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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  June 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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conditions here in camelback. we just showed this picture to you a little while ago where it was raining pretty hard. that's one of the areas that has the flood advisory in effect until 5:30 partly because all the rain they had last night. it doesn't take that much rain to produce flooding. fortunately, today's showers are moving pretty quickly and not going over the same spots. there was a big storm that came across parts of the jersey shore. you saw some of that video, produced even some wind damage in ventnor, and otherwise, just a few other showers. this is the line that we're watching coming right into parts of northampton county that got hit so hard last night. but at least it's moving rapidly. we'll see when it clears out and how long it's going to stay hot with the seven-day in just a few minutes. >> the first alert weather team coverage continues now. just look at this flooding behind us. >> major cleanup is still under way after flash floods tore up streets and sent water into
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homes in the lehigh valley last night. residents tell us it's been a problem in bethlehem for decades. >> deanna durante is live in bethlehem township to explain. >> reporter: take a look behind me at the street here that you can see. it's still torn up and closed after last night's flash flooding. residents say they are frustrated and would like the township to do something. residents say it was one of the worst they have seen in a long time. >> fortunately, it was not as bad as we've seen it in the past but still bad enough to be nervewracking. >> reporter: the damage is all over the township. >> when i was younger, i almost drowned right over there as a child. >> reporter: life-long residents say bethlehem township has always been a problem when it comes to flooding. dr. jeffrey wright says he got lucky. somebody pulled him from flood waters along easton avenue back then. >> luckily i was pulled back out but there was a girl who died there a couple years later. >> reporter: the townships main roads flooded again last night. while some can joke about it for residents it's no laughing
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matter. >> every time it rains there's water everywhere. this whole street is filled and like on the other side of the concrete wall it just runs through. >> there's a lot we need to tackle. >> reporter: the township says storm water fixes are not easy and they are expensive. storm water remediation didn't exist when the town was developed. the township says now that there is state and federal funding available to try and get storm water remediation, they can begin to put plans in place. it's not as easy as it sounds. they need to work with all the surrounding townships in the area to make sure they don't make problems worse for them. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. all new on "nbc 10 news at 5:00" welcome to atlantic city. forget the dramatic beach views. for decades this has been the first look people get as they drive to the beach, run-down boarded up buildings like the old motels dot the busy black horse pike. >> nearly half a dozen of them
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once known for drugs, prostitution and murders will soon disappear from the landscape. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg is live in egg harbor township. how's it going to happen? >> reporter: well some of these places are in such bad shape, they don't even have doors or windows anymore. take a look inside. you will definitely see a huge mess. but a milestone reached today will provide the money needed for several of the old motels to finally come down. there's a stark contrast between the curb appeal of john fitzgerald's townhouse community and what's on the other side of the black horse pike. >> when you pull out, it's kind of an eyesore at best. >> reporter: egg harbor township officials say the end is almost here for five former low rent motels and an old crumbling restaurant in the community's west atlantic city section just outside a.c. >> it's kind of ugly. we're excited that it's coming
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down. >> reporter: today the state casino reinvestment development authority voted to provide the township with $125,000 to finally have the buildings torn down and the mayor tells me demolition will begin in just a matter of weeks. >> i think we'll have it completely done by the end of july. >> reporter: the motels gained national attention in 2006 after the bodies of four murdered prostitutes were found behind one of them. but most were wrecked by hurricane sandy which cleared the way for the township to buy them with casino reinvestment funds. >> i think this is going to be helpful to the redevelopment of the city of atlantic city and the casino industry. >> reporter: the township does not have close to $3 million needed to purchase five other motels on the strip, some of which are still open. but for john fitzgerald any change in scenery will be a sight for sore eyes. >> almost everything is better than what's there. >> reporter: the mayor says so far, no developers have expressed interest in any of the
