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tv   Today  NBC  August 13, 2015 7:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> we are out of time. "today" is next. back with local updates in a few minutes. >> get up-to-date information on the nbc10 news app. good morning. breaking overnight -- ♪ a terrifying ceiling collapse during a concert in minneapolis that leaves three people rushed to the hospital. death toll rising. 44 people killed hundreds injured after a massive warehouse explosion in china. the fire still burning this morning. shocking illegal and abusive kelly rutherford slams the judge who ordered her two children be returned to their father. will those words come back to haunt her as her custody battle rages on? and sketchy! the courtroom drawing of tom
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brady that doesn't quite do the football heartthrob justice. the sketch goes viral, the internet responds, and the artist has a message to brady and football fans everywhere "today" thursday, august 13, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with matt lawyuer an savannah guthrie. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. good morning everyone. welcome to "today" on a thursday morning. it's a busy news morning. >> we're waking up to dramatic images. side by side scenes of explosions and devastations from the warehouse explosion or the explosion in china to a market in baghdad and a nasty accident on a highway in new jersey. we're going to have all of those stories coming up. >> let's start with the fright thing scene in minneapolis. let's get to melissa colorado from the nbc affiliate in
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minneapolis with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. ask anyone here in the twin cities, this is part of minneapolis history. the famous nightclub has closed doors after parts of the ceiling collapsed on fans last night. no word yet on the cause. ♪ parts of a ceiling of a legendary downtown minneapolis club came crashing down wednesday night bringing the show to a sudden an end and sending hundreds of concert goers running. >> holly [ expletive ]. >> you can see the red lights flashing and part of the ceiling just boom. >> the sprinklers came on and everything fell down. >> reporter: witnesses say it happened during a performance by canadian rock band theory of a deadman. they say they saw smoke and sprinklers turned on near the back of the venue moments before the ceiling fell causing a water pipe to burst.
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>> i didn't know if there was a fire or what happened. i didn't know if it landed on anybody. >> reporter: fourth avenue nightclub was quickly evacuated as the fire department investigates the scene. officials say three people were hurt and two were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. ♪ many successful artists launched their career at the club including prince, a frequent performer there in the '80s who also buifilmed parts of "purple rain" in the landmark building. concert goers are remembering their experience at the nightclub for a different reason. officials say the cause was collapse still unknown. they have cancelled tomorrow's concert but the question is will first avenue cancel saturday's sold out concert featuring miguel. we're waiting to hear information from the minneapolis fire department about a possible
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inspection happening today. back to you. >> thank you. the death toll is rising from massive explosions that rocked a port city in northeast china. the blast caught on camera because they were so strong they actually registered as seismic events. take a look at the scene right now. the rubble from destroyed buildings is smoldering. kelly cobiella has the latest. >> reporter: good morning, matt. the numbers are staggering. more than 500 injured, more than 40 dead, four fives still burning this morning. we don't yet know the cause of this and chinese officials are being tight-lipped. we know the explosions happened at a warehouse that stores dangerous toxic chemicals including sodium cyanide and compressed natural gas. a fire so big it could be seen from space. the eruption lit the night sky in china. a warehouse storing highly
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flammable material exploding not o once but twice. the warehouse belonging to a company licensed to deal in hazard material. it handles a million tons every year. daylight shows the extend of the devastation. twelve firefighters among the dead. hospital emergency services overflowing trying to cope with the hundreds wounded. the second blast was equal to more than 20 tons of explosives. >> i looked out and saw a plume of smoke. a huge pluk me of smoke. >> reporter: the shock felt six miles away. it registered on a nearby earthquake monitor. >> shock waves slammed into the building we live in. >> reporter: some residents thought it was an earthquake until they saw the white lights. row bonn row of cars waiting to be shipped now just blackened
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metal. home to over 11 million known worldwide as a smoldering disaster zone. >> this morning firefighting efforts on hold as experts try to figure out what kind of chemicals they're dealing with. the chinese military is looking for survivors. not clear how many people are missing. fire officials say they lost contact with 36 firefighters. >> kelly cobiella, thank you very much. now to the presidential race and good news for donald trump. a new poll showing his lead in one key state is expanding. nbc katy tur is here with the latest. >> good morning. two months in and trump is defying the odds and the repeated predictions that this gaffe or that outrage must be the end. as of now, trump is only getting stronger. donald trump is surging to his biggest lead yet in iowa at 22%, eight points higher than ben
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carson, his closest competitor in the latest cnn poll. >> i don't want to get overly excited because you're going to have ups and downs and good days and bad days. >> reporter: the billionaire's bickering only saving to bolster his credibility. >> mr. trump is bullet proof. >> reporter: so far speaking his mind has been an asset. privately some have urged him to focus on the issues. >> i probably identify more as a democrat. >> reporter: on wednesday rand paul released an ad blasting him for being a phoney conservative. imitating trump in new hampshire. trump fired back that his positions evolved even bragging that he easily beat paul on the golf course and will even more easily beat him now in the world
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of politics. as for how he feels about hillary clinton. >> i don't know she'll be able to run. it looks to me that the e-mail thing is a very criminal situation it could cause problems for years to come. >> reporter: now the candidates floating the possibility of sharing the ballot with a woman. >> i would be delighted if it were the right person. it would be a great honor to have a woman as a running mate. >> reporter: he gave no names but has spoken highly of sarah palin in the past. sources tell me she's not, as of now, is a contender. he's unpredictable. who knows. >> a long way before you pick a vice president anyway. katy, thank you. you heard donald trump mention hillary clinton's e-mail controversy. how her campaign is dealing with the latest fallout after hillary clinton turned over her personal server. kristen welker has more. >> reporter: good morning. secretary clinton doesn't have any public events today but her
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campaign is in damage control mode over the e-mail issue. clinton's campaign spokeswoman writing hillary didn't send any classified materials over e-mail. she stressed there is no criminal probe. now the clinton campaign has turned over her private e-mail server to the fbi. the inspector general says there were two top secret e-mails in her files. clinton consistently said any e-mails that were classified were not marked as such at the time she sent them. e-mails have becomed toer for republican candidates suggesting that clinton can't be trusted and polls show it contributed to an erosion in the public trust in clinton. one campaign official accepted the reality the e-mail issue will be present throughout the campaign. clinton heads to the iowa state fair this weekend she's going to try to turn the page. vice president joe biden is vacationing in south carolina where he's expected to consult with family and friends about the possibility of running.
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matt and is matt, back to you. howard dean ran for president in 2004 and served as chair for the democratic national convention. good morning. >> thanks, matt. >> you don't have to be a republican operative to find trouble in the headlines surrounding hillary clinton. any time you put the words "hillary clinton, e-mail, top secret, and fbi " in the same sentence you have a problem. do you see any sign this will go away soon? >> look, i think it's great that the servers are in the hands of the justice department. it's better than having it in trey gowdy's hands. look, this kind of coverage is what the republicans want. the only thing you didn't say that is in the republican talking points is in the word criminal. there's nothing criminal about any of this. she never did mail classified information not labelled as such. i think this is an attempt by the republicans to smear the frontrunner early on. it's a classic -- it's been going on since white water and
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vince foster. this is another version. >> if you look at polling, governor, there are people who say trust is a problem when they look at hillary clinton. how does she convince them that this isn't just another example of what they fear? >> another example of what they fear is exactly what the republicans are trying to do. they've been doing this to hillary clinton since before her husband was president. i think this is going in the right course. i think having the server in the hands of an impartial investigator is going to be fine because it's going to show there was no criminality. there was nothing she sent that was identified as classified or top secret, and this, in fact, nothing but a partisan witch hunt. i think it's too bad but i think we'll get through it. >> if i told you six months ago that bernie sanders would be leading hillary clinton in a poll in new hampshire by about 7 or 8 points, would you have believed me?
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>> no. look, i'm a hillary supporter, but i think it's great what bernie is doing. i do. his whole political career talked about economic justice. economic justice has to be the biggest issues for americans on both sides of the partisan divide this election season. i think it's about time. i think the country is in trouble. i think that is why bernie is doing well. >> let me end on this. if joe biden were to come to you and say, howard, as a former leader of this party and a guy who ran for president in 2004, i'm considering getting in. should i jump in? do i have a chance to win? what would you tell him? >> well, look, i have a lot of respect for joe biden. he's been a terrific vice president. the problem is that joe biden is a very good guy and probably has no appeal whatsoever to people under 35. people under 35 elected barack obama president of the united states. that's a key part of the democratic coalition along particularly with latinos and
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african-americans and asian-americans. so i think it makes sense to have a candidate, and i think hillary is one, i think bernie is another, who can turn on the under 35. i think that would be a problem for joe. so, you know, he's served us incredibly well. i just think that it's probably too late for that. >> howard dean, governor, it's nice to have you. thank you very much for your time. >> thank you very much for having me on. i appreciate it. chuck todd will have an interview with republican frontrunner donald trump this sunday on "meet the press." we've been talking about drones being flown close to planes and helicopters. this is leading to urgent new concerns from the faa. willie is following the story. >> good morning. reports of the incidents spiking dramatically. in fact there was another one yesterday in fresno, california. federal officials say it's time for them to stop. according to the newly released faa reporting with there have been 650 drone sightings by
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pilots as of august 9th of this year. compared to a total of 238 sightings in all of 2014. this summer alone there have been 138 sightings in june, and 137 in july. >> the majority of the drones that are causing the problems are hobbyist drones. the people that are flying drones professionally like law enforcement and this kind of thing they go by the rules. but the hobby yiss don't care. >> the news comes after a close call on wednesday where a drone almost hit a medical helicopter carrying a patient in fresno, california. >> it was probably about 15 feet from the actual aircraft. it could take down the helicopter. >> last sunday the pilots of four commercial airports reported seeing a drone during final approach at newark airport. the latest in a series of similar incidents at new york area airports. >> while firefighters battling
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the history iic blazes in the w had to ground operations several times because of unmanned aircraft. >> if one of the drones was to go into an engine at a critical period or if was to strike the windshield of an airplane, the results could be catastrophic. >> experts say all the sightings are likely because many recreational users don't know or aren't following rules for the drones. you have to fly below 400 feet and more than five miles from an airport. obviously some of the commercial airline pilots are seeing them at 2, 3,000 up to 10,000 feet. >> it's shocking how many more incidents there are now. natalie is here with a devastating terror attack in iraq. good morning. >> good morning. an islamic militant say they are behind that massive deadly attack on a crowded market in baghdad. authorities say at least 62 people were killed and another
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125 people wounded after a truck rigged with explosives blew up inside the market this morning. former president jimmy carter will undergo treatment for cancer. the 90-year-old made the announcement on wednesday and will be treated at emory health care in atlanta. halle jackson is there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. this morning thoughts and prayers are pouring in for the former president who said he could reveal new details about his condition as early as next week. president obama called president carter to wish him a speedy recove recovery. that support has been a tip of the iceberg as folks from the political world to regular folks, even the atlanta braves send their well wishes to the georgia native. carter's cancer was discovered after a surgery on his liver last week. nbc news learned within two days of that operation, the former president was back to his normal schedule at his foundation, the carter center. president carter devoted to
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humanitarian efforts. he's set to head to nepal later this year with his wife to build houses. not slowing down even at 90. so many hoping his cancer treatment can be a success. >> we wish him the best. halle jackson, thank you. officials investigating the colorado mine spill say it will cost millions in damage and economic fallout to colorado, new mexico, and utah. the epa took full responsibility for the spill on wednesday. this as governor's governor invited cameras to watch him drink from the animas river in an effort to show that water is safe for rafting but warns no one else should drink it. parts of the new jersey turnpike were closed this morning after a fiery collision between two tanker trucks on wednesday. drivers passing the burning trucks caught this all on video. incredible explosions with thick black smoke and flames shooting into the sky. the fire gutted both trucks but authorities say the driver suffered only minor injuries. now some dramatic video of a
7:18 am
toddler rescue and a warning it may be tough to watch. a 3-year-old reportedly fell from a window in china and was hanging by his head on the railing. the toddler struggled for air as onlookers watched in horror. a good samaritan ran to the balcony below to hold up the lit boy. the boy's father was able to pull him inside. the good news is he's okay. that is so hard to look at that video. we often show you amazing baseball plays this time of year, but this may be the catch of all catches. see for yourself. this happened at wrigley field when one is popped up there. watch as anthony rizzo runs into foul territory, hops on into the crowd and over the fans to make that phenomenal catch. rizzo stayed on his feet to make the throw back to the infield. initially the umps ruled and thought it was foul play. then they said it was okay.
