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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  March 11, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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sizeable donation to officer robert wilson's family. nbc10's rosemary connors is live this afternoon in northeast philadelphia. >> this is a hopeful moment in an otherwise really tragic story. >> reporter: that's the best way to put it. earlier today top executives from gamestop were here at fop heed quarters where the flag is flying although half-staff. inside fop headquarters a memorial to the officer who lost his life last week inside the north philadelphia gamestop. today execs from gamestop presented a check to the fop president to give to officer wilson's family. while the fop president would only say, as you mentioned, that it was a sizeable donation i'm told that it was worth $50,000. also, the company plans to set up donation jars at their east coast stores a symbol of their support and gratitude for officer wilson's actions last week. >> they were very thankful and from what they understand from what they were -- the information they received that
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officer wilson saved lives there that day. >> reporter: outside fop headquarters in northeast philly, in addition to the gamestop -- in addition to gamestop, the community out here has been raising money for officer wilson. i just did some checking and found out police and fire credit union, so far they have raised over $60,000 and the go fund me page for officer wilson is over $14,000. reporting live in the northeast rosemary connors, "nbc10 news." as for the suspect's brothers ramone williams and carlton hipps are accused. wilson's partner shot hipps in the leg. williams was arraigned overnight, friday on murder and attempted robbery charges. hipps will be released from the hospital. tomorrow will mark one week since the deadly shooting at the gamestop. new information on the pennsylvania state trooper seriously injured in an ambush outside his barracks. trooper alex douglass has undergone 15 surgeries and is
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about to have a 16th to repair the damage from his injuries. investigators say eric frein shot douglass outside the blooming grove barracks six months ago. this is a photo of douglass on crutches when he went home for the holidays. corporal brian dickson was killed in the ambush. police caught up with eric frein hiding out inside an airport hangar. he's facing several charges including first-degree murder for dickson's death. pennsylvania's top attorney was in court today. what is unusual is which side the courtroom attorney general kathleen kane found herself. deanna durante is live in center city. kane has been under fire for months for allegingly leaking information. today she's fighting back. >> reporter: she's fighting back in front of the pennsylvania state supreme court, or her legal team is. she was silent for most of the proceedings and didn't have much
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to say as she entered and left the courtroom. now, the justices here are not deciding whether or not kane committed a crime. instead, the issue before them is whether or not the judge that ordered the investigation had the power to do so in the way that he did it. >> very cautiously hopeful. >> reporter: that's pretty much all attorney general kane would say as she entered the supreme court today. her lawyer did the talking for her inside the chamber, telling the supreme court justices this man, thomas carluccio, has no legal authority to investigate a grand jury leak. he said he notified kane last year that he had been appointed to investigate a leak in a previous grand jury case and said kane is only fighting the case because the investigation turned on her. in a grand jury determined she was the cause of the leak. court documents released by the supreme court show the grand jury is recommending charges against kane, including perjury and obstruction. >> not motivated by anything else but the truth. >> she waited too long to push this, sir? >> reporter: kane's lawyers did
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not contest the items in the grand jury presentment. they say it's the judge who ordered the investigation had asked a district attorney to investigate, well, that would be a different story. >> why so silent today? you certainly have been very outspoken about this throughout the entire process. why today are you not saying much? >> we're going to let the court make their own decision. >> reporter: so, now what happens next? the justices have to decide on this issue as to whether thomas carluccio legally could have pursued an investigation. many legal experts tell us even if the court decides in kane's favor, that may not halt the case. the case as came out in court today, has, in fact, been turned over to montgomery county district attorney's office and legal experts tell us it could still be up to her to pursue her own investigation. she is not commenting at this point. there has been no word as to how long the justices will take to decide. reporting live in center city deanna durante, nbc10. >> boy this is more like it. perfect weather for shopping or
