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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  October 17, 2015 8:30am-9:31am EDT

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beginning of a much larger american airlines. details on the last u.s. air flight that made philadelphia its its final destination. a live look outside now at the center city skyline, looking good, but a chilly start tort to the weekend with temperatures in the 50s this afternoon and a freeze watch is in the forecast. it may be time to get out the winter coats and boots. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today," i'm rosemary connors at 8:30 on this saturday. let's get to michelle grossman. it is that time of year, michelle. >> it is. it is fall and tonight feels like winter with temperatures in the 20s and 30s in the area. talking more about that, but right now, it is chilly. it is beautiful looking in terms was bright sunshine throughout the day. sunglasses needed today as well as jackets as temperatures are cool in the 50s. right now, cooler than this time yesterday in many spots, 15 degrees cooler in millville compared to 24 hours ago, and 6
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degrees colder in philadelphia. you'll feel this difference this morning and this afternoon with temperatures in the 50s. right now, in the 40s, a couple spots in the 30s, though, above freezing in mount pocono at 34. 48 degrees in philadelphia. south and east, looking at the 40s and 39 in millville. 44 in atlantic city, and 45 in dover. winds are not a problem right now from the north we west, but picking up this afternoon, and temperatures on the cooler side and wind make it feel cooler than it is. 56 this afternoon, colder sunday, and more on that and a look at the seven day in minutes. new from overnight. police are investigating the fourth robbery near the campus of temple university within the past week. nbc 10's monique braxton is at the scene of the latest crime to fill us in on what happened. >> reporter: we arrived here this morning, we were shocked to
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find out what had occurred. this is a very busy stretch of broad street, even at 1:00 in the morning. there are dozens of businesses, a couple of churches. you see the movie complex just in the distance. all the way on broad, very busy pretty much 24 hours. this shopping center at broad and jefferson has a 24-hour grocery store with security guards and there's banks here, three of them with surveillance cameras, yet investigators tell us this is where the fourth robbery near the campus of temple university this past week occurred. temple police sent text messages saying the victim was robbed about 1:00 this morning. police have not made any arrests, and it's also unclear if the victim is a student. nearby, philadelphia police say a man was attacked and robbed while walking to his participant at 19th and diamond last night. you see the video from force 10 over the scene as officers
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conducted their investigation. police say the four men assau assaulted the victim before forcing him into his apartment and stealing several items. the victim was treated for a wound near his eye, and he's expected to be okay. look at the new surveillance videotape if you have a moment. it shows one of the two suspects, police say, attacked a temple university football player thursday. according to investigators, the student was leaving a takeout restaurant here at 10th when the suspect forced him to the ground, his car and cell phone were taken. we also have surveillance video to show you of two suspects wanted for robbing another temple student, three hours earlier on thursday morning. police tell us the student was robbed near his house on 15th and montgomery. police do not believe those two robberies are related, and as you see there, the differences of descriptions for the suspects. anyone with information about
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any of the robberies, in and around campus are urged to call the philadelphia police. nbc 10 news. new this morning, the final u.s. airways' flight landed at philadelphia international airport two and a half hours ago under the american airlines' banner after a merger between the two airlines went in effect at midnight. we spoke to passengers who took the trip from philadelphia out west and then back to the east coast over the last day. >> be a part of history and something i can do, something i wanted to do, had the chance to do it. it's exciting. >> warm reception at every arrival and it was a big celebration on this historic day. >> american airlines says it will take some time for all of the u.s. airplanes to be repainted with the logo, but signs that the airport will be changing starting today. the time flight, flight 1939, departed from philadelphia yesterday morning.
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that flight number signifies the year that u.s. airways was founded. the jetliner headed to charlotte and phoenix before making a final stop in san francisco and returned here as i mentioned hours ago before 6:00. this morning, a taxi cab driver in montgomery county is accused of shooting his boss over money. ozzie clark seen here opened fire after an argument about money that he believed his boss owed to him. we are on the scene at the suburban cab company on friday. police say clark pulled a gone shooting the coowner in the chest. clark allegedly pointed the weapon at three other workers. according to investigators, clark would not let them call the ambulance until they cut him a check. wehp spoke to the co-owner with the shooting victim. >> argument over a few dollars, maybe. maybe he misunderstand something because aleck, like i said, he's a very honest man.
