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tv   Today  NBC  May 9, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. a triple threat. three powerful storm systems threatening the country this morning. in the plains tens of millions on the look out for tornadoes and hail and heavy rains. in the atlanticana headed for the carolinas. upgraded to a tropical storm this morning. in the rockies, up to 2 feet of snow is expected. dylan is in oklahoma watching it all. home grown terror. military bases across the country on heightened alert after the pentagon warns isis followers may take aim at u.s. troops. how serious is this threat? captured. california residents breathing easier after police arrest a man of violently ambushing a
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13-year-old girl in her own home. how good samaritans helped police track him down. and warrior prince. prince harry wows australia wrapping up military training by repeling buildings and copiloting a helicopter. all before returning to his princely duties. today, may 9th. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today," with lester holt and erica hill. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on this saturday morning. i'm erica hill. >> i'm willie geist in for willie. we saw wrangler in the shot making his weekend debut. we will spend time with wrangler coming up.
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the top story is the weather. dylan dreyer in oklahoma tracking it for us. stormy weather coast-to-coast. the potential is killer tornadoes. >> the tornadoes are part of a monster storm system. people preparing for large hail and wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour. severe storm threat stretches into mother's day tomorrow. >> our team is out covering the weather from the plains to the atlantic coast to the rockies. we begin with dylan tracking the most severe threats. potentially deadly tornadoes in the mid section today. she is at the storm prediction center in norman oklahoma. dylan. >> reporter: so far this morning, so good. it is usually in the afternoon when the storms fire up. it is at the national weather service here where they issue all of those severe thunderstorm watches and tornado watches. the local office issues the
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warnings. yesterday was day three of the severe weather outbreak. hail and large winds and as we gear up for day four it is possible that today could be the most dangerous day yet. tornado alley. taking the brunt of another round of vicious storms that ripped across the nation's mid section. >> tornado. >> reporter: late friday several tornadoes touched down in northern texas. reports of hail the size of baseballs in oklahoma and other places it coated the ground like snow. >> look how deep it is. >> reporter: relentless thunderstorms and damaging near hurricane-force winds uprooted trees and downed power lines. flash flooding is a risk. several streets were closed to high water in norman. and warnings alerting people to take cover. the danger so great, the
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oklahoma university has to postpone the commencement ceremony. the severe flooding destroyed communities and it is not over yet. now we have the set up out there today where we have warm humid air and also the trigger of a front moving east. that means we are going to see more storms fire up. we have a couple of showers and stronger storms through eastern arkansas right now. the area in red is our best chance today across southwestern parts of kansas where we could see most of our tornadoes. in the orange areas, we are still looking at dangerous lightning and flash flooding and large hail up to 3 inches in diameter and winds up to 60 to 70 miles per hour. on sunday the two branches start to break to the upper midwest and out to arkansas and texas. we are looking at hail and damaging wind gusts and flash flooding and possibility of tornadoes. we have had several inches of rain across the plains in the last several days. we could see another 5 to 7
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inches of rain in the same area. that is going to lead to flash flooding with the water really having no place to go and that is one of the dangerous parts to the storms. people drive into the flooded waters. stay out of the flooded waters. stay indoors. listen for the tornado sirens this afternoon and evening. really play it safe. it could be a dangerous afternoon. guys. >> dylan, busy morning for you. we'll check back in. residents in the carolinas are batoning down the hatches this morning. top sustained winds of 60 miles per hour. hurricane season is weeks away at this point. let go to nbc's gabe gutierrez who joins us from myrtle beach, south carolina. >> reporter: erica good morning. ana was reclassified from a sub tropical storm to a tropical storm. we are now starting to see the outer bands, wind and rain have
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been pounding myrtle beach on and off through the morning. the rain is picking up a bit. this storm is forecast to bring up to 5 inches of rain to parts of the area through monday. it would be the seventh named storm to make landfall in may in the united states since 1950. it has maximum sustained winds of near 60 miles per hour. it is moving northwest at about 3 miles per hour. on friday it stayed stationary in the atlantic. today, we are expecting dangerous rip currents here. we are expecting more rain and ana is expected to make landfall tomorrow. erica. >> gabe thanks. let's swing out west where a third powerful storm system is threatening to dump up to 2 feet of snow yes, snow in parts of the rockies. we have nbc's miguel almaguer in rapid city south dakota. >> reporter: good morning,
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willie. it is cold and wet out here right now. in the next 12 to 15 hours we expect that to change. the front edge of the winter storm in early may to slam into us. they are expecting up to 20 inches of snow in the rockies. we could see avalanche warnings tonight. in rapid city the mayor is asking folks to stay indoors and saying the roads will be treacherous. we could have whiteout conditions. winds up to 25 miles per hour blowing snow around across the region. again, while right now it is cold and wet, we expect the temperature here to plummet and all of the rain to turn to snow and blizzard-like conditions in a matter of hours. willie. >> all right. miguel almaguer dusting off his snow shoes in may. >> just what you wanted. sheinelle has breaking news on the fbi shootout. good morning. >> good morning. the fbi agent is recovering from gunshot wounds after hunting down a suspected bank robber.
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the agents cornered the longhorn bandit. he fired two shots. the agent was hit in the leg. the suspect was found dead in the motel room. the agents would not say how he died but say they did not fire shots. north korea ratcheting up the tension. kim jong-un says the military test fired a missile from the submarine. experts call it alarming in the weapons capability. liberia is declared ebola free. it has seen more than 4,000 deaths in the past year and a half. and jameis winston is counter suing him. his lawyers say she is motivated by greed. prosecutors in florida decline to filed charges against him. this is a case of people
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getting too close to nature. tourists at yellowstone park pulled off the road to get a close look at the black bear and her cubs. the mom bear did not appreciate the attention and starts chasing them off. they ran for the cars and the baby bear scattered. in the end, neither bear nor human was harmed. a reminder, a bear is a bear. there is your wisdom. >> let's go to our common sense moment of the day. >> the bear is a bear. >> not just a bear. a mom bear. let's go back to dylan in the weather center in oklahoma where she is tracking the storms. dylan, how is the rest of the country looking in. >> we are seeing the national hurricane center busy too tracking tropical storm ana. it is still sitting off the coast of the carolinas. it is the outer bands that will produce rain and producing dangerous rip currents and rough
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surf. watch what happens overnight and through sunday. it will start moving and most of the rain as it makes landfall in north carolina will fall across eastern north carolina with 5 to 7 inches of rain in that area. in the middle of the country, we are focusing on the dangerous weather outbreak today. especially across southwestern kansas. we are still looking at widespread hail and wind gusts and the flooding potential. we had so much rain here recently. in the northeast, it will be a nice one today. temperatures in the 70s and 80s. up in seattle, it is not bad with the high of 7 good morning. we have fog and drizzle. there might be a thunderstorm or two later on sunday, 84.
