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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  May 5, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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weekend. >> you're going to start wearing the bow tie. >> yeah right. don't count on it. for all of us here -- >> we'll see you at 11:00. on this tuesday night, isis in america? for the first time isis claims responsibility for an attack on u.s. soil praising the two american gunmen and warning of more attacks to come. bank outrage. troubling allegations against one of the largest banks in the country, accused of opening accounts that customers never asked for and sticking them with fees they never authorized. what's in your food? why certain ingredients are quickly disappearing from menus all across the country. and streaming live any time anywhere it's how so many watch the richest fight in history for free. is someone watching you? nightly news begins right now.
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good evening. a claim today by isis that it had a hand in the shooting attack on an anti-islamist gathering in texas sunday has ratcheted up concerns about isis in this country, and its potential reach. it is the first time islamic state has tried to claim credit for an attack on american soil. the white house today labeled it an attempted terrorist act, but it dismissed the isis claim itself. it may, however, be a fine distinction, as there are indication the shooters who were both killed were inspired by isis to go on the attack. we have two reports, beginning with our justice correspondent, pete williams. >> reporter: in radio and internet messages isis claimed the two gunmen from phoenix, nadir soofi and elton simpson were soldiers of the caliphate, or islamic state, and that worse things are coming. u.s. officials call it an attempt to claim credit and say there's nothing to show isis
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actually planned or directed the plot. they say simpson used several social media accounts and expressed his support for isis tweeting "may allah accept us as new england gentleman head dean" before the two men started firing in texas. officials say the latest plat is part of an alarming new trend with isis shifting away from propaganda aimed at a mass audience and instead calling for action directly on social media. one official said it's like someone repeatedly tapping you on the shoulder asking when are you going to do something? it is even more powerful now, with so many westerners in isis contacting friends back home. >> they are trying to you know egg somebody on potentially doing an attack back in their homeland for those that are still back in the home. >> reporter: investigators say several thousand people in the u.s. trade messages on isis social media, a number impossible to track individually. and trying to shut down every isis social media account is hopeless. the answer many say is more
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people putting out an opposing message online. >> i believe a counterideology or counternarrative to the isis radical ideology could be successful but it has to be grassroots. >> reporter: investigators have yet to determine when the attack plan was formed. they say simpson's social media postings did attract attention from police and the fbi last month, but they say he was never explicit about any attack plans and was not under constant surveillance. pete williams nbc news boston. >> reporter: i'm miguel almaguer in phoenix at the apartment of elton simpson and nadir soofi, where federal investigators have been searching for clues. >> the police and homeland security and fbi, we knew something was serious going on. >> reporter: soofi's family is looking for answers, too. he was born in the u.s. a father to a young son. >> entered my mind that anybody i knew would even do anything like that much less someone in the family. >> reporter: he spent time in pakistan as a child. classmates tell nbc news he was
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popular and used to be called goofy because of his laid back attitude. said to be a heartthrob soofi starred in the play "bye bye birdie." friends say he came from a privileged family but became more isolated in recent years. he was a devout muslim like elton simpson. the president of the mosque simpson attended regularly until about four years ago. >> a good demeanor. very good attitude. always a smile on his face. >> reporter: simpson caught the fbi's attention nearly a decade ago. in 2010 he was investigated for planning to join a terror group in somalia, but he was convicted of lying to a federal agent and placed on probation. >> he just seemed very calm and quiet and, um i really had believed that the charges against him were trumped up. >> reporter: in a statement, simpson's family says they are struggling to understand how he could become radicalized writing, "we are sure many people in the country are curious to know if we had any