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>> alex is recovering at the hospital in stable condition. police did catch up to clark in philadelphia. he's now back in avington township to face charges. in philadelphia, authorities are working to identify the body of a woman pull from the delaware river penn's landing last night. sky force 10 was over the water on columbus boulevard where the woman was discovered. it's unclear how she died or how long she was in the water. stay with us for updates. >> chester county, two arrested under a new state law that sites animal sifighting material. they found puppies inside the house in parks on thursday, and also inside, dog treadmills, steroids, syringes, and printed term promoting dog fighting. the chester county spca is working to find loving homes for the dogs. under the new law, it's illegal
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to possess items used in animal fighting including adrenaline boosting drugs and conditions equipment. still ahead, a facebook post about this local haunted house gone viral, but not because of the chills and thrills, but why a police officer is at the center of a controversy involving the halloween attraction. plus, new video from a violent crash in baltimore. 13 people including six kids injured after a van and suv collided. what happened right after firefighters arrived coming up.
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now your first alert weather. and welcome back this saturday morning, i'm michelle grossman. it's a chilly, chilly start, temperatures in the 40s, spots in the 30s, and that's nothing
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compared to where we'll be tonight. right now, looking at clear skies, so pretty day, lots of sunshine, and a live look outside from the cape may camera, a live look outside from the add vepture aquarium camera over center city. temperatures right now mainly in the 40s across the area a chilly start. looking at 46 right now in philadelphia. up to 48 now, actually, 43 in allenstown, and above freezing in mount pocono. 41 in millville, and if you're looking for fall weather or looking for fall leaves, actually, head to the north. in philadelphia, low color. it's to the north and west. upper bucks county, montgomery county, temperatures cooler there, and the fall leaves are changing sooner. head really north in northern pennsylvania and new yorkcolor. today, it's a fall feeling day with temperatures at 56 degrees
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in philadelphia, cool, breezy, and wind northwest at 5-15 miles per hour. a cool day today, even chillier sunday. we'll talk more about that coming up. this haunted house in new kcastle county is good for chils and thrills, but one police officer was shocked when the attraction banned him from carrying his gun inside. frightland in middletown has a safety policy, no guns allowed. this week, a facebook post went viral after an offduty philadelphia police officer was stopped from goingment wanted t bring the service weapon inside in case of emergency. they support the police, but support the policy. >> it's not necessary for pay traps to carry firearms inside a dimly lit haunted house. >> frightland started 18 years ago as a way to raise money for
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leukemia research. it's now delaware's largest and most por pew lar haunted attraction. the time now is 8:40. ahead, an update on nba star odom and what doctors say about the condition. a beloved comedian will make a big comeback this evening on "saturday night live," and we'll tell you who the fans have been waiting in line to see after the break.