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motel sites. until that happens, he says the buildings will be replaced with open space. i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. threats led to evacuations at two local military facilities. >> security immediately spiked and hundreds of people were rushed home. here's where it all happened. the philadelphia navy yard in south philly and the navy support activity center in northeast philadelphia. an horror so later the all-clear was given. nbc 10's rosemary connors is live at the navy yard. what have you found out? >> reporter: for the entire afternoon it's been business as usual here at the navy yard. relatively quiet. but earlier in the day, a very different scene, very different picture as cars of government workers were headed out on this main drag to evacuate. they were leaving in a hurry. very similar scene at the facility in the northeast. if you take a look at that video, you can see that workers there, government employees, they were headed out in a hurry. that as police actively
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patrolled the entrance to that facility. here in south philly the navy takes care of decommissioned ships. this property also is obviously home to some corporate offices like urban outfitters. we spoke to some business owners and some employees of some of the private businesses. they tell us that because this threat was not credible they're not worried. >> thank god fog did happen. and everybody reacted around here so fast. there were cops everywhere. i heard there were s.w.a.t. teams. we definitely feel safe. >> i'm not overly concerned at all. >> reporter: i did speak to a spokesperson for the navy in philadelphia. he told me that the decision to evacuate was specific to the government workers, to the navy workers, and that for any of the private employers it would have been their own decision to talk to their employees and to allow them to leave or decide to have them stay on campus. in south philadelphia i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. from our nbc 10 delaware
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bureau, the search is on for purse thieves. new castle county police want to find this woman right here. they want to see if she stole a purse from a car parked on third avenue in claymont back in april, then used the victim's credit card. if you recognize her, call police. new at 5:00 many parents of undocumented children have been forced to delay or avoid getting them medical treatment because they don't have insurance. that is the finding of a new report from public citizens for children and youth. it also found that banning undocumented children ends up costing pennsylvania more in unpaid hospital bills. c.h.i.p. is a state program that provides coverage to uninsured children. >> it's time for every kid to be covered now that we have obamacare and coverage has been expanded. we wanted to make sure people didn't think oh, we're done. everyone's covered now. that's not true.
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>> according to the report there are an estimated 24,000 undocumented and uninsured children in the state of pennsylvania. we have new information tonight about the food truck explosion that killed two people. who can forget this fiery scene in feltonville last july? there's a new lawsuit in the case. who the victim's family says needs to pay up for the deadly blast. if you think pope francis' visit to philadelphia won't impact your life think again. especially if you drive or take mass transit. tonight, the message septa and mayor michael nutter want you to hear ahead of his fall history-making trip. at long last a champion. he won it all for chicago but the former flyer and his stanley cup win are tugging at heartstrings here at home.
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we're continuing to watch the radar. we have a line of showers, some of them heavy, coming through the lehigh valley. some of those areas got hit real hard last night and we'll get a closer look coming up. if you're heading into philadelphia to see pope francis on septa, you better start
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making plans now. that is the message from mayor michael nutter and organizers of the world meeting of families. today septa revealed that it plans to open only 31 of its 280 stations during the pope's visit. the trains will run an express route from outlying locations into center city. anyone planning to take regional rail trains must have a special pass that weekend. if you're thinking about driving yourself, the mayor says you can forget it. >> really try to help dispel from many people in their mind that they should even be thinking about really trying to use their car, use their vehicle, to get close. >> the mayor called this the largest event in modern philadelphia history. even people who take mass transit should be ready to walk several miles. as you know the world meeting of families will be held the final week of september, then pope francis arrives in philadelphia the week of september 26th. count on nbc 10 to bring you the
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latest information about those events and the impact to you and the region. get that information on your smartphone or tablet with the nbc 10 news app. nbc 10's chris cato will be going to the vatican later this week. count on chris to bring you live reports from rome as local leaders find out more about the pope's visit to our area. to decision 2016 now. there are now a dozen republicans who have declared a run for the white house. today's entry, a high rowe profile one. billionaire donald trump officially tossed his hat into the ring. steve handelsman reports from washington, d.c. >> i am officially running -- >> reporter: this time, donald trump really is in the gop race. >> -- for president of the united states. and we are going to make our country great again. >> reporter: trump means he will. he is not modest.
