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tv   NBC 10 News at 10am  NBC  May 10, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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right now on nbc 10 news today, an argument leads to gunfire on south street overnight. this morning police are investigating if this double shooting is connected to another shooting nearby. right now in mississippi, a police department is mourning the loss of two of its officers. it's the first time it's happened there in decades. ahead, we'll tell you about the capture of three suspects. and the battle to fight breast cancer takes center stage in center city. we are live at the 25th annual susan g. komen race for the cure. good morning this is nbc 10 news today, i'm rosemary connors. it's 10:00 on this sunday. meteorologist michelle grossman is tracking the conditions outside on this mother's day. michelle looking a little gray out there, but you're telling us it's going to get better. >> it will get better. much like yesterday, we'll see the sun squeaking through. we're not going the see full sunshine, but partly sunny skies if not mostly cloudy skies, as we go throughout the afternoon. it's going to take a little while in spots to get there.
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low clouds across the area patchy fog. we're looking at some dry conditions, a little soupy, a little summerlike this morning, and temperatures and winds out of the south, bringing the temperatures to 70 in philadelphia, 72 in allentown, 70 in lancaster, 70 in mt. holly, 70 in atlantic city. very uniform temperatures across the area with that southerly flow. and as we go throughout the afternoon, we're going to see those temperatures responding. the heat and humidity may spark a few showers, maybe a few thunderstorms in the afternoon, but by 11:00, if you're out and about on this mother's day, 11:00 a.m. 78 1:00 partly sunny, 81 a little bit more sunshine at that point, and by 3:00, that's where we're seeing the chance for a isolated thunderstorm. we'll track those in just a few minutes. summerlike today but we're tracking 70s in your seven-day. we'll do that in just a few minutes. >> looking forward to it. thanks michelle.
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new from overnight, two teenagers are in the hospital after a shooting on south street. now philadelphia are investigating whether there is a possible connection to the shooting of a 19-year-old man nearby. nearby. the first shooting brought dozens of police officers to eighth and south streets around 1:15 this morning. two teens, 16 and 17 were shot in the legs. both are in stable condition right now. detectives told us before the gun fired, there was an argument between two groups of people. in the second incident around the corner of bainbridge street a 19-year-old victim was shot and is also in stable condition. detectives say they are talking to one person of interest right now. also new from overnight, a man is dead following a shooting in the kensington section to have philadelphia. he was shot in the head around 12:30 this morning, while sitting in a car on east atlantic city. he died at the hospital. investigators believe the driver of the car may be the shooter and they say they saw a man run
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away from the scene. a third person is under arrest after two police officers were shot and killed during a traffic stop in mississippi. the shooting happened in hattiesburg last night. authorities say the suspects shot the=]0g officers and then escaped in their patrol car. it set off a statewide manhunt. two brothers marvin and curtis banks were captured within hours of each other and a woman, whom police say was with the brothers at the time, is also under arrest. >> men and women who go out every day to protect us. the men and women who go out every day to make sure we're safe were turned on tonight. >> we've also learned the names of the officers killed in this case. they've been identified as benjamin deen and liquori tate. wiers also finding out that tate was a rookie on the force. deen had once been named officer of the year in the department. as soon as we get more information about this shooting we will pass it along.
