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tv   Today  NBC  October 17, 2015 7:00am-8:31am EDT

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good morning. octo-brrr. a huge blast of cold air aimed at 55 million people this weekend. freezes and frost warnings from mississippi to new england and in michigan, the snow is falling. in the west, flash flood warnings still in effect. a day after the mudslides slammed into heds of cars and homes as well. dylan is tracking it all. feuding over 9/11. donald trump and jeb bush battling it out over who is to blame for the terror attack. >> say what you want. the world trade center came down during his time. >> that feud is escalating. a hero's tale. the student revealing overnight
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how he tried to save his classmates and the terror he felt when the gunman looked at him. and homecoming day. tracy morgan hosting "saturday night live." >> good to have you back, man. >> did i work here? >> his long awaited return coming a year after that horrific accident that nearly killed him. fans lined up all day and night hoping to grab a ticket to the hottest show around. "today" saturday, october 17th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on saturday morning. i'm erica hill. >> i'm harry smith alongside dylan dreyer. >> i'm over here on the left. >> she showed up. >> and frances rivera.
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good morning. it is like riding a bike. >> you're good. you're steady. >> let's get going. >> the first wobble in the middle. >> feeling good. take a look outside. this is amazing. everybody in the building and people around town and across the country, so excited that tracy morgan on "saturday night li live." >> they are lined up hoping to get a ticket live to see it. if not, you can watch it here on nbc. >> i hear there is a baseball game. >> not far from us. >> i heard a thing or two about the game. >> they are getting ready at citifield. we have preparations happening on the plaza. oh, look, it's mr. met. mr. met is here. we called chicago. clark, the cubbies mascot was engaged this morning, but the offer and invitation was exte extend extended. let's get to the top story. millions of people getting an
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early taste of winter. waking up to the hocoldest weatr this season. some seeing the first snowfall. dylan is here to get us up to speed. >> i'm surprised i'm not out there standing in it. >> you will be. >> i'm happy. it will be gone by tomorrow. we have a big dip in the jet stream. this is just ushering in arctic air. something we have not talked about in some time. it is just really, really cold out there this morning. we have freeze warnings, freeze watches. this doesn't effect humans as it does plants, but it is cold. 32 in detroit. 33 in cincinnati. 41 in allentown. the cool air settles in and sticks around through monday. temperatures for highs this afternoon, 46 in cleveland. 16 degrees below average. 55, that's it in new york. that's nine degrees below average. over the next three days, each
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morning, we top out barely around freezing. in detroit, 32 on sunday morning. monday morning, 34. tuesday is the rebound day in the midwest. it will push into the northeast as we go into tuesday afternoon. in the southwest, we have a lot of clean up because of the mudslides we saw that way. take a look at this outside of los angeles where the rain came down in some areas. up to 6 inches. without much vegetation because it has been so dry, the mud runs down the mountains. that has been the situation over the last couple of days because of the flash flooding. we have the flash flood watches in effect through southern nevada and parts of arizona with pockets of heavy rain especially tonight into tomorrow where we could end up with 1 to 3 inches of additional rain. a lot of that falls in a short period of time. that could lead to mudslides. >> real life el niño. turning to the war between donald trump and jeb bush. it comes on the heels of trump's
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comments of former president george w. bush and the september 11th attacks. kristen welker has more from the white house. >> reporter: good morning. trump has a way of hitting bush, but on friday, he touched off a firestorm with these remarks. >> when you talk about george bush, say what you want, but the world trade center came down during his time. >> wait a minute. >> reporter: jeb bush fired back tweeting how pathetic for @donaldtrump. we were attacked and my brother kept us safe. you said your brother kept us safe, i wanted to be nice and did not mention the wtc came down during his watch. and then no, you are pathetic
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saying nothing happened during your brother's term. for trump, this is another dust up. for bush, the verbal sparring allows him to flex his muscles a bit. you can expect this to be a flash point for the gops over the next several days. >> one thing we are not sure we are getting this weekend is a decision from vice president joe biden. what is the latest on that? >> reporter: we are hopeful. vice president biden is waking up in delaware this morning and under pressure to make a decision about whether he's in or out. sources close to the vp say a decision could come within the next 48 hours. with democrats growing increasingly anxious, it is decision time for vice president joe biden. he is tucked away at his home in delaware deliberating. >> he is looking seriously at
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getting in. >> reporter: his family is on board with a run and now he's calling supporters in early voting states to gauge whether he has a path to winning. on friday, president obama declined to weigh in. >> i don't have to share my views about that right now because i think it is important for the american people to make up their own decision. >> reporter: friday, close ally senator ted kaufman sent a letter. if he decides to run, we need each and every one of you yesterday. biden wants space to decide. the door hasn't closed yet. hillary clinton's aides say it is too late. >> i don't see we are lacking anything in the field. i think the field is a good field and i don't see that there's a space. >> reporter: clinton showed new signs of strength after her dominant debate performance. one poll shows her inching up in new hampshire. in an nbc news survey monkey