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good for the win there. >> yeah. >> do what you have to do. natalie, thank you very much. mr. roker. >> we have a lot of heat out there and a lot of schools going back, so athletics really very dangerous at this time of year because kids are practicing. according to climate central, we're looking at this relatively humidity over 60% reduces your body's ability to cool off by sweating. so when that happens, you have a big problem. why? because exercise, especially in the heat, produces 15 to 20 times more heat than your body at rest. when you do press pyre, you increase your risk of heat-related illnesses by 3% when you lose the body fluid. from the panhandle of florida all the way to texas the feels like temperature at 100 or better. guess what. the rest of the country going to start to see that heat building. look from the dakotas to texas, then as we move to the weekend it moves to the northeast, mid
7:20 am
atlantic states and new england by monday. the folks have to be careful about the dangerous heat. we'll get to your local ♪ sami has no idea why her coat is so shiny; buddy doesn't know why he's full of energy; but mom and dad know that they're feeding them the complete nutrition of natural balance®. now available at petsmart! we're always looking to bring you the very best in pet nutrition. with natural balance®, part of our family of natural foods, you can give your pets premium quality ingredients. introducing natural balance® at petsmart. save up to 10% on dry and wet food! fill your pet with love. petsmart®. inspired by pets. good morning. i'm bill henley. a brilliant day hide. brilliant sunshine and low humidity and temperatures in the low to mid-80s. another nice day tomorrow. low humidity in the afternoon. bright sunny skies on friday and plenty heat and humidity
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returning over the weekend. saturday, 92. 93 steamy for the eagles preseason game. 93 degrees on sunday. heat continues into next week. have a great day. that's your latest weather. al, thank you. coming up the legal battle that continues. kelly rutherford lashes out at the judge who ordered her to her kids to their father in monaco. the beauty queen behind bars accused of faking a battle with cancer and scamming people out of tens of thousands of dollars. wait until you hear how far police say she took the lie. first, this is "today" on nbc. patients across the country have spoken.
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they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid. just seven percent received five stars. among them were four
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so you are greater than your allergies. flonase. six is greater than one. this changes everything. that breaking news is out of burlington county. crews are battling a two-alarm % sky force 10 is over that scene. no word on injuries yet or how the fire may have started. firefighters are on scene and we will continue to follow this for you throughout the morning. hopefully, the wind is not hampering the firefighting efforts out there. a beautiful morning shaping up. let's get your forecast with bill henley. >> a light breeze is blowing this morning and coming out of the north good news and bringing in dry air. very low humidity. in fact, it's going to be even lower than what we enjoyed yesterday. the temperatures are cooler as a result. 58 right now in allentown and 63 trenton. philadelphia is at 68 degrees.
7:27 am
and we have got sunshine! bright sunshine. 79 degrees at noon time. low humidity. the temperatures will climb into the 80s this afternoon. westerly winds 9 miles an hour at 3:00 today. let's see if that mess on the schuylkill expressway is clearing up any now with nbc10 news first alert traffic reporter brittney shipp. >> we are seeing delays still. this is video from sky force 10 to paint the picture for you. we did see a truck lose its load. drywall made a mess of the westbound lane on the schuylkill expressway. on 76. now we have one lane that is still getting by and that has not changed. we will switch you over and show you how it's also affecting your morning commute if you take the septa buses. routes 9, 27, 124 and 125 are using detours due to the incident. we are back in 25 minutes with another update. have a great morning.
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7:30 now on a thursday morning. it is the 13th day of august, 2015. that's the music from the electric lady herself janelle mone. she'll be front and center along with wonderland tomorrow on "today." >> check it out. >> it will be a great show. the headlines this morning the fires sparked by powerful explosions at a chinese warehouse for hazardous materials are still burning this morning. the blasts were felt for several miles. they levelled nearby buildings and killed at least 44 people. more than 500 others were injured. a scary scene at the might club in minneapolis overnight. a large section of the ceiling suddenly collapsed. it happened in the middle of the concert injuring at least three people. the head of the epa visits
7:31 am
new mexico today downstream from the river in colorado where epa workers accidentally spilled millions of gallons of mine waste. the agency said the disaster its taken responsibility for will cost millions to clean up. something to think about as the school year is getting underway. will your kids suffer from extreme homework overload? the new findings revealing millions of studenti inin ins ss young as kindergarten are getting too much. the latest on kelly rutherford's custody battle. she called out the new york judge who ordered her to send her children back to their father in monaco. today's erica hill is following it. >> good morning. in that statement kelly rutherford accuses the judge of "effectively arresting her children" words that experts say could backfire. forced to give up her children but not the fight. she called the judge's decision to send them back to her
7:32 am
ex-husband in europe shocking, illegal, and abusive. adding it was the most cruel act against a child i have ever witnessed. a turn for the actress's initial reaction tuesday leaving court. >> i have no words at this moment. no words. >> she slept on it and she found words. unusually personal words. >> rutherford went on to question the judge's legal understanding of the case saying she violated their rights as american citizens and effectively arrested my children. >> i think it's a risky move to attack a judge personally after you get an outcome you don't like when court systems are set up for appeals, for second chances. >> hthe kids have lived in monao with their father since 2012 when he returned to europe after losing his work visa. a california court ruled that the children should temporarily live with him there. a judge in monaco allowed the children to spend this summer with their mother in the u.s. but when she refused to send
7:33 am
them back last week, giersch called it kidnapping. a new court battle began. rutherford's attorney arguing they have a fundamental right to live in their country. >> the best kelly can do is get ready for the court hearing next month. maybe then she'll have a chance of getting her children back. >> rutherford will continue to fight for her children. in a final personal attack, once again slammed the judge writing if she has a conscience, i suspect she will not sleep well ever again. the judge did not respond to our requests for comment on the letter. we will be hearing from another judge in the case early next month at the state custody hearing in monaco which is set for september 3rd. >> it's unorthodox legal strategy. >> a lot of emotion involved, no question about. let's go to a pennsylvania beauty queen behind bars this morning after authorities say she faked cancer or a battle with cancer in an elaborate
7:34 am
scheme to get people out of thousands of dollars. here is stephanie gosk. >> reporter: do you have anything to say? brandy lee weave gates reigning u.s. international when she's never been seen before. instead of the signature sash and gown now handcuffed after being arrested tuesday. accused of theft by deception and receiving stolen property. according to police, the 23-year-old began telling people she was diagnosed with chronic leukemia in march of 2013. last month police received an anonymous tip claiming the beauty queen was faking her illness. >> the anonymous letter stated there was inconsistencies such as miss gates' hair was always there and never falling out. she didn't know the name of her doctors and other things like that. >> reporter: investigators say
7:35 am
her screheme was so elaborate s convinced family members to drive her to the hospital for treatment they would wait in the lobby for hours while she hid elsewhere in the hospital. >> we began the investigation and started contacting the various hospitals she allegedly was receiving treatment, and in speaking with all the locations it was discovered she had never received any type of treatment in any of the locations. >> reporter: the complaint also says fundraisers were held to help with medical bills. police say the most recent event bin go for brandi held in april raised up to $14,000. >> she was believable. i held a benefit for her and i never would have questioned it. >> reporter: pageant directors said that effective immediately she's stripped of her title and required to return her crown and sash upon her release from being detained. >> i'm shocked. i'm sad. i'm worried about her. i mean, i know there's a lot of people that are angry. i'm angry, too.
