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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  May 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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good evening. let the great get away begin. tonight we have live team coverage beginning with the travel forecast on abc 10. >> yeah we have been watching the rain today, but the good news is that it's moving out of the area. we're getting set up for the dry conditions if you're doing memorial day travel starting tomorrow. here is a look at what is happening. tomorrow morning if you're traveling in the morning dry conditions across the area. now, for new jersey and the delaware beaches tomorrow morning at 9:00 in the morning sunny skies at 56 and if you're traveling along the corridor 57 and sunny. if you're heading up 50 degrees and sunny. we're not looking at any weather problems travel wise and through the afternoon. now we're getting into 4:00 or
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5:00. keep in mind in you're head to go the shore, water temperature only near 60 degrees. the rest on the memorial day weekend fear cast coming up. a new edition and tonight was the first time that the visitors tried out a ride of new jersey shore history. >> live in north hollywood where there are great expectations there, right randy? >> well the board walk might be empty. this summer maybe the best for tourism in history and to accommodate that they're opening attractions and a lot of development including right here and a brand new theme park ride and the developers are hoping that it brings families and the tourism dollars to the jury si shore this weekend. >> reporter: on the pier the guests get a sneak peek at the
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60 foot tall king congress. >> what are you here for? >> king kong. >> reporter: you can for give him. it's a throw back to the 70s. this year developers brought it back. >> the memories are just con tas tack -- to have a ride that the kids enjoy. >> the $1.6 million investment is the sick cuff to summer along the store. despite the steady rain families started early. >> it's one of the things that brings everybody tonight. >> and by night fall the monkey ride. a dozen of lucky kids flying around a giant gorilla. for them this is a new memory for the parents and for the
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brothers that run the pier they're hoping that it's a summer hit. >> if the lines are long and the smiles large then i think that it makes sense. it's a short season. we have to get i right the fist time. >> awesome thing in the world. >> it's the best. >> that was amazing. >> reporter: those kids seem to like it. opening on memorial day weekend. we have been talking to some locals and any new development up and down the shore say positive sign especially after super storm sandy. live in north wild wood with 10 news. >> just the lift that they need. some have a jump on the holiday weekend. we found wet people on the indoor water park. the $163 million park and lodge is just a few weeks old. >> the knew that the weather wirz not going to be great, so we figure that we would try something.
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something new. >> another poplar place in the valley is evergreen lake in the county. they're more than 90 percent booked for the weekend. visit abc and we have a list of events going on plus traffic changes as we head down the shore. new at 11:00 a professor is accused of selling industry secreting to china. the justice department has charged him with wire fraud. he was working for a company that did research on super activity. he is accused of taking the technology and giving it for an exchange appointment. he is the chair of the physics development. they had no comments on the charges. authorities trying to see what lead to a call.
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one woman is dead and two in critical condition tonight. the 79-year-old woman died after being found in cardiac arrest. then yesterday an unconscious man from the home in critical condition. later in the day they were back and taking an unconscious man in his 50s in the home. now they're investigating after paramedics are notifying them. national changes. >> today they issued a emergency letter and the rules could be expanded across the country. >> george spencer. >> yeah the funding fight reached a fresh peek this afternoon. the newly released 12 page order mean that is the passengers here will notice the changes on the trains departing right now.
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>> at this junction curve there's train control. it's a system to manage the speeds and they must identify similar problem curves elsewhere on the corridor. for passengers the requirements and paying to get them done feel urgent. >> it's a no brainer and on the amtrak alone. funding needs to happen. end of story. >> it formalizes the demands they made over the weekend. >> amtrak is playing a game of railway russian roulette. >> they demanded that they provide more money that they have a repair back skplog the aging infrastructure. the house bill cut the funding. >> we have a road block toward
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the greater safety in the transportation system. >> and tonight it's clear that the derailment will have implications and they plan to issue additional demands in the coming days to address the speeding on other train corridors as well. >> reporter: amtrak had already made some of the required changes earlier this week. they have 20 days to submit an action plan. live tonight i am george censer with nbc news. the honor were went to the international rescue committee to help around the world. republicans are slamming obama. now it controls a sfi in syria
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and full of ancient treasures that isis has promised to destroy. he called it a tactical set back but they call it a policy failure. all six officers charged have been indicted by a grand jury. they arrested gray last month. today's indictments are similar to the charges announced several weeks ago. one of the six indicted officers has ties to our area. he used to be a firefighter in washington township. tonight federal agents hope that they can find the thieves of the gun shop. police say that three or four then the vehicles later matchedsmashed and stole the guns.
