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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  June 3, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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we begin this morning with break news from the pocono mountains. two people are dead. at least 17 others are hurt after a bus crashed head on with a tractor trailer on i-380 in monroe county north of mount pocono. you're looking a t a shot from a traffic camera that's posted there. the northbound lanes of 380 are now closed. sky force ten has been launched. it's on its way to the scene. we have limited information. the northbound lanes of i-380 are shut down because of this deadly bus crash. two people are dead. 17 others are hurt. we're making phone calls to try
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to find out what kind of bus crashed. it's sentencing day for the man convicted of killing philadelphia police officer moses walker. >> reporter: the sentencing hearing for rafael jones has not begun yet. there are dozens of police officers up on the 11th floor waiting to get into the courtroom. i did see someone with the victim's advocacy program but i did not see the relatives of officer walker. he accepted terms of a guilty plea in this capital murder case back in december. it's been almost three years since officer walker was gunned down while heading home from work. you see officer walker and the two defendants including cloenze inging jones near 20th.
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walker was killed when he resisted the duo's robbery attempt as he was walking down the street. jones was on probation at the time when he killed walker. we're going to stay on top of the hearing. as soon as it begins and the outcome of it we'll have both for you this afternoon. thank you. still no sign of the sun outside. another overcast day across our region. here is a live look at the ben franklin bridge over the delaware river in philadelphia spanning over there to new jersey. glenn is here now with the forecast. >> yeah it's cloudy but the clouds aren't quite as thick as low as they were yesterday. it will be a little bit better for baseball being played. we're getting a little bit of sunshine up toward the pocono mountain as drier air is coming in from the north.
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it is up near 60 degrees now with the high yesterday was only 58 in philadelphia. it's cooler to the south. the clouds are thicker and that's also where the showers are right now as you can see in the southern half of delaware and parts of cape may county getting some of that rain. it's not making much progress to the north but it's staying where it is and keeping it pretty dismal in southern delaware and extreme south jersey. that's where the clouds are thicker. you can see the thinning of clouds up to the north. some place will be seeing some sunshine today especially north of the philadelphia area. temperatures in the 60s where it's fairly cloudy. some places will be get sboogting into the 70s. we'll bring it down county by county with the seven day in a few minutes. we have learned city officials in chester will talk about a string of row home fires early this afternoon. three fires damaged several
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homes in the same block of bickley place. about 20 people had to leave their homes. most are back. investigators went to work trying to collect evidence at those scenes. one person was hurt in a house fire in atlantic county overnight. this was on charles avenue. dispatchers tells nbc 10 the victim was taken to the hospital with burns. a broken water main left about 50 homes in southwest philadelphia without water. nbc 10 was on regent street where the pipe burst around 1:30 this morning. you can see water running down the street there. an emergency team shut off the main. repair crews will be out this morning trying to fix the problem. an alleged victim of child molester jerry sandusky has announced he'll filing a lawsuit. the suit claims that sandusky sexually biassed man in 1988 when he was a penn state football prospect.
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sandusky was a assistant coach at the time. he's serving 30 to 60 years in prison for molesting ten boys. beau biden will be remembered with several public events starting tomorrow. he will lie in honor at legislative hall in dover from 1:00 until 5:00. that's open till the public. on friday there will be two public viewings. the first is from 1:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon and the second is 6:00 to 9:00 in the evening. yesterday beau biden's wife announced the creation of the beau biden foundation for the protection of children. happening now, we're about to get details on plans for a new casino in north jersey that
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could pull gamblers away from atlantic city. on monday state lawmakers proposed letting voters decide whether to allow up to three new casinos in north jersey. if the bill passes and the referendum is approved it would end the monopoly on casino gambling in new jersey. delaware state lawmakers approved legislation that would treat simple marijuana possession like a traffic violation. the bill passed through the house yesterday. now it goes to the senate. the legislation makes possession of an ounce or less of marijuana a civil offense punishable by a fine of $100 rather than a criminal offense. law enforcement groups oppose the measure. decision 2014 we have the results from yesterday's primary in new jersey. voters selected candidates for the assembly in new jersey.
