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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  October 11, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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somebody is intentionally setting fires. in just hours the eagles will scare off kpwepbs the new orleans saints. some say it's a must-win for a team off to a rough start this season. we will warm to near 70 today. still a fall chill in the air. good morning, everyone. welcome to nbc 10 news today. i am ted greenberg.
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we say good morning to first alert meteorologist, michelle grossman this morning. i had to turn the heat on in my car this morning. >> we are looking at the 30s in many areas, and we started out the weekend so nice, and you are going to have another beauty once again today. here's a life look outside. clear skies and that's helping to drop the temperatures overnight, and we are waking up to temperatures 18 degrees cooler in some spots, and 12 degrees cooler in dover, and that's putting us in the 30s in some spots, so especially to the north and west, that's where we have the real chill, and 43 degrees in wilmington, and 39 in wildwood, and 40 degrees in lancaster. we are going to end up warmer
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than yesterday. lunchtime, 63, and by 4:00, mostly sunny skies, and a high of 70 degrees. we will have another beautiful day tomorrow. you may need your umbrella on tuesday and we'll talk more about that coming up. an arson investigation underway in montgomery county. they are investigating four separate fires. and monique braxton is live. >> those four fires were set over two days. look at the video we captured of a garage. it's boarded up and the arsonist targeted properties blocks apart x there was this truck, the front of the seat torched. families are no doubt on edge.
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>> it's scary. it's scare 83 and it's sad. it's terrifying. >> i'm flabbergasted and upset and scared for my family, too. >> the police believe the same person is responsible. now the families are uniting and we'll have that for you in the next half hour. monique braxton, nbc 10 news. and a man shot in the stomach during an attempted robbery remains in critical condition. police made no arrests. bail denied. that's the ruling with a man charged of a cold case rain and murder of a teenager of more than 30 years ago. george shaw is saccused of sexul
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assaulting a girl. she was baby sitting his daughter back in 1984 when she vanished, but it took 31 years for police arrest him who was living in florida, and during that time he also rained a 69-year-old woman. sanders helped dispose the girl's body. the owner of this auto tag shop in southwest philadelphia is dealing with more misery. on thursday a robber stabbed him 20 times. he remains in critical condition. yesterday, somebody broke into the shop and it's not clear if anything was taken and police have no suspects in those crimes. from our delaware bureau
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this morning, the university of delaware is remembering richard heck. the former professor died friday in the philippines and won the 2010 nobel prize for chemistry. richard heck was 48 years old. the transgender remembering one of it's own following a rally that drew hundreds of it's own in city center. jenkins, a transgender woman was murdered last tuesday. the killing sparked conversation for those that attended the rally yesterday. police say jenkins was attacked by five men before she was shot in the back and her death is reigniting discussion about violence in the transgender community. today the city of philadelphia will honor lgbt history month.
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at 11:30 this morning mayor nutter will speak outside city hall and that's where they will raise a rainbow flag. you are looking live inside the linc this morning from our camera, called the eagle's nest cam. if a few hours, the eagles and saints are 1-3. we will preview today's game coming up later in today's sports. in the phillies, another october without post season baseball, but chase utley getting another shot at the playoffs. just ahead how the same grit now has him at the center of the controversy. randy quaid, why he and his
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wife were arrested in vermont. bundle up. this morning temperatures in the 30s in some spots. chilly today but warming up nicely this afternoon. a live look outside. clear skies this morning, 70 degrees, and a beautiful sunday. we will talk more about your full forecast coming up.
