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tv   Today  NBC  September 2, 2015 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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nouns r. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ♪ you're the only one i want to talk about ♪ >> talk about is it mika? >> mika. >> it's winesday wednesday, september 2, so happy you're with us. we have a lot to talk about today including the medical mistakes you could be making. we'll find out what you need to be doing to take care of your health. here's the thing, from your 20s, 30s, 40s, because different issues arrive. >> you have to pay close
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attention to different things. and the queen of all things kids, michelle bo prrrba has he for kids of all ages. home work anxiety, being a new kid in school. plus, if you're planning one last end-of-the-summer road trip, we have the must haves to keep the kids busy. >> plus, guess who's here? >> lilliana with luxe for less. >> you look darn cute, sweetheart. >> thank you. i love this. very cute. >> you do? >> beautiful. today's luxe for less is all about ear jackets. >> oh! >> remember? >> we're finally getting to those? >> so for people that dent know, ear jackets are the hottest trend in jewelry since the statement necklace. what's great is they modernize your earrings so they have a little tiny stud at the top and they swing back behind you're and come under. that's an ear jacket. >> so it looks like it's almost two different earrings? >> exactly.
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we have lots of styles under $25. >> we'll look forward to that. thanks, sweetie. would you like words of wisdom? >> i'm ready. i'm not happy summer is coming to an end. >> here it is. "just because someone desires you doesn't mean they value you." >> so true. >> anon. >> anonis my favorite. we have a question, are you addicted to your phone? do you freak out and panic when you can't find your phone? where's my phone, it's in the bottom of my bag. [ phone ringing ] >> i have several times been on my phone with someone trying to find my phone. [ laughter ] you're like this "oh, my god, i don't know where it is." and they're like "you're talking to me." but you get anxiety! >> all right, okay. we'll see if we all have addictions by answering questions. >> so see how you do with this. over half the people use their phone while they're on the toilet. are you on that group?
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that means you're addicted to your phone. do you? >> no. >> never? >> no. >> never. >> no, i have everything hygienically removed, okay? >> but you don't -- have you ever had your phone in the bathroom and it rang and you're like, ooh, should i get it? it might be important. my hands haven't been anywhere weird. >> i try not to take it in with me if you know what i'm saying. what about you? [ laughter ] >> on rare occasion because sometimes you're taking -- it's in your hands and you're already in the stall and you're like where do i put it? so i put mine on the top of the toilet paper roll so i leave it there and then if it rings is i have mine on vibrate so i wait until i get out and then wash my hands and then -- >> it's one problem with that, hoda. to retrieve the toilet paper you have to lift it up -- >> no it's on the metal thing. >> oh, okay, it's not -- >> it's a normal public toilet.
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>> those i also try to avoid. 60% say they have fallen asleep with their phone in their hand. >> i've done that before. you know why? because you're playing candy crush trying to fall asleep. it happens. they have this one call -- >> you should be praying to the lord god above. >> there's a candy crush soda, and i like level 130. [ laughter ] by the way, i keep returning to 130 although i've passed it. i like it. so i go back and for some reason if i play it enough -- >> so you're addicted to kenn y conditicandy crush, not the phone! one in six use the phone while showering. >> how? must have one of those cases. >> i don't know. and almost a quarter of people would give up sex for a weekend -- that ain't hard -- [ laughter ] before parting with their phone. right? >> more than half said -- get this -- if their home was on fire, on fire, they would reach for the phone before saving the family cat. >> but not the family dog! ? >> the dog gets out.
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poor. >> poor cat. cats don't get enough respect, do they. [ meow sound ] [ laughter ] >> if you don't know where your phone is, do you worry about it? >> well, i don't have anything on my phone that would be embarrassing like you do if it was found out. i have none of that stuff. it's just a pain to have to get a new one and find that stuff. so i don't know, you decide. we're not getting -- telling anybody what to do if you're addicted. we're not into that. we're not into helping you. >> no rehab. >> we're into pointing out how screwed up you are. >> how about this? we were wondering what do you think are the best and worst months of the year according to your own preference. what do you like? >> and we didn't agree with this. i love spring the best because winters are so hard here and when you finally see life come about and you see a daffodil -- >> so may? >> i would say may and june. >> the "washington post" did a gallup poll and found out the
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top three months, the most popular, were a tie between june and december. >> i don't like december. >> number two was october. >> october's lovely, back here. >> and guess what number one was? may, what you said. >> yeah, i think the answers to these really depend on where you live. >> can i tell you my favorite month? june. because june's the start of summer. summer hasn't happened yet. july is -- july is -- >> it starts around the 21st. >> but i like june because i see it ahead. i'm like we have july and we have august and we have all that warmth. i love the beginning. >> but memorial day is in may and that's the sort of beginning -- >> yeah, so you're right again. [ laughter ] >> there's no right or wrong. it's just what you feel. when i was a kid memorial day was the greatest because you knew it was summer. we were going to rehoboth because we lived there all summer long and the worst was labor day because it was over. >> so we -- what's your least favorite month? >> january and february. >> mine, too.