7:36 am
no one wants to be duped. >> reporter: concern and outrage over a beauty pageant winner whose behavior was anything but con genual. for "today" stephanie gosk, nbc news. let's move on. mr. roker has a check of the weather. >> i think i'll go to the map now and show you what is going on. it's been a tale of two states, in a sense, for florida. in this part of the western part of the state tampa has had almost twice as much rain as they should normally have since june 1st. the southeastern part of the state in a extreme drought picking up only a third of the rain they should have. that's about to change. we're going to have a stationary front that is going to park itself the third week in a row. the difference this time not only will we see moisture coming in for the west coast, but we're
7:37 am
also going to see heavy rain along the east coast of florida where they really need it. so places just to the west of there could see 3 to 4 inches of giersch..the next three .. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a beautiful day ahead. brilliant sunshine and low humidity and temperatures warming into the low to mid-80s. nice day again tomorrow. low humidity in the afternoon. bright sunny skies on friday and plenty of heat and humidity returning over the weekend. saturday, 92. 93 steamy for the eagles preseason game in the afternoon. 93 degrees sunday. the heat continues into next week. have a great day. make sure you get that weather any time you need it weather channel on cable, online. al, thank you very much. coming up elmo, big bird, and cookie monster.
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and in rare cases, fatal bleeding. get help right away for unexpected bleeding, unusual bruising, or tingling. if you have had spinal anesthesia while on xarelto®, watch for back pain or any nerve or muscle related signs or symptoms. do not take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto®, tell your doctor about any kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. xarelto® has been prescribed more than 11 million times in the u.s. and that number's growing. like your guys' scores. with xarelto® there is no regular blood monitoring, and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto® was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. we're back with celebrity endorsements in the spotlight after kim kardashian received a stern warning from officials. joe fryer has the story. >> reporter: kim kardashian gets all kinds of comments on the
7:43 am
social media posts this is the first to elicit a response from the fda. kardashian posted a picture on instagram promoting a prescription drug called diclegis. the post appeared on twitter and facebook. she wrote the drug helps her combat morning sickness but she didn't mention any side effects. the food and drug administration sent a warning letter to the drug maker saying the social media post is misleading because it presents various claims for diclegis but fails to communicate any risk information. >> whether it's a drug label or social media, fda rules apply if it's the manufacturer paying the celebrity. >> while kardashian's post linked the safety information the fda said that's not enough. the post has been taken down. they referred nbc news to the
7:44 am
drug maker. >> i have the one body and one life. >> on tv celebrities have been promoting prescription drugs for years with ads that future a long list of safety information as required by law. >> you may bruce moise more eas >> social media opened a new world for promotion, the rules are still the same. even on twitter where there's only room for 140 characters. >> manufacturers have a special responsibility. there's no way that fda can monitor every tweet or instagram post. >> the kardashian episode prove that's fda is watching. for "today" joe fryer nbc news los angeles. coming up next it's going to give you something to smile about. the courtroom sketch of nfl super star tom brady.
7:45 am
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7:50 am
yesterday reminding you how handsome he is. here is the sketch. would you be able to recognize him? let's take the side by side just to compare the two. not even close. i don't think that really captures his good looks. this image went viral yesterdayyesterday with more than 42,000 tweets people comparing him from everyone from aliens to monsters. someone photo shopped him into the thriller movie. here is lurch from adams family. the sketch jane rose rosenberg about it and had this to say. >> just under the precious. you grab on certain lines. i don't flatter people. so i have to apologize for tom brady fans if i didn't make him look pretty enough.
7:51 am
>> so pretty. brady is due back in court next week to try to reach a settlement with the nfl. >> i don't think anybody really looks good in courtrooms. >> never. >> it kind of looks like he has horns. coming up homework overload? why your kids are probably getting more than they should. we'll have the story, but first, on a thursday morning a check of your local news and weather. busy day, huh? yup. our annual clearance event really brings 'em in. i can barely keep up by myself. 0% apr financing. tons of amazing inventory. only happens once a year. hmm, hologram number 17 seems to have gone rogue. i'm the real jan now! 0%! 0%! at our annual clearance event, get 0% apr financing on a 2015 rav 4, offer ends september 8th. for great deals on other toyotas, visit it's all yours. thanks, jan. toyota. let's go places.
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with this update now on that breaking news we are following out of burlington county, where crews are still battling a two-alarm house fire. sky force 4 flew over the scene the past hour. minutes ago, police told us there are no injuries in the fire and everyone inside that home has been accounted for, but still no word on what caused the fire. now let's turn our attention to another beautiful day outside. meteorologist bill henley is standing by with your forecast. bill? >> no shortage of sunshine at the shore. a live view of cape may. a sunny warm day at the shores and 69 degrees at cape may. atlantic city, millville and wilmington also 69 and 71 at philadelphia international. we have got sunshine to warm us to 79 at lunch time and the humidity goes lower this
7:57 am
afternoon. at 3:00, 83 degrees. let's see how things are shaping up on the schuylkill expressway. we had a bad at that there earlier this morning. brittney shipp is keeping an eye on things. >> this will paint the picture for you. what we saw was a truck that lost its load, drywall spilled every on 76 westbound. so that shut down both lanes. now we still have one lane open but it's still backing up the traffic. switch you over and show you how delayed some of these traffic patterns are. this is the 76. . it's down to 3 miles per hour. same thing even closer to route one there. down to 11 miles per hour. so this is backing up all the from montgomery back to belmont where this accident happened. you can see even throughout most of the schuylkill expressway, traffic only moving at 8 miles per hour. chris? >> we will be back in 25 minutes with another update for you. have a great morning. back to the "today" show now.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." way too much homework? why experts say today's kids are overloaded and what you need to know as back to school season approaches. plus worried about sextings? what has parents losing sleep. who can forget bambi and thumper. they came to life outside someone's door in colorado. "today" is thursday, august 13, 2015. ♪ >> go badgers! three generations on the
8:01 am
today show. ♪ >> kiss me, i'm 80! >> three crazy cities from huntington, indiana! good morning everyone. welcome back to "today"! it's thursday, august 13, 2015. beautiful morning on the plaza. matt has done an excellent job with the throwback thursday pick today. >> this is rob thomas and santana the song in 1999. >> really? >> it seems like yesterday. >> my favorite keg party in the '90s, you know. >> rob thomas, if you like this song, shehe's going to be on th plaza in concert on august 24th. a new "today" restaurant redo. have you ever been to the in-n-out burger you know how good their cheeseburgers are. well, do not fear if you don't
8:02 am
live near one. we'll show you how to make one. >> let's get the headlines of the morning. natalie is a at the news desk. the u.s. expressed its condolences to china where two massive explosions on wednesday killed at least 50 people and injured hundreds. ian williams is in china with the latest. ian, good morning. >> reporter: hi, natalie. those latest figures, yes, more than 50 people now confirmed dead, 71 in critical condition, and another 700 injured. now the scene of those massive explosions late last night is still burning. smoke and flames are billowing from that warehouse complex. in fact, you may be able to see over my left shoulder the glow from the flames. where i'm standing is in a police and army check point about a mile from the scene of the blast. they're preventing people from getting closer. about a thousand firefighters
8:03 am
are still working in there. the task made that more difficult because the volatility of the fire because they don't really know what sort of dangerous chemicals they're dealing with. all around me here the windows of the buildings have been blown out. people are standing still shell shocked. there's little information about what cocktail of toxic chemicals and gas exploded last night, which makes things even more difficult, of course, at this point. no one knows precisely -- or no one is saying precisely what caused the explosion, natalie. >> difficult scene there. ian williams, thank you. a fright thing scene overnight in a minneapolis nightclub when a large section of the ceiling and water pipes collapsed in the middle of a rock concert. about a thousand music fans had to be evacuated. at least three people were hurt. >> you could see the red lights flashing, and part of the ceiling just -- boom just caved
8:04 am
in. >> the club first avenue was featured in the prince movie "purple rain." >> jimmy carter will undergo cancer treatment in emory hospital in atlanta. he revealed that a cancer was discovered during a recent liver surgery and in is other parts of his body. he remains active with his charity and his book was publ h published last month. republican jeb bush is stepping up attacks on hillary clinton over her e-mails. in nevada on wednesday bush spoke about edward snow den and suggested mrs. clinton could have put government secrets at risk. the fbi is investigating the server. the clinton campaign e-mailed supporters on wednesday that hillary clinton didn't e-mail any classified informations. at least one teen was killed in a boating accident overnight.
8:05 am
five others were injured when their boat struck a bridge on the fort lauderdale river. the cause of the crash remains under investigation. officials say a man narrowly escaped serious injury after a bear attack in new york. the man was attacked in a state park but was able to beat the bear off with a stick. both the man and his dog suffered bites, scratches, and puncture wounds. injuries not considered life threatening. and ill v-- elvis fans were in full force picking up a newly released elvis stamp. it features a portrait of elvis, a crown, and signature. his widow was on hand for the dedication saying elvis would have been thrilled. it's now 8:05. >> natalie, thank you very much. it's back to school season. millions of kids ready to hit another year of hitting the books. >> are we hitting them and the books hitting them too hard? new study putting the spotlight
8:06 am
on what can only be called homework overload. here is craig melvin. >> reporter: back to school means back to homework. according to a new study published in the american journal of family therapy, kids are receiving more homework than what education experts recommend. in some cases, much more. >> kindergartens have three times the homework load they're expected to have. >> first graders have three times the homework load they're expected to have. second graders have two and a half times the homework load they're expected to have. all these things are troubling. >> reporter: stefanie donaldson author of "the learning habit" was a contributing editor to the study which found that as workload increases, so does stress for the student and their parents. >> all children are getting homework they don't understand. they're getting homework that is really, really stressful. i had a parent who had a ph.d. in science and math and couldn't understand the instructions for her third grader's homework.
8:07 am
>> reporter: what are the guideli guidelines? the national education association recommends a 10-minute rule. ten minutes per night for first graders and ten additional minutes per night for every grade thereafter. they also do not endorse homework for kindergarten. the study found that kindergartens are spending an average of 25 minutes on homework. first and second graders? nearly 30 minutes. >> you don't want to turn kids off to school from an early age. kids mostly come into school with a natural excitement and a love of learning. i feel like our job in the first years, especially, is to foster that. >> reporter: as your child gets ready toy head back to the classroom, communication with a teacher is key, say experts. >> if you feel your teacher is assigning too much homework, the first stop is with the teacher. your teacher is there as your ally not your obstacle. >> reporter: for "today" craig
8:08 am
melvin. we're doing a little survey on this. do you think kids get too much homework these days? 86% of people who responded say yes. >> you guys agree? >> i think so. i have a sixth grader and the homework load is building. he had it easy the first couple of years. i feel like it's building. >> i think it's the combination of the homework and the afterschool things they have. my older son plays a lot of sports. you today up and it's a lot. >> we have to get tutors to help our kids with homework. it's getting harder. >> we want to hear from you as well. share your comments on our website and facebook page. all right, up next the raging smart phone debate. do you shoot videos this way or this way? >> that way! >> people are very heat eed abo this. shrinking sesame "sesame street". why the beloved kid show is about to have a different look.
