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tv   Today  NBC  April 21, 2015 7:00am-11:01am EDT

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cloudy. >> very nice. "today" show is up next. we'll have local updates in 25 minutes. >> have a good day. if you want to check on the weather and news, always get it on our "nbc 10" app. good morning. life or death? the penalty phase in the boston marathon bombing trial begins this morning. families of victims divided over wh >> i want the death penalty. >> it's not going to affect my life at al >> we're live at the courthouse. total recall. ice cream giant blue bell pulling everything it sells off store shelves after a listeria outbreak. its products already linked to three deaths five others sickened. what you need to know. closer to freedom? the man who shot president reagan and three others could be permanently released from a mental hospital. but is john hinckley jr. no longer a threat? and back in the house. john stamos makes it official
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announcing "full house" is returning to tv. what he's revealing about the spinoff and who's already on board today. tuesday, april 21st, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning. boy, it's been some wrenching days in boston. a lot of joy and resilience. now a life or death decision in the courtroom. >> the penalty phase beginning this morning at the boston marathon bombing trial. the same jury that convicted dzhokhar tsarnaev in the attack now has to decide his fate. justice correspondent pete williams is in boston. pete good morning to you. >> matt good morning. the jury must decide between two
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options. death by lethal injection or life in prison without the possibility of parole. to choose the death penalty, the verdict must b boston prepares for the trial's second phase with no overwhelming call for capital punishment. the parents of martin richard are pushing for a life sentence with no right of appeal saying now is the time to turn the page end the anguish. a similar call from newlyweds who both lost legs in the bombing. they said quote, we must overcome the impulse for vengeance. heather says it wouldn't fix anything. >> it's not going to affect me and not going to affect my life >> reporter: but karen broussard, permanently injured by shrapnel says tsarnaev does not deserve to live even in prison. >> he was grown enough intelligent enough to make the decision knowing what was going to happen to people.
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>> reporter: defense lawyers will argue that he was 19 at the time of the bombings a troubled adolescent dominated by an older brother who radicalized him. they found he had written a message in the boat in watertown where he hid saying his older brother achieved paradise. "boston globe" columnist questions whether jurors should give him that same outcome. >> it would be supremely ironic if a jury here in boston would do what he was not willing or not able to do that night in watertown and that is to make himself a martyr. >> reporter: unlike in a regular trial, there could be no hung jury outcome. if the verdict is not unanimous, the sentence is automatically life in prison. >> when you talk about life in prison a lot of people not clear. explain exactly what he would face if that is what he's sentenced to. >> reporter: well we don't know what prison he would be sentenced to serve his life in.
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but it would probably be the super max prison in colorado where a number of other terrorist bombers having sentenced. so the jury has to think about what kind of punishment would it be for a 21-year-old to know he's going to spend the rest of his life in a prison where he's in solitary confinement 23 of every 24 hours. that may weigh on the jury. >> thank you very much. the second boston marathon since the attack was held on monday. an emotional moment caught our eye. 27-year-old rebecca gregory who lost her leg in the bombing crossing the finish line after running the final three-plus miles after testifying at the trial she vowed to do that. before the race gregory posted on facebook this is the day i take my life back. >> i love that's where the focus is this morning as it should be. move down to baltimore where six police officers are on administrative leave this morning as investigators try to figure out how a 25-year-old man suffered a fatal spine injury
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while in custody. tom costello is in baltimore for us this morning. what are you hearing from officials? >> reporter: the police commissioner here says freddy gray had no other injuries other than that fatal spinal cord injury. the question this morning, was it the result of an accident or did something criminal occur to cause his fa? [ screaming ] >> reporter: it's been nine days since 25-year-old freddy gray was arrested then dragged to a baltimore police van at some point suffering a spinal cord injury that claimed his life a week later. the arrest captured on cell phone video provided by the family attorney. now police acknowledge gregory requested medical help but they waited 40 minutes. >> he was having trouble breathing where we probably should have asked for
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paramedics. >> reporter: police now released surveillance video from nearby cameras but the moment of the injury was not cap monday evening protesters were again on the streets demanding answers. >> we're very very concerned that this is a pattern here in baltimore. >> reporter: in the past four years more than a hundred people have settled with baltimore over police brutality and civil rights violations prompting the mayor to ask the justice department to investigate even . does this city have a problem with police brutality? >> i think this city has had a history of that. i think this country has had a history of tha >> reporter: this morning balt. police say they initiated that chase with gray because he made eye contact with them and then began running. when he caught up with them, he had no drugs, no gun, just a single knife. and he had a minor rap sheet. friends say he was not in any
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way a violent individual. one last point. the police commissioner said there was a camera inside the police van but it didn't record anything. it only allows the driver to see what's going on in the back to you. >> a lot of questions. tom costello in boston for us thank you. questions for those with cell phone cameras seems to be boiling over in communities. take a look at this incident caught on video. a los angeles video shows someone snatching the camera from her hands, smashing it to the pavement before kicking it toward her. law enforcement agencies were in the area responding to a call at a local bar where members of a motorcycle gang were said to be meeting. but nbc news has not been able to confirm what the woman was recording or why the officer got so angry. but clearly it's a tense situation on streets in many communities across the country. >> absolutely. meantime if you have blue
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bell products in your refrigerator you'll want to listen up. amid growing concerns over listeria the company is now recalling all of its products nationwide. craig melvin is here with what we need to know about this. >> reporter: good morning to you. blue bell makes everything from ice cream to frozen snacks and issued its first recall last month when several deaths were connected to ice cream. that was connected to texas and initiated a new program that has uncovered even more samples. the blue bell creameries nationwide recall includes ice cream, frozen yogurt, and frozen snacks. monday's decision was prompted by a test that revealed the chocolate chip cookie dough half gallons contained listeria.
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it was said the plant in texas was the one containing. blue bell's chief executive and president apologized in a videotaped message on the website. >> we are heartbroken over this situation and apologize to all of our loyal blue bell fans and customers. >> reporter: the cdc estimates about 1600 cases of listeria happen every year in the united states resulting in about 260 deaths. symptoms include headaches, nausea fever, abdomen pain and diarrhea. it can be especially serious in young children the elderly, or anyone with a weakened immune system. meanwhile blue bell is still trying to track down the source of the contamination. >> our entire history has been dedicated to making the very best and highest quality ice cream we possibly could. and we're committed to fixing
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>> reporter: so few takeaways. if you're worried how your family might be affected by this recall consumers are urged to return products for a full refund. if you ate anything and are exhibiting symptoms get to the hospital for a full checkup. and make sure to clean any surface in your home that may have come in contact with any potentially contaminated products. and the old adage is if you're worried, throw it out. >> bette safe than sorry. >> thank you very much. let's turn to politics now. hillary clinton is pushing back hard against questions about her family's charitable foundation. this as she campaigns in new hampshire for a second day. andrea mitchell has the latest on that. good morning. >> reporter: hi matt. good morning to you. hillary clinton resigned from the family foundation when she became a candidate for the presidency last week nap has not stopped all those questions about the foundation's fund in new hampshire hillary clinton tried to stick to her
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low-profile campaign plans but faced questions about whether she -- to donors for her family foundation and people who hired her husband to speak. >> well we're back into the political season and therefore, we will be subjected to all kinds of distraction and attacks. and i'm ready for that. >> reporter: the upcoming book "clinton cash" by a former bush aide cites two examples. earthquake reconstruction in haiti and the columbia free trade agreement. the clinton campaign says those were obama policies. >> he cherry picked information that's been disclosed and woven a bunch of conspiracy theories about it. >> reporter: before she was confirmed as secretary of state, the white house said the clintons agreed to disclose foreign gifts and bill clinton's paid speeches for review. >> i know there's been a lot of accusations made about this. but not a lot of evidence. >> reporter: republicans are not
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letting up. >> they seem to be capitalizing on their service in government. it reminds me of people using the system to enrich themselves and it looks unseemly. >> reporter: bill clinton tries to keep working for the foundation. monday night he was spotted near their washington home in distinctively pink running shoes. and the foundation did last week stop taking money from arab countries that discriminate against women after criticism of that. and the questions do continue. >> andrea thank you very much. now to natalie who's still following that disaster in the mediterranean. >> good morning, everyone. prosecutors now starting to build the case against the traffickers responsible for what might be the mediterranean's worst migrant disaster after a boat carrying hundreds of people capsized this past weekend. richard engel is in italy again with the latest for us. good.
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>> reporter: good morning, natalie. a prosecutor said the captain and the first mate of that ship that capsized over the weekend have been arrested. they were found among the very few survivors. they're being charged with multiple counts of reckless homicide. anywhere between 400 and 900 deaths. this is the area of lampedusa. after midnight the boats pull into lampedusa off the coast. this italian ship is loaded with around 90 people from syria and africa rescued from a rubber dinghy just hours earlier. it is the gateway for migrants into europe. every week thousands arrive just like this. rescued in boats, loaded into buses. now taken off to be processed and they hope to start new lives. to get a seat on one of these buses, they take huge risks.
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a boat ran aground yesterday in greece crashing in shallow water near the coast. three died 90 rescued. it was one of just four migrant ships in distress at the time. for europe this is a politically charged immigration crisis and a moral dilemma. some argue the rescue mission encourages those to take the journey with the hope they'll be found, saved, and taken in. without patrols, migrants have still been coming and drowning. more than 1500 so far this year. in the wake of all these recent disasters, officials say italy plans to increase patrols. >> richard engel for us thank you. growing tensions in the middle east this morning after a u.s. aircraft carrier was sent to the waters off yemen to block any iranian weapon shipments to rebels. the uss theodore roosevelt is on
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its way along with normandy. in response to reports that iranian ships are heading toward yemen. the drummer for ac/dc pleaded guilty today to a charge of threatening to kill. the 60-year-old has been out on bail since his arrest last november. he court heard he was unhappy about his album and asked someone to be taken out. rudd will be sentenced in june. some dramatic moments on a texas highway caught on a dash board camera this past weekend when police officers found the man unconscious with his clothes on fire inside a burning suv. take a listen what h. >> okay, come on, man! come on man! >> come on! stay with us! stay with us! >> come on man! pull him back. pull him back. >> the man remains hospitalized. he is alive thanks to the heroic action of those police
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and a frightening moment on monday when a fan was hit in the head by a foul ball. the video is tough to watch. it happened between the pirates and the cubs. the ball you'll see goes off the bat straight back there into the net behind the home plate and hits the woman in the head. the net there to protect fans but it does have give. so if you're standing next to it you're not totally protected. the game was delayed 23 minutes while she was taken to the hospital. she was conscious, alert, and talking so some good news. and a much lighter moment at the ballpark monday night. this one in seattle. mariners second baseman hits a foul ball down the line. take a look. the ball girl gives it to that young mariners fan in the front row. but he throws it right back. sometimes fans throw the ball back when the opposing team hits a home run. that wasn't the case here. the girl gave it back to him.
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and he held onto it the second time around. finally said this is a keeper. >> you could see his mouth go oh. >> oh that's what you do. >> i didn't realize those screen hs that much give you could get hit behind them. >> that's a good thing to know. >> thank you so much. mr. roker is back. hello. >> thanks so much. we're back also with more bad weather in wyoming. for the second time in a week, i-80 closed because of a multiple-car accident. take a look at this video. we're not going to show it. okay. there it is. as you can see, we're talking about multiple injuries. one person killed, at least 25 vehicles invol icy conditions and fog. somebody's been arrested for vehicular manslaughter -- charged with that because of their reckless driving. now here in the northeast, we're watching these showers and . more rain in boston as it continues. yesterday a rainy day for the
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boston marathon. but by afternoon you'll be looking at sunshine. this pesky upper level low causing snow around the great lakes. for us it spawns another system brings more rain again tomorrow. look what happens to the temperatures. warmer than usual for today, but then that front moves through. we start to stay mild along the coast but cools down inland. by the time we get to thursday anybody anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees below average. by friday we're in the low 50s to upper 40s. it's like spring just can't get a gr. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the ne [narration throughout] i started my camry. ran a race most wouldn't dream of starting. chose to take down a monster. and realized when it's dark enough... can see the stars. one bold choice leads to another. toyota. lets go places.
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good morning. i'm metrologist bill henley. clouds moving out. temperatures into the 60s this afternoon. the wind will be picking up too, helping to push the clouds out of here. tomorrow we'll start with sub shine in the morning but showers and possibly a thunderstorm in the afternoon. 60s today and tomorrow but then after the storms here comes the cool. in fact chilly thursday and friday mornings will be in the 30s. sunshine and a few clouds saturday and sunday back into the 60s. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al. thank you so much. coming up should john hinckley jr., the last man to shoot a u.s. president, be permanently released from a mental hospital? why he could be closer to freedom. plus were they misled? the couple suing a sperm bank after what they uncovered about their donor's background.
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and tamron -- >> get ready for a fuller house. john stamos breaks news that fans of his sitcom waited 20 years to hear. we'll have more. first this is od
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carmax will be the best way to buy them. "nbc 10 news" starts now. good morning, i'm vai sikahema. just before 7:30. let's get our first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley. bill, it appears the sun is coming up. the skies are starting to clear. >> starting to see breaks in the clouds. still a few showers out in the area but those won't last much longer. we will see more and more of the sunshine that's beginning to peek through the clouds. the live view through center city. showers in burlington county scattered showers near abington lower montgomery and bucks county. the showers are moving off to the northeast. we will see more and more sunshine. by noontime, up to 62 degrees. thank you bill. we have watched sky force 10
7:27 am
over a multi-vehicle crash over the intersection of lynn be done street and north tenth street in camden. you see police vehicles down there. there are injuries in the intersection and it remains closed. with that let's get to first alert traffic reporter i don't think so watching the roadsjessica boyington. out in camden that's lynn den street at north tenth street. take pearl avenue to get by for the time being. police activity on the scene. rest of the majors 95 southbound is where you'll see the heaviest trip. >> thank you, jessica. i'm vai sikahema. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. we'll send you back to the "today" show. have a great day. we'll see you in about a half an hour.
