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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 10, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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remote area of upper salkin township. live tonight is doug shimell with this exclusive story. >> >>. >> why has she taken the case into her own hands? >> reporter: after running into dead ends with bethlehem police. after more than three decades, she's simply had to do something. >> i was inside stuffing the sunday newspapers. >> reporter: a man in a car asked her brother to bring her outside for a newspaper contest to win money and prizes. it was may 1981 and the 9-year-old got in the car. >> he drove away and then his story changed to me that we were going to saucon park there was a little picnic and games, we were going to play hide and seek. >> reporter: that changed quickly as he drove from bethlehem to upper saucon township. >> he grabbed me down below and told me to take my clothes off. and i said no. he put her in a head lock and
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punched her repeatedly in the face. >> i remember a little girl knocking on my door covered in blood. >> reporter: the case was all over the papers back then but no arrest. three weeks ago, another knock on the door. >> she asked me if i remembered the little girl that knocked on my door. i said oh, my god. she was the little girl. >> i remember going to the police station repeatedly, being interviewed, i remember looking at mugshots and all of a sudden it was over and it was never discussed again, i never heard anything. >> reporter: the only bethlehem police documents she could get were blacked out. beverly told her of a police call she got years ago about the sketch of a kidnapper. >> they were going to call her down and if she could make an identification there would be an arrest arrest. the officer i spoke to was taken off the case but i don't know why. >> reporter: the only way to ease the torment of 34 years is to solve her own kidnapping.
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>> stories don't add up the more i dig, the more questions i have. >> reporter: kelly says that she is hoping that this social media campaign might just shake loose the one tip that solves it all back to you. >> what a story. what does the police department have to say about all this? >> i spoke with the chief yesterday, he said he has his staff pulling the olds police departments from 1981. when we got up here today, we were told this is an ongoing investigation, and there would be no comment. we mentioned that to kelly, and she said well she's not sure if it's been ongoing for 34 years or the last few days she will be satisfied either way. we have new information on the deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia last month. federal investigators say the engineer at the controls was not talking or texting on his phone
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at the time of the deadly crash. the ntsb says there were no calls, no texts and no data usage from brandon's cell phone. that's also that his cell phone was not connected to the train's wifi system. answers to what went wrong won't come for months. federal investigators said their probe is expected to take a year. the ntsb said they're not finished looking through the engineer's phone. >> 400,000 records, but what we have found, we were able to verify the engineer was not talking or texting, there was no wireless connection on the phone. we use phones for other things. >> philadelphia's district attorney weighed in on the findings today. seth williams can't talk about the work that's being done by his office but says he believes a cause for the crash will be determined. >> hard to believe we're less than four months away from the meeting of families.
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>> the head of philadelphia's archdiocese is sharing more details about the historic event. rosemary connors is joining us now with more. rosemary zm. >> reporter: the archbishop told the conference that this is special for both the archdiocese of philadelphia and the church in the u.s. because it's the first time the world meeting of families will be held in our country. he also reminds the bishops that an important milestone for the event is upon us. >> next sunday june 14th marks 100 days until the world meeting of families in philadelphia. it's quickly approaching. >> addressingyzj!mt the conference of catholic bishops this afternoon. charles pugh did the numbers. he told the gathering of the church clergy that between one and two million people are expected to attended papal mass. 6,000 buses are anticipated to roll into philadelphia. and he said that they have about
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half of the 10,000 volunteers needed to accommodate the crowd. >> the countries with the most registrations after the united states are canada vietnam, which is quite amazing, considering the distance and the cost of travel. the dominican republic after that. >> the archbishop also discussed the timing of the pope's mass in center city suggesting that many will most likely linger in philadelphia into the start of the workweek. >> on sunday the papal mass will take place at 4:00 in the afternoon at the same site. we expect that because it's a late mass like that many people will wait to travel home until monday. >> if you've been thinking that sunday mass with the pope meant sunday morning think again, it's going to be late in the afternoon, as you heard. one more note to report this will be an expensive event. organizers have raised 39 of the $45 million needed to host the world meeting of families.
