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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  October 4, 2015 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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right now on nbc "nbc10 news today," the flood threat continues at the jersey shore. part of the black horse pike closed overnight because of the high water. as we look live at cape may, persistent northeast winds are fueling all of the back bay flooding. the rest of the area, expect cloudy and cool conditions with highs not expected to get out of the 60s. the former head of
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philadelph philadelph philadelphia naacp is hospitalized. this is the fourth straight day of flooding at the shore. >> that's right. they have the potential to see more flooding later this afternoon, especially around high tide, which would be 2:00, and more property damage and beach erosion. otherwise, a gray day and we may see breaks of sunshine in some spots, but for the most part, more clouds and sunshine today. there's a look at the coastal flood warning where you see the dark gray, and this is mainly for high tide later this afternoon around 2:00 p.m. this is in effect until 6:00 p.m. the lighter shade of green, coastal advisory until midnight. winds will be the big story today. 14 miles per hour in philadelphia right now, and 21 miles per hour in atlantic city and 18 miles per hour in dover, and these are sustained winds and we are seeing winds gusting
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around 30 in that in atlantic city, and a 21-mile-per-hour gusts in philadelphia. we are looking at 55 in philadelphia, and great degrees in atlantic city, and not seeing the temperatures go much further this afternoon, topping out around 63. we will talk about the improving weather during your 7-day, coming up. flooding is still a problem at the jersey shore. check out the water that collected here on albany avenue in atlantic city. the high water is near the bay, which again overflowed. flooding closed the pike for a time, and the lanes are now back open to traffic. a similar scene in ventnor. and then coastal flooding watch
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in effect. monique braxton is live in o digital operations center. >> no doubt people are keeping their rain boots close, and they are concerned about the wind but they tell us what they are most concerned about is the high tide. as you know there was one overnight last night and another one expected this afternoon, and look at the incredible video we captured. friday night, this house collapsed. we found the back bay home floating in the grassy sound channel in middletownship. and one neighbor says debris that from house hit the plumbing under her home and inside it was dry, the homeowner anticipates water. >> i am fourth generation down here, so i'm used to this.
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i don't have rugs, i roll them up so they don't get wet every year. >> neighbors say they are planning to repair a dock they built together as water pushed through yesterday, some of the boards you see here came upcoming apart, and this dock was put in after the original washed away during hurricane sandy. we'll keep an eye on the coastal flooding. that coastal flood warning in a limited state of emergency remain in effect for delaware. tidal flooding is the most persistent issue there. the sprint cup race still scheduled to happen this afternoon. crews worked to dry the track at the speedway yesterday, and once
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that was done the drivers had a shortened practice to get ready for today. and tributes will continue for jeff gordon. gordon chevrolet is sponsored by dupont. the speed way will display 24 on the scoring pylon when the race hits lap 24, and gordon has 92 career victories. towns along the east coast are dealing with the impact of this weekend's wet weather. north carolina, rushing floodwaters created dangerous conditions for people near malard creek near charlotte, and the thousands of people had power knocked out. and then a historic rain event in horry county. this road in darlington was
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destroyed by all the water. hurricane joaquin may be well off the coast, but the storm is causing flooding in virginia beach, waves as high as seven feet are slamming the beach and further off the coast, the storm is producing monster swells. high winds and high tides and officials in ocean city, maryland, say there is minimal damage to the resort town, and they do report flooding along low lying roads and wind gusts reached up to 45 miles per hour yesterday. download our free nbc 10 news app for weather in your neighborhood. 9:06. new this morning, local civil rights leader, mondesire is in critical condition. the former head of the
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philadelph philadelphia naacp is in the hospital. he took over the chapter in 1991, and the national office suspended him last year after he was accused of misusing funds. we expect to get more information today on the death of a college student that died after falling off a cliff on campus yesterday. the male student tumbled off a 40-foot tumble cliff in a popular area for hikers, and so far there has been no official response from university officials. there are two big parades happening in philadelphia today. we first have a live look at the ben franklin parkway in center city, that's where both puerto rican day and pulaski days are happening. puerto rico parade happens at 10:00 at american street and lehigh avenue in philadelphia,
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and then at noon, the pulaski day parade begins at 20th street. still ahead this morning, new developments in a crime spree near drexel university campus. we will tell you who police took into custody. we're just a few hours away from kickoff. the eagles take on washington this afternoon. still ahead, hear from the team about their division match-up.
