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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  March 11, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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ventner. >> she said he took off with a girl with florida ties a yellow hummer. i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: robert told the jury he was immediately suspicious of burrow's story that his long-time friend had run off to florida with another woman a couple days after danny vanished, he said he secretly recorded a phone call with loretta in which she claimed she had spoken with her husband. >> we're doing fine. he said i'll never come home. >> reporter: authorities say burrows fraudulently sold the couples' house and all of danny's possessions. defense believe prosecutors lack any real evidence. >> she didn't murder danny burrows. and the state, they can never prove that she did. >> i will never to this day i die, i will never get over this. >> reporter: testimony resumes tomorrow morning. the trial is expected to run well into next week.
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live tonight in mays landing, i'm ted greenberg, "nbc10 news." we also have new information this evening in the trial of a philadelphia priest. for the second time there's a hung jury in the case. andrew mccormick is accused of assaulting a 10-year-old altar boy in 1997. prosecutors say he lured that boy to his body room it in the recollecter to. previous trying for the priest also ended in a hung jury last week. he has denied the allegations and is currently suspended. proceedings for his third trial will begin in april. nbc10 on the temple campus today where we found quite a few students just wearing tooe t-shirts out there. hopefully you had a chance to get out there and enjoy the warmer weather for a change. nbc10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. we made it into the 60s. >> yeah 61 degrees today. believe it or not, a year ago today, it was 65 so it can get
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into the 60s this time of the year. a lot of sunshine during the afternoon. and that certainly has helped things. it's still 60 degrees in philadelphia and dover, millvale, atlantic city, but we're in the 50s to the north and west. we did get into the 50s even in the poconos today. the clouds generally to the south. more sunshine to the north today and the rain was in sussex county delaware has shifted even farther to the south. so, there's no threat of that during the night tonight. so temperatures are going to be going down pretty quickly as the clear skies come in here and a little cooler air mass. it's not going to be as mild as last night. we have significant colder air in the seven-day, along with some significant weekend rain. the timing on that coming in just a few minutes. tomorrow marks one week since philadelphia police officer robert wilson iii died in the line of duty. tonight we're learning of a major donation for the officer's
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family. executives from gamestop dropped off a $50,000 check today at the fraternal order of police headquarters in northeast philadelphia. gamestop also plans to set up donation jars at their east coast locations to show gratitude for officer wilson. >> they were very thankful. and from what they understand from what they were -- the information they received that officer wilson saved lives in there that day. >> officer wilson died when police say he engaged in a gun fight with two would-be robbers at this gamestop in north philadelphia. it's a wide open race for mayor of philadelphia and tonight six democrats have made the first cut. lynn abraham, nelson diaz doug oliver kinney and anthony williams all turned in the necessary number of signatures by yesterday's deadline. in a race that's typically dominated by democrats, though one republican also throwing her hat into the ring. but melissa murray-bailey is no stranger to the democrats.
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nbc10's christine maddela reports she was a member of that party just six weeks ago. >> i really embody who we are going to be in the future, not the past for philadelphia. >> reporter: south jersey native, a businesswoman making her debut on the political scene. she's also making her debut as a republican after switching parties in january. >> there are not just me coming from the democratic party and moving over to the republican party. there are lots of people doing it. a lot of people who are millenials or starting a family are really looking at what's been happening and saying, that's not for me anymore. >> reporter: former political strategist and campaign manager explains why the gop struggles in the city of brotherly love. >> unfortunately for the republican party, they're not a force in philadelphia. and their numbers have diminish even more over the years. >> reporter: he told me people in urban areas like philadelphia are hatched from the national republican party because it's more right wing more rural
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focused. >> the fact you don't have a credible republican party today is not good for the city. they are trying to build a party. >> reporter: and murray-bailey is trying to build a following. she told me she's the candidate for change and hopes voters change right along with her. >> do you have a chant for this election? >> do i. people have had enough. i'm not the only one sitting here who's had enough. everyone i've talked to is ready for something different for the city. and we've had over 60 years of the same thing. and i think if people listen and they join me, then we're going to have something historic happening here in november. >> reporter: murray-bailey told me she's working on her campaign platform. the three things she emphasized when we talked safety education and jobs. christine maddela, "nbc10 news." and the six democrats have until the may 19th primary to make their case to the voters. the general election is november 3rd.