8:09 am
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♪ eat some more pasta. certainly. low prices. every day. on everything. for whatever you put your heart into. we're back. it's 8:12. time for what's trending today. why don't we start with a fascinating parenting poll. okay. this one shows how much times have changed. adults when asked about the top health concerns for their children. obesity, bully, drug abuse took the top three spots. check this out. smoking and tobacco use normally they rank near the top. this year they fell to seventh place and they're edged out by internet safety and sexting. those two concerns jumping up the list placing fourth and sixth. not as much worry about smoking.
8:13 am
i think, hopefully, fewer kids are doing that. but the sexting problem and other issues on the internet way up there. >> a sign of the times. would you put it higher than smoking? >> i have a 14. absolutely. >> i don't vale will have a phone. all right, the next story stirring up a lot online. what if you were seated next to a crying baby on a flight? it's happened to all of us. sometimes we're the crying baby. one journalist is getting a lot of controversy. she's urging guests to stop taking little ones on the planes. she said it's selfish of them to take babies on planes. >> she's selfish. >> is she a mom? >> the mom of a 12-year-old. >> what if you do if you have parents that live somewhere else to allow them to see their grandchildren. she apparently thinks there should be child-free flights. >> whenever i hear a crying baby
8:14 am
i get in a zen moment because it's repetitive and if you just think of it as a repetition. >> ear plugs, headphones. >> yeah. >> it's a baby and it's crying. i start thinking what's wrong with the baby? >> yeah. i feel bad for the parent. >> i feel bad for the parent. >> you do the zen thing with car alarms, too? >> yeah. maybe it's a technique for living in the city. >> dylan is a little more involved than the rest of us. we asked you should parents not bring babies on flight. this won't surprise you 76% say no. babies are okay on flights. 24% said yes babies are best left at home. here is another potentially hot button question, at least savannah is concerned. when you're shooting video on your phone, how should you do it? i have the iphone here. should you shoot it vertically the way i'm doing now. there we go. >> hi. >> hi! or should you shoot it horizontal horizontally? >> horizontally!
8:15 am
look how much more you can see. dive into the debate this morning. there are strong opinions on both sides. what do you think? >> horizontal. >> for editing and if you want to, you know, put it on instagram. >> you can see more. >> you can see more. >> i think horizontal sounds great. all my videos are vertical. >> doesn't it depend on what you're shooting? i'll give you an example. what if you spotted a real life bambi and thumper? you probably would want to shoot that horizontally. >> okay. >> how about this one? what if your pet parrot decided to slide down a banister. it happens all the time. vertically probably better for the shot. >> absolutely. no, i think horizontal. >> what if you have a daughter, for example, and she was turning one year old today! how would you shoot that video? >> if she was the cutest baby in america, i would shoot it vertically. >> i think the camera work right there is wonderful. it's only one thing that could
8:16 am
be better because that's baby vale live shot! do we have baby vale? happy birthday! >> happy birthday, vale! >> and mike, her daddy. >> hello, michael. >> hey, guys! >> hi, vale! can we see a waive? happy birthday! >> thank you. >> has it felt like a year? >> no, time flies. everybody was right. we're so excited. [ baby gurgling ] >> she has things she wants to say like her mom. >> we hear savannah made a beautiful cake. >> oh, he didn't hear you. she's asking about the beautiful cake i made yesterday. >> keyword "beautiful." >> it takes a milestone to get savannah in the kitchen. >> clearly. >> if we shot it horizontally we would see the cake. [ laughter ] >> you have to tune in for the fourth hour. >> we love you, valy!
8:17 am
>> thanks, guys. >> that's how we spend our time before the show. >> i'm the worst. i know. now to "sesame street." dylan has pop start. >> i don't think we should let vale in for "sesame street." this is a shrinking "sesame street." since the premier in 1969 the popular kids show has been an hour long. we know kids have shorter attention spans these days. starting this fall the show will be cut in half to 30 minutes. pbs say the express version tested well with audiences and they've been increasing the online viewing by about 40%. a different way to get some of the same programs. now to the september issue of vogue magazine. it prompts speculation who will make the cover. this year it's beyoncè.
8:18 am
vogue releasing the cover this morning. we don't know exactly when it was taken, but some say beyoncè's flat tummy dispel rumors it was pregnant unless it was taken before she got pregnant. either way, the issue hits stands on tuesday. finally, this one is funny. amy schumer her movie train wreck is a big hit but it doesn't translate well. they look at what train wreck is called in other countries. in argentina it's called "this girl is a mess." in parts of canada it's hopeless case. that's a french part of canada. and in germany it's called gaiting quegait i dating queen. in russia a girl without complexes. >> not even close to trainwreck. >> mr. roker, how about a check of the weather? >> let's show you the weather. you don't need to translate.
8:19 am
you can look at the map and know what we're talking about. much of the country fairly quiet. we're looking at showers and thunderstorms down through florida. the heat is a big story today. look at this air temperatures in the right around the upper 90s to low 100s. feels like temperature well above 100. also, in the dessert southwest 70s and 80s in the northeast. nice and comfortable. we have a wet weather in georgia all the way to florida. look for showers and thunderstorms stretching from the northern plains to the southwest and the heat is on in the pacific northwest. portland today 90, seattle 86. hotter in portland than los an good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. a beautiful day ahead, brilliant sunshine, low humidity, temperatures in the low- to mid-'80s. another nice day ahead for tomorrow. low humidity, a bit warmer in the afternoon, bright sunny skies friday and plenty of heat and humidity returning over the
8:20 am
weekend. saturday faa, 93, steamy for the eagle's preseason game. in the afternoon, 93 degrees sunday. the heat continues into next week. have a great day. and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you very much. parents, we want our kids to play and have a little bit of fun, but have their toys taken over your home? >> absolutely! >> "today's" sheinelle jones is here with one mom that felt that way and revealed a drastic measure on her blog. >> a lot of us can relate. good morning. so many parents will admit when you walk into a kids' room it can be overwhelmingly crowded with stuff toys, books, you name it. now this mom says enough is enough! legos, bash -- barbies. one mom made it her mission to go from clutter and chaos to clean. >> i think my toy philosophy developed out of my struggle
8:21 am
with clutter. i had a hard time keeping my bedroom clean. >> the struggle to maintain order in her home lead her to share her experience in a blog post "why i got rid of the toys." to some it might seem like a drastic decision. for her it was about striking the right balance. >> i wanted to buy things that were meaningful and purposeful and useful to him. >> the play room reflects her newfound philosophy. she believes less is more. she said it's not crammed with popular toys. >> we picked 15. it's mostly it's a matter of what we had for. we didn't feel like too much but it felt like enough. if he's going to bring a new toy in, i'll take a toy out. >> for her it's not only about having fewer toys but picking the right ones, too. >> i like to choose things that choose art-related toys or music-relate ed toys and thingse
8:22 am
can build with and stack with and connect and climb on. meet a variety of his developmental needs as well as keep him interested and keep things fun. >> there's only room for one thomas the tank. we don't need ten versions. >> she limits the amount of books. he has eight books in play room. i have shelves that fit four books on each side nicely. >> it's important that everything have its place. not just to keep order but help her son learn. >> experts have studied kids in classrooms that have a lot of things on the walls and a lot of distractions and kids actually learn better and do better when they're in spaces that are clear. >> can you clean it? >> not us being lazy and not cleaning up the toys, but it's a matter of trying to teach quality over quantity. >> there's actually science behind the less is more philosophy. a study by carnegie melon university focussed on classroom
8:23 am
environment and learning and backs up her theory. if you would like to try the idea, here is how. start out by emptying the room completely. then carefully consider which items you're bringing back into the space. she likes open and clear containers where kids can easily see and retreat what they want to play with and put it back, which is key. involve your kids in downsizing in the process by letting them choose what they really want. i feel like there's a happy medium. >> you don't bomb them like guess what i threw out? >> you don't need birthday the thomas train. i tried this. we have aunch be of clutter. i took out things they're not interacting with anymore. now they can actually see their toys and play with their toys. i feel like, you know, you don't have to be extreme but, you know. >> it makes sense. seeing that beautiful baby's classroom i feel like you're a celebrity closet that you're jealous with. >> i agree. good for her. >> sheinelle, thank you very
8:24 am
much. let's send it to dylan. hey, guys! we love when connie britton is here. she's going to talk to us about the wild ride she's going to take us on in her new movie. plus, what is a camel doing on the plaza? that's coming up after your local news.
8:25 am
8:26 am
good thursday morning. i'm tracy davidson. let's get your first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley. >> plenty of sunshine. still a few scattered showers, you can see them on this like view from the low totality at comcast center. sunny skies and 71 degrees, the humidity is lower than yesterday. still 60s for the suburbs, womeningson, 69 degrees, potts town, 65, securities & exchange commission in trentwood. >> heading out the door, first alert traffic reporter britney
8:27 am
shipp, what are you see something. >> we see a westbound and on 95 right at 322. so the accident is again causing delays. now we are seeing traffic moving closer to about 9 miles per hour. so if this is the way you take to work on 95 southbound at route 22, you definitely want to allow extra times to get to where you are going. >> preparing for the pope. today we learn more about the plan for the ben franklin bridge, here's a live look. this morning, the jersey transportation officials will layout plans, including a demonstration for the walking route from camden to philadelphia across the bridge. one subject that officials will not address is a complete security plan for the bridge. we will have another local update in 25 minutes. you can get the latest news and weather, it's a free download, thanks for watching. i'm tracy davidson. .
