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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  May 10, 2015 11:00pm-12:06am EDT

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first bat, then bullets, a violent confrontation is caught on camera in delaware county. police say an out of control street fight turned mother's day into chaos. i'm denise knack anno. tant police in darby borough want to preach this from happening again. doug is live in darby. police is it a say it could have been much worse. >> reporter: yes, police say with so many people out on the street tonight it is amazing that no one was hit when this man with a gun opened fire. >> it was a melee.
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i mean there were women and men, children fighting with baseball bats. >> this is what mother's day turned into at third and greenway in darby. [ bleep ]. >> and then the neighbor with a cell phone gets video of the man with the gun. >> [ bleep ]. >> you can see the guy pulling the gun out of his pocket. >> six loud popping sounds. and i jumped up and i opened my door and i camous. >> jennifer parks and others grabbed screaming kids and took them inside. >> that was upset because that was saying their children was outside and somebody could have got shot [ bleep ]. >> reporter: the video ends when the woman with a cell phone is attacked. police find at least six shell casings. one round hit this woman's house. >> apaling. the neighborhood definitely come down, but for it to affect my house directly is very scary.
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somebody could have been in there. >> i can say very stupid. this is moronic. morons. >> darby police say no one seems to know what started this fight but they say they have to figure out a way to prevent the next one. >> this is a very serious thing. it's got to stop happening. it's going to take the town do do it. >> reporter: police say they have already made four arrests in connection with tonight's melee melee. they are closing in on this guy with the gun. they say they are going to have some sort of town meeting here in darby to try to defuse future situations. three teenage remembers hurt in two separate shootings near south street. now philadelphia police are trying to figure out if the crimes are connected. the first shooting apd near 1:15 this morning. a 16 and 17-year-old were shot in the leg near south street. police were responding to that scene when a 19-year-old was shot around the corner on
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bainbridge street. >> it's sad, it shouldn't happen. shouldn't. you should be able to walk down any street in your neighborhood and be safe. >> all three victims are hospitalized in stable condition. we are following a developing story out of plum stead township bucks county. police say a swat situation has ended. police say women barricaded herself in home at 8:00 and surrendered to authorities around 10:00. roads were shut down but are now back opened. the woman is now in police custody. a tragedy for a delaware family this mother's day. a fire has left one person dead and an elderly man fighting to survive. fire fighters say flames were shooting from the home when they arrived at reynolds road in millford success excounty. the victim was found dead inside the house. and five others were hurt. foyer four of them have now been
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released from the hospital. but an elderly man had to be taken to the burn unit at crowser chester medical center. his name hasn't been released. the cause of the fire is under investigation. a philadelphia woman had to be rescued from the roof 6 her home after the house caught fire this morning. the fire started on grays avenue in king discussing around 10:30. yvonne outlaw lives next door and heard the commotion. >> i heard somebody hollering and i opened the door because i seen the people were the church running over here. i thought something was going on. when i opened the door that's when i seen the fire just shooting to out the windows. shooting out. >> a man also escaped the fire. both he and the woman were taken to the hospital but appears they were not seriously hurt. in bucks county a family was able to escape this fire at their home in ben salem. this video taken by the notingham fire department as they ballotsed the flames on meridian drive arounda 30 this
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morning. officials did not report any serious injuries. the cause of that fire is under investigation. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> some people saw rain today. this was one of the spots in camden county this afternoon. otherwise it was a warm mother's day. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is here with a look at our first forecast. off to another foggy start tomorrow morning. >> that's right. especially closer to the shore. a dense fog vird is in effect until monday morning. leave extra time to get to work. that won't expire until 10:00. for hom some locations like cape may it won't expire until noon. tomorrow morning 8:00 a.m. temperatures will be nice and mild in the high 60s for philadelphia allentown, into trenton. also in the mid 60s for atlantic city. in the afternoon hours you will see a temperature difference.
