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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  March 6, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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closings and delays this morning. a full list scrolling at the bottom of the screen. and check the nbc 10 app. some cities have set record lows already. let's go to brittney shipp. we'll continue to see bitter cold conditions not only for this afternoon but also as we head into the start of your weekend. although temperatures will get better and warmer. we'll stay dryer for saturday and sunday, which is nice. we'll take a live look outside with the sun starting to slowly rise above cape may. you can still see snow on the ground and because temperatures are staying below freezing we'll continue to see icy conditions on the sidewalks and roads. you want to be very careful throughout today. and a live look at the aramark building with the flags moving. we are also dealing with a windchill on top of our record cold temperatures for areas like wilmington reading and allentown. we're at 12 degrees in philadelphia. the record for this morning is 10 degrees. so we're within two degrees, 10 degrees currently in washington township. 8 degrees in wilmington. 3 degrees in allentown.
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4 in pottstown. 1 in coatsville. 6 in oxford. toward the shore, 12 in woodbine. for today, bitter cold temperatures stick around. temperatures at 25 degrees for the daytime high. saturday, 33. then by sunday 44. that's just the beginning of a warm up. we will see that push into the mid-50s. i'll let you know when coming up in my seven-day forecast. now we'll go to katy zachry for a closer look at traffic. good morning. good morning, brittney. it's bitter cold out there. also, it's icy on a lot of local and secondary roads. hundreds of schools decided to close this morning just to be on the safe side. a live 07q at 76 westbound at the exchange 76 here is really clear of snow. but if you look at the 476 ramp to southbound 476, you can see there's still a lot of snow on that. so be aware of your ramps and bridges on the majors. there still might be some icy
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patches there. a live look at route 100 at pottstown pike. we have some of the first snow there yesterday and they got a lot of it. so again, probably some icy stretches along pottstown pike. then finally, route 73 this is at church road in mount laurel where you can see a lot of snow on our area roadways. so just be aware of that headed out this morning. you may want to allow for extra time. i'm also taking a look at drive times and will have a look at 95 drive times coming up. there's a lot of work to clean up from yesterday's snow. philadelphia saw more than eight inches. at 50th and market street we saw bulldozers and dump trucks removing the snow. with the city schools closed today, there should be less traffic to contend with in the city. so that's one good thing. and things could be slippery in your neighborhood. a live look here from the viewpoint of stormforce 10. we are patrolling area streets this morning just to give you a glimpse of what you'll encounter out there. you can see some of the tighter neighborhood streets. this is caster street heading to
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broad street in philadelphia. and, yeah cars that haven't been dug out yesterday, you'll need to give yourself extra time this morning to dig out from that. and nbc 10's monique braxton is checking conditions in area neighborhoods this morning after the storm. monique is live in mayfair now. and what are things looking like there, monique? >> reporter: good morning to you, chris. i can tell you that torrsdale, a primary route is clear. several trucks have come by using front-end loaders as well. and we have seen trolleys moving this morning. ly let me she you this roadway here, this is tudor. this is what a lot of people are facing this morning. you can see the ice glistening on the snow. packed ice and snow left from the winter wallop we had yesterday. i just talked to a guy in the last half hour who says he allowed an extra hour to come out just to dig out his car as well as his wife's car.
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if you don't allow that time, this is what you're going to be facing. check out the cars here that are buried. we have seen some cars rocking when you get out. the motorists have come out to head to work this morning. some of the commuters. the first thing you need to do is dig out your tires, then head to the top of the car, you can see that the snow moves with ease this morning. it is still white and fluffy. but as you get closer down to the metal, that's where you're going to have to really dig down with your fingers or with a scraper. just to dig out this morning. so you're talking about a good 30-minutes worth of work before you hop in and head to work this morning. and when we come back we'll show you some of the things that you have to do when you head out this morning, like clean off your sidewalks. because that's part of the city requirement. and then we'll have some more information for you if you venture out this morning to go to work. the latest now from mayfair, monique braxton, "nbc 10 news."