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monday 86, up to 88 on tuesday with a chance of thunderstorms. have a great day. home grown terror attacks. how serious is have been briefed say it under scores the threat from isis is real. as isis tries to expand its reach, the warning. the department of defense ordering more than 3,000 military bases and sites across the u.s. to raise the terrorist
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threat level to bravo. that indicates an increase or credible threat. >> that means they will take much more careful look at who is coming on to base and who is already on the base. >> reporter: the announcement is not the result of a specific threat the military is concerned about several recent incidents, including the shooting where two isis inspired gunmen were killed in garland, texas at the prophet muhammad incident. >> the fbi followed up and said clearly there are perhaps thousands of people in the united states that are participating in some way communicating back and forth with isis. >> reporter: a lot of that communication and recruiting is happening online. >> we are certainly using all of the tools available to us to determine how social media is being used. >> reporter: fbi director james comey said this week it is almost as if there is a devil
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hitting on the shoulder saying kill kill kill, all day long. the latest warning is targeted at the military, but what does this mean for every day citizens? >> an escalation of threats fromher countries. >> reporter: there is no word on how the terror threat level will last. the fbi has ordered the field offices to review the list of all suspects to make sure the right ones are being tracked after revelations that one of the texas gunmen was known to authorities, but not under surveillance. erica, willie. >> kristen, thank you. turning to a story getting a lot of attention. if you may be thinking of getting a manicure you want to hear this. an expose on the lives of the korean owned nail salons in the new york area. a story they have been working on for over a year. >> an explosive one and a lot of people talking about it this
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week. a reporter talked to 150 nail salon workers in the new york area. many were found to be illegal immigrants working below minimum wage. the leader of the new york area korean nail salon association declined to address the problem. that is not the worst of it. workers endure all manner of humiliation and having tips docked for minor transgressions and monitoring by owners and physical abuse. employers are rarely punished for labor or other violations. this is not just a new york city problem. 17,000 nail salons and as you pointed out, it is mother's day. a lot of people are going out. >> my thing is what is the take away for women or men who want to go get a manicure or pedicure. what do we do? >> there are things advised on things you do the next time you go to the nail salon. >> get to know the manicurist.
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interview the person. work look around. >> most of the time you go in and out. most of the time it is elevator chat. >> they are saying you should actually and this is where you say if they can give you an answer if cameras are involved. you should interview to the point where you say how are you paid. that can be an awkward conversation but a better sense of the salon you are in. willie said go to the stores and ask the owner. >> put heat on them. the exposes lead to big change. shining a spotlight on it. some of the nail salon workers in the piece not paid at all. they live on tips alone. the owner reserves the right to take the tips away. >> if we all do it you won't feel like an oddball. how do you pay your employees. makes a difference. >> yeah.
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for more than 50 world war ii airplanes flew over the nation's capitol on friday. a chance to honor the american heroes who won world war ii. nbc's peter alexander got to take a rare trip aboard a practice flight on the famed b-29 bomber which helped to end the war. take a look. >> reporter: history soared with flying colors on the nation's restricted air space. an unforgettable army of airplanes that helped win a world war. >> i want to be the last guy standing who served in world war ii. >> reporter: strangers until today, this pair of 91-year-olds who flew in world war ii are going back up. honorary crew members on the practice run for the flight. >> go touch it. >> reporter: even today imposing on the runway. the b-29 bomber that ended the war. >> that's my baby. >> reporter: carter was the last to parachute out of the burning
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b-29 over burma. >> not having my chest buckle buckled. we didn't practice. >> they say buckle up next time. >> reporter: captured, he survived beatings and malaria as a p.o.w. >> you decide to give up and you die away like a lot of guys did. >> reporter: that's not the call? >> no i said as long as i'm breathing, i'm alive. i will make it out of here. >> reporter: now as carter completes his mission, flying along for the first time his daughter carla. all volunteer crews from the air force helped the history take flight. 70 years ago you were on board. >> that's right. >> reporter: what does it mean to be back? >> wonderful experience. i love it. >> reporter: the b-29 was the most technological aircraft of the time. higher and faster and farther than all of the others.
7:18 am
nearly 4,000 produced for world war ii. this is the last one still flying. >> to be in the plane that my dad was in i mean it is just phenomenal. >> reporter: carla took the seat where her father once flew. after a flight through the past. >> this is an emotional moment. >> yeah. >> reporter: the generation of veterans that scratched the heavens still leaving a lot to look up to. for "today," peter alexander, nbc news, manassas virginia. >> what a moment. >> what a view through the front of the plane. peter got the front row seat. great story. still to come on "today," we will get you caught up on the stories that had people talking this week. from the shooting in texas to the private battle that went public. but first this is "today" on nbc.
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and we're back this saturday morning with the download. catching up on the week that was. >> from deflategate to a round of new presidential contenders. no shortage of headlines. we begin with a deadly shooting in texas sparking fears are home grown terrorism. gunshots fired at an anti-islamist event in texas. >> two men in body armor opened fire. >> the two gunmen nadir soofi and elton simpson were quote soldiers of the caliphate. >> no evidence that isis had a hand in the plot. a state of emergency declared across the center of the country. >> up to 50 tornado reports. >> the eerie sound of silence. >> now you get clear contact to the ground. >> a massive tornado half a mile
7:22 am
wide tearing through oklahoma. >> three coming down on me. i have to back out of here. tom brady back in the spotlight after the the nfl released the report on deflate gait gate. >> i have not had time to digest it. >> a big week for declaring for candidacy. >> and carly fiorina declaring her candidacy. >> entering the race today, dr. ben carson. >> former arkansas governor mike huckabee jumped in the race. >> i don't have a global foundation or taxpayer funded paycheck to live off. >> silicon valley mourns the loss of the most loved and respected. >> dave goldberg was married to
7:23 am
well known facebook executive sheryl sandberg. >> if you picked someone willing to share the burden and joys of your personal life you will go further. >> believed goldberg was on the treadmill when he fell and hit the back of his head. >> sofia vergara is speaking out about bringing the frozen embryos to term. >> you break up and you say i don't want to have a baby with you. i'm not involved. >> can you blame me in. >> in the op-ed, loeb wrote, this is tantamount to killing them. one of fashion's biggest night. celebrities dressed up for the met gala in style. >> sarah jessica parker dressed in style. she got to the carpet and everybody cleared out and made way for her. >> and shaquille o'neal showing true sportsmanship on live tv. >> he tweets out whoever makes
7:24 am
me the best meme of me busting my you know what wins $500 cash. go. he has the smooth criminal dance with michael jackson and simba in the lion king. >> some really good shaq memes. my kids are obsessed with shaq. >> he randomly stopped by here one saturday. >> i know he did. >> he sat next to sheinelle. >> there he is at superman. knocked out by floyd mayweather. the memes went on. >> he has a great sense of humor. another story we want to update you on the offer from zappos. we will not have traditional managers or job titles. if it doesn't work for you, we will give you three months severance and you can leave. the washington post has an update. about 14% of the company, 200
7:25 am
employees, took that offer. they did not give details on who left or why they left. they say that people took the packages for different reasons. said this is not for everyone. when given the out, they took it. >> probably a case by case thing. you want to leave and get three months severance. >> and you have three months to look for a job. other people don't like the idea of not having a boss. i was surprised about that. >> interesting update on that one. a lot of attention at the time. still to come here on "today," another one that will have you talking. by jumping into the pool or nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. i'm rosemary connors. it's just a few minutes before 7:30. let's get a check of the weather now with meteorologist michelle grossman. that fog slowly starting to
7:26 am
lift michelle. >> we going to see it lifting over the next couple of hours. we're seeing a little drizzle in some spots. looking good in the poconos, a little better out north. reduced visibility especially down to the south, down to 1 1/2 miles in atlantic city. it will be burning off in the next couple of hours. there's that drizzle, especially along the coast. temperatures are very mild right now, into the 60s, 64 in philadelphia as well as in allentown. today another summer-like day, temperatures around 81 degrees later on this afternoon. 84 degrees after the morning fog on sunday. look at the temperatures wednesday, thursday and friday. more normal. >> day two of the aberdeen dad
7:27 am
vail regatta is under way. it's the largest regatta with more than 120 schools competing. >> firefighters have completely contained a brushfire in the wharton state forest. it quite a turn around from this scene on thursday night. flames burned more than 700 acres in shamong township. they are still warning campers that the forest is full of hot spots. investigators are trying to find the cause of this blaze. that's going to do it for you. meteorologist michelle grossman and i will see you back here in about 25 minutes for another update. now back to the "today" show. have a good one.