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poll, clinton has a double-digit lead. clinton said biden should decide in his own time. >> i'm not in any way that the vice president accept a any timetable other than the one he has. >> reporter: the reason biden is struggling with the decision, he always wanted to be president and this would be his last shot. plus, his late son beau urged him to run before passing. the main factor right now is if biden thinks he can win. erica. >> kristen, thanks. now to a wrongful death suit filed by the family of a teenager killed by a police officer in michigan. it all happened during a traffic stop and most of it was caught on the officer's body cam. the family says their son did not have to die. nbc's rehema ellis has more. >> reporter: the tragedy
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unfolded moments after a routine traffic stop. >> i pulled you over because you flashed me. >> reporter: last february, 17-year-old devin gilford was pulled over by officer frost. the incident captured on the body camera of the officer. >> you had your lights on. i'm not lying to you. >> reporter: when gilford refused several requests for documents, the encounter escalated. >> get your hands behind your back. >> reporter: in the scuffle, sergeant frost first fires his stun gun. before firing seven shots that killed the unarmed teenager. the sergeant was treated for facial injuries. after an investigation, the county prosecutor decided not to file charges against frost and determined that sergeant frost used his firearm within the
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limits of michigan's self defense law. but this week, gilford's parents filed a federal civil lawsuit against frost and eton county. alleging that devin's civil rights were violated. >> it would have been appropriate for the facts to be in front of a jury. >> reporter: the sheriff's office responded saying they stood by the prosecutor's findings that sergeant frost responded under the belief that he faced the threat of great bodily harm or death. now once again, a court is asked to rule on questions surrounding the use of police force. for "today," rehema ellis, nbc news, new york. moving overseas. another night of violence in the middle east. frances is in for sheinelle. >> more unrest with deadly clashes that rocked the middle east overnight. as tensions escalate after a palestinian disguised as journalist attacked an israeli
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soldi soldier. we have nbc's bill neely with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. there is no let up in the violence. three more attempted murders, stabbings this morning. three more palestinians shot dead. here in jerusalem, a 16-year-old was stopped by police. produced his identification card and produced a knife and tried stab an officer and shot dead. in hedron, 20 miles from here, two other incidents. a teenager and two other palestinians tried stab a man on the street. that man had a gun and shot dead his assailant. a young palestinian woman stabbed a police woman at a checkpoint. she obviously had a gun and shot her attacker dead. three dead in the space of a few hours. some shocking picture s emerged of another stabbing. a warning you may find these
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pictures graphic. a man chasing an israeli soldier. he wrestles him to the ground. that injured soldier is recovering in the hospital. the attacker is dead. no let-up in the attacks. they are very difficult to stop. most of them carried out by teenagers from east jerusalem who have no criminal record. they have identification cards so they can move about freely. many speak fluent hebrew. it is very difficult to predict where the next attack is going to come from. back to you. >> bill, thank you very much. bill neely in jerusalem. the final u.s. airways flight landed in philadelphia this morning. the red eye from san francisco flew flight 1939. the year the airline began. all future flights will fly under the american airlines banner following the completion
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of the two-year merger. nbc news learned the federal government wants drone owners to register with the department of transportation. that comes after a spike in close calls with unmanned drones and commercial airlines in the nation's biggest airports. in july, a drone flew 100 feet from the jet at jfk airport. the cleveland browns says the team is aware of the domestic incident with johnny manziel. manziel was pulled over in ohio this week. a witness told police a person believed to be manziel's girlfriend was trying to jump from his speeding car. manziel apparently said he was drinking earlier in the day, but not found to be intoxicated. manziel spent ten weeks in rehab in the off season. now video here of the volcano erupting in mexico. officials say the plume reached as high as 6,500 feet. watch this thing. the volcano has been active
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since july leaving villages forced to evacuate. and while anyone around here can talk about the cubs and mets, the kansas city royals took home game one of the american league championship series last night beating the blue jays, 5-0, at home. game two is this afternoon. a lot going on. around these parts, we have mr. met in the plaza. a small game that is happening. >> frances, thanks. i guess it is time for more weather. >> we didn't have enough before. >> so many things i left out before. let's talk more about the snow through parts of the great lakes. you know when you have the colder air and it crosses over the warmer waters of the great lakes, you end up with lake-effect snow. erie, pennsylvania could see 1 to 2 inches of know snow. high pressure elsewhere is keeping it sunny. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. in the southwest, of
