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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  June 30, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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we do know the storm has knocked out power in some areas. these numbers need updating because of the nature of this the fact that it's updating moment by moment. there are more than 10,000 outages in the lehigh valley right now. that includes nearly 5600 outages in lehigh county. more than 5200 customers are without power in northampton county. take a look behind us here behind this set. that should be a picture of center city philadelphia from across the river from camden. now it's that. >> a lot of rain a lot of cloud cover. you can barely see the buildings there in the distance. let's talk to meteorologist sheena parveen. can we expect more severe weather tonight? >> yeah. i wouldn't be surprised if we had some more severe storms moving in. we are under a severe thunderstorm watch until 8:00 this evening. i'm keeping a very close eye on lancaster county. that one appears to be getting stronger as it will be approaching berks county soon. first we will start with the one moving into the philadelphia area.
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that's why all you see is the rain and dark cloud cover. this is a pretty strong storm. earlier it was severe. we had hail indicators in this storm, heavy rain and lightning. across the philadelphia area here's what it looks like looking at center city. the heavy rain high winds with this storm expected. this will keep tracking up along the i-95 corridor. delran, expect it by 5:14. riverside by 5:15. let's look at this hail indicator here. some indications on radar we are showing hail possibly around half an inch in diameter. i would not be surprised because a lot of storms today have been producing hail. we have gotten a lot of reports of that. right around deptford also gloucester pine hill moving into parts of gloucester county this is also another heavy shower across the area. this one i was mentioning earlier moving into lancaster county, i will keep my eye on this. radar is trying to indicate that this storm may be intensifying. either way, this one is in lancaster county and this is moving near 76 with some heavy rain and lightning.
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it's mostly tracking to the northeast around 20 25 miles an hour. it will be near clay by 5:07. if it holds together which i think it will it will start to move into parts of berks county. so we have quite a few thunderstorms on the radar we are watching right now. as we go through tonight we could certainly have more. severe thunderstorm watch will be up until 8:00 tonight. winds could be near 60 miles an hour and any strong storms lightning, heavy rain and we have gotten a lot of reports of hail across the area too. coming up i will keep tracking the storms for you. we will take a look at the timing of when they will finally leave and take a look at your fourth of july forecast. lot of people have been posting videos and pictures by social media. please tag us or send them to us, make sure you get it directly to us. we love sharing pictures like this here from king of prussia. you see very clearly the rain is coming down here. as i keep moving you see this is a great example. more rain that's falling. this time it's 476 in
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harleysville. you can actually see it which makes me believe there's perhaps hail out there. back to king of prussia the clouds are much darker there. you see the rain on the ground. in fact right here what appears to be the clouds making a funnel-like shape. moving on to west chester, another video and another what looks like a funnel coming down. we are waiting for any official word if there is in fact a tornado here. sheena has been working on that. again, dark clouds over west chester and some kind of finite point right here as the clouds begin to funnel down. these are all taken by viewers at home. this one, as a matter of fact back in king of prussia, you see clouds collecting over top. i will move quickly. this is in edgemont. you see a little of that cloud formation coming down toward the center of the picture, then back in king of prussia. these pictures are so important to us. if you have any pictures or video like these, make sure you send them to us through the nbc
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10 news. make sure you're safe. don't take pictures or videos while driving or if the weather is too dangerous. also tonight, developing news on the murder of an elderly woman in philadelphia. investigators have found the 85 85-year-old victim's car but the person who killed her is still on the loose. we have learned from police that someone used the woman's atm card over the weekend. nbc 10's jesse gary has the latest. >> i didn't notice it when i went around the corner. >> reporter: she has a keen eye for plates and a good memory to match numbers. she looked at this silver toyota corolla and told two philadelphia police officers. an hour later northwest detectives were on the scene gleaning evidence. they are also looking for surveillance video from nearby businesses. regina bruener was found in her west mount airy home.