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7:30 now on a tuesday mo it's the 21st day of april 2015. kind of cloudy. we've had rain here in the new york area for the past 24 hours or so. al is that going to clear up a little today? >> you bet. then it comes back tomorrow and the rest of the week. >> my fault i asked. >> you brought it up. >> april showers, we want those may flowers. meantime what's making headlines this morning. the penal phase at the trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev is getting underway today. the same jury that convicted him on all 30 counts now must decide his fate. the death penalty or life in prison without the possibility of parole. blue bell creameries now recalling all of its products on the market after two samples of ice cream tested positive for
7:31 am
listeria. the move follows weeks of gradual recalls linked to eight cases of the disease in kansas and texas. and new protests in baltimore last night over the death of a man who suffered a severed spine while in police custody. six officers are now on administrative leave as officials look into what happened. and still ahead on rossen reports, drought shaming. the crisis in california now so bad, some people are actually calling out their neighbors for wasting water. they're posting videos and their addresses online. does that help or hinder the situation? jeff will be here. >> really interesting story to get into. we're going to begin this half hour with a lawsuit filed against an atlanta sperm bank. it's raising some new questions about the information presented to potential parents. should you believe what you're told about the donors? here's janet shamlian. >> reporter: provinge ing number 9623
7:32 am
sounded perfect to this couple. they say he was listed as a ph.d. candidate in neuroscience engineering with an iq of 160. also eloquent with an impressive health history. >> precisely the kind of person that they would like the father of their child. >> reporter: their son, conceived with that donor's sperm is now 7. but the couple says the biological father is not the man they thought he was. allegeing in a lawsuit he's a schizophrenic college dropout with an arrest history. the name was accidentally e-mailed to them. >> they could have done exactly what my clients did. they could have checked the information that they received very easily nowadays. >> reporter: in its consent form they say they don't guarantee the donor. but in an open letter about this
7:33 am
lawsuit, they said we stand by the process we followed. the donor underwent a standard medical exam had personal health informs, and proof of his education. they deny misleading the couple who were said the misrepresentations were prov the donor. as for the donor, his attorney says he wants the suit dismissed. perspective parents need to do a lot of due diligence. >> all they require is genetic testing for contagious diseases and that's as far as it goes. >> reporter: she represents 14 other mothers who used this sperm donor. parent who is now wonder about the health and future of their children. janet shamlian nbc news. >> this is the age of google. you get the e-mail and there's
7:34 am
the name and it's an instinct to google them. >> it opened up this box of questions for sure. now to a controversial decision facing a federal judge this week. should john hinckley jr., the man who shot president reagan be granted more time away from the mental hospital where he's been treated for more than 30 years? nbc's kristen welker has that story. good morning. >> reporter: matt good morning to you. john hinckley jr. was 25 when he tried to assassinate president ronald reagan and he's now nearing 60. over the years a federal judge has gradually granted him longer visits to his mother's house in virginia and away from a mental institution here in washington, d.c. now his doctors say he deserves even more time outside, but the federal government this exclusive gated community in williamsburg virginia overlooks a golf course and resort where presidents have stayed. and it's now a part-time home for the man who 34 years ago
7:35 am
shot and nearly killed president ronald reagan and three others including press secretary james brady who was gravley injured. john hinckley spends seven days a month here where his elderly mother has a house. he enjoys taking long walks and driving around. >> he does come here. and when he's here he walks around, he goes to local stores. >> reporter: on wednesday hearings will begin again to determine if hinckley should be allowed even more time in williamsburg and the possibility of living here permanently. his doctors are expected to argue hinckley's mental illness is under control. but not everyone is convinced. >> i'm of the belief that john hinckley is a permanent psychotic. that he has the capacity to kill again. >> reporter: he says hinckley is deceptive. in 2011 he said he was seeing a movie but went to a nearby
7:36 am
barnes & noble and went to a section with books about reagan and presidential assassins. >> he used it as a way to cover up what his intentions are. >> reporter: hinckley's attorney at the last court hearing said this man is not dangerous. now, hinckley is frequently trailed by the secret service when he's in virginia. as for press secretary james brady, he spent the rest of his life in a wheelchair and died last year. his death ruled a homicide due to complications from the shooting. federal prosecutors decided not to charge hinckley. one friend of brady's tells me hinckley sentenced brady to a lifetime of pain and paralysis and should never be allowed full freedom. back to you. >> thanks very much. i was talking to al a second ago. when someone's in a major news story and you don't see that person for years, that person kind of freezes in your imagination at an age. it's hard to imagine john hinckley at 60. >> and he's been in this mental
7:37 am
hospital for all those years but with some freedom. meantime a turn now. we'll get a check of the weath >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by the discover it card. the card that treats you like >> there's not something you want to see when you're driving. this is russia and it is actually a landslide covering the road taking trees down power lines, high tension towers. a mess there causing major damage in parts of central russia as this landslide takes place. let's get closer to home. big upper level low in california by wednesday. and we got a lot of gulf moisture coming up out of the south. the combination going to make for some very severe weather. we're looking at a slight risk of strong storms from central texas on up into oklahoma. but a real risk for tornadoes dallas up almost into shreveport as we watch this frontal boundary push to the north.
7:38 am
you'll see the storms fire up wednesday afternoon and into thursday. a risk for new orleans all the way into the panhandle of florida. we'll watch this closely over the next 7 good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. clouds moving out. sunshine will be nice and bright. look at the temperatures into the 60s this afternoon. the wind will be picking up, too, helping to push the clouds out of here. tomorrow we'll start with sunshine in the morning. showers and possibly a thunderstorm in the afternoon. 60s today and tomorrow but then after the storms here comes the cool. in facts, chilly for thursday and friday mornings. it will be in the 30s. sunshine and a few clouds saturday and sunday. back into the 60s. have a great day. >> and get that weather any time you need it go to weather channel on cable or online. coming up why what's going to be shown in the elevators at the new 1 world trade center is the source of controversy today.
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back now at 7:43 with a new rossen reports. this morning new vigilantes on the prowl in california calling out people who are wasti jeff rossen has been looking into all of this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. it is called drought shaming. as we've been reporting right here on "today," california is in the middle of a pretty serious water crisis. officials are telling everyone to conserve water. and if you don't, watch out. people are actually going around with thees and cameras taping you in the act, shaming you. even naming your address and posting it online. is this helping with the drought or is it just plain mean? you be the judge. >> do you really need to do that
7:44 am
in the middle of a drought? >> reporter: the videos get down right nasty. there is even name calling. >> let me get the address of this complete moron. >> reporter: we are bleeping the house numbers, but t these self-described water vigilantes are shaming their neighbors using the #droughtshaming on twitter and >> they're watering twice as much sidewalk as they are scrub grass. >> reporter: there's even a special app for it. look the drought is serious. just listen to the governor. >> we are in a historic drought and that demands unprecedented action. >> reporter: but is this what he had in mind? >> water detective on the scene. one of probably 50 water massacres happening today in the dumb city of los angeles. >> reporter: we tracked down that guy. his real name tony corcoran. >> i am a water crusader.
7:45 am
>> reporter: actually he managers restaurants during the day. he rides around on his bike with his camera phone ready. >> when i see this i follow it to the source. if there are people there, i ask them questions. >> reporter: you shame them? >> i do. >> reporter: in fact while we were with him, tony sees some landscapers watering a patch of dirt. >> don't you feel bad when you're doing this type of work? there's only one year of water left. >> only once a week. the law says twice a week is fine. >> reporter: tony has no training in water conservation but that doesn't stop him from making personal judgments on the spot. >> we need people to stop wasting water if we're going to be able to have a california. >> reporter: do you think it's mean sometimes? >> i have to be mean. i'm doing something that no one else wants to do and no one else is standing up and doing. >> reporter: how would you like to be on the receiving end of this? another house that's been shamed. the people who have been shamed are easy to find online. here's the video of your house.
7:46 am
>> [ bleep ]. people showing your address. that's bad as having a drone. >> reporter: you feel violated. >> of course. >> reporter: does he have a point about the water? >> well, he certainly does. >> repors sl shaming even work? psychologists say probably not. >> instead of going online and shaming people publicly which might be useless, go to the city and tell the city stop these people. they're using too much water. >> reporter: and they get fined. >> huge fines. >> reporter: up to $500 if you're caught wasting water. while the city has sent out 7300 warning letters in the past year they only issued 10 violations. tony says he'll be back on his bike shaming his neighbors. >> no one has turned the hose on me yet. >> reporter: do you think they will? >> eventually yes. >> reporter: tony says his next step is to report all the people she shamed to the various cities. and to give an idea how bad
7:47 am
things are in california restaurants can only serve water to the tables if you specifically ask for it. and in many cities you can only water your lawn once a week for a limited amount of time. and if you aren't watch out. >> we're not in a drought here but do you waste a lot of water? >> honestly probably more than i should. you leave the water on while you brush your teeth. you shouldn't do that. sometimes i do. >> my kids come around -- they're learning with earth day like turning everyth off. >> kids are very good at shaming. >> yes. all right. coming up -- >> yep. we've got social media causing your young kids to suffer from anxiety and depression. parents may want to hear this. and "full house" returning to tv. but will all of your favorite characters be i came up with so many reasons to put off losing weight... but then i joined weight watchers, got the starter kit
7:48 am
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when we go to the store i find my box of honey bunches of oats, and i'm checking to see if i packaged it. he says "it has a certain code that's my line, this is the date." if the last 3 letters were p22, that's me. i care deeply about the gulf. i grew up in louisiana. i went to school here. i've been with bp ever since. today, i lead a team that sets our global safety standards. after the spill we made two commitments. to help the gulf recover and become a safer company. we've worked hard to honor both. bp has spent nearly 28 billion dollars so far
7:50 am
to help the gulf economy and environment. and five years of research shows that the gulf is coming back faster than predicted. we've toughened safety standards too. including enhanced training... and 24/7 on shore monitoring of our wells drilling in the gulf. and everyone has the power to stop a job at any time if they consider it unsafe. what happened here five years ago changed us. i'm proud of the progress we've made both in the gulf and inside bp.
7:51 am
apparently the rumors were . we've been hearing about a possible "full house" revival since last august. it's official. >> it seems to be guys. and the title will be "fuller house." john stamos uncle jesse, he will produce and guest star. he broke the news on monday night's jimmy kimmel. here's what he had to say. >> it's a labor of love and we've literally been trying for so many years to do it right. i think we finally got it perfect. >> your friend bob saget has to be on it right? >> he better be. >> will there be olsen twins on the show? >> if we can't get the olsen twins, we'll dress you up. >> netflix confirmed they're in talks with many of the cast
7:52 am
members including bob saget and the twins. it will focus mostly on the lyes of d.j. and stephanie tanner. that led, of course to a tweet from andrea barber who plays kimmy. are you ready to be best friends again, cameron? and the response was simple. we never stopped. so they're all in. united states trending one, two, three, full house. 250,000 tweets all about "full house." can you sing the theme song? >> no. ♪ everywhere you go ♪ ♪ everywhere you look ♪ . coming up a stunning admission about rosanne barr. >> then on make your today, a can't-miss surpr kellogg's® frosted mini-wheats®... have 8 layers of nutritious wheat... and one of delicious sweet. to satisfy the adult.... and kid - in all of us. (supergrass' "alright") plays throughout ♪ ♪
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"nbc 10 news" starts now. good morning, i'm vai sikahema. just before 8:00. let's get our first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley. hey, bill. >> hey, vai. we're seeing the last few showers move through the area right now. clouds will be thinning out. we'll see more and more sunshine. the skies are starting to brighten. that's a live view from the adventure aquarium. still a few rain drops on the lens and a couple of showers moving through northern delaware county in through montgomery county. we're about to get a few sprinkles in princeton. the clouds will keep thinning out. bright sunshine at noontime. up to 65 degrees with westerly winds at 75 miles an hour at 3:00. >> thank you, bill. let's get a check on the roads with jessica boyington in the first alert traffic center. hey, jess. >> we're dealing with typical volume on i-75.
7:57 am
you can see crews taking off the right hand shoulder. 47 minutes though if you're headed southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway expressway. route 30 was closed with flooding in both directions. back over to you. >> vice president joe biden will be in philadelphia today. he'll tour pico headquarters today. they'll discuss ways to invest in the energy infrastructure. his visit comes as the obama administration is kicking off earth day activities across the country. the nfl schedule will be released today. we're counting down to see what's in store for the birds. we're covering all of the big off season moves, including taking you live draft day in chicago next week. i'm vai sikahema. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. back to the "today" show. have a great day. we'll see you in a half an hour.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it is 8:00 on "today." coming up selfies and self-esteem. how social media impacts the way young girls think about themselves. this morning the things parents need to know. plus on make your today, a field of dreams. >> your daughters sent us a note. they wanted to do something special for you today. >> we helped three daughters give their dad the surprise of a lifetime. and prom-zilla. wait until you hear how the promposals are costing students and they parents.
8:01 am
"today," april 21st, 2015. ♪ >> shoutout to bangor, maine! >> vermont! >> hello florida! >> today i'm turning 40 in new york city. >> seeing al is my birthday gi! >> and good morning, everyone. welcome back to "today." it is tuesday, april 21st 2015. and it's a cloudy day, but a nice springy warm day on our plaza. >> not bad. meanwhile, that promposals thing. >> crazy. >> when we were young, we walked up to a young lady. >> all right. we'll explain that. natalie's got a check of all the top stories. >> good morning to you guys once again. good morning, everyone. today in boston the penalty phase begins for convicted
8:02 am
bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. after hearing evidence from both sides, the jury will decide whether he will get death or life in prison without parole. the jury's decision would need to be unanimous to get the death penalty. six police officers in baltimore are on administrative leave while officials try to figure out how a man got a spinal cord injury that claimed his life a week later. the focus of the investigation is whether the injury to freddy gray was an accident inside a police van or something criminal. police acknowledge while greg repeatedly asked for medical help they waited 40 minutes before calling paramedics. a nationwide recall from blue bell creameries. they are recalling all of their products after two samples of chocolate chick cookie dough ice cream tested positive for listeria. three people have died and
8:03 am
others ill. they cannot say with certainty how the bacteria got into those samples. and a bird flu virus is spreading here in the u.s. affecting millions of chickens turkeys, and ducks but it's not spreading among people. the virus has been found at a farmhousing almost 4 million egg-laying hens in iowa. it means those hens will have to be destroyed. the outbreak now infects animals in at least 12 states. this strain of the virus does not jump from animals to people and poses no danger to humans. a government task force is clarifying e panel now says women over the age of 50 should get a mammogram every other year. and women 40 to 49 should make their own decision about mammograms after talking with their doctor based on their heal an update now on bobbi kristina brown.
