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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 6, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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an icy mess awaits many of you this morning. freezing temperatures made the snow and slush a dangerous it there for the morning commute ahead. a live look along interstate 5 in south philadelphia shows a few cars moving along okay there taking it slower than normal. the main roads are not the problem this morning, it's the side streets and neighborhood roads that are the real problem. we'll have a report on that. the other big story, new developments overnight in the investigation in the deadly shooting of the philadelphia police officer as investigators add a new clue as they try to piece together what happened. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today" on this friday. i'm chris cato. more than 600 school closings
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and delays are happening this morning because of the snow and ice. full closings are on the bottom of the screen. you can also find it on the "nbc 10 news" app. brittney shipp, we are approaching a record cold in philadelphia right? yes, and throughout the rest of the region as well. bitter cold conditions this morning. head out as you head out and be careful on the roads as we are still seeing messy conditions and icy conditions with all the moisture refreezing. so a closer look at the current temperature, 2 degrees in the pocanos. 5 degrees in allentown. 8 degrees in pottstown. 11 in west chester. 14 in philadelphia. the record is 10 degrees for philly. so keep a close eye on the next couple of hours. 17 in stone harbor. and as we take a closer look at the windchill, it feels like 2 degrees in philadelphia. minus 1 in northeast philly. minus 16 in the pocanos. heading into the rest of today, temperatures stay well below average for this time of the year. 49 degrees and plenty of
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sunshine. but bitter cold conditions. our daytime highs stay between 23 and 26 degrees. but i amtraking warmer weather and will let you know when coming up in my seven-day forecast. now we'll look at the roads and we'll turn to first alert traffic reporter katy zachry watching for trouble spots. good morning. >> good morning. the majors many of the area highways are okay. but the side streets, the neighborhood streets and the secondary roads you'll see ice, slush and slippery conditions. i'm working on getting you pictures from traffic cameras around the area. first, there are bridge restrictions on the area bridges in place. 35 miles an hour for the ben, betty and walt. and also the pedestrian walkway on the ben franklin bridge has been closed since yesterday and is still closed. it will be a morning and day of clean up. snow cleanup is the word of the day. earlier we found crews using bulldozers to remove snow and clear the streets to make things easier for the morning commute. with city schools closed today,
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there should be less traffic to contend with. that's one advantage. and now from antioch where there's a lot of work to be done to remove snow and ice from the hilly neighborhood streets. this is kalos street and rochelle avenue. you can see the row of parked cars buried under snow. people have to do a lot of digging out this morning. count on the nbc 10 app for the latest forecast as our wintry weather comes to end. at least this round. wouldn't this be great if this was the end for the season? we'll alert you to any traffic problems that pop up. get the app as a free download at the app store. 4:03 now. and now to the death of a philadelphia hero. the city is grieving police officer robert wilson iii gunned down yesterday. officer wilson's home precinct is in mourning understandably. you can see the flags flying at half-staff at district 22 headquarters in northeast philadelphia. matt delucia is live in
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northeast philadelphia for us this morning. matt take us through what happened again yesterday and what a witness is now telling us about the tragedy. >> reporter: well, chris, philadelphia police have been out here at the scene since that officer down call was made 4:45 yesterday. i'm going to get out of the way -- officers are guarding the entire way. we did see detectives going into a church across the street and noticed several cameras on the outside of the church. we know the store where the shooting happened also has surveillance cameras. police say officer robert wilson iii was in full uniform when he stopped into the gamestop store at 22nd and lehigh. after he was already inside two armed men went in to announce a robbery. at this point, it's not clear if they knew wilson was an officer when he engaged them and some
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gunfire started. some officers say they saw it all, and officer wilson's partner rushed in to exchange fire as well. one of the suspects was injured by a gunshot though it's not clear which officer hit him. but the other man tried to blend in with the nearby crowd before responding. officers then took him into custody. again, a live look at 22nd and lehigh at the parking lot. officer wilson leaves behind two children ages 1 and 9. we learning more on the suspect being held for the officer's murder and will see you in 30 minutes. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." and last night we witnessed this solemn ridtual with police and the ambulance escorting officer wilson where he died. many saluted the sacrifice of a fallen comrade.
