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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 17, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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nbc 10 breaking news. that breaking news, shot stabbed, beaten and robbed. philadelphia police are working to catch three people who attacked a man in alolney overnight an left him for dead. the hunt is on this morning for a man accused of stealing 12 philadelphia taxis and using them if in a violent string of crimes. clear and comfortable this morning but this will be short lived. we have you covered. don't worry. it's 4:00 a.m. i'm tracy davidson. let's find out more about the weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> you can feel the difference. the humidity has come down and it's a cooler start this morning, dropping in the 60s and low 70s. the breeze the winds have
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shifted. that's a northwesterly breeze. that's the drier air that started coming in yesterday afternoon. and it's still come. that's the good news. the temperatures are still falling at this hour 74 degrees in this philadelphia. but it's 68 in dover. atlantic city is 67 degrees. we will see sunshine 70 at 6:00 by 9:00 75 with low humidity and just a few scattered clouds at lunch time 80 degrees. and it will go a bit higher but not a lot. we'll go through it hour by hour. the future weather when i come back in ten minutes to show you what to expect. jessica boyington with traffic this morning. >> we're still dealing with ongoing construction as we do every single morning on the vine street expressway along 24th street. the westbound lanes are open. we are losing the right-hand lane due to that construction. you are allowed to pass through on the eastbound side. that's actually blocked off currently. from around broad street around
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that point, you can follow the local detour. if you are heading westbound, still no problems by that scene, two minutes from 95 up toward the schuylkill expressway. if you're headed into the center city area 95 southbound from woodhaven road up towards the vine street expressway 14-minute trip. no problems on the schuylkill. we're following breaking news from overnight. brutal attack. a man is fighting for his life after he was robbed, stab and shot in philadelphia. nbc 10's matt delucia is live in einstein medical center in olney. >> that man is in extremely medical condition at einstein medical center. he was undergoing surgery last time we checked. he sustained his injuries just after 11:00 at 6th and andsomerville. the man was found on the sidewalk bleeding heavily from the back and leg. police tell us he had been
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stabbed in the back and shot in the thigh. he had puncture mark on his face as well. he was conscious long enough to say he had been robbed by three people. two men and a woman. they were last seen running east on somerville. police say at this point it's unsome if this man will survive. by the time he got to the e.r. he was unconscious. we are learning more about the investigation as the morning unfolds. i'll be back again at 4:30 with an update. live in olney, matt delucia nbc 10 news. be safe when taking a taxi. a man has stolen more than a dozen cabs. detectives say all the cabs have a 215 get a cab logo and some were used in crimes. >> we're grateful at this point. we have a shooting which is a serious crime and we have a
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robbery with a gun that didn't turn violent. we're for thetunate in that respect. the others were on the street and don't appear to be used in a crime to this point. >> police want you to be vigilant when get into a cab. always check a cab driver's identification before taking a ride. this morning, police are looking for a robber who dressed as a construction worker to commit crimes in camden and gloucester counties. police say he held up a rite aid in logan township last month. they say he robbed another rite aid on monday this one on haddon avenue in haddonfield. this crime didn't stop there. the robber then carjacked a priest before making his getaway. >> i'm just a little scared that it happened this close to my res den, especially having two young kids at home. >> no one was hurt. the robber got away from prescription drugs in both cases. it's 4:05. a former chester conte boarding school teacher accuse of sexually assaulting one of his
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students is xmeked in court this morning. matthew scavito worked at the phelps school in melbourne. he was fired from the phelps school after the allegations surfaced. new information on eye former state prosecutor in delaware who pleaded guilty to raping a 16-year-old boy. daniel simmons was sentenced 18 months in prison. simmons and the college student and a teen had sex last year after meeting through a social media app. prosecutors say a man wanted to join isis and attack the super bowl in arizona. abdul malik abdul kareem heard his allegations at a federal court hearing in phoenix yesterday. authorities said they learned of the plot through an informant.
