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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  September 14, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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good evening, i'm jacqueline london. anticipation is building for eagles fans everywhere. tim furlong is live in north wilmington, delaware. is it fair we haven't seen this excitement for an opener in quite some time? >> reporter: when chip kelly got here we had high hopes, but this feels more like the 2004 season, and like the kitchen here at stanley's tavern, the eagles have a lot of good ingredients, but the question, can they mix it together and give us a big steaming bowl of super bowl stew? >> we'll win by 21, easy. >> reporter: the falcons don't scare eagles fans a little bit. >> we're going to crush them. >> reporter: they smell a blowout. >> 42-10, eagles. >> reporter: i smell an amazing cheesesteak. >> we'll have it ready for you. >> reporter: they smell a busy night when the boys in green play this place makes a ton of green. >> definitely a good business. tonight we're going to get packed. >> reporter: a bakery brought out the green frosting today.
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forget it's technically a work or school night, the game will be on earlier, and by the way, there's a ton of excitement, like 2004 t.o. super bowl levels for what should be a very good team with lots of new weapons that will hopefully stay healthy, i'm talking to you, sam bradford. >> any quarterback can get hurt. you have to have a stud backup and we got one. >> reporter: hard not to like the eagles' chances this year. >> we're going to tear up the league. >> reporter: let's finally get this thing going. >> eagles! >> reporter: had to have one chant in there. for a monday night game, 7:10 is an earlier than normal start, which means kids can stay up late. i think we should ask the teachers collectively if we can take a pass on homework. it's game night, hopefully tonight the eagles get the first of i'm hoping 12, 13, maybe even 14 ones. optimistic. got to go with it. live in wilmington, tim furlong, nbc 10 news, jacqueline? >> thanks, tim. another live look inside the georgia dome. john clark is on the field for
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us tonight. he has all your pregame coverage coming up in sports. remember, nbc 10 is your official eagles station, even when the game isn't on our air, we'll have exclusive content you can't find anywhere else. eagles game day final will air after tonight's game. if you can't stay up, set your dvr for 2:00 a.m. we'll have reaction from the locker room, that's tonight on nbc 10, your official eagles station. and it is feeling a lot more like football weather tonight. nbc 10 where walkers were greeted by cooler temperatures. even though it's feeling more like fall and football, there's still some baseball to be played. live look at citizens bank park where the phillies open up a series with the nationals tonight. sheena parveen joining us now. a fall-like feel out there, sheena. what a difference. >> yeah, definitely feels like fall outside, especially this morning and even still now. temperatures are in the low 70s through the lehigh valley, 73 in
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allentown, pottstown coming in at 72 degrees. 76 in philadelphia and much of south jersey and delaware in the mid 70s under crystal clear skies, so we expect the dry air to last really through the next several days. here's a live look at the radar, barely any clouds around at all, so most of the area just seeing the blue skies. we even expect that tomorrow, too, allow dry air in place and the dry air is going to help us cool down tonight once again. by 7:00 p.m., mid 70s, still breezy out, but the winds diminish by 9:00, even later tonight, 70 degrees by 9:00 p.m. by 11:00 p.m., already in the mid 60s, so again, a cool evening for us. some of you will be in the upper 40s by tomorrow morning. coming up, how cool it will be for your morning commute and warmer temperatures later this week. that's straight ahead. ♪ you know that voice, the
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queen of soul, aretha franklin will perform for the pope. the world meeting of families made that announcement today. franklin will be among the performers. organizers also revealed today that who you just saw there, actor mark wahlberg, will serve as the host for the festival of families. a live look now at the ben franklin parkway. the festival of families celebration will be held here, saturday, september 26th. tonight there are also new signs of t s pope's arrival approaching. today the first of what will be hundreds of banners showing a smiling pontiff went up near the basilica of saints peter and paul. nbc 10's doug shimell has been looking at other changes in advance of the papal visit. what did you find? >> reporter: some of the changes and issues aren't as much fun as aretha franklin or mark wahlberg, in fact, they are not fun at all. popes wading into american
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crowds in an era of terrorism. >> law enforcement, investigative agencies are doing a lot of listening, watching the different threat channels and being hypervigilant, as they should be. it seems to be something you can kind of expect. >> do you feel secure about the pope coming into america? >> reporter: it was on a sunday morning talk show the chairman of the house homeland security committee said there had been a plot against the pope. >> we are monitoring very closely threats against the pope as he comes into the united states. >> reporter: a source tells nbc news a man was detained after saying he would do things to the pope, but investigators apparently found no credible plot or plan. >> that's probably privileged information, and quite honestly, i think it needs to stay that way so that we don't betray ourselves of what systems we have to thwart additional threats that might be out there. >> reporter: it's in part why mailboxes near the art museum will be pulled out while the pope's here. >> the protection of the pope is real important, and i would like