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a walk in center city. we're still more than a week way from the official end to winter but feels like spring is here finally. how long will this great weather last though? >> nbc10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with some answers. >> we did get up to 60 degrees today. thanks to that nice warm wind. a fair amount of sunshine. we may not hit 60 for a while. this is just temporary. 61 in philadelphia now. 50 in mt. pocono. 62 in atlantic city and millvale. and the ocean temperature all the way up to 35. we have more sunshine from philadelphia northward today and more clouds to the south. the rain has pretty much stayed far south of the area. the delmarva peninsula. as we go through the evening, it's going to be dry, warm. beautiful evening. temperatures not dropping very much. it's going to be cooler than it
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was last night but certainly nothing exceptional for this time of the year 37 but winter is not over. we have much colder weather. we also have some weekend weightness in the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. investigators are offering a reward of up to $50,000 in the cold case disappearance of a jersey shore man. john weissbecker was last seen on this date of 2009. the fbi says a postal worker noticed a side door to the home was left open. investigators say there were signs of a struggle at the scene. he has tattoos on his arms and torso. talk about back to the future. this new jersey man's been -- has admitted robbing the same shoe store he robbed 15 years ago just a day after being released from prison. christopher miller returned to the stride r. te store in toms river last march. he spent 15 years in mron and could face another 20 years for his latest robbery. a woman is recovering after she was hit by a car in philadelphia's port richmond section this morning.
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sky force 10 was over the scene at richmond street and caster avenue. the victim is in stable condition at temple university hospital. nbc10 is now making calls to find out if the driver will face charges. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with a man accused of trying to fire bomb a house in philadelphia. police arrested the suspect early this morning. a few blocks from where firefighters found a burning device in the house on palmetto street. police haven't released the man's name and the motive is also unclear right now. jury deliberations continue today in the retrial of a local priest accused of child sex abuse. andrew mccormick is accused of assaulting a 10-year-old altar boy back in 1997. prosecutors say mccormick lured the boy to his bedroom in the recollecter to of a bridesburg church. he has denied the allegations. a previous trial for the priest ended last year after 29 hours of deliberations with a hung jury. we'll let you know as soon as this jury reaches a verdict. gloucester county mayor charged with drunk driving heads
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to court. >> the mayor is also accused of asking for special treatment. nbc10's south jersey bureau reporter cydney long explains how the politician is laying out his defense. >> good morning, your honor. >> reporter: jeff hamilton let his attorney do the talking before municipal court judge. >> any affect upon his ability to operate his motor vehicle? >> reporter: but it was hamilton who could be heard loud and clear. >> i'm going to make calls to the mayor, sir, because we're buddies together. >> reporter: on december 20th asking a police officer to call the mayor of woolwich township. hamilton's request for more time to prepare his case was grand by the judge. >> we're not going to have a comment, so -- >> reporter: time to prove prescriptions may have interfereded with the mayor's ability to drive that night. >> today is just a continuance. >> reporter: because why? >> we're trying to obtain medical records. mr. hamilton was suffering from hypertension as well as bronchitis and he was on several
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medications. >> reporter: the mayor didn't wish to elaborate on why he wanted to speak to woolwich township mayor the night he was pulled over and showed difficulty with sobriety tests also failed according to police to perform a breathalyzer test. >> no comments at this time. my attorney just mentioned everything to you. >> reporter: but don't you have something to say to the people of paulzsboro? >> at another time. >> the side effects of the drug by even having one drink could make it appear as though he was intoxicated. >> reporter: he pleaded not guilty to the charges in early january. now he has 30 days to produce his doctor and pharmacy records together with his attorney before he's due here back in court. cydney long, "nbc10 news." a republican candidate is taking on philadelphia's well-established democratic base in her bid for mayor. she stands alone on the gop side of things. here are six candidate -- or there are six candidates vying for the democratic nomination. many of them are high-profile,