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there was a hold up there last year as well. they want to spend more money on finding crime. they approved the budget. it approvings $600,000 to implement the recommendations for were the public safety. mayor williams has opposed the findings. he plans to announce early next month which recommendations he will implement. new at 11:00 students will spend less time on the park exam. they say that they're making the test about an hour and a half shorter. the move comes after parents and students and teachers pushed back the stricter test asking the test will be given once a year instead of twice. the park exam is going be in math and english. with umbrella and signs in hand they showed the support for school nurses. they demonstrated outside.
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they're considering replacing 183 school nurses with workers from a private firm. school leaders say that they need to look at way toss save money. they call it a band-aid solution. and atlanta county judge dismissed domestic charges against rice. he was caught on video knocking out his future wife. you will recall this when rice hit his finance and knocked her unconscious last year. the judge dismissed the charged after doing a one year pretrial intervention. after an peel he was reinstated but no team has signed him. moving out with the cooler temperatures. å6f ht the local insurance company flying drones
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to check out your next accident scene. how it will help them fly under cover to catch the speeding drivers. the new app for drivers to find the open parking places.
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the rain did not put a tamper on the protest outside in the city. they have been going with the battle and sñ got roifd the union and it's a government run pray. they threatened to close and. pennsylvania largest offense and has proved the plan to watch the drones like the one you see here. company says that it's testing
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the technology. you have probably heard of unmarked police cars but how about a ghost car? new jersey state police unvealed the patrol cars today. it looks like any other car and up close you can see the light gray almost ghostly. the idea is to let drive overs know that they're dealing with a legit police officer if they get pulled over. finding a place to park in philly there's an app for that. a high-tech way to find. >> it could let you pay by phone and feeding the meter. kym jones put it to the test. >> we're ahead of the area and it could be tough sometimes but with the new app hopefully it relieves the stress or one can hope. we will give it a shot. >> and we're off.
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keeping the eyes peeled for graep parking spots and down the streets. >> harder than it looks. >> reporter: we use the a phone and green means there's a spot and red means no go. minutes later. >> no space there and frustration is rising. there's good reason for it. take this guy. we found a parking in the fire hydrant. >> i am like their own. >> how about the wall sisters. they were parking in the system. >> i go around maybe two or three times and just to see if someone moved. >> it's an entirely tree to use, but it can be useful. they say that it's coming soon. >> i have been doing this and you know where to look and where to find the spots. he used the city approved apps and they could expand the deal by 2016. >> i am in st. city a lot. i do a lot offer errands
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downtown. i know for myself that's really handy for me and us. >> the pressure is on. >> we have finally arrived and one point if you're going use or at nbc news app, make sure that you're parked or have the passenger use the app while you're driving keith jones with nbc news. >> now, your nbc first alert weather with she that. >> well the good news is that the rain is clearing out of the area. this makes for clearing skies as we go into tomorrow. it's windy for the friday but holiday travel is dry. that's good news and we have the weekend warming in the forecast. we will start on the cool side and then the numbers go back up to near normal where they're supposed to be. we got to 58 with the clouds and rain and tomorrow is going to be around 75.