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new this morning, six children and seven adults in the hospital after a crash on a bridge in baltimore. police say this happened when an
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suv collided with a van last night. fear fighters rescued at least one perp wreckage, and we're working to find out more about the rest of the victims' conditions. police are now looking into what caused the accident. update on lamar odom. family members say he woke up from the coma and communicated with them last night from the hospital bed in vegas. doctors put odom on life support after being found unconscious in a nevada brothel tuesday. they say the former laker suffered one stroke, and according to the brothel owner, he took cocaine and supplements. he's the estranged husband of reality tv star, khloe kardashian. it's been a difficult year for tracy morgan working to recover from a crash on the new jersey turnpike, but the comedian is back, and tonight, he returns to the old stomping
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group grounds at "saturdays night live". he was in a limo that was hit by a truck, and fans are lined up in new york city. this is a stand by line for folks without tickets hoping they will be able to get inside to see morgan's performance one way or another. you don't have to stand in line, though, watch it this evening live here on nbc 10. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> in case you have not stepped out yet, we have chilly temperatures this morning, in the 40s, some spots in the 30s, and colder tonight and colder sunday and monday. the cold air set in, looking at a chilly weekend. weather headlines, a cold weekend, prepare for that. fall activities, bundle up and monday morning getting the kids to school. breezy, add in the winds feeling colder than it is. tomorrow, topping out in the low 50s, feeling like the 40s in many spots. we have a freeze watch in place in some spot, and i'll show you
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those in minutes. still chilly, 48 degrees, and a lot of sunshine. it looks pretty, but it is pretty chilly out there. temperatures mainly in the 40s across the area. some spots in the 30s, just above freezing, and in pocono, 34, and still in the 30s in millville, and 54 in wildwood, and 44 degrees in atlantic city. a chilly beautiful start. looking good in terms of sunshine seeing mostly sunny skies all day long. more sunshine on sunday, a shower though possible. i'll talk about that. today, dry, chilly, and cold air in place from canada, that northwest flow in place all day long, and really into monday before we moderate back to more seasonal temperatures tuesday and above on wednesday and thursday. freeze warning in place for all counties in purple because of the 20s and 30s tonight. bring in any sensitive plants, cover sensitive plants that might not make it through those
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temperatures. cool, breezy today. 55-58. cold tonight in the 30s. 38 in philadelphia. cooler north and west. winds northwest at 5-15 miles per hour. the persistent flow in place today and sunday and feels cooler than it is. seven day forecast, 56 today. sunday, mix of sun and clouds chance of a sprinkle, and the low is 38 degree, colder north and west. and the overnight low sunday and monday, 34, but up to 54 monday, and we moderate tuesday, breezy, 66, nice wednesday and thursday, and back to the 60s friday. all right, time to check in on this week's wednesday's child, a bright and bubbly girl with a lot of energy looking for a forever family to make her dreams come true. we are introduced to giana. >> come on, giana.
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that a girl! >> a bright and energetic 12-year-old loving fashion and makeup. she loves to laugh and have fun. we went to the right place for that, the funplex in mount laurel, new jersey. she had a great time burning up the track. >> giana has a lot of personality, very bright, very articulate, and she is enthusiastic about life and throws herself whole heartedly in whatever she's interested in. >> she's in theth grade and enjoys school. >> i really like computers, math lab, science lab, all things computers. and math. i'm good at math, like really, really good. >> giana's a smart young lady who knows what shements in a family. >> i'd like to have a nice loving that would take care of me, to be there for me when i need them, and if i'm upset, to be there to talk to me. >> the ideal family is loving
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and nurturing. >> i think that she would do well with a family that can provide a lot of structure. she does well when there's clear expectations. either two parents or one very strong parent. >> you know what kind of family you want? mom, dad? brothers? sisters? >> a mod, dad, some sisters, maybe brothers. i'd like a dog and cat too? >> you would? she's ready for her forever home. she's this week's wednesday's child. >> if you'd like to make her dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child sponsored by the dave thomas foundation, go to and search wednesday's child or call the national adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt. the eagles are set to take the field for a big monday night matchup against the giants. we'll have a preview in sports. on this week's nbc 10 at
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issue, we take on the question of whether parents should let their underage children drink alcohol at home. this is against the law in many states including pennsylvania, but some say it's time to make a change giving parents the right to choose. others say it's sending the wrong message. don't miss nbc 10 "at issue" tomorrow morning at 11: 30 after "meet the press." dear fellow citizen, i get that it's hard to say no when your kids want toys,
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because you're saving for shoes. and shoes. and shoes. but i can help you figure out how to save a little with one deposit checking. so ask me, i can help you avoid fees. sincerely, elizabeth trackler. fellow working mom and fellow citizen. we thought we'd be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge.
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i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. you can't predict it, but you can be ready. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself. realize your buying power at this is nbc 10 news. it's a genetic disease affecting 1 in 12 african-americans as well as many others from different backgrounds. dr. margorie brewer is president of the chapter with sickle cell disease and is joining us this morning. good morning, doctor. >> good to see you.
