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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 5am  NBC  October 10, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. today we're following an investigation in wilmington where a witness saw a stroller thrown into the bridge, and we are there as dive teams search the water. homeowners in the area will be cleaning up debris and damage after storms rolled through the region yesterday. we take a live look outside right now, all that rain is gone, and we have a cool start to our saturday, 56 degrees here at nbc 10. just ahead of these fall-like temperatures, will they last through the weekend. i'm ted greenberg, and thank you for being with us.
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it's 5:00 a.m. on this saturday morning, and a lot of people will spend the day cleaning up. wind and rain blew through, and the storms were the worst in the evening rush hour. lucki luckily, the rough stuff is behind us now, going to see a lot of sunshine. our meteorologist is in the first alert weather center. good morning, michelle. >> things are looking good, a stormy, warm end to the workweek, starting now cool, clouds outside, feeling fall-like. get the pumpkin and fall activities done today. we are waking up to cloud cover in philadelphia, but no rain in the area. we are looking at temperatures cool this morning in the 50s, the 40s, though, to the north and west, 41 in mount pocono. 50 is reading, and 57 in wildwood. we have the breeze out there as well. windy conditions in many, many spots at 14 miles per hour in
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lancaster, up to 10 miles per hour in trenton, and 12 miles per hour in wilmington and dover. gusting at 21 miles per hour in mount pocono. feels like the 30s there. planning your day, by 8:00, partly sunny skies, 56, by lunchtime, sunny, 63, and great at 4:00, sun and 65. breezy at that point, a nice night tonight, and a sunshine filled day on sunday, and then we track rain. more about that coming up. >> all right. back to the storm damage, today, local homeowners are cleaning up and doing repairs after storms damaged their property yesterday. nbc 10 shot this video of the aftermath in montgomery county. powerful wind and rain sent branchs on to a roof, and one was napping in his home when the
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weather got wild. >> at first, i thought i was getting hit by a tornado because you heard the wind and all the branchs going. >> fortunately, no reports of anyone hurt in yesterday's storms. whenever storms it hit, stay ahead of the bad weather with the nbc 10 news app with alerts 15 minutes before a storm is forecasted to hit your neighborhood and add other locations like work or your child's school for alerts. the app is a free download. we are following breaking news overseas. a turkish news agency reports a bomb attack kill at least 20 people in the country. the explosions happened in the turkish capital, and it may have targeted a peace rally. we'll follow developments and bring them to you. in wilmington, a witness says she saw someone throw a stroller
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from a bridge. several dive teams searched the water for hours late last night. police don't know if a baby was inside that stroller, but they are taking no chances. another look, this one from our chopper. even philadelphia police on the bridge. investigators say the witness did not give a good description of the person who allegedly tossed the stroller. in camden county, a phone scam that may have a familiar ring to it. callers pretenning to be sheriff officers and threatens to arrest the person if the perp does not send money supposedly owed to the irs. they use spoofing software to make it look like they are calling from the camden county sheriff's office. sink hole trouble in south philadelphia. this hole opened on columbus boulevard at 6:00 last night. police had to block off the create, creating traffic issues
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along the boulevard. philadelphia police look for two people in connection on a a violent attack on a man. we have to warn you, the video you're about to see is graphic. the victim was in front of a bar called benny the bums when a man and woman walked up to him saturday night. as you saw the video, the woman pointed him, the punched him, and the man continued to attack him. the victim was taken to the hospital where he was treated for his injuries. decision 2016 now. you're looking at vice president joe biden's motorcade rolling into his driveway in greenville, new castle county yesterday. this weekend could be decision time for biden. reports say he's meeting with his family to decide whether he'll launch a presidential campaign. biden is not scheduled to participate in the first democratic debate tuesday night even though he has an open invitation. the democratic candidates are
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ready for the first debate in vegas. hillary clinton and bernie sanders lead the field joined on stage by martin, jim web, and lincoln chaffey. clinton is on top in iowa and sanders ahead in new hampshire. vermont senator sanders will be chuck todd's guest on "meet the press" tomorrow morning at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. happening today, calling all first responders. pennsylvania's recruitment drive for volunteer firefighters and other emergency workers is continuing. delaware county put out the call for the first time. they need firefighters, police officer, emts, and paramedics. if interested, the stations are open 8:00 until 4:00. the protective association, aston township fire company, cardington is-stonehurst,
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prospect town, and middletown township, newtown, and brookhaven company. within the hour, busses are rolling out of the nation's capital for the 20th anniversary of the million man march. the original event in october of 1995 was a call for african-american man to work for a better future for themselves and their families. asian of islam leader led the first march leads the commemoration on the national mall. the theme is justice or else, referring to the relationship between african-americans and police. we're not the only ones toughing it out through wicked weather. we have damage in new england caused by the storms that roll through last night. plus, the investigations into deadly shootings at two u.s. college campuses. there is an arrest in one of those cases. we'll be right back.