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got to throw narj there, too. >> mine is february because january is like new beginning, so it's like yay, it's new, then it wears off. then it's february and you're in the deep freeze. they say the least favorite months is august -- which is unheard of. >> our birthdays are in august. that's why i hate august. >> and the second is march which is -- you don't love that. >> except my son was born in march and so was my daddy so i have a fondness for march. i don't like how raw march can be. >> it can feel like winter. >> i stand and look at the trees and i go where are the buds? >> you wait for the crocuses. that's what you do. >> that's why my dad called them crocuses, you're ready to croak. >> the most despised months according to the survey are january and february. >> unless you're in the caribbean. then they're lovely. they're fun down in ocean reef where we have a place. they're fun in the keys. >> in the bahamas. have you ever turned on the tv and you hear a commercial and you hear a voice and you go "whose voice is that?"
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and it's usually someone you know, an actress or actor. so we'll guess whose voice. >> if it's ram trucks it's sam elliot. >> everything's julia roberts for me. let's go to first one for mercedes-be mercedes-benz. >> what does it mean to have an unlimited warranty? >> john hamm. >> what? >> i don't even know john hamm. >> wow, that's for tylenol? oh, the next is tylenol. >>? >> she's reading the answers! >> no, i didn't. i'm surprised? >> okay, tylenol p.m. >> when you don't get enough sleep and your body aches -- >> oh, i know! i know! no, i know. >> she played on -- >> i can't hear it! >> fall fast asleep and stay asleep. >> she has the ping-pong thing. >> you're a better --
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>> susana ran don. look how she has the ping-pong thing. >> that's what the academy award actress has become. no screaming unless you know the answer. >> i did know it. i wouldn't remember her name. >> this is fun. this is karen and jeremiah. they don't know it yet but they're going to fall in love, get married, have a couple of kids, move to the country, and live a long, happy life together where they almost never fight about money because right after they get married they'll find some financial folks who will talk to them about preparing early for retirement. >> matt damon? >> yes! >> it is? >> only because anthony mouthed it to me. [ laughter ] >> anthony! >> anthony, next time you mouth something to someone, mouth it to me. >> i yelled south susan sarandon. >> but i'm the one that said it came from anthony and you took credit.
10:10 am
>> but i didn't remember until right now! i'm serious. >> one more. >> this is fun. >> i love this. we could the this for an hour. >> visa checkout is such an easy way -- >> oh, oh -- >> enter your user name and passport. >> morgan freeman! >> anthony, you're a good mouther. >> ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ >> julia yah roberts? >> in the nation we know how you feel -- >> julia roberts. every time i hear a commercial it sounds like julia roberts. do they make a lot of money doing this? >> a fortune. a fortune. >> why do they need that money? they have lots of money. >> because they say it into a microphone about five times and you get a million dollars for five seconds. >> but you already have $10 million. >> if you could make a million dollars in five minutes? [ laughter ] >> you're right. >> there you go.
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>> why don't they call us? >> you know what i was so grateful for when i was in this business back in the 1800s? commercials. even if you had -- a couple of lines you got paid for 13 weeks for one day's work and a couple of hours. i wouldn't be in the business still if i hadn't made my living that first year and voiceovers. i used to be the voiceover queen of "days of our lives." >> you were? >> yes. "flight 402 for portland leaving in five minutes." >> you did that? >> ka-ching! ka-ching! until i got fired. that's another story. i got kicked out of a lot of things, hoda. >> but i like your voice when you call for the flights. the biggest medical mistakes that hoda is making. >> we'll talk about the health issues you need to take care of from your 20s to 60s and beyond after this. we'll be back. ♪ crisp garden vegetables...