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you can count on nbc 10 for complete coverage throughout the morning. at 4:15 we'll look at the case involving the last philadelphia cop to be murdered and what is happening in that case today. at 4:30 matt delucia will be back to give us a closer look at the life of officer robert wilson and the to men accused of killing him. and at 4:45 the change officer wilson was pushing to keep his community and other officers safe. and happening today, we'll learn what is in the justice department's report on the philadelphia police department's use of deadly force. the report contains the results of a joint, federal and city study on fatal shootings by philadelphia police. it included a review of policies training and tactics. the report was put forth for a department of action at the police department. commissioner ramsey will comment at a news conference later this morning. and today a judge will sentence one of four men arrested in the murder of a teenager caught in crossfire at a philadelphia playground. this is the victim here
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17-year-old bernard scott. police say he was an innocent bystander when the suspects opened fire near overbrook high school two years ago. today rahim pleasant faces charges of first-degree murder. jawan jordan is serving four to seven years in prison. and stanley postell received a life sentence for murder. also in philadelphia the trial is set to begin for this day care worker accused of leaving children inside a vehicle while going to buy groceries. on a hot day last july skyforce 10 was over the shop rite when police arrested karen thompson. she left five kids including two infants inside her suv with the air conditioner on. someone heard a baby crying and called police. well, philadelphia mayor michael nutter introduced his final budget plan of his time in office. and as expected it included the increase in property taxes. the mayor is calling for a 9.3%
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hike in property taxes. that money will be used to help fund city schools. now just last month the school district asked for an additional $103 million from the city. >> let me say very clearly. i don't want to raise your taxes. but i do want to educate our children. >> in his proposed budget the average residential tax bill will increase by about $100 per year. nutter called the plan quote, the only path to long-term financial stability for public education. good morning. heading throughout the rest of the morning we are dealing with the possibility of record-breaking cold. but right now starting off we have not broken any records just yet. we are at 2 degrees for the pocanos. 5 degrees currently in allentown. 10 degrees in reading. temperatures in pottstown in the single digits at 8 degrees.
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trenton at 11 degrees. 10 degrees in west chester. 9 in lancaster. philadelphia at 14 degrees. the record for today is 10 degrees. so we have to drop a few more degrees this morning. temperatures in glassboro at 13. 13 in millville. 10 degrees in dover. we are going to be seeing some of the snow refreezing, so that some of the snowplows go through and warm up the snow a little bit. our temperatures are so cold we could see icy spots. so you want to be careful leaving the house this morning. make sure you bundle up because the feels-like temperature feels like minus 16. feeling like 5 degrees in allentown. 8 in pottstown. 2 in philadelphia. feeling like minus 3 in wilmington. zero in dover. and minus 2 in atlantic city. and as we take a closer look at the satellite radar shot all the snow is well offshore. we'll see plenty of sunshine as we head into tonight, but temperatures stay below average. the average this time of the year, 49 degrees. instead, take a look at how the morning will play out.
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by 8:00 a.m. temperatures closer to 15 degrees. then by noon, only 20 degrees. bitter cold conditions sticking around for us by 4:00 p.m. we are only at 22 with bitter cold temperatures heading into the afternoon. coming up, i'll go over the seven-day forecast. i'm tracking warmer conditions as we push into the weekend and into next week. yeah we are looking forward to warmer conditions. thank you, brittney. this morning as we told you, major roads are looking good in the area but the side streets and neighborhood streets are where the problems lie. monique braxton is checking on roads and neighborhoods and is live in mayfair. what are you seeing there? >> reporter: hi, chris. i'm at the intersection of tarsdale and tudor. we have seen contractors coming through and pushing snow this morning, but what happens is they push the snow and it ends up here on the side near this sidewalk. so you have people who are just coming out returning to work for the first time since the snowstorm.
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walk through. now let me show you what is happening at the mayfair diner. you can see that the business parking lot is clear. there are a few people inside the diner. also, notice the sidewalk with the city requirement that says after the snowfall you must have at least 3 feet of clear space in front of your home or in front of your business. so that is something a lot of folks are going to be out doing today. but look down here at the ground. this is a sheet of ice. i actually have the grippers on the bottom of my snow boots so that we can get some leverage here. we were walking around. so as folks head out this morning heading to work or heading to meet friends for coffee or breakfast, you have to exercise caution because you're going to see this snow and you'll be able to step down into it. but the snow is packed down and it's also iced right under it. so definitely a morning to be careful. chris, you asked me about the side streets, this is what the side streets look like.