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welcome back on this sat morning. i'm michelle grossman. chilly start to the day, cool finish, cool, breezy this afternoon, temperatures at 56 degrees in philadelphia. breezy, making it feel cooler than it is. winds from the northwest at 5-15 miles per hour. a cold night tonight. another cool day sunday at 53. may see a stray sprinkle sunday. otherwise, partly cloudy skies, sun tuesday and wednesday, 70s wednesday and thursday. friday, cooler, 62. and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you so much. there is a buzz in the air in new york and in chicago as well today. the mets and cubs facing off tonight in game one of the national league championship series. the long suffering fans of both teams, oh, have they suffered. dreaming of finally making it to the world series. nbc's ron mott is a few miles
7:16 am
away from here at citifield over in queens. ron, good morning. >> reporter: harry, good morning to you. we all know the cubs and mets have been victimized for years by bad luck. now one team is four wins away from getting back to the world series. energized fans on both sides are saying it is about time. fans of the chicago cubs and new york mets, good things have not come with the long wait. >> i have the pleasure to introduce the mets. >> reporter: it has been 29 years since they celebrated a world series crown in queens. 190 1908, the last time for wrigley faithful. only one gets the treat of playing for it all. 70 years ago in chicago, bar owner william sienna showed up at wrigley to root for the home team. the problem, the billy goat, the legend has it, cast a curse on
7:17 am
the club. a black cat in '69 derailed that season. a cubs fan in '03 taking away an out five outs from the world series. >> why do things seem to fold at the most critical time? why are people's hearts broken over and over? better to blame a goat. >> reporter: at the billy goat tavern, there is the curse. >> the curse is over. >> reporter: while their suffering is not as long, fans of the amazins. >> it gets through buckner. the mets win it. >> reporter: they played second fiddle to the yankees who beat them in the world series 15
7:18 am
years ago. now 2015 could wipe away years of pain if disappointment doesn't interfere. the games will play in new york before switching to chicago on tuesday. one team is guaranteed to the world series, but the other, they have another year to wonder if they are truly cursed. back to you. >> ron mott, thank you very much. so many mets fans work in this building. >> yes. >> people cannot see straight. this is the best thing that's ever happened. >> one of our producers came in today. there she is with her cubs hat on. people you never met before are saying what are you doing? what are you wearing? >> have never seen it. >> we should mention, we put the offer out to her good friend clark, the mascot, he was otherwise engaged. maybe the bear will come another day. still to come, catching you up on the week in news.
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from the first democratic debate and president obama's surprise announcement of keeping troops in afghanistan. and is this woman who sued her nephew really the worst aunt ever? a story behind a story. we will get to that. but first this is "today" on nbc.
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why fios? ultimately, that's why. right now, get 50 meg fios internet, tv & phone starting at $79.99 a month, guaranteed for two years. plus get $300 back with a two year agreement. get out of the past. get fios. back now on saturday morning with "the download." our chance to look back at the week's stories. >> a recap of the headlines that grabbed our attention. the democrats. after taking a backseat to the republican, were finally in the spotlight. facing off in their first debate. hillary clinton center stage. >> fathers will be able to say to their daughters, you, too, can grow up to be president. >> her rival, bernie sanders, handed her this gift. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your
7:22 am
damn e-mails. >> and being generous made him look magnanamous. >> secretary clinton, is bernie sanders tough enough on guns? >> no, not at all. america's longest war just got longer. >> i decided to maintain our current posture of 9,800 troops in afghanistan through most of next year. 2016. >> after 14 years, $1 trillion and more than 2,300 american lives lost, thousands will remain in afghanistan. israeli and palestinians are blaming each other for the latest round of violence. >> behind the battle of guns and knives that have seen israeli stabbed, a war of words. and at its center, video that has gone viral of the 13-year-old palestinian
7:23 am
bleeding. he's like almost not breathing. >> former nba star lamar odom was found unconscious in a nevada brothel this week. >> multiple drugs in his system. >> his estranged wife khloe kardashian and loved ones are pulling for him. is the woman the worst aunt ever? backlash after a new york city woman sued her nephew for hugging her too hard at his 8th birthday party and breaking her wrist. >> outrage. >> jennifer connell and her nephew sean sat down with "today." >> she would never do anything to hurt her family and myself. she loves us. >> this was simply a case of formality with the insurance claims. your dining experience may be getting a makeover with danny meyer getting rid of tipping at
7:24 am
his many restaurants. >> without gratuity, they charge a markup. the hourly rate goes up. >> this meal doesn't come with sticker shock, but? >> say you are out to eat and you ordered fish. you are nearly done eating and this happens. >> hopes and dreams. >> you don't want a fish who still has hopes and dreams. mccaffrey. >> check out this play from francis owusu. >> did he catch that up against the defender's back? unbelievable. >> the tightest hug ever. >> talk about this fish. the eyes and face and everything is bad enough. but the moving. >> can you order it like that? say, i want it. >> is that when they ask how you
7:25 am
want your beef cooked and you say i want it mooing. >> it is like rigor mortis. >> i feel bad for the fish. >> that's it. >> sad? >> how about sick to your stomach? >> and that. >> there's that. >> from the fish's point of view, i'm sad for it. it's got to hurt a little. >> fish have feelings too. all right. still to come on "today," a hero speaks out. you hear from the survivor of the shooting from the community college. he will share what happened on that deadly day.
