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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 5am  NBC  August 1, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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today," philadelphia police believe this video could be the evidence that breaks the case of a young mother murdered. we're live with the developments of the investigation. plus paying final respect toss a hit-and-run victim as police search for the person responsible for his death. the heat wave is expected to continue through this first weekend of august but with low humidity. it may not feel as unbearable as you think. details coming up in first alert forecast. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary conner it's 5:00.
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tracking already warm weather outside. good morning, michelle. >> good morning. temperatures mainly in the 70s, we'll be into the 90s by later this afternoon. we are pros at this point. we're going to see that heat wave continuing at least for the next couple of days. here is a live look outside. we're looking at lowe's camera. clouds around breezy this afternoon. temperatures right around 76 in philadelphia, off to a warm start, 72 nobel 73 wildwood. north and west 60s, allentown 65 this morning lancaster. winds near 20 25 miles per hour as a weak cold front passes through. right around 10 miles per hour in philadelphia you'll feel that warm breeze later on this afternoon. so for today the first day of august feeling a lot like august. by 8:00 76 lunch time 87 the breeze will pick up by 4:00
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91. hot and sunny. we'll talk more about that and when the heat wave will finally break. that's all straight ahead. new from overnight police in philadelphia police are investigating a shooting death. investigators tell us the victim was shot on mountain street found on the ground between two cars. no word on on a suspect or motive. this morning police continue to search for a suspect in the murder of a port richmond mother who was killed inside her home with her2-year-old child nearby. jesse gary live. there's new evidence they hope will lead them to the killer? >> reporter: that's right. it is quite in port richmond. there's evidence of what happened behind me. you can see the candles, flowers, balloons bears, all in
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memory of this mother. friends and strangers came here to hold hands and pray during a vigil. the 22-year-old was shot and killed inside her home she shared with her boyfriend, her father and 2-year-old daughter. neighbors pooling their strength to cope with the crime. [ inaudible ] >> investigators say she was shot in the back of the head execution style. neighbors believe they heard one gunshot and saw a man running from the scene. detectives recovered this video showing a man running down the street at the time of the murder. they are trying to track down the person to see if he was involved in the killing or had any knowledge. we'll update you on the case in 30 minutes. live in port richmond jesse gary, nbc 10 news. today family and friends will gather for funeral services
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for francis arroyo. he was in the car with his brother when witnesses say an suv crashed right into them and did not stop. aroya who is survived by a pregnant fiancee and son was killed. police found the suv involved but continue to look for the driver. also in philadelphia neighborhood, police trying to figure out what happened at a shooting. a shooting erupted two blocks away. officers have arrested the suspected gunman. a montgomery county mother is facing charges this morning after police say she lied to investigators about the circumstances surrounding her daughter's death. police were called to the model 6 thursday morning. there they found the lifeless body of 2-year-old trinity griffith. the little girl swallowed her mom's prescription medication similar to methadone.
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rather than call for help christina griffith fell asleep and lied to police when she realized her daughter was dead. there's new information on abduction of a girl from luzerne county. the teen has been found and is safe this morning. an amber alert was i should for jene patterson. she was taken in wilkes-barre by walter lewis. they say she was found in the area but they have not given any specifics. family members tell us patterson and lewis were romantically involved and the teen had a protective order against him. nearly 40,000 union workers at verizon are hours away from striking if they fail to reach a contract agreement with the company by midnight. verizon employees in nine states pennsylvania new jersey and delaware have voted to go on strike if necessary. the communications workers of
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america union is rejecting demands that workers increase their health care contribution and make concessions on pensions. a verizon spokesperson said the company has made a solid proposal and offered a path toward success. negotiations do not involve verizon wireless employees in our region. it is a new era for phillies fans. here is a live look at citizens bank park where the team had the first home game since the cole hammel trade became officials. in a single we'll traded pappelbaum hamels and revere. safe to say they would be rebuilding for years to come. hammel's name circulating in trade rumors and finally yesterday the trade became official. 17 years old when they made him 17th overall pick in 2002 draft. since then phillies have risen to the top of the baseball heap and fallen again making hammel
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expendible. >> i'm glad for him but you've got to rebuild at some point. his pitching won't get us anywhere. hopefully prospects will. >>ette us to the only championship i was alive for. >> best move logically on the surface, unless somebody emerges out of the lot they got. we'll hear what hamels has to say about the trade coming up alt bit later this morning in sports. aviation experts are one step closer to solving a mystery solving a piece of a plane that could be from the missing malaysian airlines flight that vanished a year ago. some answers in the investigation. plus global outreach. folks around the world are reacting to the death of seth the lion. what officials in zimbabwe want to happen to the dentist who killed the animal. e homework for a change?