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>> i will be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. i tell you that. >> reporter: surely the wealthiest if he wins. from real estate and tv trump says he needs no donations. >> i'm really rich. >> reporter: he slammed trade deals with the chinese. >> we have people that are stupid. >> reporter: he warned drug dealers and rapists are crossing from mexico to the u.s. and he would build a great wall to stop them. in new hampshire, jeb bush campaigned as a proven leader. >> how do we create a high growth strategy so people can be lifted up again? i know how it's done because i've done it. >> reporter: trump slammed the former florida governor. >> he's weak on immigration, he's in favor of common core. how the hell can you vote for this guy? >> reporter: 11 other republicans have declared. now trump. >> is this serious? >> i think it was. >> reporter: trump is a factor says michael steele. >> he's going to probably be on
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that first debate stage, and he's going to have something to say that resonates with voters out there. >> reporter: for sure trump dismissed politicians today as losers. i'm steve handelsman, nbc 10 news. >> more on donald trump's decision to run for president. be sure to watch "nbc nightly news" right here on nbc 10 at 6:30. the army veteran who caused quite a stir when he jumped a white house fence last fall was sentenced now to 17 months in prison. with time already served that means omar gonzalez will be out as early as december. gonzalez was armed with a folding knife when he scaled the fence. gonzalez is an iraq war veteran who told police he suffers from poet traumatic stress disorder. new information tonight about that massive airbag recall. honda has added more than one million of its accords and civics to the growing recall list. prompted by u.s. safety
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regulators, honda is expanding its previous recalls from high humidity states to the entire nation. the recall includes civics from the 2001 to 2005 model years and accords from the 2003 to 2007 model years. so far, honda has recalled about 21 million vehicles around the world because of potentially defective airbag inflators. the inflators are blamed for at least seven deaths and more than 100 injuries. listen to this. it's the first known case of a professional sports team using electronic piracy. the st. louis cardinals are under investigation by the fbi. they are accused of hacking into the data base of the houston astros. it's believed they broke into the network to steal information about player personnel. the cardinals and major league baseball have been served subpoenas by the justice department and fbi. the mlb released a statement saying it will fully cooperate with the investigation.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we got into the 90s today with high humidity. it felt like it was 96 or 97 this afternoon. had some early showers and storms but then drying out. got relief not only from the storms but from the humidity and the heat on wednesday. and tropical storm bill made landfall in texas but the remnants are going to be a factor in a lot of states' forecasts over the next week or so. we've got dry conditions for the afternoon rush in and around the philadelphia area and many other areas. it's back up to 91 right now west-northwest wind at 15 miles an hour. three degrees warmer than it was at this time yesterday so that shows the potential maybe to go above 91. here's the pocono mountains, we had a shower move through and now the folks are out there
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swimming again as things have cleared. fortunately, everything is moving quickly. flood advisory for parts of the poconos expires at 5:30. this big thunderstorm cluster came right over parts of atlantic and cape may county raced offshore. this line of showers is racing southward, just about to hit allentown, bethlehem and easton. some of the areas that got hit last night right here this one. bet they're not happy to get heavy rain right now. it will only be heavy for a few minutes. it's moving pretty fast and that's a real good sign there. we just have a few little showers coming down towards chester county and into the philadelphia area. the temperatures well as you saw, 91 degrees in philadelphia. also 91 in dover. but it's 83 in allentown and reading and only 71 in mt. pocono. these showers are going to be
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moving out pretty quickly and we are going to be clearing out. and the humidity goes down so later tonight, and tomorrow very pleasant. tomorrow night, we start seeing some showers returning, and into thursday. with the wind off the ocean it will be a cool day. look at all that. maybe even some thunderstorms by thursday night, then we dry out again on friday. now, this is bill on the radar here making landfall and all sorts of trouble in eastern texas, and some of the remnant moisture could come this way eventually. a few early showers and storms and less humid late. 68 degrees for a low in philadelphia. 60 north and west. tomorrow, less humid, cooler nice and comfortable day. no showers around. the seven-day forecast lots of showers around on thursday and cooler then we warm up and get dry again on friday then by saturday night into sunday that's when some of the remnants
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from bill could be providing a little burst to the rainfall threat and look how hot it gets, too. developing news out of texas tonight. glenn mentioned it a moment ago. tropical storm bill made landfall along the gulf coast with winds gusting more than 60 miles an hour. but it's rain that is likely to cause the biggest problems there. six to eight inches of rain is expected across the area and it's warter they don't need. many people are recovering from devastating floods three weeks ago that swallowed neighborhoods and left thousands stranded across houston. in many parts the ground is still saturated. creeks, ponds and bayous are filled to their limits. >> we can probably handle upwards of three to four inches before we start to get into problems with the bayous. street flooding is a different story. two inches an hour generally will begin to cause street flooding across the city of houston. >> emergency management centers of houston and key areas across texas are working around the clock to help people.
