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tv   Today  NBC  June 9, 2015 7:00am-11:01am EDT

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"the today show" is up next we'll have updates in about 25 minutes. thank you for watching, have a great day. good morning. inside job? did a female prison employee help the two convicted murderers pull off their daring escape? if so, wiehy? the questions intensify as the hanhunt for two dangerous men comes up empty. a female patient being treated this special unit outside washington with a rear and vicious form of tuberculosis resistant to most drugs. now health fishes are retracing her steps after she spent weeks traveling the country. is there a risk to the public? first appearance. former oushouse speaker dennis hastert set to be in court today.
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will we learn his defense? and fallon the father. the tonight show host on being a dad, dirt and diapers. >> i wear adult diapers. i didn't want to give it up. it's a problem i'm dealing with. >> the perhaps too revealing interview today, tuesday, june 9, 2015. good morning, everyone. welcome to "today." it's a tuesday morning. no sign of the two escaped inmates from upstate new york. >> a lot of people nervous around the country. it is our top story. the desperate search for escaped murderers enterering its fourth day as we learn more about the alleged help they may have received inside that prison. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer has the latest.
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good morning. >> reporter: matt good morning pt despite the manhunt and the more than $100,000 reward there is no sign of the convicted killers. authorities are speaking to prison employees hoping they may have new information on how the convicts got away. with each hour added urgency. outside the prison walls and now within. this morning, new questions as investigators turn their attention to prison employees. according to a law enforcement source did a woman who worked at the correctional facility help david sweat and richard matt pull off the elaborate es indicate? >> what'sry ard to understand is how the corrections security staff was not aware of this. >> reporter: with 150 civilian employees working inside the maximum security lock-up, the internal probe could take days. this as law enforcement sources tell nbc affiliate wctz the convicted killers waited for a
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get away driver who never showed cutting and crawling through a steel pipe smashing through a brick wall to surface at a hanhole cover forced to flee on foot. >> do they have cell phones, communications? who did they call. >> reporter: now a search of abandoneded buildings, this one next to the prison. not sure if the fugitives are holed up nearby or headed out of country, maeb nearby canada. richard matt has done it before. in 1986 breaking out of a new york jail later convicted of killing a man in mexico. one police captain calling him the most vicious, evil person i have ever come across. both men convicted of brutal murders. now back out with little to lose as a former inpate. >> the moments they are not in their cells anymore they are attempting to escape at least in theory. deadly force would be authorized. >> reporter: nbc news learned
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the inmates were in the a block, the honorer section of the prison where they may have had less restrictions and more freedom. the duo, phone to be friends, often stay maryland their cells. they may have been working on the plan tr months. >> thank you very much. nbc news analyst don birelli is a special agent for the fbi. good morning. let me get to the honor block thing. miguel reported they may have been waiting for a get away car as they came out of the manhole that never showed upment is that a break that they may be closer. >> it would be a break for police that they would be closer in the area. i know the authorities are going door to door roadblocks and so forth. it seeps a little bit unlikely. these guys had it so well planned out. they had the tools to cut through the walls and the pipes. they knew the layout the tunnels and pipes and everything . then to pop up in the manhole and say the plan fell apart
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seemsen likely. >> unless someone chickened out. police are questioning a woman who works at the prison said to be a training supervisor. we are hearing now these guys may have been allowed to wear civilian clothing inside the prison and they were housed on this honor block. red flags to you? >> not necessarily. when prisoners are put on the hon er block it is for their behavior inside the prison tot what they did to get in. it maybe seems odd. >> one with of the guys beheaded and murdered his boss. another shot a sheriff's deputy 15 times. >> bad guys. it looks like their record inside the prison was good. relatively -- no disciplinary problems. so they were allowed the to be on the honor block. that's maybe something prison officials will want to go back look at and say should these people be on the honor block. >> that's a policy issue to be reviewed. >> sure. >> manhunts. you have seen a lot of them. how hard is it for two guys like
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this the to move around, get shelter, food money, communicate with the world looking for them? >> very difficult unless you have a lot of help. if the plan did fall apart, the car didn't show up and these guys are on their own i would say it's a high likelihood they will be caught. but if you have an elaborate network of assistants to give you false identification clothing a way to get out it's more difficult for authorities. >> you talk about assistance. listen to one thing. listen to this. that's the sound of a power tool cutting through a steel wall similar to the one they i cut through. then they went through a brick wall and a steam pipe. how does nobody hear that? >> that's the key question. i want to know the daily schedules of the guys. when would they have had the opportunity to make that loud noise? what is the environment if the prison at that time. is it loud quiet? who is around?
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what are the protocols and procedures? it does seem crazy that nobody would hear that and report et . >> seeps impossible to believe. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. >> we have a big public health story. an urgent push under way to find hundreds of people who may have been in contact with a woman who has a very contagious case of tuberculosis. she flew through a major u.s. airport, traveled to at least three states and is now under isolation at a hospital outside of washington. the national institutes of health where we find tom costello this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this patient travels from india to chicago o'hare then to two other states. she's now in a special unit at the nih being treated for what's called extensively drug resistant tuberculosis xdr tb, a dangerous form of tuberculosis. the patient now in an isolation room at the nih is only described as a fae. no age, no nationality. while doctors treat the serious
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case of drug resistant tb federal and state health departments are trying to track down hundreds of people who may have been in contact with her in several states. >> the biggest guns that we have as far as our antibiotics have to be used in this case. there is still limited effectiveness with this xdr tuberculosis. >> reporter: in april the vem is believed to have traveled from india to chicago o'hare then in missouri and tennessee before seeking treatment. seven weeks after arriving in the u.s. she was diagnosed with active tb and transferred by air and ground ambulance to the nih. now the cdc and state health departments are trying to contact other passengers on her flight and anyone who may have come in contact with her in at least three states. the risk of contracting a contagious disease on an aircraft is loy, health experts take tb very seriously. >> people who were on that plane with her owe it to themselves and their close contacts to be
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followed up to see whether they are infected. >> reporter: tb bacteria are released in the air when someone with the disease coughs, sneezes, shouts or sings. the bacteria can float for hours. people with lowered immune te especially from hiv are most at risk. an atlanta man knew he had tb flew from europe to canada and drove into the u.s. he was treateded and released. now this morning a tb case here at the nih . the patient here now will undergo months maybe years of treatment. this is so serious in some cases surgeons have to remove the pockets of infection. the challenge is to figure out which antibiotics she's resistant to and the cdc is stressing it believe it is risk to the outside general public is low. savannah back to you. >> let's turn to dr. natalie azar nbc news medical
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contributor. clearly the cdc isn't messing around, trying to retrace this woman's steps. >> the cure rate is poor with this tb. only 30 to 50% cure rate. lower in those with hiv infection or whose immune systems are are compromise ed. >> how does somebody walk around for seven weeks traveling here and there with tab toob? i thought if you are sick wouldn't you see a doctor and find out? >> that distinguishes tb from other forms of pneumonia. people with toob can be sick mildly for a number of weeks to months. characteristically with coughs weight loss, night sweats coughing up blood. they are not acutely ill like people with different kinds of pneumonia who get sick kwekly. >> meanwhile they are walking around. it is contagious. >> it's transmitted through respiratory droplets coughing sneezing shouting singing in
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crowded areas like homeless shelters hoepts. those are the places you are most at risk. casual contact, shaking hands, sharing food toilet seats, et cetera is now how it is transmitted. >> thank you very much. thank you. meanwhile we are expecting to see former presidenter house speaker dennis hastert later today for the first time since he was accused in an alleged multi million dollar hush money scandal. set to be arraigned in chicago with a new high powered attorney by his side. gabe gutierrez is at the courthouse. good morning. >> reporter: matt good morning. he'll formally hear the charges and enter a plea. all eyes on a man who was once one of the most powerful poll taye diggss but for the last 12 days has been absolutely silent. former house speaker dennis hastert is facing charges he violated banking laws and lied to the fbi. he's hired high profile
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attorney thomas green who represented clients in major national scandals from watergate to iran-contra. >> dennis hastert has not been indicted for sexual abuse of minors. no one has been indicted for extortion. those are the underlying issues here. >> reporter: not spell ed out in the federal indictment law enforcement officials tell nbc news that past misconduct hastert tried to allegedly cover up was sexual in nature with a male student at the school where he taught for years. the sister of the late steve rheinbold said others may be out there. but some have doubts. >> i don't believe it. i never had any problems with him at all. >> reporter: there are questions about how hastert would have raised $3.5 million in hush money after leaving congress. in 2010 hastert ramped up lobbying according to documents and mays in a separate lawsuit
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filed by an ex-business partner. that lawsuit was later dismissed. >> that's very disturbing. the idea you could have one of the most senior oh officials in the united states government trying to use their connections and influence to make as much money as quickly as possible. >> reporter: if convicted hastert faces up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine on each count. so far no comment from hip or his new attorney. matt and savannah we'll see if it changes later today. >> lots of attention on that courtroom. thank you very much. >> natalie has new fallout in the case in mckinney, texas and perhaps excessive police force. >> some activists are calling on the police department to fire the officer who was shown on video pushing a young girl's face to the ground. [ chanting ]
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people marched, chanted and carried signs. the cell phone video shows a police officer pushing a 15-year-old girl to the ground 57bd pointing a gun at other teens. the police chief placed the officer on administrative leave while they investigate. there was a mad scramble in ohio monday after a semi truck carrying 22 0 baby pigs over turned east of dayton. the truck driver lost control, veered into a guardrail and over turned. that sent hundreds of baby pigs running into the woods. multiple agencies were called to help round are up the loose pigs. some pigs died in the crash. the rest were taken to the local fairgrounds. organizers say they are not giving up on a plan yet to create an under water sculpture garden off the coast of broward county florida, even after sunday's botched attempt in which a barge over turned crushing 15 easter island-style
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statues in the process. the plan was to sink them as an artificial reef to attract pa rna life and divers. organizers will try again. the tampa bay lightning have the upper hand after a thrilling win over the chicago blackhawks in game three of the stanley cup finals. the lightning scored the first goal and also the last on their way to a 3-2 win. tb thousand leading the series 2-1. game four is wednesday night on the nbc sports network. the crisis in ukraine, climate change increasing trade all important topics covered at the g-7 summit in jerp anygermany, however it is this photo of angela per kel and president obama getting the buzzment take a look. ♪ the hills are alive livelive ♪ merkel looks ready to burst into song while obama takes in the
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views. many say the scene is reminiscent of the classic, julie andrews, "the sound of music" and the opening number. got to love it. >> all that's missing is the twirl. >> i thought she was describing the last fishing trip. >> matt thank you. >> mr. roker, nasty weather in the east. >> right. we have flooding as well. some of the same storm system causing problems. let's take a look. davenport, illinois. we have video. look at this. danville i should say. about 150 miles south of chicago. lots of trees down flooding. a real mess there. as we go further down river to louisiana, the red river cresting at 37 feet. hasn't crested that high in 60 years. it looks like it will take at least two to three weeks for all the flooding to finally subside. in the northeast, strong storms pushing through.
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we have a risk of severe weather today from just north of new york city into interior sections of new england. damaging wind hail. 8 million folks at risk looking for 1 to 3 inches of rain into northern new england pushing into the plains. we have a rux of severe weather as well today with strong storms isolated tornadoes, dangerous lightning and severe wind as well. we're going to get to your
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good morning i'm britney shipp. going into the rest of the day, the temperatures will range between 85 and 88 degrees. more sunshine and definitely warm conditions with our wind speeds out of the southwest at 10 to 15 miles per hour. tomorrow similar conditions and more sunshine. thursday we track temperatures close to 90 degrees. 91 on thursday and 93 by friday. that's your latest weather. >> a grand jury in south carolina handed down a murder indictment against the officer who shot and killed a man during a traffic stop earlier this year. the victim's brothers and his family attorneys are speak ing out in an exclusive interview with nbc national correspondent kate snow. >> when you heard about the the indictment, what are your feelings? p.m. well >> we it's a good victorier for the fan.
