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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  October 10, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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how long the cooler temps last just ahead in the first alert forecast. good morning, everyone, welcome back to nbc 10 news today, i'm ted greenberg, it is 5:30 a.m. on saturday morning, and we're glad this stuff is out of here. this lightning strike caught by a driver on the pennsylvania turnpike as storms brought wind, lightning, and heavy rain to the area yesterday, but for today, things are looking a whole lot better. first alert meteorologist michelle grossman is in. >> a lot of sunshine today, once we get the clouds out, we wake up a cloud cover and a lot of sunshine on sunday, but it was a stormy warm finish at 80 degrees. cool this morning, though. let's look outdoors. mostly cloudy skies this morning in philadelphia. we're looking at temperatures in the 50s, some spots in the 40s. the good news is, though, radar is clear. we're looking at mostly cloudy skies. that is about it. quiet this morning.
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we are just contending with the cool temperatures. also some breezy conditions, 56 right now in philadelphia. you are waking up to 50 degrees in allentown, good morning, lancaster at 53, 56 in wildwood. 41 degrees in mount pocono with winds at 21 miles per hour so wind chills probably in the 30z there. bundle up there. winds from the northeast, all day long, breezy, too, this afternoon, at 12 miles per hour. philadelphia at 13 miles per hour, and 14 miles per hour in lancaster. if you're headed out to the soccer games, football games, your errand this morning, it's a cool, breezily morning. 8:00, 56, lunchtime, 63, and 65 degrees by 4:00. below normal this time of year, a fall-like day, more on that and how to finish out the
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weekend in a few minutes. all right, thank you. today, local homeowners clean up and do repairs after storms damaged their property yesterday. take a look. nbc 10 shot this video of the aftermath in montgomery county. powerful winds sent trees crashing on the roof, and broken branchs looked like snapped toothpicks. fortunately, there's been no reports of anyone hurt in yesterday's storms. 5:32, following breaking news overseas. turkey's news agency reports a bomb attack killed at least 20 people. two bombs went off in a train station in ankara. there was a peace rally calling for an end to violence between turkish forces and kurdish rebels. they called an emergency security meeting to discuss the attack. within the next half hour or so, busses will be rolling out of philadelphia towards the nation's capital for the 20th a anniversary of the million man
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march. the event of 1995 was a call for african-american men to work for a better future for themselves and their families. nation of islam leader who led the first march is leading the commemoration on the national mall. the theme is justice or else referring to the relationship between african-americans and police. in wilmington, police searched a creek after a witness says she saw someone throw a stroller off of a bridge. several dive teams zempsearched water for hours last night near the 16th the street bridge. police don't know if there was a baby inside the stroll e but they are not taking chances. look at this. this is from sky force 10, delaware state police, wi wilmington police and philadelphia police on the span. the police say the witness did not give a good description of the perp who allegedly tossed the stroller. prosecution is expected to brap up soon in the trial stemming from the deadly building collapse in market street in center city, nifl.
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campbell charged with third degree murder and reckless endangerment of the collapse in a thrift store in 2013 that killed six and injured 13 others. yesterday, a construction engineering expert testified in the case. he says this demolition did not follow basic common sense rules of the industry like tearing down the building from the top down. the expert sayings the decision to use mechanical demolition rather than a manual process likely factored into the collapse and believes the general contractor, griffin campbe campbell, made that decision. machine operator pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter for his role in the deadly collapse, and he testified for the prosecution this week. as well as the woman who was trapped for 13 hours before rescuers pulled her from the rubble. this is video from the rescue of then 61-year-old myra, who lost the entire lower half of our body because of the collapse,
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and she told nbc 10 she was convinced she would not survive. a philadelphia musician is charged with trying to engage in a sex act with someone he thought was a 14-year-old boy, but it turns out 69-year-old charles cohen was actually meeting an upper providence township police officer. he was arrested in a parking lot of a wagman store and charged with a number of sex crimes involving a child. in the pennsylvania budget batt battle, social services programs say they are running out of time because money is no longer flowing from harrisburg. the women's center of harris can no longer offer relocations to victims of dplesic violence. they had to make tough choices about what programs to slash. parents classes and afterschool programs are on hold until lawmakers can release funding. happening today, the annual hero thrill show in the parking
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lot of the wells fargo center starts later this morning. there's demonstrations by the philadelphia fire and police departments plus sutunts by the k-9 and mounted police, and you can enjoy food and music and sixers cheerleaders. this show benefits the families of fallen police officers and firefighters. still ahead, the governor rakes in the books. new figures show what gop presidential cap dndidate and h wife earned last year putting him in the top 1%. remembering jerry mondesire. what they did to honor the former naacp leader.