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> we're back now 8:30 on a thursday morning. it is the 13th day of august, 2015. here is a tip for you. if you want to see someone who knows how to perform and put on a great show, come on down to the plaza tomorrow morning! we have janelle monae along here with wonderland. they are fantastic. get down here early, we're expecting a big crowd. >> we'll get our dance on tomorrow. we have another fantastic performer coming up this morning. we'll talk to emmy nominee
8:31 am
connie britton. >> ever crave an in-n-out burger but don't live near one? we'll show you how to make the fast food favorite at home. we want to give a shoto ysht kristin welker. >> she's looking fierce! >> yep. we're joined by radio city rockettes gearing up for the christmas in august celebration! they brought their friend along. >> hi, guys! >> explain ted. why are we talking about christmas? august? >> today is the official kickoff of the 2015 season of the radio city christmas spectacular. we're so excited we're bringing you christmas in august at 11:00 a.m. today we'll be right outside of radio city. we're shutting the street down and bringing you bits and pieces of the christmas spectacular and keeping with the tradition, we
8:32 am
have our friend ted here who has been in the show for 20 years now. he's the star of the nativity. >> looking at ted he's barricading in there. is there a reason? >> he likes to walk around. he's used to walking around the great stage. >> he's friendly. >> absolutely. >> what can people expect if they come over to the next block down this morning? what will they find there? >> at 11:00 a.m. we're shutting down the streets. everybody should come on by. it's free to the public. we're going to have rockettes on the marquee doing the wooden soldiers and we'll be on the street doing rag dolls, which means it rocked the show last year. it's one of my personal favorites. >> good reminder the show is starting and you can get tickets, too. >> on sale now. opening on november 13th and running through january 3rd this year. >> santa is going to be there, too? >> of course! >> thank you so much.
8:33 am
>> ted should have been here yesterday. it was hump day. >> oh! >> kind of like the new york city bengals. let's show you what we got going on as far as the weather today. let's look at the weekend planner for tomorrow. we're looking at wet weather through northern new england, also, down to florida and the southwest as well. saturday look at that rain make the way through the northeast and new england. continues to florida. western third of the country looking spectacular. sunday we've got more wet weather making the way through florida. could be some flooding along the west coast of florida and the heat continues in the pacific northwest down through texas and on into the northern plains. good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. a beautiful day ahead. brilliant sunshine, low hume, warming into the low- to mid-'80s. another nice day ahead tomorrow. a cool start. low humidity, a bit warmer in
8:34 am
the afternoon, bright sunny skies friday and plenty of heat and humidity returning over the weekend. saturday 92, 93 steamy for the eagle's preseason game. in the afternoon, 93 degrees sunday. the heat continues into next week. have a great day. we have nice folks here. where are you from? >> louisiana. nice seeing you. thanks for being here. let's head to the orange room and dylan. >> thank you, al. we were talking about we're so excited for janelle mone. if you want to see her live on tour, the sponsor toyota in sponsorship is giving you the chance. one lucky winner will get -- and a guest will get a two day trip to atlanta, georgia to see her at the end of the month for the final stop of the tour. here is how do you it. just post a picture or video on twitter or instagram doing the "yoga sway" use #goplaces with
8:35 am
wonderland. the winner will be selected at random. go online for more details. good luck. >> dylan, thank you so much. connie britton stars in the new movie "american ultra." she protects a guy from a secretive government program he doesn't realize he's a part of. take a look. >> listen, it has been breached. we are fielding the ball. >> is that -- >> wait a minute. what? >> great to see you! >> that doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. >> i know. i literally just had to memorize it as if it was a song lyric. >> i have to figure out how to describe the movie. it's not easy to. i was thinking, you know, like,
8:36 am
the movie born identity had a baby with clerks that's what the movie would be. >> that's good. this is what i love about the movie. it's kind of a great combining of other genres we've seen before, but when you put them together it makes a really funny, i mean, the movie is a comedy. >> it is. >> people should know that. jesse eisenberg was here the other day. he said he's kind of like a stoned jason bourn. the set up he's a cia operative assassin but he doesn't know it. you run the program, right? >> right. i run the program. the program was sort of put on the back burner years ago and he's coming in and trying to wipe out all the people involved until the program. so i'm trying to protect and save jesse's character. and kristen stewart's character. >> it's a comedy but you're the straight man. you are doing hilarious stuff and you have to be stone faced. >> it's funny because i wanted
8:37 am
to do some of that, too. and our director was very, you know, he was like no you've got to be, you know, she's got to be very real and very, you know, dedicated to what she's doing. i was like okay. >> did you ever crack up with the ridiculousness going on around you? >> yes. >> the truth of the matter is, i think that's what makes the thing funny is, you know, the circumstances of the movie are, outlandish and heightened, but if you kind of ground that in reality, it makes it even funnier. >> people know and love you from "friday night lights" do you think that's the most recognized role when people see you? >> i get a lot of "national" fans, too. but friday night lights is a big one. >> if i'm a director and i want to cast connie britton, what kind of role do you see for you these days? what interests you? >> oh, you know, i love -- i really do love roles where i get
8:38 am
to play a character that has all the different levels and dimensions. i love comedy. i want to have a character that has a sense of humor and gets to play that. but then also gets to play the depth. i don't know something like that is appealing to me. >> i know you had the role of a lifetime mom. your little boy is absolutely adorable! there he is. he's like four and a half now? >> he's four and a half. he'll definitely tell you about that half. he was kind of obsessed when it was his four and a half birthday. he's the best. >> he's adorable. we'll get to talk to you a little bit more when you come back. hoda and i are doing the show later and "american ultra" opens on friday. the secret of making your own in and out cheese burger right at home! first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
8:39 am
i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life, state farm is there.
8:40 am
8:41 am
we're back now 8:40 with a "today" food restaurant redo. if you have ever craved an in-n-out cheese burger but you don't live west of the midst camila al vvez is here to show how to recreate the burger at home. >> congratulations! >> thank you. >> you just became an american citizens. how does it feel? >> it feels great. i'm proud and honored. i had my green card for a long time and i was like, well, you know, i need to get an american passport. then it hit me, like, i have so much respect for this country. this is my home. i love the people here. my family is here. i want to be able to have an american passport. i worked hard for it! >> matthew put up a picture on
8:42 am
instagram matthew mcconaughey. it is there. a great american. >> there you go. since you're an american citizens now, let's make something all american. >> all american. >> a cheese burger and in particular the in-n-out version. the ingredients very simple. >> very simple. sometimes people like to do a lot of seasoning in the meat. we'll keep it simple today. salt and pepper, we have ketchup, mayo, and cheese. >> then we'll talk about the sauce that makes this burger different. you use ground chuck 80/20. do you want to put the salt there. >> all of it? >> all of it. it looks like a lot of salt, but the trick since chuck is 8020 it has a lot of fat. it needs the salt. >> okay. >> now, the recipe doesn't call for this but i came in the kitchen earlier -- >> scoot over. >> pardon me, sorry. >> i came here and i had to hide
8:43 am
something there because at home if i'm doing this, right, i put an egg in there. >> got to love that. >> that makes it moist. you want to break it up a little bit. >> it takes a little bit of the steak tartar deal. >> exactly. it's not going to get dry or anything. >> you don't handle it too much. >> no. that's a big mistake people do. you'll make a patty. it's not really, you know, a trick to make a patty. put a little bit in your hands. when you have an egg it's going to be kind of gooey and stuff. can i give you a high five? >> no. even if you're now an american citizens i'm not doing that. >> you put it on a hot seasoned griddle. >> that's correct. put it in there and make it pretty. >> while that's cooking, let's talk about the sauce. >> okay. >> you start with mayonnaise. >> i think you know your ingredients in the kitchen.
8:44 am
>> ketchup, worst shire, and relish. >> while you do that- >> while we're doing that we have the panel downstairs and they've been waiting for this all morning long. big cheese burger fans. >> it's so good! >> it's very good. >> natalie is eating it with a fork. >> it's dripping a little bit all over the place. >> that's part of it. >> down your hand. >> i eat it with a fork and knife. i eat pizza with a fork and knife! i have issues. >> i'm glad you enjoy it. >> good old american cheese. when it melts a little bit on the sides it's good to go. the in-n-out cheese burger doesn't have, like, all melted too much. it's just warm the cheese on top. >> we doing double patties today? >> we can. >> you know my husband says the
8:45 am
men who invented the cheese burger is a genius. we are doing cheeseburgers today. >> doing a little kentucky. >> is that true? >> it's true. >> full of facts. >> we have to put the sauce -- you want to do the tomato first. okay. it's a lettuce. it's the art of a burger so it stays in there. now you can put the meat in there. onions on top. >> what don't you like on burgers? >> what you don't like? >> what don't you like on burgers when it comes to toppings? >> tofu. i guess no one -- >> i'll pile anything on a burger. >> i like bacon. mushrooms. >> avocado. >> yummy. >> if you want to do animal style, you add caramelized onions, extra pickles, extra sauce and you got animal style.
8:46 am
>> i love animal style! can we hear it for camila a little under the weather today. how did she do? >> i didn't even notice! >> i thought you were going have us sing "god bless the usa." >> thank you. i'm under the weather so i was nice to him today, right? >> congratulations. >> and she's going to be back tomorrow to redo wendy's famous chi chili. coming up meet the remarkable piano player making beautiful music at the age of 100. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:47 am
8:48 am
>> that was a good burger, by the way. >> that was a really good burger. i just finished it. let's get birthday wishes from willard scott. >> new york is a wonderful town!
