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tv   NBC 10 News at 7am  NBC  May 3, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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and right now on nbc 10 news today, we are exactly an hour away from the start of the blue cross broad street run in philadelphia. this is the 36th year for the historic race. and nbc 10 is making some history of its own. this will be the first time ever that the race is being broadcast live from start to finish as we take a live look there near city hall. good morning everybody. welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm ted greenberg. thank you so much for being up early with us. it is now 7:00 a.m. on this sunday morning and our team coverage of race day begins with meteorologist michelle grossman and the first alert weather center. michelle folks out there, as you mentioned, now they might need a little bit of a jacket to stay warm but later on they can probably take that off. >> absolutely. and we're looking at
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temperatures mainly in the 40s or 50s, but we'll lose that pretty quickly over the next couple of hours, and we're looking at blue skies right now across the area really a perfect day for this race. we're looking at temperatures as i mentioned, mainly in the 40s and 50s, a little cooler to the north and west but in the city right now, 51 degrees, 51 in wilmington. i would say that warrants a fleece this morning. 44 in horsham. and then to the north and west a little cooler in mt. pocono 47 in reading, 49 in lancaster. you're walking out the door this morning to temperatures mainly in the 40s and 50s in delaware also southern new jersey. 53 degrees right now at the atlantic city airport. 47 in millville, and 52 in avalon. so your race day weather, we really couldn't ask for better weather. light winds, lots of sunshine temperatures pretty picture perfect to start out the race. by 8:00 59. by 9:00 62 and by 10:00 66 degrees. later on this afternoon, we'll pop up to 80 degrees and some spots may hit the 80-degree mark. sunny, warmer light winds. we'll talk more about today's
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warm forecast and even warmer during for yorkworkweek and tracking the chance for a summer storm or two. >> right now, the 40,000 runners are getting ready and so are we. the blue cross broad street run is less than an hour away and our nbc 10 team of reporters, anchors, and runners is in place and ready to go. let's go to nbc 10's jesse gary live in the starting line in north philadelphia with the last-minute preparations there. >> reporter: the preparations are all done. we're waiting for the mayor to start up with the starting gun and get this thing rolling in about an hour. now you see runners, runners everywhere. they're all getting ready, stretching warming up. i was talking to patty a short time ago. she is getting ready to run. hey, patty. how are you? >> good how are you. >> reporter: is this your first
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race race second race? >> second broad street. >> tell me what to expect today. >> it's a great race tons of fun, it's packed and a lot of adrenaline and it's downhill so that's nice. >> reporter: pretty much a straight run downhill but is there a tough part of the course or a part where you're running and you're thinking, oh my god, maybe i should jump on the subway. >> usually around mile six or seven, the pain sets in and you're like let's go get a cup of coffee somewhere in center city, but crossing that finish line is fantastic. >> have a good race and be safe. >> thanks. pati from fairmount getting ready to run her second broad street run. a lot of dos and don'ts we have put on our website for people who are coming to run and even to watch. and if you can't make it out, all morning, you can watch it here on nbc 10. our set is right over there and we've been showing that to you this morning. you can watch it on your tv and
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on your mobile device. live in north philadelphia jesse gary nbc 10 news. >> jesse, our team of nbc 10 reporters and anchors is up and down broad street. we'll continue to check in with them throughout the hour as we count down to race time. be sure to check out the runners' results page on and our nbc 10 news app. it is not too late to sign up to get text alerts tweets and much more to track the runners as they race. and you can watch the blue cross broad street run live on nbc 10 at our sister station, telemundo 62 starting at 8:00 a.m. this is the first time in the history of the race that it will be broadcast live from start to finish. 7:04 on your sunday morning. new from overnight, a man is dead after a stabbing in philadelphia. nbc 10 was on the scene on christian street in cobbs creek. police tell us the victim's body was found inside his home just after midnight. so far, no suspect or known motive in the case. also new from overnight in
