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tv   Today  NBC  May 12, 2015 7:00am-11:01am EDT

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all right. >> our hair. >> "today" show is up next. we'll have local updates in 25 minutes. you can always get updated nix with the "nbc 10 news" app. thanks for watching. good morning. breaking news. another major earthquake strikes nepal. the magnitude 7.3 just weeks after the one that killed thousands reports of death and extensive new damage coming in. ridiculous. tom brady's agent blasts the nfl over the four-game suspension over deflategate. are the patriots ready to go to war? bob costas weighs in. self-defense? the man who shot at george zimmerman saying he only did it because he felt threatened. we'll hear from both sides. and going, going, gone. the picasso that smashed the record for all art sold at
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auction. today, tuesday, may 12 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning. >> as we hope this morning, our hearts and prayers go out to the people in nepal. >> another major earthquake has hit. it's our top story. breaking news out of nepal. another earthquake causing death and injuries and buildings to collapse. katy good morning, what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning. right now we know there are building collapses. but that number is expected to rise. this was a 7.3 centered close to mt. everest and 51 miles from kathmandu which as you know is
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devastated from the april 25th 7.8 quake which killed more than 8,000 people. this one not as big but still powerful. felt as far away as new delhi. the 7.3 quake lasted more than a minute. the shaking caught on camera during a government meeting. >> this one seemed like it would never stop. and eventually i ran down the stairs to try to get outside of the house. >> reporter: people rushing out into the streets. the already hit region in a state of panic. >> i was asleep and jumped up and thought i was having a nightmare. and the room was really shaking. >> reporter: within an hour four major aftershocks including one measuring 6.3. a red cross worker told us the tremors were big enough to scare the living daylights out of
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everybody. so for there are reports of buildings down and bodies. patients were dragged out of a hospital on their mattresses. unlike the april quake that hit on a saturday. this one happened during the week when people were in schools and offices. today it was even closer to everest base camp. the moment captured on camera. the climbing season was canceled after the april quake, so no one should be on the mountain right now. if there's any silver lining it's that this earthquake was smaller and deeper than the april one. the shallower ones usually cause more damage. it was also centered on a relatively unpopulated town. there is a lot left to discover. and the death toll could rise
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sharply. >> katy tur, thank you. let's get perspective from kathmandu. we've got correspondent donatella lorch joining us via skype. good morning to you. you were on the fifth floor of a restaurant at the time. tell me what you experienced when this quake hit. >> i was in central kathmandu on the fifth floor of a restaurant overlooking the palace. everyone thought it was an aftershock. we've had so many aftershocks since the april 25th one that we all ignored it. then the tables started moving and people started screaming on the street. and so everyone just got up and tried to go towards the stairs. my husband said we're not going to the staircase. that's the worst place to be. we're on the top of the building. we're staying here. by the time it finished and it's difficult to tell how long it happened because we've been traumatized by so many aftershocks and the big earthquake when we did get down to the street and for miles afterwards because i drove to
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find my son in school afterwards and pick him up it was thousands of people on the streets, on the medians. running into the only big park in kathmandu. from my ride to my son's school which is on main avenue there was no sign of buildings collapsing but that's not -- the places where the buildings collapsed in kathmandu is very site specific along new road which is an old area of town where all the migrant workers work. a lot of buildings collapsed cleaning on top of each other and sinking into the ground. that's where the new casualties are. that's where further collapsed buildings have happened. as well as in the eastern nepal in the district capitals. i gather from friends of mine in nepalese search and rescue there are reports of many many people buried in the house where is they had opened their shops underneath leaning buildings. many of those buildings have now
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collapsed on top of them. >> i think we are just beginning to take the toll there. thank you so much for your reporting this morning. at the very moment so many people were starting to kind of return to that normalcy. >> last thing they need. another major story this morning. we're talking about the hefty penalty being levied against tom brady and the new england patriots for the deflategate scandal. peter alexander has their reaction to the punishment. >> reporter: talk about a big hit. this one could cost tom brady close to $2 million. it's a four-game suspension that says he will miss the beginning of the season. it's the same an athlete would get more getting caught using performance enhancing drugs. first the punishment now the pushback. late monday tom brady's agent teed off on the nfl over that four-game suspension saying the discipline is ridiculous and has
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no legitimate basis. patriots owner robert kraft offered unconditional support for his quarterback and that it far exceeded any expectation. legarrette blunt tweeting this is ridiculous. as fans across boston expressed their frustration too. >> i think it's excessive. >> four games is a quart ever of the season. it's sizable. >> reporter: others backed the decision. well done nfl. and another football fan imposed an asterisk on the back of his jersey. brady first denied the allegation. >> is tom brady a cheater? >> i don't think so. i would never do anything to break the rules. >> reporter: but on monday the league said he was probably generally ate ware that two
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attendants were deflating footballs. and it faulted his failure to cooperating fully we the investigation. the nfl's message was clear. >> if you are caught doing something you shouldn't be doing whether it relates to the integrity of the game or it doesn't, there will be a significant punishment. >> reporter: the patriots will lose their first round draft pick in 2016 and fourth round in 2017. as well as facing a $1 million fine. the biggest team fine in nfl history. as for those locker room attendants including the self-proclaimed deflator both have been suspended indefinitely without pay. brady's camp officially has until this thursday to file his appeal. if the punishment stands because the patriots have an early bye week this season brady will be back in action week six in indianapolis against the colts. that's the very team that blew the whistle on him in that afc championship game that sparked this scandal in the first place. back to you. >> thank you very much.
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look who's here. bob costas host of "football night in america." you've got the super bowl mvp, one of the marquee players in the league. he's out four games. a million dollar fine against the patriots and two draft picks. nobody can accuse roger goodell on going soft in a friend on robert kraft and a superstar. >> when you look at it in the overall, a cleveland browns executive was shut down for four games for text messaging during games. against league rules. this kind of fits in a pattern. but also the context in which it happens is important. it's been a bad couple of years with the nfl with bountygate bullying scandal, domestic violence child abuse. and the way the nfl has ruled in each of these cases was sometimes perceived as random and sometimes incompetent. and roger goodell wanted to make sure he got this right. >> with regard to brady, if you look at the nfl's reasoning,
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it's clear it's not just alleged deflation of balls. it's also lack of candor on the part of brady when he spoke to the investigators, not turning over electronic records like text messages. when you look at that did brady mishandle this from the beginning? did he make a mistake? >> i think he mishandled it. think back. if he just said we all look for an edge. i like the football at the lowest end of what's possible. i communitied that to the equipment guyguys. if they went overboard, my bad. >> last night robert kraft said he was prepared to go along with whatever was handed down but this punishment exceeded any reasonable expectation. are those the opening words of a long protracted legal battle? >> there will be an appeal. no question about that. i think what could come out of this is the players association will push for an independent
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arbitrator. in the nfl's bylaws that's up to goodell. he could say i'm judge and jury. i'll hear the appeal. although he could say i'll agree with that and name an independent arbitrator that we jointly agree to. i think in the long-term it's in the nfl's best interest to have all these cases decided as baseball does by an independent arbitrator so there isn't this appearance. >> real quickly on tom brady. it seems to me you can read this report in two ways. as a patriots fan or non-patriots fan. does this tarnish the golden boy image? >> a little bit. still a first ballot hall of famer. would have done what he did with inflated or deflated football. this is not barry bonds using steroids. >> this is going around social media. the asterisk next to his number. is there an asterisk to the patriots last year? >> i think it's in the minds of many.
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they didn't need it. this is what's so stupid about it. they didn't need it. when they adjusted the footballs in the second half they outscored them 28-0 in the second half. they didn't need it. these are self-inflicted wounds. >> thank you. meantime the weather is a big story once again. severe weather firing up in the south once again where five people died on monday. the city of van, texas, devastated by an ef-3 tornado. they're just beginning to pick up the pieces this morning. kerry sanders is there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. the winds were around 165 miles an hour at their top. so it was a tremendous tornado that came through here. everybody is now accounted for here. the vast area that was affected by this in van, texas, is really visible from the drones that were launched here. those were launched by minuteman disaster response.
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they were looking at the time for those unaccounted for. everybody has now been accounted for. early indications are that this tornado cut a path hopscotching about a mile long or beyond. meantime in arkansas a sad story of parental love. this is in a town called nashville, arkansas where two people died when a tornado came through there. the parents grabbed their 18-month-old child. michael and melissa moonihan and they shielded her as the tornado came over. both of them died. but after the rescuers went in they found her inside -- this little 18-year-old girl between the two girls shielded and alive. and the last five six days now, there have been 131 tornadoes from south dakota all the way down here to texas. and al as you know here in texas it's likely that there could be the conditions for more tornadoes come friday. >> that's exactly right, kerry.
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we started the month slowly but now we're pacing 50% above average for tornadoes. kerry sanders in van, texas, thanks so much. we shift to the south and there's a lot of heavy rain down south. we're watching this and it's just going to continue during the afternoon and on into tomorrow. as you can see all this gulf moisture streaming up into oklahoma and on into kansas. so we have flood watches now and flash flood watch warnings. almost 24 million people at risk. heavy rain on into kansas. by wednesday, rainfall amounts anywhere from 2 to 3 inches some areas 5 to 6 inches of rain. as kerry mentioned, on friday the atmosphere is setting up again, loading up gulf moisture. a big upper level low coming out. as you look on friday we have a risk of severe weather from texas all the way into nebraska. 16 million people at risk with wind gusts, strong winds, hail damaging rain and the risk for
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more tornadoes in areas where they've already gotten hit. >> all right, al. we'll check back with you in a couple of minutes. meanwhile, jeb bush under fire now from both democrats and fellow republicans. it all stems from bush's first major interview in months. and a comment that just like his brother he would have authorized the 2003 invasion of iraq. nbc white house correspondent kristen wellerker has more on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. jeb bush is standing by his comments on iraq this morning. his family name continues to be both an asset and perhaps his biggest liability. jeb bush has insisted he's not a carbon copy of his brother but now new questions after fox news asked him if he would have authorized the war in iraq. >> knowing what we know now, would you have authorized the invasion? >> i would have. and so would have hillary
7:16 am
clinton, just to remind everybody. and so would have everybody that was confronted with the intelligence they got. >> you don't think it was a mistake. >> in retrospect the intelligence that everybody saw not just the united states was faulty. >> reporter: but bush acknowledged a failure to focus on security once the war was waged. >> by the way, guess who thinks that those mistakes took place as well? george w. bush. >> your brother. >> yeah. just for the news flash of the world if they're trying to find places where there's big space between me and my brother, this might not be one of those. >> reporter: democrats pounced. >> fooled me can't get fooled again. >> reporter: but it's the criticism from the right that could do the most damage. including from laura ingraham. >> what he said was rubbish. you can't still think that going into iraq now as a sane human being was the right thing to do. >> reporter: with the majority of americans founow saying the iraq war wasn't prove it bush has
7:17 am
tried to distance himself from his brother's legacy. >> i'm my own man. my views are shaped by my own thinking and experiences. >> reporter: on fox bush said despite his last name he's well equipped to take on hillary clinton, also the product of a political dynasty. >> i haven't been in washington over the last ever. i'm not part of washington. >> reporter: bush also said his brother is one of his topped a sizers on the middle east. when asked if he stands by his comments about iraq, the bush team indicated his remarks to fox newsstands. saying hillary clinton also would have authorized the war, the clinton campaign points to the many statements saying she later regretted her vote in support of the war. >> kristen welker at the white house this morning for us. thanks very much. the barack obama foundation has made it official announcing that the president's presidential library will be on the south side of chicago. specifically near this
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university of chicago. president obama and the first lady have worked at that school and they still have a house nearby in hyde park. meantime in boston, closing arguments are set for tomorrow as the penalty phase of the marathon bombings trial. >> that's right. the defense wrapped its case on monday by offering up something dzhokhar tsarnaev's remorse. the sister prejan testified that tsarnaev said the bombing victims of the bombing victims no one deserves to die like they did. she believes he is absolutely sincere. >> this is different than the pictures prosecutors showed he has remained defiant. the jury will decide if tsarnaev will be put to death or get a sentence of life in prison. natalie is here now. blockbuster business deal. >> certainly is breaking this
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morning. telecom giant verizon announcing it is buying aol for about $4.4 billion billion. after the merger aol will become a wholly owned subsidiary of verizon. it will strengthen mobile and add offerings. police still searching for a suspect this morning after a shooting near this campus of uc santa barbara that left three people wounded. authorities temporarily put the campus and neighborhood in lockdown. police say there are two suspects. one was injured in the shooting and taken into custody. the other, though still on the loose. the shooting comes nearly a year after the stabbing and shooting spree in isla vista. secretary of state john kerry is in sochi today meeting with vladimir putin. it's kerry's first visit to russia since the crisis began. and he plans to test putin's willingness to push separatists
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to comply with a cease-fire. a bus exploded into flames at the height of rush hour. the bolt bus was headed to boston from new york city. it had 47 passengers on board when the driver started to notice the smoke and pulled over. people were evacuated and minutes later, an explosion blew out the windows and panels and sent debris flying. no one was hurt in the incident but traffic was backed up for miles. well a painting by pablo picasso smashed a new world record for artwork sold at auction. this is picasso's women of algiers. it sold for $179 million monday night here in new york. the buyer elected to remain anonymous. probably a good idea. meantime alberto's sculpture of a pointing man sold for $141
7:21 am
million setting a record for sculptures as well. blockbuster deals in the art world. >> congratulations on the new picasso. >> $179 million, at least all the body parts could be in the right place. can't get that right? >> sounds like a ripoff to me. >> i'd want to see what the dogs playing cards go for. >> a lot. >> mr. roker? >> that's what's going on. we're going a lot of people think i'm an overprotective parent. this is a table cover, just in case she clunks her head. every house has hidden dangers. this is her safety vest, which she wears whenever she is outside. and worst of all, fleas and ticks. fortunately, petsmart has lots of flea and tick products. and they can help you find the right one for your pet. did you know flea babies eat their mom's poop? my... before pethood gets itchy, petsmart has k9 advantix ii for up to 10 dollars off. for every six-pack purchased at petsmart, bayer will donate a treatment to petsmart charities. 'cause pethood needs a partner.