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the older we get, the more we start to worry about our health and what we can do to prevent serious illness. >> but the fact is, the earlier you start taking care of yourself the better so the folks at put together a list of the biggest health mistakes at any age. here to talk about that is nbc news medical contributor dr. natalie azar. >> and we're getting help from our fans on our plaza. we're grateful to them. >> natalie, how are you? >> we're going through each of the decades and we've asked our plaza friends and fans to give us what their main concerns are
10:16 am
at that age. so here we have from virginia -- >> richmond. >> ali. ali, what's your question for dr. natalie. >> so what i've been doing too much at age 21 is drinking. >> oh, terrible! >> tell us. >> sorority and fraternity parties? >> a couple. >> so here's the thing, women generally are only supposed to have one serving of alcohol per night so for women that is six ounces, something like that. like a glass of wine or something like that. i know. many ren allowed to have double, that i metabolize alcohol better. but the question here is binge drinking versus daily drinking, is one better or safer than the other? generally speaking, binge drinking can be associated with a lot of things, you're incapacitated, that kind of thing. >> did that ever happen? >> never, no. >> no blackouts? >> absolutely not. >> tell us about mistakes people make in their 20s. >> the more common ones, not screening for sexually transmitted diseases.
10:17 am
>> do you do that on a regular basis? [ laughter ] >> yearly under the age of 25. sun screen only at the beach instead of wearing it during the day. >> hoda doesn't wear it at all ever. >> and also obviously poor diet. you are still retaining those bad habits. >> ali, thank you, honey. we're moving down. we have crystal in her 30s. crystal, what's your question. >> how much sleep should by getting? >> you don't get enough. how much do you get? >> i want to say about four hours a night. >> not enough. that's the easy answer. you think eight hours is a myth, it's not a myth. it's really for most people it does fall somewhere between seven and a half to eight and a half hours every night. that's what the research shows. too little and too much all can be associated with negative health outcomes. >> what are the things in our 30s? >> a couple other things, miscalculating fertility. a lot of us did this. we talk about contraception and great for the women's movement and people are delaying their child bearing and then they wake up one day and they're 35 and realized they've missed the
10:18 am
boat. fertility declines in your 30s quite dramatically. smoking. and everybody knows now it's not exactly acceptable to walk around with a cigarette but still how much is too much? obviously theless you do is better but it's time to start thinking about cutting out those adolescent habits if you were a former smoker. and ignoring your numbers. >> like what? >> something as simple as what is your fasting blood sugar? what's your blood pressure? and what is your cholesterol level? most people in their 30s don't know that. >> sharon, what's your question for dr. natalie. >> hi, is it okay to skip my ob-gyn appointments? >> oh! >> well, actually the latest is that, in fact, we can be spacing out our gyn appointments a little bit more with a pap smear and hpv testing. the newer recommendations are less frequent pap smears but that doesn't mean you don't go. there's still a value to having
10:19 am
the breast exam, having an exam with your doctor, they screen your urine and you can bring up issues of concern. >> i have dear friends who would not be on this planet anymore if they hadn't gone to their gyn in their 40s. >> an important message is even though we have changed the psychology, you don't need a pap smear, it doesn't mean you don't need to see your doctor. >> my breast cancer was detected by my gyno. >> make an appointment today! >> not alleviating stress. one of the biggest things here is that we are called in our 40s the sandwich generation. we are sandwiched between taking care of elderly and ailing parents and young children and that's -- for many of us that's a very, very real thing. so identify it and try to get as many resources as you can to help you. breast health confusion. we talked about this, over and over again on the "today" show, what is the recommendation, mammograms, et cetera. please talk to your doctor, make sure. not working out. my goodness, it's already too late. you have to do it, you have to do it. >> we only have a minute.
10:20 am
>> from what's your question? >> how much water should someone be drinking? >> oh, my gosh, you can't say generally roughly three letters for men, two liters for women. >> please speak in america. >> like 13 cups for men, around nine cups for women. changes, menopause, obviously you need to know about it. colonoscopy you don't necessarily need to do. you can check for fecal blood, speak with your doctor about this. empty nest syndrome, something everyone goes through. >> judy? >> over-the-counter vitamins? do they -- >> no, get it from real foods, fruits and vegetables. big study a year and a half ago showed taking multivitamins don't decrease mortality. i'm an advocate for taking it the right way. osteoporosis, misconceptions about treatment,s, know what is involved with medicare, especially prescription drug coverage and if you're not feeling well it could be a sign of heart disease, women don't necessarily have typical chest
10:21 am
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where? famous footwear. 30 years ago bryan adams recorded this song about the best days of his life. was it summer of '59, summer of '69, or summer of '75? >> the answer is coming up after
10:25 am
your local news.