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cobbs creek, a man is in critical condition after someone shot him in the chest. it happened at 58th and baltimore, just before 3:00 this morning. it's not clear what led to that violence. police are still looking for the shooter. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a house fire in philadelphia's olney section. nbc 10 on north 7th street near west rockland where the fire started around 12:30 this morning. firefighters had it under control in about ten minutes. everyone was able to get out of the house safely. detectives tell us they are waiting for a search warrant to continue their investigation into a deadly shooting in north philadelphia. according to police a gunman shot a woman in the head and neck just after 8:30 last night on north fifth street near west susquehanna avenue. police believe the victim may have known the shooter. plus in bucks county say a 9-year-old girl is recovering after she was accidentally shot with a bb gun. it happened yesterday afternoon at a home on bell view avenue. police say the girl was hit in
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the chest. crews airlifted her to children's hospital of philadelphia, where she's being treated. police say a male family member is part of the investigation. from our delaware bureau authorities now say a fire at an historic site in wilmington is suspicious. it happened at the former bancroft mills complex yesterday morning. an abandoned wooden building burned to the ground there. no one was hurt, but authorities are investigating. investigators are still looking into this crash on the new jersey turnpike that injured four soldiers and two civilians. sky force 10 was over the scene at hamilton township. it appears a car clipped the back of a humvee in a military convoy. that convoy was traveling to burlington county. no charges have been filed. we have just gotten word that the duchess of cambridge's mother and sister, pippa, are at kensington palace visiting the new royal princess.
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the newborn left london st. mary's hospital with her parents, prince william and duchess kate yesterday afternoon. that was just hours after her birth. the name of the new princess of cambridge has not been revealed but we do know she weighs 8 pounds, 3 ounces and she is fourth in line to the throne. third in line prince george. he also made an appearance at the hospital yesterday. prince william brought george to meet his little sister. they both waved to the screaming crowds before going into the hospital to see the princess. and the british are celebrating the birth of their new princess. power bridge and trafalgar square fountains were bathed in pink lights last night. next we continue our countdown to race time. we'll check in with nbc 10's sidney long who are talking with this year's race volunteers. plus show me the money. floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao square off in boxing's
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richest bout ever. we'll take a look at the highlights and hear from the fighters when we come right back.
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ten minutes after 7:00 on your sunday morning, as we take a live look down broad street. counting down to race time the blue cross broad street run is ten miles long and has been named one of the fastest ten-mile courses in the country by "runner's world."
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nbc 10's cydney long is live along the race route. you're talking with some of the race volunteers certainly, an important group for an event like this. >> they really are. they're critical, ted. we're at broad and allegheny out here, this is an important stop because it is the two-mile mark. it is where those runners will certainly have that energy to team ahead. it is also the first water stop. we want to take a look and show you first out here officer tursy across the street. he just told me when he gives the cue to close broad street down, he will certainly do that. but right now, it is still open to traffic and the photographer jim friedman will pan around and show us these volunteers who have been out here since about 5:30 this morning, many of them have been stirring mixing pouring the gatorade. this is a tough job, stephanie german, you have been out here since 5:30 this morning. you're with the girl scouts of america. the blue cross broad street run is 10 miles and you have ten years to be proud of. what keeps you coming out?