7:26 am
nbc 10 news starts now. good morning, i'm rosemary connors, minutes before 7:30, and we are tracking the cool start to the saturday. good morning, michelle. >> good morning, rosemary. yes, it's cool. temperatures in the 40s across the area, but a lot of sunshine, and we'll see a lot of sun throughout the day. here's a live look outside. temperatures right now mainly in the 40s. spots, though, nort and west in the 30s. 35 right now in mount pocono, 49 in reading, 46 in philadelphia, and temperatures south and east in the 30s and 40s. 42 in atlantic city, and 39 degrees in millville. breezy, feeling colder than it is. sunny, 56, sunday, partly sunny
7:27 am
skies, a cold start to the day, 20s, 30s, 53 by the afternoon, monday, cool in the afternoon, 54, and we moderate into the 60s, and then the 70s wednesday and thursday. u.s. air is now history. not before its final flight made history in philadelphia. the airline's last flight touched down in philadelphia international an hour and a half ago. it completed a cross country trip beginning here yesterday. u.s. airways' planes now carry the american airlines' banner. today, stamping out senseless violence is the theme of hands across philadelphia with a march from 11:00 this morning until this afternoon from south a 2 street to woodland avenue. also today in philadelphia, in chestnut hill, wizards and muggles are invited to the outdoor event. there's a scavenger hunt and straw maze in chestnut hill.
7:28 am
i'm rosemary connors, now back to today.
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i want a supreme court judge who knows the law. for the past seven years, i've served on pennsylvania's second highest court. and the bar association has given me their very highest rating. i want a judge who understands regular people. i was the first in my family to graduate from college. my dad was a coal miner. my mom- a factory seamstress. i want a judge with integrity. me too. and that's why i'm running. i'm christine donohue. it's time to bring integrity back to the supreme court.
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i remember everything. >> thank god. >> i remember you owe me $72. >> are you sure? >> it may be $78. >> it may have been heratio. >> a bit of what may come tonight on "saturday night live." tracy morgan's first time on stage since his near fatal car crash. a great crowd on saturday morning, october 17th, 2015. a little chill in the air. it's all over the place. you will hear in a couple of minutes. that chill is one of the stories we are following making headlines this morning.
7:31 am
tens of millions from mississippi all the way up to new england under a freeze or frost advisory. early snow is even falling in some parts of the country. dylan, we're sorry. the cold weather expected to continue throughout the weekend. >> four letter word after last winter. >> get your ruler out. we will have you out any day now. reality star and former nba player lamar odom is showing signs of improvement. sources close to odom tell our sister network e that he is off life support and breathing on his own. and u.s. airways taking its last flight ever from san francisco, the red eye, to philadelphia. landing just a few hours ago. u.s. air merged with american airlines. this is the final flight and american is now the world's largest air carrier. new details about the horrific shoot in the oregon community college. this morning, we are hearing for the first time from the man who
7:32 am
risked his life to save his classmates. frances has more on that. >> chilling. 30-year-old chris mintz has been tout ed as a hero. he was recently released from the hospital recovering from five gunshot wounds that broke his leg. mintz posted a compelling account on facebook telling his version of what happened that day. chris mintz said october 1st started out like any other. he was in a writing class in snyder hall in umpqua community college. he heard gunshots. he started running. he made his way back to the classroom where 26-year-old chris harper evans was targeting his victims. he said i could see one student through the door. she was screaming and covered in
7:33 am
blood. i motioned my finger over my mouth to be quiet and motioned for them to stay down. and i yelled to the guy in the parking lot, go get the cops. the shooter opened the door to my left. he leaned out and started shooting. he was no nonchalant like he was playing a video game. the shots knocked me to the ground and it felt like a truck hit me. he shot me again and hit my finger and said that's what you get for calling the cops. i laid there in a fetal position unable to move and responded, i didn't call the cops, man. they were already on their way. he leaned further out of the classroom and tried to shoot my phone. i yelled, it's my kid's birthday, man. he pointed the gun at my face and he retreated back into the class. i'm still confused why he didn't shoot me again. i tried to push myself back against the classroom door, but i could not move at all. my legs felt like ice.
7:34 am
when i moved, pain shot through me like a bomb going off. >> chris says it wasn't an easy decision to post that first hand account. he thought it was important to get his side of the story out. we knew the story from the reports and accounting, but you hear it directly from him, it is chilling. >> pictures of him in the hospital. frances, thank you. guess what? >> dylan is out on the plaza? >> amazing. >> and in a jacket which means fall is here. >> not loving the jacket thing. it adds 30 seconds to coming outside. we are looking at lake-effect snow across lake erie and lake ontario. it will warm up. don't let this make you think winter's here and it is downhill. we should get into the 70s. by tuesday, chicago back up to 74. detroit back up to 70. pittsburgh will hit 77 by tuesday. get through the next couple
7:35 am
days. the area of high pressure is dragging down the cooler temperatures. we could end up with 1 to 3 inches of lake-effect snow in the great lakes. we are looking at a chance of heavy rain today and tonight which could lead to flash flooding. keep in mind. i cannot focus on the weather. i love your pom-poms. >> it's our friend's 50th birthday. >> with the rest of the welcome back, i'm michelle grossman, a chilly start, cool finish, cool, breezy this afternoon, with temperatures at 56 degrees in philadelphia. breezy, making it feel cooler than it is. winds from the northwest at 5-15 miles per hour. a cold night tonight and another cool day sunday around 53. may see a stray sprinkle. sunny skies otherwise. sun monday and tuesday, 70s
7:36 am
wednesday and thursday, and friday cooler at 62. have a great day. and that's your latest forecast. harry. >> dylan, thank you very much. still to come, a chill in the air. you know what that means. not too distant future. >> christmas? >> dangers of signing up for a store credit card. >> and christmas shopping. >> exactly. what you should know before you what you should know before you sign on the dotted line. to the couple who set aside what you should know before you sign on the dotted line. the whole day to sell their old car and buy a new one... oops. nana's got the kids til 9... but it's only 2. guess you'll just have to see a movie... ...then get some dinner. what a pity. the wolf was huffing and puffing. like you do sometimes, grandpa?