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including a former da an ex-councilman and a state senator. today nbc10's christine maddela spoke to the republican candidate for mayor, who filed her paperwork just before yesterday's deadline. and she's only been a republican for a short time? >> reporter: that's right. she switched from the democratic to republican party in january. today i sat down and talked to her about why she switched parties and what she could do as philadelphia's next mayor. >> the democrats in philadelphia have just not taken care of the citizens of philadelphia. and that's not okay with me. and that's not the party that i want to be associated with anymore. >> reporter: melissa murray-bailey is the lone republican in philadelphia's mayoral race. >> i'm bringing new and fresh ideas. i am not held back. >> reporter: she told me she's the candidate who represents change for this city. the businesswoman doesn't have political background. she says that's a good thing. >> i come from a business
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background. i have a degree in engineering. as an engineer from the very beginning, they teach you how to look at problems through a different lens. throughout my career i've been doing that. >> reporter: she doesn't have a campaign platform just yet since she doesn't face a primary election opponent. she tells me she has time before the general election. she emphasized education, safety and employment when we talked. >> i think people are kind of exhausted by the battering back and forth of the parties. he had just want someone who represents someone who's going to make the city someplace that families can be safe have great education system for their children and great jobs for the people of their family. >> reporter: that's you? >> that's me. >> reporter: she stoeld me right now her campaign is funded by grassroots efforts. she hopes more donors come forward. christine maddela, "nbc10 news." >> as election season heats up
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here are a couple dates to put on your calendar. may 19th is the philadelphia primary and then the general election is tuesday, november 3rd. count on "nbc10 news" to bring you coverage of the campaigns and the candidates in the race for philadelphia mayor. resident advocacy groups and others sat down to talk about new jersey governor's christie $33 million budget. today was the first of three public meetings on the budget. a panel heard testimony from people but no binding decisions were made. christie faces an uphill battle, getting the budget approved. he's concentrating on overhauling the state's $80 billion public pension system. but democrats controlling the legislature are skeptical. lawmakers must agree on a budget by june 30th. officers in one burlington county town are introducing a new way to keep a close eye on criminal activity. the morristown police department wants business and homeowners to register their outside cameras. they say the footage could help them solve crimes in the area. officials say all cameras will feed to a secure location.
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only police will be able to access your information. taking up the fight today to increase the minimum wage in pennsylvania state representative leslie acosta and other pennsylvania lawmakers organized the hearing on temple university's campus today. labor activists and public officials testified before legislators, urging them to boost the commonwealth's minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $10.10. pennsylvania has the lowest minimum wage of our three states. delaware's will increase in june from $7.75 to $8.25. new jersey's minimum wage is the highest at $8.38 an hour. bucks county officials will hear from verizon on its proposal to build a new cell phone tower in humville. officials are expected to make a decision during tonight's meeting. that meeting is scheduled for 7:30 tonight in the borough hall in humville. death penalty debate front and center in harrisburg.
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inmates filed a lawsuit over the drugs pennsylvania uses for lethal injection. the suit claims the mix of drugs is illegal. last month governor tom wolf put a hold on all executions in the state while the process is reviewed. prison officials have moved about 35 inmates from a berks county officials after several recent escapes. they say public safety concerns prompted the change at warnersville correction center. the inmates are now held at york county prison. today in the boston marathon bombing trial, focus turns to the police officer murdered in the hours before the brothers. >> nbc national correspondent has the story. >> reporter: the chief of police at massachusetts institute of technology told jurors he saw officer sean collier parked in his patrol car 9:30 three days
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after the bombings. he said he stopped and chatted with collier for three or four minutes, remembering the last thing he ever said to collier, be safe. when asked if he ever saw collier again, he said no i did not. dzhokhar tsarnaev is charged with killing collier. investigators believe he andcrept up on the officer as he sat in his car and killed him, trying to steal his gun. the m.i.t. had switched to a triple-threat holster which makes it difficult for someone other the officer to remove the gun. collier's family has been preparing for this day of testimony for nearly two years. >> this trial, it brings up a lot of bad memories but it doesn't change anything. sean's still gone. >> reporter: his brother andrew was certain dzhokhar tsarnaev will be convicted and wants to be in the courtroom for sentencing. >> part of me does want to see this guy. i want to see his reactions to things. >> reporter: earlier wednesday, jurors heard from an fbi cell phone analyst who testified dzhokhar tsarnaev bought a new