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she may have been caught off guard. she had been beaten stabbed and her throat was cut. neighbors became suspicious something was wrong. those fears confirmed with the discovery of her body. >> what goes through my mind is that's somebody's mother and grandmother that they slit the throat and why? the woman is 87 years old. whatever you wanted you could have took from her and left. but you had to kill her. i just feel so bad for her family. >> the car has been towed to a police facility where detectives are looking for dna and other evidence. they will also be looking at surveillance video from the two places someone tried to use the murdered woman's atm. a pregnant woman is still in critical condition after getting shot in philadelphia's west oak lane section last night. her unborn child did not survive. police say she and a man were shot just after 10:00 last night on thouron avenue. she was four months pregnant. witnesses say they heard an argument before the shots were
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fired. no word on a suspect. the republican race for president is more crowded tonight with a familiar face entering the field. after months of speculation, new jersey governor chris christie made it official today. he is running for president. as nbc's dave wagner reports, it was a combination of big personality and political punching. >> thank you, new jersey. >> reporter: in the high school where he was once elected class president, new jersey governor chris christie launched his latest campaign. >> today, i am proud to announce my candidacy for the republican nomination for president of the united states of america. >> reporter: he quickly pivoted with a series of shots at president obama and the democratic front-runner. >> after seven years of a weak and feckless foreign policy run by barack obama we better not turn it over to his second mate hillary clinton. >> reporter: in a field of 14 republicans, christie is trying
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to differentiate himself as a straight talker. >> i mean what i say and i say what i mean and that's what america needs right now. >> reporter: he will bring a different kind of energy to this race that will push and test the scott walkers and jeb bushes in their establishment corner. >> reporter: once a leading contender, christie is viewed by many as a long shot with a lagging economy and weak poll numbers in new jersey. a cloud remains over him in the so-called bridge-gate scandal. two people close to the governor have been indicted for shutting down the george washington bridge in retaliation for a new jersey mayor not endorsing christie's re-election. christie moves forward in a crowded 2016 race for president. dave wagner, nbc news. >> chris christie's announcement follows a year of slipping ratings. let's take a look at some of the numbers. they come from several
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rutgers/eagleton polls for the past year. the first right there, february 2013. among new jersey residents, christie had a favorable rating of 70%. fast forward to april 2015. this year. that number dropped to 38%. that same poll in april found that 24% of people in new jersey thought chris christie would make a good president. one professor of political science says while the decline may hurt voters elsewhere may not care that much how new jerseyians feel. we went to camden city hall to get reaction about christie's announcement. even the people who had something good to say about what he's done in new jersey said they still wouldn't vote for him. >> with the pensions they kept their word they put their money in the pensions but he didn't put any money back in the pensions so if he's breaking his word now, how's he going to keep his word in the white house? >> he says one thing and does another. he lacks integrity as far as the
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people of new jersey. he hasn't done what he said he was going to do get more jobs and lower taxes. it hasn't happened. >> there has been a lot of stimulation as far as business growth. it's coming to cities like camden and newark. >> would i vote for him as president? right now, no. >> hear more from christie about his announcement tonight on "nbc nightly news" with lester holt and tomorrow morning on the "today" show. here are some of the other stories making headlines on "nbc 10 news at 5:00." rescue crews at the jersey shore are searching for a man who disappeared in the ocean in north wildwood this morning. police say a man in his 40s was in distress and tried to get to him but couldn't. this happening near the second street beach. boaters tell us the currents there are strong and dangerous. we now know where pope francis will be making public appearances during his visit to philadelphia. the pontiff will celebrate mass saturday september 26th at the cathedral basilica of ss. peter
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and paul followed by a visit to independence mall. the grand finale of his visit is sunday with a mass on the ben franklin parkway. officials with atlantic city electric tell us just about 100 customers in burlington and camden counties are still without power from last week's storm. at the highest the company reported more than 280,000 outages. crews are working to get power restored. usually a ground-breaking for a new building takes place and sometimes years before construction begins. not the case for a ceremony at the navy yard today in south philadelphia. heavy equipment is already on the premises working on a new 96,000 square foot office building. the event also included a ribbon cutting for the opening of a new five acre park called central green. >> the city of philadelphia is on the move. this is going to bring more jobs to the district. today is a great day for the city of philadelphia. >> central green has a social track for exercise.
