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tv   NBC 10 News at 6am  NBC  March 14, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now on nbc 10 news today, a final farewell to fallen philadelphia police officer robert wilson iii. here is a live look at the procession as it begins to march toward the palestra in university city for wilson's view and funeral services. they will begin in just about an hour from now. we'll have a live report from university city coming up. this morning, we are also tracking changes in the weather. a soggy saturday starts us off this weekend. the rain has been falling all morning. we'll tell you exactly how long it will last straight ahead. good morning, welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 6:00 on this saturday. let's get right to that weekend weather with first alert meteorologist michelle grossman. good morning, michelle. >> good morning, rosemary. the rain has been falling the past few hours. it will continue to fall all day
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long. steadier. showers by later on this afternoon into the evening hours. your saturday night plans probably need the umbrella as you head out later on tonight. definitely need the umbrella this morning. we are looking at rain falling, look at radar showing us, every spot is seeing rain falling this morning, mainly on the light side. where you see the darker green indicating more moderate rainfall. the pocono mountains, the highest elevations maybe seeing freezing rain. we are seeing areas of fog, reduced visibility down to three-quarter mile in reading. down to a mile and a half in mt. pocono down to 2 1/2 miles in wilmington. better to the south and east in terms of visibility. reduced down to seven miles in millville, three in philadelphia. good idea to call ahead to the airport if you're headed out this morning. otherwise, temperatures above freezing. that's the good news, right in philadelphia, 40 degrees, 44 in washington township and 35 in
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chester springs. a wet day today, a windy day on sunday and a nice day on sunday. we'll talk about that, coming up. >> you get in your car, you don't know if you're going to come home or not. >> colleagues friends and family say good-bye to a philadelphia police officer who didn't get to go home. he died on the job. officer robert wilson iii was killed in the line of duty. the remembrance began yesterday with thousands anded itting his viewing, including eagles head coach chip kelly. this is a live look at the caisson procession gathered on jfk boulevard in center city. they are beginning to make their march from center city to university city. as you can see right here this is the horse-drawn carriage that will take officer wilson to the viewing, the funeral and burial later on today. nbc 10's jesse gary is live at the palestra this morning. that's where all of the events are taking place. jesse. >> reporter: that's right, rosemary. that caisson is expected to be
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here in the next half hour or so. you can see the philadelphia police have blocked off south 33rd street. i was told there are only going to be four cars allowed to park the mayor's, the police commissioner and two others. that's it. everything else is a police vehicle or support vehicle. we got new video taken inside the palestra. let's ta)c a look at this. it shows you the setup inside. they are getting flowers ready for the ceremony and there are pictures of officer wilson up when he was a boy. and actually you know what let's come back here live. we've got the motorcycle procession now making their way here to the palestra. we'll just listen to this as they roll through. 14 to 16 motorcycle officers are now driving down through the palestra. now, the viewing begins at 7:00
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this morning. it ends at 10:00 and then the funeral begins at 10:30. the burial will be later today in landsdown. the motorcycles just arriving and the caisson due here at 6:30. we'll be down the block, closer up to give you a closer look live at 6:30. live in university city jesse gary nbc 10 news. >> thank you for those pictures, jesse. officer wilson was in uniform when he went into this game stop store in north philadelphia a week ago thursday to do a security check and to buy a berth day gift for his son. police say that two men who were targeting that game stop came in announced a robbery. that's when officer wilson defended and protected the store clerks and customers. he was shot and killed. carlton hicks and ramon williams are the suspects in this case, both charged with murder.