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. hey, did you see that blue moon? two full moons in a month and second and last night. if you missed it you'll have to wait a while for the next one. astronomers say it will not happen again until january 2018. >> announcer: now nbc 10 first alert weather. >> we have a beautiful moon outside, also a beautiful start to the weekend. it's going to be a hot one into the 90s but we're used to it by now. just a couple of degrees higher than what's typical. we're staying hot. tuesday we reach 90s, wednesday, thursday friday today 91 and tomorrow. we do have a break in the heat wave as we near midweek during this week. right now looking at temperatures pretty worm. 6 in philadelphia washington township, 73 wilmington north
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and west temperatures in the 60s. people in allentown, 65 in ran caster. along the coast looking at temperatures mainly in the mid-70s. some spots 60s. 69 in woodbine. 72 in dover. as we go throughout the day, we're going to plan on mostly cloudy, a caveat to the north. we'll talk about that. mostly sunny, breezy winds picking up to 25 miles per hour at times and will be a hot one, 89 to 92. we'll talk more about the heat this weekend and tracking storms in your workweek. we'll do that straight ahead. you have one last chance to check out the delaware state fair this weekend. as you heard michelle say, it's going to be sunny. the ten-day event in harrington county wraps up today. plenty to do for beer connoisseurs, at the beer festival. grand funk railroad and lower case blues will clothes the fair with a concert. next fallen firefighters
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wildfires out west turn deadly for emergency crews. we'll tell you what officials say happened.
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happening now french aviation experts examining what appears to be a piece of an airplane wing to determine if it came from the malaysian airline jet that vanished more than a year ago. the debris from flight 370 has arrived in paris. experts say it's likely from a boeing 777. the only known missing 777 is that malaysian jetliner. it was discovered on the french island of reunion in the indian ocean. if confirmed it would be the first significant finding from the flight. investigators will also be looking for clues as to what caused the flap to break off. flight 370 disappeared last year on the way to kuala lumpur to beijing. there were 239 people on board. it was a close call for a plane
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filled with passengers at jfk in new york this week. a drone nearly hit the delta flight from orlando yesterday as it was about to land. the drone flew below the plane's right wing. whoever was piloting that drone could face federal charges for endangering the lives of the passengers on board. off the coast of florida, the coast guard searched for two teenager boaters is now over. crews searched atlantic waters for seven days before the operation was suspended last night. the 14-year-olds austin stephanos and perry cohen have not been seen since july 24th when they took a boat into the waters off jupiter, florida for a fishing trip. while the formal search and rescue effort is over the boys' family say they will continue to look for the teens with volunteers private planes and helicopters. >> i'm giving it all i've got. i'm not going to stop. i know those boys are out there. i know they are okay. they are not your typical kids.
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they are very strong willed and very intelligence. >> donors contributed $340,000 to a fund so the families can continue their private search and they are still holding out hope for a happy ending. a firefighter from south dakota is dead after battling one of more than a dozen wildfires burning across california right now. forest service officials have not revealed exactly how he died but they say it happened while he was fighting flames. they say he vanished sometime thursday an his body was not recovered until yesterday morning. the fast moving wildfires in california are threatening homes and businesses and have prompted the governor to declare a state of emergency. now to an update from zimbabwe where authorities are seeking extradition of an american dentist who killed a lion lured out of the national park. minnesota dentist walter walmarter remains in hiding three weeks after killing seth the lion. it sparked outrage around the world.
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hundreds of thousands of people signed a petition urging the white house to get involved. meanwhile u.s. authorities say they have been contacted by a representative for palmer. the dentist could face criminal charges in zimbabwe including poaching. >> to know something as powerful and symbolic as cecil can die so treacherously and tragically it shows what a slippery slope we are when it comes to protecting the rest of africa's amazing species of wildlife. >> in a statement palmer has said i deeply regret my pursuit of an activity i love and practice responsibly and legally resulted in the taking of this lion. talk about deja vu remember from earlier this month a pro surfer who punched a shark attacking him during a competition? another incident happened off the coast of australia this weekend but this time the shark was trying to attack a former
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boxer. he put his skills to goo use. he suffered serious injuries to his leg and hand as he punched and fought off a shark yesterday morning. it happened in the water off evans head 340 miles north of sydney. friends say he was just about to sit up on his board when it flipped over and the shark went after him. >> he was paddling out to catch a wave. we hadn't gotten to where we would normally cast away. my friend yelled out, there's a shark, head back in. a second or two later he went under the water. >> police say people walking on the beach helped save his life by using surfboard leg ropes as tourniquet tourniquets. this is an attack from earlier this month. mick fanning fought off a shark on live tv during a surfboard competition. he was dragged off his board and pulled under.
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a rescue and he returned shafl to shore. all right. good saturday morning. meteorologist michelle griffin. lots of sunshine in the area. it will be hot, to the heat wave does continue. that's the headline this saturday morning. we're used to 90s, see 90s probably today and tomorrow and at least the first half of the workweek. the heat wave does continue. lots of sunshine. to the north mount pocono showers, thunderstorms, that would be about it. then we'll see a break in the heat by wednesday. 76 in philadelphia winds out of the southwest at 10 miles per hour. temperatures to the north and west mainly in the sick. 64 in allentown as well as pottstown 71. in westchester, 65 in lancaster, warmer in philadelphia. 76 to the south and east. looking at the upper 60s, low 70s. 75 right now in atlantic city and 72 degrees this morning in millville. we're off to a warm start.