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speaking of severe weather, it's been blamed on a sudden accident in new jersey. how rain and sudden flooding turned a bridge inspection into a rescue mission. and mayor nutter as you haven't seen him before. wait until you hear why his most important role became that of good samaritan. and what he had to say about it.
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could fourth of july celebrations lack fireworks? you heard me right. the west coast dock workers strike in california ended earlier this year but it held up their normal shipments. fireworks stores are practically empty, a change from what we normally see in the weeks before independence day. from our jersey shore bureau, casino regulators fined the local internet gambling arm of caesar's for soliciting gamblers they weren't supposed to. state regulators fined the amount of $15,000. they say the company allowed gamblers to create internet gambling accounts which signed up for a self-exclusion list designed to prevent them from betting. five people were actually allowed to place bets. they say caesar's also sent marketing materials to those self-excluded gamblers. from our south jersey
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bureau savings and safety. brighter street lights are being turned on across camden county to cut crime and costs to taxpayers. today the county announced a new 800,000 l.e.d. street light initiative with a.c. electric. six downs within the county will get the first 900 new street lights. those towns are berlin borough, clementon, lindenwold stratford, pine hill and winslow township. >> the illumination is apparently brighter and when the lights are out in the communities and developments it does deter crime. it brings crime levels down because people won't commit crime if they think they will be caught. >> the lights will cut maintenance costs, too. they last 20 years compared to five years for the current bulbs. a grant from the u.s. department of housing and urban development is making it possible. shifting gears now, temple university hospital is among the first in the nation to join a new initiative that promotes breast feeding. the baby-friendly program called empower is funded by the centers for disease control and prevention.
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it's aimed at increasing breast feeding rates throughout the country. temple staff will work with experienced coaches as well as training and resource support in lactation education. listen to this. new at 5:00 mayor nutter to the rescue. >> he is one of the busiest people in philadelphia but mayor nutter took the time to stop and help a driver in distress. nbc 10 viewer sent us this picture taken by her daughter katie. katie and her friends were on their way to the airport this morning when a flat tire stranded them on mlk drive. mayor nutter happened to pass by and saw the teenagers in trouble. he pulled over to check on them. he even called for a police officer to keep an eye on them until aaa arrived. the mayor tells nbc 10 he just wanted to make sure they were okay. >> she was in the process of calling aaa and said they were on their way but i just wanted to make sure her car was kind of protected by a police vehicle. so we stayed for awhile stayed in touch with the police, made sure that they got out there.
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>> amazing. >> exactly. the mayor stepping in when he saw something on the side of the road and felt he needed to help. one woman has the entire country talking. >> there are a lot of questions about race identity and what's right and wrong. next embattled former naacp leader rachel dolezal is speaking out. plus what local leaders are saying about her controversial actions. and a new place to shop in the city. the popular store that will soon be popping up on the site of this philadelphia landmark.