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we'll warm into the 80s for fill if by the time you head out for lunch. because of the wind direction we will see cooler temperatures at the shore. still an above average day for us as we push into the start of the work week. our average this time of year, 72 degrees. but our temperatures in philadelphia pushing to the mid 80s tomorrow. look at tuesday. close to 90 degrees. we are also tracking a chance of stray showers both on monday and on tuesday. i'll go over all the details on that in my ds. warmer temperatures at first. then i'm tracking a big drop in temperatures. i'll let you know what to expect coming up in my ds. philadelphia went pink this mother's day for the 24th annual susan g. komen race for the cure. tens of thousands runners, walkers, spectators and cancer survivors went to the art museum to raise money for breast cancer research. >> woke up this morning ready to go. >> a sea of pink along the ben franklin parkway and kelly drive
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marks a milestone year for the race for the cure. >> just to see all these women out here supporting one another with their diseases and their children and their husbands and their families. it's just a wonderful thing. >> the walk and run brought people out by the tens of thousands to celebrate survivors, honor the memory of loved ones, and spread awareness while raising funds for breast cancer research into i promised my sister that i would continually -- her fight to see if we can get a cure. >> groups of people banded together having unique stories of what brought them here but sharing a collective voice of support. amy is a two-year breast cancer survivor. >> i walked the the steps for the first time. i'm going to cry. >> mother's day would just not be the same for many of these families without the race. >> this is like our fourth year doing it all together. as long as we're living and breathing and we can support other women and other families, this is what we'll do every mother's day. >> susan g. komen has invested more than $2.5 billion to breast
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cancer research community health outreach and programs in more than 30 countries. happy mother's day! >> mother's day extra special for shear dunn of cox ford circle. she celebrates every year at a barbecue with her 11 kids. they range in age from 7 to 31. dunn also has eight grandchildren. and get this, all their names start with the letter j. >> joseph, janine jacob, james jessica, johnny joanne jericha and jerry. >> she admits she sometimes calls her kids by the wrong name but she says having such big brood helps keep her young. from cool streets for moms and kids this mother's day courtesy of the camden county police. they brought in the mr. psaki truck so kids could treat them
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moms to something nice. they say it also helps the kids see police as a positive part of the commune. >> too many times police officers are seen only at negative times. this is a good time to get out here, talk to the kids share some ice cream, and just have a good time. >> today's free ice cream event took place in several parks around camden. a routine traffic stop leads to the murder of two police officers. coming up, new information about the men killed and the suspect now under arrest. plus wild weather, floods tornados, even snow. the storms causing problems in a number of states still ahead. i'm tracking a warm start as we head back to work tomorrow. also a chance of showers back in our forecast and a big time actual down. all the details coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast.
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four people are now facing charges in the killing of two police officers in hattiesburg, mississippi. the officers were gunned down during a traffic stop last night. nbc 10's brian moore shows us how the commune is grieving and searching for answers. >> reporter: hatteseberg, mississippi hadn't seen an officer explain in the line of duty in more than 30 years and today that close knit community is coping with a double tragedy. >> and here we are on mother's day. a tragedy for all americans. it's tragedy for our community. >> officer benjamin dean who initiated a fateful straf stop
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and his back up officer la coreytate were gunned down saturday night. the suspects were found in a cruiser later found abandoned. after a massive man hundred two suspects were arrested. marvin banks was arrested and charged with capital measure. as was this woman. and two others. for now officials will not discuss a motive for details. >> we are not going to compromise the investigation. we know he called for back up for a reason and we'll find it out. >> hattiesburg police have turned the case is over to the mississippi bureau of investigation as the department and the community deals with this sudden loss. coincidentally, police from around the country are here in the nation's capitol this week to pay their respects to officers killed in the line of duty. this year, 273 names are being added to the national law enforcement officers memorial. brian moore, nbc news
