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tv   Today  NBC  April 3, 2015 7:00am-11:01am EDT

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showers throughout the day. >> don't forget the umbrella. >> have a great holiday weekend. the "today" show is up next. we'll have another local update in 25 minutes. >> you can always get the latest information on our nbc 10 app. . >> good morning. breaking news. severe weather in the south. tornados ripping through oklahoma while massive flooding in kentucky leads to high water rescues and the potent storm is moving east. hard sell, president obama putting it on the line for a landmark deal with a once bitter adversary to stop it from getting the bomb. >> if iran cheats the world will know. >> will congress kill the deal before pen reaches paper? >> a man missing for more than two months reaches north carolina. living on rain water.
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. and the mother of all fallon skits. michelle obama back on the tonight show and back on the dance floor. evolution of mom dancing the sequel sets the internet on floor this friday april 3rd. 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a friday. matt has the morning off. let there be mom dancing. i want to grab my chinos and sweater set. >> it continues. jimmy fallon and more viral videos. >> we will show you more highlights in a moment. >> the storm goes across the
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south and al roker is here. what can you tell us? >> this is a changeable situation. let's look at what happens in kansas. this tornado not hitting the ground but it showing you the power of this system. in louisville this is where the danger spot it. massive flooding. high water rescues and apartment complexes that are being evacuated as we speak. i-65 has been shut down and they are evacuating. it is a mess and we look at the pictures coming in. it's pretty impressive and streets turning into rivers. the system is sitting on top. let's go to the radar to show you what's going on. heavy rainfall in the last two or three hours. we are talking about 4 1/2, almost five inches of rain falling throughout the area and it continues.
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tornado watches for northern arkansas and southern missouri. severe thunderstorm watches. flash flood warnings and watches in effect through the entire area all along this front. the rain is going to continue. you can see the watches and warnings throughout louisville. we will be watching this. we have the risk of severe weather and enhanced risk from jackson, huntsville and lexington. flood watches and warnings and about one to three inches of rain and as it moves to the east the heavy rain continuing and on the back side anywhere from to five inches of snow in upstate new york and northern new england. it calms down by easter sunday but the next 24 hours will be very, very difficult. >> we will be watching it. another big story this morning. how this landmark deal is being received this morning.
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not only in washington but around the world. the president insisted this is a good deal but it may proof to be a very tough sell. peter alexander, good morning to you. >> reporter: here at the white house they call it unprecedented, but the republicans and the israeli prime minister clearly not on board. benjamin netanyahu blasting the framework saying it threatens the survival of israel. with the moment now in reach. >> it is a good deal. a deal that meets our core objectives. >> president obama must now fend off republican critics already attacks his iran framework. >> there is no deal with iran. there is a list of very danger obsessions that put iran on the path. >> tom cotton spearheaded that controversial letter last month opposing a deal. >> if congress killings this deal not based on expert
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analysis and without offering a reasonable alternative, it's the united states that will be flamed for the failure of diplomacy. >> it would block every pathway for iran to build a bomb and put controls over disposing of nuclear fuel. it calls for strict un inspections and in return they will lift punishing sanctions and threatening they will be put back in place if iran cheats. >> we have extraordinary expensive verification measures that have not been applied before. we will have state-of-the-art television cameras within production facilities. >> the foreign minster call period a win-win out come. >> when we implement measures there will be no sanctions. >> regular iranians took to twitter posted selfies after iran's state run tv took the
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step of showing a u.s. president's remarks live and unsensored. the clock starts again. the deadline is june 30 for a final agreement. this is complicated stuff as an expert said think of it as honey i shrink the program. the president himself conceded nothing is agreed to until everything is agreed to. >> as is so often the case. chuck todd is moderator of "meet the press." good morning. a lot of people were surprised this deal happened at all, but also that it had as many specifics as it seems to. >> not only that it was better than what it was leading to. that's something of a relief to the administration. they got iran to concede to things. there was concern that the sanctions would get lifted before there would be verification. that wasn't the case. one of the things that is benefiting early on is that this
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deal is being announced while congress is not in town. they are all in recess for the holiday and it gives time to sell it without push back. >> i don't know if you agree, but it seemed to me in a way as controversial as the deal is the criticism was somewhat muted. you don't see people falling all over to get on tv or issue these dueling press releases and that kind of thing. are people holding their fire. >> the good friday press strategy. they are not in town. i think some will hold their fire. they want to see how it will play out and see the details. the plan has more details. there is two and a half months before you have the signed and sealed part of the deal. the timing of the announcement is beneficial because so many of the members are out of town. >> the president has to sell it. can congress scuttle the deal as a practical matter? >> they can easily.
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you have a lot of skeptical democrats including the incoming highest ranking democrat chuck schumer. he put out a two-page statement who said i will review the details of the agreement. that was not a supportive comment. it's possible to kill the deal. the president can veto an attempt, but there enough democrats to override a veto. the next two and a half months will be critical. >> it's just getting started. we will see you sunday on "meet the press." >> off the coast of north carolina a man missing at sea for 66 days found alive in his damaged sail boat 200 miles from shore. in norfolk, virginia where he sat down with that man and his family. >> louis jordan was missing for two months forced to survive by rationing his food and eating
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whatever sea life he could and grabbing any rain water he could. he was cold and wet, but early this morning he walked out of sentara hospital. one man in a small boat in a very big ocean. after 66 days lost at sea, he walked into a norfolk hospital on thursday to an emotional reunion his father after 66 days at sea. >> for seemed like a lot longer. >> friends knew he had gone sailing on his 35 foot sail boat and no one heard from him for two months and his parents were frantic. >> what were the last two months like? >> terrible. moment to moment and the moments turn into days. >> had you given up hope? >> many times. >> no one knew that lewis had drifted out into the atlantic. his boat capsized three times.
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>> i was flying through the air somersaulting and everything was upside down and backwards. >> he rationed his food and ate raw fish capturing rain water to survive. an incredible stroke of luck. his small sail boat was spotted. a massive german container ship 200 miles off the coast. >> i was standing up there waving my arms and they turned that huge skyscraper around. >> a chopper lifted him from the deck flying him back to norfolk. lou sis thinner and shaggier but happy to be home. you ever going to sail again. >> i really don't know. >> will you ever let him get on the boat again? >> i don't know. not in the ocean. >> you can't blame him.
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i asked how did you spend the two months on the ocean. he said he read the bible over and over cover to cover. he came away a very inspirit and spiritual person. if you are on the ocean for two months what kind of food would you miss? i asked him that and he said barbecue and organic ice cream. >> definitely not fish. >> good taste. >> that's an amazing story. thanks so much. new information this morning as we continue to follow that doomed germanwings flight that crashed in the alps. they are studying the data recorder and getting disturbing information. let's go to katy on the story. what have they found? >> reporter: good morning, savannah. lubitz only allegedly crashed the plane, but the evidence is mounting against him. according to what officials have released releasing just this morning that they believe he manipulated the auto pilot,
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forcing the plane to descend and repeatedly changeing it to pick up speed. as flight 9525 dove through the sky, french investigators say andreas lubitz accelerated, pushing the plane faster and faster heardtowards the mountain side while the cockpit voice recorder captured the metallic bangs of the captain trying to get in and the passengers. they found the box in a ravine so badly burned the normally orange casing was black. in dusseldorf they revealed more details of what they found on his personal tablet computer. between march 16th and march 23rd, he studied medical treatments and ways of committing suicide and cockpit doors and their security measures.
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inside the second black box and the computer evidence of how he did it but why is still a mystery. french officials say they have been able to collect dna for 150 victims. 149 victims potentially. they have not matched it with family members so no positive ids and they won't return any of the bodies to the families until the investigation is complete. savannah. >> a reminder of the awful human toll. >> natalie has the latest on the brutal terror attack in africa. >> we are now hearing chilling accounts from survivors of the brutal massacre on the college campus in kenya. in all, 151 people died most were students. the chief global correspondents are in nairobi. good morning. >> it's a terrible story to bring you this good friday
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morning. religious intolerance so extreme it leads to mass murder. 151 dead and most are in their late teens and early 20s. most christian singled out by extremeist gunmen. >> a massacre without mercy. at least four in suicide vests targeting a college campus before dawn. they attacked students in dormitories. the gunmen asked their religion. if you were christian, you were shot on the spot. it took troops hours to corner the gunmen and they believe they killed them all. it's near the somali border. the gunmen from the al shabaab group that massacred 67 people at a shopping mall two years ago. >> this is a warning to be vigilant as we confront and
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defeat our enemies. >> kenya's president was visibly shaken his country is too, braced for more. >> this could be a prelude to other attacks, mostly in nairobi or ethiopia and against westerners. >> students had been airlifted to the hospitals in the capital. hundreds more were traumatized on the deadliest attack on a university. kenya a frontline state on the battle with islamists. >> one aim of the al qaeda-linked gunman was to pull apart kenya's religions. part christian and part muslim. they are pulling together on social media. #one kenya is trending. >> thank you, bill. two new york city women are in jail accused of plotting to set
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off bomb attacks here in the u.s. both american citizens appeared in court thursday. the fbi said they acquired three propane tanks and a pressure cooker and researched how to make bombs. no actual explosives were found and there was not a specific plot. france is joining the movement against anorexia in the fashion industry. they banned anorexic-looking models from the runway. they threaten to fine and possibly jail modelling agents and fashion houses who hire them. italy, spain, and israel have similar laws. a hilarious moment on the price is right. it may be a new classic. a contestant named andrea had three chances to pick the correct price of a hyundai and if she did, she would win the car. >> which one is it?
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>> 19,849. >> go ahead. no. congratulations. manuela just gave you a car. >> she jumped the gun before she made the second-guess. she saw the model revealing the price. she gets to keep the car. manuela is not in trouble. she tweeted out it's the most expensive gift i have given someone. yes. there you go. the perfect team. >> that's a classic. >> what went wrong there? >> she went right for it. >> al what do we have going on? >> the rest of the country, we are looking at snow showers across the northeast later today
7:18 am
and tomorrow. wet weather and the heat continues as does the sunshine in southern california into the good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. grab the umbrella. showers and possibly thunderstorms. heavier downpours during the afternoon and evening hours. temperatures near 70 degrees this afternoon coming down for the weekend. winds will be blowing with rain ending saturday morning. then sunshine easter sunday but the easter egg hunt will be a chilly one. down to 37 in the morning.
7:19 am
60 in the afternoon. mild for the phillies home opener and a chance for showers returning starting on tuesday. have a great day. and that's your latest weather. >> thanks. playing the role of carson this morning is tamron. >> let me tighten my tie and slick my hair back. good to see you and the real carson. exciting night last night. we were all asleep. jimmy fallon and the first lady appeared with jimmy fallon. she is celebrating the five-year anniversary of the let's move campaign. move she did. she took to the dance floor with two of the evolution of moms dancing. take a look. the fun continued all the way to the end with jimmy fallon deciding to mock the president and the first lady was having none of it.
7:20 am
you see there. jimmy fallon. she played it right back to him. the part i loved, several moms moved along from home. move close to your television. this is so awesome. take a look. this is video moms sent in to us. i love this one. she has her sunglasses on. the broom mom. the cha cha mom and then come on, the hula hoop mom with a kid doing a cameo. by the numbers, the first version of the mom dance with jimmy fallon and the first lady viewed 22 million times on you tube. part two may be good. i have one more surprise for ow this good friday. you going to dance? >> par don't want. come o wrangler. we have a raskly rabbit. >> wrangler is not buying it. >> call your agent. >> kids and puppies. he was rocking this thing all
7:21 am
morning. >> give him food and he is happy. >> thank you, guys. >> coming up we have an exclusive interview with the father of american sniper chris kyle. his first public comments on the trial and the scene from the popular movie he calls an absolute disgrace. >> on rossen reports tied to cruise ships. the pools are packed with kids and where are the lifeguards? first this is "today" on nbc.