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pennsylvania state attorney kathleen kane says tonight she will not be talking any more about a grand jury investigation against her now that her case is in the hands of the pennsylvania supreme court. she sent her legal team to argue that a case against her should be halted because a judge overstepped his authority. the grand jury was convened last year to identify how secret grand jury information was leaked to the media. a special prosecutor was named by a judge who oversees grand jury proceedings. kane contends the judge had no authority to appoint that special prosecutor. >> i'm going to let the court make their own decision now so i'm not going to have any further comment. thank you. >> kane has previously said the investigation is political retribution and gender bias. there's no word when the justices will rule. six months after a deadly ambush on pennsylvania state police barracks in blooming grove trooper alex douglass still faces a long road of recovery. doctors already performed 15 surgeries on trooper douglass.
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he'll have surgery number 16 soon. douglass ran a 60-mile ultramarathon just last year. now he's learning how to get around with an artificial hip. prosecutors say eric frein open fire outside that barracks on september 12th. frein led police on a 48-day manhunt through the pocono mountains before u.s. marshals finally caught up with hill outside an abdomened airplane hangar. corporal dickson died in the ambush. prosecutors want frein put to death if he's convicted. a group of pennsylvania death row inmates want to change the state's execution methods. five inmates want the court to block the state's plans to put them to death by lethal injection. the judge is hearing that case today. the lawsuit claims state officials never had the authority to establish the current three-drug method back in 2012. the department of corrections wants the suit dropped. the death penalty in pennsylvania was already under scrutiny after governor wolf issued a moratorium last month. wolf called the system flawed and ordered a study due later
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this year. philadelphia district attorney seth williams has challenged the moratorium. the state supreme court will rule on the case but it's not clear when. from our delaware bureau the christina school district will not have to close three of its struggling schools. last month the state told christina officials those schools would have to be shut down this year or be furnturned over to another entity. both sides have agreed to keep the schools open and they'll likely become part of the red clay in 2018. philadelphia eagles' new signal caller has arrived to the city of brotherly love today. new eagles quarterback sam bradford was introduced to the media at a news conference. this comes after he was traded for former quarterback nick foles yesterday. bradford is coming off a major knee injury but says he'll be ready to take the field when he gets the okay from doctors. we'll hear from him and head coach chip kelly coming up later in sports. well we've got some rain that could cause problems for your weekend.
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i'll show you the latest timing for the wet weather next in my first alert forecast. plus, those pesky potholes. car experts say the problem is only getting worse. what they say drivers should do if they want to get reimbursed for damage. plus destination dover? see what has hotel rooms filling up fast across kent county.
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new law in new jersey now requires all police vehicles to have a recording device. south jersey assemblyman paul moriarty co-wrote that bill. it would be on the police car or officer's uniform. an extra $25 charge for each dwi conviction would help pay for those cameras. moriarty introduced the bim not long after this dash cam video captured his arrest in 2012. a judge later dropped the charges against moriarty. the washington township police officer who arrested moriarty was acquitted last month of false reporting and official misconduct. looking for a summer destination? you may not have to go far. tens of thousands will flock to kent county for everything from music to nascar. tim furlong found out local
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businesses can't wait for the crowds to show up. >> reporter: listen to this mouthful. >> thank you for calling the award winning of dover. this is ashley speaking. >> reporter: ashley has been delivering that a lot. the hotel she works at here in dover and others in kent county are filling up for the summer way earlier than most years. why? well, firefly, yes, indeed. 80,000 music fans in the county for multiple days is a big money-maker. >> they're staying for three or four days. that's good business for us. we have business through week. >> reporter: the dover days festival in may is always a draw. nascar near memorial day. you have firefly, which includes sir paul this year. ♪ >> reporter: you have firefly's new big barrel country festival the following weekend, and state fair, and in august you have the delaware junction country festival, which will bring even more huge acts to central de.