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washington. police are looking for the gunmen who shot and killed a man in the middle of the day in philadelphia's winfield neighborhood. it happened just after 2:00 this afternoon on the 5300 block of hazel hearst street. police say the 24-year-old victim was shot once in the head and died at the hospital. philadelphia police are also investigating a deadly shooting in kensington. officers were on patrol around midnight when they heard gunshots. they got to east atlantic street when they found a man shot in the head outside a car. another man ran off 678 police are still looking for him. the victim's name hasn't been released. it's been more than two weeks since the deadly nepal earthquake, and the country is struggling to recover. many people still need medical care, while others have no place to call home. the united nations has is international response to the crisis has been slow. last month's earthquake killed more than 8,000 people and
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injured some 16,000 others. a philadelphia man is helping with relief efforts in nepal. this is a photoof u.s. marine lance corporal dela lopez at the airport in kathmandu. he is a air framed mechanic with helicopter squadron 469 and brought relief supplies to nepal. another group has also been in nepal. the delaware medical relief team sent their first team there last week. they tweeted this photo of the doctors teeth treating people in need. the team is expected to return to the u.s. tomorrow morning. nbc 10 because at the airport as a second group of volunteers from the delaware medical relief team prepared for their flight to nepal. they will pick up where the first team left off. they volunteers brought food water, and medical supplies. tropical storm ana is now a
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tropical depression after making land fall in north carolina. the storm brought rough surf rain and win to south and north carolina coastal communities. two to five inches of rain along with high surf and coastal flooding are still possible in the area. a tornado was caught on tape as it touched down in texas last night just outside the touchb durk burke burnett. it caused damage to some buildings and utility lines. this is one of several tornadoes that ripped through north texas. it is not just tornadoes causing trouble in the region. days of relentless severe storms caused widespread flooding in north texas. multiple homes and businesses in crumb, texas, were surrounded by water, as you see here. the national guard had to rescue some people trapped by the rising water. now your nbc 10 first alert weather, with meteorologist
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brittney shipp. >> and we've been stuck in a similar pattern over the past couple of days. the same will be true as we head into tomorrow. another foggy start for us, especially towards the shore. also tracking stray showers tomorrow and tuesday. then a big drop in our temperatures but not before they continue warming up. close to 90 degrees by tuesday. i'll show you how everything breaks down in my seven-day forecast. for philadelphia right now, a few clouds. 73 degrees. a mild evening outside right now. wind speeds out of the south at 8 miles per hour. across the rest of the region we are at 69 degrees. mount pocono 74 in allentown, 27 in pottstown. low 70s in westchester. 69 in wilmington, 71 in dover. cooler closer to the shore. stone harbor at 63 degrees this even. we are starting to see patchy fog developing already in places like atlantic city and out toward millville. in the overnight hours and tomorrow morning we will see dense fog. we have a dense fog advisory
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mean mainly affecting the shore burlington county cape may, dover, the central and southern parts of delaware under the advisory until monday late morning hours. satellite radar shot shows quiet conditions. just a few clouds right now. here's what's left of tropical depression ana, and all of the moisture associated with this tropical depression is going to slowly creep towards us. that's going to help give us a chance of stray showers as we head into monday and tuesday. here's what i mean just very isolated light showers by 5:00 p.m. tomorrow as you are heading home from work. you will probably need to throw a hood on. i don't think you will need an umbrella. they will be very short lived. you on and off as we head into monday evening. another chance heading into tuesday. as you can see from the model, it is a light spray of showers. 78 in the poconos tomorrow. 82 the high tomorrow in quakertown. 83 in doylestown. same thing in norristown.