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now you're nbc 10 first alert weather. and welcome back on this saturday morning, i'm michelle
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grossman. the stormy weather is out of here, looking at a nice weekend. let's look outdoors because we are waking up to cloud cover outside so prepare yourself for that. that is it, though. we have all the rain off the coast, not looking at any wet weather. this morning, or sunday, mostly clouy this morning and this afternoon, and temperatures much cooler compared to this time yesterday. we are looking at temperatures anywhere from 5-15 degrees cooler. it is 15 degrees cooler in mount pocono, 5 degrees cooler in philadelphia compared to 24 hours ago, and 7 degrees cooler in atlantic city. all is quiet on radar. just dealing with the clouds. radar is clear. stormy weather off the coast at this point, and temperatures are mainly in the 50s, around 56 in philadelphia, 56 in allentown, and 58 degrees this morning in dover, and 50 in allentown, 41 in mount pocono, and 53 in lancaster. this morning, winds are breezy throughout the day, the
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northeast right now anywhere from 5-15 miles per hour. 12 miles per hour in philadelphia. 14 miles per hour in lancaster. 7 miles per hour in wildwood, and it's a breezy afternoon as well as long as cool temperatures. throughout the afternoon, temperatures are not going far from where they are now. topping out at 65 degrees in philadelphia before we drop back down back into the 40s later on tonight, so 42 as the overnight low. as we go throughout the day today, temperatures are climbing, so by 8:00, we'll be in the 50s, by noon, into the 60s, low 60s, and around 66 degrees. later on this afternoon, mostly sunny skies, cool, breezy, and certainly feeling like fall today, winds from the northeast at 10-15 miles per hour. a nice day today, nicer day sunday, and even nicer than that on monday. we'll talk more about that coming up. michelle, thank you. 20 minutes before 6:00, and this morning, we are getting a look at new video that shows u.s. led air strikes against isis forces. the defense department says it shows attacks on isis buildings and fighting positions near the
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town of ramadi, 70 miles west of baghdad. the coalition launched 15 air strikes against isis in iraq and syria. word u.s. and russia agreed on safety guidelines for the air missions over syria. both militaries are hashing out flight procedures to avoid possible collisions or other incidents. you're looking at russian video appearing to show an air strike hitting an isis target in syria. the u.s. and russia are conducting separate bombing operations. members of philadelphia's naacp chapter pause to remember former leader and activist jerry mondesire, honoring him in center city last night. and harry heirston was the mc, and jerry died sunday from a brain aneurysm. he eventually served on the board of the national organization. jerry was 65 years old.
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who came out on top in friday night football? we'll have the best action from the local gridirons ahead in high school blitz.