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there's a hammock grove, a lawn designated for sunbathing bocci, table tennis as well as a fitness area. back to our severe storms hitting our area this afternoon. here's a look at the damage on capler drive in copley lehigh county. anthony bruno posted these pictures to our nbc 10 facebook page. we will have an update on conditions straight ahead.
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taking a live look right now, you can see the ben franklin parkway with all of that cloud cover. the rain continuing to come down. much of the area is under a severe thunderstorm watch for this area this afternoon. we've had a lot of tornado warnings. sheena parveen will have the latest in just a moment. here's an updated look at power outages. there are nearly 15,000 outages across the lehigh valley. ppl electric reports more than 5400 outages in lehigh county. more than 5200 ppl customers are without power in northampton county while first energy has another 4,000 outages in northampton county. in the western united states firefighters are on the ground and in the air fighting a
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number of wild fires. in washington state alone, dozens of homes and businesses have been destroyed. experts say with drought affecting the entire west coast the worst is yet to come. >> this is our downstairs patio, i guess. >> reporter: families are now assessing the losses. >> there's nothing left. >> reporter: two dozen homes destroyed in washington. >> no point in crying. it's gone. they were just saying [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: after an out of control wild fire ate away the landscape. >> it picked up and just took off. >> reporter: sending flaming embers flying. >> this morning we have a 10% containment on the fire. you will see that dra matlymatically go up today. >> reporter: firefighters work to make sure hot spots don't flare back up. conditions here and across the western united states remain dire.
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>> things are lining up to be could be a very active july and august as the fuel conditions continue to dry out. >> reporter: the western states are all facing drought conditions. the worst in california. there have been more than 900 wild fires in the first part of this year. the so-called lake fire burning for more than two weeks is only 60% contained. estimated costs so far battling the blaze, more than $32 million. >> historically we can spend $1 billion plus just in the u.s. forest service in fighting wildland fires across the nation. >> reporter: an entire region of the country, a tinderbox where one spark could lead to more devastation. for the second time in less than a year science experiments by local students went up in flames during a trip to space. students from new jersey and delaware watched sunday as spacex's falcon 9 rocket
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launched and seconds later disintegrated. middle school students in pennsauken township were testing to so if fruit flies could reproduce in space. students in bear wanted to test the affects of antibiotics on bacteria. they will assemble the projects for another space trip. last october a group of south jersey students watched a rocket carrying their science experiments explode over virginia. that rocket was also headed for the international space station. the students attend ocean city high school. philadelphia mayor michael nutter announced the members of the commission on universal pre-kindergarten following their first meeting at city hall. their focus is on pre-k funding. the commission was approved by voters in may. advocates say one in six preschoolers have access to fund pre-k. they want that extended to everyone. the west nile virus is in part of chester county. the county's health department confirms a test for the virus in phoenixville was positive.
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the health department stresses that the chance of contracting the virus is very small. however, they are recommending residents take precautions to reduce the chances of being bitten by mosquitos. this morning, state environmental crews sprayed for mosquitos in parts of sussex county. helicopters sprayed in delaware at the seashore and island state park. federal environmental officials say the insecticides do not pose a health risk to humans. wildlife or the environment. well we have been tracking thunderstorms all afternoon long. we have had three tornado warnings and still have pretty strongs storms moving through. one of them in if philadelphia area about to leave but the heaviest rain is now moving into camden. we are still seeing potential for hail within this storm. we have seen hail around an inch or so in diameter.
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this is in fact moving towards philly international airport now. we are watching this very closely. live look at center city. can't really see anything. the heavy rain still here. this storm will continue along 95. riverside, you should see it by 5:23. bensalem, 5:32. bristol, 5:37. levittown, 5:45. that storm still bringing heavy rain lightning and also potential for hail. right around evesham township and greentree we still have locally heavy rainfall. some more showers now quickly developing through salem and cumberland counties. these are all making their way to the northeast around 25 to 30 miles an hour or so. here's one in lancaster county we have been watching. this is a severe thunderstorm so severe thunderstorm warning, potential for hail inside this storm and lightning and heavy rain. if it holds together as it goes into berks county reading, you should see that by 5:53.
