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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  March 4, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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of those storms where far north area will probably get the least amount of snow. the bottom line on the first alert day that's coming is over the next several hours, it's just rain overnight tonight. it changes to snow and 4 a.m. to 11 a.m., it's snowy and colder. drastic changes happening within the next 12 hours. 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. tonight, that's the time of the changeover for lehigh valley and the poconos. 1 a.m. to 3 a.m. from chester county across the philadelphia area to trenton. 3 a.m. to 5 p.m. across northern dell in through much of south jersey. and 5 a.m. to 8 a.m. farther to the south. how much is likely to fall by the time it's all over? over 2 to 4 inches toward the lehigh valley and poconos. that's why there's no warning up there. but 4 to 7 inches in the philadelphia area. to the south, 6 to 9. the highest total may just be to
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the south. we'll get into more detail on who's going to get what and when with the seven-day in a few minutes. weather delays are already causing problems at philadelphia international airport. you can expect more delays. keep this number handy. 1-800-phl-gate. now, we head out to drexel hill and nbc10's doug shimell. >> this winter's taken its toll on road crews who are getting ready once again. >> reporter: exactly. taking a toll on the crews, their equipment the piles of salt and the budget. they've had to do this so many times this winter that penndot says it spent $31 million on snow and ice storms when it only budgeted $29.8. >> tonight will be the 25th of the season and 21st since january 3rd. that's about 60 days, 23 events, that's almost three a week. >> reporter: the piles of salt
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are getting smaller so penndot has to borrow to repalestinianish supplies in norristown and they hope this latest storm will be more plowing than salting. >> we're not dealing with temperatures in the low teens. we're very very frigid. hopefully pavement temperatures may be warmer than they have been for previous storms. >> reporter: another obstacle salt crews are encountering are cars running out of gas. >> make sure you have a full tank of gas before traveling. we are two incidents last night during rush hour. >> reporter: that is the one thing the plow and salt crews do not want as they get into what they anticipate will be more gs mostly a plowing event. stalled cars in the outer lanes which gets this their way and creates a general hazard. doug shimell, "nbc10 news." >> during the overnight hours, our morning team will be wide awake tweeting out updates about the storm and its impact on your thursday. school closings as well. be sure to follow tracy, jillian
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and bill on twitter. we'll be on the air extra early tomorrow. "nbc 10 news today" beginning tomorrow morning at 3 a.m. it could soon cost more to live in philadelphia. >> in the last hour we learned about a plan from city leaders to hike property taxes to pay for the city's struggling schools. nbc10's christine maddela is live at city hall. >> how much of a hike are we talking about? >> reporter: it's a more than 9% property tax increase. now, we just heard from the mayor's team ahead of the mayor's budget address scheduled for tomorrow. if you own a home in philadelphia, prepare positive-to-pay 9.34% more next year. earlier we spoke with school superintendent and said in order to grow the school system it needs at least $300 million in recurring revenue from the city and state. >> we requested $300 million from the city. specifically, $103 million.