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right now at 5:30 tracking storms. you can see that here on nbc 10 first alert radar rain wind and lightning has already blown through some sections of the viewing area this afternoon. >> nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here now. we're not talking 'widespread severe weather, right? >> that's right. we did have one really strong storm that went through parts of atlantic and cape may counties but much of the rest of the area seeing some showers at most. here in philadelphia things are pretty quiet right now, but it's not looking like this everywhere across our area. look at this. this is a live picture, bethlehem township. i have been showing you this line of showers that has been
5:31 pm
moving from north to south and there it is. you can see how dark the clouds are but you can also see brightness behind it so this is a relatively narrow line. fortunately it keeps moving to the south and that has really helped us. the advisories for flooding, they have now expired across the poconos. there's that line going from north to south and you can see the big storm that went across parts of the jersey shore. now let's go back up toward the allentown, bethlehem, easton areas and you can see allentown getting hit right now. easton's getting hit and then we have just a couple of showers near chester county but there's really dry air behind it so it will continue to dry out as we go through the evening. it's 83 in allentown right now. 91 in philadelphia. 71 in mt. pocono. 91 in dover. 90 in georgetown.
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as we go through the evening hours, we are going to see the clearing. it won't be any rain around by 9:00. 80 degrees and the lower humidity, too. we'll see how long that lasts and when the storms return with the seven-day in a few minutes. i really don't see why they're in such a rush to whitewash some of the work i have done. this goes back to a very early age with my self-identification with the black experience. as a very young child. >> those are just some of the exclusive comments from former naacp leader rachel dolezal. she sat down with matt lauer on the "today" show this morning. >> that interview and the controversy surrounding dolezal and her identity have a lot of people talking including local naacp members. nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong is live in wilmington. tim, how do they feel about her? >> reporter: it totally depends who you ask. i asked a lot of people. some think dolezal is just
5:33 pm
confused. they feel bad for her on some level. some people think that maybe she actually believes what she's saying and other people think she just kind of sits on the racial fence ant any time it's beneficial she chooses her race for that moment. at this hair salon in dover, everyone has an opinion of rachel dolezal's interview with matt lauer. >> i did feel that at some point i would need to address the complexity of my identity. >> you look like a white woman with a tan. >> reporter: nobody seems to believe she is truly african-american but it doesn't seem to bother anyone either. if she were here they would tell her -- >> thank you for everything she's doing and everything she felt she needed to do for the naacp but you can be yourself while doing it. >> if you're going to do good work do good work. >> reporter: lamar gunn is the head of the naacp in central delaware. he is clearly bothered by the dolezal story. >> i personally believe this may be used as another ploy for financial gain. >> reporter: he believes dolezal sits on the racial fence for
5:34 pm
selfish reasons, financial, career advancement things like that. he thinks she will try to cash in on this 15 minutes of fame and that whatever good she might have done for the naacp, she certainly didn't need to be black to do it. >> no one in the black community has benefited from this at all other than just heartache and pain and bad memories. there is no excuse for anyone white claiming to be black or anyone black claiming to be white. embrace who you are, accept that and be proud of it. >> reporter: is she african-american? >> no. definitely not. that's the sad part. it looks like there's something missing there in her that makes her have a need to do that. >> reporter: i found today women had much more to say about this story. some told me they are flattered that dolezal seemed to appreciate african-american culture but most women also told me this. they said very clearly that dolezal could not and has not lived their true african-american experience. tim furlong, nbc 10 news.