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hi . there will be road closures because of the funeral procession beginning around noon. after the funeral before the burial, here's a list of what will be shut down. walnut street from schuylkill after to 63rd street. cobbs creek pshg from walnut to 61st and 61st from cobbs creek to baltimore avenue and baltimore avenue from 61st street to church lane. stay with nbc 10 all morning long for today's events honoring officer wilson. get the latest information on and on the nbc 10 news app. breaking news in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood. one person is being treated at the hospital after a house partially collapsed. this happened on emerald street before 4:30 this morning. we're told the injured person is at temple university hospital but no word on a condition yet. according to officials, there's a strong odor of gas at the
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scene and pgw has been notified. we are making calls and we have a crew that willing out there shortly to get more details for us. as soon as we get an update, we'll pass it along. now to two breaking news stories we're following from overseas. first, dozens of people are believed to be dead after a ferry accident in myanmar. we are following two breaking news stories, again, about this ferry accident in myanmar. here's what we know at this point. we do have pictures that just came in to the newsroom. this is of the rescue.ç crews brought more than 160 people to safety. you can see that right there. however, we are hearing that at least 21 people drown when the overcrowded ferry hit rough seas and sank pap 50 others are still missing. search and rescue teams are looking for more surviveorssurvivors. that other breaking news story from overseas, this comes to us from the southwest pacific. there is widespread destruction after cyclone pam ripped through
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the ocean nation of vanuatu. this is video of the storm as it just reached the area yesterday. officials confirm the first deaths a few hours ago. at least eight people have been killed. u.n. agencies say that dozens more may be dead. the u.n. also says this could be one of the worst natural disasters the pacific region has ever seen. new from overnight, back in our area one person is hurt after a house fire in philadelphia's nicetown neighborhood. flames as you can see broke out inside the home on cayuga street just after 3:00 this morning. firefighters brought it under control in just about an hour. medics took the victim to the hospital with smoke inhalation. no word on that person's condition. a driver is hurt after his car struck a pole in philadelphia. this happened along monument road in the winfield heights sec of the city. crews took the victim to the hospital. it's unclear exactly how badly he was injured. gun owner advocacy groups will hold a rally on the main line to protest a township
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policy. they say lower marion officials overstepped their bounds when they restricted guns in public parks. the protesters argue that the ordinance goes further than state law. tomorrow afternoon, demonstrators will gather for the rally at balla cynwyd park. some neighbors tell us they are concerned about protesters encouraging each other to bring their guns to the event. >> they have an ordinance that's been illegal for 40 years. they're refusing to repeal it. >> you think they're breaking state law? >> they absolutely are breaking state law. >> other neighbors tell us they support the freedom of expression of the gun rights groups. their concern is the choice of location for the rally, though, the park in a residential area is often crowded with families on the weekend. the time right now is 6:08. still ahead, trouble in the tanning booth. what police say this man did to one woman at a montgomery county tanning salon that's landed him behind bars. the miraculous story of survival. new video of the race to save a
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baby left hanging upside down in her mother's car.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> welcome back on this saturday morning. we are seeing the rain falling out there. we'll see the rain falling pretty much through most of the day. showers later on this afternoon. a live look outside. we are looking at rain falling, so grab the umbrellas this morning. radar showing us where that rain is falling. it's falling pretty much everywhere. reducing visibility down to three-quarter mile in reading, down to 2 1/2 miles in washington. seven miles in millville. temperatures above freezing. that's the good news. right now in philadelphia, we're looking at temperatures around 40 47 in millville. 36 degrees in reading and 33 in mt. pocono. throughout the day, plan on rain this morning and showers later on this afternoon, up to 58 degrees. we'll talk more about the wet weather today and then a windy
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day on sunday. that's all coming up. this morning, we have new video from the first responders who helped rescue that 18-month-old in utah. that baby survived after being trapped in a submerged car for hours. lily groesbeck has come to be known as the miracle baby. her mother was killed. she was trapped for 14 hours before this rescue. doctors released her from the hospital on wednesday. next showdown in ferguson. the unrest continues after the shooting of two officers. we'll have the latest after the break. plus the quiet campus at the university of maryland is rocked by charges of racism. the allegations and who's being accused. sing all of the childrens' needs on one test is not the right road to go down. and something's got to change. okaikor: and the ones who are taking the brunt of it are our children. all the other things that make you a great human being is not important anymore.
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what's more important is: can you answer a-b-c-d? gina: what am i going to learn for my child from this test that my teacher can't tell me right now?