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his lawyers called it a trumped up case based on an unreliablish? . . back here at home authorities now say a security scare that forced workers to evacuate two philadelphia military facilities was not a credible threat. yesterday morning, military officials ordered everyone to leave the naval support activity center in northeast philadelphia and the navy yard in south philadelphia. those officials gave the all-clear a short time later. many employees at private businesses at the navy yard did not leave work with some of them telling us they never heard anything from their bosses. tropical storm bill was downgraded overnight to a tropical depression. but it's still going to bring a lot of rain to texas, parts of southeast texas could get up to 3 inches of rain an hour. this is video from a coast guard helicopter flying over galveston yesterday. many areas are under flood watches and advisories through tomorrow. dallas is expected to get 6
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inches rain between today and tomorrow flooding has already been a real problem for texas. in may, an average of 9 inches of rain fell. for some getting in their cars wasn't an option. look what they're doing here kayaking down the flooded streets. then you have to deal with gusty winds. look at them getting where they're going. it's 4:07. now to the atlantic city casino crisis and another protest plan for today. hundreds of union casino workers are expected to demonstrate on the boardwalk at the trump taj mahal this afternoon because they want health insurance and other benefits restored. carl icahn stripped those benefits after taking over the debt of the casino's parent company. redevelopment plans for the area around 30th street station in philadelphia. amtrak and its philadelphia partners will hold a second open house on the main concourse during the evening rush. the public will get an update on
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progress with several concepts. planners say they want to get feedback on plans to improve infrastructure and create an attractive vision for the area. we have a traffic alert for some of the area's busiest streets. crews are repaving 22 stretches of the most pot-hole-filled roads in center city. they hope to have the roads done before preparations for the pope begin. we asked about roads outside center city. >> every year we rotate around the city. it may not be your street but there is sections. >> the center city repaving will disrupt street parking for several weeks. the first thing drivers will notice is roads have been milled, that means they're left with a bumpy gravel-like surface. you know what that is and then two weeks from now, the actual repaving will begin. a former sixers star is both an nba champion and the mvp of the finals. >> this year's bill russell mvp,
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andre iguodala. >> andre ig zaluodala was a bench player. last night he scored 25 points and held the cavaliers superstar lebron james below his series average. the warriors won have a 105-97 victory in game six of the finals. jessica boyington has a look at the roads. >> we are watching ongoing construction spots. right now we're on 95 around tasker street. you can see they have this all set up where they're blocking out the left-hand lane on the southbound side. not a lot of volume heading by the scene. that's definitely okay. something to watch out for. no problems on the shoulder as well headed southbound. the northbound lanes are doing fine as well. we check out the drive times. the cars moving along nicely. 11 minutes. if you're headed northbound from 30 up towards the schuylkill expressway and the same drive
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time from the schuylkill up towards 95. let's head back to 95 and look at that drive time there. up toward the vine street expressway, about a 13-minute trip. no problems on the schuylkill expressway. on and off construction spots but they're starting to clean those up right now. a 13-minute trip if you're headed eastbound from the blue route. mass transit, currently no problems or delays for septa, new jersey transit or patco. currently no delays at the philadelphia international airport this morning. tracey? now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. the humidity has come down. the temperatures are falling as well. mostly clear skies. we'll see a lot of sunshine today. you'll need your sunglasses but leave the umbrella at home. look at this commanding view a live view from the comcast
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center, center city. it's 73 degrees, 2 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. the big change? the humidity is lower, yes. you can thank that. yesterday, a southerly wind was bringing the humidity into the area. humidity this hour is 20 points lower than yesterday at this time. awesome storms at the shore. it looks like it will be a nice day today. sunshine, temperatures climbing into the 70s and possibly into the low 80s this afternoon. most of the day in the 70s. look at those winds. a few scattered clouds at 10:00. don't let that fool you. it will be nice and sunny. that will filter some sunshine. 78 degrees at 10:00 with low humidity. the winds start to shift, though, become more east/northeasterly. the temperatures warm up potentially up to 80 degrees at 11:00.