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for the poconos, carbon and monroe counties we are seeing a lot of thunderstorm activity here too with the potential for hail inside these storms. for the rest of this evening, any storms that develop do have potential of bringing us winds near 60 miles an hour hail, lightning and very heavy rain. that's going to be the case with any thunderstorms as we go until 8:00 tonight. that's what the severe thunderstorm watch is up for, including most of the area. the flood threat is north and west of philadelphia. flash flood watch, meaning we could see the potential for flash flooding. we already have flash flood warnings through parts of the lehigh valley until 7:00 p.m. tonight because of very heavy rain we saw earlier. we already do have reports of localized flooding in those areas. you never want to drive into flooded roadways. future weather here as we go through the next few hours. storms are going to stay around. we have a very unstable atmosphere at the moment. 9:00 tonight, i think we will still have storms around. overnight, there's the potential
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that we could see at least some showers or scattered thunderstorms move through. so far, the models pretty consistent with showing us drying out for the morning commute. doesn't mean we can't have a few light showers around for the morning commute but so far, it looks like tomorrow should be a much calmer day than today. we are still going to keep a chance of thunderstorm in the forecast. now as we go into the fourth of july weekend, friday and saturday, if you are heading to the shore or delaware beaches, temperatures mid to upper 70s. thunderstorm chances will stay in the forecast friday and saturday. then we go into sunday and the whole weather system starts to clear out. so far, the second half of the weekend does look the best. tonight, early storms some of them strong. we could see scattered ones overnight. 69 for the low in philadelphia mid 60s north and west. tomorrow, chance of a thunderstorm but i think most of the day we will be hot and humid. temperatures about the mid to upper 80s. as we go into the rest of this week, we have a chance for showers or storms pretty much every day. tomorrow i don't expect it to be as active as today but we go
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into the weekend, that thunderstorm chance hangs around for saturday. by sunday we start to clear out. still ahead, if you love burgers and a little protein, the restaurant chain that's adding crickets and why. plus getting close to the pope. we have new information on where pope francis will be on his visit to philadelphia. and where the best places are to see him.
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school lunchrooms nationwide will soon afteroffer yogurt as a substitute for meat. chobani has been selected to provide yogurt as part of the lunch program this fall. the decision comes two years after the usda classified greek yogurt as a meat substitute. it uses hormone-free milk. speaking of food -- >> and protein. >> -- right, bugs are usually cause for alarm in a restaurant. at least for me it is. >> for me too. but a burger chain is actually adding crickets to the menu. why? for protein. way back burgers oreo mudpie
5:26 pm
cricket protein milk shake which normally keith would be all about, but this one is made with peruvian chocolate flavored cricket poudwder. it began as an april fool's joke. after testing the item, way back are agd it to the menu for a limited time. >> if you didn't know the cricket was in there and you saw that picture, you would think that looks delicious. >> glad they told us. we will tell you about the threat of severe weather. if you look behind us you can see there is rain on the lens in center city philadelphia. >> the picture continuing to change as the weather changes. meteorologist sheena parveen is tracking the radar. >> you can see the image starting to clear up as the storms continue to move through. we still have storms around. i will show tuyou the timing and we will take a look at the fourth of july forecast. take a look at these pictures of hail and flooding rain. an nbc 10 viewer tweeted these pictures in the last 30 minutes.
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we'll have much more weather coverage straight ahead.
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soccer. top chef. soccer. top chef. [whi stles] soccer! top chef! [shouting] disco! [singing] say it and see it. the x1 voice remote, only from xfinity. we are going to continue with more video from today's severe storms. a viewer took this in gilbertsville, montgomery county. take a look at those clouds hovering over that area. here's another viewer of the storm from chester county.