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we have a little breezy outside. we'll see breezy conditions later this afternoon especially as the cold front works its way through. winds anywhere from 20 to 25 miles per hour later on this afternoon. this morning we're seeing winds pretty light at 10 miles per hour in philadelphia. 8 miles per hour in wilmington. a little higher than we usually are this hour. we'll see the numbers growing up. future weather breezy day today, mostly sunny skies. here is the caveat. to the north we may see a shower, thunderstorm that's the best chance for seeing any isolated pop-up showers. otherwise most of us are dry today. a mcknight for any plans you might have and hot once again on sunday. mostly sunny skies and your weekend. we're going to see temperatures in the 90s once again. 90s today, 90s on sunday 90s once again on monday. today's highs looking to the north 80 mount pocono. thunderstorm shower there. 87 allentown, 8 will quakertown 89 redding. 89 this afternoon. 91 in northeast philadelphia.
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looking at temperatures pretty nice. nice for the weekend. 88 cape may, 88 atlantic city 91 in vineland. closer to home temperatures right around 91 in philadelphia 92 in wilmington and 88 degrees in westchester. seven-day forecast, 91, a hot one. humidity levels low. feeling comfortable. feel a lot like yesterday but we'll sprinkle in that wind. so breezy this afternoon. nice night tonight, temperatures dropping into the 70s. probably still need air conditioning. sunday we're looking at mostly sunny skies 91. then if you head towards monday we change things a little bit. things get unsettled. you'll notice the pattern, rising on monday. more humid. temperatures near 96 feeling closer to 100 degrees. an uncomfortable day. partly sunny skies tracking a chance for cold front to come through late monday and tuesday. that will give us a chance for showers and thunderstorms. by tuesday partly sunny, hot, 92.
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wednesday, there is a break in the heat wave. 87 degrees, mostly cloudy. late thunderstorm. thursday cloudy with showers and storms 84. by friday mostly sunny, nice day, 85. next a triple crown winner will be running in the garden state this weekend. we'll tell you where you can watch american pharoah race. since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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oldest banner plane celebrating its 70th anniversary. paramount based in capetown the planes pull banners over the ocean from cape may to sandy hook. the ads are designed to catch the eye of thousands of beachgoers below. >> seven decades, thanks to my parents who started it.
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>> paramount was started in 1945 by barbara's father and his brother-in-law. in case you're wondering, it costs between $200 and $4,000 per flight to ties on one of the planes. so as a disclaimer we should tell you we did not pay for this one. this is a surprise. the company made a personalized banner for nbc 10 shore bureau. this weekend new jersey trains adding train service because of a special horse. american pharoah running in the invitation at monmouth park sunday. as a result the agency will expand service but says that riders should be prepared for delays due to the number of fans expected to attend. nbc 10 and telemundo 62 are teaming up with dozens of animal shelters in our area to help find homes for pets in need. it's called clear the shelters and happening saturday august
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15th. that day shelters will be offering reduced adoption fees in hopes of finding loving home for the thousands of animals in local shelters. here is how you can help join the conversation and help raise awareness by i sharing the event on social media. use the #clear the shelter. send us pictures of your pet and come out saturday august 15th to welcome a new friend into your family. shelter locations on nbc 10 news app. top onser for a teacher, derek wood one of 100 teachers who met with president obama at the white house. wood has been a teacher at erer constoega high school. the award for excellence in science and math. >> i feel truly honored and blessed to receive the presidential award, exemplary educators i've been surrounded
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with taught by and teach beside every day. my students and administrators all those together have molded me into what i am today. i see it as a validation of all them. >> the president said it's important to inspire teachers, next generation of explorers and innovators. still ahead the surge for a killer after a young mother is murdered. jesse gary following developments from the neighborhood where it happened. jesse. >> reporter: that's right. investigators have surveillance video to try to help them catch this crook, this murderer. we'll have more on that coming up after the break. >> heat wave continues this weekend, 90s today. also tomorrow. it's going to be hot. it's august. a live look outside. partly cloudy skies in philadelphia. we'll see sunshine today and more sunshine on sunday. but tracking some storms during your workweek, we'll see that straight ahead.
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this morning, tears of grief for people mourning a young mother killed. we're live from the neighborhood where police found a key piece of evidence that they hope will lead to an arrest. plus no more fire deaths. how firefighters and american red cross are working together this weekend to keep everybody safe. and taking a live look
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outside. today the heat wave is on and it will continue this weekend. we'll let you know when some relief will be in the forecast. and next shot at rain. we know that's coming. welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. 5:30. let's get to weather with michelle. this time of year we should expect temperatures in the 90s. >> that's right. 87 is normal. we're just a few days above that. first day of august. 90s will continue tomorrow and also through the first couple of days of the workweek. a good day to be at the beaches. a live look from cape may camera. good day at the beaches. going to be hot, going to be sunny. waking up warmer than we were yesterday in some spots. 6 degrees warmer in wilmington compared to hours ago and 3 degrees warmer in philadelphia. it's going to be a lot like yesterday as we go through the afternoon. temperatures mainly in the 60s and 70s. it's still very warm in philadelphia holding onto that heat. 76 degrees,


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