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idea of elton's plan. to that we say without question we did not." neighbors say the two men lived in the apartment complex behind me together for years. law enforcement sources say the guns used in sunday's shooting were purchased legally. lester? >> miguel almaguer tonight, thank you. in baltimore today, where emotions are still raw over the death of freddie gray and the violence that followed new attorney general loretta lynch made her first public official trip since assuming office last week. she met with gray's family community leaders and police days after six officers were charged in connection to gray's death. an attorney for one of those officers meantime filed a motion claiming the knife gray allegedly had on him the time of his arrest was illegal, despite prosecutors' claim to the contrary. one of the nation's biggest banks is under fire tonight. wells fargo accused of committing fraud against its own customers. employees allegedly opening accounts that customers never asked for, then charging them
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fees and damaging their credit. nbc's anne thompson has this report. >> reporter: a bank is a place to put your money and trust. franklin on says what he got in return at wells fargo is frustration. >> i only needed for my businesses two accounts and they opened over 15 accounts for me. >> reporter: many accounts on said were opened without his approval earning fees for the bank and endless headaches for this los angeles small business owner. >> they opened personal accounts checking accounts for me then savings accounts on top of those, then -- it is just oh man, it was a mess. >> reporter: these high-pressure tactics to meet sales quotas are the heart of the lawsuit filed this week by the city of los angeles against wells fargo. >> wells' customers have been victimized by tactics designed to maintain high levels of sales of wells' products. >> reporter: the suit accuses wells fargo of creating a virtual fee-generating machine, having family and friends open
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extra accounts using confidential customer information to open credit cards and other amounts and damaging customers' credit reports when the unauthorized fees were not paid. wells fargo is the nation's fourth largest bank about more than 6100 branches across the country, just over 1,000 in california alone. wells fargo says it will vigorously defend itself against the charges. its culture, it says focused on the best interest of its customers and creating a supportive caring and ethical environment for its team members. for customers like franklin on experts say carefully monitor your bank activity off and online and pay attention to your credit report. anne thompson nbc news new york. former arkansas governor, mike huckabee today became the sixth republican to officially jump in the race for president, with strong support from evangelical conservatives. huckabee won eight stays in the the 2008 republican primaries. today, he announced his second run for president in his hometown of hope arkansas which is also the birthplace of former president bill clinton.
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meantime the clinton campaign is working overtime tonight to hit back at allegations being made in a highly anticipated new book out today called requests clinton cash," about her family foundation her money and where it all came from. nbc's andrea mitchell is on the trail in las vegas. >> reporter: after ducking questions for weeks, today, hillary clinton struck back taking jetblue to las vegas to court hispanic voters while her campaign launched a counteroffensive a new website, a twitter account, and a campaign video. >> the book is already debunked far and wide. >> reporter: a war of words with the author of "clinton cash" leaked in advance but officially published today. >> i'm not saying, andrea, that there was a quid pro quo, i'm saying what you see is a pattern of behavior funds flow in either through the foundation or the form of speaking fees and a policy decision that tends to favor them. >> full of sloppy research and attacks pulled out of thin air with no actual evidence. >> reporter: and part of the
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rebuttal an appeal for campaign money, raising cash from controversy. bill clinton strongly defended his wife in his exclusive interview with cynthia mcfadden. >> not a single solitary fact has been introduced that she has done anything wrong. people should live to be as honest as she is. >> reporter: but when that other former arkansas governor republican mike huckabee announced he was running for president today, he did it with a dig at clinton. >> i don't have a global foundation or a taxpayer-funded paycheck to live off of. >> reporter: the pounding is taking its toll. >> her numbers in our new nbc/"wall street journal" poll have gone down on trust and honesty. 25%. only 25% think she is trust worthy. >> that's part of why we have got to answer back and show people what really are the facts. >> reporter: but clinton's polls are holding up against potential republicans. she remains ahead of all of them. the democratic party announced today it will hold six primary