7:19 am
we are taking baby steps all to get to one point and that's to get justice for my brother. >> what would justice look like for your family? >> murder charge one with guilty. >> and the sentence? >> life in prison. never to do something like that to another human being again. >> reporter: is the family ready to be part of this trial? you have to relive this over again. >> i would say at this point we are not ready. i don't feel i'm ready to go into trial yet. >> we'll be ready when the typeime cop comes. >> reporter: do you plan to file a civil suit? >> most likely by the end of july. >> reporter: you don't intend to wait? >> no. the only way to hold the city police department the chief and any other people in charge of officers is with a civil suit. he's been charged with murder now. it's bigger than him. >> reporter: particularly
7:20 am
affected by the shooting death are his four children who range from 25 to a 16-year-old high school student. how are his children doing, anthony? >> they are coming along. it's a shame for them to see this and then live the rest oaf their life knowing their father had to suffer the way he did by being murdered the way he was. gunned down. >> reporter: what do you say to them as an uncle. >> i tell them their daddy is looking down on us and we are doing a good job by keeping the community together and keeping peace within our family and we must continue to trust in god and god will bring us through it. >> reporter: do you think this indictment would have happened without a videotape? >> i think we would not be at the point we are now if it wasn't for the videotape. >> reporter: have you kept in touch with the man who shot the video? >> yes, we have. he came to the family reunion. he came to church with us. my brother goes to get his hair
7:21 am
cut now. >> reporter: he goes to his barbershop now? >> yes, he does. he's an awesome guy. awesome guy. very courageous. >> you can see the bond the family now has with him. >> no question. we'll take a break. coming up former oh olympian oscar pistorius set to be paroled. why her parents say it's a mistake. >> and can you spot the fake? the booming business of bogus diplomas and phoney resumes people are using to land jobs. >> and brad pitt and a movie headed straight to your home. we'l
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good morning, i'm vai sikahema. let's get a look at our first alert forecast. >> just a few lingering showers into the early morning hours. clearing up into the afternoon, but mostly cloudy and overcast throughout philadelphia. right now conditions at 72 degrees with a mild start. so mild conditions across the whole area for the most part. 70 in allentown. we're at 70 in dover. we're also checking out a few scattered showers in the area
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that will clear up by the afternoon. >> thank you, let's get another update on i-78. >> it is doing a little better we have a overturned tractor trailer. traffic moving through the area right now, but you do want to avoid residual delays. also train 326 has a 22 minute delay. no problems for new jersey transit. thank you, we have new video into the news room from lower marion. crews are working through the area, so it doesn't affect your ride to work. i'm vai sikahema we'll have another update in about 25 minutes. we work weekends here. because it
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all right. 7:30 now on a tuesday morning the 9th of june 2015. nice view trfrom the top of the rock. big crowd on this tuesday morning. gray skies. will that get better? >> not for a while. we have a spritz coming here and there. things get better. warmer and more humid. we have a heat wave getting ready. >> yeah in august. >> welcome back. >> here's what's making headlines today. police are questioning workers at the upstate new york prison where two con vicked murderers were able to pull off a daring escape. officials want to know who may have helped them get power tools. those escapees haven't been seen since friday night. >> former house speaker dennis hastert scheduled to appear in
7:31 am
federal court in chicago today. the 76-year-old faces charges that he lied to the fbi and broke banking laws the in an alleged hush money scandal. >> a woman is being treated in isolation at a maryland hospital for a rare and drug resistant form of tuberculosis. she traveled from from to the u.s. from india, flew to o'hare and visited three states. health officials are trying to track down anybody who may have been in contact with the patient is. >> coming up jimmy fallon comes clean about father hood does a little baby talking and also talks diapers. >> okay. first up this half hour a controversial decision in a case that made worldwide headlines. oscar pistorius could be released from prison in august. that's just ten months in jail for the shooting death of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. the news doesn't sit well with her family. kier simmons has more.
7:32 am
>> reporter: when oscar pistorius was convicted of culpable hom side not murder the family of reeva steenkamp were devastated. he was sentenced to five years but is set to serve just one-sixth of the time. the family is saying it's simply not enough. this is oscar pistorius playing soccer if prison according to a south african newspaperer which obtained the vid are owe three months ago. prison officials say he'll be released in august. he was only sentenced in october. for killing his girlfriend model reeva steenkamp. speaking in december her mom told nbc news she doesn't accept his remorse. >> when you have killed my daughter to say "sorry," it's not enough. >> reporter: the family told the parole board incarceration of ten months for taking a life is simply not enough. oscar pistorius, once known for
7:33 am
breaking barriers as the first amputee to compete in the olympics was convicted of culpable homicide after pleading he hadn't meant to kill reeva, thinking she was an intruder. >> before i knew it i fired four shots at the door. i had my fingers in her mouth to help her try to breathe. i had my hand on her hip. i was trying to stop the bleeding. >> reporter: the family questions his accounts. >> he has to pay for what he's done. you can't shoot four times through a door in a confined space if the person can't get away and you know with a the bullets are going to do. >> reporter: in november prosecutors will return to court to argue oscar pistorius should have been convicted of murder. so while he's set to walk out of the prison on august 21 and will be under house arrest, the prosecution gets his way he'll be back inside. for much longer than ten months. set to be another bitter court battle savannah. >> a lot for the fan to go
7:34 am
through, of course . thank you very much. >> now to mr. roker for a check of the weather. >> we have heat to talk about. now it's making its way across the country. thanks to a big ridge of pressure jet stream way to the north. combine those. record highs in the northwest. temperatures in the northwest. by thursday 81 in billings by thursday. look at the temperature trends. haps 9-- minneapolis 91. cincinnati on thursday 91. in the east new york city 90 degrees by thursday. 94 in washington, d.c. norfolk looking at 92 degrees. just for good measure we'll pump up the humidity, too. yeah. sweet. good morning i'm britney shipp. heading into the rest of today our temperatures will range
7:35 am
between 85 and 88 degrees. as we go into the afternoon we'll see a little more sunshine and definitely warm conditions with our wind speeds out of the southwest at 10 to 15 miles per hour. a lot more sunshine heading into your wednesday. by thursday we track temperatures close to 90 degrees. you always get your forecast on the weather channel on cable and online. >> coming up on rosen reports, huh how did these little kids get college diplomas. how easy it is to get fake degrees and resumés is. >> plus the high energy 6-year-old demanding your people with type 2 diabetes come from all walks of life. if you have high blood sugar ask your doctor about farxiga. it's a different kind of medicine that works
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♪ i'll take those odds. ♪ be unstoppable. the all-new 2015 ford edge. 7:40. good time for another rossen reports investigation. how do you get a college degree without spending a moment in class? >> you know the answer to that. >> i was waiting. >> spectacular. >> i set them up you kick them through. jeff rossen is here to explain. bail me out. we'll get her back later. >> i'm not the only one who doesn't get respect here. and that's dr. rossen here. read the sign. after all, i just got the diploma. i will show you how to get it later from harvard.
7:41 am
it's not just any diploma. this is a ph.d. of philosophy and fe sickphysics. i bought the diploma online. it feels and looks real in person complete with the seal. experts say people have used bogus degrees to get real jobs. employers fooled cowork ers tricked and fake vi a booming business. congratulations to the class of 2015. [ cheers ] >> reporter: years of studying tens of thousands in tuition, all that hard work paid off with a coveted diploma. guess what. my kids just graduated, too. from college. >> princeton, universery. >> reporter: that's my daughter a doctor of philosophy and biology and so poudroud.
7:42 am
say something philosophical. >> what does that mean? >> reporter: you're the graduate. and that's my 3-year-old son blake, following in daddy's foot steps with a degree in mass communication. the show-off got a ph.d. >> what's two plus two? >> hmm -- >> reporter: no. yes, they are fake degrees from prestigious universities. they were easy to get. i went online and typed in fake college diploma. boom. dozens of websites popped . you can buy transcripts, complete with classes and official-looking codes. with a do you make of this? >> a travesty. >> reporter: judith eaton is the president of the council for higher education accreditation. she said it is perfectly legal to buy these documents. it says all dploems and transcripts are to be used as novelties or replacements. it doesn't say it anywhere on
7:43 am
the diplomas themselves. >> no. >> reporter: look at this transcript. it says official document all over it. what do you think? >> i think the intent here is to confuse people and mislead them that you have a credential that you have not earn ed. >> reporter: another growing issue, she says online diploma mills from fake universities. a school administrator in rhode island resigned caught using a fake degree and the fire chief in georgia forced to resign, too. >> this is a multi billion dollar industry worldwide. >> reporter: multi billion is? >> reporter: . >> yes. >> reporter: when you fake graduate college you need a real job. this guy will help you get it. >> i have landed close to 800 people a job. >> reporter: in jobs mow? >> as a matter of fact i landed two jobs this week. >> reporter: william schmidt sells lies. he's proud of it. he runs a website, career people hire you to be a
7:44 am
professional reference for them like they used to work for you. >> correct. >> reporter: for companies you have made up . >> exactly. >> reporter: you pay him a fee and he'll make you a fake resumé touting all your phony experience. he made this oner for me. saying i was a senior account manager at a company called odx global. odx has a website. but it's all fake. look he'll give you professional references. your clients are going for a new job and say, look call my old boss. he'll tell you i'm great. >> yep. >> reporter: and you pick up the phone. he's so confident he showed us how it works. calling the number now. setting up a call with one of the references on my resumé. >> thank you for calling. this is tiffany miller. >> i'm calling about an applicant named jeff rossen. >> he's an outstanding employee. he's always one to take it upon himself to nesh yat the team.
7:45 am
>> would you suggest we hire him? >> definitely. he's a wonderful employee. >> reporter: people at home are saying you are a scam artist. >> hmm. >> reporter: what do you say to them? >> it's nonsense. i am providing my customers ale valuable service to land them a job are. i am giving them an opportunity. >> reporter: by the way, william charges up to $200 for his services. al asked what i thought were too many questions about it. these diplomas aren't cheap either. the diplomas mine from harvard and the ones from the kids cost about $2.50. the transcripts look real. that will cost almost $500. >> cheaper than a student loan. >> are have you seen me? >>. >> what didn't you understand is is this . >> this is not up to your potential. >> this isn't fraud? >> it's unethical and immoral but not illegal. there are people out there with jobs. you know who you are. they got jobs through the guys with these diplomas. >> incredibly real. >> three are at this desk.
7:46 am
>> he's here until thursday. >> no, you're not. >> thank you. coming up on trending modern art. the story behind this image of a child's hand. wait until youer hear the story behind this one. >> the surprising deal for brad pitt that will keep his upcoming movie away from the big screen. right after this. ♪ ♪ you're unpacking already? yeah. help me find some mugs? sure. ♪ ♪ [ beep ] hey. okay. -these'll do. -yeah. [ male announcer ] wake up to the mountain grown aroma of folgers. ♪ the best part of wakin' up ♪ so, where do you want to start? i think this is a pretty good place. ♪ is folgers in your cup ♪ shopping for a used car is so intimidating. i mean, you feel like you have to be this expert negotiator to get a fair deal.
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7:51 am
box office draws in hoothd. now moving his talents to your home . brad pitt signed on with netflix to star on war ma charlie sheen, a satire movie about the war in afghanistan. many cam it a game changer for the way movies are distributed and consumed. it isn't the first deal fete felix has made. they have projects with adam sandler and ricky gervais. they have made a mark in television with popular series but none as much as the partnership with brad who says we are excited to be a part of the exciting commitment by netflix to produce cutting edge content and deliver it to a global audience. pretty cool stuff pt coming up should there be a mandatory retirement age for doctors? and this sassy dancer's demand for respect. that's cute and coming up. >> thank you very much. >> also ahead. flip-flops fail?
7:52 am
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7:56 am
good morning i'm vai sikahema. it is a little overcast out there in center city but we should get to some sunshine later today. >> it will take awhile before we see any sunshine but we're checking out low hanging clouds over center city and isolated showers. and the showers that we'll have into the rest of the morning hours and clearing up be the afternoon. 71 in wilmington. 69 in trenton. 68 in quakertown. 70 in dover. a closer look at some of the scattered showers starting to push into sussex county now. another batch moving into lancaster.
7:57 am
i-78 eastbound has been a problem this morning. >> yes, right around 143, and they're diverting all of the traffic off of there right now. you can take old route 22 to get by if you're going out in that direction right now. also dealing with emergency road repair along the blueridge northeast extension. >> today in montgomery county a judge will hold a pretrial case for a woman who was accused of having sex with a 17-year-old student last fall. they say she met the student while volunteering for her daughter's cheerleading team. we'll have more for you or you can check in on our nbc 10 app.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up should we fear the flip-flops? why the summer staple may be harmful to the your health. plus need a tailor? how about someone to do your laundry? there is an app for that. >> everything is being converted to an online on demand business. >> reporter: inside the growing list of ser vess that can headache your day easier with a click. >> one, two, three. [ cheers ] >> and baby talk. >> it's a tough read. >> it is. it's about 15 pages. this is how you know this was written by me. >> matt goes one on one with
8:01 am
jimmy fallon to talk about the plan to have everybody baby's first word be dada. "today," june 9, 2015. >> first time in new york city from indiana. >> good morning from new york city! >> howdy from texas. a shout out to the woodlands. yeeha! ♪ >> all the way from alabama to see al roker for our 20th aliversary. >> nobody signed my yearbook because i left school early. will you sign it matt? >> 8:00 on "today." it is tuesday, june are 9, 2015. i'm doing a little multi tasking here. i just signed a yearbook. she brought her yearbook. i just signed it.
8:02 am
too good to be forgotten! that's our generation. >> we have jimmy fallon coming up. you haven't lived until you have discussed children's body functions with hip. >> who brought that up? >> i might have. >> exactly. >> let's go thds. natalie has a check on the top stories. >> good morning. the investigation into a daring prison escape in upstate new york is focused this morning on a female civilian employee. miguel almaguer is outside the prison for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. despite the man hunt and the $100,000 reward authorities are no closer to catching the convicts. the search and probe going in outside of the prison walls and within. we are told officials are investigating prison employees about any connection they may have had to these two prison inmates and how they may have gotten loose. we though the two convicts were apparently housed in the a section or honor block of the prison that may have allowed
8:03 am
more freedom of movement. investigators are looking into all possible connections as they also search for the two men on the run now into its fourth day. natalie? >> miguel almaguer in new york for us thank you. federal health officials are trying to track down hundreds of people who may have had contact with a woman who has a is very drug resistant former president of tuberculosis. the patient is a woman who travels from india to chicago in april. she then spent time in missouri and tennessee. she's being treated with antibiotics in a special isolation unit at the national institutes of health in maryland. tb bacteria are releaseded into the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes. formerer speaker of the house dennis hastert appears in a federal court in chicago today. he's charged with breaking federal banking laws. prosecutors say the i will fois republican made illegal unreported with drawls of cash and lied about them to the fbi. law enforcement officials say hastert paid the nearly $2
8:04 am
million to cover up misconduct of a sexual nature with a male student when he was a high school teacher and wrestling coach. a stroke victim who lost his leg has become the first patient fitted with a prosthetic leg that can feel life like sensations. censors in the sole of his new foot send signals to the brain. he can feel whether he's walking on pavement or grasser or if it is a slippery surface. it also takes away phantom pain from the missing limb so he no longer needs painkillers. inkreb. the u.s. women's soccer team beat australia 3-1 in the opening game of the women's world cup on monday. megan rapinoe scored two goals. hope solo had several big saves. the u.s. faces sweden friday in winnipeg canada. # shebelieves. 8:04 and now over to savannah.