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now you're nbc 10 first aletter weather. welcome back on this saturday morning. a big difference from yesterday. we had the strong storms moving through yesterday evening. we are quiet this morning and today and quiet on sunday. actually, a really nice weekend on tap. let's look outdoors because we are looking at mostly cloudy skying in philadelphia, a cool start, temperatures in the 50s, some in the 40s. a live look from the camera overlooking center city. big difference in terms of the temperatures too compared to 24 hours ago. looking at temperatures anywhere 5-15 degrees cooler than just this time yesterday. 15 degrees cooler in mount pocono. 6 degrees cooler in wilmington, and atlantic city. temperatures in the 350s, a coo start, and we will end in the low 60s. 56 in philadelphia, 50 in allentown, and 41 in mount
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pocono. today, mostly sunny, school, breezy, temperatures in the mid-60s. very fall-like today. we'll talk about that and the rest of the weekend in a few minutes. michelle, mother nature unleashed power in western massachusetts blasting the region with heavy rain and strong winds. utility crews worked overnight to clean up debris in the area. trees and power lines on the ground blocking roadways. luckily, no one was hurt in the storms. happening today, the push it get more in pennsylvania covered for health insurance. congressman boyle will host an affordable care act enrollment drive at the only free library in philadelphia today. it takes place between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., many qualified residents can sign up today through the state's health choices program. walmart stores host what the chain calls america's biggest health fair. hundreds of walmarts run the event today noon until 4:00.
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get free blood pressure checks, blood glucose screenings, and vision screenings, and some stores offer flu shots and other vaccinations. we're using our voices to say this is not okay. >> bill cosby's accusers speak out. more than half the women who came forward with allegations against the comedian tell their storie stories on "daitline."
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investigators looking into deadly shootings at two u.s. college campuses. police arrested a freshman at northern arizona university after gunfire killed one and injured three others. a fight between groups of students led to the shooting yesterday morning. the suspect opened fire near a dorm that houses sororities and fraternities. in houston, two were detained following deadly shooting at texas southern university. no one has been charged. that happened yesterday at a
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student housing complex. one student was killed, and another person wounded is in stable condition. it's the third shooting on or near the campus in less than a week. meantime, president obama met yesterday with the families of last week's campus shooting in roseburg, oregon. the gunman killed nine there before taking his own life. the president calls for new gun restrexs, and some gun rights activists angry with the president protested his visit. today, we could learn more about bill cosby's deposition in a sexual assault lawsuit. last night on nbc's "dateline," more than two dozen women shared their allegations against bill cosby with kate snowe. >> i was drugged and raped. >> i was sexually assaulted. >> he flipped me over and raped me. >> the room was spinning. >> i was just holding my head. >> we're using our voices to say this is not okay. >> how many of you believe bill cosby raped you?