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not to see anything happen to him. >> i believe it's overdoing it, because it's like if you know something's going to happen in the mailboxes, it can happen in a trash can also. >> reporter: new parkway location signs are also going up that turn the art museum area into a giant gps security grid. and as the temporary pavilions go up, so do the temporary no stopping signs. and police say there will be the requisite grace and warning periods, but depending upon the streets and where the signs are, the towing will begin after a certain point. live along the parkway, doug shimell, nbc 10 news. >> and remember, the nbc 10 app is the place for everything you need to know about the papal visit. you'll find the pope's itinerary, closures, and mass transit information, also a list of things you're not allowed to take if you are going to see the pope. a group of philadelphia funeral home directors is
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calling on the state of pennsylvania to step up inspections after two cases where bodies were stored improperly. it was back in august when police found three bodies decomposing in a garage owned by powell funeral home. the owner had a funeral director license, but the business was no longer licensed to operate. days later police found human organs and bodies stored improperly in west philadelphia. members of the quaker state funeral directors association say they want the state to do more to uncover businesses operating against the law. >> we're not accusing them of not doing their job, we're just simply saying that the current funeral service law should be enforced and funeral establishments should be inspected. >> the group says consumers should ask to see all three licenses issued by the state. a spokeswoman for the department of state says the laws haven't changed since the late 1960s. she says the department can only
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inspect funeral homes once every year or two due to staff size. trains are running again tonight on septa's wilmington/newark line after a woman was killed on the track. sky force 10 was overhead this morning. tonight the woman's death appears to be an accident. they haven't released her name. former jersey shore bureau shuttered show boat casino could have a new owner. working out a deal to buy the building according to a report from nj biz. the show boat was bought for $18 million last december, but legal complications prevented it from converting the form erika ser c into a campus. children as young as two weeks old are being held in a detention center near reading, that's according to immigrant families speaking out against
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what they call human rights violations. today a group of families have been released from the detention center, delivered a report on the situation to the department of human services in center city. the group says the facility is violating its license, calling the detention center a prison. they also claim a teenager was raped by a guard in the center last summer. >> labor violations where they are paying women a dollar a day to clean. we've also seep medical neglect of women and children. >> a representative for the detention center says the employee accused of the sexual assault is on administrative leave and the center is working with local police in their investigation. they say they take the welfare of families very seriously. from our delaware bureau, some drivers are making repairs after having their tires slashed. a total of six cars were hit along newcastle street. investigators say it happened
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some time between late saturday night and early sunday. call police if you saw anything. and the search is on for a woman who has been missing for more than three weeks now. tonight lower saucon township is asking for your help locating michelle o'tool. her family hasn't seen her since august 21st. they say she might be in danger due to what they say is a previous condition. there seems to be no shortage of opinions brewing over a cop controversy in center city, philadelphia. a barista at the starbucks at 13th and chestnut denied a police sergeant in full uniform access to the restroom because he was not a paying customer. a fellow officer posted on facebook about the sergeant's experience and that post went viral. in it the sergeant writes, "as i walked out with my hand up and she continued loudly to tell me about the bathroom down the
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street, i'm even more astonished the many customers and other employees said nothing and seemed indifferent." there was mixed reaction today in philadelphia. >> so what he didn't buy a couple coffee? he is a public servant, he needs a bathroom. >> just like anybody else, she should be a paying customer. >> reporter: starbucks responded by insisting it is making steps to ensure this doesn't happen again, also expressed a desire to talk to the sergeant about his experience. another live look inside the georgia dome in atlanta. the eagles are set to open the season here in just about an hour. coming up, comcast sportsnet's john clark with one big name you'll see on the field tonight and some other birds who will be sitting this one out. sam bradford's going to be there. plus this -- >> broken glass, broken locks, and a broken promise. neighbors of one south jersey community are pushing for answers as to what's next with
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this abandoned home before someone gets hurt. i'll show you why next. and we have cooler temperatures in the forecast tonight. i'll show you how cool and a warmup later on this week. that's straight ahead.