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welcome back on this sunday morning. i am meteorologist, michelle grossman. lots of clouds out in the city, and one spot seeing a little break in the clouds, the pocono mountains, not looking too bad, mostly cloudy skies, and temperatures in the low 40s and
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50s, and we're looking at winds at 14 miles per hour in philadelphia, and we are seeing gusts near 30 miles per hour in atlantic city, and 23 miles per hour in mount pocono. you factor in the winds and it feels chillier than the air temperatures. temperatures cool all across the area and we are going to keep it cool in the afternoon. you can bet it feels like the low 40s with the winds, and 52 in reading and 52 in lancaster, and 55 in wilmington, and 58 degrees in atlantic city. we are all dry on radar, and that's good news and we still have a potential for coastal flooding along the coastal beaches, and otherwise the clouds will be the rule throughout the day, and by noon, 61 and mostly cloudy, and by 5:00, looking at 63 degrees. cool and windy today, and
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looking at lots of sunshine returning for your 7-day as well as warmer weather and we will talk about that more coming up. still ahead, from candidate to comedian. hillary clinton pays a visit to "saturday night live." hear her poke fun at herself and some of the others running for president. also ahead, hear from the players and the head coach about the birds' chances of evening their record to 2-2. we'll be right back.
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from our south jersey borough, police are not releasing the identities of a husband and wife killed in an apparently murder/suicide. police were called yesterday morning and they say a 67-year-old man called 911 to report a shooting. when police got there, the man and his 72-year-old wife were rushed to two hospitals where they were both pronounced dead. police are looking for the killer of a philadelphia delivery man. he died yesterday morning and he was a delivery worker at a flower shot and police tell us he was shot during an attempted robby friday night. investigators say it happened while he was walking home from a bus stop. they say after being wounded, the victim crawled to his house. we spoke with his widow and daughter. >> he always takes his bicycle
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home and to work, but this time he took the bus. >> homicide detectives tell us they are checking surveillance cameras and also talking with people who live between the bus stop and the victim's home in north philadelphia. police say surveillance video led them to a teenage suspect now charged in a crime spree near drexel university. here's a video from a market on north 38th street. you can see the 14-year-old suspect trying to cover his face as he heads to the atm and police say he is using a stolen credit card to with draw money, and the card belonged to a drexel student that was robbed at gunpoint. >> we always get a few of them every term, but this, it was like a few nights in a row we were getting them, and i thought, man, something is really going on. >> i got alerts on my phone, where the armed robberies were
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happening. >> the police spotted the teen allegedly seen on video and arrested him. now to decision 2016. democratic frontrunner, hillary clinton, helped "saturday night live" launch its new season right here on nbc 10. hillary clinton played value, a bartender. >> i am just so darn bummed. all anybody wants to talk about is donald trump. >> donald trump? isn't he the one that is like, you are all losers? >> that's him. >> do you think he will win the primaries? >> he must. i want to be the one to take him down. >> be sure to watch "meet the press" this morning for coverage of the presidential candidates and savannah guthrie will sit down with the real hillary clinton for an exclusive interview on the "today" show
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tomorrow at 7:00, right here on nbc 10. now to today's addition of today's child. we have a young man that loves baseball and dreams of serving the public, and the one thing missing in his life is a forever family. >> 15-year-old zimere, he is quiet but opens up when he talks baseball. he loved getting a backstage look into his favorite team. he tried out some swings. >> when players get here in the dugout -- >> he even took to the field. >> he is such a sweet young man, and he loves sports, and if you are a person that loves sports also, you can engage him. >> he knows what he wants to do
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with his future. >> i want to be a police officer because i want to help people. >> he is open to all types of families and he would thrive in a loving home where he would receive one-on-one attention. >> he will require a family that is patient, loving and caring. he is a bright young man, but he needs, you know, help from somebody that cares. >> he knows what he needs in a forever family. >> a mom and a dad, brothers and sisters, friends and families, and to be respectful. >> zimere is this week's wednesday's child. >> please come to our website,, and search "wednesday's child," and you can call the national adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt.
