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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 24, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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students are attacked on a local college campus. and wedding wait times. a delay is being taken away so that couples can say "i do" sooner. and look at the radar. yes, that's white stuff. we are tracking snow flurries for parts of this area. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today" on this tuesday, i'm chris cato. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley and the first alert forecast.
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bill, is the radar working this morning? no it is working great. but we are watching the showers on the radar, but it is unlikely you'll see them make it to the ground. that's how dry the air is. they evaporate before they make it to the ground. it's plenty cold outside with temperatures dropping with clouds overhead. right now it is 33 degrees here at nbc 10. a few spots have dropped into the 20s. it is unusually cold this time of the year. of course it was chilly all day yesterday so an afternoon high of 43 degrees after a morning low of 27 and we are back on our way to the upper 20s this morning. meantime, in the pocano mountains, it is colder. but you'll see sunshine in the mountains today. even though we have a cloudy start in philadelphia with a few scattered snow showers on the radar, we'll see those showers disappear and the clouds will be thinning out this afternoon. we'll wind up with sunshine in the afternoon breaking through
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the clouds and that's when we'll see the temperatures warm to the middle 40s this afternoon. but there's warmer weather ahead over the next couple of days. it looks like it's going to come with more wet weather. we'll go through the day hour by hour with the future weather when i'm back in ten. first let's go to christine maddela. good morning christine. good morning, bill. this is the time of day when i have some good news. interstate 76 at grays ferry, there's not a lot of problem areas out there. in new jersey and delaware that's the case throughout the viewing area. there's no significant delays or accidents. i'll keep an eye on that and let you know if that changes. this was an accident from earlier overnight. two people are in critical condition after this crash in washington township. this happened at green tree road. the driver of this car lost control for some reason and
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smashed into a tree. he and his passenger were taken to university cooper hospital. it's unclear what caused the driver to lose control. 4:03 now. be alert. that's the warning for westchester university students after two robberies on campus in a matter of days. katy zachry is live with more on these crimes. what have you learned there? >> reporter: according to the university's website, one happened on the edge of campus in this area that you're looking at involving a student public safety officer who says that student was walking alone here when he or she was approached by three people in dark clothing asking for money. they struck the student and then ran off. we'll go to a map because a half mile away another similar attack happened over the weekend. this one happened saturday night in the area that appears to be off campus student housing. it happened near east nields
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street and sharon alley. public safety officers are asking people who live in the area, students as well, if they have any information about the two attacks that happened within the last few days they want it to be reported to both west chester borough police and university police. we'll stay on campus to try to get more information on the alert going out to students. katy zachry "nbc 10 news." polls open in a few hours for a special election in philadelphia. democrat sara delrichi and representative white are both looking to fill that empty seat since january. today a judge will sentence a former lawmaker at the center
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of a corruption scandal. former state representative jp miranda. he used state money to pay for a ghost worker who never showed up and funneled part of that money to his sister. four men with ties to the local mob will be sentenced for their role in a multimillion scheme. a jury found nicodemus scarfo to take over a company and then use the assets to buy cars homes and a yacht. scarfo will be sentenced tomorrow and his accomplices will be sentenced today. well, the president of penn state university is setting up a task force to review the greek live killculture on campus in response to a secret facebook page tied to delta kappa rho.
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the fraternity has been suspended for a year. and bucks county college is looking into a threat that was posted on twitter. it said quote, can i kill all the expletive jews. >> i think it is key that the authorities, the peace activists know better by speaking up and stopping it at the outfit. >> now just last month nbc 10 showed you these anti-semitic images that were posted online making threats against the lakewood jewish community. 4:06 now. a waiting game involving life and death. a camden man says if he hadn't
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received last-minute help a state law would have kept him from marrying his dying bride. matt delucia is live in camden and she telling us that he wants to change the law to help those in the same situation, right? >> reporter: yes, that's right. this couple was married a day before she died which took away precious spending time for them together. there is a three-day waiting period to get married. omar spent hours trying to get the paperwork done and they called in a nurse to help speed up the process. in the special circumstances, it really shouldn't be like this. >> you know it took about five hours, four hours to do this paper when you can do it in the
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hospital. >> reporter: time that you wish you were able to -- >> yeah spend with my wife. >> reporter: i talked to assemblyman angel fuenetes who is working on changing that bill. we'll have more coming up in 30 minutes. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news".." a cold start and a cloudy one. we're keeping an eye on the skies for a few snowflakes. we are tracking showers to the west. most of them if not all of them are evaporating before hitting the ground. it is not unlikely you'll see a snowflake, but it is cloudy and cold. we'll see breaks in the clouds during the afternoon that will allow temperatures to climb. maybe warmer than yesterday, but not by much. it will be another below normal day today. even though we have a few light showers this morning, it's more likely that we'll be in for some showers tomorrow and thursday.