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new at 6:00 a eyesores have caused a community to turn to nbc 10 for help. the abandoned and foreclosed homes, people there say the properties are a magnet for crime, a danger to kids, and forcing their property values to fall. nbc 10's south jersey reporter is live. sydney, what can be done about these eyesores? >> reporter: well, jacqueline, it's a hurry up and wait process. let me show you what this community is up against. take a look, this is what they've been staring at for the past four years and unless and until the foreclosure process and a sheriff's sale takes place, no one can gain access or gain ownership of this property, but it is easily accessible to anyone, criminals or children included. with broken locks, broken glass, and residents say broken promises by the stakeholder to clean up or tear down number 217 james street --
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>> i'm scared one of the kids is going to get hurt in the house. >> reporter: ashley and her neighbors have had enough. >> not doing the property values any good but doesn't help my property taxes, they keep going up. >> reporter: a fire gutted the house four years ago after the owners were forced to foreclosed. the home next door, even realtor websites show it's been vandalized. >> gras fee toe inside, yes. >> reporter: communities across new jersey, especially during the recession. but now -- residents are fuming due to the easy accessibility of the dangerous property with gutters hanging off, a gaping front door, and unsecured pool cover. they say the smell of burnt debris, mold, and mosquitos are unbearable. >> we're fed up. there's smell, there's extra rodents coming into our property. >> watch yourself, it's all burnt. >> reporter: all broken glass, too. retired police chief says there's been car break-ins and a car burglary attempt at his daughter's home across the
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street last sunday. >> somebody tried to get to the window. >> reporter: the borough told us they'd issue summons this week to take the owner to court to, quote, force them to take action. >> there's hypodermic needles, kids going in there, i yell at them to get out of there. >> reporter: after going back and forth today between the mortgage company and faa federal housing administration, we saw two things, insurance claims have not been filed since the november 2011 fire. the lender says it will spend a property inspection team to the home. new jersey, meantime, has the highest and longer foreclosure rate in the nation. residents say on top of it all, street lights out here, they have not been fixed, they feel left in the dark on too many levels. live in mount ephraim, sydney long, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> another cool day and another cool night for a lot of the
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area, especially if you're north and west of philadelphia through the lehigh valley, you should be in the upper 40s by tomorrow morning. here's a live look at center city, clear skies, we've had this all day today because of the dry air in place, so we will stay cool as we go through tonight. dry air helps to cool the overnight temperatures down and dry stretch will last through the rest of the week and even into the weekend, so the seven day is really looking nice. the 80 degree temperatures return in the seven day forecast starting with tomorrow for parts of the area. today, though, we've only been in the 70s. here's a beautiful look near the art museum. clear skies here, not one cloud around and this is really the way it's going to stay overnight tonight. philadelphia right now 76 degrees, humidity way down, around 29%. the winds are still breezy, right around 15 miles an hour. winds will dmiiminish, helping temperatures in the overnight hours. 74 raeding, mid 70s in philadelphia, bensalem, trenton
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mid 70s, much of south jersey and delaware in the mid 70s. definitely feels more like fall today. the average high is 79 degrees now. yesterday we only got to 72. today we've only gotten to 77 degrees for the high in philadelphia, but tomorrow we're actually going to get more into the low 80s, mid 80s by wednesday and thursday, so we have a warming trend coming, but it's not going to be hot or anything like we saw last week with the heat wave. big area of high pressure keeping us cool right now with the wind direction, but also going to keep us dry as we go through the rest of the week. tonight, though, we stay cool, upper 40s through the lehigh valley, mid to low 50s through new jersey and delaware suburbs, so it is going to be another cool one. the areas with the coolest temperatures through the lehigh valley, allentown, bett hlehem could be in the upper 40s. quakertown 48 degrees, cooktown 50 degrees. definitely going to be a cool start. little warmer than today. sunny, very nice, low 80s, low