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>> it's just about volunteering. you know girl scouts we just love to give back. we love to do whatever we can to help the runners. so we're the gatorade stations. we love to make sure the runners are very well hydrated. >> okay. >> so i have 20 volunteers out here with me this year. so it's like wonderful to just keep giving back every year. >> and as many 500 volunteers along the race route. some 200 in this spot alone. it can also get messy. these runners are steaming by. >> it gets messy. sometimes we get a little wet, but it's okay. they always so pleasant. they thank us all the time for being out here and volunteering. we give them the gatorade and they just thanks. it's rewarding, it's rewarding. not just for me was for the girls. >> we give them energy to keep on moving down broad street make it down to the navy yard. lately jayden, she's in third grade and she told me her teacher is running in the race today. it's her first time volunteering. she's excited. everything is set up and ready
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to go. we're wondering if we're going to be able to hear that horn when the race starts about 50 miles from now. live at broad and olneyallegheny, i'm cydney long, back to you. so happy to give a good forecast for this race day. we're looking at temperatures 78 degrees by later on this afternoon, but by race start, we're looking at temperatures right around 60. we're a little warmer than this time yesterday. 8 degrees warmer actually in atlantic city compared to 24 hours ago. 6 degrees warmer if lancaster. some spots a little cooler but everyone will be warmer compared to yesterday, by later on this afternoon. we're looking at temperatures mainly in the 40s to 50s, so probably need the long sleeves and jackets. 45 right now in allentown, 49 in lancaster. 51 in philadelphia. same story to the south and east. 47 in millville, 53 in atlantic city and 48 in wildwood. so for today, plan on a warm one by 8:00 55. that's the start of the race. 10:00, 64 and into the 70s
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already by lunchtime. we'll top out right around 80 degrees in philadelphia. we'll talk more about today's forecast warm today, even warmer during your workweek and we'll look at the seven-day in just a few minutes. >> all right, michelle. 7:14 now. check out this scene. this is the race route along broad street near city hall. lots of folks are getting ready to cheer on the runners. and up next we'll hear from the detector of the blue cross broad street run. stay with us, please.
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7:16. now less than 45 minutes away from the start of the blue cross broad street run. let's head out to nbc 10's renee
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which hechenault fatah and sheena parveen who are talking with the director of the race. good morning ladies. >> hey, ted. how are you doing? sheena, it is so great. you've definitely come through on the weather this morning. and i know director really the man who is the mastermind of this race certainly appreciates it. of course, we're here with jen marino who really had the idea some 36 years ago for this? >> and we're having a great time. obviously, sheena thank you for the weather, it's been wonderful. we're ready to go. >> what goes into planning something like this. earlier, you talked about in the beginning when it was just 1,500 runners. we have more than 40,000 runners out here. how does parks and recreation put on something like this? >> we have a great staff that takes positions on the various committees all along the way. they work hard on it as well as running all the reck centers and playgrounds throughout the whole course of the year. i'm the only one who's assigned
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to the broad street run. everyone else does it as a labor of love. i have other duties also with the parks and rec department. so we all do it because we want to do it and it's a great event for the city and it's always been providing a recreational activity for the philadelphia area. and that was our premise in the very distinction, and and that's been our premise all along. and that's what we do and now we happen to have 40,000 people joining us. >> which is amazing. everyone talks about it being such a fun run. the fact that it's on broad street. how does that make it special? >> it's so unique because the straight shot all the way down. the only turn we have is right around city hall. and for running ten miles, broad street is the longest straight street in the city. and for them to use 10 out of the 12 1/2 miles of broad street to participate on it that's what makes it so unique and the fact they're running through all the neighborhoods. you see the full flavor of philadelphia as you go through this race course and the runners have a ball with it. and we are very lucky to have great sponsors, you know, independence, blue cross and