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take a look down tudor. basically, one lane of travel this morning. you can see the ice glistening under the snow. that's what you can expect heading out this morning. if after you clean off your car you see a lot of cars they still need some touching up. monique braxton, we are back in a half hour to show you more of what is going on here as people come out after this magnificent snowstorm. back to you, chris. a hollywood superstar known for his action film survived an unscripted brush with death. next, new details on harrison ford's plane crash. you'll hear from one of the first witnesses to pull the actor from the plane. plus an airplane scare in new york as a jet skids off the runway toward an icy bay. new this morning, the lack of protocol that this crash is now highlighting.
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it is 4:15. the majors are pretty clear this morning. traffic is moving along at a steady pace there. at least at a pretty steady speed. the side streets and neighborhood streets are tricky. give yourself extra time. and certainly if you didn't dig your car out, you have to budget that in this morning. snow could cause a problem getting out the door for some but for other people -- >> wooh! >> they use it as a day of having fun. many are having fun at the philadelphia museum of art. this happened every time. some of this doesn't look like fine. some of them took a pretty good
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tumble down the steps. look at this snow covered battle deck of new jersey. if you plan to visit the ship all the snow will be removed in time for tours to continue tomorrow and sunday. and if people did have to go out in the snow yesterday afternoon, walking was the best form of transportation especially in wayne, delaware county. where they saw ten inches of snow. traffic was moving slowly along lancaster avenue there as cars made their way down route 30. well, the snowstorm, icy threat possible record cold is giving thousands of kids and teachers a long weekend. we already have more than 600 schools closing or delayed this morning. the full list scrolling at the bottom of the screen. you can always check the nbc 10 app. 4:16 now. the philadelphia police department is mourning the death of a fallen brother in blue. today flags are being flown at half-staff at district 22 headquarters in philadelphia where officer robert wilson ii
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was assigned. he was shot and killed yesterday afternoon when he and his partner interrupted a robbery at a north philadelphia gamestop. when officers went into the store, two gunmen opened fire hitting wilson three times. his partner returned fire injuring one of the suspects. both men are in custody this morning. officer wilson was an eight-year veteran and leave ps behind two children ages 9 and 1. the last philadelphia officer to be killed was moses walker from the 22nd district. he was shot and killed during a botched robbery walking home from work in 2012. he was out of uniform walking to a bus stop early on philadelphia on august 18th. two men tried to rob him as they thought he was a student and looked like an easy target. officer walker drew his weapon. he was shot and killed. the entire incident was caught on surveillance video. both suspects were arrested. now the gunmen rafael jones, will be formally sentenced
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today. jones received a mandatory life sentence without parole. he waived his right to a jury trial in exchange for prosecutors ongoing after the death penalty. his accomplice was sentenced to 20 to 40 years in prison after testifying against jones. of course stay with nbc 10 all morning long for continuing coverage of the latest death of a philadelphia police officer. you can count on our team to follow the investigation as we learn more about the suspects and what happened in the moments leading up to the shooting. a $50,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of a person who robbed a u.s. postal service worker at gunpoint in philadelphia. that mail carrier was at north 20th and west cumberland streets at 1:00 tuesday afternoon wearing cargo pants, a hooded sweatshirt and ski mask. not the postal worker the robber was. anyone with information is asked to call police. also new this morning, police have a man in custody in connection with a rash of armed robberies in ben salem and
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philadelphia. some caught on camera. undercover officers arrested glenn brennan at a business on wednesday in ben salem. he admitted to robbing half a dozen businesses in ben salem and five more in philadelphia. he's in jail now on half a million bail. good morning. heading throughout the rest of the day, the good news is we are done with the snow but still seeing bitter cold conditions. near record cold this morning. pushing into the weekend, we'll see nicer conditions. but we are checking for refreezing, so be careful on the side streets and walking on the sidewalks and driving this morning. we're tracking record cold as we head into the rest of the morning hours. then heading into the afternoon, our temperatures are staying 20 degrees below average. but much warmer heading into the weekend and next week. so a spring-like condition is on their way. for philadelphia right now, 14 degrees. it feels like 2 degrees with the