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♪♪ jimmy fallon and bono having a little fun. that was fun. after u2 was forced to cancel an appearance last year. the van was the only guest to make up for the cancellation. we will have much more on that coming up in the series we're calling "pop start." welcome back. it is saturday may 9th. i'm celebrating mom a bit early. >> we celebrate mom every day.
7:31 am
also coming up, "the huffington post" celebrating a milestone. i sat down with aryanna huffington in how people get their news online. and a celebration for a special visitor on the plaza. >> look at the face. wrangler celebrating his half birthday. he is here to show off his dog park. where else would he want to celebrate. >> i talked to saxon and she said the alarm went off and he went hmmm? we will begin the half hour with the police investigation underway in south carolina where a man who called for police help was shot by an officer who came to his house. this morning, we are hearing the dramatic 911 calls and police reportings from the shooting. here is nbc's kerry sanders.
7:32 am
>> reporter: he is hospitalized in stable condition. shot friday in the neck by a south carolina officer. the 26-year-old said he cannot feel his legs. his lawyer says he fears he was partially paralyzed. >> this is an emergency. they have guns. people come. >> reporter: that is heyward calling 911 asking for help in a home invasion. two men he identified in a call that were black were outside his house believed to be armed. at one point, you can hear a gunshot. when deputies arrived, heyward, who is armed, walked out the back door. the police ordered him to drop the gun. then in a second the deputy fired. >> someone called us for help and we ended up being part of
7:33 am
him getting injured. >> reporter: in a police recording from the ambulance released by detectives. >> officer did it but it was an accident. he didn't know. he saw the gun. >> reporter: this county is on edge after a white police officer was caught last month shooting a black man in the back. the officer is charged with murder. this is different and heyward's family says they have trouble understanding why the officer fired so quickly. >> it shows our officers are too trigger happy in these environments. that's a problem. >> reporter: the officer who shot heyward is not talking to reporters. the sheriff's office says until an investigation is completed, they cannot reach any conclusions about what happened. for "today," kerry sanders, nbc news. >> more investigation to come on that story. kerry, thank you. let's go back to dylan tracking the severe weather in
7:34 am
oklahoma. good morning, dylan. >> good morning, willie. severe weather in the plains. a tropical storm in the southeast. we have snow in the rockies. and northern rockies, as much as 30 inches of snow. we have winter storm warnings in effect all throughout wyoming and south and north dakota. we are looking at the snow to really increase as we go into tonight and tomorrow with some of the higher elevations picking up as much as 12 to 24 inches of snow. that is up to 2 feet of snow which is not unprecedented, but a weird thing to see in may with everything else. as for the severe weather, the best chance of tornadoes is across southwestern kansas. mostly in rural areas. everyone in the yellow area needs to be on alert for large hail and damaging wind gusts and flash flooding and dangerous cloud-to-ground lightning. we will see showers in the ohio valley and tennessee valley. we will have rain and rough surf because of tropical storm ana.
7:35 am
and in the northeast, temperatures in the 60s across northern new and a good saturday morning. meteorologist michelle grossman. some fog and drizzle in some spots. that will burn off and it will be another summer-like day. another warm day on sunday. might see a thunderstorm or two later on sunday, monday 86 and up to 88 on tuesday, and finally more average-like temperatures on wednesday, 71 looking beautiful on thursday and friday. have a great day. est forecast. >> dylan, thank you very much. don't go anywhere. still ahead, we will show you what happened when dylan surprised her mom with a trip that she has always dreamed about. looking forward to that. up next the hidden dangers lurking in pools and hot tubs.
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this morning, "a rossen report" talks about the danger lurking in pools and hot tubs. jeff good morning. >> happy saturday. thank goodness spring is here. summer around the corner. time to flashsplash in the pool.
7:39 am
the cdc reports more and more people are actually getting sick from pools and hot tubs. cases are on the rise. this morning, before you jump in we have you covered. we're jumping in for you. pool season is here. and families across the country are diving in. but have you ever wondered what germs are waiting in the water? we suited up to find out. >> time to start testing. >> while you vacation our rossen reports team is hard at work. taking samples from pools and hot tubs at five top hotel chains. >> all of the samples. >> and sending them off to the certified lab for testing. right away look what we found. debris on top. visible dirt on the bottom. this mystery item floating around. that's not all. look at this clump of hair. you're swimming in this.
7:40 am
>> another one down. >> so we're surprised by the lab report. no dangerous bacteria in any of the pools. good news. but before you celebrate, here comes trouble. >> let's see how dirty this hot tub is. >> when we tested the hot tub, we found total coliform and enterocaucus. >> it means someone went to the bathroom and went to the pool. >> we shared our results with experts. an er doctor at lenox hill hospital. >> i believe the chlorine kills the bacteria. >> it can, but to a certain extent. it is where bacteria thrives best. >> in another hot tub, psudomonus. how easy is it to get sick from this? >> it could be minutes. >> that quick?