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everyone else. and we can't thank nbc 10 enough for all the live coverage today. we're looking forward to everyone working together on this and appreciate your help all along. >> we're just happy to be out here and we'll end it where we started it by saying great weather. thanks for our weather department for coming through today. >> fantastic weather and it's going to be a beautiful day. and the great news is very little wind. that is a very big deal if you're not familiar with that when you run. if you're not a runner and sitting at home watching the wind is a huge deal. today, perfect weather for it. we're very happy about that. >> jim marino thanks so much. we know you have a lot of work to do still. >> and back to you, ted. >> thanks so much. about 40 minutes to go. here at nbc 10 we are airing the race and also taking part in the competition. our keith jones, rosemary connors, george spencer, and vince lattanzio will be pounding the pavement with thousands of o other athletes. good luck to them and everyone else. and if you are heading out to cheer on the runners as they
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cross the finish line remember no bags backpacks, or coolers will be allowed in the navy yard. any yps you do bring must be in clear plastic bags. and fur bringing a child with a diaper bag, you could be subject to a search. all right. we renee, sheena and jim were just talking about the beautiful weather. it is gorgeous today. we'll be beautiful all day day long. a little warm this afternoon, but better than cold. breezes pick up on monday wunz again. weather headlines on your sunday, a super race day in terms of the weather. we're looking at sunshine and temperatures around 60 degrees to start out with and staying in the 60s to the 70s throughout the race. we have a warm week ahead of us. we're looking at upper 70s and 80s for your workweek and storms on tuesday, possibly some thunderstorms tracking on tuesday as a cold front comes through. right now, 51 in philadelphia. winds out of the east at 5 miles per hour. and we're looking at temperatures across the region
7:21 am
mainly in the 40s and 50s right now. probably a good idea to grab a coat or jacket. you can lose that pretty quickly. as we go throughout time we'll see those temperatures really bump up later on this afternoon. looking gorgeous outside this morning, really picture-perfect for an early may race. we're looking at temperatures in the 40s to the north and west. 51 in philadelphia. and same story as you fly down to the south and east. temperatures in the upper 50s, the low 50s, the upper 40s. a nice day today, hardly any clouds in the sky as we head throughout the afternoon. mostly clear, a little cool tonight, but temperatures in the 50s, right around 51 north and west, 58 in the city. a warmer day on tuesday. we're looking at temperatures into the 80s, maybe even mid-80s for some on monday with a warm breeze that really helps to bring up those temperatures. tuesday, that's the day we're watching some showers and also some thunderstorms. and certainly more clouds on tuesday compared to sunday and monday. 77 to 80. temperatures drop back into the 50s tonight, not bad for this
7:22 am
time of year. 58 in philadelphia. 51, north and west and we'll do a quick peek at your seven-day. 83 on monday. that's a warm one. tuesday, we're tracking those showers, possibly a thunderstorm. wednesday, partly cloudy 77. and then sunshine comes back thursday, friday saturday and the temperatures staying put in the upper 70s and the low 80s. by next saturday sun and clouds 78. a pretty fantastic seven-day. >> all right. looks great. thank you, michelle. well it was a big money fight, the richest in history and years in the making. floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao squared off in las vegas last night. the much-hyped the bout tracted some legendary names in sports and grabbed the staengsattention of fans across the country. when it was all said and done mayweather remained undefeated. >> the mgm grand crowd was pulling for pacquiao but money
7:23 am
may weather peppered him with enough punches and landed a unanimous decision. the fans booed that decision and mayweather but he says he is thankful for the opportunity to square off against pacquiao in a fight people waited to see for six years. >> do what we have to do tonight. and i'm truly blessed. and i want to thank all the fans that came out to support this event. >> i got him many times. solid punches and i think i -- i thought i won the fight. >> mayweather is now 48-0. he says he will fight again in september and then retire. and organizers actually had to push back the start of the fight, because of pay-per-view problems. officials said the demand to watch the matchup was so high cable and satellite providers needed more time to fill orders. the bout is expected to be the most popular in pay-per-view history. it's american pharaoh in front, firing line swordsman in third, coming to the finish american pharaoh and victor
7:24 am
espinosa have won the kentucky derby. >> you saw it right here on nbc 10. american pharaoh rallied in the stretch toll edge firing line by a length to win the run for the roses. jockey victor espinosa won his second straight derby. trainer bob baffert took his third victory. he also saddled dortman who also finished in the money in third place. 7:24 now. the governor of maryland has a message for baltimore after last night's victory rally that led to a scuffle with police. that story, when we come right back.