8:05 am
>> # webelieve. go usa women. it is the summer season and that means you have probably busted out the flip-flops. if you are not careful you could be in for months of pain. here's sheinelle jones. ♪ >> reporter: just about everywhere you look there they are. >> yeah. >> it's easy to go from walking around shopping to the beach. >> they're simple. comfortable. >> reporter: flip-flops. once just a beach style, have walked themselves across are america. from the sand to the streets and hollywood. we are a nation of flip-flop fanatics. >> i have designer flip-flops. >> you throw them on run errands and back home. >> reporter: carefree comfort comes at a price. last year some 25,000 people ended up in the emergency room from flip-flops-related injuries. a consumer products safety commission tells nbc news. >> this time of year i see a lot of people with foot pain.
8:06 am
sometimes knee pain because they haven't worn flip-flops all winter long. then the weather is warm and it's all today wear. i tend to start seeing problems. >> reporter: from blisters to bacteria to tripping and pos temperature problems there are many potential dang thors. if you already have foot pain you're not alone. fearly 23% of women say their flip-flops sometimes hurt their feet according to a recent survey. many injuries are from having no support in the arch. >> your feet roll in putting pressure on the tendons. sometimes on your bones and can cause overuse injuries. >> reporter: injuries doctors say can rise from your ankles to the knees, hips up to your back. despite the discomfort and warnings you don't have to say farewell flip-flops yet. >> i would wear them though they are not good for you. guilty as charged. >> reporter: getting your muscles used to them a little at a time goes a long way. >> flip-flops are great. but you need to build into them and not go crazy right away.
8:07 am
>> reporter: for "today," sheinelle jones, nbc news new york. >> what are we to do? nbc medical contributor dr. natalie azar is back. good morning. >> good morning. >> let me read this pt podiatrists blame flip-flops for bad posture, shooting pains, bunion exacerbation hammer toes athletes foot and lack of arch support. give us good news please. are flip-flops off limits? >> i have to get rid of every one of them in my closet. leek we say in medicine everything in moderation. you may not want to wear flip-flops walking around disneyworld all day. i just did that. also change them out more frequently than you think. every season you want to. the wearing down of the material offers your foot less support. >> one reason we love flip-flops is they are cheap. but you shouldn't buy the cheapest pair you can find. >> the materials to avoid would be rubber and plastic. those are the cheap ones. what podiatrists recommend is a
8:08 am
soft malleable leather that bends to meet the shape of your foot. >> if you can get one with arch support. >> a little bump this in the middle to support the arch and additionally we are saying you should have a strap over the mid-foot and an ankle strap to give the foot more support so you are not moving around so much. >> are there alternatives to flip-flops you like? >> i own only flip-flops. >> flip-flops or bust. >> i looked at my closet and thought none of these work. the bend test is probably the most important thing. this demonstrates with the rubber material. if you can bend it easily this the middle that's not good. it's okay to have a little bend this the front because you feed it with the walking mechanism. that's why soft leather is important. it offers more support in the mid foot area. >> they say you shouldn't drive with flip-flops. >> my gosh. >> it's easy to get caught under the pedals. a lot of accidents that way.
8:09 am
sturdy shoes for driving. >> love the flip-flops but in moderation. >> in moderation. >> thank you very much. if you wanter more on summer shoe safety and alternatives to flip-flops we have no idea about, go to up mention, watch out aretha. watch a spunky 6-year-old who has the world showing her respect. and al makes foods to fight annoying aches and pains. and jimmy fallon opens up about father hood and the strange way he rode a bike as a kid. first, these messages. i'm caridee. i've had moderate to severe plaque psoriasis most of my life. but that hasn't stopped me from modeling. my doctor told me about stelara® it helps keep my skin clearer. with only 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses... ...stelara® helps me be in season. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections. some serious infections require hospitalization. before starting stelara® your doctor should test for tuberculosis. stelara® may increase your risk of cancer. always tell your doctor if you have any sign of infection have had cancer, or if you develop any new skin growths.
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8:13 am
to 814 hwy miles per tank. hurry in and you can get 0% apr plus a $1000 volkswagen credit bonus on 2015 passat tdi clean diesel models. 8:13. let's get trending. >> think about this. pilots have a mandatory reretirement age, air traffic controllers, firefighters. these are jobs where his takes are deadly. do you know who doesn't have a mandatory retirement age? your doctor. now the american medical association is looking to change that. trying to come up with a new competency test for doctors. some don't like the change. others say this is a long time coming. >> when you think about how quickly medical technology changes and you have to keep up. i think there should be a test to see if you have done it. >> absolutely. >> or if you are a surgeon,
8:14 am
making sure you have sure hands. i think surgery is a thing. >> if you're on a plane, a 90-year-old doctor. >> exactly. >> the study said one in four doctors in this country is over 65. >> good to have a job where no one's life hangs in the balance. >> are you smarter than a 6-year-old? a puzzle is getting a lot of attention and stumping adults. let's put it up. the question is what is the parking spot number that the car is covering. you have 20 seconds to solve it. take it off. a lot of people try to do a pattern. add by ten, subtract by ten. >> 78. >> 8. >> i was looking at 78. >> 68. >> let's put the puzzle back up.
8:15 am
now flip it over. what's the parking spot number? >> 87! that's crazy. >> the younger you are the quicker you solve it because kids are used to seeing things from a different direction. >> crazy. >> another image. show and tell versus trending today. take a look at this. it's beautiful like a kid's art project. to no. this is the bacteria that's been on a little boy's hand. his mom is a microbiologist. she got curious about the jerps he probably picked up wile playing and petting the dog so put his hand in a petri dish and this was growing a week later. >> oh yeah. >> maybe some staph infection in there. >> you make fun of me when i purell. >> you drink it go nuts. >> no i don't.
8:16 am
a little cocktail now and then. a little girl who deserves some r-e-s-p-e-c-t. she's the hit of the internet. i i give you 6-year-old johanna. ♪ ♪ what you want ♪ ♪ baby i got it ♪ ♪ what you need ♪ ♪ you know i got it ♪ ♪ all i'm asking ♪ ♪ is for a little respect when you come home ♪ >> work it. >> channel ing aretha franklin stealing the show at her dance recital. >> i love that shake and the snap. >> re-re would be proud. >> really? >> scene stealer. >> what happened when harry met gaga and taylor swift. >> "bad blood" are rumored to be
8:17 am
a dig at katy perry. now the question fans are asking. is katy firing back is this she registered a song title called "1984," the year she was born. it may sound like nothing but tailor tailor's current album is 1989 the year she was born. a feud could be on the ho rye zon. stay tuned. what do you wear to meet prince har ary, fifth in line to the british throne. if you're lady gaga a see-through dress, of course. she didn't disappoint in london. check out the feathery white number. eyes ahead harry. elton john was there to check it out. gaga and tony bennetter were there performing for prince harry's charity. >> carson thank you very much. up next al's mission to find feel better foods. first a check of the weather. >> all righty. let's see what's going on. we have showers and
8:18 am
thunderstorms making their way through the northeast. let's look at hartford connecticut. we have showers and traffic moving into downtown. all in all not a bad morning. thunderstorms for boston new york city orlando. allow yourself extra time. slight risk of strong storms in the northeast and the northern plains. wet weather, the remnants of blanca causing one to two-inch rainfalls to the southwest another beautiful day in the pacific northwest. portland up to 88 and sunny.. good morning. i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. heading into the rest of today our temperatures will range between 85 and 88 degrees. we'll maintain the chance of showers through your morning hours and then as we head too the afternoon we will see a little bit more sunshine and definitely warm conditions with our wind speeds out of the southwest 10 to 15 miles per hour. tomorrow similar conditions although we'll see a lot more sunshine heading into your wednesday. by thursday we track temperatures close to 90
8:19 am
degrees, 91 on thursday, 93 by friday. and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al. thank you very much. now to our start today summer shape-up as we get your new year's resolutions back on track. every tuesday this month joy bauer is tackling your troubles in the kitchen. al has an interesting dlem pa. >> as we get older and little aches and pains that used to come and go seem to come and stay longer. joy dropped by my house to teach me to use food in my fight against inflammation. >> thank you so much for inviting me into your house. >> sure. >> this is a big treat. especially because you are a fellow health fanatic. >> well. >> and foodie. >> one out of two maybe. >> food is so powerful. certain foods help to treat, manage and in some instances reverse some of the common ailments we deal with like
8:20 am
aches. >> yes. >> and pains. >> yes. >> and inflammation. >> yes. >> i picked three super ingredients. i will tell you a little bit about them and we'll make super simple recipes. you game? >> excellent. >> ginger. this has been used for centuries to fight inflammation. we are going to start with a simple recipe of ginger green tea. >> okay. >> let's boil the water and add slices to the boiling water. then you have the antioxidants from the green tea and the anti-inflammatories from the ginger. next up is tart cherries. there's been a lot of compelling research saying not only does it help athletes recover quickerer after exercise but they have antho cyanins which help ease aches and pains. now we'll make a tart cherry spritzer. this is very simple. two cups of tart cherry juice. >> just regular cherry juice is
8:21 am
this. >> the key is to make sure the brand says "no added sugar." >> okay. >> add a quarter teaspoon of ginger. we'll work ginger into this as well. go for it, al. >> fr areappe. >> hard-core blender, whoa. >> cherries. >> do you know what goes great with this? >> what? >> feel-good mini muffins. >> ooh! >> you've got cherries and we have a lot of turmeric. >> there's crunchy in here. >> chia seeds. >> you're growing hair. >> look at. >> this muffin is packed with compounds to help supress inflammation. we call it the feel-good muffin. >> it is good. to you are your good health, joy. >> thanks, al.
8:22 am
>> appreciate it. >> i like someone who practices what she preaches. when i was getting ready for the bike ride she had me drinking tart cherry juice every day. >> and turmeric and ginger. these ingredients work. this is the tart cherry spritzer al's favorite. it taste s like a cherry soda pop. it's only 35 calories. it has compounds that could help people feel better. >> very good. >> sweet potato fries. i love these. >> this is for the viewers that are suffering with migraine headaches. the thing about sweet potatoes and white potatoes they contain magnesium which is a mineral shown to reduce the duration intensity and frequency of headaches. this is a great one. whether it is white or sbeetsweet potatoes cut them up and put them in the of en for 20 minutes. >> what is it about bananas that
8:23 am
help with sleep problems as al brings fries with us? >> at the end of the day a lot of people are looking for a sweet treat fix. the thing about this i call it a pb banana freeze. the banana provides high quality carbohydrates which creates seratonin which helps you calm down. this is very simple. put it in the freezer. it's cold. if you make it and put it in the freezer and you have it before bed it can help you get a better night's sleep. this is delicious. >> the next one is a flip on your avocado chocolate pudding. >> yes. i call this a cocoa avocado milk shake. this helps lower blood pressure. it's good for people dealing with high blood pressure because between the avocado and the cocoa powder there is no sugar in this.
8:24 am
you have potatoes and flavanols which lower your numbers. >> all great stuff. >> the recipe s are on the website is. >> the winner is -- >> which one? >> sweet potatoes. >> you didn't try the pb ba that that freeze. it is good. >> joy, thank you very much. for more tips and good for you recipes go to tomorrow jenna wolf updates us on jeff rossen's mission to get in shape in 2015. savannah? >> thanks i can die now. it's cindy williams. >> stop. >> she's written a new memoir. we'll get the scoop. you almost turned down that
8:25 am
8:26 am
nbc 10 news starts now. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's start with first alert meteorologist brittney shipp and find out what's in store today. >> we're seeing lingering showers this morning and they're going to stick around as we head in the rest of the morning. by the afternoon we will start to see a little more sunshine. a live look at cape may. we're seeing mostly overcast skies and earlier we saw a little bit of rain. the radar showing us light rain moving in to that area once again and same thing for parts of lancaster county and burkes county. current temperature 65 in mount pocono, 70 allentown, 69 pottstown, 70s to start the day in atlantic city over the next eight hours we will warm into the mid 70s, by the time you
8:27 am
head out for lunch 87 the high today. >> now we check the roads, jessica boyington is watching traffic. what are you seeing in. >> we are still among touring an overturned tractor trailer accident on 78 in burkes county where one -- 143, exit 45 diverting traffic off the eastbound lane that's blocked just beyond this point. want to get around that for the time being because there's a backup behind it take old route 22 also some emergency road repair on the pa turnpike southbound, right near the northeast extension about a 7 mile backup behind that between lan dale. officials tell us no one was hurt during a fire at a building in southwest philadelphia. the three story building filled with smoke when fire crews arrived on the scene at gould and woodland. the fire is under control. no word on how it started. another update in 25 minutes. i'm tracy davidson. now back to the today show.