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with that breeze blowing, we'll be in the low to mid-80s today. even cooler tomorrow. but tomorrow the clouds that are scattered here's will be taking over. there's a chance we'll see showers and thunderstorms. look at the extended future weather when i come back in ten minutes to show you when shows will be rolling in. 12 minutes past 4:00 right now. the controversy surrounding a former naacp leader is sparking conversation about race and identity. some are comparing her situation to bruce jenner's transition to a woman. a local expert explains the stark difference between the two. i'm katy zachry. what does honey have to do with this building in west philadelphia? a lot when you consider there are 500,000 bees living on the roof. coming up after the break, we'll take you up there.
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police in new york plan to expand their search for richard matt and david sweat, now in its 12th day. police say they'll start looking beyond a 16 square mile area around the prison. they also say the weather is hampering high-tech equipment such as thermal imaging to detect warm bodies. we're learning more about the victims of a deadly balcony collapse in berkeley, california. six students died seven others hurt when the upper floor apartment balcony on which they were standing broke loose tuesday morning. most of the victims were visiting from dublin ireland. investigators are looking into
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whether the balcony was overloaded. later this morning on the "today" show we'll hear more from the form are naacp leader who sparked a controversy over racial identity. she spoke with matt lauer yesterday morning and the conversation continued with savannah guthrie. rachel is accuse of lying about her race. her parents say she's caucasian she says she identified as black. >> i definitely am not white. nothing about being white describes who i am. so what's the word for it? you know what i mean? i the closest thing i can come to is if i'm black or white, i'm black. i'm more black than white. >> she stepped down as president of the naacp spokane chapter. this is certainly opening up a discussion about race and identity. we spoke to before james braxton peterson, associate professor of
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english and director of african studies at lehigh university. a lot of people are comparing this to caitlyn jenner. >> caitlyn jenner identifies herself as a woman. this professor says there's a stark difference. it's important to open conversation about race, religion and gender identity but this is not that moment. the reason? caitlyn jenner's transition was authentic, clear and unwavering. so we asked him about rachel dolazel and here's his response. >> i don't think we see the same degree of authenticity in the narrative of transition that we saw in caitlyn jenner. this is a moment for us to think critically about what rachel is trying to say about her own identity. >> dr. peterson says they can't
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simply say they identify as black. it's more about one life's experience. watch the entire interview on the nbc 10 news app in the digital operations center. 4:18. the honey bee may soon be philadelphia's most endangered species. the population in the city and surrounding suburbs is dwindling. now there's a push to protect the bees. katy zachry is live in west philadelphia where you might be surprised to learn hundreds of thousands of bees live. tell us more about that. >> reporter: tracey they do. we saw it for ourselves. they live atop that roof on the building behind me. this building is not unique. there are many others throughout philadelphia that have volunteered roof space to breed bees. now, demand behind the latest mission to protect the honey bees is councilman curtis jones.
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much of his district encompasses park space, atop a building where 500,000 bees live. this is a safe space for them to live and grow and not be exterminated like so many hives are throughout the city. bees are integral to our way of life they pollinate crops. without them, farms would not survive. why this latest push? it has to did with the president. >> referee: the united states and i'm working on that story coming up at 5:15. reporting live in west philadelphia, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. 4:19. let's get you up dated on the roads, jessica boyington what are you seeing? >> what we see typically during the early morning hours is ongoing construction. we're out in new jersey right now. we'll do an entire new jersey check. on the black horse pike flashing lights in the distance. this is the southbound side where we typically see the work
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during the morning hours. there's cars in the left-hand lane, lane blockages right there. two lanes getting by. a few moments ago we had vehicles on these off ramps around the black horse pike. blockages there. it's on and off. you can still see the drive times are doing okay a 12-minute strip up towards 38. if you're going northbound, no problems there as well. moving forward in new jersey out on the 32 freeway. the walt whitman bridge is doing cleaver. the others are clear as well. currently no problems. your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> the humidity is coming down and the temperatures have been falling. look at the breeze or lack of it. the water is like glass in front of the boathouses of the schuylkill. we'll see plenty of sunshine. the rest of the area will, too.