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there was a little suspense with only five contested races. incumbents won four of them. they won the primary in the 15th district. that district covers parts of mercer county. a new jersey mayor who pleaded guilty to drunk driving charges will not be reelected. he was defeated tuesday.
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organizers say chronicles the lgbt rights movement and the ongoing debate over how much the constitution protects gay rights. nbc 10 is following breaking news in the pocono mountain. two people are known to be dead. 17 others are hurt after a bus crashed head on with a tractor trailer. this is north of mount pocono. this is the northbound lanes of 380. it's closed now. here is a live look from the scene from one of our traffic cameras. many of the jirpinjured are unconscious. the tractor trailer is sheered in half because of the force of
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this wreck. we found out this morning that two megamillion players in our area each won a million dollars in last night's drawing. lottery officials say one in new jersey matched five numbers for the prize. the numbers are 2, 9, 11 22 23 and the megaball is 12. a ticket just sold in illinois that won the jackpot worth $260 million. that's one jackpot down with one more to go. the drawings for tonight's power ball jackpot is up to $188 million.
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up next terror attack averted. authorities say they believe that they stopped a plot to kill police and think the planned attack may have been provoked by isis. a new twist in the sex assault claims against bill cosby. the information cosby's lawyers are trying to keep quiet. we're dealing with more dreary weather in parts of the area but it's not as wet as it had been earlier this week. i'll let you know when the sun will return.
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nbc 10 is following breaking news in the pocono mountains. two people are dead. 17 others are hurt. apparently many of thoedsse hurt are being sent to area hospitals. this happened after a bus crashed head on with a tractor trailer. this is north of mount pocono. the northbound lanes of 380 are closed now. here is a live look at the scene from one of our traffic cameras there. this crash was called in a little after 10:00. a little more than an hour ago. nbc 10 spoke with a manager of mount pocono regional airport a few minutes. airport operations have stopped now because of the crash. that's because they need to allow medical helicopters to fly in and out. the northbound lanes of i-380 are shut down because of a deadly bus crash.
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two people are dead. 17 others are hurt. police tell us some of the people are trapped on the bus and some of them are unconscious. we have launched sky force 10 to cover this accident as well. when it gets there we'll get more information. police and the fbi say they believe they stopped a potential terrorism attack in boston and now they are investigating whether anyone else may have been involved. pete williams reports. >> reporter: police and federal agents arrested this man late tuesday in the boston suburb of everett in connection with the investigation. a boston man was shot tuesday when terrorism investigators sought to question him. he was shot and killed after police say an officer and an fbi agent approached him at a bus stop and he came at them with
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this knife. officials say surveillance video not released publicly showed what happened. >> saw the video and it appears that the law enforcement officers were backing away before they exercised deadly force. >> reporter: investigators tell nbc news they believe he was preparing to take police in boston within the next few days. radicalized they say by isis inspired social media. they say he had been under 24 hour a day surveillance for weeks. investigators began looking for others that may have been in contact with raheem. >> i saw a line of what looked like swat team members dressed if full camo gear shields, battering rams and a bunch of machine guns. >> reporter: officials say expect to see other scenes like this as isis reaches out with social media and the fbi ramps up surveillance. >> a brother of one of the
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suspects says she was shot three times in the back and police say he have shot two times in the torso and abdomen and not in the back. two people are dead after a police chase leads to gunfire last night this dallas. it started after a traffic stop where the suspects assaulted the officer and took off in his police cruiser. the suspect was shot and killed when he jumped out of the vehicle with a gun in his hand. the second suspect was found dead inside the suv. officials are having a hearing surrounding the deadly attack at the prophet muhammad cartoon contest. the motive for the attack remains unclear. the incident raised concerns
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about a home grown terror plot. we have new information on the sexual assault allegations against bill cosby. we have learned his lawyers are trying to block a subpoena sent to the lawyer who handled the 2006 sex assault settlement in philadelphia. three women from massachusetts are suing cosby for defamation after he denied their claims that he molested him. the women say documents from the philadelphia case will help them in their lawsuit but those papers are protected by a confidentiality agreement. we had new information in the anthrax scare. one of the pentagon's on lab may have received live anthrax. a test kit sent in 2006 could contain live samples. the kit hasn't been used for more than five years and no reports of illness among the staff. an army facileity mistakenly sent it to dozens of labs around the country and overseas. the cdc launched an
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investigation just last week. more tar balls are washing up on california beaches after people started spotting them about ten days ago. workers spent yesterday raking sand and removing tar. swimmers and surfers were urged not to make contact. samples collected by state wildlife officials are headed to lab for analysis. not exactly sunny and warm out there but it is not as bad as it was yesterday. we still have that kind of cloudy chill as long as the clouds stay in and the northeast winds stay in. temperatures will remain below average. the rain will be returning a bit and we'll have a little bit brighter weekend than what we're seeing during the week. the airports reporting 61 degrees. northeast at 12 miles an hour.