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good morning, meteorologist bill henley. sunshine and the wind picks up. cooler weather for tomorrow. back to springtime. 49 in the morning, 70 in the afternoon. sunshine and a few clouds. comfortable thursday and friday. this weekend you might need your umbrella. rain and a chance of thunderstorms. scattered showers and mild weather ahead for monday. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you very much. coming up shots fired at george zimmerman, the man acquitted in the shooting death of trayvon martin. what he and the admitted gunman are saying about that incident. plus the price of your pampering. a crackdown on nail salons this morning. exploited workers. and who is florida man? a search for one of the hottest new feeds on twitter. but first this is "today" on nbc.
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. "nbc 10 news" starts now. >> good morning, i'm vai sikahema. just before 7:30. we are in for a hot one today. meteorologist bill henley has the first alert forecast. bill. >> summer like temperatures, vai. near 91. this morning we have clouds and some areas of fog. you can cee lo clouds blowing past blowing past liberty one and liberty two. it is fog. quarter mile visibility. dense fog there. the rest of the area is mainly fog free. clouds breaking for sunshine. 84 at lunchtime. warmer at 3:00 this afternoon. >> thank you bill. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has a check on the commute. >> good morning vai.
7:27 am
dealing with volume across the board pretty much. we'll look at 422 around oaks in the westbound lane. slow going, vai, the scene of a trailer that actually ran off the road carrying a shed or two car garage of some type. it's pushed over into the center median there. as we head on over to gerrard avenue, slow going into the center lanes. same story out on the schuylkill expressway. happening today, a man accused of faking his death in a boating accident is scheduled to make his first court appearance. andrew biddle disappeared last july after crashing a pontoon boat in long port. he turned up seven months later. he fled to avoid prosecution on fraud charges. last month they handed up an indictment on more fraud charges. more news in another half an hour. see you then.
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nice crowd out on the plaza on a tuesday morning. it's the 12th day of may 2015. hot and sticky in new york over the last couple of days. >> it kind of went from spring straight to summer. >> going back to fall tomorrow. >> that's good news. weather in a bit. other stories making headlines today, a 7.3 magnitude earthquake rocked nepal this morning. this is just weeks after the massive quake that killed 8,000 there. debris and collapsed buildings in the streets. we'll get a live report in our next half hour. tom brady will appeal a four-game suspension by the league for his involvement in the deflategate scandal. brady's agent called that
7:31 am
punishment ridiculous. the new england patriots were also fined a million dollars and were stripped of two draft picks. and officials in van, texas, now say everyone who was missing in the wake of a massive tornado there has now been accounted for. the ef-3 killed two people and damaged or destroyed 30% of the buildings in that town. let's start this half hour in florida where george zimmerman back in the headlines. this time for nearly getting shot in the head for a dispute with another driver. here's janet shamlian. >> reporter: george zimmerman is no stranger to run-ins with other people. on monday it happened once again. >> he reported he had just been involved in a shooting. >> reporter: zimmerman told police he was driving near orlando when someone shot him through his passenger side window just missing his head. he was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and released. at the same time police received a 911 call from a man saying he'd been involved in a shooting with zimmerman. police confirmed that man was
7:32 am
matthew eperson. the same man involved in a road rage incident with zimmerman last september. monday he wasn't answering questions. >> stop touching me. >> this is your opportunity to tell your side. >> this is your opportunity to get out of my face right now. no comment. >> we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. >> reporter: since being acquitted of second degree murder and manslaughter in the death of trayvon martin zimmerman has had a series of encounters. a confrontation with his ex-wife. >> i don't know what he's capable of. >> reporter: no charges were filed. another was his ex-girlfriend. >> i need the police right now. >> reporter: charges were dropped. and traffic stops that made headlines. >> what a coincidence. >> reporter: but no charges. his only violation of the law, a single speeding ticket. in this latest incident police say zimmerman didn't fire any shots. his attorney says eperson was the instigator. >> george decided to get away and it wasn't enough for this guy. >> reporter: late monday he appeared before cameras with his wife and mother.
7:33 am
his lawyer. >> he acted in self-defense. >> reporter: this say they haven't determined why or how the altercation started. the investigation continues. for "today," janet shamlian, nbc nuss. >> there's not much to say about that. >> keep seeing him in the headlines. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by walgreens at the corner of happy and healthy. >> and we're at the corner of summer right now with temperatures today getting at or near record levels. boston it will be 85. 88 in roanoke. but behind the front, cleveland is below normal. chicago, 58. marquette, 41 for a high. the front pushes through this afternoon and into tonight. 63 boston. 71 in washington. detroit, 63. but have no fear. by thursday we're pretty much
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back to normal. 70 in new york city. a little cooler for buffalo, detroit, and chicago on the cool side that's what's go good morning, meteorologist bill henley. it's going to be a hot one. sunshine takes over this afternoon. 91 degrees. cooler weather for tomorrow. back to springtime. 49 in the morning. 70 in the afternoon. sunshine, a few clouds. really comfortable thursday and friday. this weekend, you might need your umbrellas. especially saturday. rain and a chance of thunderstorms. mild weather ahead for monday. have a great day. >> and get that weather when you need it. go to weather channel on cable, online. coming up on "trending," the wild thing that the olive garden is cooking up for those famous bread sticks. and coming up next will this mean major changes at your
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back now at 7:39 with a story that got a lot of our attention having to do with the nail salons. new york state is launching a major crackdown now. >> good morning. here in new york it's not uncommon for a manicure to cost just $10. but after a scathing investigation by "the new york
7:40 am
times," authorities here are now taking a closer look at what those low prices can really mean. often long hours and health risks for workers who are being paid next to nothing. pick a color. that's the toughest choice a customer faces at the nail salon. but according to a stunning report the workers putting on the polish may feel like they have no choice but to sit on a stool for hours on end. "new york times" reporter sara mir spent months speaking to workers who said they paid salon owners for the right to work and after months of free labor made as little as $3 an hour. >> i think this story has had so much resonance because a manicure is an intimate act. you're holding hands with someone. looking into their eyes across the table. and yet they're not seen. >> reporter: other workers detail how inhaling harsh chemicals made them sick or prompted miscarriages. >> we're going to start a
7:41 am
significant crackdown. >> reporter: new york governor andrew cuomo is ordering new rules. they include giving workers access to masks and gloves to protect against chemical exposure. each work area must have a fan and ventilation codes will be strictly enforced. salons will also have to take steps to cover unpaid wages. >> they're being extorted. why? because they have questionable immigration status. >> reporter: and employers must post an employees' bill of rights. diane and menera worked in nail salons for years. they regularly were working six days. she says the worst parts were not having any breaks and the long hours. diana says when she started she made as little as $150 a week. they're now part of a federal lawsuit against their former employers in a court filing an
7:42 am
attorney for the salon denied the allegations and contested the suit. but all of this is making a lot of women think twice about the actual price of a little pampering. >> i think it's horrible. i mean if you're doing your job, you should be paid for it. >> it's just like i'm going to get a $20 mani-pedi, no problem. but you don't think what sort of standards do these places have. >> reporter: "the new york times" reported some owners acknowledged how little they paid their workers. many told "the times" they were helping new immigrants by giving them jobs. but the minimum wage in new york is $8.75 an hour. and even with tips workers say they're not making anywhere close to that. >> this is a series of articles that's incredibly eye opening. i hope people check it out. >> thank you, kate. coming up next have you heard of florida man? what's making him one of the hot new sensations on twitter. that's i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready.
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get an escape with zero percent financing for sixty months plus seven-fifty cash if you own a ford or qualifying competitive vehicle. we're back now at 7:47 with a new twitter feed that's attracting a lot of attention. nearly 300,000 followers a day and growing. and it's all about a certain state. "today's" jenna wolfe back from maternity leave and has more on that. jenna, welcome back. good morning. >> reporter: thank you, matt. good morning. yes, there's something about the state of florida that makes for outrageous and often bizarre headlines. now there's one place to find the best of the best, a twitter feed called florida man. think about florida. peppered in palm trees. swimming in sunshine. picture perfect. but apparently only from a distance. the sunshine state makes national news on practically a daily basis.
7:48 am
lately it's more for the whacky. a twitter account with the name @underscore florida man is cramming news items into outlandish tweets. all using the allotted 140 twitter characters. >> florida man -- >> florida man -- >> florida man -- >> florida man pretends to be oprah's nephew for free cheesecake factory gift cards. >> really? cheesecake? >> anything's possible. come on. we're in florida, right? >> reporter: more than 1600 tweets. some quirky. some shocking. but all of them true. which has "the new york times" asking a question. who's writing them and why? >> something out of "the walking dead." something you think could not happen but happened here in florida again. >> reporter: how popular is florida man? with over a quarter million followers, it promises real-life stories of the world's worst superhero coming to you from
7:49 am
anytown, florida. the avatar? a mugshot of a man who funny enough is not from florida. but the headlines are. >> florida man found drinking beer in stranger's house says he lived there with mariah carey. >> florida man seen riding around town with iguanas. >> i can't believe that i just read that. this is real? >> the iguana man is here. i've seen that guy. >> i think they're all legit. >> reporter: florida man has taste when it comes to social media. only following one other account. >> florida woman. >> reporter: that's right. florida woman. proving florida's antics aren't limited by gender. which by the way is good to know if i ever decide to go for a joyride with an owl. yes, another actual story out of the sunshine state. we still don't know who florida man is. we did tweet @underscore florida man to reveal their identity to us. nada as of right now. i imagine it's only a few days before we figure it out. >> we'll find out on "the
7:50 am
tonight show." >> maybe they should get together and have florida babies. >> there are some days this show would only be an hour long if not for florida. >> sorry, florida. >> we love you. >> love you, florida. >> i'm coming to florida later this month. >> and good to have you back. >> thank you very much. >> everybody good at home? >> everyone is wonderful. good to have babies with b right? most of the time. tamron you're following the florida man caper. >> believe it or not, there's more. florida man twitter account has been around for two years but it's becoming more and more popular as jenna pointed out with each day. here are the numbers. take a look. watch this little graph that i get going here. in the last three months alone the account has gained 25,000 florida followers. and that's a sure sign of success. here you have it the florida man beer. that's how you know you've made it in florida. there are other states with similar accounts. here i go. dare i say it.
7:51 am
texas man. yes. and california man. but neither of those crack the followers that florida man has under their twitter account. so there you have it. meanwhile, guess what's coming up. you love bread sticks? olive garden bread sticks? brace yourself. this could be the upgrade to end all upgrades. and the future may be here. two daredevils fly high over dubai with jet propelled wings. this is coming up. >> al, we've got to do that. >> yes. >> fine segment. we aren't looking for just any college students. we're looking for ones who aren't messing around. students who want to take courses developed with input from leading companies. so when they graduate, they're ready to be hired by all kinds of companies. and hit the ground running. no messing around. if you're this kind of student you're our kind of different. devry university. different. on purpose.
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"nbc 10 news" starts now. good morning, i'm vai sikahema. just before 8:00 a.m. on this tuesday morning. going to feel a lot like summer out there today. meteorologist bill henley has our first alert forecast. bill. >> vai getting a warm start. temperatures in the 60s and low 70s. we'll be close to 90 this afternoon. you can see sunshine and scattered clouds over the city. 69 knew at philadelphia international. with breaks this afternoon southwesterly winds at 17 miles an hour. >> thank you, bill. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has an update on the morning commute. outside on 422 right around oak where we've been checking out this garage that seems they actually took it off the back of the truck that it came off of
7:57 am
and left it right here in the median. not causing a big problem. the drive times down on 422 eastbound. this is the westbound side. you can see a lot of volume not squeezing by the scene. as we take a look at the rest of the drive times, 95 southbound exactly what it will look like. almost 40 minutes from woodhaven road towards the vine street expressway. on the schuylkill and the blue route. vai. >> thank you, jessica. today the pennsylvania state senate is expected to approve a bill to legalize certain forms of medical marijuana. whether it will pass the house remains unclear. the senate amended the bill to have people who were suffering from crohn's disease and diabetes. they will suffer through oil extracts and vapors. smoking it would not be allowed. and we'll have another update coming up in another 25 minutes. i'm vai sikahema. we'll send you back to the "today" show. see you in a half hour.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up -- >> this is "american idol." >> idol's impact. the reality phenomenon that brought us kelly, carrie and clay gets set to sign off next year after 15 seasons as we look back at the season that changed television. plus matt meets the future. >> i'm matt lauer and i am your great, great, great, great grandfather. and i want to tell you about life in 2015. so ask me anything you want. >> did you ever think it would be possible to talk to descendents long after you're gone? we'll show you the cutting edge technology making that dream a reality. ♪ here we go yo ♪
8:01 am
and rebel with a cause. >> fat amy's back! because i never left because i'm still here! >> reporter: rebel wilson on the high notes in the "pitch perfect" sequel. today, may 12th, 2015. ♪ >> good morning, alaska! >> good morning, texas! >> good morning, wisconsin. we're here to celebrate our graduation. go badgers! >> good morning, cincinnati, ohio. ♪ >> and welcome back to "today." it's tuesday the 12th of may -- i was about to say 2011.