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today, sweeten the deal. get low prices you can trust every day on reese's peanut butter eggs and cadbury creme eggs. good morning i'm vai sikahema. we'll get the first alert forecast on this good friday with meteorologist bill henley. good morning bill. we are at 5 degrees here in philadelphia. we'll see lots of clouds and occasional showers. we are already seeing light rainfall now moving into burlington and ocean county. light rain in toms river. and to the west the next round of rain moving into lancaster county will be moving in this morning. so if you're moving out the door, grab the umbrella with rain steady at 9:00. we have light showers at noontime and breaks in the rain to allow temperatures to warm into the middle to upper 60s this afternoon. all right, thank you, bill. we'll get a check on the morning commute with katy zachry. >> hi, vai. things are looking good on the
7:27 am
majors throughout the area. this is a live look at 76 near belmont avenue both eastbound and westbound looking great. your drive times between the woodhaven or rather the vine street expressway and the blue route are 12 to 13 minutes in both directions. moving into new jersey if you are on the 42 freeway headed north of the walt whitman bridge on 55 it will take you five minutes to go that stretch. speaking of area bridges, they are clear as well. new from overnight, police are searching for a suspect after a home invasion led to a chase in oxford circle. officers responded finding two men inside the home there. police caught one of them with the other jumping out the window. they are still continuing their search for him. i'm vai sikahema. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. you can get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. back to the "today" show. have a great day. see you in a half hour.
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>> good morning to you. >> violent storms are racing through the south. overnight tornados in oklahoma and heavy rain led to rescues in louisville kentucky. >> the data recorder is revealing disturbing new information. investigators say it shows the copilot repeatedly sped up the plane as it descended. >> new research reveals glaring findings about popular grocery
7:31 am
store foods. 70% of frozen pizzas exceed the sodium recommendations. >> take a note of that one. a "today" exclusive, for the first time since the trial of the man who killed chad littlefield, we are hearing from chris kyle's father. good morning to you. >> he said he always told his son, chris, don't you ever start a fight, but you better make sure you end it. he would see his role as a navy s.e.a.l. he talked about the trial and critics and uneasiness about the movie, american sniper. >> we never had any peace to try to grieve. once they came back with the guilty verdict, it was like okay that chapter is closed. there was a sense of relief. >> as movie-goers, we are
7:32 am
flocking to see american sniper in theaters. wayne kyle was in a courtroom, watching the man who killed his son stand trial for murder. >> what was it like to sit in the courtroom with him? >> it was gut brunching. one of the deals that you want to jump over the railing and kill him with your bare hands. chris tile and his close friend were murdered on a texas gun range with a struggling vet they were trying to help. >> you worried about him in combat. you didn't worry about him going to a range. >> you knew who the enemy was does how do you know who it is
7:33 am
here. it could be somebody who is evil who had something else in mind. >> wayne kyle doesn't have much regard for how the film portrayed his other son who served in iraq. >> it was an absolute disgrace. they portrayed jeff as a weak almost cowardly marine just wanting to get out of country in any way possible. that couldn't be further from the truth in the way jeff was. is. >> the film also stirred up a debate over kyle himself. he spoke about his critics when we chatted a year before his death. >> i mean i have already heard it. i'm a murderer and a child killer. i'm not trying to win everybody over. i want to be an advocate for the vets. >> celebrities got caught in the back and forth over whether chris was a hero.
7:34 am
>> they have no self worth. they can't accomplish anything on their own. their claim to fame is to try to destroy anybody who has the values with also from the enduring image of people who line the procession route the day of his funeral. >> i get emotional thinking about it. if anybody ever wondered if texas stood behind and supported their veterans all they had to do was see that. >> i also asked about the move
7:35 am
in congress to posthumously award kyle the medal of honor. he said it wouldn't be right if chris was in it for medals. he wouldn't have wanted that. why he was disappointed with the movie, he recognizes it brought a lot of awareness to veterans and for that he is grateful. >> to go through so much in a public way as well. >> they entered a new chapter in which he can have private time to grieve. >> thanks for being here. such a good interview. >> let's get a check of the weather with al. >> we are following a breaking situation. they had one person killed in one part of kentucky. in louisville high water rescues going on and schools on a delay and lightning strikes. there is a fire right now going on at a plant that we will be watching carefully as well. we believe it is weather-relate and we continue to track that. these storms train across with flood watches and flash flood
7:36 am
watches and warnings. the rain will continue with to five inches. it could be more and we are talking about two to three inches from cha good morning i'm meteorologist bill henley. grab the umbrella. showers and possibly some thunderstorms. the heavier downpours during the afternoon and evening hours. temperatures near 70 degrees this afternoon coming down for the weekend. winds will be blowing, 50s and rain ending saturday morning. then sunshine for easter sunday but the easter egg hunt will be a chilly one down to 37 in the morning. 60 in the afternoon. mild for the phillies home opener with a chance of showers returning on tuesday. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> coming up is a full house reboot really in the works? >> cut it out! next on rossen reports, a potential danger on your next vacation. most cruise ships do
7:37 am
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an artificial heart valve, or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto® tell your doctor about any conditions such as kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. xarelto® has been prescribed more than 11 million times in the u.s. and that number's growing. like your guys' scores. with xarelto® there is no regular blood monitoring, and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto® was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. you may be able to get up to 12 months at no cost. >> 7 time 41 with rossen reports. vacation under cover, how safe are your children when they swim in cruise ship pools? more from jeff. >> good morning to you. the cruise industry markets itself as family friendly fun for all and the pools and water slides are packed with kids.
7:42 am
did you know most of the major cruise lines don't have a single lifeguard on board? for some families these dream vacations have turned into nightmares. >> fun in the sun on the high seas. picturesque pools and a frenzy of activity for kids. 1.5 million children cruising every year. but where are the lifeguards? there aren't any on three of the biggest cruise lines. royal caribbean, norwegian and carnival. kids have gone under. half a dozen children in the past two years. >> we turned our heads for a moment and our son was gone. >> this 4-year-old barely survived. pulled unconscious from the pool aboard royal caribbean's oasis of the seas. >> his recovery is a miracle. >> thanks to the ship's crew
7:43 am
no. a passenger jumped in. once again it was passenger who is rescued this boy, chase, when he nearly drowned, falling into the donald pool aboard disney's fantasy cruise ship. >> i sat there and i prayed to god to please give me my son back. >> chase suffered major brain damage. other kids don't survive. like kwept in hunter a 6-year-old with a contagious smile. >> to be in perfect health nothing wrong, and all of a sudden he is there and there is nothing i can do. nothing. >> quentin drowned in the main pool aboard the carnival victory and once again, no lifeguard around. on these cruises, they often have over 1,000 crew members per cruise serving food drinks but no lifeguards. >> no lifeguards.
7:44 am
>> we wondered if anything has changed and boarded the very same ship. >> i have been hanging around all days and we have been walking five feet with an employee delivering food, drinks and towels but no employee watches the pool. >> that's right, a year and a half later, still no lifeguards. >> it boils down to one question. how many kids have to die? >> this attorney rep accepteds the family of the latest victim. >> why don't the cruise lines add lifeguards? >> because there is such a smul number on board. they want the passengers and not the crew members. >> safety is a priority and as with the majority of land-based resorts, many cruise lines provide clear and conspicuous sign that is a lifeguard is not
7:45 am
present. but quentin's parents say a sign is not enough. >> what is your message to families watching about to go on a cruise. >> if they don't have lifeguards get your money back. they are not looking out for us. they are looking out for their pocks and it's not fair. >> the cruise industry tells us they are reviewing the need for further action possibly including more sup at the pools. disney has already taken action putting lifeguards on all their ships. in late 2013 after that 4-year-old nearly drowned. if one cruise line can do it, why can't the rest? whether you are at a hotel or a cruise pool watch your children too. that helps. >> that's an insanely popular job for young people to want to do it. >> a lot of people on the ships too. >> coming up next whose side are you on?
7:46 am
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well keith, if you say so. we're just working hard to... bring out the best. . >> tamron is in the orange room. easter passover and the final four. >> those two things make for an amazing sunday. the final stage is set, kentucky takes on wisconsin and michigan against duke. we have been asking viewer who is they will be cheering for. keep them coming. so far though the hash tag go wildcats at 27%, go badgers at 31%. spartans 28% and duke blue devils only 14%. we know that kentucky will face wisconsin and michigan with duke. sa van a we will be eating
7:51 am
easter eggs on saturday and sunday. let's be honest. we have our battle going on with the "today" show family. look who is at the top of the creek. the win beneath his wings. someone else. guess who is on the phone to explain it. matt are you there? >> i am. >> tell us your secret weapon. >> so first of all, i have gone to an undisclosed location. jack and i have been up all night crunching the numbers. i don't want to say we are cocky, but we have three of the final four teams in our bracket. we are confident we will do well. >> does he have a strategy with savannah and al and myself we threw names up and whatever fell to the ground. willie is a sports fan as is carson. what is jack's strategy? >> it's more aggressive. he is in a meditative trance
7:52 am
with one food off the floor. it's less about our teams and he cast a spell on carson who i believe is in second place. >> the numbers here. the witching will stop shortly. >> will you ask jack to help with my bracket next year? >> you dance with the who brought you. >> can i take him down to the in kentucky derby? >> who do they think is the winner? >> we have kentucky going on all the way. >> have a great morning, matt and jack. here's where we stand. he has kentucky and the "today" show viewers. i have kentucky. willie and al with introducing preferred rewards from bank of america the new banking rewards program that rewards our customers, every day. you'll get things like rewards bonuses on credit cards...
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm vai sikahema. it is just before 8:00 on friday, april 3rd. let's go to bill henley to check on the forecast. good morning. we're seeing light rain moving into philadelphia and it's coming down a bit heavier in lancaster county. that's moving to the east/northeast. we expect raindrops not only in berks and chester county but also in montgomery county as well. temperatures are nice and mild 61 in wilmington. northeast philadelphia, 61 degrees. roxborough at 58. and now 60 in south philadelphia. thank you, bill. we'll get a check on traffic with katy zachry. hi, katy. >> hi, vai. after the 6:00 a.m. rush we had, it's a good time to be on the roads with really good conditions. route 422 near the pennsylvania turnpike from montgomery county
7:57 am
drivers is looking good eastbound and westbound. moving into 95 95 southbound between woodhaven and the vine will take you 14 minutes. it will take you a few minutes to go the opposite direction. the area bridges at this time were looking good. vai? new from overnight, we are working to find out if temple university students were involved in a doubling shooting at a house party near campus. this gunfire erupted around 1:30 this morning on park avenue. this was just blocks from temple university in north philadelphia. the fight at the party spilled into the street when two people were shot. one is listed in critical condition. the other is in stable condition. we're told one suspect followed police before being arrested. detectives are questioning him and another man. most of the people at the party were temple university students. i'm vai sikahema. you can always get the latest news and weather on the nbc 10
7:58 am
app. now back to the "today" show. see you in a half hour.
7:59 am
8:00 am
do you believe in the after life? maria shriver introduces us to two people who claimed they had seen it firsthand. >> what are is the after lifelike? >> it was like being in an unlimited space and time. >> we will hear from a doctor who was skeptical and who is now a believer. plus making waves. the images are that creating quite a splash. has full house found a new home? the reports that the sitcom could be getting a reboot april 3rd 2015.