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philadelphia and the entire area in the mid 80s. closer to the shore still seeing an on-shore flow. cooler at cape may, 75 degrees. so still actually a comfortable day. still on the muggy side as all that moisture continues to work its way towards us. as far as tonight is concerned clouds cloudy conditions expected. patchy fog. a stray shower on and off tonight. 67 degrees in the morning. a nice way to start heading to the bus stop toerm, and heading to work. tomorrow patchy fog, lingering cloudy conditions. another chance for stray showers. cooler temperatures at the shore ranging between 70 and 75 degrees. inland, warmer closer to the mid 80s. the seven-day forecast shows as we head into tuesday we push close to 90 degrees with a chance of stray showers. then a cold front moves in and
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drops our temperature almost 20 degrees wednesday. in the 70s straight through the weed. coming up eagles linebacker makes good on his promise to take a student to the prom. see how he went above and beyond. wait until you see the best catch at citizen's bank tonight. maybe all year. it was not by a player.
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the phillies had a chance to
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win just their third series of the year today. but there mother's day matinee against the mets didn't go as planned. darin rough presenting his mom with flowers before the game. everything was coming up roses for the fills early on. third inning pitcher billingsly yard work. flexing the muscles. first home run by a fills pitcher since 2012. single last night, double here off the wall this the fourth. 2-1 fills. much like the galactic empire the mets strike back. anderson to right. off billingsly and off the at&t sign. mets up 3-2. now 4-2. steals third. mets go up 5-2678 fills down just a run-in the ath. load up for ryan howard. routine groundtory first ends the threat. into the ninth.
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last chance. heist makes a grab down the line. the leather was flashing. fills drop it 7-46789 you hadly after ward about his struggles. >> a bit of a grind. i think over all as a team we've been playing hard. i thought we swung the bats well this past series. as far as personally i've seen better days but there is nothing -- i can't really change the past, just try to move forward and make changes and see what happens -- make results and build confidence. if we don't get those results it's hard to keep the confidence going. the whole thing is to stay confident, put it back together and see what happens. look at this dude. the grab of the foul ball with the baby strapped to him. pumping up the fans. flexing the guns. his name is mike. he was there with his wife melissa and holding his 7-month-old son colton.
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dad stealing the show on mother's day. >> you said we are in foul ball country we have to be heads up when you came in. >> absolutely. we are behind home plate. we have to pay attention. i got my boy's first foul ball here. it was already a special day, mother's day, first game, now we'll never forget it. >> i've seen people get beat up my those fouls. fantastic of the by dad. beautiful day at that time ballpark in south philly. not so much in denver. check this out. look at all the snow at coors field this afternoon. it's may 10th, people. unbelievable. rain washed out three rockies games this week. they were expecting five to ten inches out in denver in almost mid-may. the game did go on as planned after they clear the snow. the rock east lost to the dodgers, 9-5. eagles rookies were at rookie camp this week. let's look at those gentlemen.
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aguilar, the receiver take within the 20th pick out of usc hoping to help fill the void left by macklin. today aguilar took time off to check out the fighting fills. spoke about what he learned so far in practice. >> for most of us this is a great opportunity for us to get better. for some you know, this might not be where you end up. but it's a great chance for you to learn how to be a professional. >> finally tonight, remember when the eagles linebacker promised to take a virginia high schooler to her prom. check this out. ♪ [ singing ] ♪ ♪ we found love right where we are ♪ ♪ >> somebody get ed steerng on the phone. going above and onon his promise to the girl. last year he told her if she
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could get 10,000 retweets he would take her to the prom. she got 17,000 retweets in three hours. >> we'll be right back.
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a south jersey man is thanking members of his church for helping to keep him alive. today, michael law attended sunday service at christ baptist church in burlington. he antihasn't been there for several months because doctors had to replace his heart with an artificial one. he left the hospital at the university of pennsylvania this week. he has a special machine that keeps him alive while he waits for a transplant. >> this week has been tremendous. i've been adjusting from hospital life to home life very well. and the transition was flawless. >> today law thanked his fellow parishoners for all their prayers and also hopes the rejoin the jazz group where he
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plays the drums. >> they danced and danced some more in south jersey all thanks to a challenge from the first lady. ♪ >> hundreds of students and staff at hillside elementary school in mount laurel performed this dance routine as part of michele obama's if i have me give challenge. the school posted this video on ellen degeneres's website hoping it might get them on her show. it is the give me five is part of mrs. obama's let's move objective to combat childhood obesity. robbed at knife point. coming up a local college student becomes a target. and dangerous lows, the number of volunteer firefighters is dropping fast in pennsylvania. what one law maker is now doing to keep you safe.