8:02 am
what year is it? >> it's 2015. yeah. >> welcome back everyone. >> now that we've got that straight we've got a beautiful day here. beautiful temperature. >> going to get off into the low 90s. >> oh. okay. enough of that. let's go inside. natalie's got a check of all the top stories. >> good morning once again. another massive and deadly earthquake has struck nepal this morning. less than three weeks after the worst quake in that country's history. nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engel just returned from nepal. he's in istanbul. richard, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. another big one. 7.3 magnitude. people in kathmandu went into a panic. they were running from their homes, being carried out of hospitals. but this earthquake was not centered near kathmandu. in fact it was high up in the
8:03 am
himalayas. it was close to nance ba bazaar. it is one of the many stone sherpa villages in the high himalayas that backpackers use as a rest point as they make their way toward everest base camp. not a densely populated area. there are several of these small towns where the people either help with mountaineers or they are yak herders. it is an extremely difficult area to launch any kind of rescue operation. all the elevation 10,000 feet and above and no roads. >> richard engel covering the story from istanbul this morning. thank you. new england patriots quarterback tom brady will appeal the four-game suspension announced monday for his role in the deflategate scandal. the nfl concluded he was generally aware that team locker room attendants took air out of footballs used in the afc title
8:04 am
game. and it also cited his refusal to cooperate with the investigation. brady's agent called the penalty ridiculous. his team was also fined $1 million and stripped of two future draft picks. seven mid-size suvs tested poor or marginal. scored the lowest rating. the cherokee and santa fe were rated marginal. at the top, moreno and wrangler. chrysler said vehicles posted strong results in other crash tests. we have great news this morning about amy van dyken who suffered her spine last june. the gold medalist posted a video on instagram monday showing her as you see there standing up on her own. amazing. her caption read i am starting to get this standing thing down.
8:05 am
the accident had left amy paralyzed from the waist down. but we've been following her struggle to prove life doesn't end when you have a spinal cord injury. and a man who spent the night on his boat in san diego woke up to find he had a new bunk mate. a baby sea lion. he said he heard sneezing and movement in the middle of the night so he figured maybe one of his friends decided to come down to the boat. few hours later, he woke up again and that's who he saw. 30 pound sea lion in the other bunk fast asleep. he grabbed his phone, shot video of the sea lion as he tried to coax him off the boat and back into the water. the sea lion just needed a good night's rest too. >> let him sleep. >> so the sea lion was there all night? >> he was sleeping next to him in the bunk next to him. >> the scent of sardines i think would have woken me up. >> good place for sure. "american idol" changed television. it was an instant hit, a ratings
8:06 am
juggernaut. as we first told you on pop start on monday the show is being canceled after next season. hallie jackson looks back at the impact of "idol." >> this is "american idol." >> reporter: four famous words we'll hear for the final time on the 15th season of "american idol," its last ever. its impact one for the ages. starting with the powerhouse pop singers who found their voices on this stage. ♪ carrie underwood and kelly clarkson setting the standard. ♪ can we make this dream last forever ♪ >> reporter: but even runners up sailed to stardom. clay aiken, chris dautry adam lambert, and don't forget jennifer hudson who never took home the "idol" trophy but did become an oscar winner and a grammy. ♪ don't you dare walk away from
8:07 am
me ♪ >> reporter: still for every famous face a famous flop. >> whoa. careful. >> reporter: remember william hung? ♪ she bangs, she bangs ♪ >> reporter: his 15 minutes of fame didn't last long. neither did sanjay's. though he did last until the top ten. >> if people like you, good luck. >> reporter: but to be fair cowell always seemed irritated. >> you are a loser. >> reporter: and that's another lasting legacy. "idol" original judges skyrocketing to fame themselves. cowell randy jackson, and paula abdul becoming household names. along with one of the original hosts. not that guy. this one. ryan seacrest who says the show helped some of his own dreams come true. cowell adding to people magazine we had a blast.
8:08 am
but the biggest "idol" impact? >> it created the market for musical competition shows in america. >> reporter: from "x factor" to "america's got talent" to "the voice." "idol" paved the way. ♪ a moment like this ♪ >> reporter: but even a moment like this has to end some time. it will be 15 years of hitting the right note. most of the time. for "today," hallie jackson, nbc news, los angeles. >> he's still holding it. one of the great parts of the legacy all the shows it has spawned. and a lot of those continue. >> and careers it spawned as well. kelly clarkson carrie underwood. >> think about the early days of "idol." gather around and vote. everyone was calling. interaction. >> i love some "american idol." by the way, it was a time commitment. i spent a lot of time watching those shows. >> a lot of texting your votes.
8:09 am
>> exactly. coming up next a new photo of sarah jessica parker that could be the news that "sex and the city" fans have been waiting for. plus the amazing technology that allows you to answer your family's questions directly long after you're gone. and superagent turned studio head ari gold. yes, ari gold is here at subway, a great meal starts with a great sandwich on the new "simple 6 menu." with six of our best
8:10 am
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8:14 am
are you scheduling your own activities? a lot of parents are now thinking of the benefits called slow parenting. we saw an article about this in "the boston globe" this morning. that's the idea you go easy on the activities when it comes to your free time with your kids and try to just cherish the moment opposed to saying let's go for the walk to the museum. >> i love this. quality time over quantity of activities. and i think the kids really benefit from this. >> as parents do you feel the pressure to do a bunch of stuff with your kids? >> not on the weekends. they are so over-scheduled as is. that when you have the free time it's like do whatever you want for a little bit. >> even as a parent of a 9-month-old, all i do with her is look at her and kiss her. but sometimes i'm like should i be stimulating your brain? >> we tried to say we're going to sit down and read. yeah. >> a family meal. all right. from the virtues of slow parenting to life at 125 miles an hour. take a look at these guys.
8:15 am
they're preparing to fly over dubai but not in a plane or helicopter. they are daredevils about to take a heart-stopping trip thanks to jet propelled wings. look at this. the cameras capture some amazing views over dubai. they soar around buildings, over the ocean. this is simply a wing strapped on your back with jet engines on it. we have got to try this thing. >> wow. >> you got to be a real pilot here. >> you've got to know what you're doing. >> well we'll only do it once. >> that's right. >> that is like the ultimate autonomous flying experience. you fly like a bird. >> i like watching the video. >> unbelievable. >> i'd watch from inside a cabin of an airplane. i don't even like roller coasters. >> it's like an james bond movie. >> it's awesome. beautiful. >> speaking of awesome, olive garden. what is the first thing you think of? >> bread sticks. >> unlimited salads. >> of course she would think of
8:16 am
that. anyway bread sticks. you thought they were good. starting in june olive garden is going to do something fantastic. the restaurant is going to roll out the bread stick sandwich. you can choose between a chicken parmesan or meat ball variety. but best of all, the bread stick sandwich comes with unlimited bread sticks. >> there you go. life gets better. >> it is carb-tastic. >> all right. now some big news for fans of "sex and the city" and why david letterman was running from howard stern. time for pop start. >> i love that tease. here is pop start. "sex and the city 3" is finally in the work. sarah jessica parker teases us with this. i guess the tat's out of the little brown bag. as usual we will keep you posted as every detail as we are able. so the other ladies have said they're game for another movie. but before you get your high
8:17 am
heels, some of her previous posts ended up being promotions for her shoe line. that's a premature one. we don't know. i'm just doing full disclosure. >> all right. you bring us up and then down. >> keep your heels up. we love david letterman. last night it was howard stern's turn. >> is this good-bye? our final time together? >> no. >> come on. come here. >> no! no! >> kiss me! kiss me now! kiss me now! >> no. we'll be right back. >> it was one little pucker up. dave was not having it. howard was ready. how many of us have been kissed by howard stern? >> who hasn't? >> matt has. >> once he gets you in his
8:18 am
clutches you aren't getting out. >> i don't think he sold dave on it. >> there you have it. up next matt's message to the future. the cutting edge technology allowing you to have conversations with loved ones long after you're gone. >> that's right. and we're going to give you your weather now. it is not a hologram. i'm going to -- i was just fascinated watching that. wow. what's going to happen? you could actually leave a message after we get killed doing those wings. >> how morbid. >> okay. a lot of wet weather has been happening in texas. dallas this month so far almost 3.5 inches of rain. about 5 inches above for the year. we've got flood watches in effect all the way up to oklahoma city for 23 million people. another 3 to 5 inches of rain over the next 72 that's what's going on aro good morning i'm
8:19 am
meteorologist bill henley. upper 80s to near 90. sunshine takes over this afternoon. the wind picks up. we have cooler weather for tomorrow. back to spring time. 49 in the morning. 70 in the afternoon. sunshine, a few clouds, comfortable thursday and friday. this weekend might need your umbrella. saturday rain and chance of thunderstorm scattered showers sunday and mild weather heads for monday. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> announcer: "are we there yet" brought to you by the film "tomorrowland." >> it is day two of our special series "are we there yet" looking at what e the future holds from space travel to sports. >> first up i wanted to see how science could help us live forever. that fountain of youth thing was an epic fail. i found a way to leave behind a piece of myself for generations to come.
8:20 am
>> reporter: our ancestors struggled to make the world better for the next generation. but most of us have nothing more than a few tattered telegraphs to tell us who they were. >> you do not remember me. >> reporter: in science fiction, it's different. holograms allow conversations across space and time. but all that's just make believe. or is it? >> what do you like most about being a father? what was the most significant moment in your life? if you could say one thing to your great, great grandchildren, what would it be? what's really revolutionary about this project is that future generations are going to be able to sit down and have a conversation with people who are living today. >> reporter: i'm standing in the beam of 6,000 lights as dozens of cameras capture my every move
8:21 am
and thought. the idea is to create a 3d time capsule so one day my descendents can hear about my life. >> on the one hand you're going to get access to historical figures. on the other hand you can talk to your great great grandchildren as if you're really there. >> reporter: it's part of a project by the show us foundation for creative technologies. to allow us inside the minds and hearts of those history should never forget. their test subject is 82-year-old holocaust survivor who lost his entire family in one of hitler's camps. >> this is the last generation that has that opportunity with him. so we fleedneed a way to preserve this. >> reporter: for nearly 30 hours they asked him over 2,000 questions. >> when was the last time you saw your sister? >> can you tell me about your mother? >> do you believe in god? >> reporter: then they developed
8:22 am
an algorithm to sort his answers. >> computers trying to understand your words and pick out given the words it heard what is the best response. >> reporter: so this is the man that i've flown across the country to meet. >> that's right. >> reporter: is there anything i can't ask him? >> ask him that. >> reporter: is there any question you can't answer? >> i have no comment. >> reporter: it's amazing. it's haunting he is looking almost directly into my eyes. >> this new technology and the person himself will come through as you'll experience. >> reporter: i quickly forget i'm talking to a recording of pinkus and i'm drawn into this stories about the family he lost and his twin sister with the golden hair. is there one thing that stays with you more than anything else about the holocaust? >> i mean i think what is more than anything else i can't
8:23 am
remember anything about my sister. before the war, during the war, what she looks like. there's just one thing left. that's the braid. >> reporter: pinkus do you have any regrets? >> i regret my family my surroundings, my life. >> reporter: his ability to answer my questions is incredibly powerful. but it's only half the story. i soon meet pinkus this time with an added dimension. i want to reach out and shake his hand. this is the chief visual officer. it's his mission to make sure he looks as real as possible. >> hopefully he looks 3d. and we're not wearing 3d glasses but we see him in 3d. as we move around we can go all -- >> reporter: it's like i can look right around behind him. 200 tiny projectors run simultaneously. there's incredible depth when standing this close to him.
8:24 am
>> this is the idea is to try to make it look like he's sitting in front of you. >> reporter: in a matter of months they'll merge the two technologies so people can talk directly to a 3d pinkus making the experience feel more real. >> is it hard to see some of these pictures? >> reporter: if he looks lifelike it's because my final meeting with him is in the flesh. no special effects. he's a born story teller with so much to share. i met your alter ego. >> i'm glad you enjoyed meeting my alter ego. >> reporter: i enjoy meeting you more. i really do. what do you want the average person to take away when he or she interacts with your image? >> that this really happened. that you speak to somebody who was there and who was first eyewitness. >> reporter: you're sharing your story so that lessons can be
8:25 am
learned. do you think something like the holocaust could happen again? >> genocides are happening. i want them all to stop. you must try to make this world a much better place than it is today. and by hearing my story, i'm imparting to you a torch. a torch of good will. and i hope that you will go out and try and do that. >> reporter: for more from pinkus you'll have to ask him yourself. and one day soon you can. as for me and the message to future generations of lauers -- >> hi. i'm matt lauer and i am your great, great, great, great grandfather. and i want to tell you about life in 2015. so ask me anything you want. >> it is remarkable how they're using this technology. and pinkus is an incredible person. >> it's amazing with the mirror of technology but also something meaningful and something that
8:26 am
will matter for future generations. when those two things come together it makes you really excited. straight ahead, we will take nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. get ready for a warm one. let's get your first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley. >> we are heading towards the 90 degree mark. temperatures with sunshine are starting to warm up. 73 degrees in northeast philadelphia. 71 in wilmington. cool to start with but these numbers climb into the upper 80s and a chance we hit 90 this afternoon. stand by for summer like weather with bright sunshine at 4:00 up to 86 degrees. >> let's check traffic. >> we're dealing with a lot of jams on 95 in the southbound
8:27 am
lanes approaching the betsy ross bridge. you can see slow going in the southbound direction headed into the center city area. we are monitoring heavy volume on 422 at oak. this is just fine past this obstruction right here in the center lane. headed eastbound this is slow going. >> thanks. happening today a man accused is scheduled to make his first court appearance after crashing a pontoon boat. turned up seven years later. investigators say he tried to avoid prosecution on fraud charges.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ 8:30 now on a tuesday morning. it's the 12th day of may 2015. we already mentioned going to be a little hot and sticky in new york. but we got a nice crowd. they seem cool calm and collected. nice to have you here. coming up someone who knows how to heat up hollywood. this guy may look a lot like that actor jeremy piven. no. that's actually superagent turned movie executive ari gold. >> he's signing books.