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bitter cold out here. >> get warm monique. as we mentioned at the top of this hour a lot of schools are closed or delayed in this area. more than 700, in fact at last check. they are closed or opening late because of the conditions. and you can also get alerts when your child's school makes a decision to open on a delay or close, sign up on the nbc 10 app or the time is 6:05. now to the death of a philadelphia hero. the city is grieving police officer robert wilson iii's death. he was gunned down yesterday. officer wilson ease home precinct is in mourning. the flags are at half-staff at the 22nd police headquarters in philadelphia. matt delucia is live at the scene of the shooting in north philadelphia. matt, what is happening there right now and what can we expect later today? >> reporter: well, tracy philadelphia police have been out here since that officer down call was made at 4:45 yesterday
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afternoon. i'm going to get out of the way here. you can see behind me the entire area is blocked off near 22nd and lehigh. you can see that officers have been guarding this entire area. last night around 9:00 we saw detectives go into the church across the street from here. we noticed several cameras on the outside of the church. and we know that the store where this robbery and shooting happened also have some surveillance cameras. now police tell us that officer robert wilson iii was on duty and was in full uniform when he stopped into this gamestop store here at 22nd and lehigh. after he was already inside they tell us two armed men went inside and they said that they were robbing the store. at this point, it's not clear if they knew wilson was an officer when he engaged them and the gunfire started. some witnesses out here say they saw everything. >> my assistant manager ran to the door and that's when she saw the cop out there who was
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shooting. whoever was in gamestop was also shooting out and he was shooting in. and then he was running across the lot. >> reporter: police tell us officer wilson's partner rushed in and exchanged fire with the suspects as well. one of these suspects was injured by a gunshot. it's not clear which officer hit him. but the other man tried to blend in with the nearby crowd outside before responding officers noticed him and took him into custody. officer wilson leaves behind two young children. ages 1 and 9. we'll have more on his service and what we have learned about the men being held for the officer's murder coming up in the next 30 minutes. but again out here the officers are holding the scene for the moment and waiting for the detectives to come back to continue the investigation. for now, live in north philadelphia, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." and this is a look at the solemn ritual on the streets of philadelphia that happened or happens every time a police
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officer is hit and goes down. police responders escorted the body of officer wilson iii. many saluted the sacrifice of a fallen comrade. stay with us for continuing coverage of the latest police officer killing. you can count on our team to follow the investigation as we learn more about the suspects and what happened the moment leading up to the shooting. we also just got audio from the police radio from minutes after the officer was killed. we are going through it right now and will have that for you at 6:30. new from overnight, crews responded to a small fire at a church in the taconey section of philadelphia. this happened on torrsdale after. the lighting system for a cross outside malfunctioned. happening later today the trial of pat winslow will go to closing arguments. she's accused of causing a
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woman's death by giving her an illegal silicone injection at a philadelphia hotel. the judge delayed the trial while winslow was treated for chest pains last week. winslow is charged with third-degree murder in the death of the young british student who flue to philadelphia for a butt enhancement procedure in 2011. good as we head into the rest of today, icy conditions are the first concern. and that's going to apply to the id streets and major roads. be careful with temperatures warming above freezing. and that will give us a chance to see the melting. record cold for us. i'm tracking this with the record cold conditions this morning. we'll see bitter cold conditions sticking around heading into today. but much warmer by saturday and sunday and especially next week that will be nice for philadelphia. 12 degrees right now with the windchill still at zero degrees with wind speeds out of the north at 8 miles an hour. and across the rest of the
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region, if you're in allentown only the single digits. 3 degrees. atlantic city at 9 degrees right now. and then we're dealing with the windchill throughout the rest of the region, especially closer to the shore. so the actual temperatures in the pocanos, only at 1 degree. 7 degrees in reading. 9 degrees in wildwood. 16 in wildwood, actually. we have a new record here of 10 degrees in atlantic city. philadelphia not quite at the record of 10 degrees. the actual temperature is at 12 degrees. near record cold for philadelphia but not tying the record just yet. wilmington broke the record at 8 degrees. the record is 11. tying the record in reading, 7 degrees. then we're keeping a close eye on trenton, the temperature is 8 with the record 7. the windchill is minus 10 in the pocanos. 3 in allentown. minus 5 in reading. minus 3 in atlantic city. cold air will stick around saturday and sunday.