8:04 am
her grandmother says she is no longer in a coma but she says according to the doctors, bobbi kristina has irreversible brain damage and remains unresponsive. she says they can only trust in god for a miracle. rosanne barr has revealed she is losing her eyesight. she tells the daily beast she has macular-degeneration and glaucoma and her vision is closing in. she says the diseases will ultimately claim her eyesight. she says that is harsh because she reads a lot. and your first day at a new job can be a little nerve-racking but not for ako who just started working as a greeter at a department store. it's because aiko is a robot. she is programmed to speak in japanese but can also be programmed to speak other languages. however, she's not currently programmed to respond to really lifelike though, right? 8:04 right now. let's get another check of the
8:05 am
weather from al. >> thank you so much, natalie. we've got some friends from vermont. wow. you brought us maple syrup. wow. that's good stuff. >> made this last week. >> you made this? >> yeah. >> my golly. >> you have a farm? >> we do. >> what's the name of your farm? >> it is green valley maple. >> there you go. all right. that's liquid gold right there. >> enjoy. >> well thank you. we appreciate that. let's check your weather, see what's going on. and you'll watch most of the moisture is in the northeast and new england. that's pushing up. we'll see some showers make their way into parts of california. but in the meantime look at these temperatures. toasty in central california into the southwest, west texas, and along the gulf. 90s in central florida. a little on the chilly side in northern new england where we could see 3 to 5 inches of snow. u.p. of michigan on into northern minnesota. wet weather into the northeast with windy conditions
8:06 am
good morning. clouds moving out. sunshine will be nice and bright. temperatures in the 60s this afternoon. wind helping push clouds out of here. tomorrow sunshine in the morning but showers and a thunderstorm in the afternoon. 60s today and tomorrow but then after the storms here comes the cool. chilly thursday and friday mornings in the 30s. sunshine and a few clouds saturday and sunday back into the 60s. have a great day. just racking up here. these nice folks brought us chocolate from hawaii. thank you very much. >> yeah. and she was mom of the year in hawaii right? >> young mother of the year. >> aloha! >> awesome. coming up next on "trending," we'll have an interesting discussion. who is more cliquey? women or men? the answer might surprise you. plus the potential damage
8:07 am
all the time on social media is doing to your young girls. and kristin chenoweth who i think pound for pound is the best entertainer in this country. and don't say i'm going to guess the weight. i'm not. sprint told us they'd cut our verizon bill in half. oh yeah. we'd save a bunch of money on our rate plan by switching to sprint. we don't need to save money, do we mama? oh, no. we do not baby. some people don't care about saving money. for the rest of us there's sprint. bring in your verizon or at&t bill turn in your old phone and we'll cut your rate plan in half.
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jack's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today, his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before your begin an aspirin regimen. >>who... is this?! >>hi, i am heinz new mustard. hi na na na na >>she's just jealous because you have better taste. whatever. >>hey. keep your chin up. for years, heinz ketchup has been with the wrong mustard. well, not anymore. introducing heinz new better tasting yellow mustard. mmm!
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brushes and vacuums your floors. for a more thorough clean every day all at the touch of a button. roomba. only from irobot. ( music throughout ) this ad is as simple as our new artisan grilled chicken. no preservatives. no added colors. no artificial flavors. no kidding. just tender, juicy 100% chicken breast filet. try mcdonald's new artisan grilled chicken. because tasting is lovin'. 8:11 on this tuesday. we are back with "what's tren >> and the top of our list the elevator ride that's really
8:12 am
unforgettable. next month the observatory in the 1 world trade center will open. during the ride to the top, riders will see this. it's a time lapse that spans 115 years. among the more poignant images the world trade center brought down on 9/11. this sparked a lot of debate. some say it's jarring to see it especially on an elevator ride going atop the new trade center. but others say you can't ignore the terror attacks and what it looked like. >> can't ignore it from that building from that site. >> absolutely. >> all right. do you prefer having a lot of good friends or just a couple of close friends? we usually think that men have fewer close friends, just concentrating on one or two or three and women prefer large cliques, but a new study says
8:13 am
that's not the case. researchers at oxford finding that it's actually the reverse. women tend to want one-on-one interactions and men are actually more cliquey hanging out in bigger all-male groups. >> i believe that. >> yeah. >> i call them man packs. >> yeah. >> they roam around. >> again, i'm not a man. >> you're not every man. >> i have a few close friends. i don't have a gang we all go out or anything. >> did you used to back in the day? >> no. >> i think it changes as you get older, don't you think? maybe when you were younger you had more friends? >> okay. >> good talk, remember how prom season was? had to buy the dress. these days it could be more trying for the things called the promposals. it's the ways you ask each other to prom. apparently you rent out halls,
8:14 am
recruit your friends, buy lavish gifts. guess how much kids and their families are spending on the promposal? >> just on the proposal? >> just on the promposal. a new survey from visa finds the average cost is $324. >> how much do they spend on the prom? >> glad you asked. apparently $900 all in. >> $900? >> what do they do when they get married? >> it's insane. >> is this based on o five kids and just a couple of communities? >> no. you go on youtube, they're everywhere. >> so you spend $300 on a promposal and you get turned down you have to do it again for somebody else. on monday we told you about tim tebow's unlikely return to the nfl. the quarterback signed a one-year contract with the philadelphia eagles. a lot of fans anticipating the return of his signature move, tebowing. that's where he kneels down in prayer. and a philadelphia company getting a jump start on that
8:15 am
introducing the tebowing pretzel. >> that's amazing. >> a twisted tribute. i think that's ingenious. >> fantastic. >> we should have that her >> tebow or the pretzel? >> that is "what's trending" today. meantime talking about the world of social media, of course it presents a new set of challenges for parents especially parents of teen and tween girls. in a moment we're going to arm parents with advice to deal with all that online time and what it means. but first the newfound stresses being linked to social media. >> reporter: the images are everywhere. snapshots providing a glimpse inside the lifestyles of the rich and famous uploaded for all to see in an instant. even your own friends filling up your facebook feed with pictures that can make you green with envy. and words that were once
8:16 am
banished too bathroom stalls now for all to see on the web. for vulnerable tween girls, does it come at a price? new research on the uk finds that over a five-year period emotional problems like anxiety and depression increased in girls ages 11 to 13. why? they suggest social media could be to blame. >> the truth in nature of social media makes it much more difficult to shake off. girls are being bombarded with a high number of images and portrayals of what it should be in a way we've never seen before. >> and it's hard not to compare. another new study finds the more time young women spend on facebook the more critical they are of themselves. it's called self-objectify kags and it can lead to body shaming, depression anxiety, and eating disorders. now social media feeds are
8:17 am
feeding into an age-old problem. well jennifer is a psychologist who specializes in tweeting children and adolescents. she's here with three things parents need to know about social media. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i remember in the old day we would feel bad looking at magazines. we don't measure up. now it's social media. >> it is a real problem. they're looking at the instagram of kendall jenner and these kinds of people. they're comparing themselves to celebrities online and to their friends. >> we've got three things parents need to know. first of all, it is a selfie world out there. how do you make sure there's not undue emphasis on appearance? >> well there is undue emphasis on appearance in the external world. we know that. so as parents it's important you stress the things girls are good at. boys and girls, by the way. stress things they're good at outside of their appearance. focus on what they can do and less what they look like.
8:18 am
>> number two, fragile online friendships. in the old days you might hear about a sleepover or party you weren't invited to. you don't have to see it in realtime. >> it is in your face. as the parents of somebody who might not be inviting everybody, be mindful. don't post all those pictures. maybe only share them with the select few that were there. talk to your kids on how it feels to be left out. and maybe even coach them on how to talk to their friends why they weren't invited. but not online. in real life. >> always good to have human interaction. and finally, digital drama. i think a lot of people might say things online that they would never say face-to-face. >> we talk about cyber bullying. there is safety behind the screen. but you need to be able to have interactions in real life. we're always looking down. time to look up. time to have that interaction and really engage with one another. >> and assess your child's readiness for social media. many say you have to be 13 and
8:19 am
up. but i know a ton of kids less than that on instagram. >> and unfortunately thedo know how to handle the drama that comes with it. teach them how to handle it and be involved. >> thanks so much. we'll send it over t >> announcer: make your today is brought to you by mcdonald's. >> all right. thanks very much. now our special series make your today. we asked viewers to nominate deserving people who could use a special day of their own. willie made his way to boston to fulfill a wish for three sisters who wanted to honor their dad. this is a great one. >> this was a really fun story. brian peterson and his daughters live in nebraska but they're life-long red sox fans. the sisters said they won a trip to boston through a local tourism group there. as they left their hotel to see the sights on patriots day, we happened to bump into them. >> hey, brian. i'm willie geist from the "today" show. >> i know you. what's going on? >> this is a sting operation.
8:20 am
i'm just kidding. >> reporter: brian peterson's day began with a curve ball. i'm not sure exactly what you had planned while you're here but your daughters sent us a note. they wanted to do something special for you today. do you mind if your daughters put a blindfold on you? his stlee daughters joy, brook, and summer and granddaughter conspired to give a special surprise to the man they say devoted his life to them after a devastating loss. >> when i was 10 years old, my mom was diagnosed with cervical cancer. when i was 14 she pa leaving my dad with three young girls to raise by >> he loved all of us girls more than anything. >> he definitely showed us how to get through it how to never leave someone's side. he showed us the true value of love. >> reporter: as the young family struggled with the loss of a wife and a mother they bonded over the red sox. brian caught the sox bug as a
8:21 am
young boy where he cheered his hero carl yastrzemski. they followed the team from half way across the country in nebraska. one of the last trips brian and bridget made before her death was a pilgrimage to fenway park. back in boston now on this patriots day, we had a plan. that admittedly looked like a good natured kidnapping. well i guess we can reveal to you now that we brought you all this way to run the boston marath >> i'm glad i wore my tennis shoes. >> reporter: i saw you have appropriate footwear on. i'm happy you're in shape. >> you can see that ain't the . >> reporter: walking the streets surrounding fenway brian began to get the picture. do you have a sense of where you are? >> i got that smell. i can smell it. >> reporter: we started with a stealth shopping trip at the red sox team store where the whole
8:22 am
family suited up. >> that's a good one. >> reporter: you good in a jeter jersey. brian looked the part. now it was time to take th and to take off the blindfold. >> i'm going over here for a . this is cool. >> reporter: then to a place few pe the inside of the famed green monster in left field. brian, come right here. >> you guys getting pictures of it for me? >> reporter: you can step right in here. we have a sharpeie for you here. you're on the monster forever.
8:23 am
taking in the view with 5-year-old natalie. >> i hope you remember this sweetie. it's so awesome. >> reporter: you've been emotional most of the time. where's that coming from? >> i lost my wife. but that's not the story. it's just having to raise these kids and the way they have just been awesome for me all my life. i mean they've just been real good kids. and for them to do something like this for me is beyond my wildest dreams. >> reporter: the whole family gathered at fenway. mom included. do you all feel your mother here today? >> absolutely. we felt her the whole trip. >> reporter: what do you think she's thinking watching this? >> i'm pretty sure that's why it's going to be downpouring not too long. she's probably overwhelmed with emotions as well. >> reporter: through that rain . if only brian knew a couple of guys who could help him out with >> come on in, guys.
8:24 am
>> oh, my god. >> holy cow. >> oh, my gosh you guys. >> reporter: behind the dugout delivered in the dugout by red sox stars dustin pedroia and mike napoli. >> you want to take a group picture? >> absolutely. >> reporter: a deserving father surrounded by his family in baseball heaven. brian said the day was perfect even before the first pitch. but the 7-1 red sox win over the orioles was a nice cherry on top moving them into sole possession of first place. what a wonderful family. i mean, you saw the emotion all day. and a lot of that was nostalgia about his wife who he spent a day with at fenway park. but really it was about those daughters of him and how proud he was to raise them for the past 15 years. >> and that moment when you take the blindfold off and he realizes what they've done for him is incredible.