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[ ch good morning. i'm vai sikahema. a few minutes before 10:30. that's not fog, that's haze because it's hot out there. let's get a look at our first
10:27 am
look forecast with bill henley. >> the fog is disappearing. hazy sunshine. you can see limited, filtered sunshine with the view high atop the comcast center. up to 80 degrees in wilmington and atlantic city is 80. the fog may repeat tomorrow morning. before it does, we'll warm up into the 90s this afternoon. >> thank you, bill. police in gloucester township is warning people about a scam where thieves pretend to be a utility worker to get into your home. an elderly woman was outside when a man approached her and said he needed to check her water. while inside her home, he distracted her while a second man came in, went to her bedroom and stole items from the woman's dresser. this is a sketch of one of the men. if you recognize him, police want to hear from you. as we prepare for the pope's visit, we expect to hear results of papal visit survey by city
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controller today, which will release concerns about business community during a meeting in center city later this morning. from transportation to security to the pope's itinerary, the "nbc10 news" app is your source for everything you need to know about the pope's visit and world meeting of family. free download to your smartphone or tablet. i'm vai sikahema. we'll have a full hour of news coming up in about 30 minutes. we'll send you back to the "today" show.
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[ cheers and applause ] we're back on this winesday wednesday ready to play our weekly trivia game we call "who knew" and we are soaking in every last bit of the season with the biggest summer hits past and present. kathie lee is across the street with the nbc experience store ready to handout a hundred bucks to anybody who gets the questions right and those who don't -- never fear, you get one of her wonderful signed cds. [ cheers and applause ] here to help me out in studio is contributing ing editor on "rol stone" and the hoist of "incoming" on spotify. what? >> that's true. go there, push the "follow" button and i'll deliver music to
10:31 am
you on a regular basis. >> before we went to the break we asked this question, 30 years ago bryan adams recorded this song about the best days of his life. joe, what is the answer? >> well, the answer is, of course, sing it with me, it was -- the summer of '69. the single was released 30 years ago in the summer of 1985, it went to number five on the billboard charts. and incidentally in the summer of '69 he was nine years old so this is not exactly a true story. >> kath across the street to you. >> this lovely gentleman is a pilot from winchester, virginia. finish the lyrics of this summer's hit by "walk the moon." what are the chances? >>. ♪ i'll take you back -- ♪ shut up and dance with me [ cheers and applause ] >> they are a great group, we've had them in the studio. >> well done, well sung.
10:32 am
"walk the moon" with "shut up and dance." this is a true story, the lead singer was in a club with his girlfriend and she what did she say? shut up and dance. >> she was trying to order a drink and it was too loud. back across, kath. >> where are you from? >> buffalo, new york. >> this summer's hit "see you again" by wiz khalifa is from what film sound track. furious 7, mad max, fury road or mission impossible rogue nation? >> furious 7. [ cheers and applause ] >> wow! >> that song, does that make you weep? >> it's a very moving song. huge hit this summer and of course the video and song are a tribute to the late paul walker. hugely popular song. this one set a record on spotify when it was released, 4.2 million streams in a day. >> i feel like this charlie guy came out of nowhere. >> he did on this song. hugely popular. that spotify record was just broken by one direction. people love these songs. >> a while ago.
10:33 am
at least it was a while ago. over to you. >> a beautiful lady from boston, massachusetts. which 23-year-old singer had a hit with cool for the summer. arianna grande, demi lovato or jesse j.? >> demi lovato. [ bell ringing ] >> yes! [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, my gosh! >> we are on a streak. cool for the summer, first single off demi's fifth album and this was co-produced and co-written by max martin, the swedish pop maestro who's had 20 number one hits. this one hasn't made it to number one yet but he's worked with taylor swift and demi and britney spears. >> we have a lovely lady visiting from china. what group released "hot fun in the summertime" right after their high profile performance at woodstock? beach boys, sly and the family stone, or the drifters? >> well i have my lifeline here.