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notice the arctic air tracking to the north with the milder air moving closer to us starting next week. we'll return to the mid-50s toward the end of next week. right now the radar shows bitter cold conditions. we'll stay in the mid-20s for today. sunny and bitter cold conditions with the seven-day forecast to show you we'll warm up heading into sunday and into the mid-50s by next week. 11 minutes after 6:00. we mentioned a lot of schools are closed or opening on a delay. so you may see less traffic during the morning rush this morning. >> it will be slow going no matter where you are. katy zachry is watching the conditions. katy? >> less traffic is not a bad thing as it will take people a lot of extra time to get to school or work this morning if you're one of the unfortunate ones who have not been canceled or delayed this morning. just to give you an idea of how bad the roads are now that the sun is coming up this is in northeast philadelphia right
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along lyndon avenue where it is snow covered there. a live look now at route 70 in cherry hill where right now it is snow covered. this is a stretch of roadway very well traveled in the early morning hours. then finally moving into delaware, this is route 1 at route 10 near the dover air force base. it's practically snow covered. we know delaware got hit hard. crews worked hard yesterday to plow a lot of the snow and did. there's just a thick, icy snow pack to remain on a lot of the local and neighborhood roads this morning. fortunately, the majors look good. taking a look at the drive times on 95 near the woodhaven and the vine, 15 minutes in both directions. tracy? as we just told you, this morning philadelphia police officers are mourning the loss of one of their own. the coverage continues about officer robert wilson iii. this morning we hear from his own words and his commitment to protect and serve his community.
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at 6:16 we are trying to give you a good idea of what the roads look like this morning. we are showing you some cars that still need to be dug out from the side of the street. do be careful heading out because there's snow pack and potentially ice under the snow pack on the roads. and today many neighborhoods will need to tackle the job of cleaning up the snow from yesterday's storm. especially places like this where we found a lot of snow and ice covered the id streets and rows of parked cars are buried under mounds of snow. and this morning we have thousands of students and teachers a long weekend. i can tell you there's a full list of school closings. we have more than 700.
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there they are at the bottom of the screen. and the philadelphia police department and the entire community are mourning the death of officer robert wilson iii killed in the line of duty yesterday. wilson was shot to death during a robbery at a video game store in north philadelphia. two men opened fire hitting wilson. he and his partner returned fire injuring one of the suspects. both men are in custody. meantime investigators are still on the scene this morning trying to piece together exactly what happened inside that store. officer wilson was an eight-year veteran of the force to leave behind two children. now the last philadelphia police officer to be murdered was officer walker also of the 22nd district who was shot and killed during a botched robbery as he walked home from work in 2012. walker was out of uniform at the time and was walking to the bus stop in northeast philadelphia early on august 18th. two men tried to rob him and thought he was a student and looked like an easy target. officer wilson pulled a gun. officer walker i should say
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pulled his gun. he was shot and killed with the incident caught on surveillance video. the shooter in that case rafael jones, will be formally sentenced today receiving a mandatory life sentence without parole and waived his right to a jury trial in exchange for prosecutors not to seek the death penalty. his accomplice was sentenced to 20 to 40 years in prison after testifying against jones. a $50,000 reward is offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person who robbed a postal worker at gunpoint. the mail carrier was on north 20th in northeast philadelphia on tuesday afternoon when approached by the gunman. no one was hurt. also new this morning, police have a man in custody in connection with a ration of armed robberies in ben salem and philadelphia. this is the person. the undercover officers arrested glenn brennan wednesday at a business in ben salem. investigators say brennan admitted to robbing a half dozen ben salem businesses and five more in philly. he's in jail on a half million dollars bail. and 6:18 now, extra travel
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time and take it slow are the rules of the morning. >> first alert traffic reporter katy zachry is monitoring the roadways. >> you'll need extra time once you get in your car and get out of the driveway. but you'll need extra time scraping off your car because many of us aren't fortunate enough to put it in the driveway or the garage. so perfect example. this truck right here, a lot of the snow pack is frozen onto your car. this is a live look in stormforce 10 navigating the roads throughout west philadelphia right now. you can see the plows did get by and made some end rows in the snow, but there's still a lot of snow pack. and some of the shoulder where cars are parked are really icy and frozen. this is a live look at 95 through yardley it is pretty clear. traffic is moving at a good clip. this is 422 at trooper road where it's a different story. snow pack on the roads. i can tell you i was along pottstown pike yesterday as they
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were the first to see the snow and got walloped yesterday. as did parts of chester and delaware county. we are seeing delays throughout mass transit. septa is reporting delays on many of the train lines, up to 15 minutes. new jersey transit expects 15-minute delays systemwide. patco is operating on a delayed schedule and expect delays. good morning. as we head into the rest of your friday bitter cold conditions will stick around for us. you're also seeing a flash on top of the aramark building. we are dealing with a windchill, minus 10 in mount pocano. minus 3 in allentown. minus 8 in pottstown. zero in philadelphia. 8 degreeswilmington. 4 degrees in chester springs. 7 degrees in kenneth square. and if you're waking up with us in quakertown the temperatures are in the single digits. 5 degrees there. 3 in allentown.