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prepaid cell phone the day before the bombings and used that phone to make a call to his brother at 2:49 p.m. on the day of the bombings. mere moments before the blasts occurred. jurors also saw tattered nylon backpack and components of one of the bombs that exploded killing three and injured 26. what's happening now with the eagles. the associated press is reporting the team just signed running back ryan matthews away from the san diego chargers. now, also right now we're awaiting a look at the eagles' new quarterback, sam bradford about to talk to the media in south philadelphia. he was picked up by the birds from the st. louis rams. eagles' quarterback nick foles went to the rams in exchange. what a difference a few days can make. a perfect day at penn treaty park in philadelphia's
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neighborhood. hard to believe the swingset was covered in snow less than a week ago. last friday the high temperature was 26 degrees. but today we returned to the 60s. it's going to be a beautiful end to the week although not as warm as today. and a saturday soaker. may need to alter some plans over the weekend as you'll see. fairly light winds. fair amount of sunshine and pretty warm out there. 61 degrees, the wind west at 13 miles an hour. we haven't been 60 or above since kris mat. today 61 but tomorrow 52. friday, 48. so, it's not going to last. it's 55 in pottstown. 58 in trenton. we have 60s across most of new jersey and delaware as well despite all the clouds that were down there. especially earlier in the day. and we had the rain.
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it hit sussex county but now has gone even farther south. that's not going away. this is. more gulf of mexico moisture. a lot of moisture already. and it's going to build up over the next couple of days. it's going to come right this way. we've been talking about this for many days and how it was going to affect our weekend. friday, 6 a.m., it's dry. 2 p.m. it's dry. so, friday generally a dry day unless you're headed out late at night. there's that steady rain moving in. some of it on the heavy side. especially saturday morning. and then this particular model starts drying us out in the afternoon. others keep the rain in all day long. for tonight, certainly no rain. temperatures back, a little cooler than last night. 35 for a low in philadelphia. 29 north and west. very close to the average for this time of the year. the average high is 51. and we're going to be very close to that tomorrow too.
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not 61 51. a lot of sunshine out there. a lot of you will love tomorrow too. even during the day on friday it's dry, 52 degrees. the rain comes in friday night. a rainy day on saturday. sunday, obviously, a dryer day. there could be a shower as colder air tries to come in. nothing like saturday. a higher 52. and then well, the nice sunny day on monday. look what happens wednesday. cold weather returns. for the rest of next week, it looks even colder than that. we have this just into our nbc10 news room. a hung jury for a local priest accused of sexual abuse. andrew mccormick is accused of assaulting an altar boy in 1997. prosecutors say he lured the boy into the recollecter to of a bridesburg church. he denied the allegations.
4:20 pm
a previous trial for this priest also ended last year in a hung jury after 29 hours of deliberations. and today, again, a hung jury in this latest trial. so a status date for a third trial has been set for april 10 lt. new jersey police making changes state wide. the equipment they're now required to have to keep you safe. then philadelphia's most popular restaurants under the mike microscope. why the government is crack down on them. the new report that shows the safest cars for your family coming right up.
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a special homecoming for nearly a dozen families in great need. today's officials joined the emergency center to celebrate the grand opening of bingham in west philadelphia. 11 new affordable houses sit where a vacant lot and building once stood.
4:24 pm
seven houses are for formerly homeless women for special needs and their children. we're just a little more than six months away from the world meeting of families and a visit from pope francis to philadelphia. today organizers of the event announced who will lead the 15 committees to help with planning. they will start meeting next month covering issues like liturgical development, visit and finding enough host families. pope francis will visit family september 26th and 27th. the pontiff will celebrate mass on the ben franc ln parkway the last day. >> there's a family in the midwest who probably wouldn't be able to participate in the world meeting of families except for the fact that a family here in philadelphia will host them. there's a committee of people here this morning who will make that possible. >> the world meeting of families and its committees will closely coordinate planning with the city of philadelphia. well some of the best spots to get a meal in our area.
