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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  August 15, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. the crowds from hitting the jersey shore this weekend. and the city park can be a great spot to cool down, if you're further inland. this is a live look at philadelphia's love park. which is, as you can see, has been busy all afternoon. very good evening, i'm george spencer. we're looking that possibility of spending an entire week with highs in the 90s. let's go straight to nbc 10 first alert meteorologist michelle grossman for details. michelle, it sounds like this is just the beginning.
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>> just the beginning. today we hit a high of 91 degrees. that's the start of stretch of 90s, once again. probably the start of our next heat wave. temperatures up to two to five degrees warmer than yesterday. enough to put us into the 90s yesterday. we reached an official high of 91 degrees. minly in the 80s and 88 in allentown and 66 in lancaster and 82 in wildwood. a warm night tonight if you have saturday night plans by 7:00, we're looking at 86 and 8:0082. we'll talk more about the hot weather tomorrow and how long it is going to last in a few minutes. >> thanks, michelle. happening now, we're tracking travel troubles up and down the east coast. more than 200 flights have been canceled. many others delayed and it's all because of an automation problem at a flight control center in virginia. those issues have since been resolved, but flights are still being impacted. nbc 10 drew smith joins us live
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at philadelphia international airport and, drew, it sounds like the ripple effect is hitting travelers here. >> yeah, george. just one computer glitch caused all these problems. take a look, you can see how many flights were canceled. others delayed hours. people still having trouble arriving here into philadelphia. plus the airlines right now are busy rebooking people after cancellations and delays. just in terminal a where we are, we counted about 20 cancellations and dozens of late departure in arrival. a lot of the planes affected were heading out of the washington, d.c., area and other cities along the east coast. the actual problem happened in virginia where a system used to direct high altitude flights stopped working. we talked to some passengers whose flights first got delayed and then eventually canceled. they weren't happy and they're probably spending another night here in philadelphia. >> one glitch is just, i mean, people in the line and talking about it. their flights were canceled and all the flights today, like i was supposed to get on another
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flight, but all the flights booked out. >> we all got displaced and we're told to come downstairs and get your baggage and so we were in line for nearly two hours. and, yeah, now we can't seem to find a flight out tonight. >> the system that went down today is used at several other air traffic control centers. but the one that failed toz today just stopped working and caused all of these problems. the faa is investigating, but has not released a cause of owhat caused it to fail. live in philadelphia international airport, i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. nbc 10 is preparing for the pope. today passengers planning to ride new jersey transit trains when pope francis comes to philadelphia next month picked up their special limited rail passes. they went on sale today at noon. the atlantic city rail line and the river line will operate limited service. the weekend of september 26th and 27th.
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nbc 10 monique braxton is live in camden tonight. moniq monique, you talked to some people who were getting their tickets before they sell out. >> that's right, george. the ac rail line will take paer passengers all the way to 30th street station. this is where the new jersey river line will stop. the rand transportation center. we spent the afternoon talking to passengers about their plans. tyler willis was the first to purchase the new jersey river lines excursion service ticket here. he told us he plans to attend the papal mass, even though he isn't catholic. >> his messages of peace and of ogetting along are something that everybody needs to listen to and take seriously. >> new jersey transit sold tickets at five of the six places the river line will stop the weekend the pope is in philadelphia. the trains will offer limited service starting at 6:00 saturday and sunday mornings. >> welcome to new jersey
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transit. >> reporter: 15,000 tickets are available on the river line at a cost of $5 for the round trip. each passenger is allowed to purchase up to four tickets. that's just what scott zimmerman told us he needs for his family. >> i think we're going tamaybe pack a couple bottles of water and some things and then walk from camden to ben franklin parkway. >> just as excited, but not making the five-mile trek to the parkway is tracy burns. she says her papal transit pass will take her to camden. once there, she'll hop on papco. >> i'll be part of guest services. >> no walking for you. >> no walking, if i can avoid it. >> reporter: the ac rail line tickets are $30 per person for the round trip. also a minimum of four, maximum of four per person, i should say. i just spoke with new jersey transit and they tell us that many of the 23,000 tickets