8:28 am
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♪ schlemeel, schlemazel, hasenfeffer incorporated we're gonna do it ♪ >> it's 8:30 on a tuesday morn ing. the ninth of june 2015. all of the sudden feels like we might be in milwaukee. look who it is. that's laverne & shirle y star cindy williams on the plaza. we'll talk to her in a few minutes. schlemeel, schlemazel, hasenfeffer incorporated
8:31 am
>> that's our laverne and shirley from halloween a couple of years ago. >> jimmy fallon is on a mission that involves babies their first words and what he wants the word to be. matt talks to him about that and a lot more coming up. >> before that let's check on the weather. >> all right. let's show you what's going on today. we have a risk of strong storms in the northeast in new england and the upper great lakes. gulf coast, could be airport delays. remnants of blanca bringing wet weather into the four corners area. that moves to the north. we are looking at wet weather, severe storms through the eastern great lakes torp. wet weather through the southeast. the sunshine and heat returns to the southwest. >> good morning. i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp heading into the rest of today, our temperatures will range between 85 and 88 degrees. we'll maintain the chance of showers through your morning hours and as we head into the afternoon we will see a little
8:32 am
bit more sunshine and definitely warm conditions with our wind speeds out of the southwest, 10 to 15 miles per hour. tomorrow, similar conditions although we'll see a lot more sunshine heading into your wednesday. by thursday we track temperatures close to 90 degrees, 91 on thursday, 93 by friday. any time you need your weather go to the weather channel on cable or online. now back inside to matt. >> all right, al. thank you very much. >> "the tonight show" keeps jimmy fallon busy of course but he's found the type to write a children's book. >> it's called your baby's first word will be dada. no doubt jimmy's personal parenting experience was the inspiration. take a look. ♪ >> it's story time starring jimmy fallon. >> hi guys. give me five. can you gather around. >> reporter: the lovable host
8:33 am
gave these toddler as preview of his new children's book. >> ready? >> the baby cow says moo. what does the horse say? nay! >> and the pint sized critics responded. dada! this is his second children's book but the first for preschoolers. >> they were nice enough to give me an advanced copy. i'm hoping to finish it by the weekend. >> it's a tough read. it's about 15 taj paiges and one word on each page. this is how you know it's really written by me. >> how do you sum up the story line of the baby's first word will be dada. >> to plot. there is barely a plot. only a selfish thing hopefully your baby's first word will be dada. >> it smacks of mind control. >> that's right. >> sounds like a blatant attempt to make sure the 6 month old's first word is dada, not mama.
8:34 am
>> i feel like my wife is throwing me a bone. she's almost helping the 6 month old like, yeah give him something. >> what was the first -- >> first baby -- mama. >> fallon is the doting father of winie wh turns 2 this summer and 6 month old frances . >> what's it like to lie on the bed with a book with the little ones? >> it's seriously the greatest 30 to 40 minutes of the day. they are totally chill. it's just bonding time. >> are you a nervous father? >> yeah. sometimes i am. my parents are over protective. they raised me over protective. one year i got a bike. we were so excited. my sister and i got bicycles. they wouldn't let us ride on the street. we had to ride in circles. other kids would drive by and go what's wrong with the fallon kids? they are the weirdest kids. we were just happy riding ten
8:35 am
speeds around in a circle on the grass. >> you won't be running behind her with band aids medical spray. >> you know i will be. i'm saying now i'm not. >> one thing that separates parents is the terminology they use for certain things dealing with children. so for example body parts and bodily functions. >> yeah. >> parent s develop words for them so as not to use the realer words. so when a kid goes number one, that's -- >> pee-pee. how sad is this? it's true. >> for how long. until what age? >> does it become urine? scientists in lab coat s. honey, have you urinated yet? there's some defecation this the diaper! >> that's number 2. so the word for that is -- in your household? >> i think it's poopy.
8:36 am
did you make poopy? >> i almost hesitate to ask. >> did i make a poopy? don't ask me on camera. yes, i did. i got away with it. i wear adult diapers. i didn't want to bring it up. it's a problem i'm dealing with. i don't need you to grill me. >> it is a possibility for the next book. explore that. >> baby's first word will be pee-pee. they wouldn't sell it at barnes & noble. different section. different section of books. >> this has been illuminating. >> that's the least you can say, matt. >> i feel we have bonded over terminology here. >> you're the greatest. i love waking up. my baby calls you dada. is that weird? >> a little odd. matt! >> let's talk after this. >> so cute. >> you can tell he loves being a dad. he's having a blast. for more of the potty talk go to up next uber for everything. the growing list of services.
8:37 am
click an app and you can have everything you want and an easier life. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:39. we are back talking about the so-called uberfication of america. >> feed your dog walked your pants hemmed there is an app for that. hallie jackson has the story. >> reporter: in the age of the app, when convenience is king it's easier than ever to order a car to pick you up. why stop there? now get a personal evavalet to park your car, get a mechanic to give you an oil change, send groceries or drinks to your door even a doctor if you are dying for a house call. >> what ube r has done to the taxi industry and head it easy to get a car lots of companies are trying to do it for other industries. everyone wants to be uber for x.
8:40 am
>> if your clothes aren't fitting well there is an app for that too. when you're a 6'8" pro basketball player it's not easy to find the perfect jacket off the rack. >> it's really hard to go to the store and find something you can really fit and feel like you are wearing it the right way. >> glen "big baby" davis doesn't have time to see a tailor in between games with the l.a. clippers so he's trying a service that bills itself as the uber for tailors. >> you want your clothes to feel you know just as good as you play. >> reporter: the taler sends a professional to your house to customize your clothes and the founder knows about fashion. >> you're going to like the way you look. i guarantee it. >> reporter: after george zimmer split from men's wearhouse he saw an opening to trance former president the tailoring industry. >> the entire economy is being reinvented. everything is being converted to an online on demand business. >> reporter: tech experts point
8:41 am
out not every in-home, on-demand idea is a money maker. the one that made me think you have to be kidding is a service where it takes out your garbage for you. >> dirty laundry is a different story. for people like brandon who uses an app called washio to clean his clothes and drop them off. >> it's convenient. i work a ton, travel quite a bit. by the time i come home it's one less thing to worry about. >> reporter: that can change the game. like it did for big baby. can you dance in this? >> as long as i can dance, move my shoulders, it's fitting just right. >> reporter: uber for everything? for davis it's a slam dunk. nbc news los angeles. >> what's the cost of convenience? are these things expensive? >> probably more expensive than if you had gone to the tailor or drove yourself. but you pay for the convenience. >> yeah. >> factor in the cost of your
8:42 am
time. >> you need an uber for uber soon. givinging you a list of things. >> yes. >> coming up next we have one half of the tv duo "laverne & shirley." cindy williams is here to tell us why she almost said no to the iconic role. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
8:44 am
we are back catching up with cindy williams. one of hollywood's most recognizable faces from the 70s and 80s best moan for her role in american graffiti. >> you didn't. i asked you out. >> and of course who could forget her as shirley in "laverne & shirley." >> it was a nightmare.
8:45 am
naked as a jay bird. >> she writes about it in "shirley i jest." it is so nice to pete you. >> you, too, savannah. >> i grew up watching you. >> i hope you did your homework though. i hope you weren't just sitting in front of the tv watching. >> you were hi homework. a whole education on that show. >> all right. >> learned a lot of words. why did you write a memoir now? >> well i just have so many stories to tell. i was on "laverne & shirley," this wonderful show. it opened a gateway to the wonderful experiences. adventures i had. that's what i wanted to write about. all the fun stuff my life has afforded me. >> it really is fun. it's a walk down memory lane. you talk about american graffiti. >> right. that was a role you almost turned down. >> reegt. >> -- right.
8:46 am
>> why? >> i wanted one of the other roles. i wanted to play debbie the fast girl played by candy clark so well. or carol, the little girl in the car with paul le matt. i was told i couldn't have it because i wasn't 12. they couldn't find the girl to play the inge nue. i thought, this won't be fun. i'm going to chi through the whole 28-night shoot. and i did. >> was there a moment during or after the shoot when you realized there is something special about this movie. >> two weeks in we only had 28 nights. it was a low budget film. after two weeks george lucas took us into the editing bay, the cast. he showed us a 20-minute assemblage of the film with music. i remember harrisoner ford buzz nx to me ment he said this is great. it was. we all knew then it was
8:47 am
something special. >> you bounced around. you had many years struggling trying to become an actress. this role comes along. then you had a chance to do a guest spot on "happy days" with penny marshall. >> right. >> they decided to spin off the show but you weren't necessarily buying that one either right away? >> well first of all, penny and i had no idea what a spin-off meant. we were riding together. we were ridewriting partners doing a spoof for frances coppola. i hadn't worked in a long time in hollywood. i had my mind set on going, moving to oregon portland, oregon getting a waitressing job. i couldn't wait tables in l.a. because, you know i didn't want to ask my peers, you know war you having for lunch. or may i take your order. so i was going to move. after we did the show on "happy
8:48 am
days" and they decideded they wanted to spin it off, i couldn't get it in my head. i was off to portland. >> she kind of said wait a minute. don't you want to do this? this is a good gig. >> to her credit she kept coming in saying i think we should do this. i said i don't know. in retrospect it was really stupid. finally my manager said you have to do this. i did. she talked me into it. >> by the way, the show was a hit immediately. it was hugely watched. why do you think it touched a nerve or clicked with people? >> penny and i kept it -- a commonality about the show . we made sure we were always -- that the joke was always on us. it was always -- we never made fun of anyone else. we were always -- if there was a
8:49 am
fool to be made fun of it was us. we also wanted to keep the wolves nipping at our heels like people do. like how will we pay the rent the electric bill. so we just grounded it in that. we made sure it was extremely funny to us. we felt if we laughed during rehearsal that would translate to the audience that we had in the studio and then again to the television audience. >> you left somewhat abruptly. people wondered why did you leave at the height of the show's popularity. in the book we learn why. >> well i had recently gotten mar ried. i was pregnant. i thought i would come back and they would hide me behind benches, couches, pillows. that wasn't it. when my contract -- when it came time to sign my contract for the season they had me working on my due date to have aremy baby. i said i can't sign this.
8:50 am
it went back and forth and back and forth. it just never got worked out. >> it's shocking. you can't imagine happening today. >> right after that they built nurseries on the set. they had nannies and everything else for actresses who were preg pregnant pregnant. >> but you had your beautiful child. >> i had my beautiful emily, yes, i did. i was happy for it. >> this is a great book. you have so many people who love you. >> thanks. >> i enjoyed reading your story. >> i was going to that i mean it "dada" but someone beat me to it. >> that jimmy fallon is everywhere. >> he is. >> the book is "shirley, i jest." good title. and why buy from the store? er martha stewart helps you create a summer herb garden right there on our plaza. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:51 am
dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to buy a house. i know how it feels to be stressed about money. i understand what a scary word "retirement" is, and i can help. cause i'm not just a fellow dad, fellow mom fellow saver i'm a fellow citizen. who gets up every day and tries her best. just like you. if you have a question about money, ask me. sincerely, elizabeth trackler samantha parke robert kennedy deanna morrison jared duemling alex payne
8:52 am
this morning we are talking about gourmet gardening. martha stewart is here with pages from living on how to plant your own herbs or as you say -- h-erbs. you don't need a ton of space for this. >> you don't. what you really need is light and air. a box like this works well. this is constructed to have enough room for the roots to
8:53 am
grow. you have to layer the soil. start -- make sure there is drainage in the box. make sure you have enough gravel. i would say two inches of gravel in the bottom of the box. then a nice rich potting soil. >> what do you put in the soil to make it better? >> well you have to put a little bit of plant food like time release plant food. slow release. you have a good peat moss topsoil. >> do your homework and have the right stuff. >> they sell prepared good potting soil now. >> do all herbs play well with others or do you have some you shouldn't put in with others? >> they're all friends. >> they are all friends in your world. what do you like to plant and how? >> i like culinary herbs. some are more medicinal that you don't necessarily need in your herb box. >> okay. >> parsley, sage rosemary and thyme. remember that in. >> i've got that.