8:01 am
>> good morning. >> over 3,000 miles coming lose. >> good morning, ohio. >> all the way from l.a. >> everybody in illinois on tv. >> happy easter. . >> and good morning, everyone. welcome back to "today." it is friday morning april 3rd. a really, really really, really like this weather. it's beautiful. >> finally the first day. >> 6 really, really really, really really likes. >> we really do. >> as you heard, we are talking about the after on do you believe. speak of a doctor who studied near death experiences for years, send us your questions on
8:02 am
twitter using the hash tag believe "today." >> an interesting question. we want people to get involved. >> natalie has a check of the top stories. >> the white house is cautiously optimistic after reaching a deal with iran to limit the stockpile. president obama has to convince them before the june deadline before the agreement. opposition mounting with them calling if are a targ an and a disaster for iran. saudi arabia and israel oppose the deal. chrysler said they will appeal the $150 million verdict against the auto maker after a deadly jup fire killed a enjoy. they awarded at settlement to the family. the boy was killed in 2012 in the cherokee it was riding in caught fire. the jurors ruled they acted with
8:03 am
reckless disregard and they are selling a jeep with the gas tank mounted behind the rear axel. now to new orleans where the millionaire murder suspect robert durst is in jail on gun and drug charges. live in new orleans with the latest on the case. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. a day of drama with lawyers on both sides literally yelling at each other in the courtroom here. it ended as it began with robert durst back into custody. either arraigned on charges nor extradited on changes in california. appearing frail in a jump suit he looked on during arguments thursday. durst's attorneys claimed they acted unlawfully and arresting the 71-year-old, subject of the recent high profile documentary
8:04 am
series the jinkz. >> he purposefully lied. >> the defense team indicated they wanted to pursue the issue of whether he was legally detained on march 14th 2015. they did not respond to a court tord appear as prosecutors said they needed more time to prepare with them. his attorney reacted angrily. >> said cot south they wanted to hang the ball. we tried to get the witnesses here and while durst may have had a decent day in court, his legal troubles are far from over. >> i think he is looking at a 10-year sentence. they did everything by the book in arresting him. the case is going forward and he is going to be indicted. >> robert durst who faces murder changes in california has denied any wrong-doing. he is currently being held in
8:05 am
baton rouge. it is expected he will be back here in court thursday when there is another scheduled hearing. >> kerry sanders in new orleans for us. thank you. finally check out this leap of faith for a little league player in california. standing there at third base the 11-year-old dashes home after the pitcher throws a wild pitch and he slaps home plate. the ump calls him safe. a nice leap and the team goes on to win the game. congrats to them. let's get another check of the weather. >> hey, al. >> we have friends here and did you lose your front teeth. let's see that smile. what's your name? >> how much did you get for that? >> $20. >> $20? the tooth fairy is doing better. i'm going to knockout my own teeth and make quick cash. let's see as far as your weather. for today, really rough stuff
8:06 am
racing across the mid-mississippi river valley. you have showers and thunderstorms watching these push through. afternoon highs, we do have ahead of the system. warm temperatures in the 70s and 80s and 60s. we are back behind it in the 30s and 40s. warm weather through the south and for today, a risk of storms making its way through the river valley into the lower mississippi river valley and rain in the pacific northwest. this young lady. 85 years young. what's your name? nice to see you. you look good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. grab an umbrella showers and possibly some thunderstorms. heavier downpours during the afternoon and evening hours. temperatures near 70 degrees this afternoon, coming down for the weekend. winds will be blowing 50s with rain ending saturday morning. then sunshine for easter sunday but the easter egg hunt is going
8:07 am
to be a chilly one. down to 37 in the morning, 60 in the afternoon. mild for the phillies home opener and chance of showers returns starting tuesday. have a great day. . >> and that is your latest weather. >> one of the favorite moments of the week. are you ready? we are going to take a dip in the friday fishbowl and answer anything we pull out. >> get that clock started. is there an after life? two people who claim they have seen it and what turned one doctor from skeptic to believer? >> and say cheese. the story behind these adorable photos of babies under water. first these messages. when sprint told us that they'd cut our verizon bill in half we were like 'why?' and they were all 'to save you money on your rate plan' and i was like 'why?' and then sprint was like 'so you can spend money on stuff you want'. but, we have all the stuff. we're rich. where are we even going? a basketball game.
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8:12 am
we are back at 8:11. it is trending:00. a lot of april fool's jokes this week. you know what is not hilarious? when your boss promises to make your life easier and said just kidding. they promised to ban all e-mails or phone calls between 11:00 and 6:00 a.m. here was the e-mail. we are proud to be taking a leadership in care being our colleagues's quality of life. turns out it was an april fools joke. a lot of people were not laughing. some call it the worst joke of all time. they are apologizing. that's like 30 percent raise. >> got a promotion. not. fired. >> get ready, everybody. netflix is finalizing a deal to update the 90s sitcom full
8:13 am
house. or so said the tv line. it would be called fuller house. it would focus on them and you might see cameos. they are calling it a rumor, but we are secretly praying it happens. >> would you watch it? >> totally. >> i never really watched full house. >> it's the kind of show you can plug in. you don't have to know the history. >> my kids love it. >> so do mine. >> i enjoyed hearing you say her besty. >> let's not stall. for those of you catching up we have a bunch of questions in here. mind seconds on the clock.
8:14 am
and go. >> if you were desserted on an island what's the one thing you would bring? >> a refrigerator full of food. >> what surprises you about this morning? >> that i'm say thing in matt's chair. >> why are they making me do this? >> because you are willing to. >> kibble? kibble? wrangler? am i supposed to answer that? >> maybe wrangler wrote that. >> this one. >> what are you most embarrassed about. neon trees. i snort when i laugh. >> do you that? i find it endearing. >> nobody signed this. would you rather have the ability to be invisible or x-ray vision. >> wine beer, or the hard stuff. >> all of the above. >> what was a memory from your first concert. >> that's good. i saw the thompson twins. >> what do you remember about
8:15 am
it? >> it was really cool. i don't know. >> savannah what is your favorite make out song? >> what is your favorite make out song? >> i know this much is true ♪ >> ten seconds on the clock. if you could change one body part what would it be? >> and we are out of time. too bad. wow. >> we have time for an answer. >> come on. >> go easy. >> i would be lying. >> body part. >> more back. not a lot. medium. >> bass. >> qualified it. >> that's what's trending today. >> it is good friday and passover begins today. with that in mind, we are posing an interesting question on do
8:16 am
you believe? is there an after life? according to the survey 55% of people believe there is and 37% are not sure and 8% said no. maria driver is is in los angeles with more. >> good morning. millions of people debate this. is there a heaven? is there a hell? what happens to us when we die? for two people that you are about to meet there is no debate. the way they lived today has everything to do with dieing and they say coming back to life. >> i believe that i died yes, that i crossed over into the after life and came back. absolutely. >> what is the after life like? >> it was like being in an you unlimited space and time. >> diagnosed with lymphoma in 2002 anita withered down to just 85 pounds as cancer crept through her body. >> i had tumors some the size
8:17 am
of lemons. these were from the base of my skull all-around my neck under my arms my breasts, and all the way down to my abdomen. >> one february morning in 2006 anita slipped into a coma where she said she died and crossed over. >> i felt as though i was above my body and it was like i had through 60 degree peripheral vision not just in the room i was in but beyond the room. >> she said she is more spiritual than religious said she was reunited with her father who told her to turn around. >> he said i have gone as far as i can and if i go further, i won't be able to turn back. i felt i didn't want to turn back. it was so beautiful. for the first time all the pain had gone. all the discomfort had gone. all the fear was gone. i just felt so incredible.
8:18 am
>> although reluctant to return to her body she said she had a realization that if she did, she would heal quickly. >> within four days my tombors shrunk by 70%. >> do you think your experience with death allowed you to actually live the life you are living now? >> absolutely. death taught me how to live. >> while anita's story is shock, it's not nearly as unique as you might think. 12-year-old anna bell said she crossed the line between life and death. at 4 years old, anna bell was diagnosed with a chronic digestive disorder that affected the way food traveled from the stomach to the large intestine. in and out of hospitals for years, she spent most time in pain unable to eat or drink. >> she was always so sweet and gracious that she was not making a big deal out of it. she was suffering in silence. >> the pain consumed her.
8:19 am
>> i told my mom, mama i want to die and go to heaven with jesus where there is no more pain. i don't want to be in this much pain for the rest of my life. >> i remember the words coming out of her mouth and i remember thinking that can't be what she said. she doesn't know anything about giving up. she is a fighter. >> days later, anna bell fell from this tree. >> i just remember hitting my head three times on the way down. just falling. >> sitting third feet up with her sister abby the branch started to crack and anna bell plummeted head first into the hollowed out tree. anna bell said while lying at the base of the tree she died went to heaven and came out healed. >> it was really bright and i sat on jesus's lap and he told me when the firefighters get you
8:20 am
out, there will be nothing wrong with you. i asked him if i could stay and he said no, anna bell. i have plans for you on earth that you cannot fulfill in heaven but i will send a guardian angel with you. >> she shared the experience with her family. >> she was very matter of fact. very this is what happened. not at all animated. just here's the facts. then she stopped talking. >> once on ten medications a day, today she takes zero symptom-free and living a normal life. the tree still sits in their front yard recently blown over by weather with a cross kevin carved after the accident. >> i am grateful for this tree. i am grateful that god blessed us through this tree. but it's a tree. >> for anna bell? >> i love this place so much
8:21 am
because it was the place i was healed. >> two people both grateful for dying and now living. >> anna bell's story has been turned into a book miracles from heaven and it was written by her mom. it will be in stores later this month. for those who have doubts about anna bell and anita's stories, head to to hear how the skeptics respond. >> what a great story. thank you very much. doctor jeffrey long is a radiation oncologist at the mary bird perkins center and also the author of evidence of the after life. it's good to have you here. >> it's a pleasure. >> you are a medical doctor and a cancer doctor most days but also somebody who looked deeply into the issue and you said you went from skeptic to believer. why? >> when i started researching near death experiences, one thing i knew for sure is that nothing in my training could
8:22 am
explain these accounts. i researched nearly 4,000 near death experiences and based on evidence they are in a word real. >> you can really die and come back? is that the way we should be thinking about it? >> when you have that close brush with death and about 12 to 18% of people do have a near death experience. no question about that. that has been observed among young, old, religious, nonreligious. anybody can have a near death experience. >> a lot of people think this is something religious people talk about, but non-religious people it doesn't happen to them. >> not at all. including atheists and all of the near death experiences are strikingly similar in their content. >> what are some of the things that seem to be consistent across these experiences as they are described by patients.
8:23 am
>> a common first element is called the out of body experience. at the time they are unconscious or clinically dead their pshsness rises above their body and they can see ongoing earthly events include being their own frantic resuscitation efforts. following that they may pass into or through a tunnel and encounter a mystical unearthly light. after that they feel sense of overwhelming peace and love. they may meet diseased loved ones. >> they talk about those kinds of experiences and there doubters out there. tamron has been monitoring reaction. >> we have a few questions for doctor long. is heaven better than living? dr. long? >> from all the descriptions i have heard of the after and heavenly realms there is nothing like that on earth. all the disabilities and the fear and the anxiety and doubt,
8:24 am
all we have on our earthly lives is gone there. there may be beautiful colors beyond anything on earth. beautiful music. landscapes buildings, unearthly in their beauty. it's truly appropriate to consider them heavenly realms. >> this is from shawn. it was posted by a young boy. do pets go to heaven? dr. long? >> we have many near death experiences that describe encountering deceased beloved pets. like the diseased beloved people. these are joyous reunions. even if the pets died of a disfiguring illnesses, they are always picture perfect health. >> it's an interesting conversation. thank you for being here. thanks to you as well. he will answer more of your questions on twitter. keep them coming. use the hash tag #believe today.
8:25 am
>> that will be a tough act to follow. the new study linking breech to health problems in kids. we will give you safer alternatives. first your local n
8:26 am
good morning i'm chris cato. it's 8:26 on your friday and time to get the first alert forecast with meteorologist bill henley. bill, still rain falling out there somewhere. >> in parts of the area yes. everybody is experiencing the wind which is helping to keep temperatures warmer and everyone will get some rainfall but right now most of it is falling in pennsylvania. trenton has some light rainfall steady rain across much of chester county into montgomery and bucks counties as well. temperatures are staying warm. we're at 60 in philadelphia back up to 61 for northeast philadelphia and wilmington. keep the umbrella handy, occasional showers right on into this afternoon. >> let's see how the morning rush is shaping up now. traffic with katie zachary.