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this is nbc 10 news. to the latest on the unrest in ferguson missouri. police continue to look for the shooter who wounded two police officers there. the city remains on edge following the latest violence thursday morning. the officer shot during a protest outside of police headquarters are now at home recovering. demonstrators are still calling for the mayer to resign nine months after the police shooting death of michael brown. >> unfortunately the events of the other night only serve to divide the community. >> we are seeking legislative changes. there will be reforms. >> ferguson's police chief resigned this past week along with the city manager and four city employees. this aftera justice department investigation revealed widespread racial bias in the police department. in montgomery county a man
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is facing rape charges in the attack of a woman inside of a tanning salon. here's what we know. montgomery township police arrested marshal gibson. he pretended he needed to use the tanning salon's rest room to get inside. he threatened a victim with a knife and sexually assault the her. surveillance footage identified gibson as the suspect. he's in jail awaiting a preliminary hearing set for later this month. now to new information on a former septa police officer caught on video committing an obscene act. kevin fant was convicted of indecent exposure and open lewdness. the person who took the video posted it on the internet last summer. first it was a fraternity at the university of oklahoma, now the university of maryland has an e-mail controversy involving
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allegations of racism. the school is investigating a member of the kappa sigma fraternity for an e-mail he allegedly sent last year. the message, according to officials was laced with racist and sexist language. the e-mail also made a reference to sexual assault. the fraternity says it suspended the student after learning about the e-mail recently. we know more about a deadly helicopter crash off the coast of florida. a new jersey man was among the service members killed. captain stanford henry shah iii, a marine was from basking ridge, somerset, north jersey. a black hawk helicoptered crashed on tuesday night. the chopper went down in fog during a training mission. today in philadelphia it's the first steps toward construction of a memorial to
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pay tribute to the victims of a major building collapse. take a look. this was the scene of that center city collapse in june 2013. six people were killed more than a dozen others were injured when a building came crashing down on to the salvation army. today, crews will place a replica of the soon to be memorial xl -- sculpture. families of the victims are expected to be there. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> we're seeing rain falling all across the area live view from our cape may camera showing the wet roadways. we'll have wet roadways everywhere. need the umbrellas today. also you may need them later on tonight as well. right now, the steady rain is falling. that will be over the next few hours before we see it taper off to showers and scattered showers. also drizzle. patchy fog and reduced visibility.
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bring the umbrella as you head out later on tonight as well. taking a look outdoors we are waking up to rain falling across the area fog, a dreary type of morning. a good day to stay indoors and veg if you can. radar showing us that everyone is seeing the rain falling right now, mainly light to moderate as you can see by the light green. yellow would be heavier. we could see heavier rain popping in from time to time but for the most part this is a light-to-moderate rain event. down to a half mile in lancaster. 2 1/2 mile visibility in wilmington and down to 7 in millville. fog this morning, rain temperatures above freezing though, that is the good news. 40 in philadelphia. 36 in reading, 47 in millville, 45 in wildwood. a big difference from northwest to southeast. that will be the story throughout the)!]0 day. we'll stay cooler to the north and west as opposed to the south
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and east. some spots could reach 06 degrees later on this afternoon. future cast as we go throughout time here we are looking at light-to-moderate rainfall, could see pockets of heavier stuff. then it starts that clearing west to east. we're seeing scattered showers throughout the afternoon. by 1:00 that's what we're seeing, same story throughout the afternoon. if you have plans today, hold them off till later on this afternoon. you may still need the umbrellas in spots. not the steady stuff this morning. morning rain and p.m. showers, 57 to 60. the forecast up to 58 today, some spots reaching 60 south of philadelphia, cooler to the north and west. by sunday 52 degrees, partly sunny, windy. monday, looking good. mostly sunny, 58 degrees. that will be your pick day. tuesday, breezy, 52. wednesday, windy, we're looking at temperatures around 46 degrees on wednesday.
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back below normal. normal this time of year is 52 degrees. spring starts on friday. it's not going to feel like it though. temperatures in the mid-40s with mostly cloudy skies. we'll keep it dry for st. paddy's day. >> i'll take it because it means that winter is, i this i, behind us right? no more snow in the forecast. >> not at least for the next seven days. never say never but it's looking good. >> thanks michelle. next teenagers brawl in brooklyn. the shocking fight that went down inside a fast food restaurant. a school bus is snagged by a sinkhole. we hear from the good samaritan who came to the rescue.