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>> first, if you can, just explain for us what it means to live with sickle cell disease. >> living with sickle cell disease is a challenging process, a chronic illness that affects the red blood cells, primary symptom is patients are in pain every day. the pain ranges from a level 1 for us to very excruciating pain, which is what we get admitted for is pain crisis and acute chest, infections of the bone, infections of the spleen, and affects every single organ in the body. it's a chronic illness that really creates quite a bit of turmoil within the body, and it's a process of learning how to live with it and then make your body the healthiest as possible. >> doctor, you certainly have unique perspective as someone who treats patients and someone who is a patient herself. we know there's a big event coming up to raise awareness and funding for research for sickle cell disease. fill us in. >> that's right. our biggest event of the year for the sickle cell disease association, this chapter, our
8:54 am
walk-a-thon is next saturday, registration at 7:00. it's a wonderful event. lots of patients come a lot of presenters come, and lots of physicians and health care providers, families of patients come, and we walk. we also run. there's a kids' pavilion, health screens, partnering up with universal circus this year coming to the presentation for the kickoff in the morning. i do the warmup and kickoff. it's going to be a great day. >> great. also the universal circus coming up as well. >> that's correct. they will perform on sunday, and our families are getting discounted tickets to go there, but they are going to also be part of the presentation that morning on the 24th. if you go to, is our website, excuse me, there's information there. >> there's more information how to register, go to the events,
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where you need to go on our website, again, the weekend kicks off with the 18th annual walter e. brandon sickle cell 5k walk and run happening across from the museum in philadelphia. thank you so much, doctor. in other news this morning, october is breast cancer awareness month, and the salon is using technology to help cancer patients with a new head of hair and extra confidence. they make a mold of the head and 3-d mapping is used to replicate hair loss so it matches the skin representing the skin and skin density. this hair looks authentic, attached to the skin with adhesive so it does not need removed. one lung cancer patient tried it after losing her hair to chemotherapy and radiation. >> on and off, on and off, and i wanted to feel like a woman again, and i don't have to deal
8:56 am
with that every day. once it was on my head, i felt like a new person. >> the salon uses real human hair for a long lasting look. making strides there. 8:56, and still ahead today, police are investigating a rash of robberies near the campus of temple university. nbc 10 is live with details. monique? >> reporter: four times this week, police lettered students about robberies. all right. a chilly start this morning, temperatures in the 40s, bright sun sticking around all day long. a live look outside. you can see looks good, but it looks really chilly too. looking at 50 right now in philadelphia, colder overnight, and we'll talk about the lows in a few minutes.
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this is nbc 10 news. four unsolved robberies in one week. now a college campus is on alert. we'll show you more of this surveillance video the philadelphia police are hoping leads them to the criminals. philadelphia was the final destination for the last u.s. air flight as the company officially merged with american this morning. we'll have the details on what's
9:00 am
for what's now, the largest airline in the world. don't let that sun out there fool you. it will be crisp and cool today as we start the weekend. plus, we are tracking a freeze in the nbc 10's first alert forecast. good morning, welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors, it's 9:00 on this saturday, and meteorologist michelle grossman is tracking that chilly and sunny weather out there. a little bit difference than the last few days, michelle. >> it was nice the last few days, 70 at some points, so a nice day, but we'll get back there, but not today, to the no tomorrow, and not monday. this looks pretty outside, and we'll have the sun with us throughout the day, it is cold, temperatures in the 40s back to 50 in philadelphia, 46 in allentown, 46 in lancaster, 49 in mount holly, and in the 30s in mount pocono. 49 in atlantic city.