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maryland's governor is calling for a day of prayer and peace in baltimore today, following nearly a week of civil unrest. baltimore police arrested several people who violated the
7:28 am
citywide curfew last night. officers used pepper spray on protesters, some of whom scuffled with police. but most people obeyed the 10:00 p.m. curfew imposed nightly since rioting and looting broke out last monday. crowds were celebrating the indictment of six police officers in the freddie gray case. >> stop killing black people! >> this demonstration at baltimore city hall yesterday was billed as a victory rally. it came the day after the city's top prosecutor charged the six officers in connection with deadly jury she said freddie gray suffered if police custody last month. it is race day in philadelphia as we count down to the blue cross broad street run. this is a live picture from the starting line in north philadelphia. the ten-miler will be getting underway in just about half an hour from thousandnow. next we'll check in with our team of anchors and reporters
7:29 am
along the race route and what a beautiful day they have out there, michelle. dpr we're looking at temperatures mainly in the 40s and 50s right now, we race time into the 60s, by the end, probably into the 70s. a live look outside, blue skies, mostly sunny skiesy sies throughout the area. we'll talk more about the great weather today and a really warm workweek. summerlike. we'll do that in a few minutes.
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excitement is building in philadelphia with less than 30 minutes to go before the blue cross broad street run. this is a live look from the starting line. our nbc 10 team of anchors and reporters is spread out all along the race route, we'll check in with them as runners and spectators count down to the start of the 36th annual run. good morning, everybody. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm ted greenberg.
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now 7:31 on this sunday morning. thank you so much for being with us. let's say good morning again to meteorologist michelle grossman and the first alert weather centre. michelle, you guys in the weather department are getting a lot of props this morning. >> i know right? >> kind of okay because we get a lot of other stuff for snow. looking really good this morning. we're happy to deliver this forecast. and it could be tricky this time of year. it could be cold. it's been so so windy. today, it's going to be picture perfect. right now we're seeing temperatures maim in the 40s and 50s. we're looking at really beautiful skies. mostly sni skies from our adventure aquarium camera. temperatures to the north and west, still put in the 40s. so you need your jacket this morning in many spots, but you'll lose it quickly as we go throughout the next couple of hours. 45 right now in horsham, 48 in kennett square 48 degrees in washington township. and temperatures in the mid-40s, 45 in allentown, 47 in reading. walking out the door this morning to 49 in lancaster. along the coast and in new jersey temperatures mainly in the 50s. 54 in beach haven, 52 in avalon
7:33 am
and we are in the 40s in dover, delaware. right around 47 degrees, as we go throughout time here the temperatures will climb very very quickly, responding to that sunshine by 8:00 56. by 9:00 six o'clock. and already up to the mid-60s by 10:00. mostly sunny skies, light winds, we'll talk more about the race day forecast and talking about a really warm workweek. we'll do that in just a few minutes. >> all right michelle. 7:33 now and the 37th annual blue cross broad street run is less than 30 minutes away. we have a team of anchors and reporters up and down broad street, as runners make their way towards city hall. let's head out now to nbc 10's jacqueline lunden they are live at the best seat in the house, the finish line. good morning, guys. >> good morning ted, we really do have a front row seat to the finish line. >> this is where all the excitement is going to build as they run across that finish line. >> 40,000 runners and they'll be wearing these bibs and when they
7:34 am
cross that finish line these have a censor in them so we'll hear a lot of beeping as they make their way through that ten-mile course. >> and they're hoping to get that best time. the good thing is this course is supposed to be fairly fast because much of it is either flat terrain or downhill. in the beginning there are some dips with some slight hills, but for the most part people can get some really fast times. >> including members of nbc 10 team and their parents. keith jones' parents, his mom and dad are here to cheer him on, we're here to cheer on team nbc 10 which includes keith jones, vince lattanzio, george spencer, rosemary connors, they're all going to be running today, some of them for the first time ever including vince who has never run a race before. >> he's run seven miles before. this is the first time he's doing a ten-miler. very exciting for everyone involved. we have renee chenault fatah and sheena parveen who are at the