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now to some new information about a baby thrown off of an allentown bridge allegedly by his mother. 1-year-old zymeir perry died yesterday. his mom threw him into the river last sunday and jumped into the water herself. authorities have charged the 19-year-old mother with attempted murder but now those charges could be upgraded. we are also learning more about a family tragedy in delaware county. yesterday, we showed you this accident where a teenager died after being hit by a car in a garage in drexel hill. here's what we've learned since then. police say a man lost control of his car friday night and slammed into his 17-year-old son. according to neighbors, the teen was crushed against the wall. witnesses attempted cpr, was the teen died. neighbors tell us he was an upper darby high school student and had a twin sibling. nbc 10 was outside of the house last night where friends and community members offered support to the family. upper darby officials also express their condolences for what they are calling a tragic
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accident. they can blame it on the weather. all that fog and the cloudy weather that we've been having the past few days it's affected some passengers who were on board a british airways flight. they say they were stranded in philadelphia for hours. the flight from london to new york was diverted to philadelphia international because of the fog late friday night. after the plane landed it sat on the runway for about three hours until the airline finally canceled it altogether. passengers then spent another three hours waiting in a hallway for customs to open. many of them including actor engineerjeremy piven, took to social media to vent their frustration and share these photos. the passengers eventually got on buses or trains to new york but they say they were not happy with what happened on board that plane. >> there was nobody to help us. you know being stuck in coachy in a dirty, smelly aircraft wasn't helping. there was no ventilation. we were all frustrated. british airways, they did try to work with us at some point, but telling us we couldn't get up
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was ridiculous. you know people had to use the restrooms. you can't deny people access to the restroom you know? >> the spokesperson for philadelphia international airport says the british airways flight diversion was not planned and that customs typically opens at 5:00 a.m. we also received a statement from british airways. we just got this morning. it says in part, "we are very sorry for the delay to our customers' journey, but safety is always our top priority. our cabin crew and ground staff looked after them rebooking those with connections and organizing buss to new york as soon as possible." happening now, the 25th annual susan g. komen race for the cure is wrapping up in philadelphia. tens of thousands of runners, walkers, spectators and cancer survivors are in the art museum area for the annual event. nbc 10's jesse gary is live there as well, and he has been talking to many survivors and participants today on what
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really is a tradition for mother's day. >> that's right, rosemary. that sea of pink you mentioned earlier, is migrating now. instead of jogging down the runway, they're moving on to the sidewalk and boarding buses to make their way out of the area as the race and walk have both wrapped up. what a success it's been. i remember being here i don't want to say how many years ago, but in the early stages and it seems like this has grown and grown and organ and a staple on mother's day here in philadelphia. the race began around 8:15 this morning and we have some video of that. the horn signaled the start and then with the voice of dan baker, the voice of the phillies as a matter of fact the race commenced this morning here in the art museum area of philadelphia. tens of thousands of people all participating in the 25th annual susan g. komen race for the cure. 5k run, walk and a 1-mile fun
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run. we had people from all walks of life here participating. we had breast cancer survivors, et cetera. we talked to a lot of people and asked them why are you here today, why are you participating? >> i have a mother. i have a sister-in-law who we lost to the cancer. my wife is a -- you know she's, all the time you know she's fighting for breast cancer. my daughter amy, is a survivor you know her best friend was also a breast cancer survivor. i woke up this morning ready to go. >> it's just a great experience and i'm happy i can interact with these people and enjoy my mom and grandmother on mother's day. >> people don't know oh, someone has breast cancer they don't realize there's so many different types of breast cancer. >> does this kind of event help bring awareness to that and educate people? >> yes, i mean i feel so. >> reporter: that is the whole
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point, to raise awareness, and most importantly, to raise money for research to hopefully defeat breast cancer, many people say, in their lifetime. live outside the art assume jesse gary nbc 10 news. new video this morning that shows the impact of ana off the coast of south carolina. still ahead, we'll take a look at the bigs threat boeds byposed by this pre-season tropical storm. and where storm chasers captured this twister on carpal.
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shots. the tornado hit a mostly rural area and there are no reports of any injuries. talking tropical storm ana now. it has made landfall in the carolinas. officials a the national hurricane center report that ana came ashore near myrtle just after 6:00 this morning. this video you're looking at is time lapsed video of the storm approaching. ana is the first tropical storm of the season which hasn't even begun yet. experts say its biggest threat appears to be the dangerous surf and rip tides. so they're asking everyone to stay out of the water, especially surfers. heavy rain and strong winds are expected throughout the day in the carolinas. what a strange weather day yesterday. we had snow in the northern plains, severe weather in the southern plains a tropical storm off the southeast. for us we're relatively quiet. just dealing with the fog, yesterday this morning and also this morning. we're having an indirect impact from ana. we had the heat humidity and
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that's where we're seeing the fog and low clouds in place. already 71 in philadelphia, 71 in horsham, 70 in chester springs as you're out and about this morning, very mild this morning, warm this afternoon. temperatures this morning, 72 in pottstown. you're walking out the door. 70 in lancaster. same story to the south and east. 71 at the atlantic city airport, 71 in swedesboro. we're only going to go up from there into the 80s. by lunchtime, we'll stop this clock right at noon, 81 in philadelphia. still in the upper 70s to the north and west. cool along the coast. looking at temperatures in the low 60s, right around 62 at lunchtime and as we go trout the afternoon, temperatures ticking up to near 84 degrees in philadelphia well above normal once again for this time of year summerlike. 82 in doylestown. notice the coast, still staying in the low 60s. still keeping that fog around
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and the mist. for today, warm and humid. we may see a few thunderstorms later on this afternoon, very isolated maybe a few showers. 82 to 85 summerlike today, pond and tuesday, and finally have relief in the forecast. more seasonal temperatures by wednesday, thursday, friday. we'll talk about that coming up. cuban president raul castro makes a visit to the vatican. next, while he offered up a big thank you to the pope. >> it's an unusual roadside rescue for one state trooper. how he sprang into action when he spotted an animal in danger.