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tracking some wet weather ahead. right now it is dry in allentown. northeast philadelphia and atlantic city, 29 degrees. right at the freezing mark for northeast philadelphia and atlantic city. with clouds overhead we are watching for a few snowflakes. someone is going to see one or two, but as far as accumulations, little to no. we'll see a few snowflakes quickly falling apart as they move into the area just as expected. as we move to the west the first showers entering west philadelphia and heading to northeast philly that doesn't look like they are going to make it to the ground. and these look a bit more impressive in lancaster county central and southern lancaster county may see a few more snowflakes holding together into chester county. but most of the area will not, so we're getting cloudy to start and see sunshine this afternoon with temperatures moving into the 40s. a look at wet weather for tomorrow when i'm back in ten. about ten minutes after
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4:00 we'll get another check on the roads to see if there's anything to slow you down. if you're making your way on this tuesday morning, christine maddela is watching traffic for us. christine? it's another morning we'll have to crank up the heater in your car because it still doesn't feel like spring out there. taking a look at the map right now, you can see a lot of green out there at this hour. no major slowdowns into south jersey, the pennsylvania turnpike, the blue route, it's all looking pretty good right now. outside at interstate 95 and girard avenue, road conditions are dry and looking nice out there with traffic moving along nicely as well. here are the drive times if you are headed out, all green lights out here. 95 southbound from woodhaven to the vine street expressway that will take you 13 minutes. about the same driving on the schuylkill expressway or the blue route. tight security at a college basketball game. next the threat against a local player with ties to the first family. plus christie on the clock.
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why new jersey's family says he'll make a final decision on whether or not to run for the white house and what he says will happen if he's up against hillary clinton. plus stuck in the mud. the flight that took passengers off course and into a messy situation.
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4:13. a new commitment from canada. they are talking about a one-year extension against isis. in the meantime the pentagon says there's no sign of a security threat to the 100 members of the military and congress that were posted online calling themselves the islamic state division. the government says the information was publicly available and taken from social websites.
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police say a threat against president obama's niece who plays for princeton's basketball team was unsubstantiated. they increased security for the game last night but before the game police got a tip that a man had a gun and mentioned the president's niece, leslie robinson. the princeton head coach talked about the threat last night. >> leslie is safe. she's in the locker room. no one loves her like i do. and keep the freaks out of the gym, how about it? >> the coach says robinson was not aware of the threats before the game. president obama was not there last night. we now have a better idea when governor chris christie will decide about a run for the white house. governor christie expects to make a decision in late spring to early summer on his monthly radio show. he said there are still things he's working through and talking to his family about. he said he won't run unless he thinks he can beat hillary clinton. republican senator ted cruz
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was the first to announce the presidential run for 2016. this week the freshman senator from texas will speak to donors in new york hoping to bolster his campaign account. during the announcement yesterday, he blasted president obama's affordable care act. >> imagine in 2017 a new president signing legislation, repealing every word of obamacare. >> now cruz's father was born in cuba, his mother born in delaware. if elected, he would be the country's first hispanic president. 4:15 now. and on to the race for the mayor of philadelphia you can hear what the six democratic candidates have to say tonight in south philadelphia. organizers are calling this the only candidate's forum devoted to answering question about each mayor's hopeful vision for education in the city. people attending can submit questions in advance. the event is happening at 6:30
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at gw school at 16th and wharton streets. before they start to count the candidates, they will be counting their campaign cash and nbc 10 is tracking the hundreds of thousands of dollars already donated to the six democrats. and right now it is a neck and neck money race between anthony williams and glenn abraham. williams' campaign shows he has $425,000 in the bank and abraham has $424,000. a former judge's campaign nelson diaz reports he has $79,000. and jim kenney's report says he has $76,000. the nbc 10 investigators found that former state senator milton street filed his campaign report 25 days late when he did file it to show that the campaign raised $3,200. and we do not have the campaign fund-raising numbers for mayorfhd nutter's spokesperson doug oliver. michael cook is the enforcer at the board of ethics to make sure
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the election is a clean one. >> the idea is to give people enough time before the election to make an assessment about whose funding the candidate and what the candidate is spending money on to see if it influences what they do with their vote. >> so far the top candidates have raised more than $1 million. that's much lower than the last open mayor's race for the candidates to have almost $8.5 million. in the past week milton street spent more time in court than on the campaign trail because the mayoral candidate has been fighting questions about whether he lives in philadelphia and if he was properly registered as a democrat. last week a judge ruled that he can be on the ballot as a democrat. the residency issue will be decided in court later this week. now the democratic primary for mayor is may 19th. jim rosenfeld is moderating the first debate between the candidates at the kimmel center that you can watch live on april
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7 on nbc 10. if you have a question for the candidates submit those right now through or the nbc 10 app. 4:18 now. atlantic city's emergency management will release a report on the city's finances today. the new jersey department of community affairs will post that report on its website. it's expected to detail a plan to help restructure the debt and find a long-term solution. the goal is to stabilize the city's finances in an effort to avoid bankruptcy or tax increases. well, beach weather is just a few months away. though it doesn't feel like it out there. today we'll get a first look at tourism expectations in wildwood. wildwood tourism officials will recap last year's season and give us a preview of what is ahead for this summer. tourism is a main driver of the new jersey economy. dover public library is hosting library legislative action day in delaware. during this event library officials, advocates and library patrons get the chance to meet with legislators to talk about