7:35 am
opposite end the starting line. let's send it over to them. >> thanks so much jacqueline and jim. and sheena is with me here. we're getting ready to start, but we can't start this race without talking to really the man who's responsible for it. we're talking to the ceo of independence blue cross, dan hillfer ty. it's got to be so rewarding seeing this race out here this morning, knowing that your company is really taking the lead on this. >> it really is exciting. all these years, 19 years, independence blue cross has been the sponsor. that's 40,000 people running. it started with 1,500 people. 40,000 people running, it's an exciting day. >> you told me during the break, you actually -- the city starts getting ready next week for 2016. as the entire year goes by and you see it all put together you all have a big group running, how is it on a day like today,
7:36 am
getting here and seeing everything put together. >> a little pack on the back for the beautiful weather. >> you're right, the city plans, the department of recreation the whole middle of the city is closed down for the day. but we're about health care and having people getting out and doing things that help them get and stay healthy. it's a philadelphia tradition and independence is so proud to be part of it. >> talk a little bit about that dan, certainly. this is just one of the many health initiatives that ibx spearheads. probably the largest, but it really is what the mission of ibx is about, isn't it? >> it really is when you think about our job, our job is to help people understand ho they can become more healthy, whether it's through nutrition or exercise or whatever it might be. when you have an event like this either through social media or on the news it's a great way to
7:37 am
tell a story about how you can live a healthier lifestyle. >> maybe next year sheena and i will get out here and maybe you'll join us out running next year. >> all right, it's a deal. next year. >> it's a pact. we'll all be running next year. >> coming to you from the starting line we'll throw it back to you in the studio. >> a good goal. thank you, guys out there. you can watch the blue cross broad street run live right here on nbc 10 and on our sister station telemundo 62. we are getting closer to the action. it all starts at 8:00 a.m. and furn't in front of a tv and want to watch the race from your mobile device, you can do that through the nbc 10 app. we'll be live streaming or entire broadcast of the race and also be live streaming cameras along the race route. 7:37 new from overnight, a man is dead from a stabbing in philadelphia. police tell us the victim's body
7:38 am
was found inside his home just after midnight. we have just learned in the last few minutes that we are continuing to work the phones and trying to find out if there are any suspects or a known motive in that case. also new from overnight in cobbs creek, a man is in critical condition after someone shot him in the chest. it happened at 58th and baltimore just before 3:00 a.m. it's not clear what led up to the violence. police are still looking for the shooter. a fire damaged a home in philadelphia's olney section overnight. nbc 10 on north 7th street near west rockland where the fire started the around 12:30 this morning. the firefighters had it under control in about ten minutes. everyone was able to get out of that house safely. the head of the pennsylvania turnpike is warning drivers to slow down in work zones or be prepared to pay up. yesterday's crash was the second in a construction zone on the pennsylvania turnpike this week.
7:39 am
a total of five workers have been hurt. construction worker and travel came to a stop yesterday morning when a car hit four workers on the turnpike in bensalem. one of them had to undergo surgery. the other suffered minor injuries. the driver was killed. the clamor of the turnpike talked with us by skype from pittsburgh. he says speeding and distractions are likely to blame for this week's crashes. he'll meet with lawmakers this week to see what can be done to discourage speeders. >> i don't want to have to inform a family that their loved one's not coming home. >> for now if you're caught speeding in a work zone you could get a $200 fine and a 15-day suspension of your license. >> go nbc 10 telemundo 62 team! >> we'll have a team of runners taking part in the blue cross broad street run. hear what the race means to them. they're all going to have great weather, though. zpr yep, we're having great
7:40 am
weather,wear going to cross our fingers for them. picture-perfect weather in terms of race weather, actually any weather for this time of year. we're looking at bright blue skies. temperatures a little cool right now, but as expected. we'll be warm later on this afternoon. we'll talk more about the race day weather and also your workweek weather, coming up.
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there's over two hundred thousand students in philadelphia. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's right for them.