8:54 am
>> parsley, sage. there are different types of sage. golden, variegated. i like golden. rosemary drapes down. that would be nice in the corner. >> you lay them out before you plant them. >> i doment i want to see how it will look. thyme also grows down outside the box. that will look pretty. >> do these all need the same amount of water or do you have to be careful? >> you have to be careful. herbs don't need a lot of water but they don't want to be starved of water either. a woody rosemary or oregano needs less. today drive in rocks. in etly you see rosemary and oregano in the rocks but not parsley. they need deeper soil. the perennial herbs can be along the outside. then the tender herbs like dill. by the way, tarragon which i
8:55 am
love. the you clip the herbs, the more hay grow. clip and grow. >> also sometimes if you don't use them thuf they get leggy and it seems they are not as apaying. >> don't forget coriander for making guacamole. that's a nice one. >> and you don't mind if they grow together. >> not at all. though no. see how they are when they come out of the box? dig a little hole. i want them the same height as the top of the box. fill in with more soil. you will. that's your job. we'll grow it all summer long and cook from the herbs. i hope with we do segments together and you can see how they grow and thrive. >> i would love to. >> at least six hours a day of good hot sun. >> if you like herbs all year long can you preserve these at the end of the season? >> you can move the box inside
8:56 am
and put a grow light over it. >> really? >> yeah. i have lots of things growing under grow lights. if they don't dry then replace them. you can grow a nice herb like this. hi. >> this says herbs. you say h-erbs. >> you don't say erbert. >> that's a different word. >> it's a name. >>. nbc 10 news starts now. good morning, i'm tracy davidson. rain is still hanging on in some areas. let's get you an update with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> it's a mild start to the morning. a live look outside, you can see the overcast and cloudy skies. we'll continue to see a chance of showers heading into the rest of today. 67 in the poconos, 73 as you head out the door in
8:57 am
philadelphia 72 in atlantic city. and 70 degrees in wildwood. a chance of showers on and off as we head into the rest of the morning and into the early afternoon. then we'll see a little bit of clearing even a bit of sunshine and temperatures today will range between 85 and 88 degrees. tracy? >> new from overnight officials tell us no one was hurt during a fire at this mixed use building in southwest philadelphia. the three story building was filled with smoke when fire crews got to the scene at gould and woodland streets. no word on how that started. a montgomery judge will hold a pretrial hearing in the case of a woman accused of having sex with a student. police say they caught iris gibney a married mother of three having sex with a 17-year-old in upper pottsgrove last fall. prosecutors say gibney met the student while volunteering for her daughter's cheerleading team. a spike in heroin overdoses forces officials to issue a safety alert. we found out there were six overdoses sunday alone.
8:58 am
in the past week more than 30 have overdosed, three died four were saved by camden county police officers using narcan the drug that counters the effects of the drug. i'm tracy davidson we'll have another local update in 25 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 news app, a free download from our website, back to the "today" show. thanks for watching. have a great day.
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on kwoez take can you guess the guest? a mystery celebrity joins us. follow the clues to figure it out. it's a dog eat tennis ball world. the video taking over the internet. we reveal secrets to getting a glowing summer skin. that and more coming up now. >> welcome to "today" on tuesday, june 9, 2015. a great crowd outside on our plaza. inside i'm willie with al, fatly and -- natalie and tamron. we were talking about your
9:01 am
weekend. >> we were in los angeles my husband and i. a grown-up weekend. fun. did lots of hiking. eating lots. drinking a lot of vino. >> hiking? >> hiking and vino. balance the good with the bad. >> do you facetime with the boys? >> yeah we did. >> how do you balance that? >> hi! having a good time. >> hard to talk to the kids when you're drunk. we miss you! >> you know me well al. >> i do. >> mama's going to kiss you. [ slurring words ] >> give me a kiss. >> that's not what i was looking for. >> i have had those facetimes from gnatnatalie. >> i'm kidding. >> you have heard about them. >> your phone is awful. >> we have something cool today.
9:02 am
>> what? >> we have a mystery celebrity guest on the program. >> i'm the only one who knows. do you know why? they said i'm the only one that can keep a secret here. >> probably true. >> who said that? >> a certain producer told me that. >> they tell us all that. >> we are going to give and get clues over the course of the show. play along with us. send in your guess to # todays take. power tools are the first clue. >> that's the first clue. natalie knows the answer. >> we go online # todays take. >> we need your help obviously. >> do you have a guess? >> bob villa? >> good one. >> the property brothers. >> they have been here a lot. >> you have a good one. >> i have nothing.
9:03 am
i've got nothing. >> more clues over the hour and a big reveal near the end of the show. >> it's a big reveal. >> i cannot wait. >> our producer said it was worth waiting for. >> really epic, i think. all right. a story a lot of us talked about this morning in the headlines today. there is a hunt on now for people who may have come into contact with a woman who is being treated for what doctors say is a very contagious case of tuberculosis. the patient is in isolation at the fascial institutes of health in maryland. we don't know much except she is female. we don't know her age or nationality. hasn't been revealed yet. she's believed to the have traveled back in april from india to chicago o'hare. she spent time in missouri mo, tennessee. for the last seven weeks after arriving in the u.s. she's traveled a bit. she was diagnosed with active tb
9:04 am
and so the cdc and state elthealth departments trying to contact passengers or anyone who's been in contact with her in that time again. this is the risk of air travel. you know, contagious disease, infectious disease. >> wasn't the risk low? >> the risk is low. tb can only be spread through your mucus membranes if you are you are coughing, sneezing, singing, shouting. by spreading your saliva essentially is how it is spread. it's interesting. we were talking. we both lived in places where -- my mom actually tested positive for tb at one point as a carrier, not active. i remember her taking immunity suppressant drugs for a year system my mother was exposed as a child. i'm not as frightened because the person was identified. you can trace it.
9:05 am
imagine how many people fly if ond out of the country that are not tagged for lack of a better description for having an infectious disease. at least with this there is some kind of paper trailment they can then contact the people on the flight. nevertheless, people should know this information and be armed with it. >> not just people on the flight but people they may have come in contact with. >> with ebola they backtracked. she went here there. >> you think of the people you have come in contact with in the different areas that she traveled. i think that's a frightening part of it. you don't know sometimes if you have come into contact. >> we showed this picture today. i'm sorry to throw this at you. they had a doctor, a mom who took a sample of her son's hand. the germs that were on the kid's hand. she'smicrobiologist. she grew the jerps s germs from her little boy's hand. staph infection.
9:06 am
>> everything. >> that's a child's hand, not a painting. >> it's a petri dish. >> of the things that grew off of her kid's hand. >> he doesn't have a -- >> no no. just from playing outside. petting the dog. >> normally what you come in contact with when you get a hug. hope your immune system is built up enough to guard against it. >> that's why we love our children. >> purell, too, please. >> brad pitt making news yesterday, a game changer. we have talked about how netflix, hulu, amazon, all of the platforms changing the way we watch tv. brad pitt set to release his move vi "war ma charlie sheen" exclusively on netflix. >> i think it makes sense. you have seen the best tv in the world now on thet felix and other places like that. >> hulu. >> this was the kind of film they were talking about adapted from a book.
9:07 am
it wasn't going to be a passive block buster. it made sense financialliment interesting to see how it did and if people are lured. >> i watched a great movie with diane keaton and morgan freeman "five flights up." i guess it was in theaters in a limited release. it was a fun little movie. maybe not something i would have, oh i i have to go to the theater to see this. watched down with some popcorn, watched a movie and called it a day. >> we are all staying home more, watching movies at home and on demand. the film industry has to be worried when you have -- >> there are certain movies like "jurassic park" that comes out friday. >> you have to see it on the giant screen. >> the begger theigger the better, and several times.
9:08 am
that's a universal. >> do you get a kickback is this. >> pab amaybe a littlement but that's the kind of movie you want to see. >> aren't you tired of huge -- i looked at my cable bill. do i own the cable company is this it's ridiculous. >> how many of the channels do you watch? >> i don't watch the channels. i would rather pay my little membership fee to netflix and watch whatever. >> comcast. [ coughs ] just bringing that up . that's tamron hall saying that. >> i won't say it anymore. >> the kids would be ordering movies all the time. >> i have video you don't need cable for. this is a viral video. two golden retrievers. take a look at the vicious tug of war. >> look at the peacemaker in the middle. >> i love that. >> are they trained to do that? >> they must be. >> wow.
9:09 am
or somebody went nuts with a tube of kraz-e glue. >> ahazing. >> so cute. >> with the twizzler. >> the challenge. the tennis ball challenge for dogs. >> clue number two. >> oh, mystery guest. >> what's that sound? >> the mystery guest clue sound. >> wait. i think i though it. >> i've got it. >> are you kidding me? too easy? >> i think i foeknow. don't blow it for me. >> a british guy with power tools? >> if you have guesses # # todaystake. >> look at me. >> i think i know. bingo. the second one was a give away. anyway. we have scattered showers and thunderstorms moving through the
9:10 am
northeast. in fact we are at a risk of severe weather. not talking tornadoes but flash flooding, lightning, ail damaging winds. 8 million folks within the risk area. we could be looking at 1 to 3 inches of rain. we have pretty strong storms. these will refire up this afternoon. through the plains into the u.p. of hitch. the arrow head of minnesota. 6 million people. looker for the storps late in the day. wind, hail possible. we'll continue to track it. maybe one to three inches of rain locally. >> good morning. i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp heading into the rest of today, our temperatures will range between 85 and 88 degrees. we'll maintain the chance of showers through your morning hours and as we head into the afternoon we will see a little bit more sunshine and definitely warm conditions with our wind speeds out of the southwest, 10 to 15 miles per hour. tomorrow, similar conditions, although we'll see a lot more sunshine heading into your wednesday. by thursday we track temperatures close to 90
9:11 am
degrees, 91 on thursday, 93 by friday. that's your latest weather. >> tanks, al. >> really good tea. coming up next, stars of the new comedy "balls out". yeah i said it. familiar faces from twilight to snl to the office. we'll talk to them after this. >> are they thanks for calling angie's list. how may i help you? i heard i could call angie's list if i needed work done around my house at a fair price. you heard right, just tell us what you need done and we'll find a top rated provider to take care of it. so i could get a faulty light switch fixed? yup! or have a guy refinish my floors? absolutely! or send someone out to groom my pookie? pookie's what you call your? my dog. yes, we can do that. real help from real people. come see what the new angie's list can do for you.
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water-repellent. up to 48-hour battery life and ballistic nylon back. that's your first "win." plus, it's only on verizon. the #1 network. there's your next "win." now for final "win." get $250 when you trade in any smartphone. and get 10 gigs of data for $80 a month and $15 per line. the win-win-win. a new way to save without settling. only on verizon. now to the new movie "balls out." don't be fooled by the title. this is a sensitive and serious movie -- >> no. >> i'm kidding. it's an indy film about the college intramural football season and a fifth year senior's cannes at redemption. >> the cast includes nicky reed known for playing a vampire in "twilight" jay farrell from snl and jake lacy a familiar face
9:15 am
from the farewell season of "the office." good morning, guys. >> good morning. >> very fun this film. jake, let me start with you. first national television interview. >> look out. >> ready to talk war and peace is this. >> let's dig in. >> how is it going? >> amazing wonderful. >> promoting the movie. >> really nervous. >> he had so many more words backstage. you should have heard him. >> he talks when he's nervous. but you're not nervous because you're not talking. >> no i'm -- it's awesome. i'm amazed the movie is out and about. we head a funny movie and here we go. >> the original title was intramural. >> that's why it's not the title anymore. >> how did you change the hit? >> i think they felt "balls out" was catchier.
9:16 am
and folks would be more interested in "balls out" because when you say it, what's happening here? balls coming out. balls out . there we go. do i snap? >> a million tickets just sold. >> nicky, how does a proper young lady get involved in this? >> it was a disaster. me and all these boys. >> that's not a bad problem. >> in sweaty austin, texas. i love austin. it was probably the most interesting approach i have had with film making. the funny five minute skip. why i needed to do this film and why it was in austin. it was charming. i said, send me the script. these guys seem funny. it was a great experience. >> which of you -- footballs. who's got skills?
9:17 am
>> as far as football? >> yes, let's stick with that. >> my character in the movie. if you want to know the real skinny, i suck. but my character. i ain't even on the field. i will tell you what's funny. when i was on the bench it was -- i don't know what was wrong with the bench. it kept messing with my butt. my butt kept buzzing. like a nine-volt battery. >> was your phone in your pocket? >> no. nothing there. >> we shot from dusk to dawn. >> we were in the movie, the whole movie and did a day of shooting. my butt was the sacrificial lamb. >> for the movie. >> it was sizzling. >> for your butt we have to see the film. >> you have to. for the sake of my -- i can't say the a-word. for the sake of my butt.
9:18 am
see that? get a close-up. do it again. for the sake of my butt. look at that. bam. it should be trademarked. "balls out". >> neckicky you have nothing after that. thanks, jake, nicky, jay. thanks so much. on demand friday june 19. >> you're going to see it. >> we have a little clip of it. we got to see it ahead of time. another clue, by the way. that was your little musical en intro. iconic character. >> you have to know it now. tell us what you think on twitter. >> up next, what the sit and stand test means for your health. see if
9:19 am
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9:22 am
>> here's a question for men. do you take better care of yourself than yourself is this it's time to change. >> a new book from men's health called the better man project. tips and techniques to flatten your belly, sharpen your mind keep you healthy and happy for life. bill phillips is editor in chief at men's health. >> you are putting us to work. >> we have a fitness test. >> i will leave it to willie. >> first get in a plank position. >> the old plank. >> this is the plank test. we'll get on the floor here. elbows under the shoulders, put your ankles together, squeeze a walnut. >> with my feet. >> i thought it was something else. >> we are going to try to hold it for two minutes. >> not easy. more specifically you will hold it. i will tell you what it means. >> how often? >> we are measuring core
9:23 am
strength. contrary to popular belief your core isn't just the abs. it's the muscles between your shoulders and waist. >> right. >> the foundation of all fitness. >> how often do you do it? >> do it to assess whether your core is strong enough. if you can't hold it for two minutes the core isn't strong enough. there are exercises in the book to fix your core. >> what's the other exercise? >> the next one is tough. >> can i get up now? >> this is my favorite. sit and rise. >> to way i can do this sp. >> we have to sit and get up without using our knees or arms. sit in the cross-legged position. >> that's even hard to do. >> then stand up like that. >> not fair. you are editor in chief of men's health. >> here is the reason why everybody learn to do it. there is a kor laegscorrelation between fitness and health. if you can do the sit and rise you are six times less likely to die prematurely. >> what about waist to height?