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1 degree in the pocanos. 12 in widebine. 11 in millville. 9 in dover. a quick headline shows we're concerned with icy conditions throughout the day. refreezing and icy conditions especially for your sidewalks and side streets and the major roads. near record cold in some areas. also seeing record-breaking colds just this morning. we are heading into the weekend. as far as the day concerned, by 8:00 a.m. temperatures in philadelphia at 15 degrees. by noon 20rks degrees. and by 4:00 p.m. 22 degrees. i'll have the full seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. next how winter weather is causing problems for people in one kensington building. and a vinnage world war ii plane makes a crash landing and in the plane is a famous actor.
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6:24. skyforce 10 is giving you a look around neighborhoods this morning. wayne wright is there behind the wheel. you may see sliding of the tires on the slick streets this morning. give yourself extra time to travel this morning. the weather could be to blame for a partial building collapse in west kensington. it tumbled onto north second street yesterday but one resident was taken to the hospital for evaluation. an engineer will decide if the building can be roadwayepaired or needs to be demolished. good morning, i'm katy zachry with a look at your traffic this morning. the majors are looking good throughout the area. unfortunately, on 76 westbound near gladwin we have an accident
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moving between the exit ramp and the normal lanes of traffic. so it doesn't seem to be affecting traffic there, but i'm going to keep my eye on it. keep that in mind heading throughout that area the vine and blue route are looking good. 15 minutes in both directions. but if the snow and ice on the ground weren't enough for you to deal with it's frigid outside. temperatures will stay in the mid-20s. that is a bitter start. on saturday temperatures in the 30s with a chance to thaw out on sunday, 46 degrees. look at wednesday and thursday next week 55 degrees. starting to feel like spring. i'm matt delucia live in northeast philadelphia at the scene of an officer being killed yesterday afternoon. two suspects are in custody, but the investigation continues. we'll have an update after the break.
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this morning we're getting new information about the philadelphia police officer killed in the line of duty yesterday. in the past hour we got audio that shows how officers tried to save his life. and this morning we're looking at roads and the conditions around the area. here's a live look from stormforce 10 on pine street in society hill where the road is snow covered. and you can still see cars snowed in on the left-hand side there. >> the neighborhood streets will be the issue this morning. still a lot of snow on side streets and neighborhoods this morning. we're looking at all the regions as you start your friday. good morning to you, i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. public and parochial schools are closed due to the ice and snow. and there are close to 800
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schools closed or delayed this morning. see the full list as we put it at the bottom of the screen but the updated list is on the nbc 10 app. now we'll get you updated on the cold with meteorologist brittney shipp and the first alert forecast. we are seeing record-breaking cold for the cities. and near record cold. either way you cut it bitter cold conditions expected for us this morning and heading into the afternoon. then we get better into saturday and sunday. but there's a live look at the sun coming up. not a cloud many the sky. plenty of sunshine today, but our first concern is the icy conditions leftover from the snowfall yesterday. with temperatures staying below freezing, we won't get a chance to melt theitis ice. heading into saturday and sunday, we'll be warmer. 12 degrees in philadelphia right now. the record for this morning is 10 degrees. so near record cold for philadelphia. 4 degrees in chester springs. 8 in wilmington. 4 degrees in pottstown. 9 in blue bell.