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welcome back on this sunday morning. it was a beautiful start to the weekend. we were around 66 degrees yesterday. below normal for this time of year. we will be close to that today. a live look outside, still dark but looking at clear skies and that's helping to drop the temperatures overnight. in the 30s and 40s in many, many spots. as we go throughout the afternoon, we will warm nicely throughout the afternoon into the 70s, but right now lots of blue on the map indicating cold air out there. 38 in pocono, and 48 in
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philadelphia, and chilly to the south and east, and temperatures in the low 30s to 40s, and around 40 degrees in atlantic city, and 41 in wildwood, and a chilly start and we're going to warm quickly. by this afternoon, lunchtime, in the 60s, and very fall-like. by this afternoon, we will warm to near 70 degrees. by 5:00, 69, and i think we will top out at 70s in philadelphia and that's on the money where we are supposed to be this time of year and warmer on monday. lots of sunshine, and winds light compared to yesterday, and sunny and nice, 68 to 71, and 70 today and warmer on machined and umbrellas probably needed for tuesday and we'll talk more about that coming up. from overseas this morning, investigators are looking for the cause of a fire in dublin, ireland, that killed ten people, half of them children.
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the victims were gypsys that travel around ireland in caravans. here's reaction from local officials that over see housing for gypsys. >> people are very devastated, so yeah, what can you say? it's really sad. >> people are living flowers, and officials are calling it ireland's deadliest fire in more than 40 years. thousands of activist from philadelphia are back home following a rally in washington marking the anniversary of the million-man march. it was justice or else, a change from 1995 when organizers called on african-american men across the nation to improve families, and trayvon martin's mother spoke to the crowd. >> a lot of times this is about
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civil rights, but this is about human rights. >> hundreds of people from our area travelled in buses to d.c. yesterday, and some of them made the same trip 20 years ago. >> 20 years ago, that was the most beautiful thing, and i would gput that with my childre being born. beautiful. >> when you think about the special times that we live in, we know we are aiming for equity for everybody, everyone is reaching out to know that we are one. >> president obama was the community organizers in chicago when he attended the original million-man march and he was not at yesterday's event, though. also ahead, you are probably used to see him star in comedies, but actor, randy quaid, the focus of a real-life
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drama and why he and his wife are now under arrest.
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the way our tax dollars are spent to help the homeless are changing and not everybody is happy about it. here is a story you will see tuesday afternoon at 4:00. >> the goal is to eliminate homelessness. >> helping the homeless, and the feds plan to cut money to training programs and use it on permanent housing. >> they are just going to live there forever at taxpayer expense. >> we take our questions to the department of housing and urban development and introduce you to a woman trying to get back on her feet but worried the program helping her will soon shut down. >> that might make it be so we are homeless.
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more than a dozen private plans landed in cuba from the u.s. yesterday, and it's another sign of normalizing relations for the two nations. for the first time in decades, the cuban aviation club says more clubs plan to fly into cuba. in december, president obama announced the u.s. and cuba would restore diplomatic relegs. the border control is holding actor, randy quaid and his wife. they were wanted in california on felony vandalism charges from 2010. canadian officials told them they were going to be deported, and an extradition hearing will be held this week. still saving people trapped in their homes by floodwaters.
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crews using boats are evacuating or bringing food and water to stranded people, and a river near the state capital of columbia swamped the area during flooding last week. the water in some neighborhoods is at least 20 feet deep, and more than a dozen dams failed or were breached. heavy rain and strong winds hit the western portion of the state, and a mudslide happened near tacoma. people in southern california are trying to beat the heat this weekend. the national weather service declared a heat alert as temperatures reached a record-breaking 108 degrees, and about 60 people were treated for heat exhaustion and 20 were hospitalized and forecasters say the temperatures should get back in the double digits this week.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> we had a beautiful start to our weekend. temperatures were around 66 degrees yesterday, felt like and looked like fall. a little warmer today, and closer to 70 degrees. still a beautiful day with lots of sunshine. and then another beauty today, enjoy it today. we're going to have another beauty before things begin to change. a little warmer today, about four or five degrees warmer than yesterday and then we are tracking the return for showers as early as tuesday, and looks like the sunshine will return on wednesday. right now a cold 48 degrees in philadelphia, and winds are calm, so we don't have the winds like we did yesterday and we are going to keep the winds light like yesterday. up to 18 degrees cooler in millville compared to this time yesterday. temperatures right now, we are very chilly, especially to the north and west. we are looking at 30s across the
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area, and north and west, 38 in mt. pocono, and 41 in reading skprbg 48 degrees in philadelphia. we are looking at 40 in atlantic city. clear skies this morning, and clear skies helping to drop the temperatures overnight, and that's why we are in the 30s and 40s, and once the sun comes up we will warm up quickly and be near 70 degrees later on this afternoon. future weather, lots of sunshine. you need glasses and sun screen. we will keep it clear overnight and see the temperatures dip back down into the 40s once again, and then monday we are looking at a beautiful day, and lots of sunshine on monday, and warmer conditions, near 75 degrees, above normal. typically we come in around 69 this time of year. tuesday we see changes in terms of more clouds and rain come into our forecast on tuesday. eagles football, perfect football weather, temperatures not bad at all.
