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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  April 16, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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philadelphia police are trying to solve the mystery after a body was discovered inside of a burning car. we're following the investigation this morning. and we've got another spring beauty ahead of us today. starting out mild this morning at 51 degrees in philadelphia we will continue to warm up out there the day. plenty of sunshine out there. good morning, welcome to nbc10 news today, i'm chris cato. >> i'm rosemary connors, did you take advantage of it yesterday? >> absolutely. walker and i spent several hours out walking. he wore me out. >> eyehey, bill. >> it's going to be another nice day. we'll see sunshine and high clouds like yesterday. a pretty good warmup. there's a couple spots in the low 50s. others in the 40s but overall, a really nice start to this thursday morning. that's a live view of center city from the adventure aquarium. temperatures now have dropped down in some spots clear in
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others. northwest of the pottstown, doylestown coatesville, all in the 40s. 45 degrees in atlantic city. the cold spot toms river at 43 degrees. hour-by-hour forecast calling for 49 degrees at 7:00. but up by 10 degrees at 10:00. middle 60s and still climbing. hour by hour we take a look for chance of rain for tomorrow morning. right now, let's check in with nbc10 "first alert" traffic reporter katy zachry. those numbers look good and the numbers i have are looking good. we did see problems on the schuylkill expressway. look at your drive time between the blue route and the vine street expressway 11 minutes in both directions. this is a live look on 76 right where it meets up with the vine street expressway, you can see both east and westbound, traffic has resumed that's because the
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vx vg has vine street expressway has reopened. again that has reopened and fingers crossed out there the morning. in buckingham township there is an accident. take route 263 around that. finally for drivers in new jersey taking a look at your majors, 295, the new jersey turnpike all free and clear of any accidents, chris. we are following breaking news out of philadelphia this morning. we've learned that that 2-year-old boy hit by a car monday evening has died at the hospital. nbc10's matt delucia is live in juniata following the new developments. matt what a tragic week it's been for children in philadelphia. >> reporter: it has been chris. police tell us the 2-year-old boy died shortly after 1:30 this morning. he had been in extremely critical condition. 2-year-old david alicea jr. was
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with his 19-year-old mother crossing the street on masher street when witnesses say a driver hit them and kept on going. the mother was released from the hospital on tuesday. the police say they need more people coming forward. the car is described as a white 2007 infinity with a moon roof. and there is a $10,000 reward being offered for arrest and conviction. police and family member has feared the worst because of how extensive this boy's injuries were. and that information just coming in overnight that the boy did not make it. we're live outside of st. christopher's hospital for children. i'm matt delucia, "nbc 10 news today." the 4-year-old killed in kingsessing neighborhood investigators found the suv seen on surveillance video from the
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scene. the mother had no plans to turn herself in yesterday. new from overnight, police have arrested two robbery suspects who led them on a chase in northeast philadelphia. police recovered the car that they say the suspect tried to get away in. according to investigators the suspect, pulled several armed robberies yesterday. mostly in the buffington section of philadelphia. the robbers ditched the car in nestor street. officers caught them in a backyard a short time later. police are trying to get to the bottom of a suspicious death near philadelphia international airport. firefighters were called to ford mifflin road for calls of a car on fire. once they put it out they found the body of a man in the driver's seat charred to the bone and they also found an empty gas tank in the trunk.
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>> the tags on the car are connected to an address in south philadelphia. today a lehigh county judge will decide whether a 20-year-old man and his teenage girlfriend will stand trial for her mother's murder. caleb barnes and jamie safonic will face charges. jamie who is 14 is charged as an adult. authorities say barnes stabbed her last knit mo because she was trying to break up the couple. local lawmakers are demanding changes at the veterans affairs regional office after a report that came out yesterday blasted that facility. for veterans looking to get benefits at the va office the report found records mismanaged data duplicated. an iraqi war veteran we talked to said he's not surprised. >> i experienced that you know, the long waits, the red tape
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behind getting help. you know it makes it extremely difficult. and i think that's designed that away so you give up. >> now, the house veterans affairs committee will hold a hearing next week to focus on the philadelphia office. congressman ryan costello of westchester served on that committee and said those responsible need to be fired. the va said they're aware of the problems since last summer and aggressively fixing them. u.s. senator robert menendez said his fund is thriving. it shows that menendez raised more than $1 million for his defense fund since launching it a year ago. meanwhile a florida judge has had orred the senator's friend and co-defendant to say
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in jail on a separate case. the doctor is accused of trying to bilk the health care program out of tens of millions of dollars. this morning, there's a new approach in pennsylvania to limit the statute of limitations in sex abuse cases. they want to provide a wider time frame for when people can file abuse claims. jerry sandusky is serving a 30 to 60-year prison sentence for abusing young boys. and authorities are warning parents to be on alert after a woman tried to lure a little girl into a car. detectives say the woman was driving a white suv in freeman freemansburg when he tried to lure a little girl in her car. authorities described her as an older woman with light hair and
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with a puppy in the car. >> as soon as they said about the puppy in the car my heart just like fell to the ground that is stereotypical, too. she wasn't, but the puppy was. >> police in freemansburg said they have increased patrols in the area since the incident. and skyforce 10 was over this rally in philadelphia yesterday. this campaign is called the fight for 15. they're trying to make the minimum wage $15 an hour. >> mawhat do we want? >> 15! >> this is the scene at a mcdonald's north philadelphia yesterday morning. some workers walked off the job to join the protests outside. if you live in philadelphia you may soon be getting a new property tax notice. the city mailed out reassessments to 131,000 property owners yesterday.