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back now on a saturday morning with the inchi in depth at the violence overseas. here to help us make sense is martin fletcher. he is here helping to put this in perspective. you have a new novel out called "the war reporter." nice to have you back. >> thank you, erica. >> as we look at what is happening. two things stand out. the knife attacks are different because they are using knives. the social media element to it. which is making it tough to control to say the least. how do they approach this? >> that's right. the social media aspect is important. as we saw in the earlier report, almost everything is on camera these days. the pictures get shown and shown again. each side can then control which pictures it shows. the palestinians and israelis
7:41 am
have complained that the palestinians have been killed by israelis lying in a pool of blood on the ground, but they don't show the preceding attack. that infuriates the arab world and many others and inspires violence. they are calling on the palestinian leadership to explain that and call for an end to the incitement and violence. >> what are the chances of the requests being heard, but answered? >> zero. >> it is not changing anything. as we watch this escalate, the word intifada is thrown around. >> the first is sticks and stones. the second is bombs and guns and so far this is knives and ramming cars into people in
7:42 am
crowds. it is an intifada? it is a pool of anger and resentment that reaches a peak. how long does it go on for? the leaders are trying to end it. we will see how long. >> we will watch for that. we did mention you have a new book out. "the war reporter" way tahich t place in a different area. you are realistic of combat and showcasing the survival skills of working journalists. why did you choose to focus on this area and the ptsd? >> this is a book i always wanted to write. i wanted to write an authentic account of the issue. the book begins with a little boy with a hair lip and abandoned in a sarejevo.
7:43 am
the siege began and the boy was there for two years. that's how i begin the novel. i actually met the kid. i always wondered i wished i had taken a story a step further and said to the parents that is your kid is okay. i never did that. and the tragic events take place. the rest of the book is how the journalists deal with the post traumatic stress. >> love conquers all. martin fletcher, thank you. the book is "the war reporter." coming up on "today" how getting a store credit card can getting a store credit card can make tonight white dchicken chili night!? start with bush's white chili beans, simmered in our flavorful chili sauce. then add rotisserie chicken... punch it up with a little heat...
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7:47 am
i'm going to say this, holiday shopping. start. never too early to start. >> apparently not. >> you want to get the stuff. >> have you started? >> of course not. every time you go to a store, someone is asking you to sign um for a credit card. >> the deals. the deals. nbc's kerry sanders says if you are not careful, that can cost you. >> reporter: store credit card are everywhere. to entice you to sign up, they promote big discounts and rewards. experts warn they are not for everyone. >> if you regularly carry a balance, retail store credit cards are a bad idea. >> reporter: many cards have high interest are rates. according to, the average charges 23.5%. compared to the national average for all cards of 15%. on $1,000 balance, 23% rate can
7:48 am
add up. >> it can take you six years and more than $800 in interest to pay that balance off if you make only the minimum payments. >> chevron. texaco. >> reporter: bill lewis likes credit cards. really likes them. >> brandsmart. discover. >> reporter: 117 cards? >> yes. >> reporter: why? >> it's a game. >> reporter: as he found out, it can be a dangerous game. bill bought more than $3,000 of electronics using a retail store credit card that promised 0% for 12 months. he missed one payment. a big no-no. because the 25.25% interest kicked in. >> you end up with? >> $1,162 interest payment. >> reporter: found the highest rate was zales
7:49 am
at 29%. in a statement to nbc news, zales says it offers different benefits, including a range of no-interest plans and vast majority of card holding guests choose the options. experts say do the math. >> the last thing you should do is get in debt to try to get rewards. >> reporter: for "today," kerry sanders, nbc news, miami. >> scary stuff. just ahead, the 3-year-old with a halloween costume you have to have and see. first this is "today" on nbc.
