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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 23, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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i will zoom out a bit. here you see the philadelphia area. i will get rid of some of the yellow boxes because these are severe thunderstorm warnings. we are just going to focus on that tornado warning across the area. again, this is the section where we do expect some extremely strong winds. paulsboro, you are in this area as well. west deptford east greenwich, across 295, gloucester city you are also included in this warned area. again, this is a tornado warning south of philadelphia, just south of cherry hill is also the warned area until 6:30. over paulsboro is where a possible tornado, we have not had a report of one on the ground but a possible radar indicated tornado just south, just over paulsboro or eight miles southwest of gloucester city moving to the east at 50 miles an hour. in fact these storms are picking up speed and they are also picking up strength as they move across the area. i will track this for you.
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50 miles an hour is a pretty quick storm here. again, as we are going into new jersey from paulsboro into the new jersey side of the delaware river, this storm system is continuing to pick up speed with possible rotation here. i will track it to the east right around 50 miles an hour. deptford, 6:04. run voorhees, 6:13. evesham township 6:16. this is a very quick-moving dangerous storm. we do expect very damaging winds inside this storm, winds near 60 miles an hour or greater. if we do not have a tornado on the ground. we have not gotten any reports of that but this is a radar indicated tornado. mantua, you are on the edge of this as well. paulsboro is where we had the initial indication where we also have quite a bit of lightning over the area. again, very heavy rain. we have a lot of lightning, damaging winds with this tornado warning. right near 295 near paulsboro, if any of these roads sound
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familiar to you, berkeley road harmony road right near the paulsboro area this is right near philly international airport, too. this is where we have the tornado warning. it's moving towards west deptford, deptford you are in this warned area. we are also looking at gloucester in this warned area mantua is in the warned area. again, it is moving very quickly. as we zoom out here this red box again, is the tornado warning. the very heavy rain very high winds, that's moving across the philadelphia area right now. i will pull up one of the cameras quickly so we can see what's happening out there. this is our camera looking towards center city. you really can't see much. we have very heavy rain and damaging winds. winds could be near 60 miles an hour or greater. we don't have reports of any tornado on the ground but could get them in very soon if this storm has enough rotation. these are the areas we are watching very closely for any type of storm damage. if you are in the warned area get into a basement the lower
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level of your home. if you don't have a basement get into an interior hallway or closet. stay away from windows and you certainly want to stay there until this storm passes because like we mentioned we have very damaging winds across the area. i will zoom out again to give you a better perspective. this is just south of philadelphia. tornado warning, that's the red box. it is moving into deptford across a major interstate and again, very damaging winds. stay away from windows and you want to seek shelter. any of the cities i mentioned, that is also an area where you really want to take shelter and stay inside. i will toss it over to chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz for a closer look at what we can expect from this storm and the rotation in it. >> we have video of some of this activity we have seen. this is in woolwich township, gloucester county. the wind of course has been incredible.
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the rain starts coming down sideways and this is covering a very large portion of our area. this is not just one little individual heavy or severe thunderstorm. we are seeing literally hundreds of thousands if not millions of people affected by this storm complex. we get reports of damage through the national weather service from all over the country and they get plotted immediately as they come in. so we have had reports from chester county thorndale, multiple reports of trees down and also honeybrook in chester county, multiple reports of trees down. that was the reason for the tornado warning that was issued earlier for chester county. now, the future cast shows that this whole line continues intact as it heads down to the shore by
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7:00. atlantic city down into dover and as we have been mentioning for the last couple hours, whatever severe weather we saw to our north and west was going to intensify because it was coming into even hotter and more humid air. that hot, humid air continues all the way down through delaware and south jersey. i don't really expect this to weaken, certainly not in the next hour or so. now, we are looking at the velocity at the winds. what we saw all of this damage in chester county we were seeing some of these colors the red and green colors kind of entwined so -- in circular fashion. when the radar is shooting up into the clouds it is seeing the wind as well. that's what doppler radar is. if you see winds comingñi from different directions over a short distance that's an indication that there is some kind of circulation. that's what we saw in chester