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nearly 67,000 properties will have lower assessments than last year. but more than 58,000 property assessments are going up. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. might need a jacket this morning. it's a little chilly outside. 40s and 50s to start with. take a look at this. those are clear skies over center city. an virtually no wind right now. the wind is very light and will stay lower than yesterday. 42 degrees in mt. pocono. northeast philadelphia at the airport, 48. 45 right now in atlantic city at the airport there. dry morning in the pocono mountains. blue mountain. you see sunshine today. but rain will be falling first thing tomorrow morning. we'll see it there first. satellite shows high clouds like we saw yesterday. they were in and out during the day yesterday. we saw enough shine for warm us up around 70 degrees.
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behind those clouds that's rain just passing the chicago area into central indiana. indianapolis getting rain drops into michigan. but the showers first in tomorrow morning and again tomorrow afternoon. but today, we'll see sunshine with clouds we have this morning, it will be sunny out. let's get to high clouds scattered around at 11:00. 63 degrees with an easterly wind having us warm up with sunny skies to 59 degrees at 10:00. by 1:00 66 degrees. we've got the seven-day forecast with what's ahead after the rainfall tomorrow. all right, bill sounds good. ten minutes after 5:00. it's time to get an update on how the traffic situation is shaping up for your thursday morning drive. >> that's right, katy zachry is watching the traffic cameras. we have a few hiccups, we have been seeing a few issues on roads but nothing major to talk about. 309, 22 i-78, they all look
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good at this hour. speaking of drive tiles so on the pennsylvania turnpike if you're driving between fort washington and route 1 it will take you 21 22 minutes in both directions there. in buckingham township we're following a road closure at route 413 at lower mountain road. it's because an accident happened earlier really in the overnight hours and it's a pretty serious one and it looks like it's going to be out there for some time. you can take route 263 around that. finally for drivers in new jersey along the 43 freeway, route 55 and walt whitman bridge it will take you about five minutes. danger on the water. >> when the wind is blowing and everything is just right it's a horror show out there. >> this morning, the growing concern about a jersey shore that has boaters running into trouble. and the changes that one airline is making so that passengers are more comfortable.
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5:14 and we continue to follow breaking news this morning. that 2-year-old boy who was injured in a hit-and-run in kensington on monday night has died. philadelphia police tell us david alicea jr. died after 1:30 this morning at st. christopher children's hospital. his mother is recovering from her injuries. police are looking for a white
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2007 infinity vehicle here. two army reservists face a court hearing on gun charges. they're accused of selling assault weapons, ammunition and body armor to a member posing as a member of the mexican drug cartel. this morning, a marine helicopter is back on base after it made this emergency landing on a beach in california. the chopper sat down to the surprise of sun bathers. the chopper received a low-pressure warning and had to make that landing. nobody was hurt. >> president obama will welcome the welcome wounded project to the white house today. the eighth annual event focusing on raising awareness for bikeling rehabilitation for wounded veterans. talking politics now, new jersey governor chris christie is making the rounds as a
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possible presidential candidate. >> two days ago he was giving a town hall address in in that. yesterday, he sat down with the "today" show's matt lauer. >> mrs. clinton unfortunately has to earn the nomination. this is the nomination for president of the united states. you got to earn it. >> you can see the rest of the christie interview on the "today" show this morning at 7:00 right after "nbc10 news." today, ocean county has the resort of a project to restore oyster beds in barnegat bay. they have plans to build a reef using shell shocks. the group will place baby oysters on the reef to attach to the shells and drive. experts consider the plan one of the best way for habitats for oysters and other shell fish in the bay. just out to barnegat there are concerns about boaters running aground.