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humidity and the low humidity will really last through most of the week. we stay sunny ending out the week. temperatures in the mid 80s wednesday, thursday, and friday. then the weekend, humidity goes up for saturday, mid 80s by sunday. we drop it back down to the low 8 0z. every day it's going to feel more like football weather as we get past your saturday. hey, i'm john clark live at the georgia dome, the eagles are warming up right behind me, less than 40 minutes from game time. we'll tell you if zach ernst is playing next. ♪
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity,
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your home for the most live sports. >> hey, i'm john clark, we're live at the georgia dome and how hyped are eagle fans for this new-look chip kelly team to start the season? they just booed the falcons in their own home here at the georgia dome. it is amazing how many eagle fans are here. let's take a look at tight end warming up on the field. this is good news. he will play tonight, he is active. he had the core muscle surgery less than a month ago, but he targeted this date. he wanted to be here for the season opener. he will play tonight. let's take a look at the eagles inactive players, marcus smith and other players are inactive. of course, marcus smith, the first round draft pick of two years ago, he was inactive a lot last year. and when sam bradford took the field here moments ago in warmups for the eagles, he got a standing ovation from all these seeing l f
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eagle fans. the sam bradford era is here. he will play his first football game, regular season game, in 22 months. he's coming off two torn acls, he's missed the last year and a half of football, and the good thing is, he said his knee felt better than he thought this preseason. he had no problems at all, and he appreciates this opportunity because he knows it can be taken away. and take a look, some video we shot earlier of all the eagle fans here, birds fans representing, flying south, amazing. lots of fans all around atlanta today, as i said, the falcons were booed in their own stadium coming out here. and stay tuned after monday night football, tonight we'll have nbc 10 news at 11:00, a live report, then eagles game day final, we'll wrap up the game at 2:00 a.m. here on nbc 10. we'll have an exclusive interview with chip kelly,
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reaction from the locker room and malcolm jenkins, that's tonight on nbc 10, your official eagles station. don't forget to vote for our high school game of the week. here are your choices. west catholic at halverford, you can call or next your vote to 610-624-4111 or vote online at this is an amazing scene here in atlanta at the georgia dome with all these eagle fans taking over. we'll share that for you on nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm john clark, we're right back after this.
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it does feel like football weather. what a difference in the air. >> a lot of people like it. getting more into the fall spirit, because fall is shortly upon us, but still summer, don't forget, mid 80s returning in the forecast, but look at the stretch of sunshine. i mean, we haven't seen that in a little while, but we don't have 90s in the forecast, so that's good. it's going to feel comfortable,
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cooler tomorrow morning, but staying nice. >> yeah, very good. thank you for all of us. the news continues now with nbc nightly news. see no other choice. the faces of children who make up so much of the desperate the desperate the desperate emergency. apocalyptic scenes from the massive killer fire in california. the worst all year. 400 homes and businesses destroyed and many incinerated. the fast spreading fire making tens of


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