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happening right now, 6:24 on this saturday. here's a live look in university city. we'll give you that picture in just a moment. as you can see, police cadets are lined up just outside of the palestra. the final viewing and funeral will take place here later on this morning for officer robert wilson iii. he was killed in the line of duty in north philadelphia a week ago thursday.
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just about ten minutes we're expecting that caisson procession, the horse-drawn carriage with officer wilson to arrive here at the palestra. as you can see, we have live crews stationed on 33rd street between spruce and walnut. they will be here all morning long. we'll continue to bring you updates throughout our news cast. we have new information this morning on this teenage brawl in brooklyn. a 16-year-old girl is facing adult charges. witnesses say she's a gang ring leader who led others to attack a girl she targeted months ago. the beaten girl suffered a concussion. the suspect is now being held on $500,000 bail. now to some disturbing news out of allentown. a homeless man is dead after he was crushed inside of a garbage truck.
6:26 am
investigators think -- inside of a dumpster on hamilton street. a garbage truck picked it up not knowing that the man was inside. rescuers rushed him to the hospital where he later died. the coroner's family is trooing to find that man's family. a sinkhole stopped this bus on east ontario street yesterday. apparently the driver was unaware how bad the situation was out there on the street. that's when the good samaritan stepped in. >> he was like, you're sinking into the hole. that's when he said oh, yeah? he came out and then i helped him take the kids off. >> nobody was hurt here and the tow truck later removed the bus. still ahead, we are remembering fallen officer robert wilson iii. nbc 10's jesse gary is live in university city where the viewing for the slain officer will begin in just about a half hour from now. jesse?
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>> reporter: the caisson carrying the officer's body will be coming down 33rd street just just a matter of minutes and make its way to the southwest entrance of the palestra. we'll bring that to you live right after the break. >> we are waking up to rain falling all across the area. steady rain from northwest to southeast. we'll see the rain over the next several hours. a live look outside. this is citizens bank park. we'll be nicer by the start of the workweek. we'll talk about that, coming up.
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6:30 am
we're tracking the weather. here's the live look at the center city skyline, a little bit foggy out there this morning. don't worry, the weekend weather will improve. we'll have the details in just a moment. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. 6:30 on this saturday. michelle grossman is watching the soggy conditions outside. it is going to be warm relatively speaking. >> near 60 in philadelphia cooler to the north and west and maybe over 60 to the south and east of philadelphia. the good news is we'll have rain. we don't need to shovel rain. we're looking at a wet saturday a live look outside. we are looking at rain falling right now, redewsed visibilities all across the area. and radar showing us that every spot is seeing this rain this morning. light-to-moderate stuff, steady. reduced visibility because of fog down to three-quarter mile in mt. pocono. down to three-quarter mile in
6:31 am
reading, a half mile in lancaster and three miles in philadelphia. to the south and east, we're doing better in terms of the fog. 1 1/2 mile of visibility in wilmington. if you go out, take it slower. we're looking at reduced visibility. temperatures around 40 in philadelphia, to the 30s north and west. 37 in allentown, 35 in lancaster. 32 in mt. pocono. some spots in the poconos may be seeing freezing rain. take it slower out there. that should be better in the next hour or so. 47 in millville, 46 in dover and 45 in wildwood. as we go throughout day, temperatures rise to near 0660 in philadelphia. showers, wet today, windy on sunday and a nice start to your workweek. that's all coming up. a final farewell to a man who is being called a hero. this is a live look at a caisson procession that is on its way to this morning's viewing and
6:32 am
funeral at the palestra university city. you can see those officers making their way into the palestra area this morning. officer wilson of course grew up in west philadelphia and the palestra will be able to hold the hundreds thousands of people expected to attend today's services. jesse gary is there live to tell us and show us exactly what is going on. jesse? >> reporter: rosemary the caisson is making its way on a pathway in between the white pavilion and the palestra. it will bend its way to the left and wind up in front of the southwest entrance to the building. the coffin will be brought inside. the people you see dressed in yellow those are philadelphia police recruits. they came in on three large septa accordion-type buses. they were brought in maybe 20 minutes ago and they were put out front along with the philadelphia police honor guard. they are the ones holing the flags to the left of the screen.