4:25 pm
>> they may not be following the rules. today the local restaurants under review and the changes they may be forced to make. also required for the road new at 4:30 the new law on the books in our area that will require every new police car to have something extra on board. lawmakers say it will help people and the police working to protect them. we're getting a midweek gift but don't get too used to it. i'm tracking the return of the rain plus the cold air's going to come back. my exclusive nbc10 first alert seven-day forecast. then coming up tonight on "nbc10 news" at 5:00 the cost to ride. new jersey transit plans to raise its fares to fill a budget shortfall. how much more train and bus riders can expect to pay.
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right now at 4:30 it is short sleeve weather in kol lingswood. today sun out there, temperatures topping out in the 60s. earlier nbc10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz told us it hasn't been this mild since christmas. we believe him. >> now the question is how do we keep a good thing going out there? glenn, how about it? >> no it's not go to happen. this is a one-day thing. it's amazing how warm it feels at 60 degrees compared to what we've been seeing. last friday it was 26 for the high. 61 right now and it's 62 in millvale. atlantic city international. 60 in mt. holly. and not a whole lot of wind. a fair amount of sunshine especially from philadelphia
4:30 pm
northward. the rain today was well to the south and then it moved even farther to the south. so, we're clear tonight. it's going to be obviously warm to start off the evening. temperatures will drop more than they did last night because of the clear skies. tomorrow will not be as warm as today. but we also have much colder weather and a good bit of rain. the seven-day is coming up in a few minutes. well this week on nbc10, we've been reporting extensively on the pothole problem across the region. it's left drivers with damaged cars and left road crews busy patching those craters. >> today we're getting a different look at the impact. nbc10's doug shimell is back on road patrol today. >> doug this is pretty serious damage we're talking about. >> reporter: it really is. it can be several hundred dollars, even low thousands for a car. of course, when you hit these little mini crater lakes like the ones here on old york road it's no wonder. they took one look at virginia's tire and pronounced it finished
4:31 pm
and aaa's rich delivered the $108 news. >> if i swerved left i would have gone down into traffic. if i would have swerved, i would have hit traffic. so i slowed down as best as i could. and pow. >> reporter: aaa had 1,000 flat tire calls. >> a substantial amount of our calls are usually for batteries. however, in this particular case, a substantial amount is for tire repairs or flat tires from hitting potholes. when you look at the rim, you see actual part of the rim is completely gone. >> reporter: but the cost of car damage from the holes in penndot's roads is pretty much on the driver. >> any kind of damage suffered by them is nature -- is caused by nature. so we're not held liable for that. but if a motorist wants to file a claim, they can file a claim
4:32 pm
at the department of general services. >> reporter: virginia wonders if it's even worth asking penndot to pay up. >> it takes an act of god. how can you win that? is anybody winning their claims? >> reporter: well in a word no. but penndot says if you damage your car on a pothole that has been reported to them and they have not fixed it within a certain amount of time you stand a slightly better chance of getting your claim processed. but speak of claims probably your best bet is to go to your own insurance company and make certain that the estimate for damage for the potholes is more than whatever your deductible is. live on west oak lane doug shimell, "nbc10 news." as you dodge those potholes remember you can help with the problem. grab your smartphone or tablet tap on the "nbc10 news" app and we will put you in direct contact with road crews in pennsylvania new jersey and delaware so you can report pothole as long your commute. take a look that the guy
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robbing a popeye's chicken in west philadelphia. he walked into this store on woodland avenue last friday, pulled out a gun and swiped money from the cash year. he had a lookout working outside the restaurant. if you recognize the robber you're asked to call philadelphia police. new surveillance video today, showing two men wanted in connection to a double shooting in northwest philadelphia. this video from sunday shows the duo parking the car before getting out and walking to the corner of sten ton avenue and beach wood streets where investigators say they shot two men sitting inside their car. both victims were treated for non-life threatening injuries. detectives are looking for an older model dark colored dodge intrepid. anyone with information is asked to contact philadelphia police. new information on a assemblyman's defamation lawsuit against a car dealership. paul moriarty reached a settlement with classic nissan of turnersville.