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it shows what looks like a funnel cloud forming behind that building in west chester. >> several areasj"< u tornado warnings this afternoon and the threat for more severe weather continues tonight. let's check in with meteorologist sheena parveen for the latest. >> the severe weather warning will go until 8:00 tonight. we have a few isolated showers areas north and west but other than that we have been watching heavy rain around philadelphia which is now leaving the philadelphia area but over merchantville and cherry hill cinnaminson, this will be traveling up i-95 towards trenton. philadelphia really clearing out from the heavy rain we had about ten minutes ago or so. this rain stretches all the way up towards mercer county and we are not seeing anything severe but again, any thunderstorm does have potential to become severe as we go through the rest of the evening. now, this thunderstorm right around pilesgrove and moving into mullica hill this has been getting stronger with indications that it could be developing some hail.
5:31 pm
also, more showers starting to develop in parts of salem and cumberland counties, moving into gloucester county and eventually into camden county. those might get stronger too. one thunderstorm i have been keeping an eye on is in lancaster county. this one is pretty heavy with indications of hail. we have seen lightning in it. it will continue to travel in the direction of berks county. if you are in west earl you will see this by about 5:34. spring, 5:52. reading, if it makes its way there which i think it will it will still be pretty strong by about 6:01. the poconos still seeing their fair share of thunderstorms with heavy rain. for the rest of this evening until 8:00 we still have a severe thunderstorm watch out. any storms have the potential of becoming severe with this watch in place. winds near 60 miles an hour possible lightning, heavy rain and the potential for hail. coming up we will take a look at the timing of the rest of tonight's storms and also what your fourth of july weekend looks like. let's go to nbc 10's mitch
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blacher who traveled to lehigh county in storm force 10. >> we understand you found damage. >> reporter: this is a pretty common scene. 100 trees down some into power lines, some just into homes. but the crews are making pretty quick work of this. i want to just show you down the street, a lot as we are traveling through the streets in coplay, very strong contrast. one street will be completely clear, as the one you're looking down right now. another one, tree damage. the crews making quick work of it. a couple road closures but at this point, the storm has completely passed and about 100 trees down here in coplay. back to you in the studio. take a look at these videos. photos, i should say. the dark ominous clouds a viewer shared them with us. these were taken at the honeybrook golf club in chester county. >> now let's take a look at a
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photo we got in from the lehigh valley. take a look at the dark clouds. the ominous clouds. we have heard that word a lot this afternoon. this photo came in to the nbc 10 newsroom as the storm rolled through that area. >> count on nbc 10 to bring you the latest weather updates throughout the evening. you can download the nbc 10 app to get information sent to your smartphone or tablet or to look ahead to the july fourth weekend. millions will flood into philadelphia this september hoping to get a glimpse of pope francis. >> during his visit to north america, the pope will also take time to visit with prisoners and the homeless. the pope begins his journey in cuba then stops in washington, d.c. and new york before heading to philadelphia. >> nbc 10's doug shimell joins us live from st. charles seminary in wynwood, one of the places the pope will visit when in philadelphia. doug? >> reporter: there are aspects of the pope's schedule that had been leaked in recent weeks but today, 84 days out, it is official.
5:34 pm
when pope francis gives a talk at st. charles borromeo seminary, they will be ready. >> pope benedict actually visited and stayed here while he was still cardinal ratzinger. we are delighted. >> reporter: the cardinal will hold mass at the basilica of ss. peter and paul in philadelphia. it's invitation only. no lottery. >> we won't put names in a hat and pull them out. we have to make decisions as to how we get people from the parish to this mass. >> reporter: that saturday afternoon, francis speaks on immigration and religious freedom at independence hall. >> it is exciting but we're not looking forward to the two million people coming into the city that are going to disrupt our kind of daily life. >> reporter: on sunday the pope visits a prison and conducts mass for almost two million people on the ben franklin parkway.