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and we hope that -- we're also hopeful the mayor will have $100 million in his budget as well and a funding source. >> it's important to fund education so we're proposing to fund his request and do it through important tax increase. we would increase the rate from 1.34% to 1.4651%. >> reporter: but the mayor's team said governor wolf announced a state wide property tax decrease. if that passes they say philadelphiaens would see their property taxes go down again in 2017. reporting live at city hall christine maddela, "nbc10 news." developing news now concerning former ferguson, missouri, police officer darren wilson. hours ago the justice department determined it will not prosecute wilson. wilson shot and killed 18-year-old michael brown last
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august. brown was unarmed the shooting led to weeks of protests in ferguson. the report released by the justice department faulted the city and its police force for what it called racial boo bias and unconstitutional practices. they also said there was no evidence to disprove wilson feared for his safety or any evidence michael brown had his hands up when he was shot. a missouri grand jury cleared wilson last november. nearly two years after the boston marathon bombing the lone survivor is on trial dzhokhar tsarnaev accused of planting bombs near the marathon finish line in 2013. he could face the death penalty if convicted. the first witness to stay the stand at his trial was ektexecutive director of the boston athletic association, the group that puts on the marathon. jurors later watched a video of the explosion. three people died more than 260 were hurt. a bus brought a group of those victims to the courthouse. a difficult trip to some but
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they say they feel the need to be there and eager for justice. >> i feel i need to be there. and i know it's going to be difficult. and i know there are going to be a lot of things that are going to be painful. >> prosecutors say dzhokhar tsarnaev was a willing participant in the bombing plot. defense attorneys say they'll show he was under the influence of his brother, who later died in a shootout with police. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues. a major invasion of privacy case we first told you about on monday. >> the parents of more possible victims are coming forward. their daughters may have been recorded by an accused video voyeur inside local store fitting rooms. rosemary connors live in the digital operation center. >> what have police told youed about the new developments in the investigation? >> within the past hour i met with radner police. they tell me that since monday they have received over 50 e-mails and phone calls from parents who want to come in and take a look at that video evidence to make sure that their
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daughters are not on the tapes. these are the images that we're talking about. dozens of videos of underage girls undressing in stores like forever 21 and express in the king of prussia mall. according to police, shawn moses is accused of taking the videos with his cell phone on computers. investigators also found files that seem to indicate he took videos at other local malls. >> there were deleted indexes which show different names of malls. it's only going to show a thumbnail but it says the springfield mall cherry hill mall, philadelphia premium outlets outlets. >> reporter: radner detectives are reaching out to police in those areas. investigators are also looking into a tip that the suspect may have worked at an area department store. coming up at 5:00 i'm going to talk about the changes that are under way at forever 21 in the
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wake of this investigation reporting from the digital operation center rosemary connors, "nbc10 news." will the third time be a charm for attempts to sell revel casino hotel? a bankruptcy court judge is expected to consider a third deal to sell the closed casino. the latest bid for $82 million from florida developer glenn straub. a previous deal with straub fell lee last month. atlantic city's trump taj mahal had to deal with more than just bankruptcy. a water main break flooded human resources building on pennsylvania avenue. you can see some signs of the water main break outside the hr offices. taj mahal crews arrived. former pennsylvania congressman joe sestak is making another run for u.s. senate and he'll start that run with a long walk. announced his candidacy today, kicking it off with a 422 of my highly walk across the state of pen. he hopes to unseat republican
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pat toomey. it sets up a potential rematch of 2010 when sestak narrowly lost to toomey. a look now at joe sestak's credentials. he's 67 years old, a democrat. also a retired navy admiral and he was twice elected to congress before pursuing the senate seat. republican incumbent pat toomey is an investment banker from the lehigh valley. he served three terms in the house. toomey then headed add voe cassie group called club for growth. chris christie says his state cannot afford higher pension contributions for private sector employees. he kicked off a town hall event in bourbon county. speaking about his proposed budget for the up in coming fiscal year. he plans to pay $1.3 billion into the pension system that's far less than the $3 billion he agreed to in his first term. >> our budget will be in great shape. this is the remaining big
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problem left to fix. >> he says paying the full amount would require large tax increases. this week 14 unions announced plans to sue over the lower contributions. to wages. a diverse group of workers testified in front of philadelphia city council. activists have been pushing to raise the minimum wage. panelists from adjunct professors to fast food workers talked about the impact of low wages on their families and communities. >> i'm doing to go to chuck e cheese and i have to say no because i can't afford it. do you know what that feels like? it feels inadequate as a father. >> councilmen johnson introduced legislation in november to hold hearings on the minimum wage. pennsylvania has the lowest minimum wage of our three states at $7.25. delaware will increase june from to $8.25. new jersey's minimum is the
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highest, $8.38 an hour. pennsylvania's death penalty debate is heating up in harrisburg. prosecutors and republican lawmakers are speaking out against governor wolf's moratorium on executions. the group criticized the decision at this news conference in the capitol rotunda today. governor wolf halted executions last month. he says the state's death penalty system is error-prone and expensive. he's issuing reprieve while a legislative panel studies the issue. philadelphia's archbishop is among those applauding governor's decision. expressing optimism the governor will be able to find other forms of punishment outside of the death penalty. just yesterday the state supreme court granted a request by district attorney seth williams. among those speaking at today's news conference was judy cassidy, the widow of philadelphia police officer chuck cassidy. officer cassidy was shot and killed in the line of duty in 2007.