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young chefs from all over the country will compete in the forbes under 30 food festival. the cookoff is one of the first events that runs through wednesday. today the semiannual craft fair is happening across from the liberty bell. the event is free, rain or shine, and starts in just about 40 minutes from now at 10:00 this morning. >> announcer: now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> good sunday morning. i am meteorologist, michelle grossman. we are going to be rain free and we have mainly dry conditions, and we could see drizzle, a shower or two and that would be about it, and winds the big issue, gusting at 30 miles per hour in some spots.
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we have coastal flooding concerns, and tomorrow is breezy and tomorrow is better in trplz of the wind and we will have the latest on joaquin, now a category 3 storm. cool in philadelphia, 55 degrees, and clouds outside, and winds out of the northeast at 14 miles per hour. coastal flood warning areas in that dark green along the coast in new jersey and delaware until 6:00, and the high tide time around 2:00 is what we are watching and then a coastal flood advisory in the light green until midnight, so be careful on the low lying areas and roadways that tend to get flooding and on the beaches where we can see beach erosion. >> looking gray and wet, and a damp kind of day, and a little more sunshine as we head to the north and west, and for the most part, clouds will be the rule today. mainly dry, and for the most part, we will keep it dry. we cannot rule out a stray shower, but not going to have the rain we had on friday or parts of yesterday. winds out of the northeast, that's the pweulg story, the
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cooling wind and the onshore flow at the beaches and that's what is causing the problems. 20 miles per hour in millville, and gusting even higher than that, up to 31 miles per hour in atlantic city, so you are continuing to hear the winds howl as we head throughout the afternoon and evening hours. monday, still breezy. tuesday seems to be better. temperatures, cool if not chilly in some spots, especially to the north and west, and 45 in mt. pocono, and 55 in philadelphia, and 57 in millville, and 58 degrees in atlantic city. here is hurricane joaquin now setting its eye on bermuda. still a major hurricane moving quickly towards the northeast -- or 21-mile-per-hour towards the northeast, so we are going to continue to watch that in the afternoon. windy and cool, and we will end up around 63 degrees, and winds
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around 25 miles per hour, and around the beaches it could gust up to 40 miles per hour. normally we are around 71, and as we near the middle of the 7-day, looks like we will be closer to that. breezy on monday and tuesday back into the 70s, a nice day on tuesday, temperatures around normal, and wednesday lots of sunshine and 74. thursday, back to 70 degrees, and keeping sunshine in place. friday, more clouds and 72 degrees, and saturday partly sunny and can't rule out a chance of a shower, and a high of 69. still ahead. game on, the eagles looking to even their record at 2-2. we will hear from chip kelly about today's match-up when we come back.
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happening today, the annual three-day walk to raise funds for breast cancer research wraps up in south philadelphia. yesterday neighbors cheered on breast cancer survivors and their supporters as they walked through lower marion township. it was day two of the susan g. komen event. it ends this afternoon at the philadelphia navy yard. welcome to eagle game day. the birds visit washington today
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at 1:00 with a chance to even their season record. the eagles will look for another strong effort from the defense, and hopefully we have the video of them. the birds' d is number one in the nfl. >> i definitely want people to respect our defense. when you turn on the tape, i want it to be, you know, some fear in peoples' hearts that we have to deal with our defense and they are going to take the ball away and stop the run. >> watch game day eagles kickoff here on nbc 10, we are the official television station of the eagles. a last check of the forecast. >> hopefully monday will be better, but we have the high tide at 2:00, so be careful of coastal flooding and beach
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erosion, and it looks like clouds will be more of the rule today, 63 and then back into the 70s by tuesday. thanks for being with us. have a great sunday.
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whaups everybody and welcome to another edition of "inside the eagles." as you know, usually this show is kind of light of heart. every once in a while, we get and encourage story around football that we feel that we have to share. i melt devin jackson who has one of the most inspirational stories i've ever heard of. right now we'd like to share devin's story with you guys. >> the west perry ponies practice in a small town in central pennsylvania. today it's just another day in the life of many of the


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