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61, and then 3:30, we will top out at 70 degrees. and a little cooler to the north and west, and some spots may hit 71. the 7-day forecast, 70 today and by monday mostly sunny, columbus day, 75. tuesday, that's where the changes come in. we will have more clouds and increasing sunshine. we will cool it back down on wednesday and bring back the sunshine, 67. breezy on thursday, 67. friday, starting out with sunshine once again. late showers, 62. next in sports a. must-win. here from the eagles players about today's home game against the saints. plus, phillies fans love chase utley for his tough style of
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play, but this playoff move last night is creating a controversy pfp.
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chase utley is no longer a philly, but still a mets killer. check out the slide he made for the dodgers in last night's playoff game in l.a. >> there's one, and he gets a double play, and utley going hard to second as the tying run scores. >> utley's slide to the outside of second base led the dodgers to a comeback victory over new york. the short stop suffered a broken left leg and had to be carted off the field, and it's not the first time utley and tejada have tangled. it's the same two players in a game between the mets and phillies, and the play shows utley going into tejada on the inside of the bag.
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the eagles with a must-win today against the saints. they need to start faster on offense as well, and only scored three points in the first quarter this season. >> i don't think they were happy with the start against dallas, and we're not happy with it either. we are just as frustrated, and it's not fun go into half-time trying to dig ourselves out of a hole that we put ourselves in. it's fun to go outside and establish a lead and get things going early. we can catch game-day kickoff, and we will go one-on-one with jenkins. flyers were in florida last night, and steve mason dominated the panthers. he gave up just four goals. last night he gave up four goals in less than seven minutes.
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and 1-0, just over a minute in. and then you see mere jagr, and flyers lose again, 7-1. afterwards, team leaders called a players' only meeting after the second game of the season. fplt i take full responsibility for the outcome of the tkaeupl. college football. good o good. look at the great catch. owls up in the second quarter. nice. they beat tulane, 49-10.
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look at the interception. the owls are 5-0, for the first time in years. a big day for christian hackenburg. can you believe this? he ran two in. look at this. dive into the end zone here. penn state wins 29-7. the nittany lions 5-1. >> do you work out? you look pretty good running down the sideline for that time-out today? >> no bg i actually look decent, but if i take my shirt off it's somewhat disgusting. i am a skinny fat guy. >> and then quarterback john robertson.
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picked off. 94 yards for the touchdown the other way, and nova falls, and they are 2-3. and then the quakers come all the way back. and the quakers tie it at 45 under 2:00 to go, and a field goal with eight seconds left, and penn loses 48-45, and the quakers are 1-3. we can reveal our games of the week. upper dublin versus plymouth-white marsh, and you can vote at a big shot, the game high 66 points. we will have a full rappup tonight after sunday night
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football and the news. enjoy your sunday. coming up next, a montgomery county community on edge. monique braxton is following that story from the digital operation center. >> we are going to hear from the residents. it's a chilly start this morning. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. we're going to warm nicely this afternoon. here's a live look outside. we're looking from our cape may camera. we will talk more about today's forecast and tracking rain during your workweek. that's all coming up. 
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neighborhood on edge. right now a series of arsons has people living in one part of montgomery county very concerned. somebody is setting fire to their personal property. waking up to a fall chill in the air, but won't be with us all day long. look for it to warm up to 70 today with plenty of sunshine. welcome to nbc "nbc10 news today." i am ted greenberg. let's


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