8:25 am
>> he said i smell fenway park. i think i know where i am. i took off the blindfold and there it was. his field of dreams. and i have to go out and say that the red sox organization rolled out the red carpet. they couldn't have been more accommodating to make this day possible. the president of the red sox heard brian and family were there, invited them up to the box. so there's the life-long red sox fan sitting with larry lucchino who owns the team. it was an awesome day for a truly great family. >> on patriots day. >> on patriots day. . >> and i was happy that when he tapped the boston sign on the green monster, he didn't go down and do something with the yankees sign. >> but he . >> at the story, willie. and tomorrow on make your today, a big surprise for a mom of three from new orleans with a baker with a l
8:26 am
nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. just before 8:30. let's get our forecast from bill henley. >> seeing more and more sunshine. clouds are starting to break. they are going to be clearing out and temperatures climbing into the 60s. a few rain showers still on the radar moving through south jersey. cumberland county seeing sprinkles. you can see breaks of sunshine. we see showers out of here this morning and this afternoon bright and sunny skies. >> thank you. a check on the roads and majors and mass transit. >> good morning. we are starting on 95 around
8:27 am
cotman avenue. crew trying to get that cleaned up. taking out the shoulder not hitting roadways there but something to watch out for as we head to our drive times. 95 southbound slow in the typical spots. 44 minutes. things are starting to be slow. >> right now police are investigating a shooting in south philadelphia. investigators tell us the victim was shot in the shoulder on jackson street. he is listed in stable condition. we have no word on the suspect or a motive. the marlins are in town for a three game set with the phillies. we have another update in 25 minutes. you can get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. we'll see you in another half hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ ♪ we're lucky to be making the ride together ♪ ♪ a roaring rushing train ♪ ♪ along the way ♪ >> we love them. this is 8:30 on a tuesday
8:31 am
morning. it's the 21st day of april 2015. al's got us in the train line that is the cast -- we're doing broadway week here. that was the cast of "on the 20th century" featuring kristin chenoweth who is a delight. we're going to talk to them and watch them perform coming up. >> we did a lot better in rehearsal. also one of the most accomplished mountain climbers in the world about to set off on what could be a record-setting feat on mt. everest. we will talk to her live from everest base camp coming up. also have you heard of the diet plan that promises to reset your body and help you lose weight. we'll show you how it works. and think the hottest trends for spring are too adventurous for you? we'll show you how anyone can pull off the look. i don't know about the shorts but we'll see how they make that happen. >> first al as it begins to rain and we start to move away
8:32 am
what's the weather looking like? >> all my close friends, you're not going to leave me are you? you're going to stay with me. thh let's show you what we've got going on right now. for today, wet weather from oklahoma all the way into new england with some windy conditions some rain in the pacific northwest. gulf coast looking good. showers lingering in central and southern florida. tomorrow we're worried about this area of risk of strong storms from the gulf coast into texas and oklahoma where there's an enhanced risk. look for sunshine along the west coast. rain again in the northeast and temperatures j good morning i'm mooejs bill henley. clouds moving out. look at the temperatures into the 60s. wind picking up helping to push the clouds out of here. tomorrow we start with sunshine in the morning. showers and possibly a thunderstorm in the afternoon. 60s today and tomorrow but then
8:33 am
after the storms here comes the cool. chilly thursday and friday mornings will be in the 30s. sunshine and a few clouds saturday and sunday back into the 60s. have a great day. don't forget any time you need that weather, go to weather channel on cable or online. one of the few women to work as a high altitude guide on mt. everest, melissa arnot is about to start off on her greatest climbing challenge yet. a journey being followed by "glamour" magazine. we'll talk to her live in a moment but first here's miguel almaguer. >> reporter: melissa is only 30 years old, but she's among the greatest mountain climber of all time. she's been to mt. everest five times. now she's hoping to do it again. this time without the help of supplemental oxygen.
8:34 am
an incredibly difficult mission. she'd become the first american woman to make the climb. >> trying to crime everest without using supplemental oxygen is enormously challenging. i've spent seven years of my life working on this goal. over half of it is mental training. >> reporter: "glamour" magazine is presenting a video about the journey. >> our readers and all women want to see examples of women pushing their dreams. >> reporter: but last year as she was preparing for her ascent tragedy struck. a massive avalanche in the ice ball section claimed the lives of 16 sherpas, local workers who do much of the heavy lifting on guided climbs. the incident ended the climbing season and raised tough questions about risk and safety on the mountain.
8:35 am
she says she never considered walking away from everest. instead she's raising money to support local families and hopes her pioneering climb will inspire others to reach new heig for "today," miguel almaguer, nbc news, los an >> and melissa is with us by phone now from mt. everest base camp. can you hear me okay? >> matt how are you doing? >> i'm okay. how's the view from base camp? >> it's a pretty beautiful day today. we've had full sun for the last few days. nothing to complain about up here. >> that's great. talk to me about this challenge you're taking on. climbing and summiting without supplemental oxygen. you said in that piece you've been training for this for seven years and a lot of it has been mental training. what exactly are you doing to get ready? >> you know it's usually about understanding myself and understanding the mountain. so i've worked here for the last eight seasons. and i've been lucky enough to summit five times and get to
8:36 am
know myself at that altitude and try to understand what the challenges are when i take away the help that supplemental oxygen offers. a lot of what i've been doing is training at being uncomfortable and pushing myself to maybe not eat far really long time while i'm training and see if i can make my body suffer and then overcome that suffering. >> for people who don't know base camp about 17,800 feet. when are you going to push forward and start to attem? >> going to have our blessing ceremony in two days which we do every season before we climb with all of the local workers that work here. then after that we're going to be ready to start climbing up to the higher camps. and we're going to take about the next three weeks to get acclimatized before we push the final bit in may. >> it goes without saying we want you to be safe. it's an incredible accomplishment. i hope we can check in with you as you continue along your route. >> thank you so much. i apprec
8:37 am
>> all right. thanks for talking to us. we posted a link to "glamour's" complete jn you call it a diet when you don't look at a scale? it's the whole 30 craze. but first this is "today"
8:38 am
8:39 am
we've got "chicago" tomorrow. we're ba. imagine this diet where you don't weigh yourself or snowballed into a lifestyle movement. it has thousands of people hopping on board. and here's nbc's hallie jackson with it. >> reporter: tess ha wil you 30 days changed her life. >> after i had six kids in six years, my health started to
8:40 am
change. slowly i was gaining weight gaining weight. >> reporter: that led to a sixth bypass surgery, a diabetes diagnosis, and feeling tired all the time. >> i said i know i need to do something different. >> reporter: so she started a month-long program in november ca >> it took two weeks and i was off the medicine. >> reporter: two weeks no more diabetes medicine. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: her joint pain gone. energy levels up. her weight way down. she's lost more than 50 pounds and kicked her cravings. >> you your palate. your brain a changing. so the things you thought you could never leave are easy to leave. >> reporter: melissa and dallas call it food freedom. the idea at the center of the whole 30, a four-week detox or s a diet. it's a complete lifestyle shift. designed to help you identify the perfect diet for you becausee is no one size fits all. >> it's a spring board into
8:41 am
learning about yourself so you can make educate choices going forward. >> reporter: the program's founders experts in nutrition and training explain the dos and don'ts at the store. meats, seafood, fruits vegetables all okay. carbs, on the other hand -- i feel this is the danger zone. is anything here allow snd. >> not on the pasta side. >> reporter: no grains no beans, no sugar, no alcohol, and no dairy. foods you eventually phase back in if you want to see how they affect your body. sounds tough. but these two put it in perspective. >> we say beating cancer is hard. birthing a baby is hard. drinking your coffee black is not hard. >> reporter: there's another rule. for 30 days you're not allowed to weigh yoursel >> i think people are tired of the yo yo diets and the quick fix promises. they're tired of being a slave to e the number on the scale. >> reporter: in the last five years after they published their
8:42 am
first book the whole 30 went viral with testimonials posted online. so now a second book sharing practical advice and plenty of recipes. >> this book is the guide that you can give to anybody on the street and walk away and never say another word and they'll be successful. >> reporter: successful like tess hanley who knows this isn't just a diet. >> i feel like i am on a road that i'm never getting off of. >> reporter: it's a whole new way of living life. for "today," hallie jackson, nbc news, salt lake city, utah. >> there are a lot of things on that no list. >> they had me until the no dairy, no alcohol, no carbs. >> no fun. and again, the whole 30 book is out today. read an excerpt at coming up next dare to wear. how you can pull off this spring's most adventurous styles. but first this is
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
back now at 8:44. this season there are a lot of fun perhaps adventurous trends but do you dare to wear them? of course. fashion journalist louise is here. she's the author of "front row." there are some interesting trends. i'm a little scared of some of them. >> don't be scared. i'm going to talk you through you got to have fun and experiment. there are always a few trends you don't know about. i want to show everybody you cant for spring. >> well, you can rocking the first trend which is the jump suit. >> i'll show you two versions. mine is dressy. this is something i'd wear to go out dancing in or to a summer party. n interesting shape. something like this peplum hem, a halter neck. always wear them with a heel. >> helps to have nice long legs. got to say.
8:46 am
>> get your self-tanner on. you know help yourself but look for something that suits your body shape. the second is way more relaxed. >> i know. we're moving. we're walking, walking. >> phyllis is rocking the most beautiful long jump suit. this i think works for the day. i'd wear this to an office. the key to wearing it is cinching the waist with a small belt and drawing attention to the accessories. a red lip, a pop of color on the shoe. to wear this in the day, i'd add a blazer like this. it's $69.95. >> do you have to wear heels with the jump suit? i feel like you do. >> if it's loose like this then do. because it streamlines the leg.
8:47 am
>> all right hold on tight. we're going to spin the next model over here. >> i love th okay. so this is chrissy looking gorgeous. now, if you want to pick out this trend, if you want to eat it in the ice cream shop then wear it. so pistachio green, you got the memo on the sleeves. love it. lemon yellows, lavenders, strawberries. chrissy's dress is macy's from $69.99 and i love it's got interesting texture to it. it's a nice loose fit but it's short. looks super hot. >> i like the black trim. gives it a bit of an edge. >> a little more grownup. and a pop of color on the shoe. a little bit more of a splashout. my rule with sorbet is don't wear more than two of these bright colors at once or you look like a fruit salad. >> sorbet but not neapolitan ice
8:48 am
cream. >> e. >> maybe do a neutral or a pop of sorbet. thank you very much. you look fabulous. we'll keep walking. now, here's the next trend. this is the the end i fear more than any. >> why? >> because they're cooloutes. >> they are huge this spring. they are really a versatile piece. they're loose and short so what you want to do is elongate your leg. always wear them with a high heel. morgan looks gorgeous. i put her in a high waisted pair. if they come to the top of your belly button you will look longer. i made this look more downtown edgy with a fringe earring from h & m.
8:49 am
and the fringe top. you can definitely dress this up. but i love this fun young look. >> if i were to wear them i'd feel like i'd want to wear something fitted because i wouldn't want to bell out but this looks good. >> it does but you can also see it is fitted. you do want to keep your shape. they're so loose they could drown you. you want to keep the top half fitted. >> i think you sold me. models thank you so much. by the way, catch more of her fashion tips on coming up next our best of broadway week. kristin chenoweth and cast of "on the 20th century." but fi
8:50 am
8:51 am
>> announcer: the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toy >> we're back now with the cast of "on the 20th century." >> tomorrow brandy will be here with a performance from "chicago." thursday david hyde pierce brings the laughs with "it shoulda been you." then friday "something rotten." >> but this is a comedic look on what happens on a luxury train headed from chicago to new york city as a bankrupt theater producer tries to convince a hollywood starlet to play the lead role in his non-existent
8:52 am
drama. kristin chenoweth is lilly garland. nice to see you. >> good morning. >> this is a ride. this is fast paced, it goes like crazy. how do you get the energy to do this eight shows a week? >> coca-cola and chocolate. >> really? your binge before the show? >> pretty much. red bull. i warm up every night. it's a lot of movement comedy. it's a lot. but it's fun. >> you were born for this role. the creators of this show said you were meant to play lilly garland and here you are. >> i can't believe it's happened. i'm so honored and i'm so proud of our cast. >> you're doing a medley here? >> yeah. a hybrid. >> all right. ladies and gentlemen, "on the 20 ♪ ♪ life is like a train ♪ ♪ life is like a train ♪ ♪ and aren't we lucky to be making the ride together ♪ ♪ life is like a train ♪
8:53 am
♪ a roaring rushing train ♪ ♪ you get off at the end ♪ ♪ along the way you may find a lover ♪ ♪ along the way you may find a friend ♪ ♪ life is like a -- ♪ ♪
8:54 am
♪ life is like a train ♪ ♪ life is like a train ♪ ♪ life is like a train >> max, i love this place. ♪ da da da da da ♪ ♪ max i really really really love this play ♪ ♪ i will play broadway ♪ ♪ make way ♪ ♪ the darling of the mayfair stage ♪ ♪ da da da da da da ♪ ♪ da da da da da da ♪ ♪ max i really really really really love this play ♪
8:55 am
♪ it's babs the british ♪ ♪ the idol ♪ ♪ da da da da da ♪ ♪ da da da da da ♪ ♪ hey hey hey ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ da da da da da ♪ ♪ da da da da da da ♪ ♪ generous decadent ♪
8:56 am
♪ hey hey hey ♪ ♪ ♪ i'll do the play ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ >> "on the 20th century." guys thank you so nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. just before 9:00 this tuesday morning april 21. let's get our first alert forecast. >> showers are done. now wind is starting to pick up. a live view of center city. the last few showers have just moved to the northeast.
8:57 am
they have fizzled. now the winds are picking up. 18 miles per hour gusts in northeast philadelphia. 21 miles per hour gusts at philadelphia international. a blustery day but clouds are moving out on the wind, sunshine and 60s this afternoon. over our lady of hope school. officials say a small fire forced students and teachers out of that building. they were move to a nearby church. the fire started in the school's science lab. crews will remain on the scene to investigate. in jersey a smoldering truck along the new jersey turnpike along route 42. this is out and doesn't appear to be causing traffic issues. we'll let you know if anything changes. a smalllictricle fire earlier this morning started in the mechanical room. the fire alarm went off alerting
8:58 am
people inside. the cause is under investigation. we will have another update in 25 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. we will send you back to the "today" show. we'll see you in a half hour.
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," gina rodriguez is here. the star of "jane the virgin" shows off some hidden talent. and what we've all been waiting for. a "full house" spinoff. have mercy. and we'll catch up with olivia wild. all that and more now. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist, and tamron hall. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning. it's april the 21st, 2015. i'm willie along with natalie and tamron inside of studio 1a.
9:01 am
good to have everybody here. i have to start with al. you brought back one of the greatest things on the earth. it's loveless cafe bacon. if you go to nashville, it's worth the drive. >> i brought a gift pack of a little bacon and biscuit mix. we were there this weekend. did a fund raiser for the middle tennessee girl scouts in nashville. had a great fund raiser meal at the restaurant. met a lot of nice folks. did a fun little reception at the country club there. >> very fancy. >> you know it's going to be a good morning when i walked in the dressing room and i had biscuits and bacon. >> i was tweeted it out like life is good when you walk into work and there's bacon. >> my friend drove us to loveless to pick that up. >> it is so amazing. look at that. apple smoked country bacon. >> and their jams. >> they're amazing.