7:50 am
7:51 am
♪ countdown is on. two weeks until halloween. this is interesting that one mom could beat all of us when it comes to dressing kids up. >> frances is in the orange room with the 3-year-old going viral
7:52 am
with all of her different costumes. good morning. >> good morning. guys, we are talking about 3-year-old willow. her mom dubbed october as dress up willow month. willow's mom is a photographer. these are impressive. in and out, price is right. and there is more. the duo has been creating halloween magic since birth. she nailed it as hot dog on a stick. then they decided to bring in daddy for the fun. the following year as annie and daddy warbucks. you have forrest gump and then there's one time where dad was ousted by willow's best friend cooper. gilligan and skipper. they all went baywatch on us there. look at this. partied on, wayne and garth. then the morton salt girl. we have a lot more on her
7:53 am
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good morning, i'm rosemary connors, a few minutes before 8:00 on saturday. bright blue sky, but chilly. michelle grossman has the details. >> good morning. in the 40s now, a chilly start, you need sunglasses with the bright sunshine and jackets too. a live look outside, we are looking camelback with temperatures above freezing. 41 now in pottstown, and 43 in dover, and a chilly 44 in atlantic city. cool this afternoon, breezy, making it feel cooler than it is. 56. down to 38 in the city tonight. 20s and 30s north and west.
7:57 am
there's a chance of a shower tomorrow. monday, cool, 54, and temperatures come back up, breezy tuesday, 66, and it's back to the 70s and wednesday and thursday. new from overnight, police are reporting the fourth robbery near the campus of temple university within the past week. investigators tell us in the latest incident, someone was robbed at broad and jefferson streets in north phillie around 1:00 this morning. police have not made arrests in the case and unclear if the victim is a student. this morning, we are working to get more detailings on this crash from overnight involving a police cruiser and another vehicle in franklin township. sky force 10 was over the scene in harding highway where one person was air lifted from the accident. right now, it's unclear if that person air lifted was the police officer in the cruiser. stay with us for updates. i'm rosemary connor, and
7:58 am
more news at 8:30. now to the "today" show. your immune system doesn't work the way it did when rock was young. so we made fluzone high-dose vaccine... for people 65+. with a high high higher dose of antigen... it's significantly more effective than fluzone vaccine in preventing flu. fluzone high-dose vaccine is approved for people 65 and older.
7:59 am
it's not for anyone who's had a severe allergic reaction to any vaccine component, including eggs, egg products, or to a prior dose of any flu vaccine. tell your doctor if you've ever had guillain-barré syndrome. side effects include pain swelling and redness at the injection site; muscle aches, fatigue, headache and fever. other side effects may occur. if you have other symptoms or problems following vaccination, call your doctor immediately. vaccination may not protect everyone. so, if you hopped around the clock, ask your doctor or pharmacist about fluzone high-dose. fluzone high-dose vaccine.
8:00 am
good morning. it's 8:00. here are some of the stories we're watching. octo-brrr. don't bother checking your calendar. millions waking up to cold weather. the west isn't spared either with flash flood warnings. dylan has her eye on it all. feuding over 9/11. a war of words escalating with donald trump and his republican challenger jeb bush. the two sparring over the september 11th attacks using twitter to attack. and homecoming day. tracy morgan hosting "saturday night live" for the first time since he was nearly killed in a
8:01 am
car accident. it is a show that snl fans have been waiting for, "today," saturday, october 17th, 2015. >> good morning. welcome to "today" on a saturday morning. you know what? it is chilly out. >> it is. we have gone with the jacket? >> no, no. way too early in the year for that. i have been shaking hands with people. >> a lot of cold hands and warm hearts. >> indeed. i'm harry smith. >> nice to have you here. >> as yogi berra once said, erica hill, deja vu all over again. >> for the two of us. it is working out well. nice to have you here. speaking of the cold, dylan is inside tracking the big freeze for us. dylan. >> the freeze. i don't want to talk about it. it's here. we have the dip in the jet stream that is dragging down some arctic air. it is warm out west. it is very, very chilly in parts
8:02 am
of the midwest, extending to the northeast. freeze warnings and freeze watching into st. louis and tennessee. nashville, 40 degrees right now. detroit is currently at 31. officially below freezing. highs are 5 to 15 degrees below average. the next couple mornings are cold. detroit, 32 tomorrow morning. monday, 34. in philly, 34 tomorrow morning. then warmer temperatures will move back in as we go into tuesday. especially. now we have lighter snowshowers. you have the cold air crossing over the warmer waters of the great lakes. we could end up in erie, pennsylvania, with 1 to 3 inches of snow. we have 3 inches of snow in marquette, michigan because of the lake-effect. in the meantime, in the southwest, extreme flooding and mudslides. take a look at the mud-covered roads in california. especially right outside los
8:03 am
angeles where we ended up with 6 inches of rain in some areas. it leads to flash flooding. we do have flood watches in effect for parts of california and nevada. over the course of tonight and tomorrow, that's when we will see another round of pockets of heavy rain. especially across nevada and utah. we are looking at the chance of more flash flooding as additional 1 to 3 inches of rain is possible. we will keep an eye on that. harry. >> dylan, thank you. firefighters in texas may be gaining ground on a big wildfire there. frances is inside with more on that. >> harry, they need that. firefighters hope favorable weekend weather will help with the wildfire raging since tuesday. the fire is now 40% contained. it has destroyed dozens of homes and forced hundreds of evacuated residents in shelters. on friday, a dc-10 jet dropped
8:04 am
10,000 gallons of fire retardant on the area. hillary clinton's aide is speaking out after answers questions on her boss and benghazi. huma abedin answered questions to the best of her ability. lawmakers say questions touched on benghazi and clinton's use of private e-mail while serving as secretary of state. clinton is scheduled to appear before the committee on thursday. the first prescription drug to boost sexual desire in women hits pharmacy shelves this morning. the female version of viagra. it works differently. won fda approval in august. it comes with a strong warning not to drink alcohol while taking the drug. it can cause sudden fainting. and controversy over "ebony" magazine's cover. it features a shattered image of bill cosby. he is accused of drugging and
8:05 am
raping women dating back decades. the cover shows the legacy in controversy. it has a hash tag on twitter. and finally an australian fast food chain is giving a new meaning to the term foul play and the chick especially type. the chicken treat put a chicken named betty in charge of the twitter account. she has until november to break the record. she is a hit. she has 23,000 followers as of right now and counting. i'm lame compared to those 23,000 followers for betty. >> the point of the bird is supposed to write a word? >> peck an actual word. >> i don't know. it's not called lunch.