9:01 am
millville with a jump to 50 degrees, and 40 in delaware. the winds are a story today from the northnorthwest, and wind at miles per hour in philadelphia, up to 13 miles per hour in allentown, and that will be the trend throughout the afternoon. we have the cool temperatures and also breezy conditions. it's going to feel cooler than it is. as we go throughout the rest of the day, by 11:00, sunny, 532:00, breezy, 55, and by 6:00, back county to 62 after a high of 356. cool today, cooler on sunday, and probably feeling like the 40s. more about that coming up. new from overnight, police are investigating a rash of robberies near the campus of temple university, the fourth one happening this morning. nbc 10 is live in north philadelphia with the latest on the investigation. moniq ur
9:02 am
monique? >> reporter: hearing a robbery occurred here is disturbing. this is a busy flowing street and the shopping center is 24 hours with security guards. there are also banks here, three of them, with surveillance cameras. yet, investigators tell us this is where the fourth robbery near the campus of temple university this week occurred. temple police sent text alerts saying the victim was robbed at 1:00 this morning, no arrests, and it's up clear if the victim is a student. nearby, philadelphia police say a man was attacked and robbed while walking to the apartment at 19 th and diamond last night. sky force 10 over the scene, and police say the four men assaulted the victim before forcing him into his apartment and stealing several items. the victim was treated for a wound near his eye. he's expected to be okay. take a look at this surveillance video if you have a moment. it shows one of the two suspects police say attacked a temple university football player
9:03 am
thursday. the student was leaving a takeout restaurant at 10th, and when he says the victims forced him to the ground taking his car and cell phone.5cchiç?no carrie
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skies. the airline's final flight landed at the airport three hours ago, under the american airlines logo. they bear the marking of u.s. air and will take a few weeks to repaint the jets. one of the passengers on this morning's flight was a former u.s. airways' ceo telling us about what made the company great. >> this business, it's the people, whether you're an agent or station agent, a pilot, mechanic, staff, whatever, it always involves the people. >> several flight attendants presented him with flowers as he walked off the final flight. flight 1939 departed philadelphia yesterday morning. that flight number signifies the year that u.s. airways was founded. the jetliner headed to charlotte and phoenix before a final stop
9:05 am
in san francisco and returned to philadelphia as i mentioned hours ago before 6:00 a.m. jury deliberations will resume on monday in the center city building collapse trial. six people died and more than a does dozen others hurt. the demolition work sent debris crashing on a thrift store on market street in 2013. the contractor is facing murder charges, and his lawyer says his client was made a scapegoat in this case. now to news from the delaware bureau. the shopping complex is expanding just in time for the holiday shopping season. it's bringing more options for shoppers and jobs and more of something educationlse -- traff. the area is preparing for that. another company is building a fashion center, huge stores, some already open and others opening soon. there's heavy gear pushing dirt to make way for more retail and
9:06 am
restaurants on weekends, and especially in the holidays, the roads around the complex will be slammed. they have made improvements in the mall area and the mall brings in police for the holidays to help out with the traffic headaches. lately, customers have been navigating around an expansion project at the mall, and construction crews connect the two ends of the mall, the plaza and the court. this, by the way, is a rendering of the final look. construction equipment takes up dozens of parking spots there, and that poses a problem during the busy holiday season. they say, though, they'll add more valet parking and parkers to help with the congestion. mall says that they will soon hire up to 2,000 seasonal workers for the holiday rush between thanksgiving and new year's. today, nbc 10 and telemundo 62 invite you to celebrate dia del nino at 10:00 this morning
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until 5:00 this afternoon on the water front. this is the place to be, music, dancing, arts and craft, meet and take pictures of the nbc 10 an 62 on air team. i will be there literally leaving here in 20 minutes or so, as soon as we're done, and i'll be there at 10:00. if you go to the website, by the way, nbc10 .com for tickets for this, get a $4 discount using the promo code 4 ninos. i'll see you there later on. still ahead, rescued and released. a bald eagle back in the wild after being blown out of its nest. the emotional moment for those who helped save the injured bird. voters still waiting for vice president joe biden to declare his intention for the 2016 presidential race. the new hint from his closest adviser may provide the answer.