8:31 am
>> he now s now spreading his wisdom with a new book. >> i've always want bed to know how he became successful. i'm interested to hear his tips. by the way, when there's an agent there's a star not far behind. we believe will rebel wilson is here. >> plus he acts and sings. david duchovny is out with his first album. you'll hear him perform in a minute. >> but first mr. roker, a check of the weather. >> for today we are looking at some strong storms down through texas. wet weather in the pacific northwest. few hit or miss showers as the front moves through in the east. tomorrow more wet weather through the great lakes. also through the texas region into the western plains. sunshine along the eastern seaboard with hot, steamy weather. but it will be cooler in that's w
8:32 am
good morning. going to be a hot one today. upper 80s to near 90 degrees. the record is 91. sunshine takes over this afternoon. the wind picks up. we have cooler weather for tomorrow. back to spring time. 49 in the morning. 70 in the afternoon. sunshine, a few clouds comfortable thursday and friday. this weekend might need your umbrella especially saturday. rain and a chance of thunderstorm and scattered showers sunday and mild weather ahead for monday. have a great day. >> who was it that said when you come to a fork in the road take it? yogi berra. today is the birthday of the legend. he played for the yankees and the mets. lindsay, you sad your grand dad is watching. >> he is. i'm excited. hi grandpa. >> how's he doing? >> he's doing great. >> his words of wisdom it ain't
8:33 am
over until it's over. did he realize how funny he is? >> no. he never has any idea how funny he is. he just talks like that and we all giggle and he's like what what did i say? >> okay. besides his accomplishments on the ball field, he's done so much. and you guys are circulating a petition to try to get him a presidential medal of freedom. >> we are. we really think that grandpa is an embodiment of the american dream. he was an immigrant. he served this country in d-day at normandy. he spent the last 20 years of his life trying to instill his values of social justice, respect, leadership into kids at his museum and learning center. >> how do people sign the petition? >> go to yogi berra and there's a banner. it will bring them right to the petition on white >> lindsey, please give him our best.
8:34 am
we love yogi. here's to him being on the smuckers jar at 100. >> god bless. look out, avengers. the highly anticipated "pitch perfect 2" opens this week. rebel wilson is back as the overly confident loyal member of the barden university bellas. and they're going up against a tough germany squad. ♪ that girl is poison ♪ ♪ never trust a big butt and a smile ♪ ♪ that girl a poison ♪ ♪ here we go yo ♪ ♪ here we go yo ♪ ♪ so what's the scenario ♪ ♪ here we go yo ♪ ♪ so what's the scenario ♪ >> hi rebel. >> hi. >> you're kind of a big deal in this movie. >> i mean i just love how the fans have really embraced my character of fat amy. >> i was going to say, you're kind of at the center of the plot. the whole thing starts during an aerial ribbon routine.
8:35 am
>> it's a very flashy opening, we'll put it that way. >> there's a wardrobe malfunction. >> yes. there's an uncoupling of my unitard. >> and this is in a performance before president obama and the first lady. this is actually you. not your stunt double. >> no. apparently stunt doubles for aerial acrobatics don't come in my size. so the choice was to train me or to have a completely different opening to the film. and i'm like okay i'm really deathly afraid of heights, but let's just do it. i mean i may die, but let's just do it. so i trained for five weeks just to do that 40-second stunt routine in the opening of the film. >> were you terrified? what would the thought bubble have said over that? >> yeah. well the thing is my character is so confident and sassy. so even though i am totally afraid i'm just like no i have to be like fat amy and get out there and just crush it. >> and you also have in this
8:36 am
movie a big solo number with your main squeeze bumper. was that fun? >> i don't want to give away too much about what that is but -- >> yeah. we shouldn't say. >> let's just say it's very romantic and sweaty. >> it is. did you ever think that "pitch perfect" would become this phenomenon? that people would love it so much? >> when we shot the first movie, it was kind of just like the bunch of us at musical theater summer camp. just like singing as a group and having fun in louisiana. and then it became this massive thing all around the world. like i've been in africa. i was just in europe promoting the movie. and there's just fans everywhere. people that don't even speech english loving it. >> it speaks the universal language a cappella don't you think? >> yes. and the great thing about a cappella music is anyone can do it. you can just get together with
8:37 am
your friends and perform. >> i love reading about your background. as i understand it you were a youth ambassador to zimbabwe got a bad case of malaria, and you got an epiphany in the hospital that you wanted to be an actress. an your parents were encouraging? >> people thought i was demented. they were like rebel, we don't think anyone is going to put you in a movie. no one thought i could do it. i was like you know what? i think i can crush it. and so i started in the theater in australia and then moved to tv and now have to come to america to be feature films. i was lucky i got in "bridesmaids" in america. >> you are crushing it. what's the coolest thing about hollywood? >> the best thing is the megahunks. zac efron, channing tatum. >> yeah. he's cute. >> james franco. i mean a lot of new friends. >> and the worst thing?
8:38 am
>> the worst thing? having to work in movies every day. no. >> it's a burden isn't it? >> no. it's awesome. there's not much bad to say. >> you are a delight. great in the movie. "pitch perfect 2" opens friday. you can see a special clip of the bellas sing "run the world" on coming up next he who has the gold makes the rules. hollywood maverick ari gold shares his secrets to success. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:39 am
8:40 am
anncr: sometimes our pets... aren't the only ones... that make bad choices. woman: honey, i'm home! anncr: now there's petarmor plus. so you can protect your pets without the shame of overpaying. petarmor plus. available at target. all right. we are back now. he's known as a hot shot hollywood agent turned movie mogul. and now ari gold is imparting his words of wisdom to the world in his first book "the gold standard: rules to rule by." it takes us on a journey through the ariisms that brought you
8:41 am
success in business and life. how are you? >> how are you, matt? >> i didn't see you as the advice time. >> as you know, i'm a giver. >> yeah. >> and i can give you the rules and my playbook but i'm still going to beat you at my own game. but i care. i care enough -- they wanted me to write 18 rules. i had 118 so i had to distill them down to 18. >> one of the things you say is you don't have power until you have all the power. >> absolutely. >> how'd you get all the power? >> by being focused. by being over-prepared and by taking up all the oxygen in the room. and being a complete narcissist. >> because of that power, you have been present in some key moments in hollywood. for example, charlie sheen came to you. and he wanted advice when he was considering leaving "two and a half men" and you write, i said carlos why the hell would you go back to that show? you don't need money. now is the time to evolve. go nuclear, man. seriously?
8:42 am
>> after two and a half paychecks, i said to him you need to double down. okay? and you're crazier than a -- you know what i'm saying? >> beep. >> indeed. so be who you are. become more like yourself and reveal who you are to the world. and look what happens. >> look what happened. #winning. how did that work out? >> it worked out well. he had tiger blood surging through his system. do you remember when you went toe to toe with cruise? >> i do. >> you were peaking. i was that matt lauer back. >> you have evolved. you've gone from a superagent to a movie executive. you're still loyal to some of your former clients. you green lit a movie deal for him, not only to star in a movie but to direct a movie which surprised me because i'm not sure he can act much less direct. >> well if that is true then i don't know why he's making $20 million a picture and i appreciate your opinion, but you
8:43 am
are -- you know. >> i'm just in television. >> indeed. listen i'm loyal. i'll chain myself to a desk to anyone i represent. once i got the job, i said vinny chase is my guy and we're going to him. i always trusted him and i'm loyal. mark my words. his movie will make at least $200 million domestically. >> how much did it cost to make? >> i can't reveal that information, matt. >> you are someone who recognizes star power. vincent chase being one example. let me ask you about others in the business. tell me whether they are on the rise or they're overrated? the actor jeremy piven who does that pbs show for old people. was it mr. doubtfire? >> mr. selfie. >> what's he like? >> basically piven is off in england wearing tights and working for $11 and doing pirouettes. he's kidding himself. if i was his agent, and god bless all of them, i would tell
8:44 am
j.p. to do something like work with robert downey and make real money. you know what i'm saying? you know be the villain in a superhero flick. we don't need to do that work on pbs. piven is doing a festival of bad decisions. let's just say that right now. >> this is the first book. will there be more? >> this book will be -- let me say, this book right now will be number one on "the new york times" best seller list because -- i'll tell you why. >> quickly. >> indeed. we have another ten minutes, right? >> no. >> you're lucky to have me. let's be honest. all right? when people read this book they're going to realize their potential. they know that i'm a leader. they know that i know what i'm doing and there's a reason why i'm leading the pack. so i'm going to impart all of my wisdom. rules to live by. >> the book is "the gold standard." >> i should represent you, matt by the way. >> upfirst this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
>> announcer: know your value is brought to you by new neutrogena hydro boost. quench your skin. we're back with co-host of "morning joe." she's been inspiring women to get ahead based on her best seller. she's out with a new book "grow your value." mika good morning. you've been on a road show with these conferences. >> the next one is friday in washington and we have a great lineup of women. the former chair of the fdic cindy levy michelle smith, and our three finalists from the next grow your value competition for a $10,000 bonus to drive the message home. >> which we talked about the last time you were here. these women are so inspiring. >> love them. >> so know your value was a huge
8:48 am
success. where does this next book pick up where it left off? >> in these events in this competition and in this book which i really wrote to partner with the events i'm doing with nbc is to help women read see it in black and white how they can grow their value to a full potential, get full value back financially and personally. but we also show it on stage. we act it out. we role play. we engage the audience. then we show women actually taking that transportation -- transformation to the full extent. >> you've got a couple quick tips here. know what your brand is. >> absolutely. be able to say it in ten seconds or less or a minute or less. know what you bring to the table. >> quit people pleasing. >> yes. quit doing that. that's you. >> i know. >> there's no place for that at work. you got to bring value. >> mika you've got to get in my head. and learn to press reset. what's that mean? >> men do that well. you have a bad situation with someone, press reset, continue on with that person as it never happened. they take control of the situation. it's almost forgotten.
8:49 am
with women, we're thinking about everything. >> so i shouldn't sit back and agonize over it and berate myself for weeks and weeks? >> no. you're the agonizer. i tell you. you have to stop. >> you always give us a good dose of good advice. thank you so much. the book is called "grow your value." meanwhile we've got david duchovny coming up next. he's live in concert. yes, that david duchovny. the actor. turns out he can also sing. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:50 am
8:51 am
>> announcer: the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> david duchovny is best known for his roles on "the x-files" and "californiacation." >> welcome back. good to see you. >> nice to see you. >> this may surprise a lot of people. has this been a dream for a long time. >> completely surprised. >> i meant other people. >> it could be a dream. i might wake up in the middle of it and that'll be bad for everyone. >> the record is getting good reviews. >> thank you. my mother has weighed in on it. keeps on pressing five stars. >> she was very generous. but i think this has to be totally intimidating. you've got to think people saying an actor who thinks he can sing. >> that's what i'm thinking. >> but you actually can. >> i'm heavily medicated right
8:52 am
now. >> is this your first live performance? >> is this live? >> it sure is. >> yeah it is. >> rebooting x men? >> x-files. >> i'm sorry. i'm heavily medicated also. >> after awhile you'll get used to it. >> are you excited about that? >> i am. june 8th we're going to start shooting. we'll see what we've got left. >> you should do x-men also. >> good save. >> what are you going to sing? >> "hell or high water." >> ladies and gentlemen, david duchovny. ♪ ♪ done some good and i've done some bad like any man i bet ♪ ♪ a man of words is a man of
8:53 am
lies but words is all i get ♪ ♪ i can't make you feel safe and sound but they got guns and crosses for that ♪ ♪ i can only hang around until you realize where it's at ♪ ♪ cause i can't make it rain ♪ ♪ and i can't make it shine ♪ ♪ and i can't turn this storm we're into some rainbow sun shower of holy red wine ♪ ♪ but the test of our love ♪ ♪ and the test of my love ♪ ♪ and the test of our love darling yeah ♪ ♪ if it's multiple choice i got to mark none of the above ♪
8:54 am
♪ i said i'd love you forever ♪ ♪ come hell or high water ♪ ♪ well baby the flood's in ♪ ♪ take my hand fire purges ♪ ♪ let rivers wash us clean of our sins ♪ ♪ i'll see you all in white again ♪ ♪ we'll beat the devil all ill will be well ♪ ♪ i will stand here forever ♪ ♪ come on rushing waters ♪ ♪ heart break and hell ♪ ♪ i can't turn day into night ♪ ♪ i can't turn lead into gold ♪ ♪ not even sure i can see the light to get us off the god
8:55 am
forsaken dead end road ♪ ♪ cause the test of our love ♪ ♪ when push comes to shove ♪ ♪ in the test of our love darling yeah ♪ ♪ if it's multiple choice i'm going to mark all of the above ♪ ♪ cause i said i'd love you forever ♪ ♪ come hell or high water ♪ ♪ well baby flood's in ♪ ♪ take my hand fire purges ♪ ♪ let rivers wash us clean of our sins ♪ ♪ i'll see you all in white again ♪ ♪ we'll beat the devil ♪ ♪ all ill will be well ♪ ♪ i will stand here forever ♪ ♪ come on rushing waters ♪ ♪ heart break and hell ♪ ♪
8:56 am
>> david duchovny. david, thank you. the new album is "hell or high water." you can catch his new show aquarius here on nbc. we are back with much more of "today." but fi nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. let's get your first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley. >> if you love summer you will probably love today. temperatures near the record of 91. temperatures already climbing with sunshine. look at the shore, a nice view from cape may. already 73 degrees in
8:57 am
philadelphia. look at northeast philadelphia at the airport at 76. and 74 degrees right now at wilmington and trenton. >> police released pictures this morning of a suspected shop lifter who they say attacked a grocery store worker. police say this man was trying to make off with a cart filled with $900 of groceryies. authorities say the man attacked the worker. the man you see in the second picture was also involved. the wilmington police department will hold two public meetings about their recent step up for patrols. a group of officers has been patrolling high crime areas from 6:00 at night until 1:00 in the morning. the first meeting will be at parkway academy north and the second meeting at st. paul's church at 7:30. a job fair for positions at
8:58 am
philly international begins. more than 30 businesses are looking for candidates. we'll have another local update in 25 minutes. you can get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 news app. now back to the "today" show. thanks for watching. have a great day.