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county. that was the reason for the issuance of the tornado warning. but what i'm seeing now on the velocity mode is more of a straight line and not as much of the circulation as we saw in chester county. but if there is something, this is the area when you see these notches and anything besides just a straight line that is moving to the east then we are seeing something, this is in deptford township here and east mantua, east greenwich township as well. we will continue to monitor this particular area to see if the rotation that is detected gets stronger or weaker. once again, this is covering a very large area like sheena was showing you and there is so much wind, higher up in the atmosphere, that any
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thunderstorm is capable of producing winds strong enough to cause damage. now, if the trees all blow down in the same direction, it's not a tornado. but it's still damage and it can do a lot of damage with a 60, 70 motorcycle mile an hour wind gust. doesn't have to be a tornado to cause damage. >> we are continuing to watch this weather move through our area. i want to take live pictures. you see what we see behind us which is not a whole lot. we see bolts of lightning. we have been watching heavy rains moving through the philadelphia area. we have other live pictures to show you. obviously the heavy rain moving through rightñi now is making it tough to see on our live sky cam network. >> not to mention while you are showing these pictures we want to let people know that this of course is coming at a time when people are trying to get home. we are getting reports on septa that the regional rails, there are problems on the thorndale as well as the manayunk line.-5
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back with sheena parveen. >> the tornado warning across the area just south of philadelphia, here's a look at it on radar. we have some extremely heavy rain, most likely we have hail in this area, too. right here haddon township bellmawr, right across the river from philadelphia. we have a lot of wind in the area so wind damage is likely and most likely occurring right now. haddonfield, cherry hill you are seeing very heavy rain. all of these areas are in the tornado warned area. we are seeing deptford with very heavy rain across 42 gloucester and again, this is the general area where we expect the most rotation inside this storm. the most wind damage inside this storm. i will take the radar off very quickly just so you can still see the tornado warning. this is still out for new jersey. all the cities gloucester clementon, evesham, berlin deptford until 6:30 this evening.
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this is a very serious storm. if you are in the path of this storm, you need to take cover. get into a basement interior hall way or closet. stay away from windows because this storm does not appear to be weakening. it's across 76 haddon township extremely heavy rain. very high wind. damaging wind. gloucester seeing, just on the edge of the heaviest rain and across the i-95 corridor. this whole storm system as i put it in motion here is moving to the east. right around 45 miles an hour. near 50 miles an hour. that's what we are tracking going into new jersey. 71 mile an hour winds, glenn just told me, reported at philadelphia international airport. this is a very dangerous storm. radar indicated tornado possibly. but we have not gotten any reports of a tornado on the ground. again, if you are in the path of this you really need to take shelter. i will track this for you.ére÷@tj)q ed box, this is a tornado warned area. as we track it moving to the east it's moving fairly quickly
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but it is a storm system that's going to be producing a lot of damage across the area. now it's moving east around 50 miles an hour. voorhees, 6:11 you can expect it. marlton, 6:12. berlin, 6:13. evesham, 6:14. that's how fast this storm is moving. it's expected to cover a lot of ground before it actually leaves the area. again, this is a tornado warning for parts of new jersey that i just mentioned and again, some of the most rotation right around haddonfield, barrington ashland, gloucester. if any of these street names sound familiar to you, chews landing road davistown road these are areas where we expect some of these strongest winds. deptford still seeing that across the i-95 corridor near 295 and again, this is all moving towards evesham township and berlin. i will track this again because it is making pretty quick progress towards the east. marlton, 6:12. evesham township 6:14. tomlinson mill 6:15.
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atco, 6:17. again, a tornado warning in this area. this is a very dangerous storm. it's expected to either possibly be producing a tornado along with very heavy rain and a lot of lightning or at least at the very minimum, some very strong winds. that would be giving us a lot of wind damage across the area. aside from the tornado warning, this does extend towards bensalem, it goes into south jersey through gloucester and camden counties salem county new castle county in delaware you are still seeing some very heavy rain from this. again, a tornado warning just south of philadelphia moving into new jersey cherry hill seeing some very heavy rain from this. we are seeing rotation inside this storm. rotation strong enough to possibly produce a tornado. that is why we have a tornado warning out for the area. ashland, you are right on the doorstep of some extremely heavy rain and damaging winds. gloucester as well. this will be moving into evesham township very soon. only within a matter of minutes.