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13 in woodbine. heading into the rest of today, 20 by noon. 22 at 4:00 p.m. the weekend forecast is coming up in ten minutes. for now we'll go to first alert traffic reporter katy zachry watching the roads for us. good morning. the temperatures just make you feel cold. and we're inside a not-so-cold studio. good morning to you. ice is the other thing to contend with. this is a live look at 76 at gladwin. the roadway is clear of snow and slush, but there was an accident that happened in the median ramp between the exit ramp and the traffic lanes. it will not affect traffic but it will take you 15 minutes from the vine to the blue route. and if you're looking at the ice cy conditions we are seeing very similar situations if not
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arguably worse in delaware. a live look at route 1 near the dover toll plaza. manying to keep in mind add a little travel time in. we are seeing cross transit because of the cold. the amtrak northeast corridor is running on a modified schedule. while it's operating on a normal schedule anticipate delays this morning. and we have crews out there to give you a firsthand look at the storm conditions. this is lumbar street in philadelphia where you can see the pavement. that looks pretty good but in many areas there are moisture this morning on top of the snow. what does it look like out there, monique? >> reporter: after yesterday's wallop, this is what a lot of cars look like. this is what folks have to contend with as they head out this morning. not just clearing off the car, but they also have to clear the
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space around their tires otherwise they will be spinning on the impacted snow and the ice down below. let me she you tudor street this morning you can see under the snow that has been plowed somewhat is nothing but ice. see the ice here glistening through. so once you get through the two impediments for the morning commute for lack of a better description, then you will face the mounds like these at the corner. these are at every corner we have seen this morning on the streets that have been plowed. once you come up to the mound, you have to maneuver around it to make sure you can see in both directions. before you venture out to a primary road here like torrsdale, so far several plows have come through with the trolleys and septa buses. we also have noticed a lot of
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businesses have allowed for 3 feet of sidewalks here. that's the ordinance in the city. and another thing we have seen, a lot of people are welcoming and that's the return of the snow. that's the latest from here monique braxton, "nbc 10 news." we will never stop we will never rest we will never take a step back in our efforts to make sure that all of our citizens our business owners kids walking down the street, grandmoms going to the store or anyone else is safe in the city. >> words of determination in the face of tragedy from philadelphia's mayor following the death of robert wilson iii.
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he was killed yesterday during an attempted robbery at a video game store in north philadelphia. police arrested two people. one of them is in the hospital because he was shot by officer wilson or his partner. matt delucia is live at the scene of the shooting. matt has more on what happened in the moments there around the shooting and more about officer wilson. >> reporter: well, police say robert wilson iii was on duty and in full uniform when he came by this video store yesterday afternoon. just behind me i'm going to step out of the way where police have been out here all night. in fact this truck right here was putting light on the entire scene for the entire night. but i can tell you at 22nd and lehigh, two men came into the gamestop store and announced they were robbing the place and started shooting when confronted. now officer wilson was with the eight department for eight
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years. the two suspects mentioned him being a police officer. but they start ded this blending in with the crowd inside but responding officers quickly arrested him. officer wilson leaves behind two young children. >> i would hope the same people that are talking about some of the issues involving police now take a moment say a prayer and at least express condolences to this family. this 9-year-old boy now has to grow up without a father because of what happened here today. a 1-year-old is going to grow up without a dad because of what happened today. he put his life on the line to make philadelphia a better city and safer city. >> reporter: just terrible. but police also tell us the two suspects here have a criminal
6:38 am
record and one was out on parole. we have also learned one of the guns in the shooting had an extended clip so more rounds could be fired. last night we saw detectives pointed in this general direction and they also got video from inside the gamestop store. just within the past few hour i've been watching social media, facebook and twitter. people from around the country are commenting on this expressing their condolences and archbishop charles has come to pay his condolences. >> and here's the statement from philadelphia's average bishop charles chaput that reads in part, the shooting death of philadelphia police officer robert wilson iii is senseless and devastating. i offer my prayful condolences to his family his fellow
6:39 am
officers and all those affected in the loss. and we are choosing not to play a majority of the audio because of what happened but the portion we play will show how the officer was trying to save his life. >> settle down. transport. we need to transport the officer. >> you could hear them say not to wait for a medic but to take him to the hospital immediately. this is the tenth officer to die in the line of duty since 2006. these are all the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice serving their community. and we have more on nbc 10 and the nbc 10 app. you'll find interviews we conducted with witnesses at the
6:40 am
scene and we'll continue to follow this investigation throughout the day. happening today, we'll learn what is in the justice department's report on the philadelphia police department's use of deadly force. that contains the results of a joint city and federal investigation on fatal shooting by philadelphia police that included a review of policy i, training and track tickactics. police commissioner ramsey will comment at a news conference later this morning. and mayor michael nutter says he will include an increase in property taxes. the mayor called for a 9.3% tax in sales so. >> let me me tell you, i do not want to raise your taxes but i
6:41 am
do want to educate your children. >> this would increase the average family's bill by $100. he called this the only path to long-term financial stability for public education. good morning. heading into the rest of today, icy conditions are the number one concern because our temperatures will stay below freezing. so that's not going to give us a chance to melt all the ice and leftover snow. be very careful on the side streets and major roads much warmer heading into saturday sunday and monday next week with a report with wind speeds at 8 miles an hour. across the area 1 degree in mount pocano. 3 in allentown. 8 in trenton. 4 in mount holly. 9 in glassboro.