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his convicted killer sits on death row. that punishment was something that brought the cassidys some closure until now, they say. >> when chuck was killed and the person responsible, which i use that word lightly because i don't refer to him as that was convicted and sentenced to death, we knew it wouldn't bring chuck back to us. but it provided us a sense of closure that justice was done. >> state supreme court has not said when it will hear arguments on the death penalty moratorium. remembering one of their own killed in the line of duty a decade ago. today dozens of atlantic city police officers gathered to remember officer tom mcmecan at a officer. he was hit and killed by a bus directing traffic ten years ago. now, back to our first alert weather. we're watching this system which will deliver snow for the nbc10 viewing area starting overnight, heading into tomorrow. we'll get you sheena and glenn's
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updated forecast coming up in just a moment. nbc10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong. >> while some kids may celebrate a possible snow day tomorrow others should be careful what they wish for, right? >> reporter: that's right. we haven't had a lot of snow in delaware. we've had schools closed for ice. this school is closed for cold weather on one day. so yeah it's been tough. some schools in delaware all public schools, base things not on snow days but snow hours. some schools are getting close to their limits and they might have another day off tomorrow. this school maintenance guy going to load up with more salt. he finally chopped through the ice just in time for the snow that's coming overnight. >> we're all jonesing forl spring break. >> reporter: brandywine didn't have as many snow days as last year but each one is a pain. >> it's disruptive. our children like routine. to have a day on a day off. you feel like you may climb a
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mountain and then backslide. >> reporter: silver lake district is usually the first to close. do you agree with the decisions they make? >> yes because it's very dangerous. >> reporter: most kids only have a half day left seniors are already over their limit and will have to make up days before graduation. the district sefshs a large area. >> it's better safe than sorry. >> reporter: shawn is a parent and teacher in the district. he says the district puts safety first and it's rare he disagrees with the decision to close or delay schools. >> better they call it than don't call it and you have accidents and children getting hurt. >> reporter: a lot of kids here at baltz elementary school left a little while ago, hoping they might get one more day off. some delaware districts did modify their program. we'll speak to a superintendent who has to balance education with safety. it's a tough and thankless position to be in. i think a lot of kids including my house, probably pulling for at least one more snow day.
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tim furlong, "nbc10 news." >> get those kids under control, tim. as soon as your school district announce a delay or closing in the morning, you'll be the first to know about it with the "nbc10 news" app. we'll deliver closing information to your smartphone. >> sheena parveen with the timing on the storm. >> that's right. we're watching rain change over to snow later tonight. this is going to be a very dicey tomorrow morning as you head out for first alert commute. starting 11 p.m. tonight we'll see a change over to snow. thursday morning rush that's the time where you want to be very careful on the roadways. we could have significant snow in parts of the area. the heavy area of snow that's what we're paying very close attention to. i'll show you what i'm talking about. right now we don't have snow. your evening community, it will be filled with some rain showers. temperatures above freezing. the winter storm warning, this one, is for the overnight hours
4:16 pm
early tomorrow morning. everyone shaded in pink here which is a majority of our area. this is the winter storm warning through 7 p.m. tomorrow. accumulating snow is expected. and we are talking about hazardous travel for the morning commute. some could linger through midday. off to our west that's where you see more snowfall here. it's all part of the same weather system. this will be moving in starting tonight. so we'll take a close look at future weather. as we walk through time here, the rest of this afternoon, just rain. tonight, 9 p.m. rear still expecting just rain. temperatures above freezing. then we get closer to 11:00 tonight. look at the changeover for poconos. lehigh valley, including allentown. we should start to see that change from rain to snow. now, we look into the philadelphia area by 11 p.m. still seeing rain but only a couple hours later you see that change over to snow. now we're looking at 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. and now we shift down to south jersey and delaware. 3:00 in the morning, we start to see that changeover occurring, but in some cases, could be a little bit slower. we could have an area of sleet
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before we see the changeover to snow. that's 4:00 in the morning. and then we'll zoom out now. you notice there's a cutoff to this. dry air starts to move in and push this is ban into south jersey and dell dpel tomorrow morning. this is where we could see some of the heaviest snow amounts. new jersey and delaware. if the change happens earlier, that's where we could see a longer duration of snow which would give us heavier snow. philadelphia area f we see the earlier changeover and band of snow moves farther south slower then we could see that heavier area across philadelphia. let's head over to chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz with the snow totals where you live. >> as we've been saying of course, it depends on how much of this is rain. how much is sleet. how much is snow. that will determine how much snow you're going to get. the change overcomes first in lehigh valley 1 a.m. to 3 p.m. appear chester county a little later, 3 a.m., 5 a.m.