9:02 am
>> i couldn't bring the jams back on the plane. >> and the waffle mix. >> they ship though. >> and the waffle mix. >> there was a young lady there who kept asking me questions. she said you wouldn't be any chance be on tv, are you? >> that's so sweet. >> they were very sweet. >> i was in boston yesterday on patriots day. marathon day. what a special place to be. >> cool place to be on patriots day. >> i was doing a story kind of unrelated to the marathon for our show about a father and his three daughters. he's a life-long red sox fan. he lives in nebraska. and we kind of surprised him. his daughters were in on it. tricked him to get them to boston. said they won a trip. we got to take him inside fenway park. we blindfolded him, he didn't quite know where he was going. lost his wife to cervical cancer. and raised those three beautiful girls. he got to meet some of the players. it was just a beautiful day and one of those stories that you
9:03 am
kind of feel honored just to be there doing it. brian peterson, great guy. and a funny twist to the story is we get there pick him up at the hotel. surprise him. he's in tears. and he collects himself three, four minutes in. he said willie, this is great but you know what would have been better? if natalie were here. >> oh! >> brian, giving you a big hug, brian. i would have loved to have been there. >> three minutes in, that's what i get. >> well you've got to call him. >> i love you, brian. >> i love the fact he raised three amazing young women who really can take care of their dad. >> and his granddaughter's name is natalie. she said i hope you remember this. >> he's a wonderful guy. he's got a great family and deserved the day. we were so honored with the help of the red sox to give him yesterday. >> a lot of great memories. >> speaking of the marathons
9:04 am
yesterday, this one. rebekah gregory lost her leg at the boston bombing when she was at the finish line waiting for her fiance. she collapsed as she crosses the finish line. she declared this is the day i take my life back. >> so emotional seeing that. >> god bless her. >> yeah. i think she wanted to run the full distance, but her doctor advised her and said the leg's not recovered in time. that's incredible. to be able to do three miles. amazing. >> great story. >> she can do anything she wants. >> she's an incredibly strong woman. >> absolutely. >> the other topic that's caught our eye, this one's quite a talk talker. this is one of these things that i think some people can relate to in some part. >> it's actually spilling into -- >> yeah. it's a hollywood thing on the
9:05 am
surface, but a larger conversation overall regarding fertilization of eggs and parenting. so faux fee ya vergara, we heard about this last week. we were hesitant to do the story because she had not commented on it. it turns out it's true. sophia vergara and her ex-fiance nick loeb have spoken out about a lawsuit of the frozen female embryos they created together in 2013. the couple broke up last year. she's since moved on. she's engaged the joe manganiello. he claims vergara wants to destroy them. which she denies. his statement to nbc news reads in part, i've strongly believed that life begins at fertilization and every embryo is a life on the journey towards birth. i created these two embryos because i dreamed of being a father. sophia vergara's attorney said
9:06 am
she never suggested to have them destroyed. she maintained they be kept frozen. a fact of which loeb and his counsel have always been aware despite loeb's statements to the contrary. loeb says he wants to bring his daughters to term, but he does not want to hold sophia vergara responsible financially or any kind of parental obligations. he wants to raise the girls as his own on his own. >> allow her the opportunity to be involved if she wanted to be. >> but he's saying, this is not about sharing, coparenting. this is not financial. but we were talking about the fact that you know, a lot of people surpursue this route. what we've been told is when you go in and follow procedures like this, you're questioned about the scenarios. plan "a," plan "b," if you stay together if you break up. if someone dies before you decide to go through the process. so it's intriguing from a legal standpoint and also from a
9:07 am
parental standpoint. >> we did ivf with our kids and i don't remember that part of it or dealing with anything of that. >> they just didn't tell you the details. >> that's going to be -- i think this technology becomes more and more widespread, i think we're going to see this. >> it's certainly a tough conversation. because it is -- i mean 50/50. 50% of your genetic material. a father deserves the right to be a parent as much as the mother does. in this case it's -- you know it's a tough call. >> sophia vergara's attorney says there's a written agreement that consent has to be mutual. and she's not consenting to it. if that's true, i don't think he's going to have much of a case. >> and also moving forward if this perhaps happens more, should people have these legal contracts like ironed out like a
9:08 am
prenup? and even prenups can be challenging, but at least you have something on paper where it's clear what's happening. >> yeah. it certainly is a tough one. the lawyers will have to battle that one out for sure. >> how about this news? >> this is big news we woke up to. a major transition here. some happy news to talk about if you're a fan of "full house." get ready. john stamos aka uncle jesse broke the news on jimmy kimmel last night there will be a reunion on netflix. take a listen. >> we were trying to do some sort of spinoff and we wanted to give credit to the legacy. we didn't want to throw it away. so netflix came around and said let's do 13 episodes. it starts sort of as a reunion and then spins off into this, like a spinoff. it's a labor of love we've literally been trying for so many years to do it right. i think we finally got it
9:09 am
perfect. >> perfect. we can't wait. >> full disclosure, i've never seen "full house". >> not even on tv land? >> my kids watched it. >> i've never seen it either. i got to back al. >> you're younger than we are. >> but it's been on the reruns. but i watched the first and second season. by the time were 30 on the show. but they were incredible little actresses. if the twins come back, i'm in. >> i guess john stamos says they're in talks with everybody. >> dave coulier also. >> and those who are definitely coming back, as of now they have d.j., stephanie tanner, kimmy gibler. "fuller house" will be the name of the show. it's going to be a 13-episode
9:10 am
spinoff on netflix. >> we saw a video full of spiders. you'll love this. >> no. >> man trying to kill a large spider in australia. surprise when he squishes it. check it out. >> warning, warning, warning. >> check it out. >> i think i'll just squich this. >> babies coming out of it. >> plenty of spiders. >> oh! >> that's what happens. right? >> no, that doesn't happen all the time. >> it's a spider pinata. >> last night we were watching -- any kids love to watch nat geo and they had the weirdest frogs in the world. she births the toad out of the back. i was watching it. i look up and i see these things popping out of its back. i nearly lost my dinner.
9:11 am
>> i saw that same nat geo five years ago. i can't eat pecan pancakes anymore. >> why? >> because they look like it. >> she's mentally scarred by it. it's awful. >> so it's a frog, okay? and it has pores in its back. it's round and flat back like a pancake. >> i tried to pull it up on youtube. >> the babies live in the mom's back. >> where do pecan pancakes come in? >> it looks like that. >> you whack a pecan pancake and frogs jump out. >> there we go. >> i don't think we can show it. >> you want other people to see gross things or something's nasty, it's like taste this it's awful. >> my gosh. wow. frogs popping out of backs. baby spiders out of big spiders.
9:12 am
this is fantastic. video of boston popping out of where it says boston. the good news is rain's just about over. they'll be looking at some sunshine later today. enjoy it now. it's going to cool down. over the next couple of days, warmer than usual along the coast. but look at that back through western new york. pittsburgh cooler than normal. then by wednesday the cool air starts making its way towards the coast by thursday. everybody's about 5 to 15 degrees below normal. and by friday, bang. we've got much colder air in the northeast. we're also going to be watching the south by wednesday. severe weather, risk of tornado potentially, shreveport, dallas just shy of oklahoma city. but slight risk from oklahoma city all the way to new orleans. that's going to start to push east as the week wears good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. clouds moving out. into the 60s this afternoon.
9:13 am
wind picking up helping to push clouds out of here. tomorrow sunshine in the morning, showers and possibly a thunderstorm in the afternoon. 60s today and tomorrow. after the storms here comes the cool. chilly thursday and friday mornings will be in the 30s. sunshine and a few clouds saturday and sunday back into the 60s. have a great day. that's your latest weather. >> we'll have pecan pancakes the next segment. no. also, she won the golden globe for best actress on "jane the virgin." she is so cool and we're going to catch up with gina rodriguez. >> gina! wish your skin could bounce back as quickly as it used to? introducing neutrogena hydro boost water gel. instantly quenches skin to keep it supple and hydrated day after day. formulated with hydrating hyaluronic acid which retains up to 1000 times its weight in water. this refreshing water gel plumps skin cells with intense hydration and locks it in.
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9:17 am
it represents a culture that wants to see themselves as heroes. my father used to tell me to say every morning today is going to be a great day, i can and i will. dad, today is a great day. i can and i did. >> yes she did. and that award was for her role on "jane the virgin" about a girl who becomes accidentally artificially inseminated. we have thrilled to have the beautiful gina rodriguez with us. >> good morning. i didn't know we were going to play that. i haven't seen it since. >> you haven't? >> you get emotional. >> i know. the makeup artist is going to kill me. that's awesome. >> have you been able to wrap you head around it? you're now in a movie with mark wahlberg. >> it's awesome. i feel so blessed. i haven't really been able to sit down with it as much as i think i want to. i think it takes time to -- i appreciate it more than anything in the entire world but it's hard for me to even explain that
9:18 am
feeling. like, there's just no words that kind of can encompass the feeling. every day. >> i love that description of it. >> i don't have words for that. >> it's been that kind of year for you. talk to me about it. i know you a little bit on the set, we'll see next week. but "jane the virgin" what a powerful role for you. why did you love this character so much? >> for any woman it is seldom we come across a role that are strong and empowering and fearless and brave. not because these women don't exist, but because there's so many stories. and only so many we can tell. so for me to come across playing an amazingly strong, independent brave woman. but to be able to play a latina and expose a culture that hasn't been shown in this light which is just kind of like, it's so
9:19 am
intermixed. there's no -- you know like this is latino. that's an inside pride we carry for any of our cultures we all have. i like that. i think jenny wrote for a woman and did a good job. i'm glad that woman is me. >> you talked about your dad in the speech. and he instilled this you say something positive every day about yourself. >> yeah. you know the little -- that youtube video with the little girl that says i'm special, i'm cool. like, i definitely had a dad that either told us or had us say this about ourselves or about our siblings. there's my two sisters. they're awesome. and my dad. but he definitely -- the power of positivity. the power of words and the power of the belief in yourself. i mean to me there's nothing more i want to give away because i think god owns it and i want overs to as well. >> she's going to stick around and show off her dancing moves
9:20 am
with natalie. a danceoff. and if the dancing is not enough, she's going to bust a rhyme. >> am i? >> that's what i heard on the street. you're a rapper. right after this. we got it all. i've been the same shade of red for many years. i think it's time to change it up! goodbye, red. hello, golden blonde. shifting to a new shade is sort of a new beginning but i knew it was going to be natural because it's nice'n easy. clairol's #1 for natural looking color i don't know if blonde has more fun, but i plan to find out. now you can earn free color with clairol platinum rewards now at chili's new top shelf ranchero chicken tacos. stop in for lunch and tap, swipe, and go. chili's. fresh is happening now. i'm home.
9:21 am
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9:23 am
touch your skin to release fragrance up to 12 hours. new caress love forever. for an unforgettable fragrance up to 12 hours. we are back with gina rodriguez, star of "jane the virgin." a lot of people will remember you in "philly brown." and you played a rapper. we're told you have a special rap for us. >> my goodness. i mean, i guess. okay. so should -- >> willie can beat box. >> are you about to give me a beat box? >> i thought we would add something. here we go. >> what do we got here? >> this is like disco music. >> you know, last time i rapped it wasn't to disco music. we can try. okay today i'm on the "today" show. you asked me to flow so so i'm
9:24 am
going to go real slow though. i'm standing next to tamron asked al what's the letter. do i need a sweater to dress like my girl natalie. where's that beat box willie? >> wow. . >> great job. >> and also you are a heck of a salsa dancer. >> she is. >> okay. let us see. we want to see. >> she was teaching me the moves. >> but you grew up salsa dancing. >> i did. wearing the sequins dress and all. >> can we see this live? >> i think you need to come up with us. >> come on, tamron. >> no, i can't. give us a beat. >> starting left. >> to the back.