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," the blacklist's megan boone is on the lam. but guess where she's turning up. and then bea miller gets fired up for a big performance. and we'll sit down with chicago pd star jon seda. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist, and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on a steamy tuesday morning. may the 12th, 2015. getting up in the low 90s i believe in new york city. >> just today. then the front passes through and we drop about 20 degrees. >> where it should be. >> yes.
9:01 am
>> i'm willie along with al, natalie, and tamron. let's start off with a little deflategate, shall we? >> okay. >> what is that? >> are you tired of this by now? >> slightly, yes. >> getting weary of it. >> we finally got the punishment we knew was coming. we just didn't know it was going to be this big. tom brady the patriots quarterback suspended without pay for the first four games of next season. the patriots also lose a first round draft pick in 2016 and another pick the following year. the team was fined a million bucks. that's the biggest team fine in nfl history. this is all over the deflategate scandal. the league cited substantial and credible evidence that says from an independent report that brady probably was, quote at least generally aware that two patriots locker room attendants were deflating the balls. the league faulted his failure to cooperate with the investigation. he wouldn't give over his phone. i wouldn't give them my phone either but that's a different
9:02 am
story. tom brady's agent says the discipline is ridiculous and has no legitimate basis. bob kraft the owner of the patriots said something along the same lines. it's absurd and we support tom brady fully. a lot of people talking about this. there was one picture we saw on twitter that jumped out on us. tom brady's jersey with an asterisk next to his name. >> but we don't have it. >> i want you to imagine this picture. holy cow is this something to believe. >> it's all over the internet. >> it's interesting. i do think four games is way too much. i really do. >> he's going to appeal. >> he is. but willie said something interesting. i do believe he should turn over his text messages and e-mails. his employer, they're investigating. if nbc was investigating us -- >> i'm not giving them my phone either. >> well, rebel. >> not my private phone. >> just the text messages related to the investigation. it's not like they're going to comb all over those.
9:03 am
there would be incriminating evidence on you. >> yeah. i believe you're not going to read anything but the ones you're supposed to read. >> doing basically what hillary clinton did. i'll give the e-mails i want to give. you extract the e-mails and say these are what i'm allowing you to read. that's my only iffy point of this. >> you're right. >> if you want to clear your legacy and name, then i guess you do that. >> but here are the text messages from that day. boom done. >> i think you're right. their approach did not help. they were so defiant going into it. >> they still are. >> they are. the locker room attendants who helped allegedly brady deflate the balls have been suspended indefinitely without pay. how is this playing around the league. >> look at that picture. >> now we have it. >> bam. that was worth the wait. >> and why are the guys who make the least amount of money though suspended indefinitely without pay? i don't like that either. that's also why i would like for tom brady to show the text
9:04 am
messages. don't let the guy who probably would never have said no to tom brady take the permanent fall as well. you're the ball guy, you get a call from the big guy whoever that might be -- >> allegedly. >> i said if you -- i didn't say anyone's name. >> allegedly. >> okay. . thank you if your seersucker suit and attorney. he's suspended indefinitely without pay. he did something wrong too, apparently. >> let's go to eli manning. >> giants quarterback eli manning, what does he think about the suspension? >> it's football. i think it is about integrity and you have to follow the rules. so if someone's breaking rules, i understand you're going to get punished for it. >> he later said whipped them twice in the super bowl so i'm good. no, he didn't. i added that. we had bob costas on the show this morning and matt asked bob
9:05 am
if the punishment fits the crime here. >> it's been a bad couple of years for the nfl with bounty bountygate, the bullying scandal domestic violence child abuse. and the way the nfl has ruled in each of these cases was sometimes perceived as random and sometimes perceived even as incompetent. and roger goodell wanted to make sure he got this right. >> and bob pointed out also this morning that this case didn't happen in a vacuum. if it was just this incident four games is too big. but looking at everything with ray rice and adrian peterson and the history of the patriots, they have to look strong on the stories. >> and tom brady is the poster boy for the nfl. you've got to set an example. >> you wonder if it were any other team, would there have been this -- >> bingo. >> this animosity this spotlight. at the end of the day, not
9:06 am
worried. >> glad you're okay, al. >> i'm good. i'm good. >> at theit's okay. >> everything's good. i'm fine. >> i kind of like that. >> this is a crazy scene on the mass turnpike yesterday. take a look at what happened. this bolt bus driving from boston to new york city burst into flames right there during rush hour. thankfully the driver noticed a couple minutes before that there was smoke coming out of wherever and he decided to pull the bus over. he was able to evacuate all the passengers off of the bus before that explosion that fire that engulfed the entire bus. fortunately no one hurt because of the fast thinking of that driver. greyhound owns that bolt bus. the cause of the incident, not yet determined. >> and traffic was a nightmare. >> so scary. traffic backed up for miles and miles on end.
9:07 am
>> look at that. >> that video is incredible. >> they have that driver to thank though. he did the right thing. >> a story we've been trying to get in the last couple of days. >> you don't love this story either. >> just keep popping up on the rundown. >> what does your bedroom color say about your mood every day? >> mine is beige. >> here we go. "huffington post," this report says your bedroom color affects your mood and that blue is apparently the color you want to paint your bedroom. it makes you feel more peaceful, calm, and serene. like the ocean. like the sky when it's clear. logical conclusions there right? >> right. >> but it also can make your room feel bigger. which i wouldn't have jumped to that conclusion. >> big blue sky. >> yeah. so 2013 travel lodge study, people slept longer in the blue bedroom. did you know that?
9:08 am
>> i did not. >> keep going. >> those light aura things except it's interesting to go to sleep it uses a red light. and to wake you up, it uses blue light. which i would have thought would have been the other way around. but because red light as the sun goes down the sky turns reddish. and when you're waking up it's turning blue. >> what color is your room with that light? >> i don't know. it's dark. guy to sleep and it's dark. i don't know. >> now i can make my confession. we had this in the rundown yesterday. i had to call christina and say what color is our bedroom? no idea. >> how do you not know? >> it was such a dumb call to make i thought i don't want to make this call. i couldn't come up with this. >> she said it's a gray/blue. kind of like your dress actually. >> that's a hard color to define. >> thank you.
9:09 am
>> but i thought maybe green. but it's not. >> are you color blind? >> apparently he's not in there a lot. >> generally -- >> what color are your wife's eyes? >> brown. >> i don't know why you don't know the color of your bedroom. i said it was blue/greenish. >> he's not looking at the walls. he's looking at christina in her eyes. >> winner. >> this one -- we're going to end on a little fun here. but i was okay with it. myrtle beach safari and preserve adopting three tiger cubs as his own. orangutan was watching the caretakers taking care of the cubs and then mimicked it.
9:10 am
they have other animals too. >> oh, my gosh. >> this is going to go terribly wrong in about six months. that's not going to be good. >> that's cute and cuddly. >> that's cute for a second, i think. then like you said -- oh. >> that's nice. >> but for how long? >> makes me want to go to bed in a blue bedroom. >> we took the blue to heart here. we're all wearing blue. >> that's right. >> so therefore we're calm today. >> i think that would justify that chat that was sitting on the shelf for two days. >> you know the color of tom brady's bedroom? no idea whatsoever. >> i got drawn into that one. >> hey. orange room, let's go #orange room, what's your bedroom color? no, no. let's find it. people -- you know, general
9:11 am
blue yellow, gray, green. let's just find out. #orange room. what's your bedroom color? do you know what it is? anyway a lot of wet weather. we've got a big system spinning off the texas coast. so not only that tornado is in northern texas. now they're getting heavy rain in southern texas. and then tomorrow it moves up through the north into oklahoma. not a lot of great news. we have flood watches and flash flood watches for 24 million people. heavy rain soaking texas in the south today. by wednesday it's in the north texas, kansas as well. look at all that rainfall. we are talking another 3 to 4 inches in some sections. and guess what. unfortunately more severe weather by friday. the atmosphere loading up with plenty of moisture. we've got a risk of strong storms from texas right on into nebraska. 16 million people at risk for possible good morning. going to be a hot one today.
9:12 am
upper 80s to near 90 degrees. the record is 91. sunshine takes over this afternoon. the wind picks up. we have cooler weather for tomorrow. back to spring time. 49 in the morning. 70 in the afternoon. sunshine, a few clouds. comfortable thursday and friday. this weekend might need your umbrella especially saturday. rain and a chance of a thunderstorm. scattered showers saturday and mild weather ahead for monday. >> you already got a picture of somebody's bedroom? >> what color? >> i got someone's bedroom in here. >> blue? was it blue? >> no, it's a nice picture. but it's an interesting thing to ask people to send us a picture of your bedroom. >> i didn't say send a picture. i just said what color is it. but that's great. >> this is beautiful. i love your bedroom. >> great stuff. we've got great stuff coming. >> all right. >> great stuff. >> al wants to know, #what are
9:13 am
you wearing. >> that's just wrong. coming up it's been a nail biter to the end. so what is next for agent liz keane on "the blacklist"? megan boone faces our interrogation. >> what color is your bedroom? >> oh, boy.
9:14 am
when we go to the store i find my box of honey bunches of oats, and i'm checking to see if i packaged it. he says "it has a certain code that's my line, this is the date." if the last 3 letters were p22, that's me. you get used to stale odors in your mudroom. you think it smells fine, but your guests smell this... febreze air effects works instantly to eliminate odors you've gone noseblind to. smells like a field of awesome in here. so you and your guests can breathe happy.
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♪ don't let bad odors escape. continuously neutralize them with glad with febreze. new glad bags... now with the irresistible scent of gain. hey kool-aid man, are you good at hiding? dude, i can see you. everybody can see you. oh yeah? stir up some fun, with 50% less sugar than leading regular sodas. new kool-aid easy mix. oh yeah! hey guys. let's get serious here. there's one episode left in season two of "the blacklist."
9:16 am
for fans thursday cannot come fast enough. >> if you're not interested to find out what's to come look away for 30 seconds. but if you're just a little bit curious about the finale, check this out. >> oh boy. >> don't do this, keane. >> they won't listen to me. >> we'll make them listen. >> did you get my blood test back? >> positive for the virus. >> you see. they can make anything look like the truth. >> and if you run? what does that look like? if someone is setting you up you're giving them what they want. you can fight this but you've got to do it from inside the system. >> in about 20 seconds that camera is going to turn back on. if you're going to let me go you've got to do it now. >> wow. >> good to see you. >> hi. >> so you're on the lam now. >> yeah. >> what's going on with liz? >> liz is in red's position now.
9:17 am
she's one of the most wanted criminals. and she's been framed. obviously she's still good at heart. but she's a criminal now and she has to work outside the system. imagine that for season three, huh? >> so she's on the lam where does this leave her relationship with tom? starting to come back to life. >> everyone wants tom teasers but they're off limits because it's a big reveal in the finale. >> he tells everything on the shows. >> don't pit me against ryan. come on. >> he gives a little more. >> yeah, i know. >> oh. oh. wow. >> that's amazing. >> just going to brush that off. >> she came to play. >> so what color is your bedroom? >> yeah. get into it. >> dusty rose. it means it's not girlie pink, but it's a pink. >> that sounds pretty. >> it's like a pink you would
9:18 am
find in a parisian apartment that has been dilapidated for at least two decades. >> and a back story. wow. so you wrapped shooting now. are you like a kid on summer break? >> yes. on summer break at the "today" show. in a cool dress. >> we've got to ask you about the dress. we had to strategize how you would sit down. >> yes. phillip lin made this dress. we thought it would be great because it's got a sexy slip. but you'll see my hands are strategically placed in order to make it appropriate for al roker. >> and the ladies were discussing leg folding techniques. >> they were helping me figure out whether to cross the right over the left. these go into morning show interviews. >> we have these highchairs. that's the problem.
9:19 am
>> we don't have high standards but we have high chairs. >> oh! >> was that a diss roker? >> no no! no! that was about us. >> last time i was here i played a big prank on you about forgetting my name. and now i'm back and you're teasing me. >> i know. it's much like your relationship with red. it's just a big tease. >> i know. you need to just wear the hat next time. >> all right. i will. megan boone, thank you. would you like to come back when ellie kemper and jane krakowski are here? >> he likes them better than he likes us. now he wants to add you to the group. >> he thinks he's charlie and he's got angels. >> can i be him? can i be willie? >> you want to be willie? >> you can be him. i need to fold my legs the right
9:20 am
way. >> the finale of "the blacklist" airs this thursday at 9:00/8:00 central. >> coming up next, we'll catch up with jon seda right after this. >> bam! the world is filled with air. but for people with copd sometimes breathing air can be difficult. if you have copd, ask your doctor about once-daily anoro ellipta. it helps people with copd breathe better for a full 24hours. anoro ellipta is the first fda-approved product containing two long-acting bronchodilators in one inhaler. anoro is not for asthma. anoro contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma. it is not known if this risk is increased in copd. anoro won't replace rescue inhalers for sudden copd symptoms and should not be used more than once a day. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition,
9:21 am
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are you so congested... it feels like that brick's on your face? try zyrtec®-d to powerfully clear your blocked nose and relieve your other allergy symptoms. so you can breathe easier all day. zyrtec®-d. find it at the pharmacy counter. they say after seeing a magician make his assistant disappear mr.clean came up with a product that makes dirt virtually disappear. he called it the magic eraser. it cleans like magic. even baked on dirt disappears right before your eyes. mr.clean's magic eraser. jon seda always wanted to be a boxer but he hung up his gloves to become an actor.