4:18 pm
more hours of the day we'll see snow in the southern areas. starts later. it's going to end later. now let's talk about the specifics. how much snow in 2 to 4 inches upper bucks county through the lehigh valley, poconos area. they normally get the most. probably going to get the least. much of berks county also in the 2 to 4. 4 to 7, philadelphia delaware county chester county lower bucks and montgomery mercer county upper portion of burlington county. and 6 to 9 inches, perhaps the highest amounts, in parts of northern dell and in through a good bit of south jersey. then a little lower amounts far south. that's still a significant amount. just some specifics on towns in the 6 to 9 area. middletown delaware. smyrna delaware. newark delaware glassboro, new jersey, going to get a whole lot of snow out of that. 4 to 7 inches westchester, pa.
4:19 pm
ardmore. and 2 to 4 inches lambertville kutztown and quackkertown. it's going to be adjusted at some point. will the sleet limit the snow totals? there's no sleet. higher amounts of snow. the cold air pushes south. sometimes it pushes farther south than the computer models say. and second snow surge, will that surge coming across southern portions of the area be stronger than the computer models are saying. those are some things we'll be watching. the rain to snow after midnight. 31 for low. 28 north and west. during the day tomorrow the snow heaviest in the morning and ends north to south. temperatures fall during the day. and the seven-day forecast once we get through thursday it's dry. but it's bitter cold friday. near record cold. bitter cold saturday morning.
4:20 pm
and then things really improve. temperatures in the 40s. we lose an hour of sleep turning the clocks forward on sunday. this cape may councilman quits on the job. new today, the fight over the former police chief that has him calling out the city's manager. then we told you about this tanker crash and explosion in south jersey. now we're digging to find out what the driver was doing behind the wheel moments before the accident. then a police officer cracks jokes on twitter about a dead dog. his message to animal lovers that now has him under investigation.
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first alert weather, watching the snow maker when most of us will be drifts off to slee tonight, that's when the
4:24 pm
snow will start. count on nbc10 for updating timing on the winter storm weather forecast. this may be weather related. everyone has their power back off after a transer blew up at the logan section, at tenth and wagner. 3,000 customers spent some time in the dark. they restored power but to all one this afternoon. they believe the explosion was weather-related. employees at philadelphia city hall were forced out into the wet weather when a fire alarm went off this morning. everyone, including you see him there, his honor, mayor michael nutter, had to evacuate for 45 minutes. firefighters checked out the building and then gave the all clear to return. investigators believe something in the garage started this house fire in montgomery county early this morning. smoke powered from the scene. five family members and two dogs made it out safely. a jersey shore police officer is under fire for his facebook comments about the death of a dog in a frozen river. seaside heights police launched
4:25 pm
an international investigation of sergeant thomas yanacon. the dog at the center of the controversy died when he was trapped inside a pickup struck that plunged through the icy toms river sunday. the officer was off duty when he posted on his personal facebook page. the officer will continue working during the investigation. one post said quote, why didn't the dog do the doggy paddle? was his favorite movie dog day afternoon? another post said truck plunging through the ice with a dog inside brings a whole new meaning to frozen weiner or dirty water dog. what, too soon? calm down you animal loving freaks. the dog's owner mayer is facing criminal miss chief charges for driving the truck on the ice and may also face animal cruelty charges. winter storm is on the way. >> that's why we issued a first alert. >> we're monitoring the arrival of the snow and the impact it's going to have, depending on where you are. >> that's right. get your updated winter storm forecast minutes away.