8:06 am
>> too much? >> fried. grilled? frances, thank you. dylan is back with a check of the cold thing. >> it will be chilly. by tuesday, we get back into the 70s in the midwest and northeast. in the meantime, 50s and 60s welcome back. i'm michelle grossman, chilly start, cool finish, cool, breezy this afternoon with temperatures at 56 degrees in philadelphia. winds northwest at 5-15 miles per hour. a cold night tonight, and another cool day on sunday around 53, and may see a stray sprinkle sunday, otherwise, partly supny skies. sun monday and tuesday, back in the 70s wednesday and thursday, and friday cooler at 62. and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. now to lamar odom's fight to stay alive. the former nba star showing
8:07 am
signs of improvement after the last several days in a coma. this morning, as he recovers, his estranged wife khloe kardashian is pleading for the privacy. we have nbc's jacob rascon with the latest. >> reporter: harry, good morning. it was a surprising improvement. odom waking up from the coma and speaking. it is far from a full recovery. family members are turning to his bedside over the fight of what becomes public about the story is heating up. this morning, sources close to lamar odom tell our sister network e he is out of a coma and spoke for the first time in days. >> in the morning, khloe who had been by his bedside the entire time was with him. he opened his eyes and said, hey, baby. gave a thumb's up. >> reporter: it's an improvement, but not recovery. odom's mother-in-law kris jenner
8:08 am
said there had been signs of improvement, he is in critical condition. the damage to the organs is serious. "keeping up with the kardashians" is an entertainment staple for millions who know the star because he married khloe. the family made rich and famous by shaving everything is battling the brothel owner over privacy. >> i'll tell everybody every detail about lamar and the ranch. >> reporter: and dennis hof said odom paid $75,000 to stay the love ranch. cameras show him arriving saturday. he was unresponsive on tuesday. reps for khloe asked for privacy. >> i think the kardashians owe it to the world and their fans and more so lamar's fans to give daily reports. >> reporter: kardashian watchers
8:09 am
staying tuned as the former co-star clings to life. odom's mother-in-law, kris jenner says after speaking a few words to his estranged wife, he immediately went back to sleep. the doctors warn the extent of the brain damage is unclear. back to you. >> jacob, thank you. tonight is the night the long awaited return of tracy morgan to the "saturday night live" stage. there are people lined up. morgan hasn't been back on the stage since the near death accidents. frances has more on that. >> erica, the post crash forced him to miss the anniversary celebration earlier this year. tonight, he is back in front of the live studio audience across the street in studio 8h. >> it is good to have you back here.
8:10 am
>> did i used to work here? >> you worked here for seven years. >> i can't remember anymore. >> i'm so sorry. >> i'm messing with you. >> reporter: what a difference a year makes. tracy morgan returns to studio 8h. >> hey, pretty bird. who are you? >> i'm brian. >> that bird is a liar! >> i know that, but what is research? >> reporter: but last june, morgan almost lost it all in a horrific accident. a tractor-trailer slammed into morgan's limo killing passenger and friend james mcnair. putting morgan in a coma. he recounted an emotional interview with matt lauer. >> the fans can't wait for you to come back. we can't wait for you to come back.
8:11 am
i wonder how i will be funny again. >> reporter: words hard to believe. >> my ring tone is a chicken dance. >> reporter: for seven seasons on the series, "30 rock." as morgan didn't appear as many thought he would for the snl 40th anniversary show. >> i wish my friend tracy morgan was here tonight. i know he was hoping he would be here too. >> reporter: the world wondered if he would recover. but then a surprise appearance at the emmys. >> i'm honored to be here. it has been a long road back. i fine by regained consciousness. i was ecstatic to learn i wasn't the one who messed up. >> reporter: at his wedding where he walked down the aisle without a cane. and this tweet. my first time on stage in 16 months at comedy cellar.