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annual flier's 5 k is about to start, kicking off at 9:00, but the runners are making their way through so expect traffic delays if you're in the area around the sports complex this morning. it is chilly this morning, temperatures in the 40s and
9:11 am
tonight, temperatures in the 20s and 30s. a live look outside, looking at clouds at the beaches, but crystal clear skies looking at the adventure akwquarium camera. it's chilly, but not as bad as it will be tonight into sunday and sunday into monday. a lot of blue on the map, though, 46 in allentown, 46 in lancaster, 50 in millville, and 54 in wildwood. it is chilly, but it is late october. temperatures will be going up to 50 degrees later on this afternoon, a lot of sunshine as we head throughout the afternoon. today's highs, 54 in allentown, 53 in quakertown, 55 in reading, and 54 in doylestown, 56 in mount holly, sliding south and east, temperatures in the mid to upper 50s later on this afternoon, 58 in at lap tick city, and in the city, topping
9:12 am
out at 56 degrees. a cool day today, also breezy, and chillier sunday. probably not making it out of the low 50s and feeling like the 40s. we'll talk about that and look at the seven day in minutes. in virginia, a bald eagle that was rescued as a baby is now in the wild. the bird was found in a golf course after it was blown from its nest. a wildlife center nursed it for four months before releasing it yesterday. the head of the wildlife center says it's a moment she'll never forget. >> i never thought i'd have this privilege, touching him, releasing him. i feel i need to cry. taking an orphaned or injured app mall, seeing them go out, release them and take flight is what it's all about. >> official s tagged the eagle o track location and flight patterns. it's 12 minutes after 9:00. still ahead, folks in california are digging out of a truly muddy mess. hear how long officials say it
9:13 am
could take to reopen the major highway near los angeles.
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there's something for everyone. a grand jury has indicted a college freshman on first degree murder charges following a shooting last month at northern arizona university. investigators say the suspect, steven jones, killed one person and injured three ours in the shooting. jones is scheduled to be formally arraigned a little bit later on this month. back this our area, a jersey shore college is looking at the possibility of arming its
9:16 am
security guards after several school shootings across the country in the past few months. atlantic county executives sent a letter to the cape community's college's trustees and president urging them to arm security especially because the school is on a secluded campus. the school's president says that he is working with officials to develop a strategy to improve overall security. students, in the meantime, are sharing their opinions. >> should have guns just in case, because you never know what can happen. >> looking what we have, it feels like it's -- it brings protection. >> i think our security has be doing very well with keeping us safe. >> college administrators are expected to make recommendations to the board of trustees and the next three months. changes could come by late january. now to decision 2016. there is a new signal that vice president joe biden could be
9:17 am
entering the presidential race. one of the vice president's closest advisers wrote a letter to former biden staffers reading in part, he, meaning biden, believes we must win this election. everything he and the president have worked for and care about is at stake. former senator ted coffman served as biden's chief of staff for two decades. in the letter, he described the approach that biden would take to win the election. he wrote, a campaign from the heart, a campaign consistent with his values, our value, and the values of the american people. biden is up against the clock on this one. the first filing deadlines for primary states are early next month, so just a few more weeks. sports meets politics in the philippines. we have new video showing world boxing champ, many pacquiao,
9:18 am
filing for candidacy in a senate run next year. he asked for the trust and support for the filipino people. the election may be the last thing on their minds because folks living in the philippines are bracing for a powerful typhoon headed to the coast. tie toon is pack iing wind up t 99 miles per hour. and flood prone areas have been evacuated, and emergency personnel are in place to assist relief distribution. back in the u.s., officials in california say it could take days to reopen the state highway near los angeles that's just covered with mud to say the least after mud slides this week. in some places on interstate 5, the mud is between 2-6 feet deep. rescuers had to help hundreds of drivers who were trapped by the mud slides on thursday amp, fortunately, no one was hurt. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> well, a little chilly this
9:19 am
morning. temperatures in the 40s, 50 now in philadelphia. the real chill tonight, in the 20s and 30s, and even colder sunday into monday. a cold weekend on tap compared to last week where we were in the 60s, the 70s, but the cold air is in place today, sunday, and also monday before we moderate back. breezy, too. a little colder feeling than it is with a cool northwest flow and freeze watch in place as temperatures drop into the 20s and 30s tonight. 50 in philadelphia. mostly sunny skies, mostly sun nye skies throughout the day. winds northwest at 12 miles per hour. it is a breezy morning, and it's going to be breezy afternoon as well. a lot of blue on the map indicating chilly air, 46 in allentown, 37 in mount pocono, 50 in millville, and 5 4 in wildwood, new jersey. a live look outside, looks good, but chilly as well. we have cold air in place, high pressure in place bringing down the northwest flow staying in place today. also, sunday, into monday,
