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tv   NBC 10 News at 530a  NBC  March 14, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. right now on nbc 10 news today, saying good bye to a fallen philadelphia police officer. the final preparations are under way for officer robert wilson's caisson procession that will carry him to his funeral later this morning. our saturday is off to a soggy start outside as we take a live look at citizens bank park in south philly. heavy rain is falling across much of the region right now. the good news is that the entire weekend won't be a washout. good morning, welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:30 on this saturday. meteorologist michelle grossman is tracking the wet weather for us. michelle, something i'm looking forward to is at least this rain will wash away what's left the
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winter, the snow we had from last week. >> it's finally going to be out of here the last bit of it. the stuff that's not even white anymore. it's dirty. we're looking at a wet day today, partly sunny on sunday. this weekend, not a complete washout. here's a live look outside. we are looking at wet roadways, rain falling across the area. we are looking at rain falling all across the area today. radar showing us that we are seeing the rain falling everywhere we see the green. that's pretty much every spot in our area. some spots seeing more moderate rainfall. you see the darker green, the yellow. parts of chester county bucks county seeing more moderate rainfall. for the most part we're looking at a light rain event today. temperatures are above freezing. that is the good news. we're not dealing@m%q! freezing precipitation. 39 in philadelphia 36 in trenton. 35 in lancaster, 36 in allentown and then a big difference so the
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south and east. that will be the story throughout the day. we'll see a temperature difference, cooler to the north and west as opposed to the south and east. 45 in dover 45 in wildwood. for today, temperatures rise to near 60 degrees in philadelphia. 46 by noon. and by 3:00 p.m. showers 52. we'll talk more about the wet weather today. a windy sunday and a nice start to your workweek. that's all coming up. this morning, philadelphia says good-bye to police officer robert wilson iii who was shot and killed in the line of duty. this is a live look at 33rd and jfk boulevard in center city where a caisson procession will leave for the palestra is just about a half hour from now for officer wilson's viewing and funeral. you can see in the live picture, there are many officers gathered out there. you hear the bagpipes playing. we'll continue to watch this picture. meantime nbc 10's jesse gary is live on penn's campus where the
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palestra where the police are clearing the way for the procession. >> reporter: police have blocked off south 33rd street right here where spruce and south street meet. they're not letting any more vehicular traffic go down this street. this is where the caisson will ultimately arrive. it's going to come down spruce and then make a left-hand turn on to south 33rd and make its way down to where the palestra is. i said earlier the honor guard is here blocking out, going through their paces of how they will stand for this morning's ceremony ceremony. i talked to one of the officers about why this is so important. >> it's very important. it affects everybody around the united states, especially our brothers here, brothers and sisters in the police department. >> the viewing is going to start at 7:00 this morning. last until 10:00 at the penn palestra.
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the funeral starts at 10:30. if you're headed out, be aware of the fact that there's a lot of rain and puddles, standing water. if you're coming you'll need umbrellas, et cetera. "b," the street is blocked off, so there's already a little bit of traffic confusion as people try to come on to the campus and turn on to south 33rd street. you can't because the police are blocking that off. bear that in mine. another update coming up in 30 minutes. live in university city juries nbc 10 news. >> thank you, jesse. there will be road closures after the funeral, beginning around noon today. here's a list of what will be shut down. walnut street from schuylkill avenue to 63rd street. cobbs creek parkway. 61st from cobbs creek to baltimore avenue and baltimore avenue from 61st street to
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church lane. there wasç a viewing for officer wilson yesterday. thousands of police officers from all over the country, really marched to the francis funeral home in west philadelphia. strangers, people who didn't even know the officer stopped outside to pay their respects to wilson and his family which includes two young sons. >> philadelphia is one family. we're one family whether you're in law enforcement or a civilian. it's one family. >> even eagles head coach chip kelly showed his support for the wilson family. he was at yesterday's service and brought autographed footballs for the two young boys. officer wilson was shot during a gun battle inside a north philadelphia game stop store when police say two suspects announce ed a robbery. those suspects are now in custody. stay with nbc 10 all morning long for today's continuing coverage of today's events. you can read more about how to help officer wilson's family on
5:36 am or the nbc 10 news app. breaking news in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood. the fire department now says that a three-story house on emerald street partially collapsed just before 4:30 this morning. we learned one person was taken to temple university hospital. we were told earlier that a person inside the building had made it out safely however, again, we're finding out now that that person was taken to the hospital. no word on the victim's condition. according to officials there was a strong odor of gas in this neighborhood and pgw has been notified. we'll continue to gather more information on this breaking news story and bring you updates as soon as we get them. now to two breaking stories overseas this morning. first, dozens of people are believed to be dead after a ferry accident in myanmar. officials say at least 21 people drowned when the overcrowded ferry hit rough seas and sank. 50 others are still missing.