8:12 am
>> only recently i started to feel like myself again. so, which means a lot of women are going get pregnant at the afterparty. >> reporter: that signalled to his fans his story has another chapter. >> welcome home, tracy. >> this not my home. my home is way bigger. >> reporter: a new beginning in an old familiar place. >> you can see he is back. of course, you can see tracy's return with musical guest demi lovato here on nbc. so many milestones since the accident. this is one of the bigger wins. >> frances, thanks. this is my body of proof. proof of less joint pain. and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis from the inside out ...with humira. humira works by targeting
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only philadelphia®. dove body wash with a after just breakthrough formula. just one shower gives you softer, smoother skin. my skin is really silky smooth. dove body wash. softer, smoother skin after just one shower. back now on a saturday morning. time for a little "trending." first off, a story that may make your heart melt. a dad walking his daughter down the aisle at her wedding is a special moment. for one family, this moment, there was something more to it. he is a leukemia survivor in a wheelchair. he decided that he really wanted to do something for his daughter. he endured painful physical therapy sessions to walk his daughter down the aisle. take a look. >> she looked at me. ♪
8:16 am
>> and the song. >> i know. >> i can't stop looking at it. honestly, the stuff you have to do in your life. this guy is saying, i've got to do this. i have to do this. >> and the love of a dad and daughter. >> so special. >> goose bumps. check this out. honey, people go over the top during holiday season. christmas lights and decorations. i travel around the country a lot. you see this everywhere now. starting this week, a family in leesburg, virginia, having elaborate light display programmed to "downtown" by macklamore and ryan lewis. i like it.
8:17 am
i think it looks really good. >> yes. >> now if anybody does want to hear the music, you have to tune in to a local radio station. who knows. >> they didn't want the neighbors to get upset by the noise. >> which i think is courteous. >> it is. >> and what you miss by looking at the light display is the dance. >> this is true. >> sorry. >> so many hidden talents. who has the best accept around? adam levine surprising one of the fans. frances. >> survey from british airways polled on the accent they found the most attractive. see if you can guess the actor with the second sexiest accent. >> the lord works in mysterious ways. >> hmmm. >> sounds like a kid.
8:18 am
>> it did. >> isn't that weird it is considered sexy. tennessee native, dolly parton. she is not doing her nail thing. now let's see who has the s sexiest american accent. >> get busy living or get busy dying. >> morgan freeman. >> and another southerner as far as morgan goes. now let's see which actor was voted with the sexiest british accent. >> it has to be sean connery. >> you are right. sean connery. >> i love sean connery. >> he is scottish. >> he is scottish.
8:19 am
especially when the movie. all right, you remember the video when the 3-year-old learned her crush adam levine was married and she could not have it. mila was on the ellen degeneres show. it was a prisurprise for mila a it was almost too much for her to handle. watch. she is like, no. i'm over you, adam. i'm done. a little overwhelmed. maybe she moved on. finally, on the tonight show with jimmy fallon was bruce willis. wearing a wig. when jimmy asked what's going on with the hair. bruce explained it's always been that way and we just never
8:20 am
noticed. >> he finally let it grow in. >> there we go. combover. that's your "popstart." >> good look for him. you think? >> you want to try it? we're back in a moment. but first this is "today" on nbc. okay. so everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? why fios? well fios is a 100 percent fiber optic network,
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8:22 am
and that does it for us on a saturday morning. >> really fun to be here today. >> good to have you here. are you available tomorrow? we would like you to come back. say yes, in your man-cave.
8:23 am
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starting within 5 minutes. call or go online to learn more about a free trial offer. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. good morning, i'm rosemary connors, and ahead today, it's the end of an era, flight 1939, the overnight red eye flight from san francisco landed in philadelphia this morning, and it marks the last ever departure under the u.s. airways' name.
8:27 am
what the merger with american airlines means for you. chilly start to the weekend, colder tonight. the numbers coming up. four robberies in one week, zero arrests near the campus of temperature university, and what police revealed about a possible connection. police are welcomed, but not their weapons. we'll explain why a haunted attraction is taking a stands against an offduty cop's complaint. those stories and more coming up next on "nbc 10 news" today at 8:30.
8:28 am
8:29 am
nbc 10 news starts now. students at temple university on alert following a rash of robberies near campus, four in the past week, and no arrests. we'll have the latest coming up in a live report. it's the end of on era for u.s. airways, and this morning, the
8:30 am
beginning of a much larger american airlines. details on the last u.s. air flight that made philadelphia its its final destination. a live look outside now at the center city skyline, looking good, but a chilly start tort to the weekend with temperatures in the 50s this afternoon and a freeze watch is in the forecast. it may be time to get out the winter coats and boots. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today," i'm rosemary connors at 8:30 on this saturday. let's get to michelle grossman. it is that time of year, michelle. >> it is. it is fall and tonight feels like winter with temperatures in the 20s and 30s in the area. talking more about that, but right now, it is chilly. it is beautiful looking in terms was bright sunshine throughout the day. sunglasses needed today as well as jackets as temperatures are cool in the 50s. right now, cooler than this time yesterday in many spots, 15 degrees cooler in millville compared to


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