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this is nbc 10 news. thank you so much for sta starting your weekend with us. 5:44 on saturday morning, 55 degrees here at nbc 10 as we take a live look at philadelphia from one of our cameras, atop the comcast tower in center city. the storms out of here, and sun today with temperatures in the mid-60s. decision 2016, new jersey governor and republican presidential candidate chris christie say he and his wife earned about $1 million last year. they released tax returns yesterday, and the governor earned a salary of $175,000 in
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2014, but mary pat christie earned $720,000 in her job with a new york investment firm. a federal judge has ruled against new jersey senator robert menendez in the attempt to have corruption charges against him thrown out. he plans to appeal the ruling. the judge threw out 4 of the 22 counts against menendez, and the democratic senator is charged with accepting campaign donations and gifts, in exchange for helping the business interest. happening this weekend, the atlantic city power boat show is extending its run at the golden nugget casino hotel and marina, featuring watercraft from sports cruisers and cat ma rans, the show runs 10:00 until 6:00, $10 for adults, and kids get in free. now, your nbc 10 first alert
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weather. and it'll be a good day to get out and about with temperatures in the mid 60s by this afternoon, sunshine, but starting out with cloud cover before we bring back the sunshi sunshine. at least the storms from yesterday are out of here. looking at overall a nice fall weekend. weather headlines on saturday morning feel like fall today, especially this morning, and temperatures mainly in the 50s, and the 40s, and in the mid 60s before we drop back to the 40s tonight. sunshine today, also on sunday and monday before changes come in on tuesday. we're looking at showers returning on tuesday. right now, though, 56 in philadelphia, and mostly cloudy skies, winds from the north at 12 miles per hour, and it is breezy, going to be breezy throughout the day, and temperatures in the 50s, 41, though, in mount pocono, 51 in potstown, and 55 in wilmington, and cool 56 degrees in melville, new jersey. cool this afternoon, temperatures in the mid-6 os. live look outside, mostly cloudy
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skies, we'll see mostly sunny skies by later on this afternoon, if not early this morning, and we'll see the clouds kind of departing, and we'll see partly cloudy to mostly sunny this afternoon. winds from the northeast, breezy conditions, 12 miles per hour in philadelphia, 12 miles per hour in wilmington, to get out and about, layer up, and tempts are cool along with breezy conditions. future weather, mostly sunny, breezy today, and a fall day to get out and about on your saturday. dropping into the 40s tonight, a chilly night before popping back into the upper 60s, close to 70 on sunday, and a nice day sunday, a lot of sunshine, and a nice day for the eagles' game, and that is at 1:00 on sunday. we're looking at a kickoff time at 1:00, 63 degrees, but if you are tailgating early, temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. nice. no complaints there. by the fourth quarter, mostly sunny skies, 66.
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perfect fall october football weather. cool, breezy today, 6 had 4, it is 67, topping out at 66ment winds northeast at 10-15 miles per hour. a lot of sunshine. once the sun is out, cloudy skies. be surprised by that. get the clouds out of here, sunny this afternoon. you need the sunglasses, and tonight, clear skies, and temperatures back into the 40s, a chilly night tonight with a couple nights in the 40s in the seven day, sunday, eagles play, 68, a lot of sunshine, more than today, and monday, that's a holiday, columbus day holiday, sunny, 73, light winds, and a perfect day on monday, the pick for the week, and, tuesday, that's where things change, partly sunny skies, and then we have a cold front that's nearing us, bringing us clouds, a chance for showers, and you may need the umbrella back in the bag tuesday. 70s. wednesday, a nice day, sun returns, cool, 5, 68 thursday and breezy on friday at 66.
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nbc 10's high school blitz is presented by toyota, let's go places. wouldn't be a saturday morning without a look at friday night lights, undefeated teams in action looking to stay perfect. kicking off 5-0 hosting 4-1 upper moreland. they had the upper hand early if you alieu me to go there. casey tied in, norton wheeled it in. decker ends up in the enzone, and moreland had the w. quak quakertown took on harry s. truman at home. cloved down the sideline to john, and unrelated to soda, one of seven touchdowns for the p panthe panthers. they won 42-0. celebrating homecoming, end of the first half, bobbles the snatch, manages to fire into the enzone, deflected, and keith
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earl makes a heck of a grab. lucky is better than good sometimes. they win 30-14. fourth, springford goes for it, and that is absolutely the right call. >> touchdown! >> love the internet call on that touchdown, and how about the name? stone. beautiful football name. 2 -132, they win. going in the first half, walsh swings to joe lee, and he is out. 63-21. defensive battle between upperon, and the backside blitz, release the hounds, it's a fumble! they recover, goes on to win 22-14. we go to the lee high valley, liberty, parkland, forty and 3,
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liberty goes for it, and gunner makes the decision, dances in from 33 yards out, and hurricanes down 7-6. second quarter, doug ernie, where's bert? i don't know. streaking down the sideline, behind the defense, give me liberty or give me death, beating parkland 31-34. hamton and clear view, 14-7, issac fields the kick, and takes it to the house. this long return puts them up 21-7 and they cruise from there, 41-21 the time. south jersey, camden, that game on last night, you can call catholic the comeback kid, trailing 8-7 most of the game, and they say enough of that, taking this kick 43 yards to the barn. they hang to on to win 21-14. mainland and st. augusta, the herms undefeated. love that mascot.