9:25 am
>> yes. as we walk across the stage, yes. keep up with those everyday messes with the help of roomba from irobot. a full suite of sensors automatically guides roomba around your home, going under furniture and along edges while avoiding stairs. and its powerful 3-stage cleaning system sweeps brushes and vacuums your floors. for a more thorough clean every day all at the touch of a button. roomba. only from irobot. you love our greatest, now try our latest. olive garden's irresistible new duos. featuring two delicious entrees on one plate. get a taste of what you love like classic chicken parmigiana, paired with new tastes to explore, like chicken lombardy in a creamy alfredo. or enjoy our lasagna classico and savory sausage rigatoni. all served with salad and fresh-baked breadsticks. four all new italian duos
9:26 am
starting at just $11.99. olive garden, we're all family here. order olive garden togo on your smartphone. nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. just about 9:30. let's get our first alert forecast. >> it's nice outside. clouds are moving out. showers are done. wind started to pick up. we have seen wind gusts more than 30 miles per hour. we are seeing sunshine. that is a live view from center city. 58 degrees in philadelphia. these temperatures the starting point headed for the 60s this afternoon. westerly winds 20 miles per hour with higher gusts. vice president joe biden will be in philadelphia touring headquarters with the secretary of energy. after the tour they discuss ways to invest in the stiff energy
9:27 am
infrastructure. biden's visit comes as the obama administration gets ready to kick off earth day celebrations across the country. dozens of positions within stores are up for grabs two hiring events happening in new jersey. sales associate, shift manager and manager trainee positions are available. a tax scam warning. several residents say they have gotten letters from the state income tax department and irs claiming tax returns can't be processed until more information provided. the people targeted haven't filed taxes before letters. another update in about 25 minutes. we'll send you back to the "today" show. have a great day. we'll see you in about a half hour.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines, an important nationwide recall to tell you about. blue bell is recalling all of its products. its ice cream, frozen yogurt, sherbet, and frozen snacks after two samples tested positive for listeria. three people have died and five others have become ill. the company cannot say with certainty how the bacteria got into those samples so they're taking all of its products off the market. a big change coming soon for kraft's mac and cheese. starting in january kraft's mac and cheese will no longer have artificial preservatives or the synthetic colors. instead it will be colored by using spices. kraft says consumers won't notice any change in the taste. a bird flu virus is spreading affecting millions of
9:31 am
chickens, turkeys and ducks but not people. the virus has been found at a farmhousing almost 4 million egg-laying hens in iowa. it means those hens will have to be destroyed. the outbreak now infects animals in 12 states. this strain of the virus poses no danger to humans. new research is suggesting that children with a type of heart rhythm disorder may be able to play sports. researchers studied 100 children with so-called long qt syndrome and followed them for seven years. they found children involved in various sports under a doctor's supervision had no cardiac problems. patients should talk with a doctor before starting any sports program. john hancock has a way to save on life insurance. they will offer a discount if you wear a fitness tracker like one of these. policy holders who opt into the program get a free fitbit that tracks their activity and any
9:32 am
points earned will save money on premiums. and president obama honored the ohio state buckeyes football team on monday for winning the national championship back in january. but take a look as one player stole the spotlight during the group photo. defensive tackle michael bennett gave the president bunny ears as you see in that picture, memorable moment for sure. some people are asking, though, was the move funny or is this disrespectful. we'll let you be the judge. now let's get a check of the weather from mr. roker. hey al. >> he's lucky the secret service didn't take him down. >> that's true. >> thanks so much. let's show you what we have going on as far as our weather is concerned for today. wet weather stretching from new england back through the great lakes and on into northern texas. some wet weather into the pacific northwest where they could use any shower activity they can get now. for tomorrow looking at a risk of strong storms along the gulf. look for enhanced risk of severe weather central oklahoma into northern texas. more wet weather from new
9:33 am
england stretching back into th good morning. clouds moving out. vaccine will be nice and bright. look at the temperature -- sunshine will be nice and bright. tomorrow we start with sunshine in the morning. showers and possibly a thunderstorm in the afternoon. 60s today and tomorrow but then after the storms here comes the cool. chilly thursday and friday mornings will be in the 30s. sunshine and a few clouds saturday and sunday back into the 60s. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. now it's time for heehaw with tamron. >> that's exactly why i'm doing this tuesday trend, mr. roker. so, you know, i've got two things i'm obsessing with fashionwise. denim and cooloutes. i don't know how to spell it but i know how to wear it. first let's start off with
9:34 am
denim. celebrities like kylie jenner rocking the look. and the comeback is glamorized by everyone these days. i bought a pair only to realize it's just not working for me. i mean, that's the picture of me in mine. it's the best i could pull together. so my girl is here to talk about it and show us how to wear the look. good morning. good to see you. >> good morning. >> i am wearing denim overalls because it's the other look i recently went out on a date and the guy was like hey, overalls. and al roker just referred to me as heehaw. and i come to the conclusion that these two looks are seen differently by men and women. >> yes. who knew they were so controversial. >> i had no idea. >> and i love your overalls, tamron. >> i love them too. i love them so much i bought the lighter denim. but let me read to you. and i brought in willie. willie is my resident man in the
9:35 am
dressing room. you know the situation. your man is in the dressing room you're like do you like these. >> i'm ever guy ever constantly refreshing while you try on your clothes. >> kyle smith said this about the denim trend. he said trendy denim thinks "sex and the city" but it says "little house on the prairie." it really says barn dance. >> i mean, come on. >> come on. so what's the problem? >> i know. look. denim is such a huge trend. the '70s are having a comeback. and women dress for women. >> we don't dress for me? >> no. >> that's good to know. >> i love that women are taking risks and if we got a rocking denim overall so be it. >> willie, you said the cooloute was a no on me. >> i said it wasn't my favorite.
9:36 am
but i think if you wear something with confidence the way you do, it always works. and if you're tamron hall nothing looks bad. if you wear the big farmers overall, then not so much. >> you like it fitted. okay. here's our look we're rocking here. >> i'm impressed he knows what it is. >> she's marrying these two trends. we've got a denim culotte. >> you know that post writer just fainted. >> so look out. this is more of a classic culotte. it's a high waist denim on denim. it's longer with the pleat but updated with the newer denim. it looks like a skirt from the front, but as she walks surprise. it's a pant. >> willie this has nothing to do with the model. you're a beautiful woman. >> keep in mind i know nothing. i like the culottes. you pull it off nicely.
9:37 am
>> okay. one more model. come on out. >> here we have shayna showing us the more modern look of the culotte. it's a little bit shorter and it's high waist which is super flattering. >> but you have your ab area showing. i'd have to do this all day. >> she's wearing it with a bralette. >> willie geist? >> i've got a beautiful confident woman who can pull it all off. it's a culotte, ladies and gentlemen. >> so why did you say you didn't like mine? >> you came in and said what do you think. i said it's not my favorite. but you know more than i do about fashion so i'll trust you to wear them. >> willie and i will continue this -- >> did you see the pelicans won last night? >> he's back to espn in the dressing room. up next, olivia wilde who is always cool and hot on h i hate cleaning the gutters. have you touched the stuff? it's evil.
9:38 am
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9:42 am
. olivia wilde is best known for blockbusters but her latest project, a bit of a departure. documentary about the devastating impacts of ebola. >> it's called "body team 12" about a group of people tasked with collecting the victims of the virus. we've got a first look at the film. >> we are working picking up their body on the street. at homes. and other places. sometimes we go, people don't want you to take the body. they don't want you because they want to bury their loved one. i'm going to work. >> olivia wilde is one of the
9:43 am
producers. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> olivia, it's such a powerful short film. why did you want to become attached to this? why did you help produce this? >> i've been lucky enough to produce a few of their films. we've made films about poverty in haiti about hurricane sandy. and the great thing about these guys is they find the human complex in the issues. i'm proud to be part of the story to tell. and it's unusual because of the access they get. because they're aid workers. he works for operation blessing. because of that he was able to witness the work of body team 12 in a way no other film maker would be able to. so it's insightful. >> david, you got such access. you guys got such access to this. how dangerous is it? you know it's got to be dangerous for the workers. but how dangerous was it for you guys? >> it was really a tough film to make. obviously we were -- i was right there in harm's way embedded
9:44 am
with the body team. it was very stressful in that situation. i was having actually for several scenes have been to wear protective clothing myself just to protect myself. so i went through some of the anxiety that the team themselves went through day in, day out. i went over the course of four trips to liberia to shoot the film. these guy were there every day at the height of the outbreak. having to convince families to take away their loved ones. so we made this film as a tribute to their bravery. these are young liberians that do everything to save their country. and so the woman that's featured in the film is a hero. we saw pictures on the news of people wearing hazmat suits. we wanted to tell the story of the person underneath that suit. >> brynn let's talk about the impact. right now the virus is no longer at the height, but at the same
9:45 am
time you've got orphans. you've got so many kids who are left behind. >> so much of the wochl we've done together is post-crisis post-disaster. we launched our new site as a way to tell people what's happening in the world and what they can do about it. it's an important part of what we do. we tell people these human stories. and then use that as an activation point to have them get involved and take action. so there's still an ongoing crisis. there's over 2,000 children who have been left orphaned by ebola. and so we've set up a fund, the ebola orphan project and we're hoping to raise money to put 300 of those kids through school. we're excited about that work. and the hero in our film is leading that project on the ground in liberia. >> it's extraordinary. we're trying to raise $60,000 and that's not a lot and that's going to take care of 300 orphans. >> incredible. all right. so great you attached your voice to this project. and you guys are just amazing. >> thank you. >> thank you for the work you do. to learn more about what you can
9:46 am
do to support ebola orphans, visit coming up next why one company is asking you not to buy oh, i love game night. ooh, it's a house and a car! so far, you're horrible at this, flo. yeah, no talent for drawing, flo. house! car! oh, raise the roof! no one? remember when we used to raise the roof, diane? oh, quiet, richard i'm trying to make sense of flo's terrible drawing. i'll draw the pants off that thing. oh, oh, hats on hamburgers! dancing! drive-in movie theater! home and auto. lamp! squares. stupid, dumb. lines. [ alarm rings ] no! home and auto bundle from progressive. saves you money. yay, game night, so much fun. we snap it. we stack it. we smoosh it. we love it. hershey's makes it a s'more... you make it special. hershey's is mine, yours our chocolate. clorox knows cooking... and cleaning go hand-in-hand. new clorox pump'n clean. get a food-safe clean on cutting boards counters... even high chair trays.
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9:49 am
i can just grab this and just go right to the mess. that comes from my floor? now that's disgusting. i want friends over! you want friends over? a good reminder to take care of our environment. you found somebody with that good intention. >> the owner of one company is asking us to help the environment by buying less. including less of everything he sells.
9:50 am
>> reporter: the founder of pa padagonia has never been your local businessman. he began black smithing in this shed five decades ago crafting climbing equipment for his friends. >> we were really poor and we just lived for our sport. >> reporter: today that passion for the outdoors has evolved into a company with sales of more than $600 million. a bottom line that at times battles with his environmentally conscious heart. >> i always felt guilty about making consumer things. and so i have a sense that it's my responsibility to help people wear them as long as possible. >> reporter: a few years back, he took out this ad in the "new york times" asking customers not to buy the company's jackets or shirts or shoes. >> you heard of recycle and reuse and stuff like that. you also have to consider refuse.
9:51 am
refuse to buy something. if you don't need it don't buy it. >> reporter: the request did not come as a complete surprise. >> our mission statement is to make the best quality product, bar none. and cause no unnecessary harm. >> reporter: now he is taking another step. asking people to repair their faded, frayed and fragile clothing. earlier this month he launched the worn wear wagon. a mobile garment repair shop fixing people's clothes. kathy is a repair tech with the company and fixes the brand's gear which already comes with a lifetime guarantee. >> i want people to feel passionate about it. i don't want people to give up on their clothes just because it has a little wear on it. we'll fix it. just fix your stuff. you know? just make it work. >> reporter: customers are bringing more than garments to the wagon. they're bringing memories. >> your clothes become old friends, for sure. af lot of old memories. >> it's part of my past and you
9:52 am
repair it. >> i have a tee that they made about 20 years old. >> reporter: and learning to make the old new again. he is a disciple of his own message. >> i don't know how long. ten years maybe. i mean i own the company, but i hardly own any new stuff. i just don't have a need for it. >> reporter: but acknowledging durability quality, and sustainability come with a price tag. >> organic cotton costs more than non-organic cotton. and we're doing everything we can to be as responsible as possible. >> reporter: so over the next year, patagonia plans to sell used gear in stores right alongside the new stuff. making it and his principles accessible to more people. >> if i was to give anybody advice, i always say simplify your life. it's a lot more satisfying.
9:53 am
>> in terms of simplifying himself, he does not have a cell phone or a computer. spends as much time, he says outdoors as is possible. he's the ceo of this massive popular company saying don't buy so much of our stuff or try the used. >> i love you can now buy the used stuff. >> it makes it more affordable for people to buy. they're not extravagantly but now it's cheaper. >> and they last. >> good for him. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
kathie lee and hoda here that's always good news. >> we have two names for you that tell you everything. >> weird al and donna mills. and i got a few ideas for mothers day. i know what i want. >> tell
9:56 am
nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. just before 10:00 this tuesday morning let's get our first alert forecast and what is shaping up to be a nice day. >> the storms are long gone. now the clouds are moving out. the wind is picking up and the temperatures will be warming. didn't get that cold overnight. sunshine and a few scattered clouds in the mountains. that's the view from the french manor. radar view improved after storms
9:57 am
overnight. it's the wind that has turned gusty. winds close to 30 miles per hour in wilmington and atlantic city as temperatures start to climb. 60 degrees in dover, up to 61 in millville and atlantic city. philadelphia schools superintendent is asking pennsylvania state lawmakers for more money. he says the state has not adequately funded public education in philadelphia and the district can't make more cuts. he says he is optimistic about getting more financial help from the state. according to a study philadelphia is the most under funded urban district in the company. a state-of-the-art park bench at independence national park in philadelphia. the re.p.a. says the park bench has a built in monitoring station that measures air quality and the weather. officials say it is a unique way to get the public involved in paying attention to the
9:58 am
environment. i'll have another update in 25 minutes. you can get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. have a great day. we'll see you in a half hour.
9:59 am
10:00 am
> from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockafeller plaza. ♪ ♪ i won't let ♪ >> all rightyp. booze day tuesday. april 21. it is a fun day for a fun show today. four-time grammy winner weird al yankovic is here, known for his comic parodies and songs. >> do you know how many twitter followers he has? >> about 8 million. >> 3.7 million. >> he has a ways to go. >> amazing. >> big news to share with us. >> yes. his parodies are hysterical.