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trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪ nbc 10 news starts now. severe storms are leaving their mark on a number of states. in south dakota, it was a day of extremes. with a tornado damaging one town, and snow blanketing other
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areas. the severe weather tore across the midwest. and from south dakota to texas storms tattered buildings, caused high water and stranded people. nbc 10 national reporter her man kao has more. >> reporter: residents of del month, south dakota are trying to cope with the aftermath of a tornado that smashed through the town on sunday. thetown has been left without power and utilities. there were several injuries but no death from this twister that rocked the community but not their spirit. dark storm clouds gave testimony to the power of mother nature over north texas n. her wake rescuers scrambled to save those who could not escape the raging high water. in sangor these people were stuck as flood waters ranged around them. a helicopter rescued them. and in crumb texas a woman was air lift out of her daughter. others were not so lucky. they were left on their roof top
11:37 pm
watching water swirl around their home while being rescuers. in fwort, rescuers had to be recuedle as a police officer came out worse for the wear. and this police officer had a tough time driving through the streets. >> i should have known better. should have turned around. >> reporter: sound advice as storms continue to threaten lives, limbs and property. >> meteorologist brittany ship is monitoring the radar. what's the forecast for the airs tonight. >> warnings in texas. let's take you to where the tornado warnings are now in effect. just outside of little rock. also seeing severe thunderstorm warnings as well. the threat is not over for these communities. as we head into tomorrow the threat is going to shift eastward a little bit. all the area highlighted in yellow these are the airs that are under a slight risk for severe thunderstorms, which could lead to tornadoes again. that's going to affect cincinnati stretching down into
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memphis, and also parts of houston and parts of louisiana. i'm also tracking what's left of tropical depression ana. some of the moisture from the system will head northward. tomorrow night we will see a chance of stray showers in our area. we'll be dry tomorrow morning but your temperatures are going to warm up. average for this time of year 72 degrees. by tomorrow 80 degrees. tuesday, close to 90. short-lived as i'm tracking a cool down later in the work week. i'm also tracking a dense fog advisory. i'll go over all the details in the seven-day forecast. from ourly high valley bureau, a student atly high university says she was robbed at knife point. bethlehem police got the call around 5:00 this morning. the student told officers she was robbed on broad head avenue. the thief got away with her cell phone and some cash. police have made no arrests. newly released records show
11:39 pm
thousands of people have been brought to the baltimore city jail in recent years with injuries too severe for them to be admitted. the baltimore sun obtained records showing correctional officers refused to admit nearly 2600 detainees who were in police custody between june of 2012 and last month. baltimore police are under scrutiny for their treatment of detainees following the death of freddie gray last month. thousands of gallons of oil are leaking into the hudson river complicating the work of vekt inspectors. they are trying to determine how much damage was cause booed atransformer fire at a nuclear power plan in new york. new york's governor says emergency crews are trying to clean up the transformer fluid that leaked into the water at the independent land point plant north of new york city. it's expected to take a day or two. the transformer at the plant failed yesterday night causing a irconfuse. it forced an automatic shutdown at that plant. new york senator chuck
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schumer is demanding changes at airports nationwide. it's in response to more than 200 travellers saying they were held hostage in philadelphia. passengers were headed to jfk from london friday night when they were diverted to philadelphia because of fog. once here, they were held on the tarmac for three hours. and then when they finally got off the plane, the passengers learned they would have to sleep in the terminal until customs acts arrived at 5:00 in the morning, about three hours after that. >> for people to have to sleep in the philadelphia airport simply because of a couple of customs people weren't there doesn't make sense and it's got to change. and i'll be asking customs to do that. >> british airways issued an apology and eventually bussed those passengers into new york. pope francis welcomed cuban president raoul castro to the vatican this morning. the pontiff helped to renew diplomatic ties between the u.s. and cuba. after this morning's private meeting castro told reporters he
11:41 pm