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rescuers were able to bring more than 160 people to safety. right now, search and rescue teams are looking for more survivors. our other breaking story comes from the southwest pacific. there's widespread destruction after cyclone pam ripped through the ocean nation of vanuatu. this is video of the storm as it reached the area yesterday. officials confirm the first deaths a few hours ago. at least eight people had been killed. u.n. agencies believe thats donees more may be dead. the u.n. also says that this could be one of the worst natural disasters the pacific region has ever seen. this morning, video from a traffic stop in burlington county is fueling quite a bit of controversy. you're looking at police dash cam video of police sergeant vincent bernodas getting into a scuffle with this driver. the officer stopped him for a violation.
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he said he was scared to get out of the car without knowing why he was pulled over. the sergeant cited him for the license plate enfor obstruction. police called the sergeant's actions lawful saying he asked him four times for his i.d. and 20 times for him to get out of the car. >> he used an arm drag which is a legal force. there was no punching, kicking, no chemical case. he used the force necessary to effect an arrest. >> the driver has hired a lawyer. that lawyer tells us that the officer racially profiled and abused his client. police are denying those allegations. county authorities say there is no need for an independent investigation. if you'd like to see the entire video of this confrontation we have posted it. go to the nbc 10 news app or our website, targeted and beat enen inside
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mcdonald's. the caught on camera attack and the teenñd ñ ring leader behind the plot. and an ice cream linked to a deadly infection and what items you may need to throw out.
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at 5:41 on this saturday morning, the final farewell for é- a philadelphia hero. the rain is certainly not going to stop these police officers who are gathered here at 33rd and jfk boulevard in center city. this is where the caisson procession for fallen officer robert wilson iii is now forming. they are expected to leave from this location and head not too far away to the palestra in university city at 6:00. about 20 minutes from now. again, as you can see, we have a camera right here and also our crew jesse gary and his photographer over at the palestra on penn's campus. that's where the viewing and funeral will be held later on this morning. we'll have complete coverage throughout the day. now, your nbc 10 first alert
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weather. and rain will be falling throughout the day. rain falling right now, steady across the area. you need the umbrellas and windshield wipers. here's a look at radar. you can see that rain is falling across the area in every spot. mainly on the light side. we're seeing pockets of more moderate rainfall. also seeing the fog reduced visibility. three-quarter mile in lancaster. the south and east, doing better in terms of fog. visibility down to six miles in millville and three mile visibility in philadelphia. we see the light to moderate rain falling throughout the morning. by this afternoon, this is 10:00, yellow popping into the future weather showing you we could see pockets of heavier rainfall. it would just be pockets. shower activity by 1:00, we'll see clearing in terms of the steady shield from west to east. it's showers throughout the afternoon.
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also into your evening hours. you do have saturday night plans, plan on bringing an umbrella. we'll see the chance of showers still later on tonight. 39 in philadelphia, 36 in allentown. in the 40s though to the south and east. we have a temperature difference. we'll see that temperature difference throughout the day. morning rain and p.m. showers, 57 to 06. we talk more about the wet weather today. looking good to start out your workweek. that's all coming up. we have some new information on this teenage brawl in brooklyn. a 16-year-old girl arrested in the fight at this mcdonald now faces adult charges including robbery and assault. she's a gang wring leader that led others to attack a girl she targeted for months. cell phone video shows the victim being beaten and kick. according to the police the suspect took her belongings and threw them in the trash. the victim the beaten girl suffered a concussion. the suspect is being held on
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$500,000 in bail. the proven anti-bullying initiative in bucks county that's cutting down on problems between students.