10:01 am
>> such a sweet guy. >> he really is. >> if you are a fan of soap operas you want to catch this reality show "queens of drama." i was watching it downstairs, one of the original divas from prime time donna mills of "knots landing" fame. >> fun to see the women playing their normal life roles and you know what they're like and they get feist. >> they do get feisty. >> things were being thrown last i looked. >> you got to that part? >> yeah. >> then only 19 days left until mother's day. jill went shopping for us. gifts you're going to love. your mom is going to love them. >> speaking of mom my mom today baked, baby. >> baklava. >> brings a baklava? you didn't get any? oh, my god. she made two big things. i put one in the kitchen upstairs and distributed the other one and it was just -- >> everybody loves your mom's baklava. >> look at me. i get to be the elf. it's fun to deliver it. everybody knows already how
10:02 am
awesome it is. >> you didn't get any eater? >> oh my gosh. >> i kept putting them out and they were gone. all right. we will a work on that. >> you have explaining to do. >> yes you do. >> the truth is, every single one of us is aging, the exact same second a at a time. >> yes. >> >> so just some of us are further along in the process. >> yeah. >> guys, you want to talk about the baklava? >> hello? >> there's a show going on here. not much of one apparently. >> exactly. >> 39-year-old charlize theron is on the cover of "w" magazine and she admits to her credit that she was judgmental toward women as they aged. >> oh. why? >> i guess she thought they looked older but that's what happens if you are blessed to live a long life you age. women are compartmentalized to feel like we're cut flowers and after a while we wilt. >> she's 39 and i think looking
10:03 am
back at her life at 39, which she's very young still. people shouldn't be so stressed. don't have a nervous breakdown and don't hit the chardonnay too hard, getting older is not that bad. >> yeah. which when you -- everything is perspective in life. everything is relative. so for me, being my age i'm thinking, 39 -- auto just wait. >> right. >> the thing about today's world, is there's so many options for women. there's all kinds of things you can do to prolong your youthfulness. >> you did 60 is the new 40, that's what you did. >> apparently. >> but the one thing you can't control really is the fact that your body is a certain age no matter what you do to it. >> the outside, right. >> when menopause starts kicking in baby, get ready. >> it ain't great. >> ain't for the faint of heart. >> now that i'm older i know i'm not missing out on anything. now i go home and that feels really good. there are people who feel like they're always looking around the corner for the shiny penny
10:04 am
what am i missing not getting. >> she has a 3-year-old son and motherhood changes you like crazy. you have somebody who needs you at home waiting for you. >> right. >> and that's not all about you. >> and you learn that first of a all, the acting world, that's what i started out in. >> sure. >> 50 years for me already. >> what? >> i know. >> 50 years as a singer, actress? >> singer since i was 10. >> yeah. >> yep. >> wow. >> anyway, doesn't matter. the point of it is what was the point? the point is if off he done anything for 50 years you forget anything. you have 've done what you want to do made choices good and bad want something else. >> i realized a long time ago surround yourself especially on a set, do shows or do movies or something with people that want to go home as much as you do. otherwise the lonely sort of pathetic people, and i don't mean that -- in the sense that their life is just one thing, work, that's what i think is
10:05 am
sad. i don't mean pathetic putting down way. if they have no place to go, that's their home they will keep you there. >> yes. >> a long, long time. >> i think you're absolutely right. it is true. you have to have something to go home too. here's something that's cool. what am i going to wear and go through your closet and don't know and feel fat and change it and go back and forth and back and forth. >> yeah. >> we have a solution, thanks to matilda call. she has worn the exact same outfit to work every single day. >> yep. >> i think for a year. she works as an art director at an -- for three years at an advertising agency. >> she wrote an essay for "harpers bazaar". >> she didn't wear the same clothes replicas so she didn't have to deal with cleaning and dry cleaning. >> white silky top and black pants. >> lot of art directors are like that. minimalists because they're creative. i've noticed that. >> i like the idea. there's her outfit, i love the
10:06 am
idea of not having to choose every single day because -- >> you're not in the mood and don't feel like it and just want to wear the -- i mean -- >> she says on weekends she enjoys the clothes she does have so much more because she's been stuck in one thing. so i kind of -- i always thought the uniforms were a great idea for kids in school. you know what you got to wear, ready to go you get in it. in school it's not about who has the latest this, outfits, that bullying that goes on. >> she bought 15 tops, six pairs of pants. she doesn't need to do laundry that often. she says she loves that. i would like that. i like that when i used to work, i worked at ponderosa and when you go to work, it's nice to know like here we have to go what are we going to wear? i like when you can just go, there it is. put on the skirt, the ugly top, the hair net. i -- >> you never cared you didn't look your most attractive no. >> no. >> even when some hot cowboy came into the ponderosa and said want to go for a ride? >> how you doin'?
10:07 am
i had the hair net on. >> blake shelton came in and you were in the outfit. >> i would have died. >> that's what it comes down to. >> got her to admit it. >> this is interesting. >> we talked about i think it was five years ago, something came out that said that women who were in their 40s didn't need to get mammograms and it happened in 2009 and they said that you didn't need them regular until age 50. i think for a lot of -- >> highly criticized. >> it was. and they said there was no need for it basically. now they're clarifying that recommendation a little. now they say women between 40 and 50 can get annual mammograms, however it's a decision to be made with their doctor, but they say they should be prepared for the likelihood of false positive results, meaning you might get something that's not real -- shouldn't bother checking but you're going to biopsy it and go through the process and it's going to end up being nothing. that's what they're saying. >> most women are willing to do that to save their life. i completely disagree. i'm not an expert or doctor but i completely disagreed when it
10:08 am
came out five years ago whenever it was because that would have meant about six people i love would have been dead. because their tumors were found through mammography with visits to their doctors. i don't get this. we're seeing more cancers in the world. why don't we start -- i don't know. >> hate mail for this. >> you won't -- >> you wouldn't have -- yours was found that way. dear friends of mine. i mean when i first heard that in 2009 i remember it was just so jarring to hear someone say why did you -- you didn't need it or it's an anecdotal thing for a younger person to get it but when that person is you -- >> you're not an anecdote you're a human being and your life matters. >> think about other women. i was diagnosed in my 40s. think about the others, cheryl crowe. >> we have as list of them. >> in her 40s and then i think it was -- yeah. juliana ran sick was at 36, melissa etheridge at 43 christina applegate at 36. you think through your 30s and
10:09 am
40s look there is -- >> all those women are alive and doing great, thank god. >> i still remember one of my bosses once told me when i told him i had breast cancer, he said, he goes, i want to tell you this. i know a lot of women with breast cancer and they all have one thing in common. i said what's that? he said they're still here. for as lot of people if you catch it early that's what happens. i think it's one of those things that when you read something like this, even the clarifications seems lame a little. >> murky. >> yeah. >> it all comes down as everything does to money. and -- >> insurance. >> expensive and insurance and all about that. nobody is going to convince me other than that. that's -- >> i agree. >> we need to make you feel good at the end of it. this is our morning aw moment. this is a facebook video of young woman sunny bain cuddling with an animal. it's not a dog, bunny or kitten, but look at it. what do you think it is? >> i think it's a baby horse. >> yes. >> oh. >> oh my gosh.
10:10 am
>> oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh. you're just the faubl in the world. >> how precious is that? >> i've never seen that. have you ever seen that? >> oh, my gosh. >> she said it was the happiest moment of her life. >> the horse is loving it. >> his tail is wagging like a dog. oh, my gosh. >> that is precious. >> that's precious. >> are you in a good mood. >> yes. >> and if that doesn't do it earth day is tomorrow or today? >> i think it's tomorrow. >> tomorrow. okay. every april, avida donates 100% of this light the way candle we have right here global green grant fund. non-profit provides funds to groups working for environmental. >> if you buy one of these a all the money goes there. >> congrats. >> smell it. >> $9. >> $12. >> we're wrong about everything
10:11 am
today. >> we're on a roll. >> all right. the back stabbing, the divas deceit. >> but enough about our show. we're going to catch up with one of the original queens of drama donna mills. >> he parodies other artists for a living but he is one of a kind. >> sure is. we're plaid for weird al ya ♪ ♪ no other scents feel like glade. ♪ uplift your tired tuesday attitude with our clean linen fragrance. ♪ feel fresh and new. feel glade. sc johnson. a family company. when we go to the store i find my box of honey bunches of oats, and i'm checking to see if i packaged it. he says "it has a certain code that's my line, this is the date." if the last 3 letters were p22, that's me.
10:12 am
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10:13 am
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10:14 am
he's a four-time grammy winning super star, famous for turning number one hits into comedy genius, none other than weird al yankovic. >> he has four gold records, six platinum records here in the u.s., and his newest album debuted at number one, popular parodies like "handy" from iggy azalea's "fancy," "tacky" on pharrell's hit and "loyal". >> we call him weird, has found a new outlet for his humor as the first ever, wow, guest editor of "mad" magazine.
10:15 am
>> yeah. >> yeah. >> hi. >> you're mad as well as weird? >> i am. so many ageiage adjectives floating around. >> how did this come about? >> i've been obsessed with "mad" magazine and i've gotten to know the people and the editor over dinner made me the nice offer if i ever wanted to do a -- guest edit the magazine they would be up for that. i said yes, absolutely. >> what does that mean? what are you doing? >> you know, i got a lot of my friends to contributes to the issue. pats nowalt tomlin non john hodgman. >> anybody we know? >> i don't know. >> i wrote a piece, six-page piece called "pages from weird al's notebook". >> that be would fun. >> all the songs too harble for me to record but apparently good enough for "mad" magazine.
10:16 am
>> they let you have your way. you said it wasn't tough because everybody over there was as weird as you are? >> pretty much. >> sent of humor. >> everybody in comedy today was inspired by "mad"? some sense. i was weened on "mad" magazine and their sense infused the community. >> lot know you because of your music. if kathie lee and i were to go to a concert what is that like? all music, comedy, what are you doing? >> comedy music show. high energy rock and roll show with the same band i've had since the first album. >> you are a loyal man. >> thank you. >> lot of costume changes film clips. >> ever change your hair? >> would you like me to. >> i love your hair because it's so you. >> i wear wigs on stage. >> that's what i meant. >> you change the look. >> i wear the curt wig, amish outfit, fat suit, whole thing. >> there's something that you get us laughing and enjoying everything and seeing the satire but without being mean spirited at all. >> i like to poke people in the ribs instead of kicking them in
10:17 am
the butt. >> you check with the artist too. you have conversations with them and say what do you think? i'm thinking about parodying your song. >> i don't necessarily have to legally but that's one of the reasons i think i've been able to hang around as long as i have i don't burn bridges. >> has anyone ever said no? >> everybody asks that. the only person that's really consistently said no has been prince. and i haven't really approached him in a couple decades. >> you talk about the decades, when the last -- didn't you win a grammy last year? >> i did and this year. >> this past year, yeah. >> for which one? >> for "mandatory fun" my last album. >> how many decades in a row you have won a grammy? >> my first one was in the '80s. doing the math, maybe four i guess. >> don't make us count. >> that's amazing. >> we'll list some songs and it tell us your parody from the magazine. >> these i have to say, these are not songs i would ever really record. >> you wish you would have. >> bad bad parodies. >> meat loaf i would do anything for love. >> i would do anything for
10:18 am
lunch, substitute love for lunch it's funny. >> bob marlee i shot the sheriff. >> what did i say. i want font sarif. fonts. >> james taylor, you've got a friend. >> you've got depends. >> my theme song. >> al, thank you so much. >> we love you. >> you're going on tour. >> i am. the mandatory tour, >> the new issue of "mad" magazine is on stands right now and go to to check out greatest parodies. >> leftover rice. >> we have ideas so they don't go to waste. >> what happens when you put six soap opera divas together on one show. >> we will ask donna mills in a world full of dictates and conventions, could there be another way? ♪ ♪
10:19 am
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10:20 am
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i will take beauty into my own hands. olay regenerist. it regenerates surface cells. new skin is revealed in only 5 days. without drastic measures. stunningly youthful. award-winning skin. from the world's #1. olay your best beautiful >> catching up. >> on the most famous cul-de-sac in los angeles at least on television as one of the stars of the popular prime time drama
10:22 am
"knots landing" where she played the villainest for nine seasons. >> so good. >> more recently guest staring on "general hospital" which earned her an emmy nomination and she will find out soon if she won that baby and now taking all that soap opera experience and putting it to good use on the reality series "queens of drama." >> it's about former soap stars trying to land a deal for a tv series and they look to donna for advice. check it out. >> what is it that you want from me? >> um, well, we all have a little bit of a dream to create a female based company where we would get to possibly choose some of the roles we get to play next. >> are you saying you want me to be involved in this project? >> yes? >> why don't you just ask me? >> oh, why don't you just ask me. >> sort of downhill from there. >> yesp. >> so good to see you. >> it's good to see you. >> congrats on that emmy nod by the way. >> thank you.
10:23 am
>> emmy nomination, this sunday? >> it is. i'm like so thrilled. i couldn't believe it. >> was it a huge -- just out of the blue surprise for you? >> totally. totally. i didn't submit myself. they submitted me. >> they submitted you. of course they did. >> i didn't know. >> let's talk about "queens of drama." seems juicy first of all, right. when they called you about this show what made you want to do it? >> well, first of all, i said reality show no way. >> wrong. >> you said that a couple times, no. right? >> i don't want to do a raledy show. then they said listen to the premise. i felt it was about something. it was about women getting together to create something and if we create a show, and sell it we'll have a show. >> right. >> this show will be the back stage of that show. it's, you know as somebody was saying a win/win. >> right. >> and it really appealed to me and ended up being so much fun. >> was it? >> did you know any of the women? >> i didn't know any of them. and they turn out to be corky,
10:24 am
funny, fun and -- >> hopefully smart. >> yeah. yeah. >> some of them? >> at least a couple hopefully were. >> well a lot of people know your tv personality but don't know your real one. is your real personality what we're seeing here who you are or are you playing a character? >> in queens? it pretty much is. they kept saying seem a little -- and i kept saying no, this is me. i can be pushy, i can't be agretsive, i can be ambitious, but i'm not that, so i think all those things come through. >> you're a lady, you always have been. >> thank you. >> you have emotions, don't we all. >> yes. >> drama. there is drama because it goes into the other girls' personal lives more than mine. my personal life is kind of boring. >> ever read about your personal life? >> your cute daughter is here. >> adorable. >> look at her. >> thank you for bringing her over to sees us.
10:25 am
we appreciate it. >> we're excited for you. >> catch the premier of "queens of drama" on pop tv this sunday does all greek yogurt have to be thick? does it all have to be the same? not with new light and fluffy yoplait greek 100 whips! let's whip up the rules of greek! believe me, i put this hair through a lot every day. l'oreal's total repair 5 shampoo system fights 5 signs of damage. my hair feels strong! and look at this shine! 5 problems, 1 solution.
10:26 am
l'oreal total repair 5 shampoo. that's the power of beautiful hair. every day. how did denny's put the magic of dreamworks into their new kids' menu? that's a secret... kind of. introducing dreamworks to the new denny's kid's menu. denny's. welcome to america's diner. kids eat free on tuesdays 4:00pm-10:00pm. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. let's get a look at the forecast from bill. >> we're seeing sunshine and a lot of it now.