9:24 am
>> we hear about bmi and ways to measure if you are over weight. we know the height in inches. do you know your ares? >> 5'7" . >> so 67. what we are looking at is the height to be twice as much as the waist. if we measure the waist, i think subtract an inch or two because of the clothes. i'm at 35 1/2. >> 38. so 37. >> you should be in the 34 range. so you could drop a few pounsd. >> or get taller. >> work on our minds, too. >> take the pads. are you right-handed? shut your eyes and print your name. how did it work out ? looks pretty good.
9:25 am
excellent. now we want to put the pen in the left hand. that will give you an advantage. print your name. >> what's this showing us? >> this is asking the brain to execute. that's good. it's asking the brain to stretch and do something it's never done before. your ready to leave sticky sunscreens behind? new neutrogena cooldry sport. micromesh technology lets sweat pass through
9:26 am
and evaporate so skin stays comfortable, while clinically proven protection stays on. new cooldry sport. neutrogena. nbc 10 news starts now. >> good morning, i'm vai sikahema. just before 9:30 this tuesday morning. our first alert forecast from meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. mostly cloudy skies and seeing a few scattered showers that's going to be the trend as we head into the rest of today. there's a live look at cape may. we are going to see warmer conditions. temperatures staying in the low 80s near the shore today. but our radar shot shows the scattered showers especially moving into the southern part of burlington county near atlantic city through mystic island and stafford. current temperatures on the mild side, 72 in atlantic city 71 millville, 73 in philadelphia, 69 in pottstown and 70 degrees in wildwood. our temperatures today will range between 85 and 88 degrees.
9:27 am
>> thank you, brittney. new video into the newsroom from lower marion where a falling tree is blocking ash bridge and wakefield roads. crews are working to clear the area so it won't affect your ride to work. no word on what caused the tree to fall. philadelphia city council is considering a bill to require bars and restaurants to have surveillance cameras outside. the disappearance and death of shane montgomery last november prompted a public hearing. montgomery disappeared after a night out with friends in man tee yak. sapp searchers pulled his body from the schuylkill river the lack of security cameras made it difficult to track his final moments. members expect to vote on the measure in the fall. atlantic city one step closer to building a giant observation wheel. the president of the steel wheel got back from italy where the parts are being made. it will include climate controlled gonedolas and promises sweeping views of the ocean and atlantic city skyline. i'm vai sikahema.
9:28 am
another update in 25 minutes. get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. back to the "today" show. have a great day.
9:29 am
9:30 am
taking a look at headlines, prison employees and contractors being questioned in the daring escape that freed two killers from a new york state prison. investigators are reportedly focused on one female worker at the prison. convicted purdue rers richard matt and david sweat apparently useded power tools to break out four days ago from a maximum security facility near the canadian border. law enforcement sources tell our nbc affiliate the fugitives may be in the area because the get away driver never showed up. a study of over 5 million children in five countries finds higherer autism rates in children with olderer parents, teen moms and those whose parents have a large age gap. autism rates were 20% higher in
9:31 am
children born to dads over 40 than those born to the dad this is their 20s. children born to moms in their 40s or teen moms were more likely to be autistic than to mop it is in their 20s. vetcher found a higherer risk of autism when there was a ten or more year age gap between parents. advisers to the fda will meet to consider a the new class of cholesterol lowering drugs. they are injectable so they wouldn't be as easy to take and are likely to be expensive. but they can lower cholesterol to low levels without side effects suffered by people who take statins. spending time with family and friends could extend your life. researchers say good social lives tend to leave to increased cognitive stimulation and activity linked to he will think aging aging. people with strongerer social relationships had a 50% increaseded likelihood of survival than those with waep weaker social relationships.
9:32 am
watching "sesame street" may be more edge kaegs al than you thought. the first generation of kids grew up to do better this in elementary schools. ss . boys, african-americans got the biggest boost. it may be one of the easiest, cheapest ways to get kids readier for school. time to make the doughnuts may be followed by time to deliver the doughnuts. the chairman and ceo of dunkin donuts said delivery is a big opportunity. he said the country is developing mobile ordering to to launch next year and says the next frontier in serving tech savvy consumers is delivery. we would like that. it is 9:32. now a check on the weather. >> the dunkin donuts are spread so far out it's hard to get to them. let's see what's going on now. for today a risk of strong storms in northern new england.
9:33 am
in the northern plains. wet weather in the southwest. remnants of blanca. now tropical depression blanca. the heat continues in the pacific northwest. things cool on the coast there. look for showers in the upper mississippi river valley. showers and thunderstorms through the gulf coast and >> good morning. i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp heading into the rest of today, our temperatures will range between 85 and 88 degrees. we'll maintain the chance of showers through your morning hours and as we head into the afternoon we will see a little bit more sunshine and definitely warm conditions with our wind speeds out of the southwest, 10 to 15 miles per hour. tomorrow, similar conditions, although we'll see a lot more sunshine heading into your wednesday. by thursday we track temperatures close to 90 degrees, 91 on thursday, 93 by friday. that's your latest weather. >> thank you very much, sir. this morning a former rutgers
9:34 am
university football player who is a familiar face for his courage and resilience. >> eric la grande suffers a life changing accident on the field that ended his career. what he's doing now has the potential to improve the lives of millions of others. >> a hit to eric la grande. >> this is the moment that changed everything for eric la grande. >> i heard the hit. i heard the crowd go "ooh". >> they have a stretcher, a cart out there. >> when the trainers were asking me, your head and neck. i said, i can't breathe. >> a junior on the rutgers team, he was paralyzed from the neck down making a tackle back this 2010. in that moment when most of us would have conceded defeat, he chose to fight. >> i will for sure walk again. i can't tell you when. everything is going well with the progress now. no one thought i would be where i am today. >> once known for being a force on the field le grand is better
9:35 am
known now for his smile on full display on magazine covers like "sports illustrated" and taking the stage to a standing ovation at the espy awards. >> thank you all again. [ applause ] . >> reporter: despite the injury he can still fire up a stadium. >> we'll find a cure for this one day. >> reporter: he formed a team called team le grand, a fund raising arm of the christopher reeve foundation putting on events like the walk to believe in new jersey this weekend. >> ready, set go. >> reporter: the 5-k run/walk funds research for new treatment and possibly a cure for paralysis. >> we believe that we are going to see extraordinary breakthroughs over the next several years. >> reporter: le grand has thousands of believers but hab none more dedicated than 16-year-old remy stern who raised more than $8,000 on her own. >> he's an inspirational, amazing person.
9:36 am
he's done so much for me. i wanted to give back. >> reporter: le grand said his goal is not only to raise money but to to lift spirits and give hopes to guys like mike nichols an ice hockey fan since he was 7, he said the ice was his solace until he had his moment last year. >> my dad came around the glass. i looked up at him and moutheded the words, i can't move. >> reporter: le grand and nichols bond ed during treatment in new jersey. part of the neuro recovery nuk. two you are hours a day five days a week the treatment sessions are exhausting. nichols says le grand's work ethic inspires him. >> one day before i die whether it's a cure, six of my friends have to hold me up t tie my skates, i'm getting back out there. >> reporter: to help the 6 million other americans living with paralysis do just that at
9:37 am
the walk they raised a record $65000. >> you are a hero, an inspiration. thank you for all that you do. >> reporter: nearly five years after his accident legrand's resilience is unwaivering. determination unmatched and his smile makes you believe. >> a great smile. eric legrand is encouraged by the early results of his treem. his doctors gave him zero to 5% chance of getting neurologic function. he has movement now in the shoulders and trunk. >> never bet against him. >> we said every time we see him out always has a smile. >> always. definitely. >> beautiful story. up next, we are checking in on the tuesday tren the world is filled with air. but for people with copd sometimes breathing air can be difficult. if you have copd, ask your doctor about once-daily anoro ellipta. it helps people with copd breathe better for a full 24hours.
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wish your skin could bounce back like it used to? new neutrogena hydro boost water gel. with hyaluronic acid it plumps skin cells with intense hydration and locks it in. for supple, hydrated skin. hydro boost. from neutrogena. it's that time of the week when i love to share my tuesday trend. today i'm all about summer skin secrets. talking about makeup. to kick up your natural beauty,
9:42 am
you may want to listen to the woman who taught me how to do makeup a hundred years ago since i'm 200 now. her name is debbie davis. we go way, way back to chicago days. she showed me everything there is to know about applying makeup. that's why i do it myself. she'll do the same for you with tips on how to go foundation-free and a popular line on sheed is eyebrows on fleek. translation, that means your brows are on point. i tweeted out using the hashtag and vanessa isabelle showed off her eyebrows. sarah crabtree and debbie will how us how to go foundation-free and have eyebrows on fleek. here's the skinny. i grew up in texas where it's a hundred degrees. people are doing summer parties, weddings and they don't want creamy foundation lines. >> exactly. >> what are your tips? >> the tips are the first thing you want is to have are great skin care. then prime your face.
9:43 am
the next step -- >> what's primer? >> primer is a base that you use to get your skin ready for foundation or powder. you can also use a primer by itself if you just don't like makeup. >> perfect. >> it keeps the face flat. the next step is you will use your powder. i like mineral powders because they are water proof. when the body heats up it works. you could go through a rain storp andstorm and the makeup won't come off. >> my powder is $2.99. i have this on now. no cream foundation. i have concealer on for dark circles but i don't wear liquid or cream foundation. you like other brands. >> m.a.c. which has a great one. nyx. this is water proof, great. >> our first model. it was important to show someone doing it themselves. i do my makeup. 20 minutes and out.
9:44 am
we have you here from texas. >> candice is here. what did you do? >> we have a little bit of blush. do you want to do it yourself? do you feefl confident? >> i do. what did debbie show you? >> she told me to put it under the eye. to brighten up the eye a little bit. >> mm-hmm . >> blend it in. >> do you think this is something you would do? >> definitely. >> especially in texas. >> easy and fast. >> you like this shade of powder. do you tomorrowly wear foundation the? >> normally i don't. i don't like it to come off on my skin. i don't feel like ied need it. my skin's good enough i don't wear it. this feels nice and light. >> beautiful. now for eyebrows on fleek. jane from utah.
9:45 am
ready to fleek them out? that's jane's before and her after. tell me what you did. >> jane is a unique situation. i love her. jane doesn't wear makeup. she doesn't understand it. it's too complicated. a mother of 5. i i taught her to do makeup in five minutes. jane has beautiful brows that were just all over the place. i cleaned them up and showed her how to use the brow color. >> how do we pick it? >> go with your thatchnatural hair color. first step, go under and push the brow. stay with the natural flow, push up. if you want more drama put a little concealer under the brow and over the top. eyebrows on fleek. >> foundation free and eyebrows on fleek. thank you debbie. >> welcome, tamron. >> the fourth and final clue of the mystery guest. this celebrity has three letters in his or her name. brace yourself for the big
9:46 am
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cottonelle cleanripple texture gets you cleaner, but will it make people confident enough to go commando? how was your wiping experience? ok. why do you think ripples are so great? probably ripples would just clean better. yeah, why? just...would pick up more layers. do you feel confident enough to go commando? go commando...uh...yeah sure. congratulations! i did it! how do you feel? fresh! only cottonelle has cleanripple texture, so going cottonelle means you can go commando. ♪ ♪ ♪ all the goodness of milk. all the deliciousness of hershey's syrup. squeeze. stir. share. all right. >> so they think they have figured it out. to the reveal of the mystery guest. [ evil laugh ]
9:50 am
we have given you clues power tools, tea set, word scram and there are only three letters in his or her name. a lot of you did guess it. >> yes. >> mystery guest come can on out. >> yes! [ applause ] >> we have waited a long time. >> how are you? feeling good. . >> no, no. my pleasure. my pleasure. wow. al! finally al! me and al. all right. where do you want me to sit? al! >> what's going on? >> i'm honored and hum ed. a, first i want to apologize for not bewithing here for your birthday or when you dressed up like me. you mean a lot to me. i remember when you said how
9:51 am
stupid they were trying to make the a team movieeie without mr. t. we pity them fools. yeah. >> it's all worthwhile. >> teach me to do the weather. >> yeah. >> all i foe is t-storm. >> that's all i know. >> we have to explain the clue. the first clue was the tools. >> right. >> the reason is, willie because you can catch mr. t on -- >> diy network. >> you're renovating? >>yes. re has beening. the reason why it was so attractive to me, the idea was brought to me saying we would be helping veterans and other people in chicago. i was born and raised in chicago. they needed help. so i'm saying we're going to do good in the neighborhood. >> on "the a team" you were the laster tool.