7:41 am
>> that quick. >> allen knows how dangerous dirty hot tubs be. one quick dip in a public hot tub sends him to the hospital. >> a doctor came in and he said you have legionaires disease. >> suddenly allen was fighting for his life. >> it was my time of relaxation. i had absolutely no idea i was breathing in the mist which was contaminated. >> in all, we tested five hot tubs. all of them came back with bar bacteria counts in the millions. a summer warning before you make a splash. the hotel industry urges all employees to clean the pools and hot tubs and test the ph levels twice a day. no one is saying the pool will kill you. go swimming. i will. it's fun. there are ways to protect
7:42 am
yourself by rinsing off before you jump in. for parents, take your kids to the bathroom every 60 minutes or so. that way they are less likely to go in the pool. guys. >> all right. >> jeff, thanks. >> a problem since the beginning of time. just one of those things. >> some things we cannot stop. >> you have to jump in and have fun. >> rinse off first before you jump in. >> are we cancelling the hot tub date? >> no, we're still on. >> bring on the hot tub time machine. celebrating ten years of america's favorite web sites. how the huffington post tur buying a used car can be a scary proposition. you walk onto that lot and immediately you are surrounded like a guppy in a shark tank. it just feels like car salesmen want to sell whatever car is best for them, not best for me. there's gotta be a better way. ♪ ♪
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yes, yes i did. bush's beans. what's your favorite flavor? well if you like surfing the web, you checked out the huffington post at one point. it is now ten years olds. >> now it has grown into a major source for news. i sat down with arianna huffington and learned it is just getting started. for a decade we clicked and shared and watched as the huffington post grew from an unknown web site to a media hour power house. >> we made the weird news. >> obviously i read the huffington post. >> one wrote huffing and puffing and disappointing. >> that was a marvelous view.
7:46 am
we were just 11 hours old. the reviewer said the huffington post is an unsurvivable failure. >> when arianna huffington launched the site she maintained the intent wasn't political. >> we wanted to be a robust journalistic enterprise doing traditional journalism and to be a platform available to anybody who had something interesting to say. >> that model means on any given day, presidents and princes and award winning journalists share space. it is eye catching headlines are designed to draw you in. there is space for real reporting. an investigation into the lives of wounded veterans won the 2012 pulitzer prize. and promoting healthy snacks and better balance in the office and
7:47 am
including no e-mail after hours. >> it is not sustainable to expect people to be always on. we are not made that way. >> both the company and site have grown exponentially. grown from 500,000 viewers in the month, to 215 million globally today. >> i remember when 10 million was a goal. now to have 214 million globally is vastly different. >> in 2011 aol paid $300 million for the huffington post. transforming its founder from a political spouse and pundit into a media mogul. >> i think it is imperative for the huffington post to remain a work in progress. to never say this is a huffington post. >> wow. >> it is a work in progress. think about how it changes.
7:48 am
>> i remember when it first started. we would check it every once and a while. then it became a daily habit. >> a lot of people look for the headlines. they look for the eye catching headlines that any newspaper would do. >> it starts with arianna, a force of nature. also she is now assembled a group of good reporters who are doing more of what they were accused of before. cat videos and all that. they are doing good reporting. >> one of the things they told me is they stopped doing pieces on post pregnancy bodies. they found that really wasn't helping anybody. one of the things they are focusing on is what's working where they look at news stories which are more positive. >> happy anniversary. still to come this morning, we will head to the orange room where moms are weighing in on what they really want for mother's day. interesting answers here. but first this is "today" on
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yeah, i'm married. does it matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah, i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm at three in the morning. who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing jake from state farm? [ jake ] uh... khakis. she sounds hideous. well she's a guy, so... [ male announcer
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] another reason more people stay with state farm. get to a better state. ♪ ♪ tomorrow is mother's day. so erica, what is your idea of the perfect present. could it be a handy mom travel mug? >> who doesn't need a handy mom travel mug. >> i love the things my kids give me. i have a pin my son made for me in kindergarten. i love those things. i would not mind an hour by myself doing nothing. not that i don't love you, dave, weston and sawyer. >> i think the kid made stuff is best. >> i love that stuff. >> we asked moms on and sheinelle is in the orange room with the answers. >> erica and willie i think moms in the country agree with you. you may be surprised. i like them. here we go.
7:52 am
4% of moms wanted alone time. particularly to binge watch their shows. 6% of moms want sleep. that's me. she is smiling. 9% want delicious food. here is the key, prepared by someone else. 28% want a fun day with the family. 33% of you really really want the day off from parenting. i will tell you, i want a concotion of all of them. you upload a video of 10 seconds or less completing mom, i love you because. use the #orangeroom. we may air your videos tomorrow. don't you like my coupon book? i want you to give me. >> i actually got coupons from my son yesterday. weston gave me four coupons they made in class. one is take out the trash. one is do something for you. there are great ones. >> it was fun to watch you
7:53 am
listen to sheinelle and you said yes, please. yes, please. >> do you think they are watching at home? >> sheinelle, thank you. still to come on "today," u2 takes over the tonight show. you remember the accident sidelined him and he had to cancel a week of shows. they came back last night with jimmy and as you can imagine, they did it in style. it is all part of our pop start. >> that's how they roll. we are looking forward to that. we are looking forward to kicking off pop start this weekend. you will see more of on "today." first, these the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. after all, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned... every day... using wellness to keep away illness... and believing that a single life can be made better by millions of others. healthier takes somebody who can power modern health care... by connecting every single part of it. for as the world keeps on searching for healthier... we're here to make healthier happen.
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♪ ♪ ♪ (under loud music) this is the place. ♪ ♪ ♪ their beard salve is made from ♪ ♪ ♪ sustainable tea tree oil and kale... you, my friend, recognize when a trend has reached critical mass. yes, when others focus on one thing you see what's coming next. you see opportunity. that's what a type e* does. and so it begins. with e*trade's investing insights center, you can spot trends before they become trendy. e*trade. opportunity is everywhere. nbc 10 news starts now. >> good morning. i'm rosemary connors. meteorologist michelle grossman is tracking the weather for us.
7:56 am
off to a foggy start, michelle. >> that's right, especially to the south and east of philadelphia. there it is in cape may, reduced visibility down to 3 miles atlantic city, 3 miles in millville. take it easy in your morning jog, you may see a little fog. we're seeing that will finally burn off over the next couple of hours. 2 62 in lancaster, 61 in wildwood. a mixture of sun and cloud by this afternoon and more summer-like weather on sunday. >> police tell us texting led to is this accident overnight in montgomery county. the driver told officers he was using his phone when his suv flipped over and hit a parked car. it happened at powder mill lane. the driver went to the hospital. no word on his condition.