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it's six degrees warmer than this time yesterday. the temperature has been kind of crazy. 92 on sunday. 58 for the high yesterday. that was the coldest june day since 1972. it's not going be as cold today but still that's about ten degrees below average. we're in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees in much of the area except cooler to the south. the clouds are thicker. we have rain going on. it is a nasty, nasty day. it's also windier in southern areas. by this afternoon with a little bit more sunshine it's going to be warmer in allentown in any other part of the our area. 70 at quakertown. 70 at trenton. the farther south the clouds are thicker. the high temperature a bit lower. only in the 50s in some of the extreme southern parts of the area with the showers around during the day. really depends on where you are as to how nasty the day is.
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the rain continues there. it's not all that heavy but it's not moving either. these are the reports from the stations across the area. official reports. everybody is reporting cloudy skies right now. even though there isn't that much rain around and the future cast computer showing it's not much rain around either. tomorrow a little bit more we have some showers moving up from the south. we're not talking about a real wet day but looks a little bit wetter than today. then on friday a few showers around as well before we start drying out just as we head into the weekend. once we dry out and the wind direction changes the temperature will be able to go up near 80 degrees. not today. there's the 74 degrees up toward the lehigh valley and only 59 in southern delaware. it's the jersey shore. it's all because of that sunshine. a little bit more sunshine to
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the north today. the seven-day forecast maybe even cooler tomorrow because the clouds may thicken up. some showers around. then we start to warm up. friday, still a chance of showers but we may get closer to average and same thing with saturday with some sunshine. temperatures can really jump up. thank you. many ladies can't live without them but new research may have you ditching your high heels for good. we'll explain why just ahead.
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just about 11:30, we continue to follow this breaking news this morning. a deadly bus crash this monroe county. this is in the poconos. two people are known to be dead. 17 others are hurt. here is a live look at the scene. we just talked to dispatchers in monroe county. they are telling us this accident involved a tractor trailer and a bus. we don't know what kind of bus. school bus, tour bus, greyhound. they say they are people trapped on the bus and reported to be unconscious. northbound lanes of i-380 are shut down. you can count on nbc 10 to bring you new developments on this breaking news story. it's time to put the pedal to the metal to help end diabetes.
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riders of all ages and skill levels are wanted. >> i'm happy to be involved with the tour decure. it's to benefit the american diabetes association. this year i'm the chair of the tour. we're hoping to raise good funds for the ada to support research and education for people in the area with diabetes. >> how are you raising the money? just people donating to see if you can ride. >> we have bike riders who are riding various levels throughout the tour. there's a 3 mile 12 mile 35 mile 63 mile and even 100 miles
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for serious riders. all these riders raise money from their friends and family for their bike ride to support the tour. >> we're talking about guys like brendan for serious riders who has been on a bike before. tell us about your involvement in johnson and johnson their involvement in this cause. >> absolutely. our solution group has been a corporate sponsor of this event since 2009. we remain committed to helping people who are living with diabetes live a healthier and stronger life. to that end we have the j and j team this year for the philadelphia tour de cure. we're over 70 riders strong now and raised over $31,000. we're very excited. we urge people to get out and get to this ride. there's a ride for every skill
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level from 12 miles to 100. >> you have some personal and first hand experience with diabetes. >> i do. i'm a type one diabetic. i was diagnosed at 15 months old which was over 46 years old. it's a long time. i take five shots a day and multiple blood tests to keep me away from the effects of the diabetes. riding a bike and exercising is one of the key things for people with diabetes to keep themselves healthy. >> you're doing terrific work. we appreciate your coming in. you can go to our website. we'll have a link there on nbc thank you for being here with us. >> thanks for having us. safety concerns along a chester street this morning. there's been a string of row homes, fires this week and the latest happened just overnight. we'll have a live report on the investigation into how they may
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have started. that's just ahead. you think you're a generous tipper. the server who is celebrating a very grand gratuity this morning.