9:52 am
>> i could do everything. and in high school i majored in brick masonry and carpentry. i'm good with my hands, fighting or building. >> and a generous soul. you have been about giving back to the community helping kids get back on their feet. this is something important for you. >> it is. there is no greater reward than to see a family. to say we have a picture of plrks tmr. t, but the same guy from rocky, a team, i niemi your house. >> when you walk on the street, you can't probably go anywhere without being mobbed. >> no. but it's love. the people love me and i love them for loving me. i give it back to them. i'm honored. i'm a people person. i take pride in the fact that they have love for me after all these years. i tell everybody i do my best never to let you down. same for you, al. i will do my best. >> never have. >> people follow me hoping i will do something bad because i stand boldly on positive things. i tell kids to listen to your
9:53 am
mother. that's what i did. i'm a tough guy but an old fashioned mama's boy. i don't do drugs. tell the kids to study hard in school. things i had to do. i'm not special an angel. >> you are special. you don't have to say it. we'll say it. you're special. >> you are timeless. you look exactly the same. >> it's god and makeup. >> look at that! >> i pity the tools diy network. mr. t! ♪
9:54 am
9:55 am
this is a banner day. >> yes. mr. t in character. >>
9:56 am
. nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. just before 10:00 this morning, let's get our first alert forecast from meteorologist brittney shipp. still a little overcast. >> cloudy skies and a few showers depending where you are. lingering showers into the rest of the morning clearing up into the early afternoon hours. there's a look outside at center city. we'll show you by radar where the showers are we'll zoom into burlington and ocean county seeing light rainfall as we head into the rest of the morning,
9:57 am
we'll continue with the mild conditions, mid 70s right now in philadelphia with breezy conditions out of the southwest at 17 miles per hour. over the next eight hours, temperatures will warm up nicely with a chance of a passing shower in philadelphia at 2:00 p.m. 84 by 5:00. thank you. news from overnight police are searching for a man they say held up a 7-11 store in mayfair, walked in on tyson avenue and pulled a revolver. he got away with $300. it won't fit in your bathtub but the 10 foot tall rubber duck is just the right size for a ride on the delaware river. rocky the baby duck arrived in philadelphia and took shape outside 30th street station yesterday. and now he's looking for his mom who just happens to be the world's largest rubber duck. mama duck is a whopping 61 feet tall and is coming to town for the tall ships festival which takes place june 25th through the 28th. until then baby rocky will need
9:58 am
the public's help to find his way around as he makes his stops around our area. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. we'll see you then. life's super scary sounds. and sneaking in without moving the bed.
9:59 am
life's super scary sounds.
10:00 am
and sneaking in without moving the bed. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today." can kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> all right everybody, welcome to booze day tuesday. glad you're with us. we are very excited because we have a bunch of our favorite guys are here today. the guy crew. >> handsome men are dishing up some chicken. they're going to dish up the relationship. >> no stereotypes. >> it's not fried. >> and if you want to be inspired you came to the right place. you'll meet an amazing eight-year-old little girl who lost part of her leg in a
10:01 am
traffic accident but she didn't let that keep her from following her passion for dancing and she'll be dancing for us today. >> by the way, she is adorable. and guess who's back? a guy named ben gleeb. he's the host of "idiot test." >> he's here to make us feel stupid. we already know we're idiots. but we had fun with him last time. >> here's a trick question to kick things off. which business is definitely folding? which business is definitely folding? >> mommy's origami nothing but poodles. >> oh it's origami! >> thank you for reading it for me, i can't see that far. >> now we're making excuses. >> yesterday you went straight from here to billy bush on
10:02 am
"access hollywood." >> they were just across the street in the plaza. kit is spending time with her kiddos and so different people are going. regis will be there today to pay a visit like only he can. >> did you have a good time? >> you know how he is. >> i love billy. >> he is a trip and a half. he was asking the jockey for american pharoah, victor espinoza about his girls and the girls and there was a girl there with the other girl. it was just exciting. >> how many people are living through victor espinoza right now? not our four guys though, they don't need any fillies. >> they're lone rangers, those four. >> we asked you yesterday because it was best friend day to send in pictures of your best friends and boy did you say nice things about your best friends. >> a lot of nice photos out there. many of you guys have been best friends for decades. here bernie cutlip sent us a
10:03 am
photo of the sole meats. they share a love of shoes and each other. that's a great picture. >> this is katty albright request her besty celebrating her birthday. >> finally, darlene rogers has been best friends with nancy for more than 60 years. she writes "nancy was diagnosed with als but we are battling this disease together." here's what's great about our page. people flooded it with great pictures of their best friends. people can't wait to talk about their best friend shore a photo. >> we don't always agree with these stud cheese are done but this one we agreed with. people with stronger social relationships had a 60% increased likelihood of survival than those with weaker social relationships. it makes sense. >> it's true. there are people who cut themselves off from the world and sometimes it's hard. you feel like you don't want to share some of your sorrows because you'd rather not bring people down. but this shows if you don't share, if you keep them bottled up it leads to stress and depression.
10:04 am
>> and the older we get the more important it is. that's why i'm going into my golden years with hoda. >> okay, excellent! [ laughter ] do you know how important it is at my age to keep laughing. >> but you can't help that. that's so in you dna. >> you help me. you help me. >> this is a great photo. depending on how you look at it. lady gaga and tony bennett. >> still an unusual pair to me no matter what. >> they went to perform for prince harry and elton john. >> and elton john. >> so they met backstage. gaga is wearing one of those cut out kind of beyonce-ish dresses with the pasties in the right spots. >> sure. >> harry's there. then there was another picture at the charity event where it was gaga and -- i can't tell where harry's looking. >> oh yeah you can. >> but he may be trying to speak to tony and those two are just
10:05 am
in the way. >> but tony's just like "it's all good." >> what do you think about gaga's plunging neckline? >> you know how i feel about all that stuff. she's so talented. she doesn't have to do all that stuff. >> yeah. i thought the pasty dress was an interesting choice for the prince. anyway by the way, those two have won -- she looks disinterested too, doesn't she? >> shouldn't she be planning a wedding? >> oh, yes! when are they getting married? >> i don't know. they have not told me. >> but when are they? >> i don't know, hoda! i just said. >> they're so busy the two of them. he's doing "chicago fire." he's adorable by the way. >> anyway they did win the grammy for traditional pop vocal album which sounds funny to use the word "traditional" in relationship to gaga. their album was called "cheek to cheek." >> some people are saying that gaga wearing that outfit to meet prince harry was akin to when
10:06 am
justin bieber wore overalls to meet the prime minister of canada. >> i don't even remember that picture. what? >> he came straight from the set of "hee-haw." so it wasn't his fault he was working. >> so you love "the bachelorette" and sometimes we misit. you know who never misses an episode? amanda. come on, amanda. >> hello! >> let me get rid of this. >> what went down? >> let me say i'm angry about what happened but i will be professional and get through this. the show is all about nick, this guy. you don't know who this is. this is nick. not a part of the show. he was on a previous "bachelorette" show. so it seems off the air a couple of months ago him and kaitlin formed a friendship on social media. and they've been texting back and forth. so she started the show and they lost touch. well, guess who shows up at the group date last night? nick? >> uninvited? >> uninvited.
10:07 am
take a look. >> allegedly. >> nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you! >> oh, my god, it's nick! >> the idea that you could potentially be engaged and i would haven't met you bugged me. >> my mind is a little blown right now. >> nick and i talked a couple times over text, now he shows up in week four and takes me over to the side and i'm like, oh shoot this is happening? >> what is wrong with her? >> now they have to decide whether to keep him and let him join the house with these guys that have been there for four weeks or let him loose. now you need to know, this guy is controversial to the fans. they don't like him. >> what happened? >> because when he did his season of "the bachelorette" he made it to the fantasy suite and got kicked off. so in the finale live show he goes to the girl and says "why did you sleep with me in the fantasy suite and then send me home?" remember? >> take half of it.
10:08 am
take half of it. >> so he broke the rule. you don't say what happens in the fantasy suite. it's like fight club. so did kaitlin keep him? let's take a look. >> oh, we know the conclusion? >> i have to explore it. because i would regret it if i didn't. and i feel like it would be the wrong decision to say bye to somebody that could potentially be around for the rest of my life. >> ooh. >> i can't. >> look away. >> why was that kiss so yucky? >> and they're making out in the park and they'relike -- i can't even. >> that kiss was not attractive. soap opera kisses look awesome. that did not look like that. amanda! >> so he is on the show and the guys are not happy. >> take him with you. >> give me nick. >> he's awful. thank you, amanda. >> good job, cookie. forgot a little piece of nick.
10:09 am
coming up, she's the tiny dancer who has become a big inspiration after the video of her dancing with a prosthetic leg went viral. eight-year-old alyssa sizemore is here along with h ♪ recently we've noticed some ads created by these two birds inviting you to stay away from the streak free shine of windex. well dear windex users these ads are false. sfx: squeaks from window cleaning clean glass is better than dirty glass. don't stand for dirty. use windex. this moment is perfect in every way.
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10:11 am
i heard you have a tough clog. i only have ten minutes. i only need 7. liquid plumr urgent clear penetrates the toughest clogs with two fast acting gels in only 7 minutes guaranteed baby.
10:12 am
now a story of triumph and perseverance that caught our eye in "people" magazine about a little girl who overcame big physical challenges. >> eight-year-old alissa
10:13 am
sizemore was playing outside last year when he was hit by a delivery truck. doctors were unable to save her leg below the knee, but that didn't stop alissa from wanting to dance. so she did. >> inspired by a colbie callait song, she bravely removed her prosthetic leg in the performance and the story went viral. here's her story. >> my name is alissa sizemore and this is who i am. i will be nine years old in july. i started dancing when i was four years old. the first class i took was ballet. i love dance because it's fun. also, i get to dance with my friends. last year in may i was in an accident. it changed my life in a big way. i felt like i lost half of me. i lost my right foot. my family encouraged me to be myself and that i was still me
10:14 am
even without my leg. i wasn't sure if i was going to be able to dance again until i heard the song "try" written by colbie callait. so this year i have been working on new ways to dance again. i have had to work hard, but not too hard because i get sore and have to rest. i have fun dancing again and playing with my friends just like before i lost my leg. ♪ you don't have to try so hard, you don't have to give it all away ♪ >> i know people have seen my video of me dancing. i'm happy that it has touched so many people. it has changed my life but it hasn't changed me. [ cheers and applause ] >> yay! yay! wow! >> you're unbelievable.
10:15 am
you've loved to dance since you were just a little girl right? >> it's in you. >> when did you first know you loved dancing? >> i don't really know. my cousin liberty took me to my first ballet class. >> and you loved it right away. >> yes. >> was it is moving around and being free or was it the tutu? [ laughter ] all of it right? all of it? >> everyone keeps talking about how brave you are. do you feel really brave for what you're doing? >> yes. >> tell us why. >> because i'm having a lot of fun doing what i'm doing and i'm showing the world that i can still dance. >> you sure are in a big way. what do you feel, mom, when you hear her say that. >> emotional overload. >> well, jerry is standing by with kleenex if you need it.
10:16 am
>> i'm just proud of her strength she's just her and it doesn't matter. she just goes out there and has fun. >> and to have such a brave little girl, phillip, as a daughter, must make you so proud as a father? >> it makes me real proud. she's come a long ways and has had a long road but she's done really good with it. >> well, stay right with us everybody, alissa is going to perform her dance to colbie callait's try. >> hi, it's seriously? you're not at all concerned? about what now? oh, i don't know. the apocalypse? we're fine. i bundled renter's with my car insurance through progressive for just six bucks more a month. word. there's looters running wild out there. covered for theft. okay. that's a tidal wave of fire. covered for fire. what, what? all right. fine. i'm gonna get something to eat. the boy's kind of a drama queen. just wait. where's my burrito? [ chuckles ] worst apocalypse ever.
10:17 am
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10:20 am
>> before we went to break we brought you the incredibly inspiring story of eight-year-old alissa sizemore. >> after a terrible accident she lost part of one leg but never lost her passion for dancing. now she'll perform the same routine that went viral. >> alissa, you love that song by colbie callait the song "try." why do you love it so much? >> because it inspireses me to be who i am. >> all right, honey. take it away. here's alissa sizemore dancing to colbie callait's "try." ♪ put your maim up on, get your nails done ♪ curl your hair, run the extra mile ♪ keep it slim so they like you,
10:21 am
so they like you ♪ get your sexy on, don't be shy girl ♪ take it off, this is what you want to belong so they like you ♪ do you like you ♪ ♪ you don't have to try so hard, you don't have to give it all away ♪ you just have to get up get up, get up ♪ you don't have to change a single thing ♪ you don't to try, try, try ♪ you don't have to try, try, try try you don't have to try, try try ♪ you don't have to try ♪
10:22 am
♪ you don't have to try so hard you don't to give it all away ♪ you just have to get up, get up, get up ♪ you don't have to change the things you say ♪ you don't have to try try, try ♪ you don't have to try, try, try ♪ you don't to try, you don't have to try ♪ take your make up off, put your hair down, take a rest, look at yourself in the mirror ♪ do you like you, because i like you ♪ [ applause ] >> alissa look who came to see you. >> hi, i'm colbie. >> that's colbie callait!