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7:43 now, as we take a live look at the starting line. we are less than 20 minutes away from the blue cross broad street run and our live team coverage of the race. it is going to be a warm and sunny day for all the runners and the spectators. michelle take a look at all those folks out there, i don't think any of them are complaining about the forecast. >> and i get a little teary-eyed watching this. there are so be perfect for them. we're looking at temperatures pretty perfect to start out a ten-miler. we're looking a little cool right now, but not bad. we'll rise quickly throughout the afternoon. so happy to be able to give a good forecast for the race today. weather headlines on your sunday there it is super sunday race weather. lots of sunshine and temperatures in the 40s and 50s right now, but quickly rising through the 60s and 70s throughout the race. we are tracking a pretty warm
7:44 am
workweek summer like and we're looking at storms on tuesday. a storm front comes through and it will bridgeng us a chance for showers and storms. not today and not on monday. right now, 51 in philadelphia, mostly cloudy skies. winds out of the east at 5 miles per hour and temperatures too, the north and west 45 in allentown, 48 in pottstown, 51 in philadelphia. to the south and east, looking at the 40s. 48 in glossboro and 52 in stone harbor. taking a look outdoors really really nice. so many runners trained so long for this race and the weather will cooperate for them today. blue skies radioing it now, just a few clouds outside, leave the sunscreen, look at a lot of sunshine throughout the day. we'll see temperatures rise pretty quickly by lunchtime. later on today, nearing 80. i know a lot of spots will reach the 80-degree mark. sunny and warmer today, winds out of the west at 5 to 10 miles per hour. the winds will be on the light side. we'll keep them light tonight as well. temperatures dipping back into the 50s. pretty mild for this time of year. may even be able to crack that
7:45 am
window a little bit with the light winds. 58 in philadelphia 58 north and west mostly clear and cool but really mild for this time of year. seven-day forecast we're looking at 79 today, 70 is normal for this time of year we're well above that, light winds, mostly sunny sky, a few high clouds passing through. monday, a warm breeze. not in the morning, was the breeze develops throughout the afternoon. it will help to bring up those 80 degrees, right around 83 degrees. tuesday, a cold front comes through. we'll see the clouds first and the chance for showers and authors, 82. by wednesday, an early shower, otherwise, pearl sunny. friday, mostly sunny and warm 80 and kicking off, nice weekend, dry, partly sunny, 78. >> thank you, michelle thank you so much. let's check in with trace yu davidson and bill henley near city hall that is one of the great spots to watch the race. and bill, people have been thanking all of meteorologists this morning for this fantastic weather, so we'll say thanks to you as well.
7:46 am
>> yes, and i heard you say it's going to be a warm and sunny day, and that's true it is going to be a warm and sunny day, but right now it's sunny and chilly outside. really too cold to be wearing shorts, unless of course you're huddling with 40,000 of your closest friends. >> and we've actually seen a number of runners come here to get on the subway to go to the start line. and they look a little bit cold but very determined. we've seen so many. they're very excited, anxious, talking about the teams that they're running for, the organizations that they're raising money for. and behind us here at city hall is a band that's been starting to get warmed up. they say they've been doing this for five years, and they say by the time the runners get here they need a little get up and go. >> some of the runners that we talked to said that the highlight of the run for them is seeing city hall, because they know that they're just over halfway, and it's such a beautiful sight. and it's the only turn they get to make in the entire race.