4:34 pm
he called washington township police to report moriarty was drunk leading to his dui arrest. the judge dropped all drunk driving charges against moriarty. the officer was acquitted last week of false reporting. senator moriarty sponsored a bill to have cameras in police vehicles. they signed it into law today. it requires every new jersey vehicle be equipped with a recording system. the camera would either be on the car or on the officer's uniform. an extra $25 charge for each dwi conviction would pay for those cameras. moriarty said it helps to have video footage to back up claims of excessive force against civilians. there are many good officers who have been wrongly accused and this is designed to ensure their protection as well.
4:35 pm
there among the top spots for dining but may be breaking the rules. and the top cars for families. first, here's what we're working on for you although 5:00. seemed like when we got our bill this month, it's triple. >> nbc10 told you about south jersey gas customers and their skyrocketing bills. new at 5:00 the action being taken and what you can do right now to get relief. then a push to put warning labels on soda and sugary drinks. why top industry officials say it won't improve public health. and we're asking if there's a better way to resurface roads that will prevent potholes and costly damage to your car. count on "nbc10 news" at 5:00.
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we're looking at the eagles' new quarterback. sam bradford is speaking to the media. he was picked frupt birds from the st. louis rams. nick foles went to the rams in exchange. >> training staff in st. louis, we decided to take this one a little slower per dr. andrew's recommendations. i believe the team doctor here spoke with dr. andrews today. like i said, i'm sure that the training staff here will talk to him, myself you know we'll come up with a plan. i would say it's been a little slower this time around. >> there was a guy yesterday on a local tv show who was a knee expert who said the closeness of the two injuries is very alarming. do you say that's old news and
4:39 pm
things have changed? how do you respond to that, i guess? >> that would be the first time i've ever heard that so that's really not alarming to me. i think you've seen players come back from acls before you've seen guys come from two, even three acls. i'm not really worried about that. i'm just working really hard every day to get back to healthy. >> the torn acl in the same spot do you have any doubt you'll be able to come back from this and be the same sam bradford that was the number one overall pick five years ago? >> no. i'd be lying if i wouldn't say i'd be a little nervous the first time i stepped on the field. i think anyone who's gone through what i've gone through would be a little nervous to step on the field. once i get out there, the bullets start flying i take that first hit, i'll shake it off and be fine. >> do you think it's a coincidence coincidence? >> i think it's a freak deals. from everyone i've talked to our team docs in st. louis, dr. andrews, they just thought it was one of those thing, i got hit a certain way two times.
4:40 pm
regardless of whether my acl was an original, a repair, it was going to tear. and so i think it just happened. >> when you looked at what you've accomplished up to this point, do you still feel you have something to prove? >> absolutely. you know i think i have a lot to prove. you know i have a lot to prove to everyone in this building. i think coach kelly took a leap of faith bringing me in here. obviously, he believes in me. now it's my time to prove to everyone else in this building that i belong here. >> deals came to you with offering a contract extension, would you take it? >> like i said i haven't got that far yet. i'm still trying to comprehend this. you know i'm sure that's something that will happen down the line but, you know, until that happens, i really don't know. >> sam a lot of people are a little skeptical about this given your injury history. are you someone that takes this -- >> sure. >> -- as motivation? do you ignore it? how do you take that? >> i think it's motivation. but i understand it from their standpoint. you know i'd probably be a little apprehensive too. i know how hard i've worked to get back the second time around.