10:23 am
>> beautiful job. can i give you a hug? you're so beautiful. i'm so proud of you. you did so amazing just now. did you have a good time. >> yeah. >> good. >> i can see that song gives you strength, huh? >> it does. >> colebie, do you have any idea when your song inspires a little alissa and everybody in the studio is crying. >> i know, it was so hard not to cry. it's so meaningful when something i wrote about, something i was going through in life can help other people in different ways of accepting and embracing who you are. and this is for you sweetie. some flowers and a gift basket and when we come to your town on my tour this summer i want you to bring some friends and come to the show. >> oh, what? can hoda and i come? >> we'd like to come, too! >> you can bring your friends
10:24 am
from school. colbie -- come on mom and dad, come on over. colbie, can we give you a hug, too? >> yes, of course! >> that was so awesome. >> what just happened? wasn't that crazy? >> yeah. >> well, by the way, you guys, kolbe calais is going to be on tour, girls night out, boys can come, too, with co-headliner christina perry. what do you think? >> i'm in shock. >> this is so lovely thank you for dancing to my song. you are an inspiration to so many people. >> you know what she just said? she said "thanks for giving it to me." okay that was excellent. we love you. we love you so much. >> we could stay here forever but we have to take a break and we'll be b back after your local news.
10:25 am
make fit happen! fit me matte and poreless foundation from maybelline new york. beyond matching skin tone... it fits skin's texture... blurs pores and controls shine you look totally natural. fit me matte and poreless show us your fit ♪ maybe it's maybelline! ♪ stay still, like a statue! just like a statue. look here! when your day goes on and on you need 48 hour odor protection that goes on clear for no white marks. new secret outlast clear gel. ♪ i found a happy place ♪ ♪ it's
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written on my face ♪ ♪ we're singin', we're singin' ♪ ♪ i found a happy place ♪ ♪ a rather happy place ♪ ♪ i'm singin', i'm singin' ♪ ♪ ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh ♪ ♪ i found a happy place ♪ [ female announcer ] with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts, skim milk, and cocoa there's a whole lot of happy in every jar of nutella. spread the happy. good morning. just before 10:30 this tuesday morning. let's get our first look
10:27 am
forecast from brittney shipp. >> late showers early afternoon hours. you can see the cloudy skies over center city and low-hanging clouds. as we push into the rest of the morning, we'll continue with scattered showers. you can see them moving to the northeast. they've pretty much pushed offshore, but we'll see that around as we head into the rest of today. we have a chance of a spotty storm, which will include downpours, isolated thunderstorms. the next eight hours show our temperatures warming into the mid-80s by 3 p.m. by a few clouds. a little more sunshine by 6 p.m. 83 degrees. >> we have new video this morning to our newsroom from police of a man wanted in a deadly pizza shop attempted robbery. this is from last thursday. police are looking for the man in the left in the video. they say he and andrew ellerby went into rising sun and they pulled out a gun and demanded cash. one man in the shop was an
10:28 am
off-duty police officer. both men took off and ellerby died in a nearby parking lot. police are asking for your help to find that man right right there. atlantic city is trying to bounce back after closing casinos in 2014. today they are asking for tourism dollars, saying the new initiative will have a significant economic impact on the future of the city. we'll have a full hour of news coming up in about 30 minutes. you can get the latest news and weather with the latest nbc10 app.
10:29 am
10:30 am
>> hello! we are ready for guys tell all, though they're not ready. when our hunky man panel answers your relationship question. >> we've added a couple new cutis. first up, the luxury real estate addviseor advisor stars of bravo's "million dollar listings" louis d' ortiz. next, comedian and actor rick junger that you can catch at stage 72 in new york and also here comedian -- very funny, we're told -- chuck nice. we love our chuck. >> >> and with us for the first time the star of cy five's
10:31 am
"defiant" grant bowler. let's go across the street for our first question. >> i'm sara from buxton, minnesota, and i want to know how many times should someone text in a row before it's too many. >> ooh! >> how many text cans you get from a girl before it's too many in a row. >> without responding? >> if it's like five text all one message or just like "why aren't you talking back to me? where are you now?" that's different. >> what if it's like "hey, how's your day going?" crickets, then "i'm get manager i hair done," crickets. >> i don't know about the other guys that i need to be reminded other things exist. >> other than yourself! >> oh! [ laughter ] >> let's establish it here and now, let's go with three. let's go with three. if you send out three and don't get a response, wait. it could be good or bad that they're not checking.
10:32 am
they might be busy. >> i think they know when it's too much but they want to remind themselves if it's too much. >> but isn't that a turnoff? >> it is if a guy is not getting back to you and if he's not he's either not into you or you have been married for 16 years. [ laughter ] >> here's something from a viewer, lindsay wants to know "do men still enjoy the challenge of a chase?" do you still like chasing? >> absolutely. i think that's an art in itself, not chasing but, like, flirting. >> i think that's -- and that is the challenge of the long-term relationship is trying to maintain things that still create the feeling of the chase. whether it's "hey, look, after work don't come home, go to a hotel and i'll come into the lobby and act like i don't know you." i'm talking about my wife. we're going to do role-play. you don't know me. >> do you change as a man matures? >> you're pointing at me?
10:33 am
i'm 25 but i've lived. [ laughter ] i think that it's all about always keeping it new. i was crossing the street -- i flew into the studio yesterday afternoon i crossed the street, there were a couple obviously newly married and they had an infant and she looked at him as we were all crossing and she said "that new movie comes out this week, should we have a date night?" and i thought you guys are going to be just fine. that's the thing when you have babies and all that stuff time gets short and it's more important to keep it -- >> keep the mystery as a woman. i'm still trying to get my wife to like me. [ laughter ] . the other thing is also remember as a man that there are people who look at your wife and your girlfriend like you used to look at her before you got her. >> don't take it for granted. >> let's go across the street for another question. >> i'm fern from huntsville alabama, and i was wondering, why do men put their dirty dishes on top of the dishwasher instead of putting it inside of
10:34 am
it. >> y'all living pretty nice because i don't have a dishwasher. [ laughter ] >> you are the dishwasher. >> i am the dishwasher. because my wife -- we've had this discussion before, she's not the best dishwasher in the world. >> why don't the majority of guys clean up and put their stuff and all that? >> because they're lazy? >> exactly. because we're men and we don't care. that's all there is to it. we don't care. >> i think it's staging. if you look at the evolution of the development of the "apollo" rockets we learn to stage and what men will do is stage the tasks in front of them hopefully so that one task takes all day. >> men think of doing dishes as rocket science? >> cut a deal. tell him to at least rinse the dish off h f he's not going to put in the the dish washer. >> or maybe they're looking for attention. maybe they know you're going to give them a fight and then you want the fight so then -- >> oh!
10:35 am
>> you really are latino, aren't you? the fire, the passion. >> i think that for me it always comes down to i want the dishwasher to be entirely full. i don't know why but i want it to be entirely full and i want to stack the entire thing. >> i just want a dish washer. >> in my experience, the lady wants to wash as she goes. that's fine, but for me there's satisfaction in the diswasher being completely full. >> you know what the satisfaction is in my water bill is less, that's the satisfaction. >> men, you are outstanding. we love you. >> all the best with the new show. second or third season? >> third season this friday night 8:00, 7:00 central. >> so if you want to submit a question for our man panel go to klg and >> and feed a family of four for about $4 a person with
10:36 am
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10:40 am
if you need an idea for dinner tonight, it doesn't get much easier than this. >> you can have a meal on the table in under an hour using five ingredients per dish. >> here with mexican-inspired recipes is the executive chef of studio restaurant at monmontage, laguna beach. >> thank you for having me. >> sounds too good to be true. under an hour five ingridedients and inexpensive. >> i work halfway between los angeles and san diego and in that area of southern california you have to love mexican food. >> who doesn't love it. >> so my wife, her cousin taught me this recipe and she's amazing, the first time i had it i had dreams about it, it was so good. >> stop it! >> it's simple i said tammy, give me the recipe and i'll share it with you.
10:41 am
>> so let's do it. >> start with chicken thighs and salt. >> why thighs? >> because they're the most delicious. >> they are the most delicious and they have the bone and the skin and they're affordable which is a nice thing. so flip them over, put salt and pepper on them, dust them flour and then into a saute pan here with a little bit of vegetable oil. >> you want to cook it all the way through. >> you do want to cook it through. so once it browns the next step is just make the sauce, which is super, super easy. >> look how good that chicken looks. >> that's what we're looking for. so start with tomato sauce in the blender and you'll see how easy this is to make. tomato sauce, lime juice, a few garlic cloves. >> of course, just whole clove? >> you can. and chipotles which are smoked
10:42 am
and dried jalapenos. and i put a little water because it will evaporate during the cooking so you put this in, let the blender do the work. >> and this is the finished product down here? >> yeah and we're going to just pour that on top. >> oh, right in the pan? >> put it right in the pan, cover it up, let it cook for about 30 minutes on lee heat and it comes out like this. >> all right, we'll take this while you're making this delicious bean salad. >> cool. so the bean salad, three beans, tomatoes, red onion. >> this looks so good. >> your favorite vinaigrette, for me it's lime and maybe citrus. >> oh wow! >> it's good right? it's a little bit spicy but not too hot. >> not too hot at all. oh, that's good.
10:43 am
>> mix this up. >> hoda, you're going to go crazy. >> i like to let this marinate for an hour. you can make it the night before. >> in the refrigerator? >> exactly. >> isn't that delicious? >> good stuff, right? a few tortillas. this wonderful chicken and -- >> that chicken has just the perfect amount of heat. >> it does. >> it's good stuff. so check this out. the chicken is about $11 and the bean salad was about $5. so for a dinner for four people you're under five bucks, five ingredients for the bean salad, five ingredients for the chicken and you have an easy dinner for your family. >> to make these recipes and more, go to >> are we as smart as we think we are? >> no, we're not. >> well host ben gleib will put us to the test again. >> tell us something we don't
10:44 am
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what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next? we are a creamy cheese that still believes in savoring our food. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking.
10:49 am
we had a lot of fun when he was here a couple months ago so we decided to bring him back. >> who else could we be talking about but ben gleib. >> he's the host of "the idiot show" on the game show network. it features questions that seem simple but are very difficult as kathie lee and i learned. >> we've selected two people to play with us. john and kristin creswell to play with us. they're celebrating their one year anniversary. >> what better what i to celebrate a one-year anniversary than to see who's a bigger idiot than the two of you. your first idiot test begins right now. which one has the biggest mouth? >> the river, the mississippi river. >> nicely done. the river is correct. both of you have lovely sized
10:50 am
mouths. >> hoda's is much bigger than mine because it's on a much bigger head. >> somebody has one point and somebody has none. >> your next idiot test begins right now. find the word spelled out below. what is it? you have to answer it. >> out is incorrect. >> find the word spelled out below. >> incorrect. >> below. >> the port opens back up. >> word. >> correct. the word custard is spelled below. >> this is not going well. >> 2-0. your next idiot test begins right now. who was hired? >> this lady. >> yes. these people are here waiting for a job interview.
10:51 am
she's already working here. she has been hired already. >> kathie lee kristin you have to step it up. >> i'm letting her take the lead. >> your next idiot test starts right now. which one is definitely underpaid. >> i know it's me. >> we have a lock in. >> kathie lee? >> it has to be me? >> i can't see. i don't know. >> three two one, go ahead guess. >> this guy in the white. >> that's me first of all, and i'm underpaid for two reasons. you have not seen my paycheck but i'm actually under the word "paid." >> oh! it's now 3-1. your next idiot test starts right now. whose philosophy is a stretch? >> pilates.
10:52 am
>> pill latates is the stretch. great comeback. it's 3-2. >> there is no comeback. we're coming back right now. >> the next idiot test starts right now. which one is on today? >> which one is on today? >> huh? >> what? five more seconds four three, two -- we got a lock. >> the coffee machine. >> the coffee machine is the only one that is on today. nicely lily done. we have a tie game. this is exciting. it is time. who is smart year kathie lee and her friend kristin or hoda and john. your next test starts right now. >> which city below has this trunk been to? we got a lock in hoda? >> new york. new york city. >> new york city because why? >> because it's a jfk international baggage claim. >> you don't know if this bag has been there, it could be a
10:53 am
guy who's sitting dropping, pretending he's been to japan. >> i was right. it's at the baggage claim. >> jfk, the only place we know for sure. 4-3. >> when will this end? >> never! >> is that it? >> you can go quietly into the night and they run away. >> last one, this is it, double or nothing. >> next idiot test starts right now. >> according to the nursery rhyme, what did jack you were over? >> a candlestick holder. >> a candlestick holder. >> people never see the candlestick on the side. he climbed the bean stalk but he jumped over a candlestick. >> we have been routed today. >> 5-3. very impressive. >> please tell me this is over. >> it's over. >> here, you get mine and you get kathie lee's. >> they're married. >> very festive. thanks you guys, happy anniversary. you can catch new episodes of "idiot test" tomorrow on the game show network. we'll be back in a moment but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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don't forget, we're going to give it away this friday so if you'd like a chance to win, go to and hit the connect button. >> tomorrow great actress connie briton and the rest of the stars of a great movie "me and earl and the dying girl." >> and nickelodeon star jeanette mccurdy is all grown up for her next performance. >> and jill martin stops by with gifts for dad. >> have an awesome booze day tuesday. >> have an awesome one
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this video will help them find a suspect involved in a shootout with a police detective inside a pizza shop. good morning, i'm vai sikahema. jesse, you've been talking with detectives and neighbors, what are they telling you? >> reporter: neighbors are saying this crime is shocking but they don't want to go on camera and talk about it. too many are scared since the surviving suspect is still on the loose. police hope this surveillance video will bring the case to a close quickly. they say the


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