9:23 am
>> art is now imitateing life on "chicago p.d." good to have here. >> thanks for having me. >> this time around as i understand it you're going to start doing boxing? back to the ring? >> what's great is they like to dive into each character and try to, you know find a back story on who they are. so with antonio, there might be some things that we're going to look into next year into his background. he was a boxer in chicago. so there might be some cool scenes coming up with him regarding that. >> was it like riding a bike getting back in the ring? >> it's a lot easier not getting hit in the face. working on a heavy bag or speed bag is great. but walking into a gym and especially a gritty looking old school gym brings back so many memories of dominic bufano who
9:24 am
was my trainer. he's in the boxing hall of fame in jersey city. there's some pictures. >> talk about life sort of taking a turn, i mean, you were hoping to go to the 1992 olympics for boxing. and then acting sort of came to you. how did that happen? >> who'd have thunk it? well my mom, she knew. she said you need something to fall back on instead of just boxing. how about acting? >> that's another easy one. >> two safe careers. in the bag. >> it worked out though. >> she knew. >> and your daughter recently guest starred with you on "chicago p.d." what was that like? >> yes. it's surreal. she's really passionate about wanting to -- she performs, she sings in her heart. and she just really -- she doesn't get nervous when she performs. it's afterwards, i can't believe i did that. so it was great to see her on the show. she had great scenes with jesse.
9:25 am
>> great for her and continued success. thanks. "chicag ♪ ♪ you and me, we could be bare footin' ♪ ♪ we'll certainly get around, ohh ♪ ♪ you and me, we could be bare footin' ♪ ♪ our feet can touch the ground ♪ conceal cracks and splinters with the ultimate do-over for wood and concrete. ♪ hey hey hey hey ♪ don't replace, resurface. behr premium deckover. exclusively at the home depot.
9:26 am
nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. let's get your first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley. >> we are already seeing changes. we saw some fog in some areas to start with. one of those spots was the pocono mountains. still clouds around. in spite of that the temperatures have been climbing 68 degrees. look at the 70s for northeast philadelphia, both at 76 degrees right now. and sunshine we will be heading towards the 90 degree mark. bright sunshine. 86 degrees at 2:00 and 86 again at 5:00 this afternoon. today a man charged with shooting a philadelphia police officer is scheduled for a
9:27 am
preliminary hearing. police say last month he shot officer daniel caustic. he fired back and hit. this morning a guy smashed a drive thru window in west philadelphia and took off with the entire cash register at 63rd and gerard. police found the custody and took him into custody. today the pennsylvania state senate is expected to approve a bill to legalize certain forms of medical marijuana. whether it passes the house remains unclear. the senate amended the bill to include patients suffering from krones disease, diabetes and chronic pain. smoking it would not be allowed. i'm tracy davidson. we will have another local update in 25 minutes and get the latest news and weather with the
9:28 am
nbc 10 news app. now back to the "today" show.
9:29 am
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines. a stern reminder from the federal government. insurance companies have to pay for birth control, mammograms, and well women visits without charging copays as part of the 2010 affordable care act. the mediterranean diet can counteract the effects of aging on the brain's about to function. according to to a study to those following a mediterranean diet for four years. and those given extra nuts during that period had their memory skills improve on average while those who got extra olive oil had improvements in problem solving and in planning skills. for the first time, a small laboratory study has found evidence to back up the belief that it is harder for some people to lose weight. researchers at the national
9:31 am
institute institutes of health placed people on a strict diet for six weeks and some only lost half as much weight as others. that's because their bodies burned fewer calories while eating. some mixed results by the crash tests. four of the seven mid-sized suvs tested or rated poor or marginal. the 2015 dodge journey scored the lowest rating of poor. the dodge durango, jeep cherokee, and hyundai santa fe were marginal. at the top the moreno and wrangler. a painting by picasso smashed a record for artwork sold at auction. this is women of algiers version and it sold for $179 million. the buyer elected to remain anonymous. now let's get a check of the weather now from mr. roker. >> speaking of paintings, guess what people are doing. they're sending the colors of their rooms in. there you can see in the orange room.
9:32 am
that's right. lots of different colors. i can paint a room. two coats just like that. anyway, we're looking at wet weather through the gulf coast. wet weather in the pacific northwest. a gorgeous day down in los angeles with sunshine and a happy that's what's going on a good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a hot one today upper 80s to near 90 degrees. the record is 91. sunshine takes over this afternoon. the wind picks up. we have cooler weather for tomorrow. back to spring time. 49 in the morning. 70 in the afternoon. sunshine, a few clouds really comfortable thursday and friday. this weekend might need your umbrella especially saturday. rain and a chance of a thunderstorm scattered showers sunday and mild weather ahead for monday. have a great day. >> don't forget. get the weather any time you need it. weather channel on cable and online. to my tuesday trend.
9:33 am
we are reaching mini skirt season flowy dresses, everything we deserve at a cold winter. with breaking out those styles of course we run into issues. here with quick hacks to fix all of our warm weather fashion problems is celebrity stylist and friend host of tlc. >> good to see you. >> a funny thing happened to me at work one time. a huge gust of wind and my dress as you see on the video, went up in the air. al roker gave me his jacket. but an idea was born with our fashion team janine came up with this idea. we taped quarters in the bottom of my flowy dresses so this keeps my dress down. if we have extra strength, we have magnets. i said what kind of hacks do we need for spring wardrobe? >> this is a great one. you can use washers if you have
9:34 am
them, your husband has them sitting around or your boyfriend. washers also do the trick. this is a very common way to actually keep clothes sitting where they should. >> we just taped the quarter in with double sided tape and it kept the dress down. so you have tips for me. >> more hacks. >> this time of the year we get our manicure and pedicure and it chips in a day. >> stick your hands right after your man cure in ice water for 60 seconds and it hardens it so it prevents chipping and cracking. >> certain nail polishes that last longer? >> lighter colors you see less chipping. and a gel manicure will last longer. if you have a normal in between your lunch break, this is great. >> you're going to get frostbite. thank you. this is another common issue. white t-shirt season and we hate when our bras show. what's the hack? >> a lot of times you wear a white or nude bra under white and you get a nip slip. to prevent that, red is the
9:35 am
trick. red bra will prevent your nipples from going through. >> it seems it would draw the red to under the white. >> what it does is obstructs the ability of seeing your nipple. >> how many times can you say that word? >> why don't we say that 92 times? >> moving on. our skin. i am a coconut oil fanatic. this is one of your hacks as well for dry skin. >> this is great. this is a great hack for healthy hair. you take a teaspoon of coconut oil, mix it to your regular conditioner and proceed as normal. just use your conditioner as you normally would in the shower and it brightens and shines your hair. >> i'm going to take this advice from you. >> because i'm bald. you can also use it as a long-term conditioner. put it in for an hour before you wash your hair. then wash and condition as normal normal. but just add it to your conditioner. >> this time of the year, people are at weddings and graduations. that means you're on your feet for a long time. you think it's a good idea in
9:36 am
wedges as i did this weekend to go walking. my feet were on fire. here's a hack i discovered on i had own. i take a tennis ball or golf ball after being in high heels all day. i don't show my feet on tv so ally will do that. i sit down on the edge of my bed and roll my foot along the ball. it makes a huge difference. >> keep these in your car too. a lot of times you go to a wedding your feet hurt. sneak out and massage. or on the way home. >> she's a new mom and needs the pampering. thank you for being willing. up next, 16-year-old bea miller is being called this summer's
9:37 am
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effortlessly shade... and intensify... it's smoky made simple. smokissime from l'oreal makeup designer, paris. 16-year-old bea miller has been performing in front of crowds since she was a little girl. now she's getting set to release her first full length debut album. >> we'll hear her sing in a moment but first a look at how this talented teenager got to our stage. ♪ >> reporter: rising star bea miller burst on the music scene last year with her first single "young blood" debuting at number two on the itunes pop chart. but bea's career really began at age 9. belting out "america the beautiful" during the 2008 u.s. open in front of a sold out crowd. just a few years later she
9:42 am
auditioned for the second season of "the x factor." ♪ i will go down with the ship ♪ >> reporter: she placed in the top ten and made a lasting impression on demi lovato. bea made her first-ever morning show appearance right here on "today" as elvis duran's artist of the month. ♪ baby we were born with fire and gold in our eyes ♪ >> reporter: now she's ready to make a bigger splash with her new album "not an apology." >> we're going to hear a single from bea in a moment. good to see you. >> good to be here. >> welcome back to the "today" show. >> thank you. >> this ride has been incredible for you over the last year even the last few months. what has been the highlight of it all? >> i think it's been chavling and seeing all this fans. it's crazy. i never thought a bunch of people
9:43 am
my age would look up to me and somehow think that i was cool. >> you are cool. >> we can confirm that. >> when you look at that video of you singing the national anthem, what does that feel like? >> i was so embarrassed. i didn't know they were going to show that. i was like, oh, no. i never would have seen myself singing here when i did that. >> you have really grown up before our eyes. how do you stay grounded? just 16 years old and still trying to be a kid. >> i mean, i'm just a normal person. i hang out with my friends and eat ice cream out of a carton. i'm just a normal person. i just happen to have an interesting hobby that leads me interesting places. >> very cool. stick around because bea is going to perform her latest song for us live right after this. hi. looking for a prius, i bet. it's high-tech too with the latest safty features. and available entune app suite. and, i'm sorry... i don't mean to drone on. honey, stop messing with jan. during toyota time, get 0% apr
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9:48 am
>> announcer: the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> now performing her first single off her debut album, here is 16-year-old bea miller with "fire & gold." ♪ ♪ like an astronaut that's scared of heights ♪ ♪ with a heart that's beating at the speed of light ♪ ♪ you've been waiting for this feeling all your life ♪ ♪ sometimes it's just hard to realize ♪ ♪ when you're stuck in a
9:49 am
moment ♪ ♪ and your spark has been stolen ♪ ♪ this is our time to own it ♪ ♪ so own it ♪ ♪ baby we were born with fire & gold in our eyes ♪ ♪ eyes ♪ ♪ with fire & gold in our eyes ♪ ♪ eyes ♪ ♪ got lightning in a bottle ♪ ♪ hands on the throttle ♪ ♪ even in the dust we shine ♪ ♪ with fire & gold in our eyes ♪ ♪ there is something different about you and i ♪ ♪ and i feel like i have known you my whole life ♪ ♪ there is beauty behind every tear you've cried ♪ ♪ sometimes it's just hard to
9:50 am
realize ♪ ♪ when you're stuck in a moment ♪ ♪ and your spark has been stolen ♪ ♪ this is our time to own it ♪ ♪ so own it ♪ ♪ baby we were born with fire & gold in our eyes ♪ ♪ eyes ♪ ♪ with fire & gold in our eyes ♪ ♪ eyes ♪ ♪ got lightning in bottle ♪ ♪ hands on the throttle ♪ ♪ even in the dust we shine ♪ ♪ with fire & gold in our eyes ♪ ♪ there is love inside this madness ♪ ♪ we are walking on the moon ♪ ♪ though i don't believe in magic ♪ ♪ i believe in me and you ♪
9:51 am
♪ ooh ♪ ♪ i believe in me and you ♪ ♪ i believe in me and you ♪ ♪ fire & gold in our eyes ♪ ♪ eyes ♪ ♪ with fire & gold in our eyes ♪ ♪ eyes ♪ ♪ got lightning in a bottle ♪ ♪ hands on the throttle ♪ ♪ even in the dust we shine ♪ ♪ with fire & gold in our guys ♪ ♪ yeah yeah yeah ♪ ♪ ooh ♪ ♪ yeah yeah yeah ♪ >> yeah! >> bea miller! >> killed it.
9:52 am
yes. >> great job. >> bea miller, great job. >> thank you. >> well done. >> back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
uh-oh. >> look who's here and look what time it is. >> time for lovely ladies. >> we've never had this many celebrities in one show. >> we're cooking with kathrine heigl. >> wow. >> in a new wonderful show. and sam elliot. guts, glory ram. >> it's what's for dinner. >> i love his voice. >> and how about that first show? >> wow. >> are you on for two mourhours? seems like a lot of show. >> you're going to work your
9:55 am
magic. >> i can't say that? >> no. they're going to drag your rear end out of here. >> as long as i can take your stuff with me. >> all right. all that and
9:56 am
nbc 10 news starts now. >> good morning. i'm tracy davidson. let's get your first alert forecast. >> a beautiful day. a warm day. unusually warm. this time of year we should be in the low 70s in the afternoon. it's already 73 degrees with sunshine. you can see that in the live view from center city. 78 now in trenton. atlantic city at the airport is already 80 degrees.
9:57 am
a warm sunny day today. temperatures near the record this afternoon of 91 degrees. fire officials say a new castle county home is likely a complete loss after an early morning fire. nbc 10 was on north bold baltimore pike as firefighters worked to get it under control. crews found out about the fire when a guy who lived in the home ran around the corner to the fire department. the polls will open for delaware voters looking to elect new school board members in all 16 districts across the state. in delaware you don't have to be a registered voter to participate in the school board elections. you need to be at least 18 and live in the district. polls are open until 8:00 tonight. officials will hold a ribbon cutting at new green playground in strawberry mansion neurthe william dick school.
9:58 am
it includes play equipment, spray park picnic grove and walking path.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ♪ >> we're semi alive today acally because there's a lot of pollen here, but that's okay. >> who cares. >> you know how you get through it booze day tuesday. may 12th. we have the most celeb packed show we've ever had. >> i think you're right. we have emmy winner katherine heigl with us. you know what, she's going to be doing something we haven't seen her do on our program yet. >> apparently she's quite the little cook. >> she is. she's whipping up not only something to eat but more importantly something to drink. >> yes. and then we hit the trifecta of
10:01 am
dashing men, martin sheen and sam waterson and sam elliott. look at those guys. we are so blessed. >> hunky, hunky. >> yeah. and we have more hunks there. our guys tell all. >> new addition too. look at him. yeah, baby. >> looks at that. >> all right. >> fun show. >> how are you? >> we have good news about the puppies we had on our show yesterday. if you guys watched we had three dogs that were part of a dog travel segment all up for adoption. first one got adopted yesterday. >> before the show was over. >> oh, my goshp. there's a singer, guy named michael hobby. >> a band called a thousand years, they have a great -- >> thousand horses. >> thousand horses. they have a great song that i'm blanking on the name of. "smoke." thanks. and this little dog was on the show. >> so cute. named sugar. >> and his wife said that it was his first time on the show and sugar's first time on the show. >> on national tv, right?