thanked the pope for what he did. pope francis will visit cuba in september before his u.s. trip and his stop in philadelphia. count on nbc 10 to bring you updates as the papal visit gets closer. you can get alerts trite your smart phone or tablet with the nbc news app. wee we all know today is mother's day. did you know the holiday started right here in philadelphia? this plaque outside city hall tells the story. anna jarvis found mother's day, which was first officially observed in 1908. mother's day was given federal recognition in 1914. here's a great way to celebrate mother's day. how about brunch in riten house square? families treated moms to a delicious meal at 18th and locust streets. a great day to be outside with mom on her special day. ♪
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a musical tribute to moms in center city. the cathedral of about silica of the saints peter and paul hosted a mother's day concert this afternoon. both the adult and children choirs performed for the congregation in honor of the blessed virgin mary. thieves tarted baby animals at a zoo. coming up how far they went to committed their crimes and why the animals may be running out of time to be saved. plus this. you know yeah we are doing more with less now. >> the vanishing volunteers. why some say the number of volunteer firefighters is dangerously low, putting communities at risk. and how fixing the problem could come straight out of your pocket. another dense fog advisory in effect for parts of the shore. i'll let you know how long it's going to stick around and what to expect for monday. that's coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast.
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volunteer firefighters are
11:45 pm
disappearing, the nbc 10 investigators found in pennsylvania there are only 50,000 left. firefighters across the state tell investigative reporter mitch blocker it is affecting their safety and could affect yours. >> reporter: there may not be a better example of a volunteer fire company in action than in darby borough. here volunteers respond to an average of two fires a day. >> we are doing more with less now, today. >> bob childs is the chief. it's been the family business. his father was chief before him. both saw the company's hey day with more than 100 volunteers. >> how many are here now? >> we're struggling at 40 right now. >> reporter: it's a similar story inside the south media fire company. >> we are cheging the batteries. >> reporter: harry courseson is the chief engineer. at 60-year-old, he is the company's newest volunteer.
11:46 pm
>> we need younger people coming in. >> reporter: those younger firefighters face risks like never before buildings burn hotter and faster built with new aged petroleum based materials. according to the departments we spoke with younger people aren't signing up because it takes a long time to become a firefighter. most volunteers face 180 hours of training that they have to pay for themselves. the danger, the cost and the time means pennsylvania's fire service is being extinguished. the state fire commissioner says 20 years ago there were six volunteer firefighters for every one today. what does that mean for public safety? >> it means that sometimes when the whistle blows or the tones drop or the call goes out for help, it may go unanswered. >> reporter: this is not a unique problem. the nbc 10 investigators found seven states addressing it including delaware which encourages volunteer firefighters with tax breaks. in pennsylvania, tax breaks for
11:47 pm
volunteer firefighters disappeared six years ago. and so did the recruits. >> eventually if we don't address this issue e they are going pick up the phone and they are going to say we are going to have to wait half an hour before a crew can get out there to fight a fire. >> reporter: the commissioner serves the same people as the darby and south media fire companies in delaware county. the chairman of the emergency services committee wants to reward volunteer firefighters for their service. his plan is like a gi bill. >> if you join the pennsylvania national guard, pennsylvania will pay for your college education. why shouldn't we do the same thing for people who volunteer to be firefighters in our state? >> reporter: back in darby, there are still fires to fight. their numbers may be fading but their commitment is not. >> that was mitch blocker reporting. the state fire commissioner estimates it would cost $6 billion a year to replace volunteer fire departments with paid fire service. if you have a story for the investigators, you can call them
11:48 pm
at 610-949-74736789 or e-mail them at the nbc 10 investigators at nbc >> some local high school students are gearing up for an international competition. plymouth might marsh high school's odyssey of the mind team was at work. later this month they would head to the odyssey of the minds competition in michigan. it provides creative problem solving opportunities for students. >> it's just a great opportunity to be able to meet people who do or don't have something in common with you and come together to make something truly amazing. >> the team is trying to raise $6,000 for the trip to the competition. so far they have raised nearly $2500. now your nbc 10 first alert weather, with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good evening. as we head back to work tomorrow we are going to see a foggy start, especially if you are closer to the shore.