5:35 pm
it means motorcades and crowds along the way. >> at some point in time even some of that movement activity i would assume will end up out in the public realm. it's not like you can hide the pope. >> reporter: the mayor likens the papal visit over those two days to a presidential visit that just won't quite end. i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. people who live along the ben franklin parkway are preparing for the massive crowds during the pope's visit. the residents say they plan to walk everywhere and keep their cars parked for the week. others say they just want to get out of town. >> i work for the school district of philadelphia so i have a couple days off that week, and we are probably going to rent out our house and take a vacation. >> some business owners tell us they are waiting on a list of road closures to see how deliveries and employees will be impacted. people who live and work near
5:36 pm
the pope's planned stops will feel the biggest impact. nbc 10's deanna durante will take a closer look at that at 6:00. time is running out. pennsylvania's $30 billion budget proposal is due at midnight. governor wolf says he will consider the republican budget plan lawmakers are hoping to push through but warned he will veto some or all of the $30.2 billion proposal which he has criticized for not providing enough money for education and adding to the state's deficit. here's what you can expect if pennsylvania begins its new fiscal year without a budget in place. state agencies and offices will operate as usual as will public safety agencies like state prisons and the state police. billions of dollars in state aid to local school districts would remain in limbo. could you be adding more oil than necessary to your car? a new report says certain models are burning too much. find out if yours is one of them. and check this out. it looks like a funnel cloud
5:37 pm
forming in the distance. this video was posted from morgantown, berks county this afternoon.
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breaking news from our nation's capital. the u.s. and cuba tomorrow will announce the opening of embassies in washington and havana. that word from a senior obama administration official. >> that official says president obama and secretary of state john kerry will speak about the embassies tomorrow morning. this will be a major step in reestablishing diplomatic ties between the united states and cuba. also nearly 400,000 people suffer cardiac arrest outside of a hospital every year. less than 6% of those people survive, according the a new report from the institute of medicine. cardiac arrest occurs when the heart abruptly stops beating.
5:40 pm
it is different from a heart attack. the survival rate for those who suffer cardiac arrest inside a hospital is only 24%. the report's authors say educating the public about how to help is vital. switching gears now. volunteer fire companies in delaware just got a big boost. the state today announced a $450,000 grant to train volunteer firefighters. the money comes from the federal emergency management agency or fema. it goes to the delaware state fire school. the school will use the money for training programs as well as a fire engine and equipment. the nbc 10 investigators looked no the struggle the recruit volunteer firefighters in pennsylvania. they found there are 50,000 volunteers left across the state, down from 300,00020 years ago. most volunteer fire companies require new recruits to complete 180 hours of training. the volunteers pay for this themselves. law makers are expected to introduce a volunteer firefighter education bill later
5:41 pm
this year. a woman's murder could lead to new gun laws in new jersey. why some say the system in place now kept the victim from protecting herself. plus sheena is keeping an eye on the radar. >> that's right. we have had a lot of fierce storms this afternoon and we still do have more moving through right now. coming up i will track those storms for you, show you what it means for your morning commute and of course, the fourth of july forecast.
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5:43 pm
there is a new push in new jersey to review the garden state's gun laws. >> a new committee will determine if the laws are too strict. >> nbc 10's jim rosenfield is live in the digital operations center what spurred the action. >> new jersey has got some of
5:44 pm
the strictest gun laws in the u.s. >> yes, and this new scrutiny into gun laws comes in the wake of a case of a woman killed by her ex-boyfriend. she was from berlin township and had applied for a gun license to protect herself from the ex-boyfriend. she had a restraining order against him and was waiting for approval to get a gun for more than a month. during that wait she was stabbed to death. days later, michael eidel hanged himself in the garage of another former girlfriend's house. the three-member commission will review gun laws regulations, procedures. they will make their recommendations to the governor within 90 days and the state attorney general filed a change to the rules to expedite the applications of domestic violence victims. governor christie hasn't always agreed with the national rifle association. this new executive order could be his way to change that now that he's running for president. jim rosenfield, nbc 10 news.
