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tv   NBC 10 News at 9am  NBC  March 14, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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saturday. meteorologist michelle çgrossman is tracking the wet conditions outside. at least michelle this rain will wash away any snow left over from last week.bí that's the good news i suppose. >> at least it isn't snow. yes, the rain falls, washing away the rest of the snow. we do have steady rain falling. a slow go out there this morning as you look from our adventure aquarium camera. radar showing us that we are covered in green, every spot seeing light rain falling. it's light to moderate. may see a few pockets of heavier rain. for the most part we're looking at light rain. reduced visibility down to a half mile in reading, three-mile visibility in philadelphia. three-mile visibility in atlantic city as well as millville. we have the rain the fog and temperatures that are above freezing. so that's the good news. temperatures into the 40s in most spots, 42 in philadelphia
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48 in millville, 47 in atlantic city. to the north and west we're looking at the 30 cooler to the north and west. that will be the story later on this afternoon as well. 11:00, 46 48 by 1:00 and. remembering a hero. today colleagues friends and family are bidding a final farewell to philadelphia police officer robert wilson iii. he was shot in the line of duty just over a week ago. take a look. this was the scene earlier this morning as a caisson carrying the slain officer made its way through philadelphia through center city to university city. wilson's brothers and sisters in blue walked in the rain beside the horse drawn carriage as a sign of unity and support. nbc 10's jesse gary is live at the palestra where the viewing and funeral are being held. jesse, a difficult day for the department and for the wilson family.
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>> reporter: rosemary that's exactly right. some of the mourners who were here earlier to pay their respects have left. some of the others are arriving for the viewing and funeral that will follow. this started as a symbol off respect for their fallen comrade. amid a downpour police officers from philadelphia and beyond stood at attention, bagpipes and flag bearers signaled the final farewell to officer robert wilson iii. >> we focus on the family and friends of officer wilson. keep our prayers with them throughout these troubling times. >> forward march. >> reporter: city leader police command staff and hundreds of fellow officers make their way into the penn palestra for this early morning viewing. the death of what officials call a hero cop touched the soul of this city. >> i felt leak i needed to pay my respects. >> reporter: faith says she felt
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compelled to come even though she didn't know officer wilson. >> sometimes you just feel like you need to be here you know to show the family that we care the concerned citizens of philadelphia we really do care about them. it's really, really sad that so many guys have just fallen to you know this crime out here. it's out of control. ♪ >> reporter: and we're back live outside the palestra. you see that the large video board that's been set up out on the sidewalk. those are the images being shown inside of robert wilson iii, his life and legacy with the department. this viewing continues until 10:00 this morning and then the funeral at 10:30. live outside the palestra jesse gary nbc 10 news. >> thank you for that jesse. there are several road closures, detours and changes to some septa routes during officer wilson's funeral today. use your nbc 10 news app to get the information you need to plan
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accordingly. the remembrance for officer wilson began yesterday. hundreds of fellow officers marched to a viewing in west philadelphia which is where wilson grew up. he was shot inside of the north philadelphia gamestop store where he went to do a security check and buy a gift for one of his sons. police have arrested two suspects charged with murder and attempted robbery. stay with nbc 10 for continuing coverage of today's events honoring officer wilson. learn more about how to help officer wilson's family at and on the nbc 10 news app. two breaking news stories we are following from overseas first, the pacific island nation of vanuatu has been devastated by a powerful cyclone. this amateur video shows the damage after cyclone pam tore through the country today. at least eight people have been
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confirmed dead. the u.n. believes that number will grow. experts say cyclone pam is the most severe storm to hit vanuatu since 1987. the other breaking story overseas dozens are believed to be dead after a ferry accident in myanmar. officials released pictures of the rescue just a short time ago. crews brought more than 160 people to safety but at least 21 people drown when the overcrowded ferry hit rough seas and sank. 50 others are still missing. search and rescue teams are are looking for more survivors. back in our area new video of a house that collapsed in philadelphia's kensington section. this is on east sterner street. the three-story home fell just before 4:30 this morning. officials tell us the 43-year-old man was taken to temple university hospital but there's no word on his condition. they also say there was a strong odor of gas at the scene here. pgw is now looking into that.