8:27 am
>> chris, it is clearly the start of a holiday weekend for a lot of people. just take a look outside, this is 95 at cottman avenue. limited volume. your drive times between woodhaven and the vine are really looking good in both directions. mass transit, there are some slight delays scattered across septa so check your individual schedule, but new jersey transit and pasco is running on or close. political and religious leaders from several faiths will protest what they call anti-muslim ads displayed on some septa buses. they say they promote hate. they're holding a news conference at a muslim center. also this morning we're working to find out more about a hazing investigation involving the women's softball team at st. joseph's university. the school tells nbc 10 it is looking into the allegations but have not said what the allegations involve. i'm chris cato. we're back in half an hour with another update.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
we are back. it's 8:30, friday april 3rd it is a coat-free day. >> let the record show. early april. >> early april. >> a number of you didn't believe until may. >> will it stay like this is the question. >> you won't believe it. >> do you believe? not that. wrangler is strutting his stuff this morning. there he is. making the rounds. >> did you see him with his
8:31 am
girlfriend crissy teague an? she got in his cage with him. she thinks wrangler is her dog. >> they might have a playdate. we have healthy no cook ideas. >> do you breech to keep your house germ-free? >> my mother needs to hear this. >> we will do that, but you have an assignment for us. >> i need the help from everyone on the plaza. we will never get enough of the video showing natalie and jenna bush haeger riding in colorado where jenna was screaming mommy the whole time. well well well. viewers have been tweeting suggestions. >> i'm not ready. >> jen a they are tweeting from where we should sit jenna on her next adventure. should she go parra gliding in
8:32 am
san diego or right at cedar point or free fall on a sky coaster in florida or parachute from a bridge in west virginia? head to to vote on which will be jenna's next adventure and we will reveal the choice. go vote. >> i love it. >> take out your cell phones and vote. >> is she finding out? >> she learns where she is going and learns we are doing this to her. >> should we have a pinot noir or cabernet? >> let's go to the center of the earth? >> is the forecast looking? >> looking fine. for saturday we have snow in northern new england and upstate new york. rain in the pacific northwest. showers and sunshine elsewhere. easter sunday sunday look for the easter bun tow have showers in the pacific northwest and rain and snow in northern new
8:33 am
england. wet from eastern texas to the central mississippi river valley. a mix around the great lakes. we have a cutie here. who is this? >> nathan. >> how old? >> six months. good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. grab an umbrella, showers and possibly some thunderstorms. heavier downpours during the afternoon and evening hours. temperatures near 70 degrees this afternoon, coming down for the weekend. winds will be blowing 50s with rain ending saturday morning. then sunshine for easter sunday, but the easter egg hunt is going to be a chilly one. down to 37 in the morning, 60 in the afternoon. mild for the phillies home opener and chance of showers returns starting tuesday. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. you can get your weather any time you need it. go to the weather channel on cable or where are you from?
8:34 am
>> i'm from milwaukee. >> arkansas. >> you sisters? >> yeah. >> you her sister? >> i'm from mississippi. >> all right. let's head back inside and clean up with savannah. >> if you use bleach to clean your home, a study finds the use my increase the risk of respiratory problems in children. our medical contributor, good morning. that's a headline that will scare a lot of people. >> these researchers after correcting for a few things after passive exposure and mold the researchers suggested that it was a statistically significant association between bleach exposure and childhood res tirpiratory respiratory. >> it's not cause and effect. not a perfect study. >> the major limitation is the
8:35 am
study design. it's an observation study. it's not meant to draw a conclusion of cause and effect. it was obtained by the parent questionnaire having to do with bleach exposure and childhood infections. it wasn't an intervention. they described an association. >> we reached out the association that represents companies that produced breech. they are reviewing the research but it's at odds with other studies that when used properly it kills germs. that's the irony. a lot of people use bleach to keep their homes clean so kids will be healthier. >> what we didn't know about and how much concentration in the bleach there was. were there other household cleaners? a couple of tips use it when the children are not there. ventilate the area. you can dilute it. ten parts water to one part bleach.
8:36 am
you want to make sure you rinse off the area that you clean after the use the bleach. >> makes sense. thank you so much. send it over to carson for more. >>. >> if you want to get your house speck and span without opening bleach what are the safer options? a "today" contributeor and lifestyle experts. >> things you have in your pantry already like white vinegar and baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and bor ax. if you smell it -- >> people think it's a sign that your house is clean. >> you shouldn't because it's not good for you. let's start off with grout. grout is a place where mildew builds up or the bathroom. you should use a combination of one part hydrogen peroxide to three parts water. spray it on the affected area and scrub it and wait an hour. >> that's good for mold in
8:37 am
grout. >> lemons are one of the best bacteria killers. they are so high in acid, they kill anything you need to worry about. you take a lemon and we have been told to put it on the countertops and cutting boards. >> it will clean, but is it disinfecting? >> killing the bacteria you need to worry about. for a disinfectant, you take three cups of hot water. two teaspoons of bor ax and three table spoons of white vinegar and you have a sponge rag and you can disinfect away. you can use it anywhere. great for kitchens and baths and any surface. >> how about the toilet? >> you if have done the volcano. baking soda a quarter cup and a cup of white vinegar. it does fizz up.
8:38 am
you get this fizzy reaction. put it in your toilet bowl and shrub it and let it sit and flush the toilet. it's great for trains as well. >> use it when the kids are not in the house, but there is plenty of ways to get it clean. >> disinfectant and kill bacteria and smelling good. do it with the pantry. >> under water babies some of the most adorable photos you will see and the message behind them. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:39 am
8:40 am
an important topic for parents. >> drowning is the leading cause
8:41 am
of death for infants. here's nbc's jacob rascon. >> despite the looks -- >> my eyes light up when i see the babies. >> for the photographer -- >> i'm blown away. >> under water babies made sense. his book under water dogs was an instant bestseller. man's best friend like you have never seen him. then came under water puppies and you thought it couldn't get cuter. babies are natural swimmers. >> i have been teaching children to swim at a very, very young age. a few months old or six months old is a great time to introduce the water. >> they only stay under for a matter of seconds, but long enough. >> they have been under water a few times before and you capture
8:42 am
that expression and the curiosity and the confidence makes me happy. >> there is 67 babies in this book but i photographed over 750. i took about maybe 100,000 shots. >> 100,000 shots? >> probably. >> here she is. >> oh, my god! >> there so many good shots of her. we had to figure out which to put in. >> that's awesome. so cute. >> cute and potentially life-saving. >> drowning is the number one cause of accidental death for children under 5. we can make a joyful book to raise awareness and hopefully encourage people to embrace doing lessons. just maybe that number of tragedies will go down. >> all of seth's books come with a message. safety for pets and now babies. >> through the course of doing this i have been so inspired by
8:43 am
not only the babies but the parents, the instructors, and how dedicated people are. >> under water for a reason. and for pictures worth a thousand smiles. for today, nbc news dallas. >> cute. >> cuteness overload. >> when jackson was little we would blow in his face and do a quick dunk and put his eyes in the right position. >> did it help him get used to the water? >> absolutely. >> babies and puppies. >> that's the next book. >> has vail been in water? >> i dipped her once but this summer we will have to get her used to it. scary, but exciting. also the bathing suit fashion for babies is so cute. >> little chunky. >> i was talking about carson. >> that's another book.
8:44 am
that book is under water babies. we poeftd more fote posted more at >> quick ask easy no cook options for
8:45 am
8:46 am
mystery. >> a young mother from memphis, tennessee who vanishes after she shed hundreds of pounds. could there be a connection? >> heather jones was a young wife and mother who like so many of us wanted to change her life for the better. but heather really made it happen. she joined this dance aerobics class at a gym outside memphis and achieved a stunning transformation. >> were the pounds melting off of her? >> melting off.
8:47 am
>> in 18 short months heather went from this to this. her girlfriends were with her every high energy step of the way. >> she didn't have one choice anymore. the world was hers. >> she is like look what i have done. you can see her spirit lighting up. >> as her new life began, so did the mystery. heather jones disappeared from her home. >> her car is in her driveway and purse, keys and cell phone were in missing. >> something is very much wrong. >> sounds cliche but she vanished without a trace. >> that's what made it difficult. we had no leads at that time on where she could be. >> heather's husband showed degrees a big clue. the night she disappeared, she sent an e-mail that sounded like a goodbye. >> it did not sound good. it sounded like i'm throwing in
8:48 am
the towel. >> then detectives learned heth heather had a secret. >> i didn't know his name. >> heather was possibly seeing another man. >> yes. i tried to get information about that person. >> investigators would definitely into heather's relationships to uncover a disturbing connection between her dramatic weight loss and her mysterious disappearance. was there someone in her who wanted her to stay the same who would do anything to keep her from living her dreams? >> do you think heather would still be alive if she hadn't gone through this transformation and bettered herself? >> yes. >> for "today," nbc news memphis. >> i need to watch that to see what happens. >> police do end up solving the case and find out what happens. you have to watch to find out. >> it's not what you think. >> it's a shocker.
8:49 am
we will find out what happened to this young lady tonight on dateline 10:00, 9:00 central. >> no time? no problem. healthy no cook breakfast ideas to start your day right. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:50 am
8:51 am
. >> if you are running late with on the go options. megan megan murphy is the executive. >> the biggest complaint is i know we need to eat a healthy breakfast, but i have no time. our dieticians looked at convenience breakfasts and narrowed it down to 300 of the best. 350 calories or less. nutritious but if it wasn't delicious, who cares. >> you have to grab it and go. >> exactly. my first pick is garden lights. you pop it in the microwave. >> how long? >> 30 seconds. you take it out. >> how many calories? >> 110 calories. 10% of your daily fiber. give it a taste. >> that's great. >> can you guess the first
8:52 am
ingredient? >> chocolate. >> it's not chocolate. zucchini. the first ingredient is zucchini. this is the best trick for your kids. my 3-year-old is like can i have the cupcake for breakfast again? yes, you can. banana chocolate chip. yes, i want huevos ran cherros on wednesday, but i'm not going to make it. 250 calories with tons of protein. pop it in for a minute. 200 calories. this is an italian hash is so good they would also eat it for dinner. brunch in a box. who doesn't want an egg sandwich. these are the special k flat breads. a tiny bit more sodium so
8:53 am
balance it out with lots of potassium. >> pepper jack cheese. that was the tester's favorite. it has a kick. >> is it dry? >> it's not dry. it's delicious. and the flat bread. toaster. options for things to throw in the toaster. our testers love these nature path waffles. the maple syrup is baked in. pop it in the toaster and two is a serving. there is no sticky mess. you can pop the waffle in and grab and go. healthy and delicious. >> what's in here in. >> bagels. everybody loves a bagel. >> if you are going watch your weight bagel is not the thing you are thinking. whole wheat and skinny. >> thomas's 100% whole wheat. a regular bagel is six slices. >> is it dry?
8:54 am
>> to make it complete we love these peanut butter packs. you can squeeze them and that gives you the protein. >> speak of things you can throw in your bag. i snacked on these all the time. it's great to have in your mom bag or have on the ready. delicious, right? >> you can get it and you are out of the house. >> no excuses. get your day started right. stuff you can throw in your bag. this may not be your bag, but i always have a flax pack. >> what is that? >> it gives you omega threes and fiber. you can sprinkle it in your yogurt. it's a good add on. this is icelandic yogurt like greek yogurt. creamy and rich. it is loaded with protein and has less sugar than another flavored yogurt. it tastes like dessert.
