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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  October 4, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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right now on nbc "nbc10 news today," the flood-soaked jersey shore is recovering from scenes of devastation like this, but there's still the danger of more high water at the shore today. the philadelphia skyline, weather conditions will continue to improve today but it could be cool and we could still see a stray shower. an arrest on a late summer crime spree at drexel university, and what police say led them to the suspect. i am ted greenberg. it's 5:30 on this sunday morning, and we say good morning
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to meteorologist, michelle grossman. our coastal areas are not out of the woods yet. >> yeah, hi, ted. tomorrow will be better than today, and we are looking at the potential for more flooding along the coast, and we have a coastal flood warning, and here's a look outside, waking up to clouds in philadelphia and we will see a mainly cloudy day and possibly a stray shower. here is the coastal flood warning until 6:00 p.m. tonight and we are watching around 2:00 for high tide, and we could see more property damage and additional beach erosion, and we have winds anywhere from 10 to 25 miles per hour, 24 in dover, and they are gusting higher than that, and it's going to be cool today and it was cool yesterday and cool once again today.
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temperatures in the low 60s later this afternoon. as we look at temperatures to the north right now, 44 degrees in mt. pocono, a cold start there, and 51 in allentown and lancaster, and most of us succumbed to putting our heat on last night, and 57 in millville, and 58 degrees in atlantic city. count on a mainly cloudy day, and temperatures in the low 60s, normal this time of year is 71, so we're going to be well below that, and otherwise a windy day with the northeasterly flow gusting up to 25 miles per hour. we will talk more about the wind today, the cool weather and also the latest with joaquin, and we'll talk about that in just a few minutes. another windy morning along the coast and authorities are bracing for another day of flooding, as we just heard from michelle. our cameras found this back bay
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home near north wildwood yesterday. the house collapsed rate friday night and the strong high tide lifted it off its foundation. fortunately nobody was hurt. for the latest on the flooding let's go now to monique braxton in the operations center. >> this is the fourth straight day of flooding, and coastal flood warnings for new jersey and delaware are in place until 6:00 tonight. these trucks were blocking the pike which was closed due to flooding. we just checked with atlantic city police and re-opened about an hour ago, and this is in skwrepbt inner.
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cleanup began on arizona avenue. down in wildwood, intersections were still consumed with about two feet of water, and this was during high tide. other people had to resort to paddling, as you see here, or swimming. >> water is everywhere. >> yeah? >> yeah. >> so you took the kayak out? >> yeah. >> what has been been like? >> fun, everybody is taking pictures. >> i have never seen it this bad. >> the storm caused power outages across the state, and folks we talked to are cautioning -- expressing words of caution and trying to protect their properties because they are concerned about the daytime tide this afternoon. monique braxton, nbc 10 news. much of the east coast is feeling the impact of this
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week's wet weather. parts of south carolina are expecting a historic rain event. heavy rain is causing street flooding and damaging roads and sidewalks, and one road was destroyed by all the water, and it will be sometime before they can get in and make repairs. the storm is causing problems in virginia beach where coastal flooding remains a threat for residents during high tide. waves as high as seven feet are currently slamming the beach, and off the coast the storm is producing monster swells of about 16 feet. high winds and high tides in ocean city, maryland, but there has been minimal damage, and wind gusts reached up to 45 miles per hour there yesterday. count on nbc 10 to keep you up-to-date on the changing weather conditions, download the free app for weather in your neighborhood.
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just about 5:36 now. the former head of the philadelphia naacp suffered a brain aneurism while having dialysis. the national office suspended him last year after he was accused to misusing funds. and then a crime spree near drexel university. here's a video, you can see the 14-year-old trying to cover his face as he heads to the atm, and the card belonged to a drexel student that was robbed at
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gunpoint and it was one of 15 armed robberies in 30 days and most of the victims were women. >> always get a few of them every term, but this was a few nights in a row we were getting them, and i thought, man, something is really going on. >> i got alerts on my phone where the armed robberies were happening. >> on friday officers spotted the teen allegedly seen on the video and arrested him. in mercer county we have a suspect, says he touched students while they slept in their dorm rooms, and he is not a suspect at rider. the gunman's father said he had no idea, his son, chris harper mercer, had guns in his
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possession. the gunman took nine lives and then his own following a shoot-out in the police. one girl survived by playing dead. >> she's having some tough times, and healing is going to be slow. >> the community gathered last night to pray for the wounded and remember those who lost their lives. happening today, the annual three-day walk to raise funds for breast cancer research wraps up in south philadelphia. yesterday neighbors cheered on breast cancer survivors and their supporters as they walked through the township in montgomery county. it began friday in willow grove and ends this afternoon at the philadelphia navy yard. 5:38. >> if you had a couple of the
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teachers or somebody with guns in that room you would have been a hell of a lot better off. >> he speaks about gun control, and more of what he told a tennessee audience coming up. and it's eagle game day. birds are on the road against the redskins, and what the safety had to say about the eagles' defense, next.