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we love it. hershey's makes it a s'more... you make it special. hershey's is mine, yours our chocolate. it's a money maker. i mean, i just feel like our children are paying the price for these high stakes tests and their teachers are stressed out about it. so, teachers aren't benefiting. they're not getting information from these tests that are helpful for teaching. kids aren't benefiting because they don't even know what they got right or wrong. they just know that they feel really bad about it. parents aren't benefitting because i don't get any more information about my child. so the only people that could possibly be benefitting from this are corporations who are making the tests and selling the tests. this morning we have some new video of a police investigation in switzerland. we have been telling you this morning that several people were killed in a shooting now there are a number of reports that say it's a total of five people including the shooter. let's take a look at some of the new video in.
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it shows police searching for clues, beginning their investigation. here's what we know neighbors heard shot late last night. when police arrived, they found a number of people dead both inside and outside of the house. some published reports are calling this a domestic shooting situation. all of the victims were adults. authorities are now working to identify the victims and learn more about the motives. britain and germany are suspending their use of airbus military transport planes after one of them crashed during flight trials in spain. four crew members died and two others are seriously hurt. yesterday's crash is now raising questions about the safety of the new propeller-driven aircraft. seville, spain, by the way, is the final assembly point for the planes. . now to an update from africa. the world health organization says liberia is free of ebola. the announcement came yesterday after 42 days without a new case in the west african country. the outbreak peaked between
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august and september of last year and claimed more than 4,700 lives in liberia. hundreds of migrants arrived in italy after being rescued from the mediterranean sea. 200 ships two ships dropped off nearly 400 of those people. just last month, more than 800 might rapts sranthtrants died during a ship wreck in the mediterranean. the pontiff helped to renew diplomatic ties between the u.s. and cuba so after this morning's private meeting, castro told reporters that he thanked the pope for what he did. pope francis will visit cuba in september before his u.s. trip and his stop in philadelphia. you can count on nbc 10 to bring you updates as the papal visit gets closer. you can receive alerts delivered right to your smartphone or tablet with the nbc 10 news app. a police officer killed when
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a driver going the wrong way hit his patrol car has been laid to rest in western pennsylvania and it was quite a showing. fellow officers remembered lieutenant eric eflari. fire and rescue teams also paid tribute to his service as a volunteer firefighter. in indiana this weekend, a state trooper came to the rescue of an animaled in need. the state trooper found a baby deer on the median of a highway. the fawn appeared to be hours old and its mother was dead ton side of the road. he wrapped the fawn in a towel until it could be taken in for further observation and care. let's head to south dakota where i'm guess nothing one wants to be because it is snowing. forecasters say blizzard-like
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conditions could last throughout today. the national weather service is warning folks out there that driving could become hazardous because of heavy snow and low visibility. here we go with low visibility around here not just snow. we have fog. some patchy fog, nothing like we saw an hour ago. worst along the coast right now, and much better inland. we're looking at reduced visibility, maybe 3 miles per hour in some spots compared to quarter of mile just two hours ago. otherwise, warm and humid this morning, temperatures will into the 70s in a lot of spots. you'll feel that humidity still sticky outside. that could spark a few thunderstorms, maybe a few showers later on this afternoon. very isolated most of us will not be seeing these showers or storms but some of us could and that will be the same story on monday. relief comes by the middle of the workweek into the workweek. right now, cloudy, 70 degrees.