8:55 am
that's giving you a little bit of fiber. you can even take the flax on the bagel. >> that's good. very good. >> delicious and creamy. bars. easiest thing to throw in your bag. >> i have no idea what's good. >> we spend $3.7 billion on bars as a country. this is kashi. it's a crunchy granola and seed bar. people love the texture. >> i want the waffle. >> these are the best bars. people love the texture. it's a seed bar. >> how many can you eat? >> it's two in a package. i love it with peanut butter and lastly we have the oatmeal. warm and delicious. throw it in the bag and add hot
8:56 am
good morning, i'm chris cato. it's 8:56. it's warm but it could be rainy today. let's get your first alert forecast now with meteorologist bill henley. >> chris, tracking some showers right now. it's dry in south philadelphia, but the game this evening could see some rain possibly some claps of thunder too. right now light rain moving into chester, montgomery, bucks counties.
8:57 am
that's where the steady rainfall is currently. heavy rainfall will hold off until later on. the wind is blowing but it's a warm wind. 60 at 10:00. by 1:00 63 and near 70 this afternoon. we have new information now about a shooting at a house party in north philadelphia near temple university. a temple spokesperson says the victims and suspects are not temple students. the shooting sent two people to the hospital one in critical the other in stable condition. around 1:30 this morning a fight broke out at the party, spilled onto the street. officers actually heard the gunshots and found the victims. they also found a man putting down a gun on the sidewalk and trying to run away. officers chased him and took him into custody. police are interviewing him along with another man and some witnesses. police are still looking for a man after a home invasion led to a chase in oxford circle. officers responded and found two suspects inside a home there. one tried to run but officers caught him. the other jumped out of a window and took off. he dropped a loaded gun magazine
8:58 am
about a block from the scene. he's still on the loose this morning. a rowhome fire in trenton sent one person to the hospital with burns. the fire broke out on center street just after midnight. crews put out flames on the upper floor of the home. investigators say they found what appears to be drug-making equipment inside that house. i'm chris cato. we'll be back with another update in about 25 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather through the nbc 10 app. have a great day.
8:59 am
9:00 am
it out as madonna and travolta. courtney kardashian debuts the newest member of her famous family. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news this is today's take with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on a beautiful good friday morning, the first day of passover april 3rd 2015. >> i love -- nicely with butter
9:01 am
and a little sprinkle of sea salt. >> so good. >> it's that time of year. >> i love this time of year. >> did you bring any? >> in the kitchen. bring it down? >> talk about seeing it. >> tamron has a push where we should have an hors d'oeuvre every morning. >> some apps. >> i think we should. >> i love that. what's that on the table? >> you are like the living embodiment of the snickers commercial. >> i'm not hangry because i did eat already, but it would be nice if you had some food. >> i didn't know i was going to reference it. >> no. >> willie mentioned passover. i thought matzo. i could have said gifelte fish. creamed herring.
9:02 am
>> oh! >> i love the herring. maybe on the side tamales. chopped liver. >> the look of it. eew. >> how about a knish? we had a guy outside our school ps 272 in brooklyn. they were a dime. >> did he kill them? >> it was potato knishes. if you didn't have a dime you would hold out your hand and he would sprinkle kosher salt on your hand. mo the knish man. ps 272. >> what else did they do in the olden days? >> you would get an egg and stop and get a knish and then the egg cream. >> how much? >> eight sends. >> if you didn't have money? >> they let you lick the spoon
9:03 am
of somebody else. >> i'm enjoying it. >> i'm sorry. we were on tv. >> the trolleys went around the streets. after 6 days lewis jordan was rescued by the u.s. coast guard and reunited with his family. he was spotted boy a container ship and he was about 200 miles off of the carolina coast. he set sail on his 35 foot boat out of the marina on south carolina january 23rd. the mast broke and the rutter broke and he drifted in the atlantic for all those dis. flipped over three times. he had to eat raw fish and catch rain water whenever it rained. here's what he had to say after his ordeal. take a listen.
9:04 am
>> i was flying through the air somersaulting and everything was upside down and backwards. you ever going to sail again? >> i really don't know. >> it's incredible what he had to go through. his mother who had been missing him for all these days take a look at what she said. >> it's terrible. you live moment to moment and the moments turn into days. >> had you given up hope? >> many times. >> yeah many times. i look at his condition. remarkable to be lost at sea for 66 days. he looks unbelievably healthy and kept reading the bible and said he could read it over and over again. he was airlifts to a hospital in norfolk, but released on his. you see him walking out. >> i don't know what he looked like before but he looks healthy. >> 66 days at sea and eating
9:05 am
just raw fish. wow. >> the fact that it capsized and came back up right three different times. that's wild. we talked yesterday and we performed yesterday a lip synch battle of our. to kick things off, they couldn't picked it better. jimmy fallon against duane johnson, the rock. let's start with jimmy doing a little bit. >> okay. ♪ in the midnight hour i can feel your power ♪ instead ♪ just like a prayer you know i'll take you there ♪ ♪ when you call my name it's like a little prayer ♪ ♪ down on my knees, i want to
9:06 am
take you there ♪ ♪ in the midnight hour i want to feel your power ♪ >> they traveled. per where is his wig? he was madonna, right? >> he started out in civilian clothing and somebody put the robe over him. it didn't give him away. >> he was more kirk franklin not madonna. they put on full costumes. >> speaking of full costumes the rock responded with staying alive. ♪ staying alive, staying alive ♪ ♪ staying alive, station alive,
9:07 am
staying alive ♪ >> okay okay. wow! >> i cheated. i know who won. based on what you have seen, who do you think won? jimmy fallon or the rock? >> i would say the rock. >> the rock. >> i would go with the rock on that round. i think jimmy won. >> the crowd decides. >> the hip synch battle champion is duane johnson! >> yeah. >> he had that thrust to go along with it. hard to beat that. >> john travolta would call him dale john zon. >> that show was so much fun. if you didn't ka much it i think they are replaying it.
9:08 am
it's a half hour. >> that's a good party. >> that's a great thing for saturday night. >> i like that they go full costume. this is full on performance. >> the episociety was john ledgent against common. incredible. >> do the public thrust. come on. >> i meant to ask her colleague. >> i didn't see it. i didn't see the request. you know what she does have a good idea. >> dark natalie, ladies and gentlemen. dark natalie. it's a friday. that's right. it's a passover friday. that's right. that's right. you crushed that.
9:09 am
anyway thursday's price is right, this contestant is playing a game where she has three chances to pick the right price of a hyundai, sonata. if she guesses creekly, she wins. here's what happens when she gets a little help from the show's model. >> which one is it? >> 19,849. >> go ahead, manuela. >> boom. no. >> oh! >> i won it! >> congratulations. manuela just gave you a car! >> manuela tweeted on thursday saying hey, i just gave -- now i
9:10 am
know what it feels like to be you. she got the car. >> and manuela is not in trouble. >> it's all good. >> she kept the car. >> manuela handled it well. very funny. >> charming. >> our good buddy. love drew carey. he looks fantastic. he eats nothing but matzo. >> and knishes. >> facebook friday. yes. and hilarious easter bunny photos from fans on our "today" parents facebook page. at least one person is not having a good time. that was speeding through them. the first was from whitney. that's whitney right now. whitney acosta. do we have the bunny that attacked willie? >> we have jason. what do you think the caption is
9:11 am
on that? >> the bunny is going to eat my baby brother. stranger danger and give me my sibling back. >> then this is from taylor in texas. >> from a kid's standpoint that has to be frightening. >> in a big costume. >> you have been placed in the hands of that person or bunny. the parent walks off. >> you have pictures of kids with manny the matzo. there is nobody named manny the matzo. >> i don't know. >> the knish guy. >> he is. he was. mo was a great guy. he was a wonderful man. we loved mo. look at the thunderstorms moving through kentucky and southern illinois and indiana and ohio. this is racing to the east at 55 miles per hour. we will be watching them fire up
9:12 am
as the morning and early afternoon wears on. they will be here in the northeast. you can see we have flash flood warnings in red and watches and flood watches as well. why? the heavy rain look at the area of severe and enhanced thunderstorms. tornados possible between lexing and huntsville and jackson. rainfall will be anywhere from good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. grab an umbrella, showers and possibly some thunderstorms. heavier downpours during the afternoon and evening hours. temperatures near 70 degrees this afternoon, coming down for the weekend. winds will be blowing 50s with rain ending saturday morning. then sunshine for easter sunday, but the easter egg hunt is going to be a chilly one. down to 37 in the morning, 60 in the afternoon. mild for the phillies home opener and chance of showers returns starting tuesday. have a great day.
9:13 am
the throw down here we grew up in cleveland. i said what deli did he go to? you committed a cardinal sin. get out of here. >> i will drop you like a bag of dirt. >> it's guard friday. >> that's right. par bet. >> we have anger issues going on. >> anyway. >> we need to bring in an adult. coming up next a long list of roles. heather graham hung out with dirk digler and the guys from the hangover. like you have never seen her before. did you make kraft mac & cheese for the kids? yup. did you cook some protein to go with it? it has 9 grams of protein per serving. did you have to use every pot in the house?
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9:16 am
the hangover actress created unforgettable characters. she is back with another as a role from the very dysfunctional family. that's an under statement. if there be thorns. >> the third installment of the widely popular lifetime series. she moved in next door to her family unbenounced to them and tries winning over her grandchildren and clearly knows how to go about it. take a look.
9:17 am
>> why don't you come back sometime. just you. >> just me? >> you know how special you are. special people deserve special attention and i have a lot of money like you noticed. money never brought me happiness and what i really want is grandchildren to spoil with gifts. >> gifts? like what kind of gifts? even a pet snake? >> yes darling. even a pet snake. >> ooh, evil. creepy. >> the third time praying creepy. >> i think i'm creepier this time. >> as a grandmother. >> i have more validity in a way. i don't want to give it away. >> give too much away. >> we were talking and you couldn't see it because you have the vail but the physical transformation to become a grandmother was like three hours of make up every day. what was that like? >> basically you pull your face
9:18 am
really tight and they put this clear gel and when you loosen your face you bet the wrinkles. it's the opposite of what you try to do. >> no woman wants this. >> it's a good feeling when you wash it off. it makes you freaked out about aging. in a way it's freeing. it's like who cares. >> you will look beautiful. she's a pretty woman. >> i understand you are a practitioner of yoga and that keeps you centered and balanced. you were on a yoga soldier that didn't turn out with your boyfriend? >> i was on a yoga vacation but people took pictures of us on the beach. you are on a trip and you are an actress and people know who you are. we were having a wonderful time and the next thing you know people see pictures of you on the beach. okay well -- >> he was rehabbing on the beach? >> sorry. i didn't realize you were going
9:19 am
there. i went on a yoga retreat and i brought my boyfriend. my boyfriend is very athletic. he does all these difficult classes and my teachers are really hard. half of the yoga teachers. he hurts his knee in the middle of nowhere and there is no hospital nearby. i go to the woman who runs and i said where is the nearest hospital and he said it's an hour away but there is a doctor staying at the resort. so it's just like a little hut on the beach resort. my boyfriend is like laying on a beach lounger and there is a doctor giving him a whole examination on the beach. it was like beach side service. >> not bad. >> fancy too. >> she was from this fancy college. she was looking and she said i have a friend who is a specialist. they're both in bikinis examining my boyfriend on the beach. >> that's what's going on.
9:20 am
>> any chance he faked the injury? >> it would have been like a three-hour car ride. >> with hugh hefner standing by. >> when two doctors on a beachbikinis. >> hurt me. >> thank you so much for being here. if there be thorns premiers on lifetime. coming up next a health alert and a drug resistant bug spreading throughout the country. >> courtney kardashian shows off the pictures of
9:21 am
9:22 am
at philadelphia, there's an art to making cream cheese. we always use fresh milk, real cream, and no preservatives. that's why philadelphia cream cheese tastes so rich and creamy. only philadelphia.