10:27 am
showers completely out of picture. the wind s picking ings picking up. that will stay with us. the temperature now 60 degrees in philadelphia and climbing. not going to be a huge warm up but we'll see mid to upper 70s this afternoon with winds to 20 miles an hour. new jersey governor chris christie is in our nation's capitol for the 45th annual washington conference on the americas. he's expected to make remarks around noon today following secretary of state john kerry. sky force 10 in camden county over our lady of hope school. officials say a small fire there forced students and teachers out of this building. they were moved to a nearby church. the fire started in the school's science lab. no one there was reported hurt. crews will remain on the scene to investigate how it all happened. right now police are
10:28 am
investigating a shooting in south philadelphia. investigators tell us the victim was shot in the shoulder on jackson street. he was taken to presbyterian hospital. he's listed in stable condition. there's no word on a suspect or a motive. i'm vai sikahema. we'll have a full hour of news in about 30 minutes. you can get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. we'll send you back to the today show. have great day.
10:29 am
10:30 am
♪ back op this booze day tuesday ready to reach inside jill's shopping bag for the perfect mother's day's gifts. >> i love these segments with chocolates and everything in between jill martin is here and making our day already with very special mother's day -- first of all, kathie lee can't -- look at her. so happy. >> oh. >> i know. >> okay. >> mother's day is a way to celebrate special women in your life. >> sure. >> whether aunts or best friends or moms. so something for everyone today. we have some very special people delivering our gifts. >> who's coming out first? joseph? >> come on over joseph. what you got there? >> is this maxie no. >> hey joseph. >> this is from harry and david. get brunch delivered -- you can come over. >> want to come this way?
10:31 am
you look so cute. >> thank you. >> so this is my college roommate's daughter. >> beautiful. >> i'm going to start with breakfast in bed. harry and you can hang. it's 25 to $60. they deliver everything sort of ready to go. plus you can do flowers from them. i have gardenias on your side. >> beautiful. >> and baby roses on your side. >> oh, my. >> beautiful. >> okay. and then maxie brought out, open that. >> open this. okay. >> okay. >> okay. . >> yes. this is from starting at $15. those are gift tags. >> look at you and your mom. >> sweet. >> how cute. >> the wrapping paper. see the wrapping paper has all the pictures on it. >> oh. >> plus day planners you see right there. >> here's your day planner. >> oh, my gosh. >> look at that. >> when they were very young. huge now. >> and then all the pictures you
10:32 am
see around a and they're over there too of all different parts of your life. >> beautiful. >> framed. so they come like that. >> awesome. >> okay. . wait who is coming? >> somebody has a present bigger than they are. >> who is -- >> ansell. >> ansell. did you get it? >> ansell. ansel. good job. >> will you take the top off? >> ansel, can you open it? >> please. thank you so much sweetheart. >> excellent. >> that way. >> come here, help me take the paper off. >> you want to get it? >> i can't do it myself. do it! do it! >> oh. >> look at this. >> that was i believe from -- was that from last year? >> a couple years ago. >> okay. >> shutter fly starting at $35 and so you just send them a picture from anything and they send it back. >> ansel. nice talking to you. >> they come in four sizes. the pillows. >> love that. >> okay. >> where's joseph?
10:33 am
>> come on back, joseph. >> christopher. >> it's christopher's birthday. >> happy birthday to you, sweetheart. you look so handsome. >> how old are you? >> 7. >> stay here for one second. >> this is from etsy, $89. this is specifically for aunt hoda which will be a -- >> what? >> what is it? >> now ella and hanna sent us look, their handprints. >> are you kidding? >> they really did it. and then we made them into key chains. >> i can't. >> that is precious. >> i can't even. >> you can hang out. >> put them together and put the keys on. both of their little handprints. >> i can't believe that. >> is that great? >> wonderful idea. >> yeah. these are the handprints. >> i can't believe they did it. >> we thought it was a little old for cassidy and cody. >> it would be like a glove. thank you. happy birthday. >> those are >> come on. >> look at this. >> so exciting. >> i love your dress. >> thank you. >> okay. . want to open it? take the top off.
10:34 am
i'll hold it. >> these -- >> what are these? >> specials surprise. >> okay. >> these are candles. okay. let me tell you about it. candles, one in 8,000 have that necklace in it that's worth up to $10,000. the company says it's worth up to $10000. and then all the other ones in here have different charles. so i have one of the charms on. burn the candle. a special treat. >> okay. >> you might get this one. >> right. >> the company says 1 in 8,000. >> we'll take that one. thank you for bringing that. >> she says thank you. >> so nice of you. >> all right. >> and the candle is in here. got it. >> look how pretty these are. >> oh, yeah. very nice. >> only 30 seconds. come on everybody. >> okay. everybody come out. >> come on out, everybody. >> hi. >> frame bridge first. jagger. $39. you take from instagram or social media and send it in and they make it into a frame. >> oh my gosh. >> oh, my gosh. >> and then joseph, look at
10:35 am
these. you get a makeup case and you get the tote. >> unbelievable. >> from stationary studio. pictures on gold. >> i think you have that. >> more. >> open that. >> open it sweetheart. we're running out of time. flip the top off. >> show them that. these are bracelets. >> it's in there honey. >> with your charles onms on it. cas and cody. >> i can't. >> oh my gosh. >> your personalized journals you didn't bring out but they are fabulous and then delishables, pretzels which delicious and pictures. >> we love you. >> thank you. >> thank you guys. >> we're so -- >> chinese takeout in today's health. >> how to reinvent leftovers. >> thank you for all the great gifts. ♪ >> was that fun? ♪ there's a place where the sky is always blue
10:36 am
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10:38 am
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it is spring and it's earth
10:40 am
week so we thought it would be the perfect time to maximize what's in your fridge second or third life to leftovers you may have thrown out. >> the average family spends about $140 on groceries here to make sure you don't waste a cent is ryan scott. newly married. >> let's prove it. >> another one bites the dust. >> what did you say in the hallway? >> i said i didn't think you would go through with it. >> love you too. >> i'm happy you did. >> what are we making? >> earth day, all about leftovers, getting a second use out of something you had dinner the night before for lunch. instead of taking mac and cheese and reheating it put in the spring roll. take a scoop here inside a spring roll which you can find in the freezer section, easy to use scoop one just inside. make sure the mac and cheese is cold. two scoops. >> two scoops. >> like so. bring the kids in to make these dishes. put ham in here, vegetables, spinach spinach. dress the outside like so and roll it up. fold up the sides like a burrito or go like that.
10:41 am
or like this. >> what am i doing? >> making a croissant. >> i like a croissant. >> fold up that side. >> the kids can put their signature on each one. >> that's kathie lee's that bundle of falling apartness. pop it in a fryer, oil, bake them. that looks like a pop tart. it's okay. >> which is what i like. >> unique. >> that's what we like to do. >> fry them unit it till gold and crispy, salt, check these out, dipping sauce. >> spicy. >> tell me what it's like. >> spicy cheesy fondue sauce add any hot sauce. good? >> come on. >> this is not cheating. it's just calories that go to your belly. >> great sauce. >> good sauce. >> oh, my gosh. i want that badly. >> leftover rice from your restaurant the night before. what i do is i have packaged tuna comes preseasoned. this has sunflower oil, fresh jalapenos inside, that will give me my dressing and flavor i
10:42 am
want. style with black beans inside here too. mix it up. add cheese if you wantp. you don't have to. toss the thing together and you get a nice tuna salad with black beans. i did one without cheese here. >> thank you. >> what's cool. >> i wants the rest of that thing. >> you can. or just this on top of that and eat it, right. >> earningsoh, my gosh. a light salad. >> delicious. >> the pouch tuna gives it a nice flavor. >> delicious. >> how many people have chocolate leftover in the bottom of a container? >> not me. >> not hoda. >> take hot milk and pour it inside this thing. you don't waste any of it. give a shaky shaky and make sure -- >> that salad is delicious. >> good. >> super tasty. shake it up. get all the leftover chocolate on the outside and you made a chocolate milk. utilizing the bottom of the jar. >> so smart. >> made you almond chocolate milk or the bottom of a mustard jar. >> what about it? >> i will tell you, kathie lee. >> okay. what you do if you can't get the
10:43 am
mustard off the bottom like here add a little soy, apple cider vinegar and lemon juice. if you want olive oil it's cool, not wasting a jar, earth day, lute utilizing everything. it goes on your dressing which i have -- on your salad i have over here, right. >> back here. >> hoda is looking at me like what a great -- >> what are you making? >> vinaigrette in my jar. i taught you before. we dress on the side. >> dress on the side. ever had a sail lad that had just dressing in the middle. toss with the dressing on the side it coats all around. >> 40 years been doing it the wrong way. >> last but not least. stale bread make croutons. telling the ladies freeze these. pull them out of the freezer and what i did -- >> what ladies from yesterday. >> in the culinary department working. who i had dinner with last night. little salt, herbs de pro vens. olive oil and bake this and
10:44 am
crutchy croutons on top of your salad, leftover like that. >> stop it. >> last but not least. check this out. stale soda. make popsicles out of them soda goes wrong put it in your mold and made really flavorful juicy fruit anything you want popsicles. >> do they have to be stale? >> soda is gone the great thing is put them and freeze them and make popsicles. >> delicious. >> all great stuff. make some of this for your mom on mother's day too. >> yes. >> find the recipes on congrats again. >> she's stumbled on love letters to her husband from a woman she didn't recognize. >> how that helped her get out of her ♪ caress presents a fine fragrance breakthrough. ♪ the world's first body wash with fragrance release pearls. touch your skin to release fragrance up to 12 hours.
10:45 am
new caress love forever. for an unforgettable fragrance up to 12 hours. making a fist something we do to show resolve. to defend ourselves. to declare victory. so cvs health provides expert support and vital medicines. make a fist for me. at our infusion centers or in patients homes. we help them fight the good fight. cvs health, because health is everything. one of the cool perks of this place, is you can eat as much cereal as you want. you can go to any line that's running, and pull a box of cereal. alrighty. we just like cereal, we make it, eat it love it, live it. (laughing)
10:46 am
the perfect summer has a voice. if we listen close enough, we can hear it. it whispers, "one more game, one more swim, one more round..." and it speaks softly through the cool nights, murmuring, "one more log, one more marshmallow one more walk along the shore."
10:47 am
the perfect summer is waiting. the perfect summer is pure michigan. your trip begins at
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10:49 am
we all know what happens once you get married the kids, bills, responsibilities, and often times it's our spouses who get pushed to the bottom of the list. >> that's what happened to motivational speaker traci bilds until the day she stumbled on a
10:50 am
box of love letters she wrote to her husband and had an epiphany. >> she shared her experience in an article the day i realized i was no longer the woman my husband wanted. >> how provocative are you. >> hello. >> not to mention your cleavage. >> which your husband liked a lot. >> find your flirtp. i'm flirty today. >> we can relate to this very much. tell us. you were cleaning out a closet. >> cleaning out my closet and stumbled on this actual box. what is this? and i started opening it and reading these letters and i was like oh, my gosh. who's this girl? this letter dated september 6th 1993. >> yeah. >> monday. >> hey, sweetie you've been gone two hours now and i miss you as though you've been gone a week. you know, and i was reading all these letters. >> remember when you felt that way? >> yes. >> yeah. >> every letter was juicier and i was like who is this girl? >> yeah. >> i was not her anymore. >> how old was the relationship at that point? how many years.
10:51 am
>> about 20 years. >> okay. >> of letters. >> that's about right. >> you get busy with life, don't you? >> yeah. >> the business of running a house as opposed to the connecting. what kind of epiphany and what did you do after you found these letters? >> well, i decided i want that girl back. >> yeah. >> she was feisty. fun adventurous encouraging. also i thought i felt ashamed that's the girl he married. now i'm just a rushed mom who's not spontaneous and fun anymore. >> had he complained about that? >> not at all. but i saw it. and i -- it was about me. i wanted her back. i missed having fun. >> yeah. anticipation of like what they're going to come through the door kind of thing. >> you had things people can do. a lot of people feel that way in the relationship. they get into a rut. you always hear the same old. we've done a million of segments, go on a date night. we try to do things but what can people do? >> first, i say, you know, act like the girlfriend but love him like a wife. the truth is we want to have fun too. >> like a flirt. >> get dressed up put on heels
10:52 am
instead of sweatpants or flats. have cleavage. have fun. >> yeah. >> stimulating conversation. >> not just about the kids or the house and all that. >> did he notice a big difference when you started, you know, treating him differently, being that girl? >> i don't know if he did, but i did. and for me that made my marriage better because i was giving more to it and having more fun. i'm sure he was having more fun. so one of the other things is, another tip, i just want to point out, that touchy subject, 95% of women i speak with their sex life sucks. you have to have sex with your husband. >> having a good sex life not with him. >> if you're if not -- -- >> right? >> they're having great sex. >> not with each other. >> how do you improve your sex life? >> first pick a number. as women examine oncome on one two, lucky men three. you have to have a number in your head of how many times a week you will try to have sex,
10:53 am
months, years can go by. >> after a while it does, that happens. >> deteriorates. >> you need to have a connection. >> your husband, we're looking at him. >> he is cute. >> how do you feel about your wife talking about your sex life? is that okay? >> he's going to kill me. >> it's fine. nothing new. >> what did he say? >> nothing new. >> nothing new. >> you're an adorable couple by the way. >> thank you. happy mother's day. >> it's so -- it's great advice. appreciate it. go to huffington post and see the rest of the article. >> more if a moment. >> first this is "today" on nbc. >> see some of these other ones. >> hi, sweetie. can't wait until ne
10:54 am
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don't forget this friday we will give it away again, five viewers will win a special prize. >> enter once a week so if you didn't enter last week enter again for the rules go to and hit the connect but sfoon tomorrow academy-award winner russell crowe with us. >> that's going to be fun. >> property brothers again. >> yes. >> can't get enough of them.
10:57 am
>> upcycle the old toys. >> people"people"
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right now at 11:00 a.m. power remains out in part of one local neighborhood after an underground explosion. officials are still trying to determine the cause. good morning. happening right now electrical crews and contractors are trying to restore services to several businesses after an underground explosion rocked that area last night. how long until the power is back on there?


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