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it's that southerly flow helping to bring up that moisture and warmth also. we're looking at low clouds across the area a little gray-looking on this mother's day morning. temperatures mainly in the 70s and that's pretty mild through this time of year and also this time of day. a live look outside, looking much better. this was covered in fog just an hour ago and we're starting to see that lift all across the area. then we'll see the sun coming through in the next couple of hours and that will help to really brick up the temperatures. right now, pretty uniform across the area in the ops, some spots still in the low 60s. 72 in allentown, 70 in lancaster, as we fly down to the south and east 70s, 71 in millville, 70 in dover, and 71 in atlantic city. enjoy this morning. it is mild. going to be warm later on this afternoon, a little soupy, as we head throughout the afternoon hours, you can see tropical storm ana, finally making landfall twirling off the carolina coast bringing high surf and tropical storm
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conditions. otherwise for us an indirect impact with humidity in the air and that's what's going to spark a few showers and thunderstorms later on this afternoon. by 5:00 you can see a little green showing up on the map indicating a few showers. that will be the same story as we go throughout monday after some morning fog forms on monday morning, getting us back to school and work. today, warm and humid, a few thunderstorms, 82 to 85. same story on monday. repeat performance. and tuesday, even warmer up to 88 degrees. there's that big change by wednesday. mostly sunny, windy, but a cooler wind, 72 driveway segrees. by saturday partly sunny, 76. local volunteers will arrive in nepal today to help with earthquake relief efforts. we'll tell you about their mission, when we come back. i'm jim rosenfield for "nbc 10 @ issue". join me tonight when we continue our conversations with the
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candidates for philadelphia mayor. this morning, you'll see my in-depth interviews with press secretary, doug oliver and pennsylvania state senator, anthony williams coming up this morning at 11:30, following meet the press only on nbc 10.
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more than two weeks after the devastating earthquake in nepal, new avalanches have made it very dangerous for rescuers to continue searching for victims buried by a landslide. so far 120 bodies have been recovered from the area in northern nepal. in our area today, churches in the diocese of camden are asking parishioners to donate supplies for earthquake relief efforts in nepal. the april 25th quake has killed more than 7,900 people and has damaged more than half a million buildings. the most-needed items there are
10:26 am
blankets water, food, and medical supplies. we have news from our delaware bureau about some volunteers from the first state who are araving in nepal today to help. nbc 10 caught up with a few members of the delaware medical relief team before they boarded their flight at philadelphia international airport yesterday. they will treat those in need in two locations near kathmandu. in addition to medicine they are bringing some basic necessities. >> the main problem these people have is food and water, so we're also taking supplies is although we're a medical relief team but we are taking supplies. the >> the group is replacing another delaware medical relief team that's already done some work in the quake-ravaged areas of nepal. >> today is the first-day of the three-day 220-mile bike ride for dozens of members of law enforcement from north jersey. it raises money for families of fallen police officers.
10:27 am
riders left the egg harbor township police department this morning, and headed to lewes, delaware. tomorrow they will continue on to indianapolis maryland. and finally on tuesday they will bike to washington, d.c. to participate in national police week events. looking for something to do today with the kids? well you've got one more chance to check out the millville wings and wheels air show. the event features the united states air force thunderbirds. gates opened about 30 minutes ago at the millville airport and show begins around noon. a little bit gray out there today, but, still get out there and do some fun stuff, especially for mother's day. >> especially for mother's day. it's mild. i feel like if it's mild anything goes. and we're not seeing any active rain, just that fog, the low clouds in place. so lots to do today, and not a bad day overall in terms of the weather. we'll be warm later on this afternoon. we are mild right now. that was a live look outside. 84 by this afternoon,
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temperatures already into the 70s at this point. we may see an isolated shower possibly a thunderstorm once that sun breaks through and kind of mixes things up. it will be very isolated. most of us will not see those storms. by monday same story, warm, 86. even warmer on tuesday, partly sunny, 88. we haven't seen those temperatures in a while. >> back to spring. >> that's going to do it for us. i'm rosemary connors, for michelle grossman have a good one, happy mother's day.
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this sunday, terror in the age of social media. >> when twitter takes down accounts, jihadists open new ones. >> is the u.s. losing the online battle with isis? carly fiorina says it's time for a woman president, just not hillary clinton. she joins us live. also president obama takes on a liberal hero on trade, none other than elizabeth warren. >> she is absolutely wrong. >> this mother's day. being a mom in america. >> women in places like southeast washington have more in common with women in kenya. >> finally, the inevitable brady and belichick deflategate and comparison to the clintons. >> i'm chuck todd.


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