6:42 am
single digits in atlantic city. 11 in millville. bitter cold heading out the door and it will stay that way. we are two degrees above the record. the old record in reading was 7 degrees. trenton at 8 degrees with the record seven. near record cold. also dealing with the windchill and light wind speeds. minus 10 in the pocanos. zero in philadelphia. quiet on the radar, but bitter cold conditions stick around with temperatures between 23 and 26 degrees. and we are going to warm up as we head into the weekend. and the snow and ice are rough in some neighborhoods this
6:43 am
morning. >> they are. katy zachry has been watching all the conditions. katy? >> we know the warm up is not happening today. this weekend is our best bet for that. so this is a live look at sussex county, route 1 and 24. it is very snow covered with a lot of snow there in delaware yesterday, as did much of the area. so they did a really good job of clearing it but still what remains is the slushy ice pack that is really frozen to the payment right now. 76, we are seeing typical delays along 95. also for those of you traveling on the route 42 freeway between 55 and the walt whitman bridge it will take you five minutes. coming up we'll talk about road conditions to the bridges. and harrison ford is make ing progress recovering in the
6:44 am
hospital. and soon what could be missing from the ringling brothers' show.
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a philadelphia police officer killed in the line of duty is being remembered this morning. officer robert wilson iii was gunned down yesterday at a robbery at a gaming store in northeast phil. two gunmen returned fire injuring and killing wilson. meantime investigators are trying to piece together exactly what happened in the store. officer wilson was an eight-year veteran of the force and leaves behind two young children. and we met officer wilson back in december when they started to test body cameras. he told nbc 10 at the time he was looking forward to using the
6:48 am
new technology to better protect the people of philadelphia. he said the issue most important to him was regaining public trust. >> it is less negative reaction from the community. >> officer willson said it was part of his investigation. and the plane lost engine power after takeoff yesterday. harrison ford suffered broken bones and cuts to his face. his son tweeted he's battered but okay. a doctor who was on the golf course golfing at the time gave ford first aid at the scene. >> when i saw the point in the
6:49 am
sky, i looked up myself and thought, maybe it's a seasoned pilot with a trick entry. but as soon as they clipped the tree it was obviously something was wrong, something wasn't right. >> 72-year-old harrison ford is an experienced pilot and they are investigating. and the ringing brothers circus will remove asian elephants from the traveling shows by 2018. the 13 performing mac elephants are being let go because of treatment over form erer pachyderms. now let's go to new york for a look at what is ahead on the "today" show. >> we'll say hello to savannah guthrie and willie geist. >> good morning to you. >> nice to see you. coming up on the show the overnight developments on
6:50 am
harrison ford's frightening crash landing. this morning we'll hear from him from the cockpit moments before the accident. then consumer news. the five things not to buy at the popular big box stores. then get ready to be taken to church. because we have a live performance when we see you on this friday morning right here on "today." >> yes, it certainly does. we'll see you at 7:00. thanks. >> see you in a bit. >> see you. and good morning. taking a live look outside right now as the sun continues to come up. it's going to be a very cold day. i almost said beautiful day, but it will be cold and beautiful at the same time. we'll see plenty of sunshine for us today, but the main concern is going to be icy conditions. so especially along sidewalks, side streets and even your major roads, take it easy. we're tracking record cold this morning and then bitter cold
6:51 am
conditions settling in for us heading throughout the rest of the afternoon. but things change pushing into saturday and sunday. i'm tracking warmer conditions especially next week. a live look outside right now where we are seeing barely a cloud in the sky. plenty of sunshine expected for us. 12 degrees in philadelphia. the record low for this morning, 10 degrees. we are near that record category. but we're not tying or breaking the record. our wind speeds out of the north at 8 miles per hour. and the windchill is closer to zero degrees. that's what it feels like when you step outside. 1 degree in the pocanos. 3 degrees in allentown. trenton, 8 degrees. 4 in mount holly. 8 in wilmington already breaking the old record of 11 degrees. 11 in millville. temperatures in atlantic city at 9 degrees. another record broken for atlantic city. the old record was 10 degrees. and then for wilmington, we broke the old record of 11 degrees. we'll continue to monitor that for you, but minus 10 is the feels-like temperature in the pocanos. we'll continue to see plenty of sunshine heading throughout the
6:52 am