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at 5:46 as you can see, we are zooming in on this caisson procession at 33rd and jfk in center city. you see all of those officers gathered out there in the rain this morning. they're getting ready to pay their final respects to officer robert wilson iii who was gunned down a week ago thursday at a game stop store in north philadelphia. he was toing to do a security check and to buy a gift for his son. this procession will leave in about 15 minutes from now and will head to the palestra in university city. that's where a funal viewing and his funeral will take place later on. we'll have complete coverage throughout the day. new this morning, blue bell ice cream is recalling some of
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its products linked to a deadly bacterial outbreak in the midwest. three people died from listeriosis after eating blue bell ice cream at this hospital in toe pokepeka, kansas. the fda traced the bacteria to an ice cream plan in the texas. the outbreak triggered blue bell's first recall in its 108-year history. they've stopped producing this item great divide bars chocolate chip cotton candy bars scoops almond bars and no sugar added mao bar s eded moo bars. if you have any of these items in you arey freezer, health officials recommend that you throw them out. an american diagnosed with ebola is being treated at a maryland hospital.
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the patient is in serious condition at the national institutes of health hospital near washington. the cdc is checking on people in africa, including americans who had contact with this patient. a couple from ocean county is suing their insurance company over claims from hurricane sandy. the couple from toms river says that their insurer selective insurance manipulated its software to cheat them out of sales tax money from their claim. the storm in 2012 wiped out the couple's summer home. the lawsuit seeks class-action status because so many others could be impacted by the alleged fraud. the insurance company has not comment on this case. former secretary of state hillary clinton will visit our area next week as controversy continues over her use of a private e-mail account for government business during her time in office. clinton will give the keynote address at the american cancer association conference in atlantic city on thursday.
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the organization says the former first lady was chosen because she's a strong advocate for early childhood education. clinton is expected to announce her 2016 white house bid in the next few weeks. the most recent quinnipiac poll on possible presidential nominees shows that clinton maintained a lead over new jersey governor chris christie. with the stroke of a mayor's pen, he signed an ordinance putting prekin kerr gart kinkin kinkinprekindergarten schooling on the table. a bucks county school district's commitment to end bullying is getting support from a u.s. senator.
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senator bob casey is using the centennial school district as a model. the district has implemented anti-bullying initiatives at every grade level. they keep students and teachers talking until issues are resolved. students we spoke with say they are simply doing what's right. >> you see so many people it breaks my heart seeing them. >> i was bullied myself before by a few people. it's not nice to be bullied. but this program has really really helped with bullying. >> the principal of this high school says introducing the program, suspensions have dropped by 50%. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> all right. a good saturday morning, waking up to rain on our rooftops. need the umbrellas and the wind shield wipers. rain throughout the day. steadier in the morning and then showers by the afternoon.
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still count on rain through this evening and even into tonight. weather headlines on your saturday morning, steady rain. we're seeing that right now. every spot seeing rain. patchy fog reducing visibility especially to the north and west. we'll see the steady rain change to showers later on this afternoon. scattered showers but still everyone has a chance to see showers. tonight into the evening and then really into the early part of sunday. live look outside. we are looking at the rain falling in philadelphia, also seeing foggy conditions, 39 right now in philadelphia. winds are calm. we're looking at 5 degrees warmer than where we were at this time yesterday. radar showing us that yes, every spot seeing the rain falling right now, we're looking at green all across the area. light to moderate rainfall across the area. a few packets of heavier rainfall. up to an inch of rain throughout today. not a ton of rain but we have snow that's melting, also the rain. we could see localized flooding and pounding on the roadways.