4:26 pm
new at 4:30 nbc10 uncovers information about the tanker truck inferno that caused traffic gridlock and what the driver of that big rig reportedly admitted after he crashed the truck. coming up on nbc10 at 5:00 -- words can hurt and now dozens of local schools are taking a stand. one word they promise to remove from students' vocabulary.
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right now at 4:30 a winter storm hours away from moving into our region. when it's all said and done there will be accumulating snow on the ground. enough that you'll need that shovel. >> let's talk about the timing. boy, is it critical. >> sure is. we begin this half hour with
4:30 pm
meteorologist sheen sna parveen. >> timing is critical. from 11 p.m. tonight to 7 p.m. tomorrow evening, we have a winter storm warning in effect. i'll show you the counties in a second. either way, we expect everyone to see rain changing over to snow. some areas continuing before the morning rush and some areas significant snowfall expected. on the radar, we have rain around. it's too warm for any snow right now. the snow is off to our west. the colder snow is not here. as we go overnight tonight, it will be here and changing the rain over to snow. take a look at winter storm warning across the area. it's in the color pink. this is because of accumulating snow. thursday morning we expect this to be creating problems on the roadways. hazardous travel early tomorrow morning for the commute. future weather changes the rain over to snow overnight. close to midnight 1 a.m. we'll see that changeover happening areas north and west when the cold air starts to get here. philadelphia area overnight, even south jersey and delaware
4:31 pm
before the morning commute, 5:00 in the morning now, we're talking about rain changing over to snow. snow accumulating. by 8:00 notice how you see this cutoff north and west. we'll get that dry air moving in. we'll see that snow cutoff occurring and the question is how fast that moves through philadelphia. that could push the heaviest snow amounts through south jersey and philadelphia. the duration of the snowfall which will lead us to determine who sees those higher amounts depending on that cutoff moving down and the heavier snow. let's head over to nbc10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz with a closer look at the snow totals. >> this is an unusual storm. some come from the gulf of mexico, some develop off the east coast. this is a different one. there's not a lot of experience to draw on. it's one of the things that makes it a tricky forecast. but overall, we've got rain for several hours. some of that on the heavy side.