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police are looking for a man who held up a south jersey hotel this morning. this is surveillance video of the man from egg harbor township. around 6:00 this morning an employee at the ramada limit order the black horse pike said police, saying the man walked up to the front desk pointed a gun and demanded the money in the register. no one was hurt. jewelry, cell phones and ipods. egg harbor township police say they recovered several stolen items from a baltimore couple arrested for stealing from more than 30 cars. the couple was staying at a motel in the west atlantic city section of the township. today, police want the reunite victims with their belongings. if you think any of these things might be yours, go to our nbc 10 news app and check out the story. we have new information tonight on super storm sandy transportation recovery funding. an audit has found issues with the way the federal transit administration has awarded and
5:36 pm
overseen recovery money. the audit was conducted by the u.s. department of transportation's inspector general. it made five recommendations for improvements. four have been accepted by the agency. a first alert traffic update now. construction project slated to start in less than four hours will mean delays on interstate 95 in northeast philadelphia. penndot is making improvements on 95 north between the betsy ross bridge aramingo avenue interchange and the bridge street interchange. that stretch will be reduced from three lanes to two lanes tonight at 9:00. the restrictions will remain in place until 5:00 tomorrow morning. new at 5:00 dozens of formerly homeless young people some from philadelphia and newark essex county are now registered to vote. the group that lives at covenant house programs across the country were in washington today. they got to see the movie "selma" and meet with several congressmen and women of color. the group marched to the martin
5:37 pm
luther king memorial where they signed up to vote. >> they will meet representative john louis and senator cory booker and they will see people of color who have stood up in this country for enfranchisement, for opportunity and hopefully it will inspire them to go home and do something extraordinary with their lives. >> ryan says the least interesting thing about that group of kids is that they are homeless. they are artists, musicians, hard-working students holding down part-time jobs. food truck fireball last july. a popular food truck suddenly erupted in flames. when the fire was doused two people were killed. next, new information about the explosion. hear who the victims' family says is now responsible. severe weather leads to a search and rescue. how a routine bridge inspection suddenly became a life and death struggle.
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here's a look at the radar. you can see that line of showers are now moving through the allentown area. that's the main thing that we're seeing on the radar now. you can see it in real life too, if you're up in that area. this is another shot from bethlehem township. you can see how dark the clouds are. now if you look real closely, they're moving from right to left which means that we're looking southward and so pretty soon right near the top of the screen, it should start getting brighter because this is not a really big, wide area and it is moving. members of the philadelphia parks and recreation department are hard at work as the city prepares to open its 70 swimming pools for the summer. nbc 10 in port richmond where crews were cleaning painting and doing cement work at a pool. city pools will have a staggered opening beginning friday.
5:41 pm
nearly a year ago, propane tanks on the back of this food truck in feltonville ignited. the blast hurt 11 people and eventually claimed the lives of the food truck owner and her 17-year-old daughter. now the women's family is suing u-haul among others saying they could have prevented the tanks from exploding with a simple inspection. tap on the nbc 10 app right now to find out what the lawsuit alleges did happen and how the family's attorneys have a different theory for what led to the explosion and what fire officials first determined. it's a digital exclusive story you will only find on the nbc 10 app. keith? you think no one here cares the chicago blackhawks won the stanley cup? think again. he's the reason why.
5:42 pm
kimmo timonen, why flyers fans are smiling even though we never made the playoffs. i'm tracking some of the isolated heavy showers causing the dark clouds this afternoon. we will have a big change when we will finally get a break from the heat. this doesn't look like much but what's inside this tiny bottle could save you big bucks. how police solve crimes in the long run. we will show you how it works on "nbc 10 news at 6:00."