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debates. hillary clinton tweeted she looked forward to a real conversation but so far, not about money. lester? >> andrea mitchell tonight, thank you. overseas tonight, a major humanitarian crisis unfolding in the mediterranean. a flood of migrants from northern africa fleeing war and hardship desperate to reach europe. it is an extraordinarily dangerous journey. last month, 800 people drowned when their ship capsized. in just the past three days 7,000 migrants have been rescued at sea. one rescue south of sicily was captured on video. nbc's bill neely has the story. >> reporter: the sea is calm the migrants are not, desperate for rescue by a passing cargo ship, they scramble for life preservers and try to climb a rope. easy shout the crew but they are panicking, some jump, many can't swim their dinghy is taking on water. a woman and child look anxious. some from their boat ground
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earlier, another like it sank at sea. but these africans are lucky. one by one, climbing to safety. and just in time. the dinghy is about to sink. the dead are removed. it's happening every day. >> we are facing one of the major humanitarian crises of our time. mediterranean is being turned into a mass grave. >> reporter: europe's leaders promise more help. an american saved lives with his own boat. >> we have 12 pregnant women, over 60 women and 40 children. >> reporter: a baby girl was born on one rescue ship. another boat sped back to libya, its migrants sent home. >> we are desperate! >> reporter: many are drowning at a chance of freedom and a wave of migration europe can't stop. bill neely nbc news london. a potentially very dangerous night ahead in the southern plains with at least one tornado touching down in west texas and the threat of more over the course of the evening, as severe
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thunderstorms also bring the risk of large hail and damaging wind gusts. and we are also keeping a close eye on the southeast, where an area of low pressure in the atlantic could form a tropical storm over the next few days impacting florida and the carolinas. we will keep an eye on it. some major changes are coming to a chain where many of us eat every week as customer trends show we are concerned more and more concerned with what's in our food. panera bread announced it's changing at least 150 ingredients to get rid of additives many probably didn't realize they were eating. nbc's halley jackson has the details. >> reporter: panera bread is cooking up a new menu making headlines not for what it's adding but what it's removing dozens of artificial preservatives, sweeteners and flavors, including some fda-approvedtives also found in pesticides petroleum wax and perfume. >> what we are attempting to do for consumers here is give them a comprehensive, transparent list that gives them clarity and allows them to feel confident in
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their choice. >> reporter: panera is one of many companies catering to the health conscious, like nestle, getting rid of fake flavors and colors in some candy bars and kraft, transitioning to natural spices instead of synthetics in mac and cheese. >> it is great that companies are responsive to what people say they want. whether they will purchase this based on changing tastes and texture and appearance remains to be seen. >> reporter: some food safety advocates say panera's moves are more about public relations than public health arguing just because something's artificial doesn't make it unsafe. >> there's a lot of scary stuff on here. does this say glycerol esther of wood rossen? >> reporter: but gia says knows better knowing what she is feeding her family. >> makes me feel better knowing i don't have to think about it. >> reporter: for panera, a new menu to reflect changing tastes. halley jackson, nbc news los angeles. still ahead tonight,
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periscope and all the ways to live stream your life i'm doing it right now. if you want to see what's going on behind-the-scenes during a commercial break. but there are other big concerns that go along with it. we will take a look at those when we come back. later, a young girl surrounded by violence and heartbreak half a world away and a nightly news viewer who saw her story on this broadcast, then did something amazing to change her life. we will thank you for being a sailor, and my daddy. thank you mom, for protecting my future. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are thankful for many things. the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. our world-class service earned usaa the top spot in a study of the most recommended large companies in america. if you're current or former military or their family, see if you're eligible to get an auto insurance quote. incredible! i've been claritin clear for ten days. when your allergy symptoms start, doctors recommend taking one claritin every day of your allergy season for continuous relief. with
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happened over the weekend that may prove to be one of those critical moments when technology suddenly up ends the world as we know it in this case, the world of entertainment and sports. the event was the richest boxing match of all time in las vegas which millions of people paid big money to watch on tv, but it turns to you the a lot of people saw it for free thanks to new technology that is raising a whole host of concerns. nbc's tom costello takes a look. >> reporter: if the may weather/pacquiao match didn't quite live up to its billing, it may have touched off a different fight of the century in cyberspace. while pay-per-view customers paid $100 each to view the fight, at least 66 people live stream it had over periscope, thousands, perhaps more to watch illegally for free. the ceo of twitter, per scope's parent company, declared per scope was the real win. at any moment per scope offers a support gas board of live feeds to choose from public and private moments. a concert in london, a family at