9:20 am
before we get that mild air back in starting on wednesday into thursday, and then friday back into the 60s. freeze warning in place where you see the purples, 20s and 30s the lows tonight into sunday as well as sunday into monday. watch the plants that may be a little susceptible to the cold temperatures, cover them, bring them indoors if you can. otherwise, it's a cool and breezy day, mostly sunny skies, 55-58, winds nort west at 5-15 miles per hour. the other breezy day on sunday after that 38 low, and even colder in the suburbs. partly sunny skies, could see a stray shower, a springle, that's it. monday, sun returns, eagles' game at night, cold at 54 degrees. back in the 60s tuesday, mostly sunny, sun for wednesday and thursday, and into the 70s. back to the 60s friday. cooler, mostly sunny. hi, i'm amy with the monday night matchup that's quickly
9:21 am
approaching. injury updates, ryan matthews limited at practice friday with a groin injury, and linebackers are both out again. running back murray comes off the best game as an eagle over 80 yards on the ground with another 37 through the air against the saints in that win. this week, all of the running backs face a challenge against the giants' stout run defense, ranked second best in the league, but murray is up for it. >> yeah, obviously, they are one of the top defenses against the run, you know, in the league, and, you know, i've been able to play against the guys the last four years. it's always a challenge, and they are always, you know, playing pretty well, playing at a high level this year, so i think we have to be on our edge to, you know, face up against these guys. >> from the gridiron to the ice, the flyers do not play until tuesday again, but the orange and black received a welcomed sight on friday at practice. mason returned to the ice after missing the last two games dealing with a personal family matter. mason's not sure if he'll play
9:22 am
tuesday, but for now, he's happy just to be back. >> there's a mental hurdle that needed to be overcome, and, you know, just takes time, and that's why i took the time to come out to the morning skate, just to be around the guys, and, also, just to start working back at hockey. we're less than two weeks away from the start of the sixers' season, went with the setback to the big man and brash of injuries, the expectations are another rebuilding effort. a report on details an alleged suspension in the upper management of the sixers over a number of things, most notably, the rehab of the center who recently had a second surgery on his foot missing his seconds straight season. the head coach brown called the points of the report, though, inaccurate. sixers on court last night, preseason angst against the wizards, not a good night, one of 17 turnovers, leading right to a wash buckets cruising to a
9:23 am
127-118 victory. that's sports.
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9:25 am
nbc 10 continues 9 commitment to clear the shelters to find home for adoptable pets, one joining us this morning, lola with the pennsylvania spca. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> tell us about lola? >> a very loving 6-year-old cat that came to us through an owner surrender, and she's usually very relaxed, very loving, and loves to be cuddled like this, like a little baby. >> how old? >> 6 years old. >> okay. >> considered one of the senior kitties because they are harder to move at that age. >> senior cats and dogs, for that matter, have advantages that some kittens and puppies do
9:26 am
not. >> yes, they do. a lot of the kittens are excitable, and things like that, loves to play, as does she, but she's more relaxed most of the time. >> the puppies and kittens need training, but lola is comfortable. >> already knows the ropes. >> big events happening? >> come to spring guaardens wit us to the neighborhood center for an day with cat clinics, different events for educational activities, and we'll also be adopting out older kitties like lola, 6 years and older, and anyone 65 years of age or older who want a cat like lola 6 years or up can adopt for free. >> nice. good deal. lola there with the rest of the cats? >> yes. >> that's great. lola, thanks for this this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> if you can't go to the event, call them at 215-426-6300 or go
9:27 am
to the website, let's check in with our meteorologist for one last look at the weather. hey, michelle. >> hey there, rosemary, a chilly start, but a lot of sun in place all day long. 56 later on this afternoon. look at that beautiful shot. 56 later on this afternoon and colder sunday. >> all right, that's all for us, i'm rosemary connors, for michelle grossman and everyone here at nbc 10, have a good one. we'll see you tomorrow.
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it's a beautiful night for a surprise. going to meet curtis and patricia brown. curtis, he's a former corrections officer. unfortunately, a few years back he had a stroke, but i understand he's on the mend. he's lived in a house full of ladies his whole life-- mom, two daughters. and he's turned one of the girls' old bedrooms into his workout room, man cave, just a place for him to hangout. but i guess it still has pink walls and relics from her childhood. so i think we're going to be able to turn


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