5:45 pm
new jersey's stolen valor bill is headed to the governor's desk. the bill would penalize someone who falsely claims to have received a medal or declaration from any of our armed forces. >> stolen valor. right here. stolen valor. >> new jersey law makers say the bill was partially inspired by this video shot at the oxford valley mall last year. the man in the video was never charged with a crime. new jersey's bill targets any imposter wearing a uniform, medal or insignia for monetary prosperity or other benefit. the state senate just approved it. offenders would face third degree misdemeanor charges and a minimum fine of $1,000. got a question now. could you be adding more oil than necessary to your car? consumer reports claims some newer cars burn too much oil. according to the magazine some 2010 to 2014 models require their owners to add an extra quart of oil as often as once a
5:46 pm
month. this mainly applies to cars from audi, bmw and subaru but consumer reports found that it wasn't necessary for 98% of these cars to add oil between oil changes. the magazine is calling on auto makers to make repairs under the power train warranty or to extend warranties. you love music. spottify pandora and apple music, which today launched apple music. the company is hoping millions of people with itunes accounts will sign up but it's not clear if they will stick around past the three-month free trial. typically it costs customers $9.99 a month for the full apple music library. atlantic city is set to host the second beach concert this summer. headlined by country group rascal flatts. last year more than 50,000 people packed the beach for performances by blake shelton and lady antebellum. those shows were free but this year, you will need to pay to see rascal flatts maroon 5 and
5:47 pm
nick jonas. the atlantic city alliance says it needed to charge this year to help offset the costs. >> 80% of the people that come to the concerts last year we know by our ticketmaster data are tourists. when people go on vacation they expect to pay. these are really low price tickets, around $40. >> maroon 5 will play august 16th. adam levine there. the rascal flatts show is set for august 20th. new jersey's very own jon bon jovi is playing a role in the 2016 race for president. >> it appears the rocker has already chosen his candidate. new jersey governor chris christie used him as a sound track while announcing his run for the republican nomination today. jon bon jovi has a friendly relationship with christie but he is not his pick for president. he hosted a fund-raiser for hillary clinton last night in red bank. it's not clear how much money
5:48 pm
was raised but tickets cost at least $1,000 a head. we still have storms this afternoon and into the evening to talk about locally. we are seeing the storms mostly south of philadelphia through some of our new jersey suburbs along 95 moorestown seeing heavy rain across 295 just north of mt. laurel. i think some of the storms from earlier today, these are the leftovers and they are really starting to weaken. one thunderstorm moving toward hamilton and mercer county we will watch those closely. now more showers and storms fairly heavy are forming and moving into parts of gloucester and camden county. this one has the potential to produce some hail. the radar is picking that up. the heavy rain shown by the red is right over glassboro, williamstown and moving into gloucester. these are all going to be approaching the philadelphia area but i think most of these
5:49 pm
should be staying into the new jersey suburbs and across the i-95 corridor. we will be watching those very closely, too. we still do have potential for more storms as we go into the rest of the evening. radar continues to show one severe storm ifn lancaster county with the potential of producing hail. it looks weaker than about 20 25 minutes ago but still traveling to the northeast around 25 miles an hour. it will be near exeter by 6:17. poconos, still dealing with the heavy rain the thunderstorms, the lightning and potential for hail in that area. carbon and monroe counties all seeing rain and heavy rain imbedded in that. locally, for most of the area we are still under the severe thunderstorm watch until 8:00 p.m. tonight meaning winds could be near 60 miles an hour or greater with any thunderstorms that develop and become severe. also lightning, heavy rain and hail. we have already had a lot of hail reports today. flash flood warning is still in
5:50 pm
effect for the lehigh valley. much of the lehigh valley, where we saw heavy rain earlier today with localized flooding. the flash flood watch stays in effect for that area too as we go overnight. here's a look at future weather. the storms will continue to move in, maybe not really widespread but by 9:00 p.m. i think we will still have showers or thunderstorms around. overnight, i think the moisture will try to linger so we could still have scattered showers overnight. early tomorrow morning, for the morning commute, model has been pretty consistent about really trying to dry us out for the morning commute. however, we can't rule out a few showers around. through the afternoon, we could still see a few showers but it does not appear so far to be anything like what we have been seeing this afternoon. as we go into your weekend, the all important fourth of july forecast, if you are heading to the shore or delaware beaches, friday and saturday we will keep a chance of thunderstorms in the forecast. mid to upper 70s. by sunday we will clear out, more sunshine by the end of the
5:51 pm
weekend. for tonight, early, thunderstorms, some strong scattered overnight tonight. tomorrow morning, we will be mostly dry but we can't rule out the chance of a shower. chance of a thunderstorm possibly through the afternoon. another hot and humid day, temperatures mid to upper 80s for your wednesday. then we go into thursday and friday, shower chance still stays in the forecast. temperatures stay in the 80s. friday could be the cooler day of the week but either way going into the weekend, a thunderstorm chance is going to hang around. we will update that forecast as we get closer. sunday looks pretty good. >> nbc 10 and nbc universal are giving away money to local nonprofit organizations. the project is called 21st century solutions. the goal is to support nonprofits that are implementing new and innovative programs. the application is on our website, eligibility requirements are also listed there. the deadline to apply is july 3rd. the eagles don't report to training camp until august. >> linebacker conner barwin is
5:52 pm
hosting his own camp for some of his youngest fans. next, your official station for the philadelphia eagles takes you to chester county to the special camp supporting a special cause. coming up on "nbc 10 news at 6:00" cars under water, trees down. we are live with the latest round of storms.