6:33 am
the caisson has just made the turn and now it is headed towards the southwest corner of the palestra. the ceremony the viewing begins at 7:00 this morning. it continues until 10:00 and then the funeral starts promptly at 10:30. officer wilson will be buried in landsdown later today. we'll stay on scene and provide you with live pictures for the rest of this half hour. live in university city, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. >> a rainy and sombereber day out there, thank you, jesse. officer wilson was shot and killed at a game stop store in philadelphia. he was doing a security check and buying a gift for his son when two men came in trying to rob the place. hipps was hurt in the shootout
6:34 am
and is still in the hospital. williams is being held in jail. there will be changes to septa routes that will happen as a result of officer wilson's funeral today. to get more information on that use our nbc 10 news app. be sure to stay with nbc 10 all morning long for continuing coverage of today's events. new from overnight in other news one person is hurt after a house fire in philadelphia's nicetown neighborhood. flames broke out in this home on cayuga street just after 3:00 this morning. medics took the victim to the hospital with smoke inhalation. no word yet on that person's condition. video from a traffic stop in burlington county is fueling a controversy of sorts. you are looking at police dash cam video. a bordentown police sergeant getting into a scuffle with the driver abdul queda.
6:35 am
a passenger shot video of the altercation altercation. says he was scared to get out of his car because he didn't know why he was pulled over. the sergeant cited him for the license plate violation and obstruction. police are calling the sergeant's actions lawful saying he asked four times for i.d. and 20 times for him to get out of the car. >> he used an arm drag a legal force. there was no punching kicking, chemical case. >> police are denying the allegations alleged in the lawsuit. county authorities say there is no need for an independent investigation. we posted the entire video of the confrontation online. if you'd like to see it use the nbc 10 news app or go to
6:36 am
>> show me your hands. don't move! >> the wife of a bridgeton man killed by police has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit. jeremy reed -- rather jermaine reed was unarmed when he was shot to death during a traffic stop in december. the suit claims excessive force and seeks a million dollars in damages. this morning, as philadelphia police continue to look for clues in the murder of a man killed while walking his dog, the community is coming together to honor him. last night friends and neighbors gathered in the overbrook section of the city to pay tribute to james stoolman. somebody shot and killed him on thursday night with his dog by his side. it's a story we first brought to you as breaking news. next the twist on medical marijuana in new jersey. the state's plan. that's straight ahead.
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we want to take you to this live picture in university city. a tremendous impressive incredible show of support for officer robert wilson iii. this is a live look at the procession that's made its way from center city to university city in front of the palestra. the palestra is where officer wilson's final viewing and funeral will be held later this morning. the viewing will begin at 7:00. that's why all of these officers are lined up and ready to go hundreds of officers most of them, of course from the however, we understand that officers from nearby departments in the suburbs and even departments in new york and other states are here to pay
6:40 am
their final respects. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather. we're waking up to rain all across the area. steady rain falling from top to bottom. wee see that over the next couple of hours before we see it transition to scattered showers. fog also reducing visibility down to three miles in philadelphia. radar showing us where that rain is falling and it is falling everywhere. mainly light to moderate. we will see light to moderate rain throughout the morning. could see pockets of heavier stuff. by 10:00,yeñ still seeing that shield of steady rain. as we near the lunch time hours by 1:00 seeing it more scattered, especially west to east steadier along the shore points still at 1:00. if you do have saturday night plans, maybe 6:00 7:00 8:00 you may see rain falling still. grab the umbrellas as we head out once again tonight. temperatures above freezing in
6:41 am
all spots with the exception of the poconos. for today, temperatures near 30660 degrees in philadelphia. morning, steady rain transitioning to showers. a windy sunday and nice start to your workweek. that's all coming up. ♪ from our jersey shore bureau hundreds of workers are call on the trump taj mahal to restore health and pension benefits. they protested in front of the atlantic city casino last night. trump entertainment responded saying thanks to the efforts of carl icahn thousands of people still have a job at the taj. he promised millions of dollars to get the casino through bankruptcy. a bankruptcy judge denied the sale of the revel casino to
6:42 am
an investor. the decision leaves ss the property with no clear buyer. at a hearing scheduled for monday, the judge will reconsider the decision. new jersey's three medical marijuana dispensaries could soon be able to sell edible forms of the drug. state health officials sent guidelines for edible marijuana to those dispensaries last week. that could clear the way to make the products for the first time. governor chris christie's administration has moved too slowly in setting up the program, critics say. next ice cream lovers beware. there's a recall that you should know about. we'll talk about it after the break.