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5:44 pm
another hot, humid day across the region. the official high temperature, 91 degrees. we've had a few showers, early
5:45 pm
thunderstorms. things will be clearing up pretty early tonight and giving us relief from the heat and humidity on wednesday. then we are going to be watching for bill's remnants made landfall in texas but we haven't heard the last of it. we are dry across the philadelphia area right now. there may be one or two showers coming through. it's 91 degrees. 15 mile an hour wind so it's pretty hot out there. this is the pocono mountains, nice and sunny now. the showers moved through the poconos, now moving down into parts of the lehigh valley and even beyond that. so let's watch it. the poconos up here the line of showers has moved through. that's why we have the sunshine. and the big storm down near the shore, that's way offshore by now. this is fortunately moving rapidly. it moved right into the area
5:46 pm
that got hit hard last night right along i-78 bethlehem, easton area. there is pretty heavy rain here but once again, it's not lasting long because things are moving. there's bethlehem and allentown up here so the rain is already tapering off there. it's about to shut off completely for those of you getting rained on in that area. we have a couple of showers approaching the philadelphia area right now coming toward the pennsylvania turnpike so it could get wet for a few minutes but that's a pretty small shower that we're looking at there. 91 in philadelphia and dover. 83 in allentown. 79 in trenton. things are going to clear out pretty early during the night tonight and so the humidity's going to be going down. we have a really nice day tomorrow and then here come the showers back. later wednesday night and into thursday, showers from time to time it's going to be cool maybe some thunderstorms toward
5:47 pm
thursday night and then we're dry again on friday. not so dry as the texas coast. bill has made landfall. you can see the feeder bands very clearly and the threat is for flooding here on the right side of the track, and that's what we're watching for the future. computer models pretty much agreeing that the remnants are going to make this right turn and come in our general direction by saturday night and sunday. of course, it will be important whether it tracks north or south of us or right at us but it's certainly going to be close enough to affect our weather over the weekend. tonight, a few early showers, less humid late. 68 degrees for the low in philadelphia. tomorrow, mix of sun and clouds less humid and cooler. nice and comfortable. low to mid 80s. the seven-day forecast even cooler on thursday but it's wet. then friday, warmer and dry. then here come the showers
5:48 pm
saturday night and into sunday related to bill, then it continues to get hot. we are following developing news out of north jersey where emergency responders have been searching for a bridge inspector who was swept away by a storm surge yesterday afternoon. he was swept into a canal that flows into the passaic river in passaic, new jersey. the search for the 35-year-old has been off and on depending on the weather. another challenge for crews as they use sonar is the murky water and what's underneath. >> the river is known for debris shopping carts, vehicles abandoned vehicles. you name it, it's in that river. >> another bridge inspector also fell into the water yesterday but he was quickly rescued. you may not know it but food companies are scrambling to make big changes to their ingredients. >> federal regulators declared artificial trans fats are no longer safe. trans fats are found in many
5:49 pm
fried foods and baked goods. they also keep packaged products from expiring so quickly. studies show trans fat raises bad cholesterol and lowers good cholesterol, increasing the risk of heart disease. now the fda has given the food industry three years to get rid of the artery-clogging fats. >> for more insight we want to bring in christine hennigan wilkinson, a dietitian. thank you so much for joining us. from a health standpoint this is obviously good news but is a three-year time line enough to make this possible even realistic? >> yeah. i absolutely think so. a lot of manufacturers have already started taking the trans fats out of their products if they haven't removed them already completely. so there's very few manufacturers that still have to get on board but i think three years is good if not faster. that's what i'm hoping for. >> i know the fda says phasing
5:50 pm
out trans fats heart attacks could be cut down by thousands. is this enough? >> it's a start. trans fats are just one of the major causes that we can easily get rid of because there are healthier fats like oils and nuts and seeds that we can use in place. but we still have a little more work to do. >> as a hospital-based dietitian, what areas do the fda also need to focus on here? >> i would love to see them focused a little more on added sugars, especially in the labeling department to let people know what comes naturally from foods and what manufacturers have added during the process and also salt getting a lot of that salt out of the packaging. >> we know sodium is a huge risk. a lot of parents are hearing this news they wonder how this is going to impact their family what their kids eat at school and at home for that matter. >> i don't think a lot of products will change drastically. manufacturers are going to try to do their best to keep them familiar with the families.