7:57 am
>> this morning philadelphia police are investigating a deadly accident involving a duck boat in center city. the crash happened yesterday afternoon near 11th and all street. the duck vehicle hit a 68-year-old woman as she was crossing the street with her husband. the couple was visiting from texas. nobody on board the vehicle was hurt. witnesses tell us the victim may have been distracted. police say at this time it does not appear that the duck boat driver was at fault. >> happening now, day two of the aberdeen dad vail regatta is under way along the schukyll river. i'm rosemary connors. now back to the "today" show. have a good one.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. it's saturday may 9th 2015. here is a look at top stories. triple threat. 25 million people bracing for a storm system set to hit parts of the country. this as a tropical storm threatens the carolinas and up to 2 feet of snow expected to fall in the rockies. captured. police track down the man who attacked the young girl in her home. the manhunt led after the security camera caught the ordeal on tape as the girl fought off her attacker. and royal prince. royal harry gets a kiss after
8:01 am
donning scenes from an action movie. all part of the stint with the australian army. good morning. welcome back to "today." a beautiful saturday morning here in new york city. quickly warming up. chilly right now. >> starting to warm up. >> a nice day here in new york. i'm willie geist in for lester. >> nice to have you with us. i'm erica hill. dylan is in oklahoma this morning where she is tracking a potentially deadly storm. there are a number of them in different parts of the country. we will keep a close eye on that as we get right down to the wild weather from coast to coast. we have correspondents lined up across the country. dylan is in oklahoma where she is keeping a close eye on the dangerous weather system that has 25 million people in its path. dylan. >> reporter: erica, we are waiting for the storms to develop later on this afternoon. the meteorologists are busy here at the national weather service. i want to point out something to you. twice a day here they release
8:02 am
these helium filled weather balloons and attached is an instrument that goes up into the atmosphere and collects the meteorology data that the meteorologists need to make the forecast. we are going to get this all set up. we will do that launch live in just a second. take a look at the storms we saw yesterday. i noticed i captured the picture of the bolt of lightning. we had the sunset on my left and there was a giant storm to my north/northeast. the bolt of lightning was insane. indicative of the vivid lightning. we are looking at the chance of tornadoes today. the tornadoes yesterday were caught in northern texas. today, more storms seen in western kansas. take a look at some of the storms that we saw yesterday. hail the size of baseballs to the north of where i am in norman oklahoma. hail so thick in places it looked like snow on the ground. we have rain in the area and
8:03 am
more rain yesterday that roads were completely flooded. we had downed power lines and trees from the damaging wind gusts. today, we are looking at the threat of our strongest storms again back through parts of kansas and into the panhandle of oklahoma. everything is fairly quiet this morning with storms in the midwest. we are looking at those storms to fire up again later on this afternoon once the atmosphere was unstable. the zone in red is the best chance of tornadoes. in the entire yellow area we still have the threat of large hail and wind gusts and flash flooding. we are looking for those to continue to spread east and produce the stronger storms.
8:04 am
we are looking at flash floods because of the rain here in the past several days. we will have several more inches within the heavy downpours. flash flooding will remain an issue. back here in norman oklahoma at the national weather service and across 90 national weather offices across the country, they are releasing one of the balloons. it gives us a sample of what is going on in the upper atmosphere. we have meteorologist forrest mitchell here. let's take our reading. let it go. and just like that it is off into the sky. that box will land to the ground once the helium balloon busts into the atmosphere. if someone finds it there is a return envelope. only 10% get mailed back to the office. little fun fact for you guys. that's the information we need. >> dylan, that is cool. i wondered how they get that information. very cool stuff. >> i look that picture she took. the lightning shot. >> impressive. >> dylan, thank you very much.
8:05 am
now to another weather threat off the east coast. residents in north and south carolina bracing for the first named storm of the 2015 atlantic hurricane season. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in myrtle beach, south carolina. gabe good morning. >> reporter: willie good morning. several weeks before the start of hurricane season. we have seen the outer bands of ana hitting us in myrtle beach. we have seen winds and rain off and on throughout the morning. we had rain this morning and now the sun peeked out a bit. now with a lot of wind and choppy surf. dangerous rip currents will be seen. overnight, it was reclassified from a subtropical storm to a tropical storm. now has maximum sustained winds of almost 60 miles an hour. and it is forecast to bring up
8:06 am
to 5 inches of rain. on friday, it was virtually stationary off the coast. now moving off the coast at 3 miles an hour. it is expected to bring heavy rains through monday. it is expected to officially make land here along the carolina coast some time tomorrow. guys back to you. >> gabe gutierrez in myrtle beach. thank you. the weather troubles don't stop. a powerful storm brewing out west that is going to bring up to 2 feet of snow in the rockies. for that we turn to nbc's miguel almaguer from rapid city, south carolina. miguel good morning. >> reporter: erica, good morning. the weather doesn't look like much now. we have late rain at the moment. the temperatures are chilly in the 30s and 40s. in about a 12 hours we expect temperatures to drop all the
8:07 am
light rain to turn to heavy snow. it could be blizzard-like conditions. it could bring avalanche warnings. the mayor asks people to stay home overnight and celebrate mother's day indoors tomorrow because the roads are expected to be treacherous. the cold front that is moving in could bring at least 20 inches of snow. up to 6 inches in areas. depending on where you live. the front edge of a winter storm in the middle of may. so folks here certainly bracing for what is expected to be a bad storm. city officials telling folks to brace for the cold weather and stay indoors. back to you. >> not the way they pictured mother's day. miguel thanks. let's go inside to sheinelle with reports of a plane crash overnight in spain. sheinelle. >> yes, breaking news right now. a military transport plane crashed on takeoff in spain this morning. according to spanish news
8:08 am
sources, six or seven crew members aboard. it was an airbus but not a passenger flight. a man is in custody suspected of a brazen attack of a girl in california. the video shows the attacker as the girl fights off the intruder. ron allen has the story. >> reporter: swift justice after a shocking crime. a 13-year-old girl attacked in daylight after she arrived to her home. her voice altered to protect her identity. >> help me. help me. actually the only thing going through my mind. >> as you can see, the suspect altered his appearance. >> reporter: police identified the suspect as muhammad kahliki. 31. arrested and charged with multiple counts of burglary and false imprisonment. less than 48 hours after the parents made the video public.
8:09 am
as it was shown on local and social media, police say tips poured in. >> we have evidence that links this suspect to the attacks. he is a sexual predator. >> reporter: police say the same suspect attacked another woman at a local grocery store. both incidents happened within walking distance of his home. police say it is unclear when the suspect will appear in court. what seems certain is the girl will never walk home alone again. ron allen, nbc news. >> a hung jury means there is no answer to one of america's famous child abduction mysteries. a juror held out against convicts pedro hernandez in the disappearance etan patz. his lawyers argue the confession was coerced. prosecutors plan to try him again. tiger woods may be down but he is not out.