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support and funding for the state's library. it is 4:18 and we're watching clouds move into the area. and we might see a snowflake or two, but most of the area will stay dry this mo. and this afternoon we'll see some sunshine. but this morning cloudy skies and the cold is back 33 degrees right now in philadelphia. the wind is stronger in the city than much of the rest of the area. the wind will be settling down today. and any snowflakes and clouds are long gone this afternoon when we break out to see sunshine. that's when we'll get the warmer temperatures, but right now temperatures are falling. 29 degrees inned whostown. look at the 20s for trenton and wrightstown. northeast philadelphia, 32 degrees. just below freezing right now in the south. and saint davids 30 degrees. a cold start and yes a few snowflakes are possible. but these snow showers are
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quickly falling apart. and most of them are not reaching the ground. the air is so dry at the surface that as the snowflakes coming down they evaporate. so something to look at on the radar, but other than that nothing to deal with today. for tomorrow though we'll be watching this round of showers move through missouri. the clouds will start to move in overnight tonight and the future rain and snow shows showers streaking across central illinois and into the ohio valley. that's 1:00 this afternoon. as we go into tonight, the showers are making some progress. but more impressive is the next part of that same system that will be moving in to the chicago area by early tomorrow morning. this could deliver a few showers during the afternoon after that first round to give us a shower or two in the morning. most of those will go to the south. and many of these showers will stay off to the north and west. so a chance of some rain showers, no sign of snow tomorrow as the temperatures will be warming up.
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but today it's going to be a low warm up like yesterday with temperatures taking their time in the morning. we'll see the 30s for most of the morning and that's what we'll see today. with some clearing this afternoon, that's when temperatures climb into the 40s. there is some warmer weather ahead. in fact much warmer weather. details with the seven-day forecast coming up in the next half hour. bill you tease us. we need to get the warmer weather here. we'll stay tuned for that. 4:21. we'll find out how traffic is looking this morning with first alert traffic reporter christine maddela on patrol. as much as she patrol area computers and roadways. christine? that's right. if you want to head to work or school early this morning, now is a good time to leave because we're seeing a lot of green out there as we take a look at the schuylkill expressway near the conshohocken curve for folks who come in from montgomery county are familiar with that area heading into the city. there's a lot of green times. 11 minutes between the blue route and the vine eastbound and westbound. nothing holding you up there.
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taking a look in delaware this is interstate 95 at route 896. and you can see through the haze there some headlights. not a lot of volume on the roads, but things are moving along quite nicely with bridges all in the clear. chris? thank you. drivers in bucks county could face delays this morning as work starts on a road improvement project there. crews will start to work along south delmorr avenue today and drivers need to take a detour in the area. you can see it mapped out for you as this is part of a project to fill the intersection and walkway problems as well as issues near the lower trenton bridge. that project should wrap up in july. the frontier airlines plane is back on the pavement again after getting stuck in the mud for almost a whole day yesterday. the plane was set to leave the new castle county airport for orlando sunday night when it got lodged in a muddy mess. >> it doesn't feel like foam.
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the airplane is one side the other side just went down. >> well, crews finally freed the jet around 7:00 last night. passengers left on a backup plane around noon yesterday. and they did arrive at their destination safely. coast guard helicopters will take flight more frequently from air station atlantic city over the next few days. the coast guard began helicopter training tomorrow through april. new pilots are being trained to secure air space over washington. most flights will take place near tuckerton and ocean city to stone harbor. people in that area can expect to see and hear choppers twice a day during training. toddlers everywhere will be thrilled. a new effort by u.s. farmers could put the gluten free stamp of approval on more products out there. how they are trying to fix the problem from the ground up. and the hot spots that can soon offer the new lunch spot for city workers.
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make way for the goose. a new wawa store will open where the old robinson used to be. wawa will have unique features but they are not revealing them yet. the delaware county convenience chain says they are working on final approval and will make the announcement next month. farmers are working on breeding a gluten-free wheat for those who have allergies. they are looking into the wheat dna that causes a reaction in people with celia disease, an
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auto immune disorder that attacks the intestines if you eat wheat. some say it might at best lead to a less toxic variety of wheat. cold cloudy and breezy to make it feel chillier. that's a live view from center city. 33 degrees at 4:37. christine maddela is in the first alert traffic center. good morning christine. good morning to you, bill. road conditions are looking pretty good right now. here's a live look at interstate 295 at route 70 in cherry hill with traffic moving along quite nicely. i'll have a look at the drive times when we come back. plus, a call for change in the philadelphia police department. what local police need to do to improve.
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new fallout this morning after the fraternity facebook scandal at penn state university. the move the school's principal just made. speeding up the "i do" periods that started at a local hospital. and we are off to a cold start this morning. and look at that picture. first alert radar is tracking snow to start the day. what? >> so the radar is broken is what you're saying. >> i hope so. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. there's an explanation why we won't be shoveling later today. good morning, bill henley. we will not be shoveling.


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