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nbc 10 is following breaking news in the pocono mountains this morning where two people are dead and 17 others hurt. this is in monroe county. this is near tobyhanna. the northbound lanes of 380 are closed right now. sky force 10 is on the way to the scene.
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they need to allow medical helicopters to fly in and out transporting those injured from the area. northbound lanes of i-380 are shut down because of a deadly bus crash. two people are dead. there are 17 others known to be hurt right now. that number may climb. sky force 10 is about ten minutes away from that scene. we're following more breaking news. another accident. this on i-95 and the broad street exit in south philadelphia. this involves car and van. we're told several people have been hurt and are being transported to local area hospitals. stay with nbc 10 for updates on that breaking news story. the row home fire overnight in chester and it's a third one in the same block in less than a
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week. this morning neighbors are looking for answers. three home fires for one community. it's not sitting well with residents who think something sketchy is going on. drew, you pokespoke with the mayor's office about their concerns. >> reporter: we've been in touch with the mayor's office throughout the morning. now we're told in 30 minutes the fire commissioner will be giving us an update. you can see some of the damage caused by this string of fires. no one was injured in the separate fires over the weekend, monday and last night. the neighbors are still able to live here are really worried at
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this point. they wonder if their house will be the next to catch fire. >> you have to sleep with one eye open two ears open. if you're working and you need your rest you can't be living like that. >> reporter: the red cross said they will be doing walk through of all the homes on the block. they will make sure people are alert and reporting suspicious activity. the main question what is causing this? we'll be asking that in about 30 minutes. we'll push out the latest update on the nbc 10 app. we have overcast conditions out there this morning. maybe that will work out for the phillies once again tonight. a dramatic win last night. here is a live look at citizens
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bank park. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist is here with our forecast. you saw from drew's picture there in the live shot it's not raining there. >> it's not raining across much of the area. just way to the south of southern delaware and south jersey. the place least likely to see rain today is in the pocono mountains. we're seeing a little bit of sunshine here. certainly brighter than yesterday. that's the case across much of the area. you can see on the satellite picture how the clouds are thinner to the north than the south. they are not just going to break and the temperature is not going anywhere. the rain continues across the region and it is just another miserable day there. 61 in philadelphia now and also
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in redding. some of these areas may get into the 70s during the day today. we're going to get into the 60s in if philadelphia area probably mid to upper 60s. it's still about ten degrees below average or even more. with more sunshine and warmer temperatures to the north. cooler temperatures to the south. we'll see if it's going to warm up by the weekend with the seven day if a few minutes. chinese search and rescue crews are escalating efforts to find passengers still missing after a cruise ship capsized yesterday. several more divers and large crane was deployed are now assisting with the possible raising of the ship. officials say 14 people were able to swim to the shore yesterday but that's small percentage of the 456 passengers originally on board the ship. this morning their families are growing worried. many of them took to the streets demanding answers into what
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happened to the more than 400 people who are still missing. the death toll in what could be china's worth shipping disaster in nearly 70 years has jumped to 19. officials say that number expected to rise much higher. at least four people are dead after a chopper crash in nepal yesterday. investigators say the helicopter was on the earthquake relief mission in mountains of northeast nepal. you may remember when six u.s. marines were kill eded when their helicopter crashed last month. the members of the joint task force providing assistance in disaster relief after nepal's deadly earthquake which killed 8600 people. a united kingdom theme park remains closed today while investigators look into what caused an accident on one of the park's roller coasters. four people are recovering from serious injuries after two cars
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during the ride yesterday. we found out the ride which opened two years ago has been closed down twice because of technical issues. secretary of state john kerry will make a full recovery from a broken leg. doctors who performed surgery yesterday called the operation uncomplicated. doctors plan to get him up and walking today. kerry broke the leg while biking in switzerland on sunday. a fourth democrat plans to run for the white house. former rhode island senator lincoln chaffey is expected to announce his bid today. he began his political career as a republican. then he became an independent before joining the democrats. there's a new development overnight on the republican side of the presidential race.