8:49 am
happy birthday from smuckers. take a look! bernice williams from dallas, texas. she's 103 years old today! she loves gardening. yes, she does. the beautiful and exotic faye ward from california. she's 101 years old today. she loves to play scrabble. gene from naples, florida is 100 and he loves to go hunting. chester green 100 from tennessee. we had a little fun and we'll have more fun later. don't you go away. the "today" show continues! >> right now, actually. willard, thank you very much. on the topic of folks turning 100. happy birthday, jenna. >> just kidding! >> she met a musician who is
8:50 am
refusing to relax and slow down even though he's 100. >> it's a great story. i was in a lounge in new york city and i remember making a comment how good the music was. nothing fancy just a piano player doing the thing in his own world. that pianist was irving fields. it turns out playing the club scene at 100 is the next chapter in his musically decorated life. if you didn't know any better, you might think he was an old man. >> i'm playing better now at 100 years young than when i was 40. >> at 100 years old, if there ever was someone who has been there and done that, it's him. >> i played everywhere in the world. ♪ i did a movie for jimmi stewart and sandra key sang a song. ♪ and then the louis armstrong
8:51 am
recorded a song called "cheesecake," and that became a hit. >> a few piano lessons as a child and unbelievable talent for music saw irving play in some of the most prestigious places in the world. >> she waives to me and she comes in with frank issinatra. >> was that one of the highlights of your career getting hugged by frank? >> i would rather get a hug from ava gardener but that was nice, too. >> you took one from frank. >> irving plays three days a week at new york city's park lane hotel. >> i'm very fulfilled when people like my music. i'm unstoppable. >> what would you say is your secret to longevity? >> before dinner i have one martini. the food absorbs the alcohol. >> he may not have reinvented
8:52 am
the wheel. he doesn't top the itunes charts, but every week rain or shine, irving fields is doing what he loves to do. >> do you have any regrets at all? >> i would want to change a couple of things. naturally everybody would. i would like to go back and have the same life i've had. >> he's doing it his way. >> do you know how many people credit alcohol with the secret to their longevity? >> in moderation. >> in moderation, of course. >> yeah just a little bit goes a long way and keeps them fresh. >> yeah. >> you should fit that in the fitness routine. >> i'm going to do that. >> he's an early riser. he walks every day to walk. it's like 20 blocks. he walks every day and he's happy. he's happy! he said if you love what you do, you'll do it forever. >> wonderful! jenna, thank you so much. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
8:54 am
i was at my shop tied up with a customer when i realized the time. i had to get to the bank before it closed, so i made a break for it. when i got out it was almost closing time. traffic was bad. i knew i was cutting it close. but it was ok. i use td bank. it's got the longest hours and stays open an extra ten minutes every day. i'm sid. and i bank human at td bank. what's up, gang, for the next hour? >> we're going to look how sweet style c-- sleep style. >> i roll all night. i'm like rolling. >> perfectly cooked in the
8:55 am
morning. we're going get our minds blown. one more chance to take a look at and wish a very happy birthday to young vale turning one today! >> happy birthday, valy! it's going to make my cry! >> i made her a cake. >> it looks beautiful. >> thanks to natalie. >> more on that,
8:56 am
good morning, i'm tracy davidson, a beautiful morning for your thursday. let's get details. >> tracy, we're on track to have one of the nicest days of the entire summer. bright sunshine in philadelphia. we're headed in the '80s. cooler in the mountains, look at that blue sky over the water. 62 degrees right now in mount
8:57 am
pocono. 70s this afternoon for the mountains. right now 73 degrees in philadelphia. the hour by hour forecast has it up to 81 by 1:00 this afternoon. a spray of gunfire left two men injured in west philadelphia. investigators say a pair of gunmen opened fire just after 11:00 last night, hitting two men in the feet. we don't know their condition. police have not found those shooters. today, pennsylvania governor wolf and lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are expected to resume bucket talks. they met in harrisburg yesterday during a closed door meeting which focused on education funding and pension reform. wolf and the lawmakers refer to the talks as productive. the budget stalemate is now more than a-month-old. sugar house casino will celebrate the final expansion portion. they will told a topping off ceremony later this morning. it will double the size of the gyming facility, which means added space for cable games, a
8:58 am
poker room and a new parking garage him they expect to finish the project by the end of the year. kicking off a weekend long grand opening, shoppers can expect free family friendly events and live entertainment all weekend. i'm tracy davidson, we'll have another update in 25 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather with the news app. now back to the "today" show.
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's" take stephen spielberg is ready to roll out the latest project "public morals" we've got one of the stars. mind blowing illusions from wayne hoffmann. and the sleeping why your position may affect your health. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: frombc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist, and tamron hall. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. ♪ >> a beautiful thursday morning, august 13, 2015. an appropriate song. >> i knew it was going to be a perfect day today.
9:01 am
i listen to al's forecast so i picked a song just for you, al. >> i love this song. >> u 2's performance after 9/11 -- >> yeah. it's a great song. >> tom brady played -- >> did you know that? >> that's nice. >> it's so good. he knows the weather and this. tom brady was in court yesterday appealing the four-game suspension with the patriots for his role in "deflategate" what people are talking about is the sketch of him that has gone viral. >> like, where is he in the sketch? there he is. >> it's the real life versus the sketch. here come the memes. >> go back to the wide shot. this picture is amazing. if you look at the guy in front of tom brady, i mean, tom brady has a complaint. look at this guy. look at that guy right here!
9:02 am
this guy! he looks like a monkey. [ laughter ] >> oh! >> i didn't even see that guy. >> that's so great. >> oh! >> the courtroom artist didn't have a good day. >> nope. >> she responded. she struggled a little bit yesterday. here people are comparing him to et in the basic with elliot. how about from the "thriller" video. this one really works. lurch from the adams family. >> that's it! the eye brows and everything. the bone structure. >> the hunch back of notre dame. >> is it safe to say she's not a patriots fan. i'm thinking she must love the cowboys or giants. there's an agenda when you make tom brady look like that. >> clearly she heard the chatter. this is courtroom artist jane rosenberg responding. >> i'm under such pressure i tend to just grab on to certain
9:03 am
lines and i don't flatter people, so i have to apologize to tom brady and his fans if i didn't make him look pretty enough. >> we love you! >> if we didn't make you pretty enough, pretty boy. >> he is a beautiful man. she's work quickly in the courtroom. >> yeah. >> doesn't have time to make it perfect. >> i'm not buying it. she's not a giants fan. >> you can't have cameras in the courtroom. >> yeah. >> you would think, i mean, just put up a picture of brady. >> you want to portray it -- >> yeah. >> you see the angry man leaning in front of him you wonder what -- >> in fairness, she's a terrific court artist, she is. she's a terrific. she had an off day. she had an off day. pretty much everybody in the picture -- >> does anybody look good in a courtroom sketch? >> let's take a close look. if there's anybody that looks good. the guy all the way at the end, this guy he's a good looking
9:04 am
guy. but the guy next to him looks like somebody just killed his dog. >> it's almost like they committed a crime. >> you have to do the polite disclaimer. she's a fine sketch artist. >> and she's working on the fly. speaking of catching on the fly. take a look at the amazing catch. wrigley field cubs' first basemen anthony rizzo running into foul territory, on the tarp, into the stands and makes the catch! one more time. jumps on top of the tarp. and then into the stands. >> that's what i notice most it was reynolds wrap. i didn't know -- >> and the cubs win 3-2 against the milwaukee brewers. so that's pretty impressive. >> it wasn't a catch, they first said, then they found out he had one foot on the tarp. >> it was a spectacular catch. >> he wrapped that up on top of the reynolds wrap.
9:05 am
>> oh! >> are you guys the kind that -- >> own it. >> anyway. are you the kind that lets your kids fail? >> yes. >> i believe in letting kids fail. completely. >> mine did. >> yeah. i think it's the best lessons are learned the hard way. >> absolutely. parents should learn to let their kids fail. the author of the book jessica leahy uses the example saying her son left for school in the morning and left the homework on the table. she was strongly compelled i got to take it to school to give it to him so he doesn't fail. then she realized, you know, i got to let him learn this lesson the hard way and sure enough he hasn't forgotten his homework very much since. >> very much since.
9:06 am
[ laughter ] >> the other times he's working it out. >> you have to do extra math practice as a consequence. >> just quickly -- >> he has a system in place now. >> we have something that will amaze you. do you know parents -- i was saying to alsay ing to allie. do you have friends who say -- who help with homework who don't want them to fail? no, like in the sense of wakeepg your child from failing. do you have friends who have the opposite approach of your parenting? >> i think all of us they have to learn. josh had the same sort of thing happen with him. he left the homework at school and he was like we have to go back to the school. i did do it once. the second time he did it, like, same week, actually, i was like that's it. second time this week. you've got to learn. the teacher the next day i you have to explain what happened
9:07 am
and the teacher let him do it during the school day. >> i remember telling my daughter, look, the fact is most scientific breakthroughs happen because of failure. that's how you learn. >> yeah. >> keep going. yeah. >> all right. glad you are the parent. >> on so many levels -- >> i grew up with a southern black mom. it was like you forgot your homework? good luck! >> your mom is black? >> no. she pretends to be. this morning we're continuing our "see it to believe it" series. we need music for that! ♪ we have a professional mentalist wane hoffmann. wayne is here with us. >> are you ready for weirdness? >> sure. >> i wake up with it every day. >> have a look at that. >> take a look at the regular quarter. >> knock it on the table. we'll do something crazy. >> right or left-handed? >> right. >> turn it like this. is it vie brabratevibrating, sh
9:08 am
moving? it shouldn't be. start rubbing the quarter now on the finger tips. you'll feel it bending. is it bending? >> it's bending. >> do you feel it? >> i do. >> hold it up and show the camera. >> look at that! >> how did you do that? >> too much sun. you can keep it. it's lunch money. >> you think we -- [ laughter ] >> oh, man! >> did you do that, wayne? >> i'll let you decide. >> oh! >> you be the judge. but, first, this. "today's" weather is brought to you by yoplait. now with 25% less sugar in all 25 delicious flavors. all right. let's see how good you are, tamron. can you bend it back? >> yeah, here, look! >> no, no.
9:09 am
>> not you. this isn't "bend it like beckham" i meant the coin. >> thank goodness the camera wasn't on you at that moment. >> your first instinct was to do that. that's revealing. >> i have gym nists in my family. al, quickly. >> it's hot out there. not as hot as in here. a lot of kids back in school. it is still hot. sizzling summer sports relative humidity over 60%, it is in the south. it reduces your body's ability to cool by sweating. what happens when you exercise, especially strenuous exercise it increases your body heat by 15 to 20% and the big problem is that heat illnesses can increase especially if you lose about 3% of your body -- >> i'm bending it back! i can't get up.
9:10 am
help! >> jeez! >> oh, my gosh! >> that's what's going on around the country. here's w >> good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. a beautiful day ahead. brilliant sunshine, low humidity, into the low- to mid-'80s a. cool start in the morning. low hume a little warmer in the afternoon. bright skies friday and plenty of heat and humidity returning over the weekend. saturday 92, 93, steamy for the eagle's pre-season game in the afternoon 93 degrees sunday and the heat continues into next week. have a great day. >> oh, my goodness! i didn't think i was going to see that. my best part, darling natalie. you started from the back. i want to see you flip! >> the competitor.