10:02 am
>> and they -- >> look. it's love. that's the one i fell in love with too. >> those eyes. >> if i didn't have three. how precious. and then another one. two of the three have been adopted now. >> which one? >> the other one. >> the little beagle. >> the beagle. >> the beagle was adopted toop. >> oh. and then so what about the last dog? >> well if it's two out of three that means that one wasn't. >> i know. i feel bad. like the one left out. the beagle. >> yeah. >> and i was holding that other one. the other cute one. >> yeah. the first one. >> that wasn't adopted. >> now you don't have blake, you should have adopted him. >> i have blake. he's just at camp. >> sometimes they don't come back. >> you know who's having a bad day, only because of the headlines? i'm sure he'll get through this just fine, but tom brady is having a tough day. >> "the daily news" had a choice headline. yes. >> not to be outdone by the new york post. >> a choice headline.
10:03 am
they've had fun for weeks with this. >> but maybe not surprised, the boston papers played it differently. let's see what their headline screams. not that one. the other one. the other one. that's much more colorful and exciting. >> nfl air heads." you can imagine. yep yep yep. >> he got suspended for four games. they lost a couple draft picks and they got a million dollar fine. so that's what happened. the nfl commissioner roger goodell sasds this is his quote we reached this decision after extensive discussions. >> and tom brady's agent of course -- into said it was ridiculous and no legitimate bases. >> he's filed an appeal and we'll follow this. i think a lot of people expected punishment. i think most were surprised it's four games. that's a quarter of the season. >> yes. >> that's a big deal. i mean ray rice was suspended twos games when we saw that video of him punching his wife in the elevator. >> which was a domestic violence, separate and apart
10:04 am
from the game of football. >> on the field. >> they've gotten so much criticism the last few years for concussions, for all the different scandals that i think they've just -- are trying to say listen, we hear you and we're going to really take these things seriously now. that's just -- i haven't spoken to roger goodell but i know he's very concerned about the integrity of the sport. >> i know. some people say they overcorrected went too far with all of the punishment. >> we'll find that out in the appeals process. >> they keep saying had he shown his text messages because he wasn't cooperative in the investigation and they had half the text messages which showed, you know, who apparently tom brady was writing to about these deflated balls but weren't showing what he said. >> those guys are suspended indefinitely without pay right? >> yeah. >> they're going to appeal it. i wonder if it's going to end up going down a little bit after that. >> i don't know. what some somebody wanted to say something. >> nobody wants to say something. they're talking amongst them snoofls i had one of the biggest fights i've ever had in my family with my husband and son
10:05 am
about this. we decided for in the interest of peace in our own household we would no longer discuss it. >> what -- you thought it was fair and they thought -- >> not about this. about the initial -- >> the whole thing. >> the initial scandal. >> they thought it was -- >> i'm not discussing it anymore. >> you discuss everything! >> you can imagine frank didn't think it was such a huge deal in the scheme of things but he loves, loves loves bill belichick and he loves tom brady. >> right. >> and he sometimes can't see beyond things. >> right. >> and -- >> you just started a few back at your house. >> and cody went right along with him. anyway. >> well, seems like -- >> got to agree to disagree on these things. boy, tensions are -- oh, my gosh. >> i know. >> people get death threats not that i've heard about it. crazy things. >> it's a big deal. it is a big deal. >> what else is a semi big deal. >> what? >> these bus ads in wales, not
10:06 am
that you -- wales is part of the uk, maybe you don't know, causing a little controversy. some people think they're big animals that float in the ocean. this is an ad. >> yeah. >> these men and women. >> wants people to ride the bus. it says, supposedly shows topless people. this one we're allowed to show has a girl with a tank on. there are some where they're topless and it says ride me all day for three pounds. so anyway, that is controversial and i guess they took it down because people didn't like to see -- >> i was surprised. nothing seems to bother anybody anymore, you know, and europe is so -- >> so much more risque than that. ride me is what's bad for three pounds. i mean -- >> shoulds cost more than that. >> hellop. that seems inexpensive. >> i mean for all day.
10:07 am
okay. so there's a statement from the travel group, do we have to, please. >> begin the volume of negativity received we decided to remove the pictures from the back of the busses within the next 24 hours. >> we show it on american television for fun. >> if you like "dancing with the stars" it's getting down to the end here and there are lots of great moments. everyone is wondering who's going to be left standing. there's a great, great thing that happened. one of the favorites, one of the ones who everyone loves. >> double amputee, right? >> i think his arm and his leg. >> noah galaway a veteran. he's -- everyone's rooting for him. one of these guys. >> sure. >> anyway he danced -- >> look at this. >> to "the time of my life." he got raves from the judges. but that's not what everyone was talking about. what happened next is what it was. his girlfriend jamie who is an army reserve specialist was there to cheer him on. take a look. >> jamie, the moment that you surprised me on the show was one
10:08 am
of the most amazing moments i've ever had and this song "the time of my life," you give that to me. i have to do this here because -- >> okay. >> oh! >> oh, no. >> would you marry me? [ applause ] >> forget this. what did -- forget the judges scores, what do you have to say about that? >> i'm speechless. i'm never speechless. i love you so much. >> i love you. >> is that a yes? >> yes yes yes. >> oh,.. >> thank you, jerry. >> oh, my gosh. >> that's so sweet. that was so darn sweet. >> the standing o from everybody. >> looked like nobody knew it
10:09 am
was going to happen. >> it did look like a total surprise. >> that was so sweet. >> oh. >> we're not going to be able to show hugh jackman. >> show him lifting weights. we have to. >> just for -- >> he lifted a ton. >> no. he lifted a thousand pounds, 2,000 pounds. >> stop with your crazy math. >> okay. love him. >> thousand pounder. >> yes, he did. >> what is it called? >> the squat, the deadlift. >> whatever. he can -- >> who cares. we love our hugh. >> we do. >> got to have a bite of hugh every day. >> shout out, give it away on fridays, keep entering every week, five lucky prizes are given away. so go to our klg and hoda for the rules. >> the prizes are amazing. you're going to win something great. does that post-workout sweat make you more attractive? find out what our guys think. >> and we're used to her heating things up on screen, but now
10:10 am
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10:13 am
so you can take the next big step. look who we've got cooking for us today. tv and film star cath lin heigl. >> we love when she comes to visit us. >> the actress who took home an emmy and made us cry in her roles. at seattle's grace on the -- the hit drama series grey's anatomy. she played a allison scott living with the consequences of one night when she was in "knocked up". >> now making us hungry sharing delicious recipes for summer. >> yes. >> nice to have you back. >> happy to be here.
10:14 am
fun to be doing this. >> great to see you. >> you're quite the cook at home. this is authentic. >> i cook a lot. my mother a big cook growing up and was my mentor and taught me and my thing these days i just want to do things that are still beautiful and delicious and elegant, but not going to cost me my entire day, my money, resources, energy. >> yes. >> so this is all about just serving a beautiful meal for a friend but making it easy as possible for the process. >> okay. >> what are we starting with? >> first of all -- >> i don't usually do that. >> these are beautiful summer italian margaritas. my good friend p.j. a director and mixologist made for me. >> it's a margarita. >> try that. >> that's good. >> what's different? something different in this? >> it's got basil. >> it's the basil. >> do good tequila. you don't want a headache. >> it's worth it. that is unusual but i like it. >> it's savory and a good
10:15 am
precursor to this little meal we have going on here. coming back for that later. >> of course you are. >> my mom has been making this for 30 years. it's a summer basil brie pasta salad you can make at the beginning of the day and let it sit and marinate. >> chill? cold? >> room temp. >> okay. >> you're using your chopped tomatoes, garlic, lots of garlic, your sliced basel. >> ever worry about your breath? >> i mean yeah but it's just me and two little girls and eight dogs and a husband that has to put up with it. >> how old are the girls by the way? >> 6 and 3. i wish i had a photo. i was going to send a photo for you guys. i couldn't get it off my computer. >> should we put this in there? >> yes. >> put a wheel of brie in the freezer. >> trouble already. >> for just like, i don't know, 10, 15, minutes to get it hard enough to make it easy to sort of slice the rind off.
10:16 am
you want to slice that off. >> okay. >> people sometimes don't know they're not supposed to eat the rind. >> i mean i'll eat it. >> i like her. >> anything -- >> it goes with it no little cheese on there, i'll eat it. >> suck the cheese off of it, baby. >> try to do that. >> should i do a pinch of salt. >> do like a lot of salt and olive oil. >> how much would you say? >> a good -- >> drench it? >> yeah. >> you know what, my mom tried this basil infused olive oil. >> yeah. >> which is awesome. >> crazy. >> and delicious. >> come on down here. >> once you get the rindo shouldn't take long, chop up the brie and put this in a bowl together with the brie. dump that? >> why am i doing all the work hoda. >> that's what you do. >> my drink. >> don't want to lose that. >> okay. thank you. >> all right. then what. >> then take hots pasta. toss it into that bowl.
10:17 am
>> any kind of pasta. >> spaghetti is my go-to. >> bring that bowl over here. >> no, thank you. >> lovely. >> and then the hot pasta will melt that brie. >> that's how you do it. >> okay. >> look at this. >> oh my gosh. >> you have to get a bite with no cheese. >> i will. you try this. get in here. >> i'm going to get involved. >> marinated for the day -- >> get anything good on it. >> get in there. >> what's this, katherine? what do we have here. >> this is a simple radish salad that we have a ranch up in utah and we have this beautiful property and my mom has an organic garden. >> delicious. >> garlic amazing. >> doing any more interviews today i apologize in advance. >> oh, my gosh that's good. >> right. how easy is that. takes a little prep with the chopping but -- >> no prep at all. it's amazing. >> yummy. >> listen to your mother. >> you can grow your radishes on your ranch and you can -- >> good.
10:18 am
>> you know. >> thank you so much, sweetie. >> thank you. >> you should do a cookbook. >> these are on >> five ways to tease men without knowing it. our guy tell-all panel tell us i don't know if you've ever taken the time to learn a little tiny bit of somebody else's native tongue? that opens up the doors to trust. my name is kanyon. i'm a technician here in portland oregon. every morning, i give each one of my customers a call to give them a closer eta. and when i called this customer, i discovered that he was deaf. then i thought of amanda. i've known american sign language since i was about 8 years old. it's like music for your eyes. and i thought that was an amazing gift to have, to be able to communicate with the deaf. my friend kanyon asked me to help him explain how today's appointment will go. he was nodding his head and giggling
10:19 am
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10:21 am
new improved nexxus with concentrated elastin protein and precious ingredients. for hair that lives to move. i just say everything i've given up for memorial day. such a delicious recipe. >> if you want to find out what your man is thinking you've tuned into the right place. guy tell all. >> new is actor kristoffer polaha? >> polaha. >> polaha. >> met you at our friend's wedding. >> you did. >> staring in the new movie "where hope grows." married with three children. met his wife downstairs. >> the married father of one son, comedian and actor rick younger returns to stage 72 form for "the rick younger show electric bug ga loo." >> surprise special guest in the
10:22 am
house tomorrow. >> funny man. >> chuck knight. we love him married with three kids. >> adorable and last but not least is sadly single divorced and loney bob guiney. >> lonely? >> who performed at the concert supporting the challenged athletes foundation sunday here in new york city. hello kids. >> hi, guys. welcomes to the panel. >> thank you so much. >> we haves cosmo has one of those articles and tell us whether you think it's true or not true. ways women are teasing men without them knowing it. agree or disagree. number one, you have post-workout sweat. do you find that sexy and hot, steamy, or not? >> i like post-workout sweat shower thing. after the shower i'm like you look so sexy sweat owe but better now. >> no, you stink. come on. let's be honest. you got finished sweating wet it's -- no, that's not cute. >> yeah. that's like a television movie slow motion dream playing in the
10:23 am
background -- >> yeah. >> what if we call not the sweat but the glow. the post-workout glow. the flush healthy eyes bright. >> yeah. >> glow better be from ax body spray. >> okay. >> you wear a white t on a lazy sunday, do you find that hot? >> yeah. >> yes, it is. it has to be a v-neck t, not like an eminem oversized t. >> yeah. >> something that accentuates the curves. >> pushing it to say without the bra skl. >> nothing wrong with that. >> by the way -- >> talking about the mother of your three children. >> yeah. >> and by the way now that you said that let's make sure that it is soaking wet. >> all right. >> but not from sweat. >> okay. >> still some water. >> wearing your shirt. >> oh, yeah. >> especially while fixing me eggs in the morning. >> really? >> your breakfast. >> i like that. >> one of my good shirts?
10:24 am
>> i'm just saying. >> stretch. >> you stretch and arch your back. >> i love the pinch and giggle. it's nice, downward and upward dog. that's what we're talking about. >> all these things are sexy if the person -- if the person you like is doing them. >> right. >> you know. >> no, no, stretching is -- can be -- seductive. any time you look like a cat in heat that's sexy, i'm sorry. >> does your wife still do that for you? >> does she still stretch? >> yeah. she stretches. >> my wife -- my wife is stretching all the time. my wife is at church stretching and bumping into the person in front of her. >> that's how she gets me to do things for her. >> go and do this. stretch it out. >> we have more. don't worry. we will hear about your questions. >> yes we will. >> sam waterson and sam elliott [ female announcer ] who are we? we are the thinkers. the job jugglers.
10:25 am
the up all-nighters. and the ones who turn ideas into action. we've made our passions our life's work. we strive for the moments where we can say, "i did it!" ♪ ♪ we are entrepreneurs who started it all... with a signature. legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses, turning dreamers into business owners. and we're here to help start yours. brookside chocolate now has a crunch. brookside crunchy clusters - crispy multi-grains and sweet fruit-flavored pieces dipped in rich dark chocolate. discover brookside crunchy clusters. ♪ there are no medals won for earning a living. it's just what you do for family.