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we'll soon know if louisiana governor bobby jindal will enter. at midnight he revealed he'll make amajor announcement about his plans three weeks from today on june 24th. jindal has already visited key primary states and launched an exploratory committee. he would join a crowd of gop field. there's nine declared republicans so far in the race for the nomination. there are three declared candidates on the democratic side but lincoln chaffey plans to become number four. a $1,000 tip. that's what a south carolina waiter received over the weekend after only working at the restaurant for three weeks. jesse brown says he was taking care of his table sunday when one couple asked him what his dreams were. he said he hopes to open a bed and breakfast by the water. that's when they offered to make the dream come true. >> he looked up and said how about i'm going to tip you $1,000 today. they are moving to florida. they said they will be back to
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check on me and will never forget me. >> brown says the couple's generosity is pushing him to reach his dreams. he says he still hasn't been able to bring himself to save the money. nbc 10 is following breaking news from the pocono mountains. two people are dead. 17 others are hurt after a bus crashed head on with a tractor trailer on 380 in monroe county. sky force 10 is on its way to the scene. when it gets there we'll bring you more information. two people dead. 17 others are hurt. sky force 10 has just arrived. we're taking a look at the scene. the northbound lanes are shut down. it looks like southbound lanes are as well. as we push in closer here you can see the tractor trailer off to the side there. we understand that tractor trailer is basically sheered in
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half. trying to get a better look to see if it looks like the bus is embedded on the side of the tractor trailer. we were told that tractor trailer was in half. there's people unconscious in that bus. the local airport has been shut down. it's been closed to allow medical helicopters to go in and out transporting the injured to local hospitals. trying to see if there are some people there. he said all of a sudden people are screaming. he said the trailer jumped the highway and slanted sideways right into the bus.
11:42 am
people started jumping out of their cars going to the bus. northbound lanes of i-380 near tobyhanna is shut down now. sky force 10 is circling the area. we have learned 17 people are hurt. those people are being transported by chopper. that appears to be part of the tractor trailer. as we zoom in a bit that looks like the front part of that tractor trailer perhaps.
11:43 am
13 people are injured. that's a new number. two have been declared dead. we had two dead and 13 are injured. the bus is embedded in it. we're told there are people that are trapped in that bus. they are working to get them out. many are injured according to officials on the scene are unconscious. police are on the scene.
11:44 am
a lot of people down there. they're trying to get those who may be trapped in that bus out of that bus, transported local hospitals. rather frightening scene. the force has sheered offer the front cab of that tractor trailer is off in the bushes just below the screen. there were people on that bus. the count now is 13 total injured. two are dead.
11:45 am
we'll continue to monitor this and they will remain there for the next few minutes while we continue to call and get information on how this happened, what kind of bus this is where it was headed and as we get that information we'll bring it to you. glenn. we still have the clouds around much of the area. we'll let you know when the sun is going to return and the temperatures go back up near 80 with the forecast, next. machine
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♪ i'll stand by you ♪ yeah! yeah. so, that's our loyalty program. you're automatically enrolled. and the longer you stay, the more rewards you get. great. oh! ♪ i'll stand by you ♪ ♪ won't let nobody hurt you ♪ isn't there a simpler way to explain the loyalty program? yes. standing by you from day one. now, that's progressive.