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deep to return the punt. sees daylight and says, you know what? i'll make a house call. end zone, party of six, your table's ready. that puts augusta up 13-0 cruising from there, 27-3 the final. ocean city looks for the first win of the season against egg harbor township. what happened last night for donahue? he makes sure it is deep down field, ocean city upsets 19-7. time for some skylights, sky force 10 in the air as they hosted newman. feeling good, what can i say. lets it fly, and it is the skylight, gets the pick, all the way back 30 yards, and west catholic wins 28-0. delco love, carol with the ball, in trouble, ryan with the pick, and come on, big fella, get in
5:53 am
there. nothing but green space and opportunity. runs it back 93 yards for the touchdown. he'll remember that the rest of his life, edging out 22-21. e missing call taking on eagen. slicing the defenders, get off me, his fourth td, five scores, and 42 -14 the final. let's hit the pub, public, and despite the reves, the face mask, 17 carries for 209 and a touchdown. they won 40-6. fra frankford on the road, around the outside, and dives in for the score. quarterback mike morill had three tds, and they knock off central 18-7. we can reveal the games of the week next week. upper dublin, oxford, and
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this is nbc 10 news. 5:56 on your saturday morning, and 55 degrees here at nbc 10 as we take a live look at financial field in south philadelphia. we'll have plenty of sunshine today, highs in the 60s. it's going to feel a lot like fall, and michelle's full forecast in a few minutes. happening tea, it's your last chance to enter a new kind of lottery in pennsylvania. the state's liquor control board is holding a limited release lottery on tuesday offering 24 bottles of sought after wines and bourbons. the deadline to enter the lottery is tonight at 11:00.
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there's a new president, the university held the inauguration ceremony yesterday, for dr. colleen hanycz, the first female president to serve since 1963, lasalle's 29th president. dining out by yourself is gaining in popularity in areas leek philadelphia. according to open table, solo dining reservations across the nation jumped 62% in the latest survey. philadelphia is no. 5 on the list of major cities where large numbers of of people eat alone. park and lincoln square made the top 25 of top restaurants for lone diners. a major march in washington today, in minutes, busses leave for d.c. for the 20th anniversary of the million man march. we'll have a preview. good morning, michelle. >> good morning, great weather
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this morning with a nice weekend in store. fall-like weekend, temperatures in the mid-60s this afternoon, but a chilly start this morning with 40s on the map, and waking up to mostly cloudy skies, and talking more about that, sunshine returning to the forecast, this afternoon, also tomorrow, a live look outside, mostly cloudy, 55 right now in philadelphia, and your full forecast is straight ahead.
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nbc 10 news starts now. right now on nbc 10 news today, busses are leaving philadelphia at this hour headed to d.c. for the 20th anniversary of the million man march. cleaning up, some homeowners will be spending this morning doing just that after yesterday's damaging storms, but luckily, nothing like that on the radar for today as we take a live look at the center city skyline, nice fall weekend ahead for us, but it won't be long until some of us see more rain. good morning, everybody. welcome to nbc 10 news today, i'm ted greenberg, and thank you so much for being with us. it's 6:00 a.m. on saturday morning. first alert meteorologist michelle grossman is in looking at a beautiful fall day. >> we deserve


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