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to our weather now. comfortable conditions outside right now, not for long. >> nbc10 along the board walk in ocean city this afternoon, plenty of people enjoying the blue skies, sunshine and ocean breeze. glenn "hurricane" schwartz joining us now with his first alert forecast. >> tell us about the changes coming our way. >> nice and comfortable today, and the opposite tomorrow. we've had sunshine today, we're going to have a lot of sunshine tomorrow. a different story, we're only in the low to mid-80s right now, which is pretty comfortable for this time. the year the humidity is down it's going to be a delightful evening. the lou midity starts going up. and that is the start of what may be our first heat wave of the season. we'll see how hot and for how long with the seven-day in a few minutes. new information right now about who's in charge of the cape may police department. prosecutors claim the man put in
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charge of the department has intentionally broken the law on a number of occasions. they also allege city manager bruce mccloud released confidential information about two officers he was put in charge of the department after the chief was demoted earlier this year. from the delaware bureau a breather for students when it comes to standardized testing. opting out could soon be on the table. late today, the senate education committee heard from parents and teachers. many parents don't like the smarter balanced assessment. the state calls it too stressful on the kids. others say the results help educators tweak their strategies and get resources to the schools that need them. >> as a parent you want to know is my child on track to be successful not only next year but beyond their k-12 experience. >> the education committee could decide tomorrow to send this bill to the full senate the house has already passed it. the pennsylvania department of education told us last month,
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the state's acting education secretary is evaluating the metric's performance. tom wolf wants the state to adequately assess the student achievement while setting high academic standards. new jersey lawmakers announced a bill last month. under the bill, parents would have 14 days before the test is administered to notify the school that their child will not be taking it. workers and union members demonstrated outside the offices of new jersey's casino control commission today. that's where gaming regulators cleared the way for carl icahn to own the trump taj mahal casino. the city's main casino union has protested trump's elimination of health and pension benefits for taj employees in an effort to cut costs. >> once we emerge we believe we
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will be in the position to rebuild the business and return the taj to where it belongs in the market. >> i don't want to see him get anything when he's taken everything away from me and my family and my co-worker's families. >> the restructuring plan will not go through if the union wins a court appeal to reinstate those benefits. a ruling is expected any day now. pennsylvania is taking a step toward regulating online gambling. the state senate introduced a bill that would allow internet gambling. they would have to pay a $10 million gambling fee. they hope this money will fill gaps in the budget for the next fiscal year. pennsylvania lawmakers are weighing in against tom wolf's temporary hold against death penalties. the house voted in favor of a republican resolution condemning wolf's moratorium. the dover in cannot overturn the state's death penalty. the house judiciary committee
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will hold a hearing. the brothers accused of killing a philadelphia police officer could face the death penalty. prosecutors decided to proceed with the case. the suspects are accused of killing sergeant robert wilson the third in march. next at 6:00. >> trying to get the upper hand on a spreading heroin epidemic. >> local police dealing with a spike in overdoses. police have been able to save some. coming up at 6:00 hear from one of those survivors. >> much hotter and more humid, the uncomfortable conditions return. i'm tracking the chance for a heat wave and thunderstorms that could affect your weekend plans.
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we work weekends here. because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at
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looking for a job, is looking to hire 500 workers at his middletown fulfillment facility in new castle county. it will add the jobs this month, and those jobs will pay about $12 an hour. cracking down on an epidemic. police say heroin is the biggest drug threat to our area. today's big bust was a win in the war against drugs. the philadelphia da said three people were arrested leading to a collection of heroin worth more than $3 million. the joint operation is the city's largest heroin bust in 20 years. and the investigation focused on three locations used for drug trafficking in philadelphia. the impact of the epidemic goes beyond the city limits. >> new at 6:00 nbc10's drew smith was out on the street today with some. officers dealing with overdoses and saving lives. drew? >> investigators here at the district attorney's office say it was a big victory with that record bust today.
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they'll be the first to admit there's a lot more to do. we crossed the river in camden in search of a special drug and how it's offering people a second chance. >> there were 40 people that have come close to death from heroin overdoses. >> people don't know what they're getting into. >> this woman didn't want to give her name while out on patrol. she said she recently woke up in the emergency room doctors told her a drug called narcan saved her life. >> i basically died. it shook me up. >> it sprays in a fine mist. >> blue skin discoloration of the lips. >> he's saved more than nine people the most of any officer in the department. he remembers the time he watched a pregnant woman overdose and stop breathing right here.
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he brought her back with this drug. only a small percentage of the people who survive go on to get full heroin addiction treatment. >> he was one of the few people that actually thanked me for essentially my service. >> reporter: this woman says she is still struggling but does not want to need narcan again. >> even thinking about it now, i feel terrible. i felt stupid. >> reporter: i checked in with some drug treatment sithers in the area. they praise the use of narcan but have a lot of work to do. they want to find specific drug treatment programs that work. i'm drew smith, nbc10 news. for more stories on the heroin epidemic go to our nbc10 news app. >> despite having the second
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warmest may ever recorded in philadelphia we only have one day that got over 90 degrees. that was on the 31st we have more heat. and more 90s. it's going to be much hotter than it was today. plus, a lot more humid, the heat wave is likely. it's three days of 90 plus plus we have some thunderstorms in the forecast over the weekend. it's certainly not going to be a washout. we have a lot of blue in that sky right now. we're going to be seeing more and more problems with the air quality in the next 24 hours. 84 degrees, southwest to 14. the humidity still fairly low. the official high today 86. 95, that would tie a record for the day. 95 on friday with much higher humidity making it feel like it's closer to 100. then saturday is the only question depending on how soon any kind of showers move in. right now, we have temperatures in the 80s, just about everywhere, some 70s in new jersey even 78 in millville.