11:49 pm
so this has been a reheath peting pattern for us. stray showers as we head into monday late afternoon hours and even. then i am tracking a big drop in the temperatures. we'll head back into the 70s. but not before we push close to 90 degrees. philadelphia right now, mild. 73 degrees. just a few clouds wind speeds out of the south at 8 miles per hour. across the rest of the region, 9 in mount pocono. 72 in redding. low 70s in trenton. 69 in wilmington. 70 in atlantic city. cooler in stone harbor, in the low 60s this even. and temperatures in dover at 71 trees. satellite radar shot shows quiet conditions. high pressure still in control. we'll continue to see moisture hofg up from what's left over from tropical depression ana. all the moisture is going to head closer to us as we push into monday evening. that's where our chance of showers is going to come from. as i progress the model, by 1:00 p.m. a few scattered showers. heading into the 3:00, 4:00 hours, same thing. you see how light and
11:50 pm
short-lived the showers are going to be through monday. it will stay mainly dry, just a chance of stray showers. same thing on tuesday. mainly to the south of us. south dover, we'll see stray showers lowser to 4:00 p.m. temperatures continue to climb between monday and tuesday. tuesday will be our peak in our temperatures. then a cold front will move in and that is going to drop our temperatures sun standingly. tomorrow morning when you are waking up monday morning, dense fog advisory. along the shoreline. be careful as you head to work with the degree creased visibility. allow extra time to get to work. one thing i'm also tracking for is you a warm start on your monday morning. by 7:00 a.m. temperatures close to 70 degrees in philadelphia. 67 in allentown. as we get into the rest of the afternoon you will notice our big difference between philadelphia and right along the shore. atlantic city staying close to 70 degrees as we head into tomorrow. >> yeah. the rest of the area will push
11:51 pm
close to the mid '80s. tomorrow, stray showers expected. patchy fog moving. in 67 in philadelphia. warmer as you take the kids to the bus stop. stray showers as we head into the evening. shore temperatures still staying between 70 and 75 degrees. much warmer inland, philadelphia and suburbs 85 monday. 89 on tuesday. later on tuesday and wednesday we drop back down into the 70s. coming up chase you hadly has had his issues. is he starting to get over his hump? the nba playoffs have been filled with late game drama. tonight no different. a buzzer beater.
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11:53 pm
with you once again. chase utley's members of the jury break last week led to three days off. he responded friday going 0-4 to drop his average to .099.
