drivers out there. but as you can see, it is really clear out there on the boulevard. 76 is also quiet.


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