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today in philadelphia it's the first step towards construction of a memorial to pay tribute to the victims of a major building collapse. that was the scene of that center city collapse in june 2013. six people were killed more than a dozen others were injured when a building came crashing down on to the sol vacation army. today, crews will place a replica of the memorial at 22nd and market streets. engineers willing on site to make sure the size and spacing is accurate. families of the victims are also expected to be there. new from overnight, one person is hurt after a house fire in philadelphia's nicetown neighborhood. flames as you can see broke out inside the home on cayuga street. firefighters brought it under control in about an hour. medics took the victim to the hospital with smoke inhalation.ó sq another overnight fire left one person injured this morning, happening at a home along rose hill street in the kensington section of philadelphia.
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first responders took a next door neighbor for treatment. firefighters had the flames under control in minutes. this morning as philadelphia police continue to look for clues in the murder of a man who was killed while walking his dog, the community is coming together to honor him. last night friends and neighbors gathered in the overbrook section of the city to pay tribute to james toolman. somebody shot and killed him on thursday night while he was walking his dog. his dog was right beside him. police have no suspects or motive in this case. 9:07. it's a soaker of a saturday. after the break, meteorologist michelle grossman will have detail s details. and a school bus stuck in a sinkhole. you'll hear from the good samaritans that chipped in to help.
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welcome back on this saturday morning. we see the rain falling across the area. a dreary start to the day.
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it's grey with fog in place. a live look outside. we are looking from our cape may camera. hard to see but this tells the picture of reduce the visibility across the area. take it a little bit slower out there this morning. a soggy start to our saturday. we'll see the rain falling pretty much all morning long tapering to showers and drizzle later on this afternoon. a live look outside. a live look at radar, we're showing where that rain is falling. it is falling everywhere. a half mile in lancaster. to the south and east reduced visibility as well as millville. we'll watch that rain continue to fall over the next couple of hours. then we'll see it ending so to speak from west to east. but ending in terms of steady rainfall. we'll see drizzle, showers as we go through the afternoon. this is a look at 12:00. as you can see, starting to get more scattered by dinnertime. for today, temperatures not too
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bad. we're looking at temperatures around 60 degrees in philadelphia that morning city rain and then p.m. showers. we'll talk more about the forecast today and also a windy sunday. a pretty nice start to your workweek. we'll talk about that, straight ahead. happening right now, a viewing for philadelphia police officer robert wilson iii who was killed in the line of duty. this is a live picture just outside of the palestra in university city. the folks here, many of them are pennsylvania state police troopers going in to pay their respecs. the viewing started at 7:00 this morning. it will end around 10:00 and the funeral service will begin at 10:30. the burial is set for landsdown. the service will focus on the legacy that officer wilson leaves behind. in covering this story this week, i spoke to many people who described him as not only a dedicated police officer to the police force in philadelphia but also a dedicated father who leaves behind two young sons.
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now to the latest on the unrest in ferguson missouri. police continue to look for the shooter who wounded two police officers there. police and residents remain on edge following the latest violence on thursday morning. the officers shut during a protest outside ferguson police headquarters are back home recovering. demonstrators are still calling for the mayor to resign and more changes nine months after the police shooting death of michael brown. and the news in south america, a forest fire is threatening two cities along the coast of chile. the fire spread quickly yesterday after being fanned by high winds blowing toward the pacific ocean. authorities declared a state of emergency for both cities. thousands evacuated as the flames moved closer to their homes. a forest fire in the same area last year killed more than a dozen people and destroyed hundreds of houses. back in our area this morning, we are hearing from a philadelphia man who helped to usher students off of this bus
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in kensington get them to safety. a sinkhole partially snagged this bus on east ontario street yesterday. apparently the driver was unaware how bad the situation was. that's when the good samaritan stepped? >> he was like it's sinking into the hole. he said oh, it is? he came out and i helped him take all the kids out. >> fortunately nobody was hurt. a tow truck later removed the bus. the time is 9:12. after the break, we'll introduce you to today's wednesday's child. it's a foggy one out áere. meteorologist michelle grossman will return with the full seven-day forecast. i promise you the rain will be out of here. that's all coming up next.