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at 6:45 on this saturday, here is a live look at the police officers who are gathered at the palestra in university city on penn's campus where the viewing for officer robert wilson iii will begin in just about 15 minutes. the funeral service will then follow. from what we understand some of the city's top brass, including police commissioner charles ramsey and mayor michael nutter are in attendance with those hundreds of police officers. the service is expected to focus on the legacy that officer robert wilson leaves behind. this is a man who risked his life protected the clerks and customers inside the game stop store in north philadelphia a week ago thursday when police say two armed suspects came in
6:46 am
and announced a robbery. the viewing is set to begin in 15 minutes. must bell ice cream is recalling some of its products linked to a deadly bacteria outbreak in the midwest. three people died of listeriosis after eating blue bell ice cream. the fda traced the bacteria to an ice cream plan the in texas. here are some of the items that blue bell stopped producing, chocolate chip country cookies, great divide bars sour pop green apple bars cotton candy bars scoops vanilla stick slices, almond bars and no sugar added moo bars. stores are removing the items from their shelves. if you have themyy you are friesen, health officials recommend you throw them out.
6:47 am
an american diagnosed with ebola is being treated at a maryland hospital. the health care worker caught the deadly virus while volunteering in sierra leone in west africa. the patient is in serious condition near washington. the cdc is checking on people in africa, including americans who may have come into contact with this patient. new information about boston's st. patrick's day parade. until now, guay rights groups were barred from marching in the parade. also new this year the parade will be a little bit shorter. there's so much snow still on the sidewalks after the brutal winter that boston had. so the city has had to cut the route in half. this morning, the garden state parkway has a new exit. don't be fooled if you see numbers out there and you're wondering is this my exit?
6:48 am
exit 41 opened in galloway township, atlantic county. the interchange gives drivers access. more ranges on on the way. next week some exits in central new jersey will get new numbers. exit 131 will become exit 132. 131 svmt will become exit 131 with a sign that says wood avenue south instead of metro park. ♪ irish eyes will be smiling tomorrow in philadelphia. the st. patrick's day parade steps off at noon. some 20,000 people are expected to march with many more on hand to watch. the parade route covers the ben franklin parkway, the oval and kelly drive. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> not a pretty day outside but we'll take the rain today if it's going to be clear tomorrow
6:49 am
for the st. patrick's day parade. here's a picture down the shore. that camera looking foggy out there. it's because we do have clouds. again, it's going to be a little bit dicey today. meteorologist michelle grossman is tracking the changes in the forecast. what a difference a day makes and really a week michelle. >> last friday we had 26 degrees. yesterday we were at 49. today close to 60 in some spots. that's the good news. we are looking at green. mother nature is in the st. paddy's day spirit. we'll see green over the next couple of hours in terms of rain and showers this afternoon. weather headlines on your saturday morning a good day to kick back and relax. we're looking at steady rain patchy fog. we're seeing that to the north and west of philadelphia reducing visibility down to three miles in some spots. then it's afternoon showers, evening showers, night time showers if you have saturday night plans you may want to
6:50 am
incorporate that umbrella into your outfit. winds are calm. radar showing us yes, we are tracking rain all across the area. it's light to moderate. areas of fog down to 2 1/2 miles in allentown, in terms of visibility down to a half mile. doing better to the south and east. temperatures are above freezing. that's the good news. we're looking at rain. we don't need to shovel rain. that's the good news. 46 in reading, 42 in philadelphia and 47 in millville and 45 in wildwood. it will be cooler to the north and west. future cast we track this steady rain over the next few hours. if you do have plans, hold them off until the afternoon. from west to east we'll start to see that clearing in terms of the constant steady rain. we'll see scattered showers throughout the afternoon, evening and night time hours. this is a look at 5:00. same story throughout the