5:51 pm
but i think it will be a little more eye-opening that you don't really know exactly what's in your foods and eliminating processed foods in general would be a good start. >> as we learned a couple minutes ago, you have to really check the labels look at the fine print to make sure what you're getting is actually what you are going to be consuming. thank you so much for your insight and for joining us this afternoon. >> thank you. >> for more information about the fda's trans fat crackdown, watch nbc nightly news at 6:30. the chicago blackhawks are the stanley cup champions. >> philly who cares. think again, right, john? >> reporter: yeah. you saw it last night right here on nbc 10. kimmo timonen, 40 years old, goes out a winner. we have his amazing story coming up next. then coming up on "nbc 10 news at 6:00" taxis swiped from city streets. police are investigating the
5:52 pm
bizarre crime spree. one thing all the cabs had in common.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
oh what a night for former flyer kimmo timonen. >> the veteran defenseman is now a stanley cup champion hoisting that trophy. comcast sports net's john clark joins us on a night that was nearly two decades in the making
5:55 pm
for a favorite former flyer. >> reporter: you know i really can't remember too many times where a lot of people here in the delaware valley were this happy for a former player or coach leaving our city and winning a championship somewhere else. but kimmo timonen last night at the age of 40 retiring his last nhl game, and he goes out a champion. what an amazing storybook ending. >> the blackhawks are stanley cup champions! >> reporter: kimmo timonen is finally a stanley cup champion. >> it's unbelievable. obviously i have been dreaming about this for the last 17 years. >> reporter: last year blood clots threatened his career and life. but with the help of doctors, he returned and at the trade deadline, the flyers granted his wish to be traded to a stanley cup contender.
5:56 pm
>> just to him one more shot at the stanley cup, it was special. >> reporter: jonathan toews could have chosen any teammate to first hand the cup to in the awards ceremony. he chose kimmo timonen. >> usually pass it off to a veteran guy who has been working hard. obviously the stage of his career, great change for him. >> there are certain guys that are citizens of the hockey world and everybody knew how close he had come from time to time. he had never had a championship and what this meant to him. so the fact that toews gave him that sort of honor was spectacular. >> reporter: after a memorable 17 year career eight of them with the flyers kimmo has his storybook ending. >> finally to win the big one, it's so deserving. great things happen to great people. >> this game gave me a lot.
5:57 pm
but i gave everything to this game. i'm happy, i'm ready and i'm leaving this game as a stanley cup champion. >> reporter: that is great. the man from finland will come back to south jersey and live here for awhile and hopefully take a job with the flyers. ron hexstall will talk to him about it. i'm john clark. coming up at 6:00 in sports evan mathis and chip kelly talk about his release. stay tuned for that. also coming up next on "nbc 10 news at 6:00" dismissed for the day. a threat forces workers off the job at two local naval facilities. we are live with the latest on what sparked the evacuations. also it's a little bottle that packs a big punch. local police departments are hoping what's inside will help them catch crooks and it could help you if you become the victim of a certain kind of crime. glenn? we still have a few heavy showers moving through parts of the area. i will tell you when this is all going to return with the rest of the seven-day coming up. and is help really on the
5:58 pm
way? new information about the water main break that flooded a philadelphia neighborhood and the residents waiting to get back to normal. next on "nbc 10 news at 6:00."
5:59 pm
we're like what's going on? >> a possible terror threat sparks a scare. workers at two philadelphia naval facilities rush out of
6:00 pm
their buildings. they were told to go home. good evening. i'm jim rosenfield. investigators haven't clarified exactly what the threat was but the military gave the all-clear late this morning. here are the two facilities where it happened. the philadelphia navy yard in south philly and the naval support activity center in the northeast. nbc 10's rosemary connors live at the navy yard. what have you learned about this threat? >> reporter: well as you mentioned, the threat not credible. we're still trying to find out and waiting to hear exactly what the threat was about. we did get a little bit of information from mayor michael nutter not too long ago. while this morning here at the navy yard it was certainly unusual and alarming. the rest of the afternoon continued on as though it were any other tuesday. >> business as usual. it's lunchtime. i got hungry people to feed. we can't close. people rely on us to be here. >> reporter: by the looks of the packed lunch hour at mercer cafe at the navy yard in


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