4:32 pm
lieding to ponding. rain changing to snow overnight. then a snowy period during the morning rush. temperatures go down as we go through that period. watch what's happening in louisville kentucky today. rain, then the snow. just like that. that's the same sort of thing that's going to happen here. 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. lehigh valley and the poconos. 1 a.m. to 3 a.m., a little farther to the south of the philadelphia area. 3 a.m. to 5 a.m. south of wilmington. 5 a.m. to 8 a.m. in the far southern portions of our area. the amounts of snow overall, lesser amounts far to the north. substantial amounts across much of south jersey northern delaware. 4 to 7 in the north philadelphia area. we'll get into more detail with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> thank you, glenn. you can always get the updated
4:33 pm
winter storm forecast when you're away from the tv. keep your smartphone or tablet handy. that way you can tap on the "nbc10 news" app for the impact of the storm where you live. new information this afternoon on a tanker truck inferno. this one right here that erupted in camden nine days ago now. >> "nbc10 news" has confirmed the driver of the truck that sparked the explosion may have been doing something behind the wheel he should not have been doing. nbc10 south jersey reporter cydney long in pennsauken. >> what are police revealing to you about this case right now? >> sources have indicated that the driver admitted he might have been going too fast around that curve and that he reportedly became pretty upset when investigators asked him, was he on his cell phone while behind the wheel. this in the moments before the explosion that sent plumes of smoke billowing over these homes. it is the burning question. >> i would like to know if he
4:34 pm
was speeding coming around that curve over there. at different times we hear tires squeal. >> reporter: in the nine days since this tanker erupted into a ball of flames on the route 90 ramp, spilling products and plumes was smoke into the air sources have confirmed to nbc10 that the tanker's driver employed by tk transport, has been interviewed and reportedly freaked out by the fact that investigators have subpoenaed his cell phone records to determine if he was talking or texting at the time. >> to smell the oil and gasoline, it was tough for the dog even to go outside. dissipated because of the wind. >> reporter: it comes as the delaware river port authority, the lead agency is inching closer to what caused the driver to lose control and possible charges. drpa says tk transport's insurance company will absorb the initial $115,000 in temporary repairs to the road surface, embankment and electrical restoration. today tk told us their driver has not been fired or returned
4:35 pm
to his position. meantime pennsauken township mailed these letters to all residents affected to provide health property damage and environmental resources in case they need it. >> kudos to pennsauken because they're on top of things and i appreciate that. >> reporter: sources tell us there are up-close police dash cam video moments after the tanker exploded right here on the ramp. we have asked the delaware river port authority for it. so far, we have no response. live in pennsauken cydney long nbc10. new information right now about a new jersey high school rocked by a hazing scandal. the school board hired a new football coach last night in middlesex county. sayerville's 2014 season was also canceled. seven players will be tried in juvenile court for sex assault allegations against teammates. we're getting close to the dinner hour. this is something, well to chew on. >> one of the most popular
4:36 pm
restaurants in the world about to make a chicken change. but first, here's what we're working on for you for "nbc10 news" at 5:00. nbc10 alerted you of this man accused of recording girls undressing in a local mall. what one retail store is doing this week to make sure their customers are safe. governor wolf's budget plan means big business for pennsylvania schools. how the money will make your classrooms better and teachers. why many say that would waste time and your tax dollars. caring for you and your eyes... ... just got a little easier. pearle vision accepts flex accounts and most vision plans, including eye med. this is genuine eye care, right in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. ♪ i've been driving a lincoln since long before anybody paid me to drive one. i didn't do it to be cool.
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rain is falling on our area right now but it's going to turn to snow in a matter of hours. get glenn's updated winter storm forecast, including snow totals for your neighborhood just minutes away. mcdonald's cleaning up its act when it comes to the chicken on the menu. the world's largest fast food chain says within two years its u.s. restaurants will only buy chickens not treated with human antibiotics. mcdonald's will continue to buy chickens from farmers who responsibly use animal antibiotics. there's a growing number of babies conceived in the u.s. through in vitro fertilization. more than 63,000 ivfs births in 2013 nearly 23,000 more than 2012. however, twin and triplet births
4:40 pm
are down doctors say because women are choosing to transfer one embryo per cycle. penn state thon received its own house resolution in harrisburg. the bill acknowledges more than 15,000 penn state students volunteering to raise more than $13 million this year. nbc10 at newman university today for the second annual science olympiad. hundreds of middle science students putting their invention to the test in delaware. they range from robocross to bottle rocket test. they move on to state competition. seaside resort community known for great beaches and victorian scharm -- >> well, now they have a scandal on their hands. >> i have to remove myself from this council that's what the hell i'm going to do. >> the issue that led to fuel temperaturers down the shore and
4:41 pm
had one councilman step down and storm out. >> i've been warning you the snow is coming. >> find out how much will fall where you live in the exclusive nbc10 winter storm forecast. all new tonight on "nbc10 news" at 5:00 -- forget a snowman. can you build a runway? how the weather this winter is a welcome sight for some pilots. now, more and more americans are discovering that... shred after shred...