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>> the accusers range from 46 to 80 years old, allegations date back decades, but they say it's hard to ignore the patterns in the stories. as for cosby's deposition, huff filed the lawsuit saying he attacked her at the playboy mansion in los angeles in the 1970s when she was 15 years old. claiming cosby gave her alcohol before the alleged assault, and cosby has not been charged with any crimes. well, october is domestic violence awareness month, and agencies that help pennsylvania families in need say they're worried that their doors could close because of the budget batter in harrisburg. the state has gone more than 100 days without a spending plan. programs that rely on state funding are not getting any cash, and that means people in need of services are turned away. tens of thousands of residents
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need help with social service programs, but with no state budget, jobs have been slashed, staffers took pay cuts, kids' afterschool programs eliminated, and parenting classes halted. in montgomery county, the women's shelter thrift shop is open because it needs the cash. >> that person who needs to stay in a hotel needs gas money to get to court, all the things we'd help them to make the move to leave, we can't help them with that right now, and it's heart breaking, and i have seen victims going back to the abuser because that's the only choice. >> some are working on bills to release funds to domestic violence programs. dozens of veterans, advocates, and members of the community rallied to end vette rap homelessness, calling it a rally for zero after a short program at love park. the group marched on broad street last night to raise awareness for the initiative. well, one thing we never get tired of seeing are those
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surprise military reunions, and we have one from ohio that may bring a tear to your eye. meet chase, no. 70. a 7th grader, a linebacker on his school's football team. his dad just got back from a tour of duty in the middle east. chase had no idea as he prepared to play wednesday night. he learned dad was back in a carefully orchestrated moment during the coin toss. >> sergeant mike becker of the national guard just returned from the deployment after four months. no. 70, chase. >> that's awesome. after the emotional reunion, he wanted one thing from the team. >> i want the cards to win for my dad. and military families all ove d
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ed world. >> he got his wish winning 38 -8. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> all right, we love those stories, and you'll love the weather today, football games today, feels like football weather with temperatures in the mid-60s, breezy, fall-like throughout our saturday, and sunday nice too. weather headlines on your saturday morning, i hope it's good bright and early. feeling like fall today, going to feel like 65 degrees, that's below normal this time of year, and yesterday was 80, a big difference compared to yesterday with a breeze in place. feeling cooler than it is. sunshine today, also on sunday before, showers return to your seven day. by tuesday, and late tuesday into wednesday. right now, 356 degrees in philadelphia. win from the north at 12 miles per hour. it has breezy out there, temperatures in the 50s. winds gusting at 21 miles per hour in pocono feeling like the 30s. 56 in philadelphia, sliding down
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to the south and east, 56 in melville, and 56 in atlantic city. the temperatures are 5-15 degrees cooler at this time yesterday. mostly cloudy skies now, but we'll see sunny skies throughout our saturday. the northeasterly flow brings temperatures, that cool air in, feeling like fall as i mentioned earlier, 12 miles per hour winds in philadelphia, 13 in dover, 14 miles per hour winds in lancaster, and gusting higher than that in some spots. all's quiet on radar, good news. we are the rain that came through yesterday evening. much better today. a lot of sunshine by this afternoon, and it will be breezy and cool, but overall, a nice october day. as we head towards your saturday night, a nice night, but bundle up. temperatures dropping into the mid-40s. sunday, sunshine, warmer, closer to 70 degrees, normal for this time of year, and, monday, another beautiful day for your columbus day holiday.
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cool, breezy, 64-67, mostly sunny skies, winds northeast at 10-15. tonight, temperatures dropping back into the 40s, so a chilly night tonight. you need the heat. we'll have lows mainly in the 40s throughout the seven day. a chilly night ahead. today, mostly sunny, cooler, 65. sunday is nice, eagles' game at 1:00 looking good. temperatures at 70 degrees. 68, we may hit 70 in some spots, a lot of sunshine, though, and by monday, another nice day, sunny, 73, and tuesday, that's when things change. we'll start out with sunshine and clouds build in, and rain showers, 70 degrees, so warm around normal, but showers on tuesday. bring the umbrella that day. wednesday, cleared out, partly sunny, cool, 68, breezy, and breezy on friday and cool temperatures again. >> thank you, michelle.