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areas of fog gown to 2 1/2 miles in allentown, 1.5 in reading, 3 miles in philadelphia. to the south and east we're looking at reduced visibility down to 2 1/2 in wilmington. looking better along the shore points and parts of delaware. temperatures above freezing. that's the good news. rain falling, 39 in philadelphia 36 in allentown, 35 in lancaster. 45 in wildwood. future cast showing us we'll track the steady rain all morning long. by so:00, light to moderate rain falling all across the area. there's that clearing west to east. we'll see clearing scattered shower throughout the afternoon. you may need your umbrella throughout the afternoon still. scattered showers in the afternoon, 57 to 60 winds becoming westerly at 5 to 10 miles per hour. temperatures big difference to the north and west. 60s, especially in dover, parts
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of southern new jersey. up to 58 degrees today in philadelphia. sunday windy, we'll see partly sunny skies. winds gusting over 25 miles an hour, 52 degrees. monday, a nice start to the workweek. mostly sunny skies, light winds, temperatures around 60 degrees. in philadelphia above normal for this time of year. by st. patrick's day, 56 degrees. spring officially begins on friday. it's not going to feel like spring temperatures in the mid-40s. a boardwalk battle is brewing at the jersey shore. next, the new business in town that's breaking with tradition. i'm jim rosenfield for nbc 10 "@issue." join me sunday when we break down the pennsylvania budget. will you shell out more in
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taxes? and connecting local business with the philly music scene. the founders of broad street music group tell us why local bands have the ear of local business. coming up sunday morning at 11:30, following "meet the press," only on nbc 10.
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in montgomery county crews are making emergency repairs to a bridge because of a sinkhole. this is happening in plymouth township. skyforce 10 was over the scene yesterday. you can see a pile of rocks nearby. they're going to be put in the sinkhole in the creek bed. crews want to make sure that the bridge over the creek is safe. plymouth road is expected to be closed all weekend. it's shut down between the blue route and butler pike. a boardwalk battle is brewing in atlantic city. operators of those iconic rolling chairs say that the new motorized tram cars are hurting their business. the new competition started up last month.
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the new trams are faster and less expensive for customers than the chairs. >> it's hurting us. they're charging $2 everywhere versus if you look at our price chart, we're a dollar a block. >> the guys have a tough time making a living because there's an overcrowding issue. >> five of the new boardwalk trams operate on weekends. so far, just one is running on weekdays but we're told a second tram will be added on those days starting next week. the time right now is 5:57. nbc 10 news today continues in just a moment with a full hour of news. our top story this morning, the final good-bye to philadelphia police officer robert wilson iii as we take a live look at this caisson procession in center city. you can see the officers are getting ready to move. that's because they will begin their procession at 6:00 just a few moments from now. they will head to university city. that's where nbc 10's jesse gary is live for us this morning. we'll have more of the preview of the viewing and funeral
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there. michelle? we're looking at rain falling this morning, rain falling all throughout the day. grab the umbrella as you head out this morning. you'll need the windshield wipers too. steady rain falling right now, tracking showers for later on this afternoon. we'll talk more about the wet weather, coming up. pe nn state is right here in greater philidelphia. ♪ we are top ranked by corporate recruiters. ♪ there's new scholarship
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money available. ♪ we have four year degrees so you can finish here. or at another penn state campus. ♪ and there's no application fee when you visit here. penn state in greater philidelphia. download your application fee waiver at:
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nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now on nbc 10 news today, a final farewell to fallen philadelphia police officer robert wilson iii. here is a live look at the procession as it begins to march toward the palestra in university city for wilson's view and funeral services. they will begin in just about an hour from now. we'll have a live report from university city coming up. this morning, we are also tracking changes in the weather. a soggy saturday starts us off this weekend. the rain has been falling all morning. we'll tell you exactly how long it will last straight ahead. good morning, welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 6:00 on this saturday. let's get right to that weekend weather with first alert meteorologist michelle grossman. good morning, michelle. >> good morning, rosemary. the rain has been falling the past few hours.


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