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at 9:15 on this saturday morning, we are continuing to show you live pictures from the palestra on penn's campus where the viewing and funeral are being held for officer robert wilson iii. jesse gary tells me that this line right here police officers waiting to get inside the palestra to pay their respects is allentown police and also pennsylvania state troopers. we've been told over the past few days that hundreds of police officers, if not maybe into the thousands, are coming to philadelphia to pay their final respects. folks from outside of the city folks from out of the state, to make sure that people know
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exactly how much support they want the officers's's family to have. the funeral will begin at 10:30. let's check in with this week's wednesday's child. a fun-loving teen who enjoys sports and making others smile. he's also looking for a forever family to help him reach his goals. vai sikahema introducesing to steven. >> i want to introduce i don't steven. >> reporter: he's a polite and friendly teenager who can be shy at first but warms up quickly. this 17 year has a passion for playing all types of sports we took him to the sports zone in monroe township new jersey, to get his game on. >> i would describe him as a gentle giant. he's very tall. he's 6'3" but has a very quiet, gentle personality. very easy going, kind of goes with the flow type of guy. >> reporter: he had a blast making friends and playing
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football, basketball and soccer. he does well in school and loves hands-on classes. he has a warm personality with a positive self-image. >> funny, successful and basically cool. >> reporter: he's a smart young man who knows what he would like in a family. >> family i would say fun, play ball family versus family brother versus sister playing ball all kind of sports. >> reporter: steven would do well in a multitude of different types of families. he's done in a family with kids. he would do well as an only child or with pets. >> reporter: he is more than ready for his forever family. steven is this week's wednesday's child. if you'd like to see
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steven's dream come true or go to and search wednesday's child or call the national adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt. today, activists and leaders will begin a meeting at the friend's center. the plan is to share information about how to build up support groups for more than two dozen schools. those groups are expected to strengthen and streamline communication between the community and the philadelphia school district. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> the rain continues to fall. we're seeing a steady rain across the area. we'll see that at least for the next couple of hours. we'll see it taper off with some showers and drizzle. overall we're looking at a damp dreary kind of day. that morning city rain has been falling for the past five, six
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hours. it will continue to over the next three. that will continue into the night time hours. impacting your saturday night plans. a live look outside, foggy right now. we're dreary looking at reduced visibility. 42 in philadelphia. at least the temperature is above freezing. we'll be mild later on this afternoon. winds out of the southwest at 6 miles an hour. radar showing us yes, we're seeing rain from top to bottom. we could see a few packets of nevier rain. still causing localized flooding ponding with the snow melt and that moderate rainfall. reduced visibility down to a quarter mile in mt. pocono. 2 1/2 miles in philadelphia. same story as we fly down to the south and east. three-mile visibility in millville as well as atlantic city. temperatures right now, we're in the 30s, still to the north and west. we have that dividing line
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philadelphia wilmington, northeast philadelphia into the 40s, 42 in philadelphia. 38 in allentown, 37 in lancaster. 48 in millville and 46 in wildwood. the future cast showing us we'll contend with the steady rain over the next couple of hours. you see that shield moving off to the east. we'll see some clearing from west to east. still keeping the threat for scattered showers in the forecast. as you can see by 6:00 7:00 your saturday night plans being impacted in some spots by some wet weather. bring the umbrella as you head out. then if we head towards saturday at 11:00, that's where we really start to see the clearing. we clear overnight, wake up to mostly cloudy skies, partly sunny skies as we look towards your sunday. thing improve on monday. today we have that morning rain falling right now. it's steady moderate. we could see pockets of heavier rain. we see it taper down to showers
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maybe a little drizzle. winds becoming westerly at 5 to 10 miles an hour. tonight, mostly cloudy skies waking up to mostly cloudy skies sunday morning. we see sunny skies, winds gusting 25, 30 miles an hour. with that wind in place, feeling colder than it actually is. by monday that's a great day, 58 degrees, beautiful, mostly sunny and nice. tuesday, st. paddy's day will be breezy, partly sunny, 52. right around normal. look what happens on wednesday, thursday and friday. chilly on thursday 48 and by friday the first day of spring feeling more like winter. sunshine mostly cloudy. are you celebrating pi day? why math enthusiasts say this is their favorite day of the year.