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♪ ♪ ♪ hershey's spreads. bring the delicious taste of hershey's chocolate to anything - everything. with hershey's spreads, the possibilities are delicious. is partaking a look at the headlines with a nasty stomach illness is spreading that is resistant. the shigella illness was
9:24 am
associated with people traveling to india or the dominican republic but spread to people who have not traveled. many cases will just go away on their. a new study said cleaning with bleach may make your child sick. researchers studied children who live in homes or went to schools where bleach is used for cleaning. while bleach is effective in killing germs, it may lead to those more susceptible in flu, tonsillitis or other infections. >> a safety feature to keep drivers from falling asleep. they monitor how the steering wheel is handled. they can detect unusual behavior. it signals an alert. vanilla ice was arrested for burglarizing a florida home in february. the rapper appeared in court on thursday agreeing to a fine and 100 hour was community service
9:25 am
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9:26 am
good morning, i'm christine maddela. it's a rainy friday. let's get the first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley. >> we've seen some scattered showers, christine, good morning. we'll see that on and off this morning and a potential for thunderstorms this afternoon. right now the steady rain moving through chester and montgomery, bucks counties and lancaster county seeing moderate showers at this time. the temperatures have warmed up in spite of the clouds and wet weather. 63 degrees right now in northeast philadelphia wrightstown and tom's river. clouds will stay with us. rain on and off. possibly a thunderstorm. high temperatures near 70 today. this morning we're working to find out more about a hazing investigation involving the women's softball team at st.
9:27 am
joseph's university. the school tells nbc 10 it's looking into those allegations. sangt st. joe's said it already took action to make sure students are safe. they will not comment on what the allegations involve or why students needed to be kept safe. the softball team is in the washington, d.c. area for a game this weekend. today is good friday the most solemn day on the christian calendar. it's a day of prayer and reflection to commemorate the crucifixion of christ. here's a live look at the basilica where the faithful will gather for good friday services starting at noon. and the jewish holiday of passover begins tonight at sundown. the eight-day observance recalls moses and the ancient hebrews escape from egypt. it is maurkds by a ritual prayer meal known as seder. we'll have another update coming your way in 25 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. you can download it for free. now we'll head back to the
9:28 am
"today" show. i'm christine maddela. have a great day.
9:29 am
9:30 am
>> this morning we are asking the question do you believe in heaven? >> one couple who have been very open about their beliefs have made religion their life's work. as executive producers of a new prime time series ad the bible continues. i had the chance to sit down with the couple for a dateline special about their new show. >> do you believe in going to a heaven? >> absolutely yes. i'm so comforted and given such hope by believing in heaven. i believe with all my heart that i will be reunited in some form
9:31 am
with my beloved mother and my dad and all those who have gone before. it's the beauty. it's central to our faith. >> it feels like heaven is here now. when you are praying, you are closer to jesus and heaven. >> how do you explain the suffering that has come along and terrible times even now. >> romans 5.3 which is true which paul wrote. suffering creates perseverance. that perseverance creates character and character creates hope. as long as we have hope we have everything. >> you can check out the dateline special bible stories. this easter sunday at 8:00 7:00 central leading up to the premier ad the bible continues. right here on nbc. >> what would that be?
9:32 am
>> for lent. >> they got a lot of attention for that beard. >> i like it. let's get a check of the weather. >> looks like charlton heston in the bible. >> a little bit, yeah. >> saturday has windy conditions and rain in the pacific northwest. showers along the gulf. showers in northern minnesota. sunday easter sunday we have breezy conditions through the gulf and showers. a little light snow left over in northern new england. good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. grab an umbrella, showers and possibly some thunderstorms. heavier downpours during the afternoon and evening hours. temperatures near 70 degrees this afternoon, coming down for the weekend. winds will be blowing 50s with rain ending saturday morning. then sunshine for easter sunday, but the easter egg hunt is going to be a chilly one. down to 37 in the morning, 60 in the afternoon.
9:33 am
mild for the phillies home opener and chance of showers returns starting tuesday. have a great day. >> time for your friday edition. we will make morning alcohol-free drinks. >> i will hook you up next week. that will be a new and improved beverage site. she is opening up about her fashion police drama. it has been a time before she made a comment that she was shocked. the comment that the actress looked like she smelled of patchouli oil and weed was a joke she didn't write and a reference to rippy culture rather than race. she said other boho references were edited out and her words were taken out of context.
9:34 am
she said the backlash turned into death threats towards her and her family. she called the incident with zendaya unfortunate and regretful regretful. as for the departure of kathy griffin and kelly osbourne she said the show without joan was difficult from day one. i believe it was only a matter of time before that specific show with that cast and that format fell apart. fashion police is on hiatus and will return in september. >> doesn't sound like it. >> doesn't sound like she will. they may change the whole thing. >> another form of it. >> it was at the peak with joan. it's a great show. >> the fashion police. >> we will for that. courtney kardashian is sharing an image of her brand-new baby
9:35 am
boy. kim kardashian's big sister gave birth to her son with her boyfriend in december. she waited until now to post a photo. they don't tell everything right away. sharing this adorable picture of her newborn laying out in a onesy on a fur carpet with her baby boy rain aston. the only other image is a photo of her daughter penelope with a baby carrier. courtney and scott are also the parents of her son mason who is a super cute kid. we know first lady michelle obama wants to keep us moving. in humanor of her let's move campaign the first lady showed off the greatest mom dances with jimmy fallon and the evolution of mom dancing 2. take a look.
9:36 am
>> mock her husband's dancing. 25 million hits on you tube the first dance off between the two of them. >> they nailed the dancing. that was the president's dance. >> they are both great dancers. up next we will head into the kitchen for al's favorite easter dishes. peanut butter layer cake. really? >> the first time we made this it is awfully when i'm shopping for a used car, i want to be comfortable. i don't want an aggressive salesperson breathing down my neck pressuring me into a decision.
9:37 am
when i go to the supermarket there's no one pushing me to buy the more expensive cereal. i just want to shop like i do everywhere else. ♪ ♪ as long as people drive cars carmax will be the best way to buy them. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] give extra. get extra. i'm brian vickers, nascar® driver. i'm kevin nealon comedian. and i'm arnold palmer, professional golfer. know what we have in common?
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and has 50% less calories. with this taste? no way. give me fifty squats. it can't taste this good read the label ...and have 50% less calories? exactly. now you drop... ...and give me the 50. trop50 calcium. new taste so good you won't believe it has 50% less calories. . >> many of you will be cooking family favorites this easter. what are you cooking for us? >> we will do some sides for easter. a few things are better but very few from when you smell fresh rolls. my dad would make these parker house rolls. he got into baking when he was a bus driver.
9:41 am
there is a parker house. we have the pes we but they help the dough rise. you will put it together and you want to allow yourself extra time. this is puffed up and that is the gas coming off of the yeast. you will leave this in there for about an hour or so you put this oil on it. roll the rolls. you are going grab a being key cutter. right by themselves is lovely.
9:42 am
>> about an hour or so. you want to give yourself extra time. you brush them with butter. you take good salt and serve them warm. another thing that to me is simplicity. i love brussels sprouts. to me there is a tweetness and a nuttiness. you take the babies and like the bigger ones. you trim the bottoms off and garlic you want to tame the bite of garlic and you roast it. you take about 30 or 40 and you
9:43 am
basically trim them. it can't get comprehender than this. >> can i say how delicious this roll is. this is so amazing. >> you toss it. a little salt. >> you can put bacon in there? >> it's good friday so i didn't top the offend anybody. a policy change for me. i usually take about a pound of bacon. i like new ski's bacon out of wisconsin or snake river farms. you cut it into about one-inch cubes and you render it and put it halfway through. reserve that and put it in the on which at 350 for about 30 or 35 minutes and it am cans out like this. halfway through you put the bacon in. >> we are running out of time. >> and debra's aunt said i have
9:44 am
something for you. a peanut butter cake. >> it is a whipped peanut butter frosting. >> it's so good. >> you can take a big bowl of this. you don't need the cake really. god bless her. big anynie was a fantastic baker. >> oh, my gosh. it's wonderful. >> all the recipes on >> coming up next after you do all this you need to hop on the treadmill. righ
9:45 am
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9:48 am
. >> back with the special series. leading up to the women's half marathon happening in new york city. >> whether you are an avid runner or looking to get back into a work out routine. the author of dr. jordan metzh's running strong. good morning. some people like to run for weight loss. if you are doing that do you recommend interval training. how do you get into running? >> we will talk about it in a short period of time. people want to run, how to make sure they don't get hurt. we will give you a few things to do to make it happen. are you strong enough to run. i love your strength shirt. stand up here on this box. you will face straight out. one of the first thing is are you strong enough. put both hands out to the front or the side. i want you to step down and step
9:49 am
lowly. if you are doing it directly. your knee is not falling into the corner. your butt muscles and hip muscles are not strong. both of you look perfectly strong. we can go on to the next. >> we are at difficult levels. i enjoy running, natalie is a superstar runner. >> you used to run. >> i have bad knees and i don't get an enjoyment out of it. everyone can appreciate it. >> i want people to run and walk at every level. you will talk about how to get your muscles strong and flexible enough. the foam roller. >> torture. >> it's good for you. >> do your quads and ham strings. you slowly roll up and down and you are spenting about a minute per muscle group. one is hollow and one is solid. you are loosening the muscles.
9:50 am
if you are watching and have arthritis or achy knees, we do hamstrings and quads. anybody can do that. >> for me it's right here. >> it looks easy at home. >> the it band. >> the it band is the worst. >> the other piece is making your muscles work. strengthening your muscles. i'm big into playo o plyometrics. i want to you spread your feet wider than shoulder width and easy hop up in the air like natalie. a few of those. three or four. plyometric jump skwots. the muscle is getting longer and shorter. i have my patients do three or four sets of ten. let's hop on the treadmill and perfect our running form.
9:51 am
>> we are justifying the cake al made. >> we will go up to about five miles an hour. >> i know you like to do a pyramid work out. interval training is that something you recommend where you break it up? >> i do. >> i like people to do a longer run or short quicker run. >> how do you determine what's best. i like a little bit of both in the work out, but what i want to do is look at your form. see if i can help you. >> what are you looking for? >> the upper body is nice and relax and looking at your running style, both of you are crossing your arms over a little bit. i don't love that. don't cross your body. the other thing i'm looking at is your stride length. tam, your stride is short. nats natalie is a long strider. part of injuries might be because you are surprising long.
9:52 am
if you can shorten it up a tiny bit, that will reduce a lot of the injuries. those are two important tips to make your running style. >> not to cross over. that's a good tip. >> you look terrific. >> all right. >> getting that work out in after that peanut butter cake. >> this justifies another slice of cake. >> thank you, doctor. >> back to the frosting. >> back in a moment. this is on nbc. speed it
9:53 am
9:54 am
we will take you to the peep it is factory in bethlehem, pa. as a kid, coming home and my mom would have the easter baskets made these are part of our
9:55 am
family. even though i didn't like to eat them i under estimated how many they crank out. millions around the country. >> i like to leave them out for a couple of days. >> for me there is nothing better than taking one off the conveyor belt. they were warm and fantastic. and under estimated the attention that goes into every peep. there is a guy who sit there is to make sure the eyes are dotted in the right place. they are watching. >> the eyes are dotted. >> the deeper. >> exactly. i'm a peep
9:56 am
good morning, i'm christine maddela. heading out today? don't forget the umbrella. let's get the first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley. >> the rain is already moving into the area gusty winds, but temperatures are hanging in there, in the 60s. you can see the light rain that is streaming into the area. steady rainfall now in newcastle county and delaware and it's a bit heavier in central bucks county at this time. it will be on and off rainfall during the day, mainly light
9:57 am
rainfall. we could see heavier downpours this afternoon and into this evening when we could see some thunderstorm activity. throughout the holiday weekend you can get important weather information delivered to your smartphone or tablet with the nbc 10 weather app. it's a free download you can get right now on police are investigating a shooting at a house party near the temple university campus. temple says neither the victims nor the shooters were temple students. the gunfire erupted around 1:30 this morning on park avenue in north philadelphia. police say a fight at the party spilled out into the street. two people were shot one of them in critical condition, the other in stable. we're told one suspect fought with police before police arrested him. detectives are questioning him and another man. police say about 100 people were at the party and most of them were temple students. we'll have another update coming your way in about 25 minutes. and then a full newscast at 11:00 a.m. you can always get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. it's a free download just head
9:58 am
to our website, now back to the "today" show. i'm christine maddela. have a great day.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody! it's april 3rd. it's good friday. and at sundown tonight, passover begins. we want to wish everybody a happy passover and a happy easter to everybody this weekend. >> some people celebrate both holidays. we'll hear from families living with more than one religion under one roof. >> it seems to be working beautifully. plus hilary duff is here. very talented. she doesn't look like that. she looks like -- this!