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today in phoenixville eagles star conner barwin who does so much in the community, held his first annual football camp for nearly 200 kids. >> you know nbc 10 is your official eagles station. we have an exclusive look at a special day for the kids and the birds' pro bowl linebacker. >> he just ran around him. >> the experience of meeting coach barwin and like learning some more things that he could teach me and it just shows really good. it's a good experience. >> chip kelly said that's not how i define greatness. he said i define greatness as the ability to be better than your former self. get your head around quick. i'm throwing it quick.
5:56 pm
>> kids out here running around happy, all being respectful to the coaches, to each other, playing football. it's great. >> put your hands like this. then you can give him a little juke or swipe your hands right around him. all right? >> this to us is important that they get out here and they play and stay active and exercise. >> nice! >> it's a really good opportunity because i get to meet a professional football player. >> keep going, keep going, keep going! >> to have all these kids here for my first camp in philadelphia and i look forward to having many more. >> a ton of fun. by the way, the proceeds go to barwin's make the world a better place foundation. >> the kids learned so much and are so excited to see him up close and personal. really good. the birds' first preseason game is sunday august 16th at 1:00 here on nbc 10. "nbc 10 news at 6:00" is next. here's jim rosenfield. coming up next on "nbc 10
5:57 pm
news at 6:00" our first alert weather team has been tracking an active afternoon. tracking more rain at this hour. sheena? >> that's right. we are talking about more storms moving through right now. going to be a busy night for parts of the area. i will show you the latest on the timing and where the storms are heading next. the earlier storms today left damage across the region. we will show you some of the hardest hit areas. and a swimmer disappears in the ocean this morning. tonight, the dangerous spot to watch out for this holiday weekend.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
right now at 6:00 summer storms brought tornado warnings. the tornado threat is over now but today's storms left damage behind and another 14,000 people in the dark. whitehall township in lehigh county declared a state of emergency. we are still keeping a close eye on the radar. it's pouring in parts of our area. here's a look at the conditions live from our camera that looks towards center city. some dark clouds and wet camera lens there. then the rain came down hard and fast in prospect park creating this mess right here. this video sent to us and you see that car stuck in the water outside the septa station. police have blocked off that road. the scene also in delaware county. about a little over an hour ago, some people had their umbrellas ready to go as they waited for the bus in springfield. look at what covered the ground
6:00 pm
in northampton county. a viewer sent these pictures of hail on the ground. looks like it was a mix of hail and a little rain. and this picture of a possible funnel cloud over a farm in chester county this afternoon. nbc 10 meteorologist sheena parveen has been tracking these storms all afternoon. very busy afternoon. another threat tonight? >> yeah. the threat's going to go until 8:00 tonight. it's pretty much the same severe thunderstorm threat we have been under this afternoon so we are going to keep watching for any strong storms. locally we still do have pretty strong storms in parts of new jersey, right across the river from philadelphia. that's where you saw the dark clouds on our adventure aquarium camera. gloucester up to west deptford seeing heavy rain. also near williamstown, with an indication of hail. we have been seeing this in almost every storm today, hail indicators reports of hail and hail size possibly about an inch or so near clayton and parts


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