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welcome back on this sunday morning. i am meteorologist, michelle grossman. we had a wet day on friday and yesterday was not great either, and today we're going to see improvement, and monday, that's the day we are going to see partly cloudy skies. we're going to see a lot of clouds today, and it's going to be windy as well, and not as cool as we were yesterday or the day before. we are waking up to temperatures five degrees warmer than
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compared to this time yesterday. and four degrees in lancaster. we have the winds blowing, up to 23 miles per hour in atlantic city, and that's sustained winds and fought tkpwus, and 25 in dover and that's going to help push the water inland and so we have a coastal flood warning. and as we go throughout the day, we're going to see temperatures cool and topping out around 63 degrees, and we'll talk more about that and very nice days ahead during our 7-day and we'll talk about that coming up. welcome to eagles' game day, the birds visit washington today at 1:00. the eagles will look for another strong effort from the defense, and the birds' d, they want
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their unit to be intimidating. >> when you turn on the tape, i want it to be, you know, some fear in peoples' hearts that they have to deal with our defense and we are going to take the ball away and stop the run. >> we will have more with malcolm and company coming up in sports. remember to catch "eagles' game day kickoff" at 10:00, right here on nbc 10, the official station of the philadelphia eagles. bartender, keep them coming. >> "saturday night live" kicks off its season premiere with the guest appearance, next.
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the commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan said there will be an investigation into a
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doctors without borders. the commander says the u.s. forces were targeting taliban members, and the hospital was repeatedly bombed at approximately 15-minute intervals. a gay priest that was removed from his position was not dismissed because of his sexual orientation. officials say he was removed after making the admission to a newspaper and then planning a demonstration outside the vatican. pope francis, meantime, opens up a bishop's meeting on family issues including how to reach out to the gay community. republican presidential frontrunner donald trump addressed gun control to a standing-room only crowd in tennessee yesterday. he spoke about enforcing existing laws and fixing the mental health system before making a statement on the recent
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mass shooting in oregon. >> by the way, it was a gun free zone. i will tell you if you had a couple of the teachers or somebody in that room you would have been a hell of a lot better off. >> he spoke on what many are calling his most extensive comments on firearms since launching his campaign. and then hillary clinton helped "saturday night live" launch its premiere. here's a clip. >> i'm just so bummed. all everybody wants to talk about is donald trump. >> donald trump, isn't he the one that is like, ah, you are all losers. do you think he will win the primaries? >> he must.
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i want to be the one to take him down. >> savannah guthrie will sit down with the real hillary clinton for an exclusive interview on the "today" show here at 7:00 on nbc 10. good sunday morning. i am meteorologist, michelle grossman. we are waking up to dry conditions, that's the good news. improving today and better than yesterday and monday will be better than today. we will talk about floodings and a cool and windy day. we have the potential for coastal flooding and i will show you those areas in just a few minutes, and we're going to see mostly cloudy skies but keeping it dry for the most part, may see a shower or two, and i will show you the latest on the joaquin category 3 storm. winds out of the northeast at 17 miles per hour, and gusting higher than that. we are waking up five degrees warmer compared to this time
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yesterday, and we are still in the low 60s. here's the coastal flood warning where you see the dark green along the coast in new jersey and delaware, and the high tide around 2:00, depending on where you are. the coastal advisory in the light green and the potential for flooding as well. you can see wet roadways from our cape may camera, and you will see wet roads with high tide on the roads that tend to get flooded. all the moisture is down to the south, and we are seeing that northeasterly flow. that's our biggest problem today, the winds will be in place today, windy and breezy on monday before we start to seat winds subsiding on tuesday. that cool and northeasterly flow pushing that water inland, and 15 miles per hour in millville, and 24 miles per hour in dover, and up to 12 in allentown, and these are sustained winds so
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gusting higher than that, and up to 33 in atlantic city and we could see winds gusting over 40 miles per hour at times so keep that in mind especially along the coast, and that's why we have the flooding concerns once again. otherwise a cool start to the day, and we're looking at temperatures in the 40s, and 44 in mt. pocono, and 51 in lancaster, and 57 in millville, and certainly sweater weather, and a cool day friday, and also saturday. we're going to be cool today but not quite as cool. category 3 is the latest on hurricane joaquin, and moving to the northeast at 20 miles per hour, and having its sights sets on bermuda. a windy day and feeling like fall. by monday, breezy and 66. tuesday, wednesday and thursday, finally the payoff, nice conditions and 74, and 70 on thursday, and we will start to see the clouds increasing later
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on friday before we bring in the chance of showers on saturday and 69. and james franklin doesn't exactly like being questioned about the quality of penn state's win. you will hear from him when we come right back.