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available for both the ac rail line and the new jersey river line are still up for grabs. of course, we'll be keeping in touch with them to let you know what happens between now and september 25th when they sell out. live now from camden, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. and there is a long list of transportation changes for the papal visit. you can tap on nbc 10s news app to see all of them. our special section, preparing for the pope really has everything you need to know for the papal visit, including the pope was itinerary, so you'll know where you can see him here in philly. well, what a success. thousands of dogs and cats are in new homes after a national clear the shelters initiative by nbc. in our area, more than two dozen shelters were cleared and the numbers are really impressive. more than 900 animals were adopted today in pennsylvania, 490 dogs and cats have new
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homes. in jersey, it's 379. and in delaware, 43. we are still waiting on the final numbers from the shelters in that area. nbc 10 jim rosenfield spent the entire day at the pennsylvania spca where many families were looking to get a new addition. >> this line started early this morning. all these people here to clear the shelters. here for dogs and cats, puppies, kittens. adult dogs and cats. hi, what's your name? >> lisa. >> what are you here for today? >> a dog. >> you have a breed in mind or a size in mind? >> a small dog. >> more than 2,500 dogs and cats at more than two dozen area shelters that opened their doors with waived adoption fees today. >> you're flexible. >> lacking for a dog or cat? >> sure, you had to get up early to find the pint-size variety. >> charlie is feisty. we've been holding her for a while and she's anxious to get down. who do you have?
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>> this is mylo. she's a baby. >> virginia is thrilled to be going home with this puppy, expected to eventually tip the scales at more than 100 pounds. you came today because? >> we want tad save a life. we were here last night and we could sense the excitement that a lot of these dogs knew they were going home. >> reporter: hundreds of cats played the waiting game, too. often it was the youngest in the family making final decisions. do you want a puppy? >> yes. >> reporter: why? >> so i can pick it up and so my other dog and they can play with each other. >> reporter: shelter workers found themselves as energized as the pups. >> it's very, very exciting seeing so many people and a lot of dogs that you're kind of working with for a whole month go home with such great people. >> reporter: the need continues year round. for dogs and cats to find loving homes. in juinata park.
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>> it has been a big day across all three states in our area as we help clear the shelters. take a look at this line at the delaware county spca. it's snaked all the way around that building and media inside, there were some very happy people who were adopting their new family members. and gloucester county the animal shelter still has dogs and cats available for new homes. as you can see, there are some great pets there looking to be adopted. you can always take a look another day. and there were more adoptions down in delaware. this is the spca in stanton, new castle, county. families lined up before the doors even opened at that location. nbc 10 delaware reporter tim furlong and his kids helped out. they rescued their beagle just a few months ago. if you adopted your pet today, tell others about it on osocial media. use the #cleartheshelters and send us pictures of your pets and click on the free nbc 10
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news ap. right now chester police are searching for the gunman who is responsible for shooting both a child and an adult late last night. nbc 10 was on the scene on potter street where that double shooting happened shortly before midnight. we're working to find out the victims' ages and their conditions. there is no word yet on any arrests or even a motive in that case. a deadly accident on the tracks. we're learning more about a local race car driver who was killed on a pennsylvania race track last night. plus, up in flames. a good samaritan being credited with saving his neighbor from this massive fire in trenton. the latest on her condition. mmmmmm yoplait! ♪
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a race car driver from bucks county died at a race track.
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he was killed after hitting the wall at the womeniums grove speedway. the crash happened during last night's warm up laps. the rest of the races were canceled after that accident. all right. a hot day today. temperatures into the 0s. 91 officially in philadelphia. that's the start of a string of 90s. we'll talk about that and look at your seven-day, straight ahead.