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happening today in honor of breast cancer awareness month, aria health screenings at the bucks county campus in langhorn. why the eagles may not blitz sunday and if bradford has the top pass protector on the field when the bird take on the saints next. i'm there's no place like it in the world. come fall, i like to get a taste of everything the state
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♪ a lot of music and dancing at children's hospital of philadelphia. kids enjoyed a homecoming event last night. among the entertainment, temple university's dance team and st. joe's a cappella group, and mark sanchez was there and members of villano villanova's football team. happening today, another excuse to head down the shore before the winter weather sets in. it's the seafood and music
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festival in wildwood today. the free fair is on atlantic avenue between 11:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. with plenty of live music, food, vendors, pumpkin painting, and much more. good morning, i'm danny pommells, the eagles square off at 1:00, and they continue to improve as the week progresses to kickoff. jason peters is listed as questionable with the quad injury and said he would play sunday. sambrad ford is better off with the left tackle on the field, and maxwell, defensive side, listed as probable with the quad injury, but says he'll be out there playing sunday, good news facing dr facing drew brees who loves to air it out. they consider sunday a must-win >> every game is a must-win, but what we trying to do, you know, look at the bigger picture, and
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just rally, just get it going, so, yes, it is a must-win in my opinion, but what game isn't? >> now the aforementioned drew brees with an ailing shoulder, but this is no. 9 we're talking about, throwing for two touchdowns against the cowboys sunday night. right here nbc, chip kelly was asked if the accuracy makes him unblitzble. >> he's one of the all-time great quarterbacks to play in the league, and he's so in tune to what they are doing, sharp, and listen to the work ethic, and how much he studies and how much he works at the game, and it makes it very, very difficult, but i hope the answer is not yes. we'll find out sunday. >> yep. it is october. how about baseball playoffs? three of the four series this post season took on a local feel all with form ee ephillies invo. looking to give his team a 2-0 lead in the series, 2-0 in the
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first, but likely mvp, mike trout, donaldson, steps in the batter's box, a solo art i, -1. jumping ahead to the 14th inning, tied at four, alberto cost the rangers two runs with an error earlier in the game, but redemption with this rbi single. texas takes the lead 6-4. that's sports. i'm danny pommells if comcast sports net. philadelphia set to take part in a march in washington today. busses leaving for d.c. within the next half hour for the 20th anniversary of the million map march. we'll have a preview. good morning, ted. a cool start, temperatures in the 50s, clouds this morning, but we'll see a lot of sunshine by this afternoon. overall, a really nice fall weekend to talk bowe. a live look outside, cloudy skies now in philadelphia, and 55 degrees, and your full forecast is coming up this is mineral build up
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this morning, busses rolling out of philadelphia to washington, d.c. for the 20th anniversary of the million man march. the theme is justice or else. we'll have a preview. after a warm and stormy finish to friday, it's feeling like fall this morning. here's a live look outside in center city skyline, find out
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how long the cooler temps last just ahead in the first alert forecast. good morning, everyone, welcome back to nbc 10 news today, i'm ted greenberg, it is 5:30 a.m. on saturday morning, and we're glad this stuff is out of here. this lightning strike caught by a driver on the pennsylvania turnpike as storms brought wind, lightning, and heavy rain to the area yesterday, but for today, things are looking a whole lot better. first alert meteorologist michelle grossman is in. >> a lot of sunshine today, once we get the clouds out, we wake up a cloud cover and a lot of sunshine on sunday, but it was a stormy warm finish at 80 degrees. cool this morning, though. let's look outdoors. mostly cloudy skies this morning in philadelphia. we're looking at temperatures in the 50s, some spots in the 40s. the good news is, though, radar is clear. we're looking at mostly cloudy skies.


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