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>> barbecue and country music go together. >> reporter: where pigs fly will be serving up a lot more ribs this summer. this spot and so many others in kent and sister counties above and below it it are going to get a terrific sump bump. dover downs hotel will be full for many of the weekends too. if there's one catch to all the good news? it's that the fairfly crowd, the nascar crowd are not necessarily the gamblers. while it's great to have all the bodies here they probably won't do too much to help the state's struggling casino industry. tim furlong, "nbc10 news." raising the minimum wage in pennsylvania was the focus of a hearing today in north philadelphia. nbc10 and temple university as state representative leslie acosta and other democratic lawmakers talked about the need for a higher minimum wage across the state. labor activists and public officials urge them to raise the wage from $7.25 an hour to $10.10 an hour.
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pennsylvania has the lowest minimum wage in our area. delaware's minimum wage will go up in june from $7.75 to $8.25. new jersey is the highest at $8.38 an hour. we're just a little more than six months away from the world meeting of families and a visit from pope francis to philadelphia. today organizers of the event announced who will lead the 15 committees to help with planning. the committees will cover issues like lit you arical development visitor business and finding enough host families. pope francis will visit philadelphia during the last two days of the world meeting of families september 26th and 27th. the pontiff will celebrate mass on the ben franklin parkway the last day ♪ fly me to the moon ♪ >> step back into the sinatra era. the philly pops spreading the news about its upcoming season of concerts. leaders say the orchestra has been able to turn the tide after a bankruptcy filing in 2012. a brand new feature included
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next season will be a salute series honoring and entertaining those who serve the community. well from beautiful music to potholes by now you probably felt the rough ride from all those holes in our area. aaa says it's now seeing more flat tire and wheel damage calls than calls for dead batteries. that leaves drivers wondering whether to file a claim for reimbursement. >> any kind of damage suffered by them is nature -- is caused by nature so we're not held liable for that. but if a moerlttorist wants to file a claim they can file a claim at department of general services. >> penndot says if your car is damaged by a pothole that was reported but not repaired you have a better chance of getting money. but experts say, you may be better off going through your own insurance. glenn, with more rain on the way, this pothole problem is not going to get better any time soon, right? >> we've had that warm weather followed by cold weather, the snow melting. a whole lot of things going on that cause those potholes.
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and more to come. this is the pothole season after all. we did get into the 60s today. we're not going to stay in the 60s. we're not going to see 60s again for white a while, but at least we got there. a nice end to the week even though it's not going to be as warm as today. and we do have a lot of rain coming in on saturday. a lot of hours of rain. no rain close by today. sunshine now a little bit of a breeze. really nice. 60 degrees. the wind is 14 miles an hour. today we got to 61. tomorrow 50. friday 52. so, that's close to average for this time of the year. 60 at philadelphia. 50s surrounding areas. quakertown at 54. doylestown 54. oxford in southwester chester county 57. 57 in newark delaware.