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. it's just before noon. sky force 10 is at the scene of a bus crash and a tractor trailer in the poconos. nbc 10 spoke with a witness over the phone who lives right behind the highway. he said all of a sudden people were screaming. he said the crash split the trailer right in half. he said the trailer jumped the highway and slanted sideways right into the bus. people started jumping running out of their cars and going to the bus. i-380 near tobyhanna is shut down. it's now 13 are hurt. we are following more breaking news. another accident. this one on i-95 at the broad street exit in south philadelphia. this is a picture from the scene on the ground. this involves car and a van.
11:49 am
we're told several people have been hurt. emergency crews took them to jefferson. continue to make phone calls and stay on top of that story. here is a live look from our traffic camera. this is the accident in south philly we just told you about. there's heavy delays in the area. if you can avoid i-95 near broad street. stay with nbc 10 for updates on this breaking news. well it's an event guarantee to tempt your taste buds. it benefits two great causes. next tuesday more than 1,000 people will gather at the navy yard to celebrate ten years of food, fun and philanthropy. here to talk about the event is jeff benjamin and he's here with liz scott. thank you both for being here.
11:50 am
this thing has attracted chefs from all over the country. >> we started small. we're up to 40 chefs. >> it's not your run of the mill event. this is big time deal. >> it's big time. we have about 1200 guests that come. i like to refer to it as the world's largest cocktail party. the chefs are always putting that you are best food forward. >> liz, tell me about how your organization teamed up. >> i guess it was about ten years ago jeff approached me and alex passed not too long before and said he and his business partner wanted to do something to help out and he had this idea of creating this event where people could come to try different food from different chefs and i thought he was a little crazy because i didn't realize how popular the food scene was. before you knew it we're looking at about a thousands people. >> when ever i see you your color is yellow.
11:51 am
>> that's my color. >> it's bright. it's you. are you still amazed at the legacy your little girl left? >> i am. i'm grateful and amazed. i'm grateful to everybody who has kept it going. that's what made it possible. >> we appreciate you coming here today. the great chef event is happening next tuesday, june 9th from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. at urban outfitters corporate campus at the philadelphia navy yard. go to our website. we'll have a link there at or check out the nbc app. thank you for coming in. >> appreciate. >> thank you. we'll take a commercial break right now. we'll be right back.
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this week's wednesday's child is a loving teen with a huge smile. he's looking to find a forever family who will open their hearts and home. >> when you get up there they will see there's certain sides marking you where to go. >> 14-year-old michael has a bright smile and warm heart. he loves to laugh and play. we headed to place he could do that the sky zone in new jersey. >> he's really happy kid. he brings a lot of joy into the
11:55 am
family. he loves playing with blocks, going out into the community. he loves music. he knows the words to almost any song on the radio and he'll join in singing with you. he's a really enjoyable kid to be around. >> michael has been diagnosed with autism and has limited verbal skills. he likes his school and does well in his special education classes. >> he needs a lot of structure and reroutines. >> the ideal family is patient and loving. they should also be an advocate for his needs. >> an ideal family for michael would be someone who can commit to him for the rest of his life. family who is willing to learn about autism or who has experience with autism. he does well with people who like go out into the community but people who also can have a structured schedule. >> michael is ready to share his big heart with a forever family. >> i think michael brings a lot of joy into a family. he just fits right in from the
11:56 am
start. he helps them see the joy in little things, i think. >> michael is this week's wednesday's child. if you'd like to help make michael's dreams come true or the dream of any wednesday's child sponsored by the dave thomas foundation go to or call the national adoption center directly. time now for our chief meteorologist to give us a final look at the weather this afternoon. >> cloudy out there. although the clouds not as low as they were yesterday. it's not as damp as it was yesterday. not as cool as it was yesterday. there's some improvement there especially in northern parts of our area like lehigh valley getting up to the mid-70s while parts of southern delaware and extreme south jersey stay in the upper 50s. that area is going to be getting the showers. we're going to be pretty cloudy tomorrow. fairly chilly with some showers and conditions improve gradually as we head toward the weekend.
11:57 am
>> thank you. thanks for watching nbc 10. have a great day.
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