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and the wind coming in out of the south, that's keeping the shore areas chilly. avalon 7 #. beach haven 74. we're going to be seeing similar type temperatures over the next few days at the shore. even when it's in the 90s in the inland areas. the ocean temperatures up to 65 degrees. that's quite a change. we have an air quality alert for thursday. for a good bit of the area. as we have this heat and humidity build up. it also builds up the pollutants and that is going to continue. temperatures close to 100 in the middle of the country. some of that air headed this way. and you can see the impact on these temperatures, even in the morning. 8:00 a.m. 84 degrees in philadelphia. and then getting into the mid-90s, during the afternoon, can you see a couple showers or thunderstorms in the area. most of us not getting rained on, but we certainly can't rule
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it out. thursday or friday although the chance is higher on saturday with an actual front coming in. there are those isolated showers coming in for friday afternoon. for the rest of the night, we have clear skies, it's going to be comfortable early. and the humidity increases late. tomorrow, a lot more humid and a lot hotter. temperatures into the mid-90s. and the 7-day forecast mid-90s on friday a slight chance of a storm in any one spot. saturday afternoon and evening. that's the greatest threat for showers and storms as the cold front moves through, it cools us down and lowers the humidity for sunday. delaware's gearing up for a pair of back to back music festivals. deldot announced today, they'll be working with the dover city and state police to monitor all the extra traffic in the area. the fire fly music festival will take over dover infer national speedway from june 18th to the
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21st. and then the country music festival moves in june 26th through the 28th. >> i'm actually going to fire fly, sorry about that. can the phillies avoid the sweep in cincinnati? the phillies draft won in their family. and how is the eagles offensive line coming along?
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i'm john clark, the phillies get swept in cincinnati today, they're 7-23 on the road. their worst start in 13 years. they have the worst record in baseball. other than that how's your day?
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here we go de jesus jr. hits his second homer of the series. his dad played for the phillies. 4-0 reds. cameron rup the only guy who showed up with a bat for the phils. ryan howard right here rupp doubles, scoring cesar hernandez, the phillies are within two, 4-2. the reds tack on another. brian pena singles, toms river native, todd frazier scores. reds beat the phillies 5-2. rubin amaro drafted his nephew today in the 35th round. another practice today, offensive linemen evan mathis is not there. it's allen barber filling in for him at left guard. they've been working at right guard. they have a lot of work last year, with all the injuries on the offensive line. that has helped them get experience. >> he's been here ever since i've been here. there is a level, you're kind of
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stuck wondering what he's doing and where he's at. i'm just out here with the guys that i got. i've been with him for two years, very comfortable with him. >> it's been weird, he's been the face around here. we still text every now and then, that's about it. >> tonight game four of the stanley cup final right here on nbc10, good news for flyer fans you're going to get to see chemo timonen. he's going to play for the black hawks for the first time in the final about he had to play a game to get his name on the cup, it will be tonight. that would be a heck of the way for him to finish his career it's been tough sitting out. >> it is but it is not about me it's about the team the coaches make the decision they put the best lineup on the ice, that's it. >> we have a really good chance to make something good here. it starts tonight.
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>> last night matthew dellavedova of the cavs he was all over the court. the australian was thrown into a starting role with kyrie irving out. he suffered from dehydration, threw up a bunch of times and spent the night in the hospital. he should be good for game four tomorrow night cavs are up on the warriors two games to one. i'm john clark.
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you want to listen to this. nbc10 and nbc universal are giving away money to local nonprofits. it's all part of a project called 21st century solutions. the goal is to support nonprofits that are implementing new and innovative programs. you can apply on our website, the deadline july 3rd. here comes the heat. >> absolutely. not only is the temperature going to jump it was 86 today, 95 tomorrow. plus much higher humidity. it's going to feel that much more uncomfortable. friday it will be feeling close to 100.
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>> wow! >> for glenn and all of us here at nbc10, thanks for watching. i'm renee chenault-fattah. >> the news continues now with nbc nightly news. tonight, house to house. as authorities expand the hunt for two escaped killers, growing fear as two states are now on high alert. late word the fugitives may have headed in a different direction than first thought. back to iraq. hundreds more american troops headed back. this time the enemy is isis. what is the mission, and can it work? richard engle reports. the officer's side of the story. what we're learning tonight about what happened before all that chaos at the pool caught on camera. and going to extremes. our journey deep underground as a major water source for millions rapidly disappears. wait till you see what they're doing to keep the water flowing. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc


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