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55 in beach haven and in cape may harbor. so, pretty mild weather everywhere. even in delaware and south jersey where they had more clouds during the day today. the rain stayed to the south. sussex county and farther to the south. the next system nothing related to that rain to our south today is in the gulf of mexico building up moving in this direction. and there's just no doubt that rain is coming here and it's going to affect the weekend. we've been telling you this for days. friday morning, though, no rain. friday afternoon, no rain. friday night, a different story. especially if you're in delaware extreme south jersey. and then as we head toward saturday morning, we may be having the heaviest rain of the storm then. and there could be some pockets of flooding. this is not a widespread flood event but some isolated ones. by 2:00 in the afternoon, we're
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getting patchier rain. now, we have cooler air that's going to be coming in. but not as cool as what's coming late next week and into even the first day of spring. arctic air returning. the same type of pattern we've seen in the winter but the sun's rays are so strong this time of the year that even with that kind of a flow pattern, it's not going to be like, that cold. not like it was in february. just kind of cold for march. for tonight, mostly clear. colder than last night. 35 for the low in philadelphia. 29 north and west. tomorrow it's going to be sunny and pretty nice day. not a whole lot of wind. temperature is about average this time of the year. and similar story with the temperatures for friday. the rain comes at night. a rainy day on saturday. a lot of hours of rain. some computer models suggest a
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total washout, even into saturday night. but sunday a different story. it's dryer on sunday. still could get a shower. it's windier on sunday. and then sunshine returns monday and cold weather returns next wednesday. i'm john clark live at eagles complex. chip kelly speaks for the first time about the eagles shakeup. hear from him and new quarterback sam bradford.
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we work weekends here. because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at john clark live from the
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eagles novacare complex. sam bradford got to meet chip kelly for the first time. interestingly, bradford said he's heard of the possibility of being traded here for the last three or four weeks. sam being introduced to the media. he was traded here for nick foles, of course. and the birds did give up a second-round pick. sam will make $13 million this year and he really likes chip's offense. but he has missed 25 of the last 32 games. he has torn his acl in his same knee the last two seasons. the former number one pick has a chip on his shoulder. >> i have a lot to prove to everyone in this building. you know i think coach kelly took a leap of faith bringing me in here. obviously, he believes in me. now it's my time to prove to everyone else in this building that i belong here. >> demarco murray was your roommate. are you recruiting him here? >> absolutely. i've been trying my hardest. i've called him, texted him, done everything. we've been in communication. i think if we could somehow land demarco, it would be a great pick up.
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>> chip kelly spoke today for the first time since the season ended. a lot of questions needed to be answered. he says sam bradford is his guy but he said nick foles was his guy. >> he's a starting quarterback for the next 1,000 years. >> reporter: chip kelly said he wanted nick foles to be here for a long time so you do believe chip when he says sam bradford is his man? >> we'll see. it's a one-year season for everybody. we wouldn't have traded for him if we didn't believe he didn't have a good upside. >> reporter: many wonder if chip will use sam as a chip in the draft for marcus mariotta. >> i think that's crazy. >> reporter: chip was offered a first-round pick today for bradford and chip now has ten oregon players with the birds. he said mariotta is the most talented player he coached at oregon. come on he won't try to trade up and get him? >> we will never mortgage our future to go up and get somebody
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like that because we have too many other holes to take care of. >> reporter: chip kelly said he did not set out to trade his top three offensive stars. >> to get something, we have to give something up. we thought the opportunity with lesean mccoy came up you have an outstanding young linebacker we got alonzo and maxwell for lesean mccoy. with-d we want to lose him, absolutely not. >> reporter: the owner says chip articulated a dynamic and clear vision for the new approach. chip says it was jeff's call. >> i didn't make any suggestions. i just talked about the vision of this thing. he came back to me with what he wanted to do and how he wanted to do this. it's his decision on how things are run here. >> reporter: what a crazy couple days. i'm john clark at the novacare complex. we're right back.
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we got up to 61 today. you don't see anything close to that in the seven-day period. and the wet weather comes friday night through saturday.
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>> at least it's a little milder. for all of us here at nbc10, the news continues with nbc nice"nbc nightly news." on this wednesday night, breaking news. reports tonight of another black eye for the secret service. allegations of a car crash at the white house with an agent at the wheel. chopper down. a training mission off the florida coast goes horribly wrong with 11 service members aboard. tonight, the military is presuming the worst. resignation. the embattled police chief in ferguson missouri becomes the latest official to step down after that scathing report on racial bias. and beating cancer. new hope battling one of the most feared forms with a booster shot many of us have already had. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york


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