10:34 am
>> b. sly and the family stone. >> i think that's right! [ cheers and applause ] >> okay, this is unbelievable how much everyone knows about music. >> everybody knows the great summer song hot fun in the summertime. sly and the family stone released this song in 1969 after their big performance at woodstock. incidentally, michael jackson always said this was one of his all time favorite songs. >> you're kidding? nice little trivia. joe, thanks so much. good luck on your show on spotify. >> thank you very much. >>. how to calm your kids' anxiety as they go through the new school year. and lilliana vazquez with an affordable luxe for less trend coming up. >> hi! bye! [ cheers and applause ] dull and boring hair? change it. gloss it! new from l'oreal. the nutrigloss shampoo system. like a glossing treatment every time you use it. l'oreal nutrigloss with glycosilk is tailor-made for dull hair. helps seal in nutrition. take your hair beyond shiny!
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it's back-to-school season and helping kids balance home work and afterschool activities. >> but your kids also may have concerns about making new friends and feeling safe so here to answer a few questions that we got from our parents on the plaza is educational psychologist and a good pal of our's, michele borba. how are you? >> a lot of parents have concerns as their kids get started. we start off with jennifer from georgia. >> i want to know how to help him cope with attending a new school, making new friends and
10:40 am
not being so nervous about attending this school. >> that's something a lot of kids say. >> exactly. particularly in middle school. here's things because friends play a key role in school success. first thing is start emphasizing three skills, real simple, but the three skills that well-liked kids use most is they smile, they encourage and they use eye contact. number two, teach conversation openers, most of our kids are plugged in and don't know "hi, how are you, my name is." what's your name? how are you? where do you go to school? and for every mother, get into joining the pta, go work on your kids' school because you'll connect the other mothers who have kids and they'll introduce those kids to your kids and it will all work out. >> so shari from iowa has a question about -- she wants her kid to feel safe and secure at school. >> the world is a different place. >> it's very different. >> i have a daughter going into third grade. i would like to know what's the
10:41 am
best way to help her each day go off the school and feel safe. >> the most important thing is getting a hands on grip on this. we have never seen such anxiety of children mounting because what they're watching is from beheadings to wars to school shootings live so the first thing you really have to do is help that child realize you are safe. ask your child where do you feel safest at your school? what time and when? that will give you a real opening as to your child's anxiety level because we do know that there are places where kids do feel safe and it's usually where there are adults. bullying happens when there's least likely to be adult supervision. 43% of kids, back-to-school buses, hallways, you can create a safety net for your child and please make sure to ask and if you had a problem at this school, who would you go to? every kid needs a safety net. if she doesn't have, introduce her to the school nurse, secretary, teacher. >> should you step in as a parent if your kid is afraid to
10:42 am
go to a certain area? >> yes, because what you want to do is walk her around and show her here's where you could go find one pal together because you want to keep a real eye on anxiety, keep it down and if it goes up, get help. >> amy from georgia, her question is more about bullying but let's listen. >> my daughter is 13 and she is at the age where she is starting to deal with bullying in school, how girls can be mean and catty and i wanted to ask how i can help her deal with that. >> that's hard. >> it really is. >> it's hard because the new american girl is not necessarily sugar and spice and everything nice. >> we aren't bekc rebecca of su brook farm, anymore. >> kindergartens are engaged in bullying. >> what? >> it's learned and it can be unlearned. every mom, start the conversation with your daughter and open it up regardless of age.
10:43 am
she needs to know you are a safety net to come to. most kids don't tell us because they're embarrassed. fear of humiliation. number two, you can start great conversations by if you don't feel comfortable watch mean girls or clueless with your daughter then you can open up the conversation. >> michele, thanks. off promise coming up we'll discuss later >> very exciting. coming up, luxe for less. and the must haves to keep kids and parents from going stir crazy on your next road trip. right after this. talkin'. hey, george is coming! nice! i'll get more stuff! can't wait to see him! that one's way better! hello? alright, sounds good. see you soon. guys, randy's coming! perfect. your favorite. we're gonna need more chairs. and more food. low prices. every day. on everything you need so you can turn your game-day party of three into a great party for more. save money. live better. walmart. hey! you workiyup!or nature made too?
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10:48 am
it's the end of the summer and the beginning of fall. >> but spending hours cramped in the car together can make everyone a little cranky so here to help -- >> hold it down back there! >> -- with tips is travel with val's valerie delia. we picked up a couple sisters. >> who are they?