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new at 6:00. the trial for a man accused of murdering his stepdaughter has been delayed two months. gregory graf's trial will begin with jury selection in november instead of september. graf is charged with shooting jessica in his home and then hiding her body. it prompted a frantic five-day search. he's also accused of sexually abusing her corpse. we have new information
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about a drug bust at the hilton at penns landing last night. philadelphia police say four people were taken into custody after a gun and a large amount of cocaine were found inside a hotel room. those people are facing charges that include manufacturing with intent to deliver. their names have not yet been released. sky force 10 was over this massive fire in trenton last night where five homes were severely damaged. and we now know one woman is in critical condition. she was rescued by a neighbor. that fire began in the basement of one of the homes, but the reason it started is still under investigation. dozens gather today in west philadelphia to celebrate the 50th anniversary of dr. martin luther king's freedom rally. civic leaders and neighbors gathered at the james wright recreation center and marched along to a memorial on 40th street. local leaders say the event symbolizes their community
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coming together and sharing history. >> we're unified. we care about our community. and to finish it with the program at 40th and lancaster where the king buses and the murl is just cements all that we are and all that we're trying to do to keep this community together and the move forward and dr. martin luther king's shadow. >> and today's event concluded with speeches and a song to commemorate that anniversary. as we've been telling you, nbc 10 is so proud to be part of the clear the shelters initiative helping get shelter pets adopted. the animals were beating the heat at the camden county animal shelter as they met possible families. people looking to adopt cats and dogs were also able to save a little bit of money with reduced or waved fees at dozens of shelters today. in the meantime, the cat room in philadelphia's old city at paws
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was especially popular today. these kitties were getting snapped up as the day of adoptions went well into the late afternoon. and in chester county, people lined up as they considered their options there. finding the perfect new friend, of course, can take some time. those kennels are clearing out, but this push is also a reminder that there will always be a need for more adoptions and shelter volunteers. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. well, it was a hot day today. temperatures back into the 90s and we'll see many, many 90s in our seven-day. if you don't like the heat, you won't like the seven-day too much. we'll keep it dry for a lot of the seven-day, though. taking a look at the weather headlines on this saturday evening. the first day of our next heat wave. humidity will be creeping up, mainly on monday. comfortable today and comfortable tomorrow and then start to feel sticky on monday before we see the humidity go up tuesday and wednesday. hot for the eagles game. temperatures back into the 90s tomorrow. right now at 89 degrees and a mixture of sun and clouds and
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winds out of the northwest at 11 miles per hour. temperatures 8 in allentown and a warm 89 degrees in philadelphia. south and east we're mainly looking at the 80s. 85 in millville and 85 degrees right now in atlantic city. a warm day today and another hot one tomorrow. right now we're looking outside and getting ready for your saturday night dinner plans. looking nice. dry tonight for the most part. some spots may see a shower or two. for the most part a mixture of sun and clouds and then eventually mostly clear skies overnight and it will be a warm one. radar, show you this line of storms just to the north and migrating down to the south and also to the east and lehigh valley may see a shower oor two as we go throughout the next couple of hours. by 11:00, seeing showers falling and keep in mind as you head throughout your night. tomorrow the heat is the story, once again. a hot day, once again, on sunday. by monday hot, once again. bring up the humidity, once again. start to feel more sticky on monday and then humid on tuesday
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and wednesday. the poconos tomorrow looking nice. mostly sunny, sunny and warm. down at the beaches, a good place to be on sunday. we're looking at temperatures right around 83 degrees with mostly sunny skies when the winds out of the south at five to ten miles per hour. 71 tonight 64 north and west. you probably need that air conditioning, once again. mostly sunny and hot tomorrow. 90 to 93 and probably top out around 92. that's well above normal for this time of year. that sun setting, i don't know if you noticed it, but setting a little earlier. i noticed that last night. 94 on tuesday and a chance for an isolated chance for a shower, possibly a thunderstorm mainly to the north. same story on wednesday, 92. hot and humid by thursday and friday temperatures still in the 90s and chance for storms all three days. saturday right around 90 degrees. danny from comcast sports net. we may finally have a date for sixers center foot surgery. tomorrow's preseason opener
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against the colts. we're right back. jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans and we just couldn't say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks
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everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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it is time now to check in with peter alexander for a look at what is coming up this evening on nbc "nightly news." peter? >> hey, george. good evening to you. coming up right here next. extreme heat and the intense battle against wildfires out west. we're live. plus a big weekend in politics that iowa state fair. we'll hear from donald trump one-on-one with chuck todd and hillary clinton in iowa today. the struggle for compensation for those who were wrongfully convicted and then released after years behind bars. lester holt with an american-born photographer who has chronicled cuba for more than half a century. george, back to you. >> peter from washington tonight, thanks a lot. we'll see you in just a few minutes.