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first alert weather has been warning you about this winter storm that turns conditions from wet to white. how much snow will you get? find out in glenn's updated forecast in a bit. first, a sad day for music lovers. >> the leader of a local cover band don't call me francis died after a long battle with cancer. frank orsini is the man behind
4:45 pm
the popular band don't call me francis. they entertain people in south philly and new jersey for more than two decades. from the classic tunes of frank sinatra to outkast, they covered a wide variety of songs for thousands of club goers, wedding party guests and local casinos. the nine remaining members made a heartfelt post on facebook last night saying, he would want nothing more than the don't call me francis legacy to continue on. the band is proud to fulfill his wish. weather experts watching the storm system closely. just hours from now it will bring snow to the nbc10 viewing area. >> let's get to sheena parveen. when will the snow start falling? >> well the snow is going to transition from rain to snow through the overnight hours. we have a first alert weather day out from tonight even into
4:46 pm
tomorrow evening for parts of the area. we are talking about rain changing to snow will be impacting the morning rush as we go into your thursday. some areas could be seeing significant snowfall with some of the heaviest snow across the area. here's a look at the radar right now. we have rain around, temperatures are too warm to support? i ni snow. because of the snow on the way, winter storm warning is in effect. all the counties you see shaded in pink here. this will be from tonight into 7 p.m. tomorrow. accumulating snow is expected. this will create hazardous travel across the area. off to the west all part of the same system, stretching through a good portion of the country. you see rain a wintry mix and then snow. this is all heading in our directions along with that colder air. here's a look at future weather. we have rain moving through this weekend by 11 p.m. tonight. that is mostly more of a changeover north and west.
4:47 pm
lehigh valley, poconos, 11 p.m. the rain changing over to snow. by that time we still expect rain in philadelphia. then we'll see that changeover just after midnight even 3 a.m. accumulating snow expected. the changeover continues for south jersey and delaware from 3:00 to 5:00 in the morning. we could see an area of sleet. we could see this changeover happening a little slower. at the same time we'll watch the dry air move in north and west. this will push the heavier snow to the south. that heavier snow area could be in new jersey and delaware if the changeover occurs earlier with a longer duration of snow. we could see more snow across philadelphia if that changeover continues earlier but doesn't really move as far south as some of the models are showing. let's head over to chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz with a closer look at the models and what you can expect where you live. >> as sheena was showing you, that's a large area of precipitation, rain changing to snow. that doesn't happen a whole lot
4:48 pm
around here. generally, when it gets colder it gets dryer after a storm. so, if we've had so much rain and then the cold air comes in, it generally ends. not this time. one of the questions is the wild card how much sleet is going to be around? the more sleet you get, the more it limits the snow totals. will that cold air push farther south as it does sometimes compared to what the computer models say. will there be a second snow surge that makes the precipitation heaviest farther south, pretty much later in the day on thursday. 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. the changeover in the lehigh valley and poconos, 1 a.m. to 3 a.m. from chester county through philadelphia into northern burlington county. 3 a.m. to 5 a.m. new castle county delaware farther to the suite, southern burlington county. and 5 a.m. to 8 a.m. in the far southern areas. of course it's going to end later there.