10:49 am
>> emily and caroline from new orleans. >> hi, guys! >> hi, valerie! >> so people are trying to get in last-minute trips. >> yeah. so time for road trip, labor day, more people are driving than flying. so we've outfit it had car with some great little items for you. >> so what have we got? >> keep it organized. parents' number one pet peeve, how do we do it. look at this great organizer back here. >> i can't, i'm driving. >> kathie lee, keep your eyes on the road. inside here it's insulated. it has eight pockets, cup holders, you can put books in there, it attaches to the seat belt and it also has a top to it where you can do your -- >> love it. >> ellie and carolyn seem to be well behaved and having fun. >> and you can grab and go as well. that's the nice thing about. >> it often they like to watch movies or something and there's a great thing you've moved to my
10:50 am
headrest. >> i have. that is an ipad mount. it takes the place of dvd players which are passe these days and it has a velcro strap and you can put the ipad either horizon or vertical so a nice choice for movies. are you too busy coloring? what do you think? >> yup! >> we're extremely uncomfortable. what can you do to help with us that? >> travel hacks. how about a travel hack for your back. >> or my neck. whatever you got. >> paper towels. >> really? >> what do you do with this? >> put this behind your back. it's like lumbar support. get in there. you might want to adjust it when you're at a rest stop. >> it's much better than what it was. >> and what does that cost you, 99 cents? >> great, okay. >> so unbuckle, get out and move over and we'll talk about some other comfort items and some safety items over here.
10:51 am
and most importantly water wipes. 99.9% water and just .1% fruit extract. >> do you eat them? [ laughter ] drink them? >> look how lovely they are. they're good for messes and also good for baby skin. so they're kind of double duty. >> very gent. >> and no fragrance which is nice. >> and roadside? >> we need roadside assistance, this is a medical kit and this will take care of little things like blisters, dehydration, maybe diarrhea. the reason, though, why do we have -- >> in a cramped car? ooh! >> it happens. >> stay home, get better. >> and we have some chocolate here. this is more like a bribe for the kids. kind of like, okay. >> people tend to lose their car keys. >> you lose your car keys have a second set. i rent all the time. roadside assistance, i swear by it. $5 rental car, once a day that's
10:52 am
what you pay for that and we'll come and bail you out if you lose your keys. and entertainment, roadside america is an app that i love and will take you to the quirky places along the way. let's say you're in ocean city, maryland. they have the largest martini glass in the united states. so fun things like that. >> and who wouldn't want to go visit that? >> exactly. >> and lastly? >> lastly right here these are printable and they're classic games you can print out road trip bingo, scavenger hunt -- >> i love bingo! >> good job, sweetie. thank you so much. >> we appreciate it. >> thank you, guys! you were excellent! jackets for lilliana is jaz jewelry but first this is "today" on nbc. good intentions. is paved with mr. president, we know you tried to make a good deal with iran.
10:53 am
whose leaders stone women, hang homosexuals, sponsor mass terrorism, scream for the destruction of israel and death to america. so, what if you're wrong? and they can't be trusted? senator casey, don't trust iran. vote this down.
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10:56 am
lilliana vazquez is here. that could mean one thing -- luxe for less. >> remember when lilliana said she was going to show us ear jackets, then she surprised us for our birthdays. >> well, they're the hottest trends in accessories with jessica album and kate mara wearing them. >> if you look online, the ones celebrities are wearing are obviously fine jewelry, very pricey but i found amazing options under $50. let's start with these. these are from, under $32. i love the idea of doing pearls because the pearls are lady like and dainty then you have to edginess with it. all under $32 on their web site. these are from love obsessed. they have fun combos that have that kind of marble. all three pairs are under $25. these look so expensive. you can do them with real color. and these from r from stella and dot and i have these and one thing i've come up with as an
10:57 am
earring hack is what you can do with ear jackets because it's a stud with the hook behind it is you can swap out the studs and mix and match them to create your own earring jacket. >> lilliana, thank you so much. coming up tomorrow, we have an entire ambush makeover hour. >> that will be awesome. we're giving deserving teachers a brand new look for the classroom. and for the first time, two kids are getting back-to-school hair cuts and outfits. >> have a great winesday wednesday. see you tomorrow, what is that day? >> thirsty thursday. >> don't forget. >> i don't ever forget. >> have a great one.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
right now, cars vandalized in one community. someone smashed multiple windows in south jersey. in one camden county neighborhood got a rude awakening when they went out to their cars. this happened in dmren doer gle. >> reporter: we found broken out windows and we also found one shattered windshield along fern drive. the larsens


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