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>> announcer: this is inxfinity sports desk. brought to you by xfinity. live in your living room this is danny pommells. sam bradford will watch the preseason game against the colts tomorrow. surgery repaired knee one more week of rest. matt bar clay and tim tebow will see most of the starting time. mark sanchez will get the start. this is more of a tune up than a showcase. >> nothing to prove, really. i mean we're just coming out here and executing what we've been practicing these last few weeks. and the most important thing is just trying to take care of the football and get a couple first downs. have a successful drive or two and see how long we get to stay in and have fun and get used to playing, again. it also seems like another key off season acquisition will be a spectator de marco murray unlikely to play. he did not participate in drills and while he hasn't practiced much, he already made an
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impression on his position coach deuce staley. >> he brings that professionalism to the game and there's no doubt in that. we do our due diligence as far as doing research on him. >> he's driven by passion and driven by getting out there and carrying the team. that's exactly what makes him tick. >> and cue the music. it's almost that time. less than 24 hours away from the eagles preseason tilt against the colts. our pregame show tomorrow 12:30. the game comes your way at 1:00. post-game follows all the action. nbc 10, the official tv station of the philadelphia eagles. nick foles made his debut against the raiders. he came out throwing. first play right here 26-yard pass to lance kendricks. 69 yards and two series and also sacked. foles led the rams to a field goal. the raiders won the game, 18-3.
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to hoops now. more than a month since the sixers said joelembiid needs a second surgery on his right foot and that would happen in the next ten days. it didn't happen. a couple reports saying that the surgery will happen tuesday and he will miss the entire season. as for the delay, he needed more time to come to terms with missing a second consecutive season. baseball now. phillies third baseman maikel frar franco will not play again after getting hit by a pitch on his wrist on tuesday. batting lead off, again, after smacking four hits from that position last night. about half a dozen teams have shown interest in utley. chase has been doing his part, no doubt, batting.500 in six games since coming back from the disabled list. utley has to approve any trade
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and the deal has to be done before september for him to be eligible for the post-season. the phillies send this gentleman to face the brewers. coming off one of his best starts of the season. seven innings of action against the padres. we'll have the game for you at 7:00 right here on nbc 10. that's your look at sports i'm danny pommell. >> danny, thanks very much. here is a fun way to spend your saturday. hanging out with a babialigator in franklin square. today the adventure aquarium hosted an event splash in the square. teach kids and parents about water dwelling animals. horseshoe crabs with starfish and even something called an albino corn snake. the aquarium wanted to spread the word about hippo awareness week. which is apparently coming up at the end of the month. got to say, day to get out and see those animals. not much better than this. i mean, this is summertime day
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as warm as it gets in our area. >> oh, yeah, it's august. we're seeing above normal for this time of year. at least we don't have the humidity right now. we saw those animal splashing and a good day to get out and splash around today because it was a hot one and the start of many 90s in our seven-day. get ready for our next heat wave. by tomorrow mostly sunny skies and eagle game sweating on the field and temperatures right around 2. monday 94 and temperatures right around 94 on tuesday, as well. wednesday we're looking at 92. 93 on thursday and that's when things will change. chance of showers thursday, friday and saturday. take off the suit jacket. >> not the football weather. that's nbc 10 news for now. nbc 10 "nightly news" is next.
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on this saturday night, burning up. the battle against raging wildfires. hundreds of homes threatened. as millions try to find relief from scorching temperatures. travel chaos. long flight delays and cancellations after a computer glitch strands thousands. flying high. donald trump desends on iowa as only he can. and hillary clinton on her latest challenges. lost years. a record number of people set free after being wrongfully convicted. can you put a price tag on lost time? and a sweet spot like no other. getting the royal treatment a lot a dairy queen where time stands still. "nightly news" begins now. this is


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