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where you see the darker shade in color that shows us very heavy rain. again, those winds, extremely damaging. if you are indoors which you should be, if you are in this area, you want to stay away from windows. let's send it to chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz with more details on this. glenn? >> this is a huge complex of storms so the tornado warning just covers a small portion of the area and sheena just got into the details on that. but there are many many counties under severe thunderstorm warnings and areas that are getting strong wind gusts. we have had reports of 67 mile an hour wind gusts from wilmington and 71 mile an hour wind gusts at philadelphia international. my rule of thumb is whatever the airport is saying for a maximum wind there's probably some place where it's even stronger. there very well may be some place in our area not too far from philadelphia getting hurricane force wind gusts right
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now. the severe thunderstorm warning continues until 6:30 for all of these areas in the yellow. that goes from southern chester county through new castle county in delaware from salem and gloucester and camden counties in new jersey. this is covering a very large area. another thing you can look at here this was a straight line of storms. now it's not. it is curved. you can see right here. it's called a bow echo like a bow and arrow. there's the bow. the arrow would be right here. that's where the strongest wind is. that's how we got that 71 mile an hour wind at philly international even without a tornado touching down at the airport. you can get plenty of damage without a tornado. you are also seeing tremendous amounts of lightning.
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that's another indication of the severity of this storm. and the part of it that is bowing out is likely the strongest part of this having the strongest, the most severe winds. that is now starting to come through the most populated parts of camden gloucester burlington counties and moving more towards lesser populated areas in the middle of new jersey. but that is a tremendous amount of lightning we are seeing right now. you can see that it continues to move to the east but this part now, this is another issue that may be coming up here. you see this line in baltimore and maryland? that's not really moving very much. so if this continues moving to the east and stretching, we could end up seeing flooding rains now in parts of northern delaware and into south jersey.
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if this does not start moving. what's happened here is the northern portion of this line is pushing eastward. the southern portion may be stalling here right in portions of maryland. so we continue to have to watch this minute by minute because it keeps changing shape. not only are we seeing these potential circulations but we are also seeing the line itself making some changes. that is going to continue heading down toward the jersey shore the next hour as well. >> we saw the tornado warning out for the area glenn as well. in new jersey same area the warning is still in effect until 6:30. aside from all of the damaging winds we have along with these storms we are also seeing flood advisories now posted because of the very heavy rain. that is going to be a separate concern. we have damaging winds, we have flood advisories out, we have a lot of lightning across the
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area. now we are looking again at the tornado warning in new jersey. ashland, you are under this gloucester, you are under this very damaging winds. this whole storm system is approaching berlin right now. if you are in this area near voorhees pine hill if cross keys road sounds familiar to you, if you are in the vicinity of that you have very strong winds either in your area right now or they are approaching your area. cooper road just north of berlin and around voorhees you can expect very damaging winds and also some very heavy rain and lightning from this. jackson road hopewell road all these areas near berlin now, this is where we are seeing possibly some of these strongest winds, most damaging winds inside this storm. this is what this storm system looks like as it is approaching. this is an extremely violent storm moving into new jersey. if you are not in the tornado warned area but you are stel experiencing this storm or if you are in the vicinity of this storm you are still seeing some very damaging winds.