8:10 am
at least not yet. tiger was in danger of missing the cut at the players championship in florida this weekend. it came down to the final hollow friday. he needed to make the birdie putt to stay in the tournament. brushing aside the personal problems tiger rallied. prince harry is getting the royal welcome in new zealand day. college students had the traditional welcome for the prince. he arrived after military training in australia. captain harry of whales went through training and special forces. big time for the royal family. >> big week. >> sheinelle thank you very much. >> i bet he is looking forward to meeting charlotte. >> yes. thanks, sheinelle. >> let's head back to dylan for the check of the country forecast for those not stuck in the path of the storm. >> there are some of those stuck in the path of the tropical
8:11 am
storm. it is rare to get a storm this early in the season. down across the carolinas, that's the one we are watching. it is now officially a tropical storm. winds at 60 miles per hour. it is not moving much. as we go into tonight and tomorrow it will pick up forward speed and possibly make landfall along the coast of north carolina by sunday. you can see the outer bands producing heavy rain. it is not just the rain. it's the rip current danger and rough surf and potential for beach erosion. we are looking at the possibility for up to 5 to 7 inches of rain out of the tropical system. in the middle of the country, 5 to 7 inches of rain from torrential rain with the severe storms we will see. that could lead to flash flooding. we are looking at our best chance of tornadoes across southwestern kansas into the panhandle of oklahoma. the west coast a good saturday morning.
8:12 am
i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. it's 78-82, another summer-like day. another warm day on sunday a thunderstorm or two later on sunday 84. up to 86 on monday, 88 on tuesday, and finally more average-type temperatures on wednesday and thursday. have a good day. think it's long gone by now. >> good news is you have a garage full of them behind you. launch another one. dylan, thanks so much. talk to you soon. now to a show of force in moscow today as vladimir putin's russian government displays military might. thousands of troops marched through the streets as the military parade. marking 70 years since the end of world war ii. nbc's keir simmonss was there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning,
8:13 am
willie. the crowds are sellcelebrateing the victory in the second world war. thousands of people in red square. earlier, vladimir putin used the platform to criticize the united states. the display of russian military power not seen since the collapse of the soviet union. back then, communist leaders in red square. today, vladimir putin. honoring millions of russian whose perished in the second world war. these are anxious times with conflict in the ukraine. missile launches. you can't escape the message. russia is armed, but not necessarily dangerous. putin's press secretary insists. >> never been aggressive in pursuing power. does not mean you are not
8:14 am
insistent in pursuing your goals. >> reporter: north korea's president has been expected to show up. russians are furious. >> the united states of america doesn't want to hear our people. >> reporter: one pro putin lawmaker says they want friendship with the west. >> want to travel along with the world and speak different languages and want to develop. >> reporter: but in red square today, echos of a cold war the world had hopes was history. and the division seems to be deepening. the president of ukraine accused russia of aggression. putin claimed it is the united states trying to strongarm the world. >> keir simmons, thank you. still could tomorrow here george clooney tells all why he loves the woman who stole his ♪ we will rock you anthem ♪ ♪ ♪
8:15 am
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8:18 am
we are back on this saturday morning with pop start. we get you caught up with the daily dose of pop culture. >> and george clooney has sweet confessions along with jimmy fallon fallon. >> good morning. riding the subway is not a pleasant experience in new york. this week was an exception. u2 had a performance. it was all part of jimmy fallon's show. >> not working this week. no. plan b. plan b everybody. ♪♪ >> i love that.
8:19 am
>> isn't that great? >> and for a whole week. it had to be canceled after bono was in the biking accident. the lesson for us is pay attention in the subway. eyes up. >> good point. >> people walked by him until he took off the disguise. >> people ride the subway every day. there are talented people. >> people who walk by are kicking themselves. moving on to george clooney. he may be the only man to make millions of women swoon. we are promoting his film "tomorrow land." he revealed why he fell in love with amal. she is amazing and caring and one of the smartest people he ever met. there are a number of reasons why. in case you missed it on "lip sync battle." it was steven merchant and alan acreman.
8:20 am
you will never look at these two again. ♪ talk dirt to me ♪♪ >> all right. ♪♪ >> i can't believe what he's wearing. >> that is all you. >> okay. okay. listen they may be great, but personally the episode that i am waiting for is the one featuring this guy. >> oh, boy. >> i love it. >> that's right. ♪ telling me i need a girl whose as sweet as a dove telling me the first time in my life i'm in love ♪♪ >> look at the moves. look at the arm moves. >> your street cred went through the roof. >> this is willie geist. he is your hip hop master. >> i enjoy the stuff. ll was the host. that is coming up in july. >> fantastic. thank you. >> a lot of fun. >> we'll be back with more in a moment. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:21 am
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or muscle weakness can be a sign of a life-threatening condition. side effects may include allergic reactions neck and injection site pain fatigue and headache. don't take botox® if you have a skin infection. tell your doctor about your medical history muscle or nerve conditions and medications, including botulinum toxins as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. put the odds on your side. visit to learn how to save on your treatment. talk to a headache specialist today about botox®. nbc10 news starts now. >> good morning, i'm rosemary connors. it's just a few minutes before 8:30. that fog behind us can i see it. it's starting to clear. let's check in with meteorologist michelle grossman.
8:26 am
looking a little better. >> it's looking a little better. we're still seeing some fog in some spots. that will be the case for the next few hours. it's lasting a little longer over the coast, seeing the drizzle, the clouds and the fog. visibility is better than where it was three miles ago. we're also seeing some drizzle showers across the area and especially in parts of southern new jersey. so that will last another hour or two and temperatures right now, we're looking at temperatures in the 60s, a mild start, 65 in philadelphia 65 in allentown, 63 in wildwood. today very summer-like. later this afternoon we'll see partly sunny skies. sunday 84. another warm day on monday and tuesday and then finally getting back to comfortable air wednesday, thursday and friday friday looking beautiful, 72. >> two people with hurt in this
8:27 am
crash in west philadelphia and went to the hospital. police suspect one of the drivers may have been under the influence. also a man shot in north philadelphia is in stable condition. the shooting happened on alder street around 1:45 this morning. the victim was shot in the back and the legs. no arrest in the case. >> and police tell us texting led to this accident in montgomery county. according to investigators, a driver told officers he was using his phone when his suv flipped over and hit a parked car. this was on powder mill lane. the driver was hurt. >> we have an alert for drivers today. work on the trenton bridge could cause some delays. work was scheduled to begin just a short time ago. travel restrictions will last until midnight. i'm rosemary connors. see you at 9:00.
8:28 am
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♪♪ we're at the "today" show. >> hello to the residents in new york. >> we're from dallas texas. these are our twin girls. >> happy birthday mom. we love you. >> happy birthday dad. 90 years old. >> happy birthday mom. >> we're here in new york city to celebrate levi's 21st birthday. >> we are college students and we came all the way from iowa. >> wrangler! wrangler! wrangler! >> oh, wrangler. we are back on this saturday morning. may 9th 2015. we have a great and enthusiasm crowd here on the plaza.