4:41 pm
you know, i'm ready to go. you know as soon as they clear me, i can't wait to get on the field. i don't think anyone should be worried. i think that once they see me on the field and they see how hard i'm going to work to get back i think all those doubts will be gone from their minds. >> sam i know you said you don't know when you'll be ready. wouldn't you be ready by training camp? >> yes, yes. yes. yes. >> demarco murray was your roommate for a little time. >> yes. >> are you recruiteding him here? >> absolutely. you know i've been trying my hardest. you know i called him, i've texted him, i've done everything. we've been in communication. you know i think if we had somehow land demarco, it would be a great pick up. not only is he a great player he's a great person. he's a really close friend of mine too. i really think he could help this ball club. >> we've been listening to the eagles' new quarterback, sam bradford talking to media. introduced today after this big trade yesterday. nick foles to the rams. bradford comes here. a lot of questions here today, we've been seeing focused on his torn acl, the second torn acl he's had. he missed last season with the
4:42 pm
rams because of it. he does admit he has a lot to prove, admits he'll be a little nervous the first time he takes the field. though he insists ready to go as soon as i'm cleared to play. so sam bradford being introduced to the media here in philadelphia. in the meantime we're following more breaking news out of ferguson missouri right now, where the city's police chief has resigned in the wake of a scathing justice department report. city officials said thomas jackson submitted his resignation letter today. jackson had previously resisted calls to step down over his handling of the shooting of unarmed teen michael brown. the justice department's report cleared officer darren wilson of civil rights charges in brown's shooting but found racial bias in the city's police department. sky force 10 live over breaking news in pine hill camden county. police are investigating a suspicious package there. this is happening at the intersection of aerial road and east branch avenue in pine hill. that intersection is now shut down. stay with "nbc10 news" for more on this breaking news story.
4:43 pm
to a major milestone to make it to 112 years old. >> very few people can actually make that claim, but the people who run the social security administration apparently don't know that. today tracking the so-called living dead. the people who may have passed on even though their social security numbers live on. and the matha just doesn't add up. really nice weather today, but i'm tracking a chance for more rain. plus the return of some cold weather. my exclusive nbc10 first alert seven-day forecast. then all new tonight on "nbc10 news" at 5:00, one month after pennsylvania's treasurer stepped down and pled guilty to shaking down donors comes new information. how much the investigation is costing taxpayers.
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4:47 pm
launching a review of 25 of the city's most popular restaurants. it wants to see if the restaurants are complying with the americans with disabilities act. restaurant owners will have to complete a survey which may be followed by an onsite inspection. the u.s. attorney says we will take all reasonable steps within our power to ensure that any restaurants that fall short of compliance make the necessary changes. now, today we had perfect weather in pennsville new jersey, and a lot of other places too. the park was covered in snow less than a week ago. today we hit 60. a lot of snow melting. spring certainly feels like it's on the way, finally. it's been a long couple of months, hasn't it? but we finally got back to 60 degrees, first time since christmas. a nice end to the week although it's not going to be as warm as it was today.
4:48 pm
and we've got a saturday soaker here. it's going to rain for a number of hours on saturday. we have a lot of sunshine now. a lot more than we saw earlier today. 61 degrees, wind west. that is bringing in dryer air. 5 in allentown. 54 in reading. and we're still in the 60s atlantic city, millvale and dover. 56 degrees in stone harbor. the wind generally out of the west. and the wind also bringing in dryer air along with the warm air. it's stirring the air up. and that's why we're not going to be seeing fog again tonight. too much wind. 10 to 15 miles an hour. that's dropping in humidity as well. so, you don't have to worry about the fog for tomorrow morning's rush. most of the clouds today were down to the south. thinner up to the north. as the system stayed to the south of us. that's where the rain was. again, as expected. and here's some more rain that
4:49 pm
we expect. building up in the gulf of mexico ahead of the next storm. now, tomorrow no issues with the weather. a beautiful day. there's 9:00 tomorrow night. we go into friday morning. still and the rain's a long way away. so friday is dry. at least during the daytime hours. by the evening, we're starting to get some of this rain coming in. and once the rain comes in it is going to rain. hour after hour after hour. all the way through saturday morning. perhaps it gets a little patchy in the afternoon. but there's going to be a lot of rain on saturday. and this for those of you who think we have spring this is spring. the first full day of spring. and the arctic air is back on top of pennsylvania. so spring is not here. we've got some more winter, at least in the temperature department.