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some breaking news we're following out there on the roads. we want to let everybody know about. an overturned tractor-trailer, we're learning this is near allentown near the lehigh valley exit ramp of the p.a. turnpike on the northeast extension. the accident happened near the toll plaza. it was just after 8:00 this morning. it's unclear if that scene has been cleared yet. we're working to get more details about possible injuries traffic backups and what that truck was carrying. we'll update you throughout the rest of the news cast. here's a live picture inside of the palestra on penn's campus where as you can see, officers are filing in to say their final farewells to officer robert wilson iii killed in the line of duty a week ago thursday.
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the viewing has been going on since 7:00 this morning. the funeral service will begin at 10:30. this is expected to be a tremendous outpouring of support. those seats will be filled within the next 30 minutes or so. again, as this viewing wraps up in a half hour ahead we will continue to bring you live pictures throughout the morning. in other news former secretary of state hillary clinton will visit our area next week as the controversy continues over her use of a private e-mail account for government business during her time in office. clinton will give the keynote address at the american cancer association on saturday. clinton is expected to announce her 2016 whout bid in the next few weeks, probably not in atlantic city but sometime soon. the most recent quinnipiac poll
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shows clinton maintained a lead over new jersey governor chris christie 46% to 39%. math enthusiasmts pi day is a day you love. the numbers that follow after that, 92653, that time is just about right now. that won't happen again until the year 2115. people have been marking pi day like these students in kansas who have been trying to get into the record books for the longest human representation of pi. the independent seaport museum is celebrating pi day with the u.s. navy. students are competing in a submerged obstacle course using remotely operated underwater vehicles. those students will meet with navy officials as well.
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the time right now is 9:26. still ahead on nbc 10 news today, the final good-bye to philadelphia police officer robert wilson iii. nbc 10's jesse gary is live at this morning's services. he's just outside the palestra. >> the palestra holds several thousand people and it will probably be filled to capacity. you see this line of officers that stretches from the southwest entrance all the way out to the sidewalk. we'll talk more about the goings on here right after our break. >> we continue to track rain this morning. we're looking at rain falling all across the area. we'll talk more about today's forecast and then a windy one on sunday, that's all coming up.
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this is nbc 10 news. ♪ >> this morning, philadelphia is saying farewell to a fallen hero. this is a live look inside the palestra on penn's campus in university city where family friends and fellow officers are attending a viewing right now. the celebration of the life of philadelphia police officer robert wilson iii. if you are headed out on this soggy saturday don't leave the umbrella hen. you can't really see it but this is a live look down the shore in
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cape may, new jersey. we have fog to contend with this morning. we'll talk about how long this rain will last and what's ahead for the second half of the weekend. i'm rosemary connors. it's just after 9:30 on this saturday. let's get right to the weekend weather. washout today, not necessarily tomorrow, though. >> exactly. right. the washout comes today, we have steady rain falling right now, tapers to shower and drizzle later on this afternoon. a live look outside. we are looking at fog and reduced visibility. that's a live look from our adventure aquarium camera. we have rain falling everywhere. it's steady more of a nuisance right now. it's a big shield of rain. areas of fog right now we're looking at reduced visibility down to a quarter mile in
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mt. pocono three-mile visibility in philadelphia. we're also seeing reduced visibility 2 1/2 mile visibility in atlantic city. we are planning on the rain falling for the next couple of hours. fog in place, low clouds. 1:00, 48 degrees. by 3:00 that's where we see it taper to showers. we'll see scattered showers through the afternoon and evening hour. if you have saturday night plans, bring the umbrella along with you. very windy conditions, we'll talk more about that coming up. right now, family members and the philadelphia ploicht are remembering an officer who gave his life to protect others. this was the scene as a caisson carrying the slain officer made its way through philadelphia from center city to university