8:31 am
large crowd. still to come on saturday morning, the story of two families devastated by cancer and were able to find joy after their own tragedy. >> a beautiful story. it is prom season. we decided to take a look at some of the greatest prom movies of all time as we go way, way back to high school here on "today." a mother's day surprise as dylan tells us how her mom helped her find her true sense of adventure. and look who's here this morning. wrangler. he is making his weekend debut. we will check in on how he's doing with training as a guide dog in a bit. >> looking forward to that. before we get to it, let's get a check of the storm systems from dylan. >> good morning, guys. we are looking at the chance of stronger storms redeveloping in the same area where we had storms for the past three days. it is going to be another active afternoon. this area in yellow extending from nebraska to texas. that's where we will see storms
8:32 am
today. it is in orange and especially the red area where we see the strongest storms. western kansas and panhandle of oklahoma is the best chance of tornadoes. in the southeast, the tropical storm ana. in the rockies, up to 2 feet of snow in the forecast between tonight and sunday. for mother's day, snow and severe storms and a tropical storm. some sunshine in some places too. we have a little bit of everything on the map. our slight risk of strong storms extends from iowa to texas. not just for tornadoes, but hail damaging winds and flash flooding is a concern. we will see perhaps as much as 5 to 7 inches of rain in north carolina as tropical storm ana makes landfall perhaps on a good saturday morning, meteorologist michelle grossman. we have fog and drizzle. that will burn off and move out of here and then it's warm partly sunny, another
8:33 am
summer-like day. another warm day on sunday. might be a thunderstorm later on sunday. monday 86. up to 88 on tuesday with a chance of showers and thunderstorms. and then finally we bring back more average-like temperatures. by wednesday 71. looking really night on thursday 68 and beautiful on friday. have a great day. >> dylan, thank you. now to a great story of a man and woman who found love again after losing their spouses to cancer. sheinelle is back with that story. >> this is a good story. what started as a tragedy for two families is turning into a modern day brady bunch. what is more remarkable is how the two grieving parents found each other and fell in love all over again. ryan and jessica ronney are living a love story that started with heart break. >> we both blogged to our late spouses cancer journeys. >> reporter: both married and raising young families. >> i had four.
8:34 am
>> i had three. >> reporter: when the respective spouses were diagnosed with brain cancer eventually dying within days. >> i was struggling in a bad way emotionally. >> reporter: someone reading their blogs suggested they may be good support for each other although they were strangers living in different states. >> i left a comment on his blog. i think he responded the next day in an e-mail. >> reporter: after that the conversations never stopped. >> a week later, we were pretty serious. we were e-mailing constantly. >> on the phone. >> on the phone. >> for hours. >> pouring out our hearts. >> reporter: quickly, the kids in both families started asking when they would get a new mom or dad. >> they had a void to fill. to them it's simple. they had a good mom and good dad and they lost that. they wanted another one. >> reporter: one month later, a couple met in person for the first time and within six months they married.
8:35 am
>> we knew what we wanted. we found it in each other. why wait? we learned that you don't know how long life's going to be. if you don't embrace every moment you can, what do you have? >> reporter: but the story isn't over just yet. they are now expecting a baby. >> i know it's eight kids and ridiculous. >> it is. >> one more really at this point? >> reporter: and those who compare them to the brady bunch, they laugh and say one thing is missing. >> we need an alice. >> somebody want to bring us an alice? >> alice is the housekeeper in the brady bunch. the baby is due next month. they admit it is not always easy but depend on faith and commitment to each other. in the end, the sad and difficult times have all been worth it. it makes sense that the two of them are able to come together. >> what a great way to find that something good to come out of that loss. >> the kids say they got along
8:36 am
instantly. >> great story, sheinelle. coming up next now it is prom season we will take a look back at some of our favorite movies celebrating that special night and maybe dressing up a bit. >> why? >> we're [ female announcer ] take skincare to the next level with roc® multi correxion® 5 in 1. proven to hydrate dryness illuminate dullness lift sagging diminish the look of dark spots and smooth the appearance of wrinkles. high performance skincare™ only from roc®. dave's been working on his game...
8:37 am
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8:38 am
when they go online: don't be a cyberbully. no racy selfies. and remember everyone can see everything you post, even grandma. rules keep kids safe online. the more you know. back now on this saturday morning with a special edition of our weekend movie texticket. >> with prom season in full swing, we are going back in time with cult classics. here is joelle gargulo. >> reporter: the prom. a special moment in any teen's life. >> i'm ted. i'm here to take mary to the prom. >> reporter: a day filled with
8:39 am
highs. >> i feel like julia roberts in "pretty woman." except for the hooker thing. >> hi billy. >> reporter: and always a favorite on the big screen. >> tonight is the night. we have been waiting for this for four years. >> we got a bleeder. >> reporter: yes, "there's something about mary" but something about these flicks. ♪ go johnny go ♪♪ >> reporter: that transport us back in time. we can all relate to the nervous feeling and anticipation of asking for being asked to the big dance. >> feel any better if i asked to you to the prom? >> reporter: from finding the perfect dress. >> it must be marked wrong. >> reporter: to perfecting the moves. these romantic, awkward and hysterical movies will bring you back to the awkward night you will never forget.
8:40 am
>> you still want to dance with a wolf? >> reporter: so maybe ours were not as eventful. ♪ cut footloose ♪♪ >> reporter: for "today," joelle garguillo, nbc news new york. >> this is the best night of our lives. there is no way you can watch that and not talk about our favorite prom flicks. >> i love that we are so coordinated. this is beautiful. thank you. we are joined by eric davis. host of not so skinny mom and then chuck nice. all came to play as you always do. good morning. we are glad you are decked out for this. i'm so excited. i dropped my papers. i'll share with my prom date. we have different categories of prom movies to help you get in the mood. if we are all past the age of prom. the first one. >> your favorite throwback prom
8:41 am
movie. "footloose" and "footloose" and "carrie?" >> a little early to go dark on the prom. >> nothing like murder at the prom chuck. >> every prom is "carrie" to me. >> why "footloose?" >> it is the greatest prom movie of all time. my recommendation. how do you top a film with kids banned from dancing. one of the best dancing sequences of all time with kevin bacon. >> you look fantastic. you agree, kerry. >> one degree of separation next to this one. this is when i knew i loved kevin bacon. we did not know him before that. he's hot. he's dancing. the movie is awesome. >> and "back to the future." >> you talk about throwback. how far back can you be thrown
8:42 am
than the future? you have to go back to the prom in the 1950s to actually hook your parents up -- ewww. then at the prom your mom tries to make out with you, double eww. it gave chuck berry a career. >> wasn't looking good for him before that. let's move on to favorite prom comedy movie. >> "pretty in pink." john cryer as duckie. one of the all time greatest characters. a sweet and funny movie. maybe it is okay to be the best friend and you don't always get the girl. i think it is a fantastic film. molly ringwald. >> a classic. kerry? >> "mean girls." everybody hates the mean girls
8:43 am
because we all wear pink on wednesdays. >> chuck? >> i'm recommending "napoleon dynamite." hilarious. pedro's cousin pick of napoleon. his prom date? can you imagine coming to the door and you're with your daughter and two kids in the low rider? >> you are feeling good about that at that point. we don't have time for this. hold up the picks. prom horror movie. "carrie" unanimous. >> thank you for being here and awesome:. >> we should go have brunch in the outfits. >> sheinelle is in the orange room. sheinelle, we will find you a prom dress. >> nothing different. i'm watching here. i'm so excited for our fan of the day. this is kiki brown from
8:44 am
baltimore. i recognized your name. you watch "weekend today." >> every day. >> thank you so much for watching the show. take it away. >> still to come on "today," dylan has a big mother's day surprise for her very adventure mom. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
♪ when you love ♪♪ we're back now on a saturday with our week long mother's day series "mom i love you because." this time dylan is taking her mom on an adventure. >> willie it was awesome. when i was little i listened to everything my mom told me to do. when she told me on mother's day that she would love to go white water rafting, well how could i turn her down? i'm not a very adventurous person but this is not the first time my mom convinced me to do something wild. i surprised her with a trip to
8:47 am
costa rica and we rode the rapids. i'm about 98% my mother's daughter. the 1% i did not get was height and long legs and the other 1% was the sense of adventure. >> i love the thrill. >> she likes to do anything that gets your heart racing. she has convinced me to get a turtle tattoo with her twice. convinced me to go sky diving with her twice. i really wanted to do something special with my mom for mother's day, but i knew i had to think outside the box. so what better way to tap into that sense of adventure than take her white water rafting in costa rica. >> i'm extremely excited. i can't believe i'm here.