9:11 am
>> now we have a back move show down. >> fantastic. >> i can interpret that. prepare to be amazed -- >> more amazed. wayne hoffmann coming back. >> he's going to use his mind to blow our mind! hello, everybod milk cow here with an important announcement about how yoplait original now has 25% less of the sugar. less sugar?? yes. but don't worry it still tastes good. oh that is great news, milk cow. enjoy! i will. mmmmmmmm! it tastes good! i know. yoplait! after we are all inside for a while, it gets pretty stuffy. when dad opens up the window, what's the first thing he does? the tobin stance. but when we open up the windows, you can see the dust floating around. there's dog hair. pollen.
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add 300 stressful decisions... no wonder our digestive system sometimes acts up. so try the activia challenge! enjoying activia twice a day for 4 weeks may help reduce the frequency of bloating, gas, discomfort or rumbling. it works or it's free! all right. it's time, again, for the series "see it to believe it" today with professional mentalist wayne hoffmann who combines magic with mind reading on "america's got talent" he blindfolded himself and played around with pretty big fire crashi crackers and dared the audience to watch when the fusz burned down to the point they thought it was going to explode. fortunately, he got out alive. [ explosions ] >> now wayne has a show called mind candy, which happens to be the name of his book. >> good morning!
9:15 am
>> how does one become a professional mentalist? >> i started -- i got into magic when i was a kid. then i studied psychology at the university and blended them together. i was thinking how can i use psychology for entertain and i became a mentalist. mentalist. >> what is with the globe? >> it's for you. a lot of people ask me if it's possible to predict the future. a lot of people think it's not. the same people watch your weather forecast. which is a prediction. right now we'll have you going on an imaginary journey. spin the globe, al, and pick a country you would like to travel to one day. think about all the countries in the world and pick one want. tell us which one you want to travel to. >> oh. egypt. >> egypt. imagine you're there. the scene, the people, the vibe. everything about it. if you can name a random number that will be the hotel number. make something up. >> say it out loud?
9:16 am
>> 511. >> is that important to you, al? >> not at all. >> while i was in the green room i had a feeling something was going to happen. i wrote something down on the post it note, i shoved it in the wallet. let me get it out. it appearing behind my driver's license i have the post it note. grab it. open it up and read out loud what i had predicted on there. >> egypt 511. how did you do that? >> no way! >> that's amazing. >> how did you do that? >> yeah. >> oh, my gosh! >> i know. i know. take the time. let it soak in. >> that's crazy! >> we're like zombies walking now. >> i know. i feel like the pied piper. we'll try something fun. in fact, which can do you want? >> the one in the left. >> we'll get rid of this one.
9:17 am
two empty cans. as adults we lose our sense of wonder and imagination. u we'll get it back. i want you to imagine it's possible to take the dents out of the can. imagine we can take the dents out. you just do this and believe in the dents will start coming out of can. we still have a whole, obviously. if you imagine i grab the hole and throw it away. if i imagine i hold nothing, the nothingness will disappear and the whole is completely resealed. >> it's resealed. >> that's amazing! >> let's give a shot to the viewers at home. it's right there. there's nothing in there, yet, i want you to refill it. it's filling up. listen. keep going. i want to fill it all the way. keep going. you know, if you believe something strongly enough -- it becomes -- >> no way! >> that's amazing! >> that's ridiculous! >> that's crazy! >> that's unbelievable! >> cheers. >> it's kind of warm.
9:18 am
[ laughter ] >> now is there nobody you will not take down? wayne hoffmann, we're amazed! >> we're amazed! >> coming up next, do you sleep on your side, back, or stomach. how your position can affect your health. no matter how you sleep, natalie will find fault with it. after these messages. it's our song... ♪ yeah, there you go... wait! oh, no! there are thousands of ways into the complex health care system. and unitedhealthcare has ways to make the system simpler. like virtual doctor visits. what happened here? i came in too hot.
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9:22 am
>> toss and turn at night, you're not alone. the cdc estimates 50 to 70 million adults in the just a sleep disorder. at least 30% have poor sleep habits. new research from stone any brooke university takes a close look at sleep position and how it may impact your health. doctor carol ash is director of sleep medicine at veridian health in new jersey. it's good to see you. >> good to be here. >> the stone any brooke study was performed on animals but you say there are real lessons for the sleeping habits of people. >> that's right, willie. it was done in rodents -- these were cooperative rodents, by the way. they had them sleep on the stomach, sides, and back. when you sleep on your side, you actually clear out proteins and
9:23 am
toxins that build up from the day that we know can be associated with neurologic disorders such as alzheimer's and parkinson's. it's important because it shines a light on the possibilities for what may be wonderful impact of sleep and sleeping on your side. >> we don't know for sure the impact on humans. we know how you sleep affects how you feel, right. >> natalie, it's important how you sleep. we know, even though that study was done in rodents. as humans we're not getting adequate sleep it has impact on your health. it can entire yoimpair your mem. sleeping positions we rarely ask about them but they can give you clues to the health. if you sleep on an incline you could have breathing problems. sleep positions can matter. >> and for different people, the benefits are different. so if we go through some of the side sleeping. who does that benefit most?
9:24 am
>> for side sleepers if you're a snorer sleeping on the side can be incredible. it improves air flow. in individuals that are pregnant, sleeping on the side can increase circulation to the uterus and, therefore, the baby. >> how about a back sleeper? >> that helps distribute the weight more evenly and aligns your neck with your spine. so you're less likely to have aches and pains. >> is stomach sleeping good? >> it's just a preference and the health problems you want to avoid the stomach. but if you enjoy it, sleep on your stomach, if it gives you a good night's rest. >> i think a lot of people are saying i sleep how i sleep. i may try to go to sleep on the side and wake up on the back or stomach. i have no control. >> you have more control than you think. in fact, when i was pregnant i slept the entire time on my left and you can train yourself to sleep in a position. you want to set the stage. use pill low pillows or whatevd
9:25 am
to do to improve the quality of your sleep. >> i sleep on my left after being pregnant. >> thank you. it's good to see you. we're back after your local news. yeah. we need to sell it. hi. need an appraisal? yeah. we do. vo: when selling your car, start with a written offer, no strings attached. carmax. start here. i get out of work, and i go to the store, and somebody says, smellin' around, "i smell cookies." i said, "oh no you just smell me, i just got out of work, that's honey bunches of oats, that's all." i said "don't eat me now." ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good around ♪ ♪ turn around, barry
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♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ [ female announcer ] fiber one. >> good morning. i'm tracy davidson, sunshine to start your day. let's get details from meteorologist bill henley. bill. >> a bright sunny day. you certainly need your sunglasses, not just this morning, all day long. the humidity is dropping as the temperatures climb. look at that sunshine, a nice northerly wind, bringing in the dry air. you see the temperature has moved up. now 73 degrees in philadelphia. climbing into the '80s this afternoon, but staying comfortable. right on through the day. >> new this morning, a just released poll find voters believe new jersey governor chris christie should resign, but not if lawmakers force the issue. here's thousand rutgers issue
9:27 am
breaks down, they say they want him to step down because he is running for president. but they told him about the legislators wanting to force a future governor to resign when making a bid for president more than half of those people polled said christie should be allowed to remain as governor. someone shot a man in the head in philadelphia last night. sky force 10 was over the scene in overbrooke him police say the 19-year-old victim was standing at the counter with friends, he is in critical condition right now. investigator versus not found the gunman. they believe the shooting could be in retaliation for a fight earlier in the day. a spray of gunfire from two weapons left two men injured in west philadelphia. investigators say a pair opened fire on chancellor street after 11:00 last night, we don't know their sentences yu yet. police have not found the gunman, we will have another update if 25 minutes. you can always get the latest
9:28 am
news and weather with the nbc 10 news app. have a great day. .
9:29 am
9:30 am
taking look at the headlines. doctors are deciding how best to treat jimmy carter for cancer. the 90-year-old former president announced on wednesday that recent liver surgery found cancer that spread to other parts of his body. he'll undergo treatment at emory health care in atlanta. lindsay vaughn is heading home after crashing in new zealand. have a small fracture in the ankle. she's coming off a successful season after injuries kept her out of the olympics. some children are getting too much homework. the study published in the american journal of family therapy finds some young students have three times the recommended homework load. as the workload goes up so does
9:31 am
the stress for the parents and students. the recommendation for homework is 10 additional nights for first graders and ten minutes per grade after. that. music can help patients recover. it found those who listen to music before, during, or after surgery have less discomfort, less anxiety, and needed less pain medication than those who did not. those who selected their own music is even better. it's nonevasive, safe, and cheap and should be available to everyone. trader joes is known for the che cheap wine but it may increase the price of your home. homes near trader joes jumped 40%. precilla pressly joined fans for the unveiling of the new
9:32 am
elvis stamp. it features a young elvis with the signature in gold and a small crown for the king of rock and roll and in 1993 an elvis stamp became the postal service's best selling commemorative of all time. let's get a check of the weather now from mr. roker. "today's" weather is brought to you by lumber lick decaders. we have wet weather in the pacific northwest. tomorrow rain in the rockies, showers in the pacific northwest. new england as well. look at wet weather through florida. that continues tomorrow. i should say saturday. on to northern new england we have scattered showers, western new york as well. western two-thirds of the country looking pretty good. sunday we've got more rain down through florida. could be flooding there as well. a swath of rain from up of michigan to nebraska. sunny skies continue out west and starts to warm up in southern california l.a. on
9:33 am
sunday looking good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. a beautiful day ahead. brilliant sunshine, low humidity, temperatures warming into the low- to mid-'80s. another nice day ahead for tomorrow, a cool start in the morning, low humidity, just a bit warmer in the afternoon, bright sunny skies friday and plenty of heat and humidity returning over the weekend. saturday 92, 93, steamy for the eagle's preseason game. in the afternoon, 93 degrees sunday. the heat continues into next week. have a great day. and that's your latest weather. >> al, so now to one of the hottest up and coming actors in hollywood who is about to bust out with not one but two projects with stephen spielberg. we're talking about austin stall who may have seen in "dolphin tales" or in "whiplash." he's starring in a new tv
9:34 am
sitcom. he plays a cop that walks the thin line between good and evil which is tough when his father is an abusive gangster. >> he deserved it. but the number one rule in our office is you do not draw attention to yourself. you have to take care of something or somebody. you do it out of the spotlight. >> fine, dad, i get it. but i'm telling you, if he touches my mother again, i'll kill him. >> austin, good to see you. >> this show is cool. you have spielberg, ed burns, backdrop 1960s new york city. what was it like to get a phone call from stephen spielberg? >> i didn't get the phone call from stephen right away. i got it from eddy. i was shooting a film in florida. he had me come to new york. we had a chemistry read there, and we got off really well. so it just all clicked. >> it's got to be fun to play in
9:35 am
a period piece, you know, new york city 1960. >> yeah. it's fun. you dress up in the clothes, you're driving the cars, looking around and the great thing was with the budget that tnt gave to us, we were able to have a hundred extras and they're dressed up and you've got the girls in the dresses and the guys with the hats on. it's really cool, you know, you're looking around you feel like you're in the 1960s new york. >> back in the day when everybody dressed nicely and wore hats. >> yeah. >> different times. you also were in a movie spielberg directed with tom hanks. what is it like working with two legends not just one? >> well, you know, i think the real thing is that you get there and you're looking these guys in the faces and they're these icons. you look tom in the face and it's like i know you're your lines. i can hear the lines from "forest gump" and "big".