6:51 am
afternoon. today we're looking at morning rain p.m. showers, 57 to 60. winds becoming westerly at 5 to 10 mirms. wet weather today, wind on sunday. then a beautiful start to the workweek. of course bad timing behind your office cubicle. we'll talk more about that coming up. amy fadool from comcast sports net. marcus mariota received college football player of the year. he's expected to be a high draft pick. john clark spoke with mariota and asked him the last time he talked with his one-time college coach. >> yesterday, actually. we were able to talk at pro day and talk about the process. he wanted to check in and see how i was doing. >> do you think there's a chance, a good chance that chip will try to get you in this draft somehow? >> we'll see. i think he can answer that better than me. >> do you hope to play for chip
6:52 am
kelly in the nfl? >> of course. i hope to play for anybody. game four of the sixers five-game home stand last night hosting the sacramento kings. kings haven't won consecutive games since november. sixers did that back in the second half. second half he finds jeremy grant. ahead for the throwdown. why not? sixers up 12 with 6:30 left. under a minute left, three-point lead. nerlens noel had 16 points, finishing with authority. seven sixers in double figures. get it, seven sixers? that's true, though, too. they win, 114-107. college basketball, villanova facing boston college. trouble on the inbounds, chris dunn, tieing the game at 61. j. wright not happy with that. next possession, the foul. he made both free throws. nova with a two-point lead. seconds remaining. ed cooley not happy with that. last chance for the fryars. they get a decent look but this one is off the mark. nova advances to the big east
6:53 am
final for the first time since 1997. 63-61, the final. newly named conference coach of the year, fran dunphy, temple facing memphis. tied at 71. he comes up with it, hits the floater, owls win it, 80-75. owls face smu today. a-10 tournament, davison, final seconds, tyler. they're up four, final seconds. wow, hits the running layup. kolanowski, heart breaker for la salle. they didn't score in the final 4:45. la salle loses, 67-66. chase utley made his spring debut yesterday. it was his first game since sprain his right ankle while he accidentalliç stepped on a baseball when working out in san francisco back in january. they are hosting the rays.
6:54 am
utley in the fourth inning, coming up with a base hit through the middle. second baseman, 1 for 2 on the day. another first of the spring, ryan howard with his first dinger of the clearwater season. a two-run blast. phillies one, 2-1. that wraps it up for sports. i'm amy fadool from comcast sports net.
6:55 am
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not the best day out there as we can see behind us looking
6:57 am
cloudy foggy and rainy. at least it means we are moving away from winter and into spring. >> absolutely. we see the rain falling. i like it on a saturday. it slows you down lay on the couch longer at least. a live look outside. we're looking at rain falling and fog. at least it's not snow and we don't have to shovel it. we don't have to drive in some snow. it will be rain all day long. we'll see steady rain this morning, tapering to showers and drizzle later on this afternoon and evening. sunday we'll clear it out, partly sunny and windy. 52. winds gust to 30 miles an hour at times. above normal light winds, sunny skies. breezy on sunday. >> you know if it's not snowing we'll take it. >> i think it's okay. >> that will do it for us. we'll see you in 25 minutes for an update. now to the "today" show.
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good morning. trail of destruction. a powerful cyclone with winds of more than 200 miles per hour hits the island of vanuatu. dozens feared dead and communications down it could take days or weeks to assess the damage. a brief reign? comments from pope francis that he may have next left of the leader of the catholic church. and heroic rescue. a look as first responders rush to save a toddler trapped in a partially submerged car. >> pass her up. >> go. >> the heart pounding rescue as seen through t


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