8:48 am
>> my mom talks me into anything and everything. >> i consider dylan a mini me. i know if it is something i would enjoy doing, dylan will be there with me. >> we laugh alike. we talk alike. we walk alike. everything is so distinct. when i think back to my childhood, my mom struck that balance of discipline and a strict mother and treating us as kids but also giving us that freedom to grow into the people we were going to grow into. she did not hinder us of doing anything. >> i thought they should take every opportunity to have fun and enjoy life. >> as an adult, i realize i'm the person i am today not because of the specific lessons that my mom taught me but more because i'm just trying to be the person my mom is. i learned from my mom how to be independent, but ask for help if
8:49 am
you need it. i learn to be my own person but to be a good person and think about the people around you. but more than anything else my mom's spirit and sense of fun that i take with me every day. >> now you know we had so much fun on this trip. i love watching that spot. my favorite part was when we were on the plane and exhausted and i put my head on her shoulder and dosed off. you can be that kid around your mom. >> i love your mom more now. >> we love your mom. >> i did not know you have a tattoo. >> she likes to have fun. >> where is the turtle? >> it's right here. >> okay. >> right in that area. >> dylan -- >> that's all you will hear about that. >> dylan, the other thought is
8:50 am
we could take our moms to costa rica? i went to the diner on 91st street with my mom. >> you know how to do it on the weekend. >> dylan, thanks so much. great story. we love your mom. see you. coming up next wrangler is here. we will get the latest on how the beloved puppy is doing in the
8:51 am
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8:53 am
with a special visitor. wrapping wrangler is making his weekend debut. >> our puppy with a purpose celebrated his sixth month birthday. take a look at everything he has been up to so far this year. >> are you ready to meet our friend? >> yeah. >> our puppy with a purpose stole the stage in january. and immediately melted our hearts. >> look at that face. >> over 80,000 people chimed in on our puppy's name. it is wrangler! >> 42,000 followers. >> he has become a big hit with us. >> coming out of the door is someone hairy and adorable and just about house trained. willie geist and wrangler. >> a bigger hit with our guests. >> hi honey. >> who is cuter? wrangler or gronk? >> full-time handler saxon
8:54 am
easton is the number one fan. >> will you get a puppy after this experience? >> an interesting experience watching anne hathaway socialize with your puppy. >> the first play in the snow. first time climbing the stairs. a little cameo in our super bowl ad. a first visit to the plaza. just this week he celebrated another milestone. his sixth month birthday. when he is not having fun with us he's in puppy class. vital with his work with guiding eyes for the blind. >> fantastic. >> we love wrangler. he is here with the puppy raiser saxon. good to see you. >> nice to see you, too. >> we can't believe how big he has gotten. we are excited he is here with us on the weekend. let's look at the basic commands he learned. he has sitting down. >> that is a foundation skill
8:55 am
when he is partnered with someone with vision loss. wrangler. good. sit. yes. very good boy. down. yes. very good dog. >> good boy. good boy, wrangler. amazing to watch him grow and not just in size but as a guide dog as well. we want to put him through paces here. our buddies at hgtv were good enough to give us an obstacle course. >> this play structure right here wrangler let's go. helped him learn how to be comfortable on stairs and under footing. this is important for him to be a guide dog. in order to be a guide dog, he has to be able to step on stairs and different under footings. some day, he may have to guide his person over a subway grate.
8:56 am
he needs to do that with ease. good morning. just ahead on nbc 10 news today, from a sketch to a suspect. philadelphia police are working to close in on a man that is wanted for a sexual assault. >> and a?ókq deadly duck boat accident. >> and we're tracking much cool are air -- cooler air ahead. >> and it is day two of the
8:57 am
aberdeen dad vail regatta. that's coming up at 9:00. dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to buy a house.
8:58 am
i know how it feels to be stressed about money. i understand what a scary word "retirement" is, and i can help. cause i'm not just a fellow dad, fellow mom fellow saver i'm a fellow citizen. who gets up every day and tries her best. just like you. if you have a question about money, ask me. sincerely, elizabeth trackler samantha parke robert kennedy deanna morrison jared duemling alex payne
8:59 am
right now on "nbc 10 news today," philadelphia pleaseolice have identified the suspect wanted in a kidnap and attempted sexual assault. now they have to find him. >> conditions are dry and looking good along the schuylkill river where teams are competing in day two of the aberdeen dad vail regatta. at citizens park you won't need a jacket. today temperatures will climb into the 80s. good morning. i'm rosemary connors. meteorologist michelle grossman is tracking the weekend weather for us. michelle, feels a whole lot like summer summer, not really spring out
9:00 am
there. >> it will be in the 80s, you'll need the short sleeves and the shorts. you'll need that for the weekend. we're looking at areas of fog across the area especially to the southeast. down a quarter mile in atlantic city, down to 2 1/2 miles in dover. if you're flying out this morning, you might want to call ahead and make sure your airline is on time this morning. you could see some showers in parts of burlington county, new jersey. closest is the coast is where we're seeing more cloud and showers. 55 in philadelphia, 65 in wilmington and 63 degrees in wildwood. we'll finely see that fog move away. we'll see more sunshine not a whole lot today but at least better than what we're doing by now. >> 3:00 pa


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