11:54 pm
today utley stroked a double after getting a pinch-hit single last night. his slump had some questioning if he was nearing the end of his career like mike schmidt. schmidt was asked about utley and said quote, i don't think it's time to start thinking about utley being at the enor anything like that. i put money on him being the player of the month next. it can turn around just like that. >> chase utley showing signs of life. a dunl double off the wall this afternoon. ricky, do you think this is evidence he might be finally emerging from the season long slump. >> i think evidence you need more long term. i don't think one swing of the bat is evidence. but i do like chase utley's approach in a couple at-bats in this game. the one thing you want to watch is that he stays on the ball. you don't want him doing that spin off move where he looks
11:55 pm
like he is fooled by pitches. he has hit lately which sing a definite positive. i think it more started on saturday night whennet the pinch-hit performance a good at-bat and it carried over to sunday. that's where you pick up your positive. >> he will try to make it a three game hitting streak on monday. meanwhile, do you think he can be traded if he can continue to stay on the luke warm to hot side. >> i think so. i think one of those guys where when he gets hot and stays hot for a while teams are going to be very interesting. there is team out there that can use a hot bat, use a guy that's hitting the ball out of the ballpark. ryan howard is driving the ball in left center field. that's what's most important to me. that's where his power is. if he continues, he won't be after july either. >> $60 million remaining on the price tag. sfwlg to so how much the phillies would pick up if he can
11:56 pm
trade him. the fills start a four game series with the pirates tomorrow night. eagles rookie camp concluded this afternoon. the newest crop from the draft should help bolster the team. jordan hicks a linebacker from texas is excited about what being an eagle actually means. >> coming into it i knew that this place demanded excellence. you know and just being here throughout my visits, throughout meetings with the coaches, the personnel people you for example it's pretty evident, you know being here two days it's very evident that this place holds a very, very high standard. >> to the hardwood, the nba playoffs have had buzzer beaters aplenty. today no difference as perhaps the game's greatest player put his mark on the postseason. have a look. didn't appear that lebron james would play long n. the third he rolls his ankle. stepping on rose's foot. down in pain but returned. game three here rose straight for the rack.
11:57 pm
lays it in. tied at 84. lebron as clutch as clutch gets off the inbound task. push off on jimmy butler, but bottom. ball game. cavs win 86-84. the series tied at 2-2. hockey now. rangers and capitals playing a crucial game 6, a win for the caps they would knock of the top seed. rangers pouring it on so it seems. boil scores to put new york up 4-1. but the caps make a ridiculous comeback. joel ward in front puts it home. that makes ate one-goal game. could washington cap off the comeback? skating in turned away by hendrick. lundqvist stants tall and the rangers win it 4-3. a win or go home game seven next. that's it for sports. i'm danny bombels. we'll be right back.
11:58 pm
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12:01 am
its mother's pouch. >> whoever took the baby didn't know what they were doing and injured mom. >> reporter: now investigators are looking for tips. >> rumors saying a friend of a friend saw an animal let us know. any lead we get we are following up on. >> reporter: in a race against time as these young animals depend on their mothers and will die if not cared for correctly. >> if you don't know what you are doing, you only have a couple of days at the most. >> reporter: the zoo owner says the best step for getting them back alive is for someone to come forward. >> i would hope and hay pray and keep my fingers crossed and they are still out there and somebody will say maybe i need to bring them back. >> reporter: and reunite the babies with their homes and families. >> that was holly baker reporting. zoo owners say there were no signs of forced entry into the building the animals were taken from but it was not locked at the time. the crowd was out at pens landing today where the spring art star craft bizzor was held
12:02 am
this weekend. dozens of vendors were there. and some shoppers got to try making their own arts and crafts. here's a look now at what's next on in depth with graham bensinger. >> this week we are in oakland, california sitting down with the man who literally is the nba logo, jerry west. the hall of famer open up about his life long battle with depression. >> there has been times in my life where i've been so low is that you know is it worth to it feel this bad all the time. >> working with kobe and shaq and his 50-plus years the league. all that come up on in depth here on nbc 10. we are going to see dense fog closer to the shore. it's going to be another warm day. 85 degrees. tuesday, close to 90 degrees. a cold front drops us right back down into the 70s mid week. we stay in the 70s, which is closer to our average for the rest of the week heading into the weekend.
12:03 am
>> that's nbc 10 news for now. for brittany, deny danny and all of us here i'm denise nakano. have a great monday.
12:04 am
12:05 am
you are literally the nba's logo. is that a source of pride for you? >> i really don't like to get into that. >> why? >> honestly i don't even like to talk about it. ♪ ♪ >> jerry west voted one of the top 50 players in nba history a post record rivaling the likes of michael jordan and karim abdul. >> i was one of the two top players. >> nicknamed mr. clutch. he played his entire 14-year career with the lakers at a time when most people had no interest in the team. >> you actually -- you're literally driving through the streets with the other lakers players trying to


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