7:47 am
>> but in the beginning of the race when they first started the race runners actually went through city hall, through the courtyard, but now they go around. so we'll be leaning over and high-fiving runners as they come by. we're really looking forward to the beginning of the race and we'll see our first runners about 8:20 probably? >> it's going to go very quickly. >> i think so. >> ted, we'll send it back to you now. >> thanks so much. very exciting. about 13 minutes toog go pfr the start of the run. >> let's go! >> some of today's competitors will be the nbc 10 and telemundo 62 team. rosemary connors, vince lattanzio lattanzio, keith jones and george spencer will take part in the blue cross broad street run. they all say it is a very special event. >> for me it's very personal. it's great to be doing it with my colleagues my co-workers, people i care about. >> this race is quintessential philadelphia so i'm a philly boy, i grew up in the city i went to school here and being a
7:48 am
part of nbc 10 and telemundo 62 and a part of this race is fantastic. >> our live coverage of the blue cross broad street run begins in about 12 minutes at 8:00. you can watch it all live right here on nbc 10 and our sister station, telemundo 62. here's a live look again from the starting line. this is the first time in the history of the race that it will be broadcast live from start to finish. nbc 10 is your ticket to all the action and we'll check in again live along the race route when we come right back.
7:49 am
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7:51 am
. 7:51 now. just about nine minutes away from the start of the blue cross broad street run, as we take a live look at broad street. racers getting set before they begin the ten-miler. and the minutes are ticking away until our live team coverage of the race. that begins at 8:00. we will have the entire race for you from beginning to end. all right. let's go live right now to nbc 10's tim furlong. he is live at broad and lombard. tim, what's going on out there right now? >> it's really exciting. up at broad and pine over there, you can see in the distance they have the water station, the
7:52 am
band some of the the fans are starting to gather. the road is still open. i can't wait until they politic the road off, because it's one of the rare chances you get to walk out on broad street. it's one of the most ten-milers in the country, it's on a road you can't use otherwise as a runner. a great chance for people. it is an absolutely perfect day, the trees are blooming the fans are starting to come out. and just so everyone knows, when you come by broad and lombard, we want to make sure you stop by and see yvette andy yvonne. you have to get these fans. if you don't get some we'll have to rent storage space, because there are a lot of them. we have so many camera crews along the route of the race which is really exciting. i can almost see matt delucia's crew that way and tracy and bill a little bit that way. we are definitely the place to be for the next couple of hours to watch this race even if
7:53 am
you're not -- thank you, sir, for saying that -- even if you're not a runner yourself it's going to be very cool to see it and we'll be here along the route to cover it. and we can't wait to see the first couple of runners that come through. the whole course for some of these runners takes 45 minutes. that's amazing ten miles. wear talking about over 4-minute miles. we'll be cheering and waving our nbc 10 fans ourself, ted. >> thank you so much tim. and the wheelchair division of the blue cross broad street run is starting in just a few minutes from now. stay with us, we'll be right back.
7:54 am
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7:56 am
úy 7:56 now. you're looking live at the starting line of the blue cross broad street run. runners will be starting in the next several minutes, but wheelchair athletes are getting set to start right about now. the fastest man and woman in this division each finished the ten-mile course in under 40 minutes. you can follow every athlete in the blue cross broad street run by using the nbc 10 app, down load it for free logon to you can get text alerts tweets and more to track the runners as they race. all right. it is almost here. jackets, right now. later, take 'em off. >> and it's not going to be long where you take 'em off. we'll see temperatures responding to the sunshine. a beautiful day today and a beautiful day for this run. a little chilly right now. let's take a look at the seven-day. we're lacking at 79 degrees as a high today. some spots certainly reaching 80
7:57 am
degrees, but i think in the city we'll top out around 79. mostly sunny, light winds, a pretty perfect day for early may. monday, a warm breeze develops 83. and some spots into the mid-80s also. tuesday, that's our changing forecast. we're looking of clouds building into the day. a front comes through and could bring us some showers and thunderstorms. we'll continue to watch that for tuesday, 82. wednesday, wednesday, we'll clear it out. dry and sunny, friday and saturday, temperatures in the low 80s, the upper 80s. really feeling like summer this week. we're well above that every single day. >> we can get the shorts out now and keep them out. >> that's it for us but stay tuned, we are just minutes away there our coverage of the blue cross broad street run, rate here on nbc 10 and telemundo 62. i'm ted greenberg, from all of us here enjoy the race have a great sunday. >> good luck. >> awesome.
7:58 am
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