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i will track this again for you because it's still traveling pretty quickly, around 50 miles an hour to the east. this whole storm system again is not losing strength. it does not appear to be losing strength. it continues to move very quickly across the area so as we track this whole storm system we are going to see near east berlin really right now, it's moving. it's moving so fast it should be near tansboro by 6:18 atco by 6:20. i will track it wider and we will be able to see what time it gets near medford lakes. this entire storm system very dangerous winds in this tansboro, 6:18. atco 6:21. medford lakes, 6:23. this whole storm system is expected to cover a lot of ground and do quite a bit of damage as it does. again, the tornado warning is still up. williamstown, you are likely seeing very heavy rain and also
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very damaging winds from this. this goes across the major interstates still in new jersey and the philadelphia area. finally, some of the worst rain is leaving the philadelphia area but cherry hill cinnaminson, across 95 295, we are still seeing a lot of damaging winds and also very heavy rain along with a lot of lightning. again, the tornado warning as i take the radar off very quickly, you can still see it. it is still in effect until 6:30 this evening. berlin, you are still under that and you are right on the doorstep of a lot of heavy rain and very damaging winds. aside from the area of new jersey under the tornado warning we have other warnings to tell you about, too. as i turn on the severe thunderstorm warning, you start to see all the counties light upñr in this yellow. all the way to the shore. cape may county, up to ocean county, expect very dangerous winds here with these storms approaching. this entire line as glenn mentioned to you, we call this a bow because of the shape of it
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but when we see this shape, we know there are very damaging winds. this is expected to make its way to the shore. i will track all this for you as it does so moving around 50 miles an hour. as it moves into the shore points, we are talking about maurice river, 6:37. egg harbor atlantic city 7:00. a little farther north, in ocean county. we will continue tracking all these storms for you as we go through the rest of this evening. let's go back to that tornado warning. i will take some of that radar off here so we can see. it appears the tornado warning has been canceled across the area. so it is no longer showing up. i believe it's been canceled. it's no longer showing up on our warning map here. but the severe thunderstorm warning is still showing up. so the tornado warning has been canceled in new jersey. either way, i don't think that really is going to be an issue whether or not it was canceled. doesn't mean you can go outside. we still do have very damaging winds. the tornado warning was because we thought there may be a radar
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indicated tornado because of the rotation. either way, we still have wind damage through the area. we have reports of very high winds, trees down trees down on cars in chester county and this is the same storm that caused all that damage in chester county. it is still keeping its strength. we expect it to continue to intensify. temperatures were too hot today, humidity was too high today and this is why this storm in fact is staying so strong. let's take a live look outside. we have center city skyline. we are seeing improvements here. earlier we couldn't even see. you still see the lightning, clearly it's still raining. we still have very high winds. but as far as improvements are concerned, we are seeing more improvements in the center city area just as far as the very heavy rain is concerned. the storm system is making its way out of philadelphia. as far as new jersey is concerned, if you are along the shore, you can expect this in a very short time. it is still moving through new jersey. we still do have a lot of lightning. you can see it on the live camera. now we will go back to the storm
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because again, this is still a very dangerous storm. regardless of the fact that the tornado warning has been canceled we are still seeing damaging winds. winds near 60 miles an hour. this is what we expect with these storms. 60 mile an hour winds, lightning, brief heavy rain. we have flood advisories across the area and also hail. we have seen reports of hail with this storm. let's send it to chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz to talk more about the storms for this afternoon. >> we have that huge area covered from severe thunderstorm warnings from northern delaware to the basically southern half of new jersey. we have had reports of quite a number of power outages in parts of the area. chester county? >> 6,000 customers right now just in to us from chester county people without power. 66,000 the number there. also just want to jump in here to say there's a ground stop at philadelphia international airport which is to be expected with these high winds.
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>> yeah. they had a wind gust of 71 miles an hour ohfficially at the airport. this line is coming down toward the shore. obviously there needs to be a warning for every part of the area in that direction. because this is a solid line of storms. there is just no breaks in it. at the very least, you get hit with this you are going to get torrential rain and a strong gusty wind and lightning. it's not going to last all night. we have drier air back to the west. but the northern portion of this line is now the strongest at least as far as the amount of lightning is concerned and the heaviest rain. the bowing of the line that we were talking about earlier still is there so the strongest winds are likely right in the middle of that bow. lot of lightning, too. 900 strikes just in this small area and just in 15 minutes. you multiply that by four that's about 4,000 strikes per
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hour. the leading edge of this getting to bridgeton, vineland now and into burlington county as well. we continue to see this portion of the line moving to the east but this portion is not. it's not moving anywhere. or it's moving right over the same spot what we call training. now you have to issue a potential flooding that is in maryland now but obviously if this continues, it goes into new castle county in delaware that is the area that we have to watch. the future cast hour by hour has shown this consistently and here it is, and continues to move toward the southeast. as the sun goes down and the temperatures go down this line may start weakening. but it will take a little while because remember these areas got to mid 90s today.