9:36 am
the reason they have the careers they do is they're such good guys. they're so giving. i think the biggest compliment to tom is that you just want to be like him. i want to emulate him in my career, if i can, well, you know. >> not even as an actor. just as a human being. >> what a beautiful thing to say about someone. the show is called "public morals" we decided to test your moral compass in life. oh, bring it! here we go. so you're talking to someone who has something stuck in their teeth. do you tell them? >> immediately. >> you do? >> if you don't tell them -- if i do go to the bathroom i come back and i can't trust that person anymore. >> okay. on the bus seat you find money -- >> that's mine. that's mine. [ laughter ] >> you didn't even let me finish! >> you know -- that's karma
9:37 am
coming back your way. >> is that your dad standing over there? >> yes, it is! there he is. >> what is his name? >> that's my father bob. >> hi, bob! >> nice to meet you. you have a nice young -- >> we're going on a safari after this. >> 1960s new york. >> there's lions in central park. we're going to find them today. >> are you talking about your dad's conclukhakis? >> yeah. >> it's cute! >> giving your dad grief and stealing $20s. >> your dad is throwing some shade. i like it. "public morals" premiers august 25th on tnt. it's a great show. great to meet you, man. up next what would you do if you came face to face with one of these? right after this.
9:38 am
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(glasses♪clinking) (ground shaking) well there goes the country club. the 2015 dodge durango. now with available beats audio. this is the point in the show where tamron gets up close and personal with some dangerous animals. >> very funny. no matter where in the country you live -- that was smooth. these animals which al moved me closer to adapted to different habitats. here with some you may find in your backyard corbin maxi. >> so good to see you. >> this is the only thing i'm
9:42 am
touching is your hand. >> he's so cute. >> this is a opossum. they have a pouch. isn't that amazing? related to kangaroos. common in backyards. >> texas -- we see them in texas a lot. >> are they beneficial? >> they are. they get blamed for things like knocking over the trash. >> those are raccoons. >> good job, al! they are beneficial. they eat clubs and rodents. >> oh, good! sydney eye's seem a bit crossed. >> i think she might have a little bad vision. this is a interesting fact. this is one of the shortest lived animals. it might be her last appearance, unfortunately. >> are you serious? no don't say that, really? >> have you been talking to natalie. >> what a great family fact. don't cry. they only live to be 2 to 3. isn't that amazing? >> she's already in old age. >> thank you, sydney.
9:43 am
this is amazing. over here this, oh, my goodness, this is a venomous -- >> oh! >> al! >> don't come so close. >> i'm sorry. one of the only venomous lizards in the world. >> how are you able to handle it? >> i hope my insurance isn't watching. >> you are beneficial. they're not too bad. this is actually coming from pennsylvania. >> can we find one in the backyard? >> in the southwestern parts of the united states. >> they spend 95% of their time in burrows. >> okay. >> want to touch the tail? >> no. >> turn this way and turn that way. >> it's okay. >> excellent! let's bring out the next. >> you are such a guy. >> come over here. this is one of the smallest birds of prey in north america.
9:44 am
they're tenacious little predators. they're great predators. they eat rodents, even small birds. >> wow. >> you can find them everywhere in urban environments. >> that's so funny. you can find them in new york city. >> you can? >> you can find them in new york city. it's amazing. >> that's phenomenal. okay. >> thank you very much. >> up next if you like -- we're out of time we spent too much time with sydney. >> we have two more animals. >> wait until you see somewhat is in store for some great kids. it will make your day after this! >> that's a beautiful bird! wow. you wish your dog could fight off fleas and ticks. but since he can't... you rely on frontline plus. because frontline plus unleashes a deadly killing force to kill fleas and ticks, plus flea eggs and larvae, preventing a new infestation. its protection lasts a full 30 days. no wonder frontline plus is the #1 choice of vets for their pets and yours.
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it's all yours. thanks, jan. toyota. let's go places.
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♪ >> sports matter is sponsored by the dick's sporting goods foundation. visit to help save youth sports. well, as kids head back to school, many students will return to find their sports programs at risk force to choose between academics and sports. >> we are with a group of lacrosse players to show us how school athletic teams are finding new ways to meet ends meet. good morning, jill. >> reporter: hi, guys! i'm here with the girl's lacrosse team who were undefeated in the regular season at salmon school. [ cheers and applause ] been it's been a long path to get here. if 2011 there was no funding until two local moms got
9:49 am
together and said we're going to raise the money to keep these kids playing. there's a long road ahead and many schools across the country are going through the same thing. central panthers are underdogs even before they step on the field. their players are all home schooled so the team doesn't receive any state or local funding. >> we sell pizzas door to door sometimes. we did a raffle once. anything we can do to earn enough funds. >> reporter: they practice in hand me down uniforms, and scrimmage on a soccer field. despite the thousands of dollars it costs to run the league, coach bob doesn't turn anyone away. >> any boy is welcome to play regardless of the ability of the family and we have a lot of cases like that where if a boy wants to play football, he's going play football. >> reporter: last year the team's fundraising came up short until it received $15,000 from the dick's sporting goods foundation. >> nice hit!
9:50 am
>> that $15,000 pretty much paid for everything and got us through the season and travel expenses and everything. >> reporter: the panther's challenge is not unique. between 2000 and 201070% of schools lost or dropped their school program. and up to 27% of public high schools could be without any sports programs within the next five years. in boston, middle schools now rely on nonprofit organizations like play ball boston for most sports programs including double dutch because the district can only afford basketball and track and field. >> these kid, the opportunities that the sport has brought to them has been unreal. >> reporter: play ball funds athletics for 1300 kids and 20 schools. that's only 15% of the need. they're doing better in school. their confidence level is doing especially in sports like double dutch goes through the roof >> reporter: that's year her
9:51 am
team came through a and won the state championship. more importantly, she made the honor roll. >> i used to go home and tell my mom how good i did. my mom and dad are proud of me. >> reporter: and i am joined by coach terri. i know, you can relate to so many things in that piece. why was it so important for the moms to keep the kids playing? >> i think without cherry adams without their efforts s is in and follow that with our moms and dads and family in general, i think that has kept our program here able to be funded by the school district. >> speaking of funding, i want to bring in lauren hobart from the dick's sporting goods foundation. you have an amazing initiative. >> we do. we believe in the power of sports to make the meaningful difference of kids' lives and the lessons they learn on and off the field will last them a lifetime. we committed $25 million to help
9:52 am
save youth sports. >> wow. i want to bring in team captain morgan thompson for a second, who is nervous. do you think we're just here doing a story? >> yes. >> reporter: we have a little surprise for you. the dick's sporting goods foundation has a surprise for you. i want you to go over there and pull down the cover. can you help her? one, two -- ready? one, two, three! [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: each girl on the team is going to get a new under armour uniform as well as the equipment you need, new sticks, goggles, and new cleats. in addition, i'm happy to announce that the dick's sporting goods foundation awarded a $25,000 sports grant to your team to keep you guys playing for years to come. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: thank you so much to dick's sporting goods
9:53 am
foundation. let's send it back to new york! >> that's awesome! pllds. >> we're back in a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc. u is "today" on nbc.c. u
9:54 am
9:55 am
. so this is pretty cool. you have some exciting news. >> yeah. i'm one of the hosts of msnbc global citizens festival headlined by beyoncè, ed sheeran, and cold play. >> and tamron as well. >> i'll be hosting on september 27th. including hugh jackman, stephen colbert, and kerry washington will be hanging with the crowds there. >> you can get
9:56 am
>> good morning, i'm tracy davidson, let's get your first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley. bill. >> democracy, we got a winner on our hands today. one of the nicest days of the entire summer. very low humidity and temperatures with bright sunshine will warm into the '80s. they're starting to warm up. cape may harbor is on the cool side. 70 degrees. north wildwood is up to 74 degrees and 77 in cape may airport. sunshine will be nice and bright.
9:57 am
the temperatures will be climbing in philadelphia, into the '80s. currently at 75 degrees in ocean view. preparing for the pope. today we learn more about the plan for the ben franklin bridge during the papal visit. here is a live look at the bend. transportation officials will layout plans for the bridge today including the walking route from camden to philadelphia. one subject officials will not address is the complete security plan for the bridge and you can check out the nbc 10 app, a rundowndown of events and where you will be able to pope frances. local construction companies will begin a challenge to build five homes in north philadelphia today. their goal is to frame the houses by the end of saturday. the homes are a part of habitat for humanity's hope village on turner street. i'm tracy davidson. we will have another update in 25 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 news app. now back to the "today" show.
9:58 am
have a great day and thanks for watching.
9:59 am
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee giffovfford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> that's all we do on thehe sh. >> all we do on the show is -- >> okay. >> guess who is here? >> finally! >> who? >> it has been eight years since savannah guthrie co-hosted with me. >> i know. why not. >> until today. >> why are they keeping us apart. >> they're trying to separate us and we're not having it anymore. >> do you feel like we might crack the lens with how much good television is going on. >> or how much drinking?


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