rest of today although we stay bitterly cold with temperatures ranging between 23 and 26 degrees. your seven-day forecast shows a big-time warm up heading into sunday. we'll warm 20 degrees from today at 46. don't forget to spring your clocks ahead an hour. and then the mid-50s heading into next week. so we have a warm up to look forward to but bitter cold temperatures today. we have to get you to work. >> yes, and you'll need extra time to do that this morning. nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter katy zachry is watching slippery road conditions. >> and extra time to clear your car of that snow that froze overnight. then to get out of the driveway and navigate through the neighborhood roads, a lot of local roads are ice packed. this is a live look right now at 422 right near trooper where we are seeing the typical volume this time of the, mo. all that is going slower than it normally is. we're seeing snow and ice pack on the roads in trooper. and we are seeing moving into new jersey, this is a pretty busy intersection for this time of the morning. and there's a lot of snow and
6:53 am
ice pack on the road of route 73 near neesham road. throughout the morning, we're taking a look at the bridges. there is a speed restriction on many of the area bridges because of the weather conditions that are persisting on the ben franklin bridge. that pedestrian walkway is closed. also, look at your drive times on 95 between naamans road and 476, i brought this up because a lot of flights were delayed yesterday. and if you're headed to the airport hoping to catch a flight, your drive times are looking good on 95 there. and we are looking at the side streets for you with monique braxton live in the mayfair section of the city. >> reporter: good morning, chris. the major roads and primaries are passable as you can see. they are ready for you. but if you have to head out to the side streets first, this is what awaits you. and that's a different story. an up-close look after the break.
6:54 am
i'm matt delucia live in north philadelphia. 14 hours later the crime scene remains at the spot where a philadelphia police officer was shot and killed. we'll have an update on the investigation, next.
6:55 am
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i'm matt delucia live in north philadelphia where an officer was shot and killed yesterday afternoon. behind me 14 hours later, it is still an active crime scene. the parking lot in front of this video game store has been taped off all night. he was an eight-year veteran of the department working in the 22nd district and was killed while trying to stop a robbery. two men tell us that two men
6:58 am
shot the officer. both suspects have been arrested. the officer leaves behind two children ages 1 and 9. we expect detectives to come back to the scene to continue the investigation as they have been looking for any and all video they can get. live in north philadelphia matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." and i'm monique braxton live in mayfair. a good ice scraper and sweeper is what you'll need this morning. this is what the side streets look like impacted with ice and snow. and dig out your tires. once you reach a primary intersection here you have to make sure you can see around the mounds piled up at many of the corners. navigate around the mound and have a safe morning and weekend. live in mayfair, monique braxton, "nbc 10 news." thank you, monique. great description of the local roads. a lot of neighborhood roads really ice packed. a lot of the slush from yesterday is frozen making for a pretty tricky drive.
6:59 am
this is a live look at route 202 at chester brook boulevard where we are seeing conditions like this throughout the area. another live look route 7 at churchman's road. and this is 76 at conshohocken where the roads are snow covered. it sure looks nice but don't let that beautiful picture show you. we are going to see bitter cold temperatures today. temperatures range between 23 and 26 degrees. plenty of sunshine. we'll warm up heading into the weekend. dry conditions are expected saturday, sunday and into next week. 46 degrees by sunday. closer to average. and mid-50s by wednesday and thursday. >> look at that! >> the 50s! >> bravo! >> that brings a round of applause. bring that on. that's the end of winter. that's it. we're done. bye-bye, winter. >> i'm ready for that. >> you heard it here. >> we are out of time. we'll see you next for local updates in a few minutes. of course, the "today" show is
7:00 am
next. >> get up to the minute information on our nbc 10 app that's a free download. thank you for watching. have a great day. be careful on the roads. >> good morning. battered but okay. harrison ford recovering after surviving a frightening plane crash. this morning his emergency call from the cockpit. >> and his split second decision at the controls that may have saved lives. >> breaking overnight, investigators removed the delta jet that skidded off an icy runway at the airport and passengers tell a harrowing story. >> the only thing that stopped us was the gate. >> why was the runway opened in the stormy weather. >> security lapse? the state department looking into whether hillary clinton jeopardized information using


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