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when we first saw the severe weather in central pennsylvania berks county, they got to about 88. there's more energy to fuel these storms in the philadelphia area, delaware and south jersey as we have been saying for hours now. why don't we head to vince lattanzio who has been getting pictures from social media. >> we have been getting lots of pictures and reports from all across the area. i want to show you, look at all these little dots plotted on the map. those are reports from all around the area. we will start over on route 1, city avenue at green hill. we can see that trees have fallen down on to the roadway. they have taken down a light right there in that intersection. we have seen reports of lots of crashes, lots of trees down. this was sent to us just now. this is i-95 through chester. the witness is telling me that the tractor trailer appears to have flipped over because of the wind. glenn "hurricane" schwartz just talked about how storm totals or
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sorry, wind speeds by the international airport which is right over there, were clocked around 70 miles an hour. you can imagine that if the big rig was pretty empty and hit with a side wind it could flip over. we could see people are trying to get that gentleman out of the cab there on that car. this is what it looked like on route 1. this is up in northeast philadelphia. as people were slow going on the highway there. obviously we don't want you to operate your vehicle and report at the same time. but it gives you a picture of what that looks like. we talked about how this storm moved through the area. this is that line that glenn and sheena were talking about. this is taken from south philadelphia looking towards center city. you can see the storm, line of storms moving towards the delaware river. the delaware river will be on your right-hand side. as this storm moves through west philadelphia into center city and towards new jersey. this is another view this is of center city. i'm getting reports from people all across the area, including people on patco.
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one gentleman on patco has said they were without power on the patco train in the area of +doôd smoke in the tunnel between cityy- broadway trains are currently not running through camden. the smoke was not from a train is what they are saying. obviously we are getting a lot of reports across the area. we will continue to follow them on and the nbc 10 app. watch the live radar along with glenn and sheena. jim and renee? >> that's bringing us news about patco. we know the septa regional rail thorndale and manayunk line affected by this storm that really within the past half hour, we went from no visibility to just a gray sky out there. >> let's go back to meteorologist sheena parveen with the latest on these fast-moving storms. >> the fast-moving storms as we have already mentioned, 66,000 without power. at least in chester and delaware county. we could certainly be seeing more of that as this entire storm system moves into new jersey. trees down in chester county trees down on top of cars and i do expect more storm damage
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reports to come in through new jersey within the next 30 minutes to an hour. severe thunderstorm warning for pretty much all of south jersey until 7:30 p.m. now, the interesting thing about these storms is they have actually sped up a lot. they are now)/p moving at 70 miles an hour. that is extremely fast. this is a very quickly developing line of very strong storms. as it moves through the east-southeast around 70 miles an hour, mullica township 6:30. egg harbor city 6:32. little egg harbor 6:44. atlantic city at 6:47. i will zoom in more so we can see some more town names. burlington county, atlantic county this will be moving over the a.c. expressway in atlantic county right now. as we track these storms moving very quickly, expect them in mullica 6:30. sweetwater 6:32. egg harbor city, 6:33. again, this entire storm line extends from the i-95 corridor
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just north of philadelphia, now leefg leaving bensalem. mt. laurel seeing very heavy rain, lot of lightning across 295. flooding concerns as well. evesham township medford lakes, down through new jersey and this is all again continuing towards the shore very quickly. let's send it to chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz with some of the rain we have. >> as we have been showing you, a portion of the line is moving, another portion is not. the northern portion is moving to the east. this is the radar estimated rainfall. obviously this is over a relatively short period of time. just east of philadelphia in parts of camden county that's two and a half inches of rain probably in a good bit less than one hour. the area we were showing you that was lining up east to west not really moving the radar estimates in new castle county over two inches of rain and back
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toward -- in maryland, about three inches of rain. again, just in a period of a couple of hours. if this continues moving along the same line these numbers are going to climb very rapidly and there will be some issues with potential flash flooding as a result of this.v this is something else we'll have to be watching over the next hour or two. >> of course all of us we are not going anywhere as these storms move through our area. count on us for updates on air and onthe nbc 10 app. we will have pictures on the app as well. here are live pictures from storm force 10 right now. tell us where storm force 10 is brett? in downingtown. live picture right here of what the conditions are in downingtown. things have cleared out quite a bit. >> the storm moved through so quickly. you see the sky there. now much darker in this picture that we leave you with tonight. of course we will be bringing you updates throughout this evening. i'm renee chenault-fattah. thank you for joining us.
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