10:01 am
>> this! yes. because she moved to brooklyn somebody said. anyway, she's co-starring in a new series from the creator of s.e.c. "sex and the city." >> is she not the nicest person? >> we like her sister too. bobbie thomas is here with a shirt you can wear 24 different ways. does she have 24 different models? i think she might. with easter two days away we'll inspire you to think out of the basket with fun ideas for those tots and teens you have at your house. we are finally going to reveal a secret we've had on this show since the beginning, for seven years. people always write in and they ask certain questions. one of them is -- >> first of well we did your hair. they want to know about your gorgeous hair. >> nobody's talking about that. they're talking about your eyes. people very interested in how those eyes are done. so we did one of those quickie
10:02 am
time lapse things so we can take a look from the beginning to the end. take a look. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> wow, hoda. that head. wow. >> i'm out! >> homestretch of the eyes. >> kathie lee has the best eyelashes. >> thank you, miss mary. ready once again to go out and conquer the world. >> by the way, it is
10:03 am
mesmerizing. i see it every day being done. for some reason i was just captivated. >> shall we talk to the artist ourself, miss mary? >> come on in darling. i called her little ones for obvious reasons. >> she is just a sweetheart. >> is there a trick? kat's eyes always pop. is there something people at home can do? >> you know what? what i demonstrated on that little video is i use a lot of browns which seems to work really really nice on kathie lee. blending. just keep it really soft. >> the crease. >> really soft in the crease. but kathie lee is also a big fan of the nude/beige lip and that works so well with the dark smokey eyes. >> the older you get, it just draws attention to your nooks and crannies. >> there is a step by step tutorial. go to and mary
10:04 am
can teach you, too, just by watching her. she love you,. i love these people. they're senior citizens. love them anyway. we didn't give our elderly enough respect. well, now you have a reason -- no. many groups have tried to get their attention for yearly calendars by thinking outside of the box. >> so these guys from this home how would you describe -- >> they decided they would do a naked calendar. >> they're all in their 90s. >> it is assisted living. the ladies of june 94-year-old wilma and 91-year-old norma. they have cards strategically placed. it goes throughout. miss july is 91-year-old eileen who's unpacking a bag. >> december stars -- >> there is a young stud. >> 87-year-old sylvia and 85-year-old richard. >> richard is a young stud. >> oh my gosh.
10:05 am
the administrators said the residents were giggling. they had such a blast during the shoot. >> i'm going to get frank to do a calendar. >> frank's smokin'. >> yeah! i'd briuy that calendar. >> go to >> it goes to helping kids in need of shoes in barberton, ohio. there is always a new reality show out. this one is about findsing your first love. >> how old were you when you first fell in love? >> you're never sure if it is love. when you're younger -- like i think -- >> not your first crush. >> look. i thought he said i love you and i loved him. but he was actually mouthing olive juice. yeah. i'm not kidding. it was so devastating. >> who mouths olive juice. >> that's what people do then. he was like -- oh my god
10:06 am
because i was so excited! >> he was playing with you. >> well i thought it was real. i was like oh my god, he loves me so i said i love you. he goes no no i said olive juice. i was totally devastated. >> he's sorry now. >> whatever. >> what was his name? >> i'm not going to say his name josh zachland. >> mine my heart still twitters -- yancey bailey spencer iii. he was a surfer for pensacola. i was 15 and he was 19 and all the things first loves are made of. tanned and so deep no winter's pale approached him. i actually wrote a book about being a teenager. that and my faith journey. called "the quiet riot" never thinking it would be published and it was. but he sadly died a few years ago surfing in malibu. his beautiful daughter abigail spencer. >> you've had her on. >> yeah abby is a brilliant
10:07 am
actress. no, to this day i remember every emotion i had. and i didn't get over him for a long, long -- i'm still not. >> isn't that funny -- >> i love frank very much but there's something-frank wouldn't like that. >> we'll fix it later. this new reality show debuted this week on fyi. called "find my first love." the first episode followed an american woman who was 18-year-old old studying abroad in france and fell in love with a boy named benjamin. they lost contact and returned to the states but it the show's help she tracked him down. >> how are you? i was really nervous. i was trying to find him. then the second i saw his
10:08 am
profile, like there he is. >> so you're not married. >> no. >> no. whole time i thought you were engaged and had children and stuff. >> i'm happy that you are happy. i was absolutely scared that you'd think i was insane. >> oh my god. >> that one i believe! or maybe it is just i want to believe. thank you, jerry. now i want to believe. >> it's two months later -- >> it's not jerry. it's sal. >> oh hi sal. hi baby. i didn't look over. i'm so sorry. >> oh so sad. >> it's just two months later which is a blink in -- but they're still together. she's moved back to france to be with him. i love that. i watch that one for sure. >> that doesn't seem -- i don't know. that doesn't seem -- they're either very fine actors. >> no they seemed real. so it's easter and that means peeps.
10:09 am
okay? >> we just went right through try day friday, it is friday funny. >> no, we're doing it! walmart partnered with peeps and created something called mystery peeps. so these are peeps that you don't know the flavor. they're white. you don't know. on the package it says mystery peeps so you don't even know what they are when you buy them. yet people are buying them like crazy off the shelves. so we get to exclusively reveal the flavors. >> you try one. because you're one that loves sweets. >> i love sweets. >> you're not going to try? >> i'll try one after you do. >> okay. that tastes like -- strawberry? no. mm. i like it. i don't even know what it is and i like it. >> that tasted like strawberry or raspberry. the chicks are fruit punch. bunnies -- oh sour green apple.
10:10 am
i can taste that now that you say it. i didn't take enough. i'm not a sweet girl you know that. but those are pretty good because they're not that sweet. kind of sour. >> mostly when i eat sweets like sweet tarts, i can't tell the flavor because they put multiple flavors in the packet. >> that's because you put ten in your mouth at the same time. >> i have an addiction and i'm fine with it. one day a man told his best friend, guy, i decided to get a divorce. why, asked is the friend? well my wife didn't come home last night. she claims she had been visiting her sister and decided to sleep at her sister's house that night. so asked the friend why is that suspicious? she's lying, said the man. how do you know that, asked the friend? because i slept at her sister's house last night. >> okay. i want to give a shout out to benny hana for its 7th annual
10:11 am
children helping children coloring contest. >> inviting children to visit their local benny hana drawing pictures of what it means children helping children. >> for every picture they'll donate $1 to st. jude's children's hospital. >> st. jude's you don't have to pay. it is for any family in need. it is just awesome. thank you. we heard a rumor that hilly hillaryhilary duff has been having a lot of fun lately. >> don't miss what she has to say, and about her new blue hair. we'll pick out five names from that drum. >> right after this! ♪ with walmart's low prices you can trust every day, there's even more to celebrate this easter.
10:12 am
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10:15 am
let's listen everybody. you know what this is? hilly duff's new single called "sparks." the reason we're playing it -- >> it's not jordan sparks. >> no. the reason we're playing it is because, guess who's here? hilly duff. >> hard to believe it's already been 14 years since we first fell in love with hilly playing the lovable lizzy mcguire back in 2001 on the disney channel. >> now she's all grown up playing a 20-something career woman if a new tv land series called "younger." >> hold on. didn't you tell me that he lived here? >> he lives right there but he's obviously out or already asleep. >> well call him. >> no that's not going to happen. >> call him! call him. i didn't come all the way -- ow! i didn't come here to not get a tattoo. call him! >> no i don't want to bother him. >> john! >> i love it already.
10:16 am
>> that is something foster would do too, who is so talented. now tell us why the premise of this is called "younger." >> sut entonsutton's life has crumbled around her her and her husband are done her daughter is -- she's an empty nester now. she's 40 and she can't get a job. right? so she goes to a bar one night, gets hit on by this really young, hot guy. her best friend is like stop blowing it. this guy wants to take you out. like go for this. so they are drunk one night and decide to go for a makeover. >> you're her hip young friend and you're keeping her hip. >> yes. we work in the same office. >> you don't know that she's really 40. >> no. i think she's my age. i'm like i'll take you under my wing at this office. we work for a nightmare boss. we end up taking care of each other in certain ways.
10:17 am
>> it is about friendship. ageism. it is about the reality of the workforce. >> it is about re-inventing yourself at any age. >> that's awesome. by the way, i love your song. how much singing are you doing versus acting? >> it's tough. when i first got the show i was working on my record. i hadn't sang in seven years. >> that's tough because it is a muscle you lose. >> totally. acting comes more naturally for me so singing is something i have to work on. >> what did you love about this particular song? >> i think that the whole creative process of making a record and throwing myself into it and who i am now is great. >> is there a theme to the cd? >> you know i've had like an interesting past year so it's a lot of emotional stuff. it's also very like upbeat and dancy and -- >> hopeful despite things life throws at you. >> yeah. it is just a mixed bag, really. >> just like lizzie mcguire would have been! do you get sick of those -- people bringing it up? >> i think i went through a
10:18 am
period of time when i was really sick of it when i was 18 19. >> then you realize you're here because you went through that. >> yes. by the way, all of those memories and all that i learned from that i couldn't learn that anywhere else. >> makes you who you are today. >> i feel like i affected so many people. i know. >> explain this. >> is that a washout color? >> it's really in there. >> ooh! >> okay. >> tell us about that. >> did brooklyn have anything to do with it? >> yes. >> it's edgy over there? >> i think i'm pretty current, up to date. i walk around brooklyn i'm like really? how did that outfit happen this morning? but now you have green hair. >> how did you decide on that particular color? >> the real story isn't about brooklyn. i was in mexico with my son. i was wanting to be a mermaid. it just happened. i don't have to work this month. i don't have to do promo. i called my publicist, she's
10:19 am
like do we have to? i kind of feel like i had to do it. >> blah did your son think? >> he saw me the next day. he was like you're a mermaid, mom? >> can we end on a bikini shot please? you were making all kinds of waves, little mermaid. >> you look so fine. >> duh! >> that was after a margarita. so yeah thank you. >> hillhillary, it is great to see you. "younger" airs tuesday nights on tv land. you know what to wear again? >> bobbi's got the one shirt that can be worn -- by the way, cheers, darling. 24 different ways! we'll prove it to you after a little sip of something. okay. when you fall in love, everything is brighter, bolder more intense new revlon ultra hd™ lipstick gel technology delivers instant, true-color clarity ...with a smooth, weightless feel revlon. love is on.
10:20 am
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10:21 am
10:22 am
it's friday so it must be time for "bobbie's buzz." and this week "today" style
10:23 am
editor and's stylist has some solutions. >> i came across two really savvy style ideas this week. first is called zip me up. how many times have you felt like a contortionist trying to zip your dress up. casey's going to show us how to use the zip me up. it is a pulley weighted clasp. >> slipzip up your dress. you can also unzip your dress. if nobody's around -- >> it comes in different colors. >> great idea. >> thank you. >> so next we have what's called the morph shirt. this is one patented design which, by the way in clothing is a very difficult thing to get because clothing's pretty basic. but this designer in israel patented this shirt that can be twisted, flipped, cuffed -- you name it -- 24 different ways.