10:26 am
but it's hard to build a future if you can't see past today. that's why walmart is investing in the most important part of our company - our people. because a raise in pay, raises us all. oh my gosh. booze day tuesday. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. it's hot and steamy out there. let's get our first alert forecast. >> feelif you like summer like
10:27 am
weather, today is your day. it changes tomorrow. clouds and warm up over the pocono mountains. that's a nice view. 68 in mount pocono. look at northeast philadelphia. 80 and it's 81 right now in atlantic city. sunshine and clouds and winds helping to boost our temperatures in the upper 80s to near 90 this afternoon. thank you. in about an hour and a half the man accused of faking his death in a boating accident is scheduled to make his first court appearance. he turned up about seven months later. investigators say he fled to avoid prosecution on fraud charges. local breast cancer patients will soon have a new resource to fight their disease. it's the newest addition of the md anderson cancer center. it's named after janet knowles
10:28 am
who is a breast cancer survivor who donated $5 million to cooper's breast cancer program. right now a job fair is getting started for open positions at philadelphia international airport. it's on north broad street. more than 30 businesses are look for candidates to fill openings. it runs until 3:00 this afternoon. i'm vai sikahema. we'll have a full hour of news in about 30 minutes. you can get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. we'll send you back to the today show. have great day.
10:29 am
10:30 am
it's booze day tuesday. ready for round two. >> answer your questions, the marrieds, actor kristoffer polaha comedians rick younger chuck nice and always single. >> so sad. >> bob guiney. >> go ahead. what's your question. >> i'm perry from new york. i was wondering how do i get my guy to watch more romcons with me? >> do a lot of stretching. >> when you turn the tv on. >> i love romantic comedies. >> that hasn't guaranteed happiness in your life. >> it hasn't worked for me. >> find out what kind of movies he likes and cut some deals. i watch some of yours and you watch some of mine. >> watch "bull durham". >> another question. >> sheila, i would like to know
10:31 am
how -- from virginia, how do you get men to share their feelings? >> oh, wow. >> you know -- >> ask -- >> that's a good one. >> i don't like talking ability that. >>. >> you got to know him for a long time and be patient and allow him to, you know -- because the moment you ask him about his feelings, then he's like, why are you asking me about my feelings. >> is it a trust factor you're saying? >> with guys, we work bet he when we think it's our idea. you got to let us -- >> if your wife came up to you and you were troubled by something and weren't ready to share it what would make you want to share that? >> honesty, taking a drive together. >> yeah. >> a little quiet and space and you kind of open up. >> by the way, they do say men open up more when not looking at you. the driving works, they're looking ahead. >> they're asking the question stand behind him and ask him the question. yeah. you'll be fine. >> let's take another question from across the street.
10:32 am
>> hi. i'm christy ann, from canton massachusetts my husband doesn't pay enough attention to the honey do list. how do i motivate him to help me out? >> make a smaller list. two things one of which is sit down and have a beer, okay. >> i'm an advocate of the naked run through. >> put the honey do list on the front and on the back and do a slow butt naked walk through. >> walk through. >> come read this list. >> wear the white t-shirt without the bra, get a little wet and stretch. >> ultimately is it everything about sex? >> yes. >> almost. almost everything. >> okay. let's go back. >> that's what i'm doing wrong. >> go ahead. >> hi. my name is judy from massachusetts and i want to know how do we get them to listen to us?
10:33 am
>> >>. >> i think it's all a matter of comfort and just patience. like guys we have stuff that we like to say, but we just want to be comfortable, we want to feel like, you know, like i said feel like it's our idea to talk about it. >> he's not going to like me for this. here's a trick you can do. when you want to talk to him about anything, find his favorite football team. mine is the eagles. go, you know what happened to the eagles. >> go what. no, that's not what i want to talk about. here's what i want to talk about. >> you know what, we love each other but it's really important that we like one another too, isn't it? >> yeah. >> be somebody that's really likable. >> yeah. >> be that -- >> wow. >> and be sensitive towards your guy's feelings. a lot of times, guys are -- we work so hard to not be sensitive and a lot of times we are and we feel like we're getting chastised for it. >> we work so hard not to be sensitive because here's the little-known secret men are more sensitive than women. >> i think that's -- >> from the time you're a little
10:34 am
boy. go to any park look the at the boys and look at the little girls. the little girls are trying to discuss things. little boys -- all they do because we are more sensitive and so as a result, we overcompensate. >> i would have told you you're the inferior species. >> that's all the time we have. >> all right. >> timing is everything. don't forget you can catch kristoffer in a beautiful, beautiful movie called "where hope grows" in theaters starting this friday. congratulations. >> thank you. >> if you have a question for the guys next time go to and hit the connect button and ask. >> what's next hoda woman? >> relationships don't get more complicated than this one. >> martin sheen and sam waterson. i think -- >> yeah. >> chemistry in a big secr i'm brian vickers, nascar® driver. i'm kevin nealon comedian. and i'm arnold palmer, professional golfer. know what we have in common? we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto®.
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10:39 am
actors martin sheen and sam waterson have played tv characters who have had to make very tough decisions. >> martin made his mark in his six time emmy winning role as president bartlet on "the west wing" and 16 years sam played district attorney jack mccoy on the hit series "law and order". >> this time around. >> what's happening? >> pay attention. the decisions these guys have to make are very, very personal. they star in the new netflix hit called "grace and frankie" playing husbands who decide to leave their wives, there's a twist, for each other, after 40 years of marriage and a 20-year
10:40 am
secret affair. take a look. >> so what should we call each other? i like boyfriend. it's got a kick. >> we're too old for that. long-time companion. >> no. too retro. it's from the time before famous people would play gay in movies. >> well, i can't just call you my friend without doing this. and i don't do this. >> soulmates. >> no. >> oh. >> i don't like that when straight people use it. >> welcome, gentlemen. >> how you? >> good, thank you. >> hi. >> hi. >> so you guys have worked together, obviously in the past. >> yes. >> this is a unique set of working circumstances, so how did you feel when you read the script? >> i was intrigued. the cast was already in place so i was -- i was further encouraged to do it yeah. and marta kauffman gave me the final show. >> co-creator of "friends".
10:41 am
>> yeah. >> and you thought -- >> i knew that he was doing it before -- he didn't know i was doing it. i was the last one to be cast. >> yeah. >> i would have -- with him and lily and jane, i would have done anything. >> you didn't think they would let you? >> i didn't think they would let me. >> can you believe that? >> i'm shocked. >> first of all well there were lots of reasons but then i looked at it and thought, afterwards that -- >> why not? >> it wasn't such a bad idea after all. >> when i look in the background of your shot, i see you guys kissing, right there. >> uh-huh. >> you've had to kiss. what was the on-screen kiss like for you two? >> not just one. >> i didn't think we thought about it very much. >> just part of the characters. >> yeah. >> just something they did every now and then. >> yeah. >> i can very well see how it would have become awkward if anybody had given it any thought. >> if you had that beard then. >> yeah. >> and also, he's a cheerful fella and talks a lot so you
10:42 am
don't really get a chance to obsess about it. >> you worked with everybody on the cast before, except for jane fonda? never worked with jane. >> never worked but we known each other many years. she's one of my heros. >> is she. >> oh, gosh yes. >> they were saying that they loved this because rarely do you get 70-year-old women stories told, because we're -- society is basically had enough of you at that point. you have nothing to say or contribute. >> well, yeah. i mean i think that's the cool thing about the show, period. is that -- >> the average age is 74. >> the average age is 74. >> the youngest one. >> and everybody is still peppy and a lot of changes, lot of possibility, and hope and -- i'm not sure that society thinks that all the time. i think they think old people -- >> they just need to be parked somewhere and forgeten. >> lily tomlin said something in "the new york times" she was surprised, she and jane i guess are the lead characters in
10:43 am
this -- >> they're in the title. >> the show and they said they weres surprised to find out that everyone all four of you guys were getting a paid the same amount of money. >> is that true? >> it's -- >> we heard. >> i never heard that. >> well -- >> just you guys? >> no. >> what would be -- >> we want equality right? we wanted equality. >> they carry the show. >> they deserve a raise you're saying? >> i like our salaries there. they should get a raise though. >> were you interested, if this gets picked up for a second round are you interested in going at it again? >> of course, yeah. we don't have any choice. >> sign for a series, you're in it. >> everybody is -- >> martin about those sorts of things, where do i -- okay. >> whatever. whatever. >> you guys. >> full seven years of our contracts, the average age by the time we end is 81. i think there's some
10:44 am
consideration that needs to be -- >> four years younger than my husband and three years younger than regis. don't complain, all right. we love having you all. you can catch "grace and frankie" on netflix right now. binge watch. >> have you been seeing sam elliott in your dreams? find out what this is about when he sits down and talks to us ♪ your body was made for better things than the pain, stiffness and joint damage of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist decide on a biologic ask if xeljanz is right for you. xeljanz is a small pill, not an injection or infusion for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz can relieve ra symptoms and help stop further joint damage. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers have happened in patients taking xeljanz. don't start xeljanz if you have any infection unless ok with your doctor. tears in the stomach or intestines, low blood cell counts and higher liver
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10:49 am
you know that sexy voice when you hear it and that talent when you see it. >> who else could we be talking about except for sam elliott. >> that deep voice, thick mustache and western role made him the perfect -- >> left out -- >> choice to play rough and tumble roles like virgle erp and cheers biker boyfriend in the film "mask" or might remember him in the big he bau sti. >> stirring up the sexual tension.
10:50 am
>> what? >> in the romantic comedy "i'll see you in my dreams" where he sweeps a widow off his feet. i think it's blythe. >> what's your name? >> yes. >> your name is yes? >> yes, i'll go to lunch with you. >> just like that? >> how else would you like it to be? >> when? >> now. >> now? >> i'm hungry. >> there you have it. >> i love it. i love it. >> oh, yeah. >> "hope springs eternal". >> thank you. >> we've been teasing him unmercifully. >> we have. >> i think they've heard it all before. did we make complete and total fools of ourself that we're crazy about you. >> not yet. >> haven't laid it on thick enough. >> in all your career this has been one of the highlights for you. tell us why. >> it's a great piece of material with great people. that's really what it's all about. you know i've been a fan of blythe's for years. >> lovely lady. >> have you worked with her too?
10:51 am
>> and i've never crossed paths with her. >> never met her. >> never met her. >> and rhea perlman she was lovely in it. >> yeah. >> mary kate, nice to see her again. >> you know, martin star. you know, it's a great bunch. >> yeah. >> you must have loved your role in this, because it seemed tailor made for you by the way no i think it's a cut above what i am really but it's always nice to play some character that you would have liked to be. >> describe this character for us. >> well, he's kind of a footloose guy, you know. he's reached a point in his life where he's, you know, he's where he wants to be. he's -- he decided he doesn't have any people dependent upon him and decided to live his life the way he wants to live it. >> nothing to prove anymore. >> happens across this gal he falls for. >> why isn't he chasing the 21-year-olds? >> i don't have an answer. it wasn't on the page.
10:52 am
>> i think a lot of women of a certain maturity think that it's never going to happen for them because they think all men are just chasing after the 20-year-olds. not true. >> yeah. i think you know, you said a minute ago, hope springs eternal. >> yeah. >> i think on some level that's very true and one of the themes of this picture, is that it's never too late, you know, for a relationship to begin. >> speaking of relationships, we are talking about yours and the minute we mentioned your wife, your eyes smiled. >> i was like oh. >> beautiful. >> you've been married for sh. >> 31 years. >> yeah. been together 34 years. >> wow. >> beautiful daughter and she's sort of retired from -- >> she is beautiful. >> your daughter is too. >> which one is your wife? >> yeah. >> and so she's sort of retired from the acting field. looking to maybe come back. >> she pulled the plug to be mom. >> yeah. >> never regret that. back in the day. and now she would love to be working and ought to be working. >> yeah. >> definitely ought to be
10:53 am
working. >> can we ask you an extremely personal question? >> you may not get an answer if it's that personal. >> how old were you when your voice changed? >> i was a young teenager when my voice first changed yeah. >> like 13? >> yeah. >> did it scare your mother? >> no. my mom actually, i think, was responsible in many ways other than genetically for my voice. she drug me to a choir when i was like 4 or 5 years old and i sang and this is really funny to this gal over here. >> the one. >> i bet it's kate. it's kate. >> it's kate. hi kate. >> you ought to come over here and sit with me. anyway so i got into singing in the choirs and stuff and i think i really kind of developed my voice over the years. >> we know your voice is distinctive. we're going to play an ad and see if you can guess which one it is. >> we'll all play together. >> it's yours. >> let's go. first one. >> to take it all head on,
10:54 am
channel the universe. short distances. >> railroad. >> railroad. >> it was -- what railroad was that? southern pacific i guess is what it was. >> it's ram trucks. >> really? >> it's ram trucks. >> i've done so many of those -- if you played it that far i might have figured it out. that is a new spot. >> thank you very much. >> you're very welcome. >> we are big, big fans of yours. the movie is beautiful. >> you give blythe and everybody -- >> thank you so much. >> i'll see you in my dreams opens in select cities. >> we'll be back with more of today on nbc. >> funny. >> who is it? >> fun
10:55 am
10:56 am
10:57 am
we're in love with sam elliott. >> love. >> sweetest man.
10:58 am
tomorrow "pitch perfect" star anna kendrick. >> country star darius rucker
10:59 am
11:00 am
right now we begin with breaking news. dozens are dead and scores injured after a large earthquake shook+óo the latest quake triggered landslide, topple buildings and terrified a nation already shell shocked and struggled. the quake had a magnitude of 7.1 and struck west of the town of namche bazar. jesse is live with us. >> right now the death toll


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