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wind speed out of the north at 9 miles per hour. the actual temperature across the region is 2 degrees in the pocanos. we are at 5 degrees in allentown. 8 degrees in pottstown. 11 in west chester. 14 in philadelphia. 11 degrees in mount holly. temperatures in wilmington, 10 degrees. 10 degrees here in dover. 13 in millville. and we are at 17 degrees in stone harbor this morning. so it's extremely cold. we are dealing with the windchill because the wind speeds are up to about 20 miles per hour in the pocanos. up to 18 in millville. 16 in wildwood. and we are still seeing breezy conditions everywhere else. so here's a closer look at the records. the forecast for atlantic city we expect to get down to close to 10 degrees. we could get close to 10 degrees for philadelphia. 9 in wilmington. and these are the forecast lows. the actual records are 10 degrees in atlantic city. 10 degrees in philadelphia. 11 in wilmington. 7 in reading. 7 in trenton. so we'll watch that really closely and see if we break or tie any records, but we are still in the near record
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category here as we head into the rest of the morning hours. the feels-like temperatures starting off at 2 degrees. pushing into the rest of the morning, it will only feel like 21 degrees for today. so it's still going to be a very cold day, but we do have warmer weather on the way for us as we head into saturday and sunday. so the arctic air stays to the north, we'll see cold air right over the region. but mild air will make its return. i'll have the seven-day forecast coming up. >> i'm looking forward to what is in your seven-day. i took a peek at that earlier. some good temps coming. all the snow we had yesterday led to accidents like this one, even though people tried to stay off the road. we found this in montgomeriville, atlantic county. give yourselves extra time with the main concern ice. what 45 flights already canceled at philadelphia international airport on top of 500 flights
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canceled yesterday. crews spent the day removing snow and ice from the property. if you plan to fly today, check your flight status by calling 1-800-phl-gate. we saw spinouts yesterday. even though people tried to stay off the roads, there were still quite a few accidents out there. there were. and this morning it is icy out there. on the neighborhood roads and side streets, a lot of secondary roads have most of the snow off with a layer of hard ice because it's so cold this morning. that's not moving. fortunately, we are not seeing that situation on the majors. this is a live look at 76 westbound at city avenue. i pulled this up because you can see the exit ramp snowy. then obviously the median is still very snowy, but the main route is pretty good. this is a live look at 95 right at philadelphia international airport with a lot of snow in the median. but traffic is moving at a normal speed because the main roads are looking good. and then 476 right near mid-county that's kind of the
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glare from the angle. we are not able to see the roadways, but i can tell you for a fact it's clear in that area. now there are some speed restrictions on area bridges. the ben, the betcy and the walt all experiencing 35 miles an hour because of weather conditions this morning. chris? this morning actor harrison ford is recovering from injuries after he crash landed a vintage plane near los angeles. here's video of medics wheeling ford to an ambulance. he maneuvered the world war ii era aircraft onto a golf course. the plane lost power just after takeoff yesterday. the movie star who played characters like "indiana jones" suffered broken bones and cuts to his face. ford's son tweeted, he's battered but okay. a doctor who was on the golf course golfing was there to give ford first aid at the scene. >> when i saw the plane in the sky and looked up i thought maybe this seasoned pilot had a trick entry, but as soon as he
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clipped the tree i knew something wasn't right. >> harry fonison ford is 72 years old and an experienced pilot. they are looking into what caused the crash. and the plane landing at laguardia airport that skidded off the runway is looking into when runways should be closed because of snow andtél/yice. this is video from inside the plane yesterday as 130 people on board tried to escape. the plane skidded off the runway and came within feet of landing in an icy bay there on the other side of that fence. six people had minor injuries. there's currently no rule about how much snow or ice should lead to a runway closure. the ntsb is investigating the incident. vivid descriptions of carnage. next, the testimony in the boston marathon bombing trial that made for an emotional day in court.
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after two days of emotional testimony, the case in the boston marathon bombing trial will resume today. people inside the courtroom say dzhokhar tsarnaev offered up little reaction to the testimony. he could face the death penalty if convicted. you are taking a live look at cape may with the snow there on the streets. the new concern is icy conditions. they want to be very careful this morning. and we are tracking bitter cold to end the workweek but warmer conditions on the way. i'll let you know exactly when coming up in the seven-day forecast.
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a thick layer of cold and ice is covering the sidewalk as the snow sends up back to a deep freeze. and a live look at the schuylkill expressway is showing cars moving pretty well this morning. for many the main roads are not the problem but it's this. the unplowed side streets that makes getting out of your neighborhood and off to work a potentially dangerous mission. be careful this morning. and the other big story, new developments overnight in the investigation in the deadly shooting of a police officer as investigators search buildings near the crime scene.


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