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that's the cooler air and moving in again and by sunday we will be in the upper 70s about ten degrees warmer to end out the weekend. tomorrow morning 8:00 you will be cool around 49 and mid-50s and coming in at the mid-50s and plenty of sunshine. not like what we saw today. all of the rain is moving offshore. the rain to the north and west we do not have to worry about. we will see the clearing over night tonight, and things will start to dry out going into the weekend. here is a look at future wea6c2 clouds leave and sunny skies for the morning commute and if you're heading for the shore or if you still have to work tomorrow. then it's going to get windy. it's going to be a nice day. dry into the week and saturday looks goochltd the cooler air will be here and it's sunny and dry. that's nice to start off the memorial day weekend. sunday we do get warmer. that's going to be one of the best days and if you have
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monday, you're going enjoy the weather too. saturday will be sunny and cool and 59d and upper 60s. we will see the cloud cover and monday 75 with a chance for thunderstorm. now, if you're going the delaware beaches or the jersey shore, saturday is upper cool and upper 60s and sunny. by monday it's 70s and warmer. for tonight in the meantime and it's north and west and philadelphia it's around sun rise tomorrow. then through the day windy and warmer day in the mid-70s. plenty of sunshine and we start off the weekend too. if you're staying around the city 68 degrees and sunday and monday upper 80s and that's a chance for thunderstorms. look at tuesday, wednesday, thursday. we could be around 90 degrees. celebration of street art in philadelphia tonight.
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nbc at the factory for the must recall arts factually. conner was honored for launching making the world better foundation and that connects people with programs. he talked about the work in the community. >> he is certainly at the moment the best as i can tell the most civically engaged athlete here in the city. >> i think that art can inspire people. i think that it's beautiful. then there's something for people that do and get people engaged. >> the money raised tonight is going to support the art's program. >> yeah, conner is everywhere. coming up it was bryce harper and tonight wait until you see why a brewers beacher was ejected. hoping to catch a win in colorado. that's next. there are a lot of channels on your
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this is the sports desk and your home for the most live sports. i am john clark and until you start a series with the national tomorrow night and they leave colorado with just a split. the starting pitching was so good and not today. he delivers in a run and with two rbi's on the day and then with chase and still hot. with a triple and he would score on a sack fly, and so it's 3-2. then ryan howard. he has one last night. he is hitting over the last 16 games and look at the philly's there.
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guess who his favorite is? ryan. taking williams deep two run shot and he has one on the road. givens up five one runs and they lose 7-3. they have been talking about trading ben. that's according to philly' it's going to be a crowded outfield and revere says someone maybe out when they come back. he says that i have to prepare to help my team win whether it's here or somewhere else. the braves not happy tonight. brewers pitcher has a substance on his arm, and the you were-- bad boys three with will smith. penn state will be entering the second season at happy valley. the quarterback fresh off the lions first bowl win, and some nfl experts are talk about him
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possibly being a top quarterback in the draftd. he says can't think about that. >> the fact that we're going to talk about where he is going to be a year from now or go years from now, i just want him to wake upper single morning and maximize that day and control the things that they can control, and that's not one of them. the way that you keep them focused, is not having the conversation. >> i am john clark, and we're back right after this.
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he delivered graduation advice today. he broke out a guitar and premiered a new song titled reunion. he called it a gift to the
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graduates. they honored him a degree. tonight musicians and actors and comedians came together to celebrate red nose day. tonight's star event raised money to fight child poverty. it was the first day in the united states, but it began 30 years ago. some of the organizations that will benefit is the boys and girl's club and the urban league. >> so many kids and organizations that need that help. >> very good point. we're drying out from the rain and chilly temperatures that we saw today. i hope that people did not get discouraged. it will be windy. we will see more sunshine. 75 on friday and saturday a little cooler and sunday upper 70s. memorial day on monday and near 90. if you're heading to the shore, it's going to be cooler and then
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by monday we're in the 70s and then 90s. those are in the forecast. >> yeah we can not complain about that. >> no not at all. >> for all,o.s of us here we thank you for watching. the tonight show with jimmy fallon is next.
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- dwayne johnson. meghan trainor.


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