4:49 pm
the maximum area generally in northern delaware through south jersey. the minimum area least amount of snow poconos and lehigh valley, where you generally get the most. 2 to 4 inches. that's not a lot. 4 to 7, lower bucks, much of montgomery chester county delaware county philadelphia upper burlington county 6 to 9 inches. new castle county through much of the jersey shore. then lesser amounts to the south. some of the cities are in the 6 to 9 area. delaware city delaware, dover, millville, glassboro, tabernacle new jersey. in the 4 to 7 area exton, paoli, trenton. and in the 2 to 4, pikeville, lambertville milford and quake quakertown. 31 for the philadelphia area and 28 north and west. the snow will be heaviest in the
4:50 pm
morning and ending north to south as temperatures fall during the day. may not seem too cold when you get up. it will be freezing cold tomorrow night. record lows friday morning. and a high of only 27 friday. bitter cold saturday morning as well. and after that hey, it's practically a picnic compared to what we've been going through. the last five or six weeks. so, i think we deserve that, don't you? >> oh, yeah. >> we'll take a picnic. >> a little bit dryer, milder weather. remember when that's like? >> we still have to get through the next few hours. thank you. you can follow this winter storm glenn and sheena have been telling us about with real-time radar as it moves closer to our area using the nbc10 weather app on your smartphone or tablets. today someone is making waves down the jersey shore. >> those waves are not in the ocean. >> i resign effective immediately. >> chaos in council. one jersey shore leader takes a
4:51 pm
stand and walks out. he's not the only one with a job change. nbc10 with the fallout from this heat meeting. dave: the effect that standardized testing is having on our students is already coming through, it's already showing, and they haven't even taken the test yet. my first-grader came home the other day and cried, because he couldn't - he didn't feel like going to karate practice. after he was done with his work, he said, "mom, i'm just tired," and started to cry. in first grade. what are we doing? what are we doing to our kids?
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
battle in a beach town. >> popular jersey shore resort is dealing with a leadership shakeup after a city council got combative. ted greenberg live this afternoon in cape may. >> ted, two people don't have the same jobs they had yesterday. one quit. the other didn't have a choice. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, jim and renee. right now, cape may no longer has a police chief and it's also short one council member. >> i resign effective immediately from this council. >> reporter: just two months into his four-year term jerry
4:55 pm
enderweiss abruptly quit from cape may city council and walked out. >> i could no longer sit at that table. >> reporter: it came at a contentious council meeting tuesday in which he verbally sparred with city manager. >> don't disrespect me. we're talking about a man's career. >> reporter: he was angered by council's 3-2 vote to demote police chief robert sheehan to captain, an ongoing investigation involving the department was cited as a concern. enderweiss wanted to extend sheehan's one-year contract to keep him as the city's top cop. >> i can't sit here on a witch hunt while you crucify that man. >> there was no official evaluation of chief sheehan. >> i've never heard one elected in january and walking out in march. >> reporter: she voted for him. >> i don't think what happened
4:56 pm
was very professional. >> i apologize to the supporters but i've received overwhelming response supporting my decision. >> reporter: now the city's attorney tells me, sheehan had a probationary contract that gave council members the right to evaluate his performance over the past year but it did not require an evaluation by the city manager. at this point, it's unclear how enderwiiss' council seat will be filled. >> i know ted will keep us posted. "nbc10 news" at 5:00 is next. >> here are jacqueline london and keith jones. >> keeping our eye on the storm. >> the nbc10 weather team is tracking the latest developments on a storm that could bring significant snow. >> that's right. we're watching an area of rain locally, but snow is not far behind. we'll be seeing a transition over to snow later tonight. coming up, we'll show you the timing on it and how much you can expect as we go into your morning commute. and we've all heard about
4:57 pm
the money troubles plaguing philadelphia schools. what about the state's smaller districts. nbc10 takes a closer look at how the governors could give them the boost they need next on "nbc10 news" at 5:00.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
right now at 5:00, an nbc10 first alert. a winter storm is on its way. you can see it on the radar. this storm could lead to
5:00 pm
significant snowfall in much of our region tomorrow. familiar sight. warmer temperatures made clearing sidewalks a bit easier today. don't put those shovel as way. depending on where you live you'll need them again in less than 24 hours. >> that sound, never have to hear that again. what we'll see tomorrow will be much different than today. you can barely see the philadelphia museum of art as we take a look down the ben franklin parkway. >> nbc10 meteorologist sheena parveen begins our storm coverage. >> when is this all going to start? >> the changeover from rain to snow that will occur when a lot of people are sleeping. so through the overnight hours, first alert weather day is out because of this. late tonight into about 7 p.m. tomorrow afternoon, most of this snow will be falling around the morning commute. rain will be changing to snow overnight tonight. we will see snow through the thursday morning commute tomorrow


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