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boaters believe the sand washed into the inlet from beaches replenished after hurricane sandy. the army corps of engineers refute that saying there are no plans to dredge that area anytime soon. >> we can't get out. we have to come back. it's just not safe. >> boaters are afraid. and they're not taking the boats out there. we end one a lot of boat slips that are empty. >> crews are planning to mark the inlet more clearly. >> happening today, more options for people who want to go to chicago from philadelphia. spirit airlines will provide nonstop flights from philadelphia international airport starting today. the airline's ceo said chicago is one the company's most popular destinations. wider seats are coming to southwest airlines. southwest claims this will be the widest 737 seat of any u.s. airline. passengers will begin seeing those changes sometime next year. >> looking forward to that
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right? >> especially after a thanksgiving trip when you may be a little wider on your way home than headed out to your destination. for me. >> speak for yourself. rosemary and i are not. >> no no. taking a look at route 202, a lot of green here but things are running really smoothly. no accidents to report along 202. and your drive times between route 30 looking pretty good. live look outside. 76 right at spring garden where your drive time is equally as good along the schuylkill between the vine street expressway. and the blue route, 476 there. about 11 minutes in both directions. mass transit, everything septa, new jersey transit, patco running on or close to schedule. your area bridges look good as well. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 18 minutes after 5:00. a little chilly outside this morning. but we're going to see a nice
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warmup. another winner today. sunshine, some high clouds. but clouds will thicken tonight. tomorrow morning, we're likely to start with showers in the area. the good news is they will not last into the weekend. we're on track for sunshine. and a big warmup to start the weekend off. 52 degrees in philadelphia. northeasterly wind at 6:00 miles an hour. this is a wide view from comcast. clear skies. the temperatures 44 in wrightstown, 47 in pottstown. low 50s for wilmington philadelphia and trenton at 51 degrees. clouds, they will thin out like yesterday. we'll see high clouding. this is what we're starting off with this morning. the thicker clouds are to the south and to the west. if those showers to the west will likely be arriving tomorrow first thing tomorrow morning with a few rain drops. during the day today, we'll be dry across delaware and south jersey. here come the scattered showers tomorrow at 5:00 in the morning.
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light rainfall for allentown, pottstown, durham central delaware and south jersey, light rain in the morning, steadier showers later for tomorrow. for today, though sunshine. and a steady warmup upper 60s to low 70s. very similar to yesterday. winds 3 to 10 miles an hour today. tomorrow it won't be all day rainfall. we'll likely see round one in the morning and round two for the afternoon commute. saturday sunny, 77 the high temperature. partly sunny and 66 on sunday. here comes wet weather for monday. rain and a chance of late-day showers and thunderstorms. it will be clearing out, though for tuesday and wednesday. first a firing now a hiring. just days after booting their borough manager saying they don't have money for the position. colin leaders are looking for a
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replacement. and the baker bringing a sweet concoction for this area.
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5:23. wawa is celebrating its 51st anniversary by giving us free coffee. philadelphia mayor michael nutter will had help them celebrate by declaring today wawa day. they expect to serve more than
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1.5 million free cups today. i've already gotten mine. wawa first opened in 1964. how about this a famous new york city cheesecake maker is setting up shop in burlington county. junior's announced it's taking its baking operation from new york to an operation in burlington. the company expected to finish that move by july. hopefully, samples for all of us, right? a judge's ruling will keep general motors from having to face billions of dollars in claims tied to defective ignition switches. landon dowdy has the business news with cnbc news. good morning to you. a federal judge for gm with hundreds of claims that allows them to unlock potentially billions of dollars in damages for defective ignition switches.
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however, plaintiffs can file claims for accidents that happen after june 2009. and turning to wall street futures point to a higher open today. stocks closing at 3 as commodities rose and the dollar fell. boil is the $56 a barrel. that's the highest this year. the dow 75 points. the nasdaq up 33 to 5011. rosemary back to you. >> thanks so much landon. now your nbc10 "first alert" weather. a pleasant start this morning, we're in the 40s and 50s. most of the area seeing just a few high clouds. and the breeze it's a bit stronger above building level. at the surface, the wind is much lighter. in fact, it's calm right now in allentown, mt. holly and atlantic city. it's just a 6-mile-per-hour
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breeze at philadelphia international. let's see how things are on the highways katy zachry. >> it's pretty good considering 95 you're looking at traveling southbound emerging from academy road. i'm just getting word from drivers of a tractor trailer on 76. i'll have its location in a few minutes. >> reporter: i'm matt delucia live at st. christopher's where a 2-year-old boy involved in a hit-and-run monday night. we just learned he has died. coming up after the break, we'll have the latest on the chase and the plea from investigators.
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>> announcer: nbc10 breaking news. a toddler hit by a car earlier this week has died. we are live outside of the hospital with the latest on the search for the driver that fled the scene. and police found a body inside a burning car not far from philadelphia international airport. this morning, what they found in the trunk of that car that makes the case suspicious. a mild start to our thursday morning. warm weather and plenty of sunshine ahead today. enjoy it because the nbc10 "first alert" team is tracking the end of the week. good morning, welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. >> and i'm chris cato. no rain out there this morning.
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hopefully, we're looking forward to a carbon copy of yesterday. bill henley is here with the "first alert" forecast. >> that would be sweet. yesterday we saw a high of 71 degrees. very close to that. we're starting off with temperatures in the 40s and 50s, very close to yesterday's level. there's a live clear view across the delaware. right now we're looking at clear skies and temperatures that have dropped down into the 40s from pottstown, doylestown and wrightstown. the cold not is toms river at 56 degrees. at philadelphia international, 54. and northeast philadelphia 48 degrees there. but we will see sunshine today. bright sunshine 59 degrees at 7:00. this is high clouds around at 10:00. at 1:00, look at the warmup near 60 at 10:00. middle 60 at 1:00 p.m. and still climbing. we'll go through it neighborhood by neighbor by future weather in


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