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city. you can see the police lined up there, fellow officers walked in the rain beside the horse-drawn carriage, a symbol of their solidarity. nbc 10's jesse gary is live, just outside of the palestra. obviously police are there to pair think respects but also complete strangers. >> reporter: that's right, rose marry. and a line of people. we've seen departments from as far north as new york and as far south as southern delaware. this is the line. it stretched all the way to the sidewalk. now it's moved up a little bit. this is the outporing of support you're seeing this morning. this day started earlier here at the palestra with the body of officer wilson being brought here a a caisson. i pulled that right up to the southwest entrance of the building. an honor guard removed the casket and walked it inside. a somber ceremony for this
9:34 am
fallen officer. we've had rain all day long and still people came out, not just police but people who didn't even know this officer. i talked to one woman, faith singletary she said she felt compelled to come today. >> sometimes you need youto be here. the concerned agains really do care about them. it's really sad that so many guys are just fall to this cream out here. it's out of control. >> reporter: now you're looking at a live picture inside the palestra here on the university of pennsylvania campus. this is the viewing for officer wilson. following the viewing, the funeral will start at 10:30.
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stay with nbc 10 throughout the rest of this news cast. we continue our coverage at today's events. also we'll have more information on our website, and of course, on the nbc 10 news app. we're following two breaking news stories from overseas. first, the pacific island nation of vanuatu has been devastated by a powerful cyclone. this video shows the damage after cyclone pam tore through the country today. at least eight people have been confirmed dead. the u.s. believes that number will grow. experts say cyclone pam is the most severe storm to hit vanuatu since 1987. and another breaking news several people are believed to be dead after a ferry accident in myanmar. crews were able to bring 160 people to shore, to safety but leaderses say at least 21 people drown when the overcrowded ferry
9:36 am
hit rough seas and then sank. 50 others are still missing. search and rescue teams are looking for more survivors. 9vé one person is being treated at the hospital after this house collapsed in philadelphia's kensington section on east sterner street. the three-story house fell just about 3:30 this morning. a man was taken to temple university hospital. no word on his condition. they also say there was a strong odor of gas at this scene. pgw is now looking into that. this morning, the trenton police department is asking for your help to find this 12-year-old child. he was last scene in the area of hamilton and ardmore avenues yesterday around 5:00 in the afternoon. he was wearing a blue and black shirt and blue and white striped sweat wants.
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we are getting ready to enjoy st. patrick's day parades all around the country, including one here in philadelphia. when we come back how boston's annual st. paddy's day parade will make history this year.
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and welcome back on this soggy saturday. we're looking at the rain continuing to fall. moderate and steady in some spots. we're looking at reduced visibility because of fog outside. soggy saturday that's the theme
9:40 am
all throughout today. radar showing us where that rain is falling and it is falling everywhere. no one is escaping this rain this morning. we'll see it more scattered later on this afternoon. the moderate rain continues over the next couple of hours. by lunch time we see breaks. more scattered by 1:00 and appearing from west to east as we near dinner time you still need the umbrella. we'll be seeing some rain in some spots. could see heavier pockets of rain in parts of southern new jersey. we wake up to mostly cloudy skies on sunday. the temperature is above freezing in every spot. in the 40s from philadelphia south and east 42 in philadelphia, 46 in wildwood 47 in atlantic city. still, though in the 30s to the north and west. 39 in allentown, 37 in reading and 37 in lancaster. steady rain this morning and showers this afternoon. wind on sunday. we'll talk more about that coming up. boston's annual st.
9:41 am
patrick's day parade will make history by allowing two guay and lesbian rights groups to join the festivities. also new this year, the parade will be shorter, because there is so much snow still on the sidewalks and even on some of the streets after the brutal winter that boston had. they've had to cut that route short. ♪ irish eyes will be smiling tomorrow in philadelphia. the st. patrick's day parade here steps out from 16th and jfk boulevard at noon. some 20,000 people are expected to march, it want be in the rain, that's good news. despite today's wet weather, a st. patrick's day parade in sea isle city will go off as planned. it starts at 3:30 this afternoon. it runs down landis avenue and
9:42 am
ends at 63 railroad street. our live coverage of the final farewell for a police officer continues. in sports top seed villanova struggles to get past providence in the big east tournament. highlights from the thriller at the guard when we come back.