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64% humidity with a light breeze, 5 miles an hour just enough to continue the dry air that's filtering into the area. the last couple morning this view from the pocono mountains from blue mountain has been socked in with fog but not this morning. it's nice and clear. you'll not find fog in the area despite of the thunderstorms that popped up. nothing expected to fall from the sky today. tomorrow a different story. already looking at the next round of wet weather moving through the midwest. you can see heavier downpours for southern indiana and tracking towards kentucky. that will be here tomorrow morning. in fact, early tomorrow morning we could see the first rain drops of the day. 9:00 this morning, we will be dry. the storm system will be well to our west. it stays to the west during the day today. some showers in western pennsylvania at 2:00 this afternoon, we'll see high clouds in our area. sunshine today. but by late tonight, tracking some wet weather into central pennsylvania and moving into the area overnight tonight and first
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thing tomorrow morning, there's a chance we'll see thunderstorms roll through with the morning showers. by 11:00 in the morning, starting to taper off. the clouds will be hanging in there, keeping tomorrow a bit cooler. today will be cooler than yesterday. in the 90s yesterday but not today. low to mid-80s this afternoon. the heat and humidity will return as we go into the weekend. i've got the seven-day forecast when i come back in the next half hour. >> bill 4:22 right now. he asked for it. chip kelly says that's the reason the birds released starting guard evan mathis. john clark reports that mathis told him the only time mathis or his agent mentioned talking about wanting a release was back in march. mathis said rosenhaus told the eagles if they weren't willing to redo the deal why not release him. he was going to come to the minicamp and play the season. here's chip kelly. >> we were asked by his agent for a release on multiple
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occasions. so we weren't going to come to a conclusion in terms of a contract extension. we weren't going to extend any contract or adjust any contract. we granted him what his agent asked for. >> mathis joined the eagles in 2011. he made the pro bowl twice. for all things eagles stay with nbc 10 the official tv station of philadelphia eagles. land lines could soon cost customers more in pennsylvania. to raise phone bills. plus, preparing for the pope. the warning from mass transit to anyone planning to make the trek into center city to see the pontiff in september. and while we're in a commercial break, we'd love for you to join us behind the scenes. we're constantly chatting with viewers all morning on the live app periscope. follow jessica boyington on twitter. join us on periscope and continue to see a different side of the news. we're back in a minute.
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the time is 4:26. a measure that would increase your phone bill to pay for 911 services are moving through the pennsylvania legislature. the state senate approved a bill yesterday. it rould raise the monthly phone line fee by 65 cents a month plus tack on an annual $52 surcharge per household starting july 1st. the measure goes to the house which passed a similar bill without the annual surcharge. if you're planning on going to see the pope celebrate mass on the ben franklin parks in september, make sure you wear comfortable shoes. be prepared to walk for miles, mayor nutter said yesterday. they released early plans on how
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to get around while the pope is in center city. regional rail will require special passes and septa says only 31 out of its 280 train stations during the two days the pope is in town will be open meaning you'll be doing a lot of walking. we're still asking a lot of questions like which roads will be closed around the parkway, how will the elderly and disabled get around with the change in public transportation routes and how the bike share program will be used. the mayor says there will be more meetings through the summer to discuss those issues. philadelphia is preparing for the pope by sending a delegation to the vatican. nbc 10's chris cato will be there every step of the way. tune in for his live report starting this weekend as the city of brotherly love gets ready for what may be the biggest event ever. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 73 degrees at 4:27 in the city, suburbs have dropped into the 60s and the humidity is also
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down. that's a live view of boathouse row. get ready for sunshine today. there are changes ahead. and some big changes ahead for your weekend as well. we have the first alert forecast when we come back.
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nbc 10 breaking news. that breaking news this morning, a brutal beating in philadelphia. the victim was shot stabbed and robbed. nbc 10 is live as police search for three people. concerns over stolen cabs police say the man in this video is behind a string of heists involving at least a dozen taxis. the warning police are now giving to passengers. plus the morning is off to


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