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a petting zoo, a man playing piano at home. ♪ from the mundane to the scandalous it is now possible to live stream to a global audience but that opens up a world of privacy and legal issues. live streaming movies tv shows or pay-per-view events very often a copyright violation. >> the fact is it takes money to create content, takes money to produce a fight, a major live event like that you can expect that people will want to protect the exclusive agreements they have with broadcast companies. >> reporter: hbo is already warning periscope users to stop pirating its programming. while professional sports and the national association of theater owners all ban live streaming. curt wagner covers social media for nbc partner, recode. >> i don't think we know as a society what is appropriate and what is inappropriate and it is only gonna happen over time. >> reporter: after the ceo first boasted that periscope was the real winner on saturday the company today said "we respect intellectual property rights and
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is working to take down copyrighted content. new technology opening a pandora's box filled with legal and privacy issues." tom cost testimony low, nbc news washington. >> and if you've been watching our periscope feed we are going to turn it off now and direct you back to the tv. we are back in a moment with youtube performing again in the u.s. months after bono's devastating accident, but they weren't on a vo: today's the day. more and more people with type 2 diabetes are learning about long-acting levemir®. as my diabetes changed it got harder to control my blood sugar. today, i'm asking about levemir®. vo: levemir® is an injectable insulin that can give you blood sugar control for up to 24 hours. and levemir® helps lower your a1c. levemir® lasts 42 days without refrigeration. that's 50% longer than lantus® which lasts 28 days. levemir® comes in flextouch® the latest in insulin pen technology from novo nordisk. levemir® is a long-acting insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults and children with diabetes
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they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's right for them. [ rapping ] who forget that unforgettable rendition of "rapper's delight," ellen dow, the rapping granny has died. she didn't start her acting career until she was in her 70s often cast in feisty foul-mouthed roles in movies like "the wedding singer" and "road trip." she appeared on tv shows like "the golden girls" and
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6:57 pm
>> reporter: the weight of war fell on this young girl without mercy. we found her alone in a monastery in the central african republic last year where hundreds had fled rising ethnic violence. she had tried to save her family with prayer telling us "i lifted my hands to god, but they didn't hear me. they took away my dad and mother and killed them." her entire family was killed. still, at just 8 years old, she asked god to forgive them. in america, greg daniel happened to be watching our report. >> it literally brought tears to my eyes. >> reporter: a successful doctor in buffalo, new york divorced with for you with children dr. daniel realized he could offer jakina a new life. >> i said in life we see a lot of terrible things but how often do we actually act upon it? >> reporter: he traveled to africa twice, went through months of red tape and prayed.
6:58 pm
finally, in february after more than a year jakina arrived in america to an adopted family. >> i can't wait to get to know her and experience things with her. >> reporter: today, she lives in a beautiful home with her own room. she loved going to school again and though she misses people a world away -- [ speaking a foreign language ] >> reporter: america is delighting her. she is now a fan of selfies, lady gaga and most of all, the movie "frozen." ♪ let it go let it go ♪ ♪ had ♪ >> that was so good. that was really -- what do you mean i'm no good? that was great. >> no good. >> no it was great. >> reporter: because one american opened his heart, the joy of kindness now lifts chekina without limits. ann curry for nbc news buffalo.
6:59 pm
>> so so glad that ann followed up on chekina's story we wish her all the best. that's going to do it for us on this tuesday night. i'm lester holt
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beyonce versus rihanna. who stole the show at the met gala? >> the hot dresses, the couples and kim kardashian today as we take you inside new york's oscars of fashion now on "extra." beyonce, sheer shocker. sjp's over the top hat. rihanna's hello yellow. >> it took two years to make this. >> aj's in fashion heaven with j.lo jay law and the kardashians. >> crazy to be in the room with beautiful people. >> kim's pick for best dressed. >> she went all out. >> who's your date?


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