10:24 am
all the same shirt. one shirt. >> prove it bobbie. >> we have the grey in the front. it's got stripes on the back. next we have sara who is black in the front, stripes in the back. next grey front but black cuffs. keasha has the v-neck front but the stripes peeking out. julie has got blue arms black front. sonya, my favorite. striped front, black arms. >> this is grey shirt, blue cuffs. ashley, black, tracy in the all-blue that looks chic. you can even wear this to work. >> come on in! >> a party outfit. emily. last, but not least, we have fun, cool trendy jeans with blue and the color blocking effect. hey! ♪
10:25 am
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10:26 am
from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it supports physical energy with b vitamins. one a day 50+ nbc 10 news starts now. >> good morning. i'm vai sikahema. let's get our first look forecast with today and the holiday weekend with meteorologist bill henley. >> it is a mild morning and breezy one too. clouds blowing into the area. we have seen some wet weather.
10:27 am
so far, it has been dry in cape may. you see the clouds thinned out a little bit there. they will produce some rain at cape may. and the rest of the area seeing some light rainfall nothing heavy just yet. that is a possibility later today. and this evening there is a chance we'll see some thunderstorms. during the day, the temperatures will continue to climb in spite of the occasional showers. southwesterly winds at 15 miles an hour at 3:00. 67 degrees at 6:00 p.m. thank you, bill. this morning philadelphia police are searching for one suspect after a home invasion led to a chase in oxford circle. this one tried to run but officers quickly caught him. the other jumped out a window and took off and he got away. christians here in philadelphia join those around the world today, marking good friday. it is a day of prayer and reflection to commemorate the death of christ. here is a live look at the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul in center city where the faithful will gather for good friday services
10:28 am
starting at noon. the jewish holiday of passover begins tonight at sundown. the eight-day observance recalls the story of moses and the escape from slavery in egypt. it is marked by a ritual prayer meal known as seder. happening this weekend in delaware opening day of upstream trout season starts tomorrow at 7:30 in the morning. people can fish at six streams in northern new castle county. full hour of news coming up in 30 minutes. you can get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app.
10:29 am
10:30 am
we are about to wrap up our series "do you believe" which i have loved all this week by talking about interfaith families. >> in an exclusive "today" show survey, 87% of those polled believe you can have different faith than those you love and you can also make it work. >> one woman making it work is susan katz miller. her jewish father married her protestant mother. they agreed to raise susan and her three siblings jewish. susan married a protestant man and they raised their children to know both religions. susan's book "being both." >> tricia epstein also chose to go the interfaith route. raised catholic, married a jewish man and she's hear with her daughter hanna.
10:31 am
>> this is fascinating to an awful lot of people who it's broken up marriages, people have been disowned. >> why do you think it worked for your family? >> i think we've really come to a turning point with this where more and more families feel they can do this successfully. clergy are beginning to understand that these are families that want to do religion. they're not disengaging but they want to keep both traditions in the family around that can be a beautiful thing. >> in judaism and christianity they're similar. but what if your faith is muslim and christian. >> any combination can work. there are ben if its to each combination and there are challenges to each combination. >> i think it is interesting from the kid's perspective. sometimes people want to know what are you. people like to be identified by something. for you, was it easy or difficult -- what do you say, ben? what do you say your faith is or
10:32 am
do you say you're both? >> yeah i mean there are definitely times people say, oh well you can't be both. or is your mother jewish? that's the only way you could be jewish. but i think from an early age my parents instilled in me confidence in claiming both and saying, you know i'm not 50%-50%. i'm just jewish and christian. >> hanna, what about for you? you didn't have -- you're raised catholic and jewish together. right? >> yes. >> how do you identify? >> well when people ask me i just kind of respond oh i'm interfaith. it is almost the same common response as saying i'm christian, i'm jewish. no one really bats anny any nieye anymore. >> many are much more accepting. >> did you and your husband discuss this before kids? >> yes. we were very lucky that both families really supported us in getting plaerd ingting married. we never had a problem, you know, you have to raise your children one way or the other. so it stemmed from our families
10:33 am
being accepting of both of us. it's been pretty gradual. we found an interfaith community which is an organization. we do school our children. they go to sunday school every other week. they'll do christian lesson then a jewish lesson. >> i think it is fantastic. >> they -- this weekend you will be celebrating? >> friday is tough because it is good friday. we make pizza in our house. i can't eat meat. my husband will be the only jewish person sunday out of 20 people at our house. >> that's really fascinating. anybody out of your relatives -- you can't imagine every single relative embracing it. what did you say to relatives on the fence -- >> or friends. they can be the worst. >> yeah. what did you guys do? >> i think because my parents got intermarried they were an interfit couple that were really pioneers. they got married in 1960. >> were they hippies? >> no. this is before hippies. they were a product of the '50s
10:34 am
really. but they had more challenge back in that era. but now in my generation, my parents couldn't really argue because they did it themselves. so -- >> how about you guys and your family? >> nothing. nothing. i never had one issue. it has been a complete dream. very easy life for us. >> i think once the husband and the wife both agree and you come to that understanding, i think it is great. you talked about it obviously before you guys got married as well. >> oh yes. for us my children only had one jewish grandparent, but it was important to me that they feel that connection to judaism and that they have those connections and really study hebrew. >> it's one love story, old testament and new testament. happy passover happy easter. you're going to be very busy and very full by the end of the weekend. if you haven't bought or made an easter basket for your kids, you'd better hop to it little bunnies! >> we'll show you some baskets that every bunny will love.
10:35 am
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got an easter basket to fill? you're not alone. americans are expected to spend more than $2 billion on candy to fill those baskets. >> why not be a little more creative with ideas for kids of all ages. lifestyle expert, robin moreno. >> we get traditional often,
10:40 am
chocolate eggs and bunnies. >> we're going outside of the basket ladies. we're getting crazy. >> let's go. >> carlo and mckenzie are here. >> if you're a little overloaded on the peeps and the jelly beans, we have non-candy baskets. everything you can think of is in there. blow bubbles. rubik's cubes. it is so adorable. >> and a little bit of candy or no candy at all? >> this one is no candy at all. this is good if your kids might have nut allergies or things like that. >> with all those goodies, they may not even miss a chocolate bar. i doubt it. >> you can do an easter egg hunt without real candy. >> put eyeballs in there, stickers. there is a lot to keep them entertained. at this point they'll probably have been through so many baskets. >> mckenzie's already out the door. take your basket. thank you. >> next theme baskets. max and grace. >> brother and sister.
10:41 am
max is crazy for "star wars." and so these are theme baskets if you have someone that loves princesses. >> that's crazy. >> everything in there is "star wars." storm trooper chuck lids and there's also some early reader books. grace with the princess princess eggs princess jelly beans. it is really easy because everything is just focused around a theme. >> that's darling. >> i didn't even realize the easter bunny was having a whole full-on situation. >> all right. thank you, kids. next up -- teenagers want baskets, too. we've got jacob and jenny coming out. >> if you still want to give your kids baskets, maybe they're going off to college or not super into the chocolate or whatever, still just make it fun. for jenny we made a beauty basket. full of fun little lip sticks and nail polishes. >> cass would love that.
10:42 am
>> then it is spring break and so we got jacob a beach towel basket. something he could make at home. just get a beach towel. >> sunscreen -- >> yeah. fold it in thirds. then stuff it with sunscreen and flip-flops and things like that. >> good job, guys. thank you. >> then we have activity baskets, kids who have hobbies or things they like to do. >> you don'tall want to plant seeds. we have a gardening basket. a cute can, little shovels. seeds they can actually plant. some fun gumny wormsmy worms and mini robin eggs. just a fun twist on cute things. there is a lot you can do with baskets. >> i love it. we want to thank our easter egg lunt hunt that's going on in the park. >> thank you easter bunny! >> thanks guys.
10:43 am
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10:48 am
shane west is an actor and musician born in baton rouge, louisiana. his latest role literally hits close to home. you know him best starring opposite mandy moore in a darling movie where he broke our hearts, then shane went on to save lives. what a guy! on the hit medical drama "er." later began breaking legs on the action series "nikita." that's why they call him an actor! >> now shane goes back to the 17th century on the tv show "salem" playing a war hero who
10:49 am
returned home to find his town overrun by witches. >> it happens. >> last season he was left for dead but he's back. and he's ready for revenge. >> how many witches in salem? >> how many thorns on a rose? 100 is not enough if you wish to protect the flower and one is too many. what matter the exact number. >> because i intend to kill every last one of them so it would be helpful to know how many and their names. >> ooh! you little creepy thing! >> oh, boy. >> creepy. >> do you like creepy? >> i do. >> it is more than creepy. it is kind of terrifying. >> we hope so. >> yeah? >> yeah. for me i'm a big fan of the genre. i love super natural, thriller war films, but i've never done that. in the 15 years i've been doing this with some of the things you guys showed this is my first exploration into that world.
10:50 am
>> everybody knows about the salem witch trials but this is very different from what i expected. explain to anybody who might not have seen it what to expect. >> i like it call it our fan fantastical take on it. it is very sexy eerie. >> it is exactly like hoda's life! >> now is it for all ages? >> it's not for all ages. my grandmother loves it. >> she does not! >> she liked nikita. she came up to me and said oh honey, i can't watch this show. >> why? are you buck naked? >> i have shown my butt twice. it's been cut. so maybe there's something wrong with my butt. >> it's been cut? >> you have a nice butt! i mean it's a nice size butt. >> i can't see it. >> hoda said that the minute you walked in.
10:51 am
look at his butt. why in the world would they cut your butt? >> no. that would be worth tuning in for. >> we're about to do it again. let's see. >> really. you shoot this in shreveport. that must be nice. >> there was always a running joke with my family i'd never film in louisiana. >> louisiana is the best place -- right now, they make it worth your while, baby. >> absolutely. it just was not going to work out but i finally got this in shreveport but it is still a three-hour drive -- >> another whiney. living the dream but it's four hours. >> you put yourself out there, now they want to see you every weekend. >> you're right. weekends are to restore. back off, grandma! >> we wish you good luck. >> cheers. >> we kwantwant to see your butt okay? next time. >> "salem" premier sunday on wgn. we're ready to give it away. >> we've got something good for
10:52 am
you so stick around. but first this is "today" on nbc. >>
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
. it is time for us to give it away. every friday five lucky viewers win a special prize. >> thousands of you entered and this week's give away is -- a pair of brooks running shoes and a complete running outfit! if you're a man you get the one over there, if you are the woman you get the one here. >> it is head-to-toe stylish including the company's number one selling brooks adrenalin gts shoes. >> if you're a guy, you'll get the versatile running ensemble paired with the popular launch 2 running shoes. >> each outfit is valued at over $400. available at >> let's spin. i know everybody's complaining we don't move everything around. we do.
10:56 am
we've been spinning for hours. >> we're exhausted. >> get some of them off the sides. everybody's in there. the first one is -- i do the two. not going to look at this one. janet tensing. >> rose gardner from grand forks, north dakota. >> marsha little from greenfield indiana. >> i have diana pollack from annville, pennsylvania. >> the last one is patricia devita, mill village, new york. >> you guys congratulations! if you didn't get lucky today, make sure you enter again for next week. for the complete rules go to hit the connect button and we may announce your name next friday. next week mariel hemmingway comedian liza schlessinger and a performance
10:57 am
from flo rida! >> happy passover and happy easter, everyone. god bless you all.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
nbc 10 breaking news. the state attorney is expected to announce the arrest of a philadelphia woman accused of trying to join isis. the complaint against keona thomas says she tried to travel overseas to join fight with and martyr herself on behalf of the terror group. we just got word of this in the past ten minutes. we're working to find out more about how they arrested this woman. a live report coming up within this hour. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> and right now at 11:00, warmer temperatures have arrived and so has wet weather. nbc 10 first alert radar tracking rain that is moving into our area. good morning.


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