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today, philadelphia is remembering officer robert
9:45 am
wilson. here is a live look outside at the palestra on penn's campus where you can see police officers are gathered there, getting ready to go inside the palestra to pay their final respects at the viewing this morning which will end in about 15 minutes. let's take you inside the palestra to give you a live look at what's happening. you can see pictures of officer wilson are being shown inside the palestra. that line is of monthing toward the -- moving toward the front area here. this is a very difficult time, of course, for the officer's family. he leaves behind two young sons. also the philadelphia police department, more specifically the 22nd district this district is headquartered near temple. both officer wilson worked in the 22nd district. so was moses walker the officer who died in 2012. a very difficult time a somber day for the philadelphia police department. be sure to stay with nbc 10 for complete coverage of officer
9:46 am
wilson's funeral services throughout the day. new this morning, in other news blue bell ice cream is recalling some of its product linked to a deadly bacteria outbreak in the midwest. three people died from list listeriosis after eating blue bell ice cream at this hospital in topeka kansas. symptoms include fever, headache and convulsions. the fda traced the bacteria to an ice cream plan in the texas. it triggered blue bell's first recall in its 108-history. blue bell stopped peruing chocolate chip country cookies great divide bars sour pop green apple bars cotton candy bars scoops vanilla stick slices almond bars and no sugar added moo bars. stores are removing these items from their shelves. if you have any of these items in your freezer, health officials are recommending you throw them out.
9:47 am
nbc 10 first alert weather. >> we are looking at a steady rain falling. you'll need the wind shield wipers. weather headlines on your saturday morning, we are looking at a saturday soaker a soggy, especially this morning, compared to this afternoon, also looking at some early fog where we're looking at reduced visibility. we'll dry it out on sunday. we're going to bring the wind back. outside we're looking at reduced visibility. you can tell from our adventure aquarium. 43 right now in philadelphia so it is mild and we're looking at mild air across the region. but radar showing us that we are seeing the steady rain. back to the west we start to see that clearing. we have improving conditions come by this afternoon. it's just the next couple of hours where we'll continue to see the steady rain falling.
9:48 am
reduced visibility in allen town, a half mile in lancaster. three-mile visibility in millville and a mile and three-quarter in atlantic city. 43 in philadelphia, 48 in millville, 46 in wildwood. as we go throughout the day, we'll see temperatures milder to the south and east of philadelphia and staying cooler to the north and west. some spots may touch 60 south of philadelphia today. a lot of spots to the north and west will stay in the 40s, low 50s. future cast plan on some rain today, especially over the next couple of hours. steady rain. by 1:00 still seeing that across the area. notice it's breaking up in spots. that's what we'll continue to see in the afternoon hours. you'll still need your umbrella this afternoon and this evening if you go out. we'll have scattered rain showers across the area. bring the umbrella tonight. it will clear out overnight and we'll wake up to drier conditions on sunday. that morning rain tapering to
9:49 am
afternoon and evening and night time showers. 57 to 60. temperatures nice and mild later on this afternoon. winds becoming westerly 5 to 10 miles an hour. wind not a problem today or tomorrow. the winds gust over 25 miles per hour. sunday partly sunny and windy. i think we'll start out with mostly cloudy skies, partly sunny throughout the afternoon, 52. monday looking picture perfect, mostly sunny, nice 58 degrees. st. paddy's day, 52 by wednesday wednesday. 48 on thursday, the first day of spring comes on friday mostly cloudy feeling more like winter at 45. hello, i'm amy fadool from comcast sports net. marcus mariota was in town
9:50 am
for the maxwell award. marcus mariota received college football player of the year. he's expected to be a high draft pick. john clark spoke with mariota and asked him the last time he talked with his one-time college coach. >> yesterday, actually. we were able to talk at pro day and talk about the process. he wanted to check in and see how i was doing. >> do you think there's a chance, a good chance that chip will try to get you in this draft somehow? >> we'll see. i think he can answer that better than me. >> do you hope to play for chip kelly in the nfl? >> of course. i hope to play for anybody. game four of the sixers five-game home stand last night, hosting the sacramento kings. kings haven't won consecutive games since november. sixers did that back in january. second half, he finds jeremy grant. ahead for the throwdown. why not? sixers up 12 with 6:30 left. under a minute left, three-point lead. nerlens noel had 16 points, finishing with authority. seven sixers in double figures. get it, seven sixers? that's true, though, too. they win, 114-107. college basketball, villanova facing providence in a big east quarterfinal.