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oh, it is eagles redskins game day. the birds won six of their last nine trips down to washington, and the birds' defense have been the best in the nfl against the run and it's going to be a good test against the redskins' running game because they are good with the ball, and they want to be a defense that is feared. >> i definitely want people to respect our defense. when you turn on the tape, i want it to be fear in peoples' hearts that they have to deal
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with our defense that we are going to take the ball away and stop the run. >> you can catch eagles' game day kickoff at 10:00, and more with malcolm jenkins and one-on-one with rookie, jordan hicks. penn state, a 24-point favorite over army yet, but the nittany lions were without their best running back and lynch. it was a tough day passing the ball, but in the third quarter, 33 yard touchdown and penn state is up, and they seem to be pulling away but it's not a sure thing. and then the army breaking free, and 55 yards for the touchdown and penn state is up just six now, and they hold on 20-14 with a big sack right here, so the nittany lions are 4-1, but james franklin not happy that some were questioning the quality of this win. >> i am going to come in here every single week and be positive, even if it kills you
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guys and you want me to be negative. i love our players and i love our school, and i love our colors, i love penn state and love happy valley and love the community. do we need to get better? yes. but you guys can ask me every question in the book and try to get me to be negative and i'm not going to do it. point spreads and all those things, i don't even understand them. i lost $20 in atlantic city when i was, like, i don't know, 24 years old after college and i almost threw up, and that was the last time i gambled. >> not a betting man. penn lost to dartmouth, and delaware won. and the reds won last night. phillies lost both games of their double-header yesterday and got cold fans at citizens bank park, and martin prado hitting one to the corner, and
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christian yellage stores. giles has two blown saves and both of them to the marlins, and marlins win 7-6 in game one. and game two, carly lloyd throwing out the first pitch. and then yellage, eight straight hits. and then gone, that is the way to come back. and the phillies lost 99 games for the first time in 46 years, and if they lose again today that's 100 losses. and max scherzer with another no-hitter last night, and second of the season for him, and the mets have been shut out twice this year, and scherzer is the first with two no hitters since
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nolan ryan 42 years ago, and one thing you don't see is papelbon celebrating with them. and then game of the week, log on to and cast your vote. eagles and redskins, we'll have a full wrap-up later tonight on eagles' game day final. lots of fun in camden to celebrate croctoberfest, from bounce houses to a puppet show, something to do for the entire family. >> the jersey shore keeping an eye out for more flooding and we are tracking conditions along
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the coast, but overall the weather is improving. michelle grossman is watching that. good morning, michelle. >> we're getting better each and every day but have the flooding concerns for today and we'll talk more about that. a windy and cool day, and waking up to clouds across the area, and we will talk more about that and then nice days in your 7-day, and we'll talk about that. we'll be right back.
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warning is still in effect at the jersey shore in coastal delaware. new video from overnight shows areas in atlantic county continuing to deal with the high water. we take a live look at cape may. the worst of the rain is out of here although we could see a stray shower today, and you will need a jacket because it will be cool outside. this morning we continue to learn more about the deadly college shooting in oregon, and what the sheriff says about how the gunman died following the massacre. i am ted greenberg and it's 6:00 a.m. on this sunday morning. thank you for being with us. and meteorologist, michelle grossman is in the first alert weather center. we are still dealing with the windt


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