4:50 pm
starting the middle of next week, the way it looks. mostly clear, colder tonight. 25 for the low in philadelphia. 29 north and west. tomorrow sunny, nice. temperatures in the low 50s. around average for this time of the year. and the seven-day forecast average temperatures on friday as well, the rain comes in friday night lasts for most if not all of the day on saturday. so the outdook activities yeah, sunday is better for that although it will be windier on sunday. maybe a shower but nothing like the rain on saturday. and then monday we're dry. by wednesday it's feeling like winter again. an old problem has come back to howeverer over chris chris tis ty's administration. >> it has to do with his helicopter rides. today the cost of christie's travel, what's paid for by the governor and his political associates and what's not. and then all new tonight on "nbc10 news" at 5:00 she wowed the nation with her arm but baseball not her only talent of course. tonight watch mo'ne davis wow a basketball crowd.
4:51 pm
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[snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store.
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new published report claims new jersey governor chris christie is not fully reimbursed new jersey taxpayers for flying on state helicopters. christie has been reimbursing the state for personal use for the chopper since 2011 when there was that uproar to a flight to his son's baseball games. the new analysis found christie is not billed for the time it takes to refuel or reposition helicopters but state police say it only bills christie for the time he's physically on a helicopter. another new report finds thousands of u.s. workers well over the age of 100 applied to
4:55 pm
verify their employment with the government recently. >> and apparently it's not because people are living longer. federal auditors say it's a sign of identity fraud. the report outlined errors within the social security administration and the administration's inspector general says the findings put the government at risk. figures show 35 people worldwide had reached the age of 112 by october 2013. but the report found that at least 6.5 million people over 112 have active social security numbers. they're likely deceased but their numbers are being used to report wages. senator ron johnson says it's incredible the social security administration in 2015 does not have the technical sophistication to ensure that people they know to be deceased are actually noted as dead. "nbc10 news" at 5:00 is coming up next. >> here's kooelt jones. >> all new, they saw their gas bills double even triple. it's been sticker shock for some
4:56 pm
south jersey south gas company. tonight see how nbc10 is getting results. and today we made it into the 60s for part of the area. tomorrow, though, is going to be a little cooler. then i'm tracking rain into your weekend. i'll show you the timing of that coming up. and big changes are coming to the lehigh valley. we'll take you inside the first of two downtown development problems that will change allentown's skyline. plus, why the city has its eye on the big apple.
4:57 pm
♪ ♪ wow something sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪ ♪ need a little honey in the bowl. yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!! no? must be the honey!!!
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first at 5 closhgs new developments for the philadelphia eagles. for the first time we're hearing from the team's new quarterback, sam bradford. he wrapped up a news conference a few minutes ago. we'll hear from him and head coach chip kelly in just a few minutes. right now on "nbc10 news" at 5:00 11 service members are presumed dead after an overnight chopper crash off the florida coast. it happened during a special forces training mission. right now, military search and recovery teams are working in the gulf of mexico. >> there's still heavy fog in that area right now. nbc10's jay gray reports it was even worse overnight. something investigators say may have contributed to the tragic accident. >> reporter: wreckage from the uh-60 blackhawk helicopter began shore earlier this morning.
5:00 pm
>> tragic. it was just a shock to hear it this morning. >> don't have words for it. think of the families involved. it's hard to them. >> reporter: 11 families waiting for official confirmation their loved ones died when their helicopter crashed in dense fog during a military training exercise tuesday night. >> we always hold out hope any time there's a crash. i know we have an incredible search and rescue team. >> reporter: seven of the men on board were part of a marine special forces team out of camp lejeune, north carolina. the helicopter crew were part of louisiana. >> my priorities are search and rescue for our soldiers and the marines. secondly is to take care of our families. >> reporter: this morning president obama called commanders at both bases to express his condolences to the families, service members and the community of the 11 presumed dead. a community now preparing for the worst after news of the tragic accident. >> y


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