9:51 am
trouble on the inbounds, chris dunn, tieing the game at 61. j. wright not happy with that. next possession, the foul. he made both free throws. nova with a two-point lead. seconds remaining. ed cooley not happy with that. last chance for the fryars. they get a decent look but this one is off the mark. nova advances to the big east final for the first time since 1997. 63-61, the final. american athletic conference tournament newly named conference coach of the year fran dunphy temple facing memphis. tied at 71. he comes up with it, hits the floater, owls win it, 80-75. owls face smu today. a-10 tournament la salle facing top ten davison. final seconds, tyler. wow, hits the running layup.
9:52 am
kalanowski kalanowski,. they're up four, final seconds. wow, hits the running layup. kolanowski, heart breaker for la salle. they didn't score in the final 4:45. la salle loses, 67-66. chase utley made his spring debut yesterday. it was his first game since sprain his right ankle while he accidentally stepped on a baseball when working out in san francisco back in january. they are hosting the rays. utley in the fourth inning, coming up with a base hit through the middle. second baseman, 1 for 2 on the day. another first of the spring, ryan howard with his first dinger of the clearwater season. a two-run blast. phillies one, 2-1. that wraps it up for sports. i'm amy fadool from comcast sports net.
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i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those. we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life state farm is there.
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we have an update on the breaking news we told you about a short while ago. this is about the overturned tractor-trailer. we found out what the tractor-trailer was carrying. cheese. no hazardous material. that's the good news. no other cars were involved, no
9:55 am
injuries. this happened near the lehigh valley exit ramp on the northeast extension. a turnpike supervisor tells us there is a backlog on 476 north approaching the lehigh valley interchange. if you are headed out this morning, keep that in mind. right now, the city of philadelphia is remembering the life of a police officer who was killed in the line of duty. nbc 10's jesse gary is live at the palestra on penn's campus where a viewing for officer robert wilson iii has been going on since 7:00 this morning. jesse? >> rosemary the flow of people and police into the palestra has slowed to a trickle but still they are moving in the last few minutes of the viewing for slain philadelphia police officer robert wilson iii. let's take a live look inside from our camera. you can see the crowd is starting to fill up the palestra. it's a capacity of a little over 8,100 inside.
9:56 am
we're not sure how many will be here. we've seen people coming for the past several hours. just a flow of police. and people who didn't even know the officer, say they felt compared to come to show the family that the city of philadelphia cares about its cops, in particular, the ones who don't go home at the end of their shift. the viewing wraps up in the next couple of minutes and the funeral starts at 10:30 and officer wilson will be laid rest later today at landsdown. continuing coverage today throughout the day online and on your mobile device. live outside the palestra in west philadelphia jesse gary. we get one last check of the weather. the rain has been coming down since the overnight hours. >> hours and hours of steady rain. we'll see a couple more hours of this steady rain. it will taper, drizzle, scattered showers. we're not off the hook later on this afternoon into the evening hours. bring your umbrella if you have
9:57 am
plans tonight. sunday partly sunny, windy, 52. nice on monday. that's going to be our bonus day there. 58 degrees, st. paddy's day, 52 partly sunny. it gets chilly temperatures in the 40s. >> and no snow. >> we hope. >> we believe. i'm rosemary connors. for michelle grossman and everybody here at nbc 10, have a good one.
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