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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 5am  NBC  October 31, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. right now on nbc 10 news today, it was all hands on deck as flames engulfed this building overnight. it took crews nearly an hour to get the fire under control. coming up, who was hurt, what may have sparked it? all eyes on philadelphia as temple prepares for notre dame, the hoopla ahead of the game is in high gear hours from now. we are live from independence hall with a preview. you want a warm jacket this morning if you head out. a typical fall day and brisk conditions. this is a live look at the
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philadelphia museum of art where runners start in moments. that's coming up. plus, the temple game day forecast, a look the at rest of the weekend. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors, just after 5:00 on this saturday, and michelle grossman has the check of the forecast. happy halloween, my shell. >> not a bad forecast, cold to start the day, but dry throughout the day. good news for halloween and temple game. a live look outside, clear skies, waking up to cold temperatures in the 30s and 40s, and we are waking up to temperatures, a lot different than yesterday, this time yesterday at 14 degrees colder in millville and dover and 12 degrees colding in redding. you feel that this morning. temperatures in the 30s and 40s, especially north and west, freezing in allentown, below preezing in pottstown in 31, 37 in pocono.
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south and east, 30s and 40s, a cold 36 in atlantic city, 40 in dover, 41 degrees in georgetown. clear skies, sun throughout the day, increasing clouds throughout the afternoon. by 8:00, 42, cold, by lunchtime, 53, chilly and chilly by 4:00, and we've got a mix of sun and clouds at 4:00. clouds on the increase by the evening, 58 degrees. cloudy, cool for halloween, and the temple game, more on that coming up. take a look at the fire that ripped through a row home in north philadelphia overnight. crew got the call at 1:50 this morning, reports of flames shooting from the roof of the row home near 20th and oxford street taking firefighters an hour until 2:45 to get the blaze under control, and one person was treated for a minor injury, and i got to tell you, i live in old city and smelled the fire. the cause is under investigation. temple is hoping for a
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halloween treat today. the undefeated national spotlight taking on the fighting irish. arguably the best football game in temple's history. because of the excitement surrounding the matchup between no. 21 and no. 9, espn college game day is live from independence mall, and that's where we are live this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rosemary. the students started arriving at 4:30 this morning. you see this coming in. look at the countdown clock, already counting down to the start of espn's "game day," three hours, and 56 minutes and 30 seconds. market street is transformed into a sports stage where all the talk will focus on the big matchup today. our camera was rolling when hundreds gathered on campus for a spirited pep rally. the band and cheerleaders led faculty, students, and even alumni coming back to town.
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they were all cheering up. the crusade is underway as owls prepare to take on fighting iri irish. it feels like the city of brotherly love took a break from the eagle and focusing on the owls. espn's "college game day" show is live from independence mall this less than four hours. the owls take on the irish at the link during prime time. we're going to be here all morning talking to the students and getting you in the spirit if you're not there already, rosemary. >> i -- hey, you know what, as a recent temple graduate from their law school, i definitely am in the spirit and proud to call myself a loyal owl. >> reporter: there you go. >> see you in a half hour. thank you. the matchup between temple and notre dame causes traffic detours in the city. market street is closed from 5th
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and 6th until after 7:00 and there's traffic near the linc as we approach 7:00 tonight. we got you covered navigating congesti congestion. go to or our free app for details. we got breaking news from overseas. nbc news confirms reports that a russian airliner carrying more than 200 passengers has crashed in egypt's peninsula. several news outlets including the bbc were first to report the air bus 321 just took off from the red sea resort on the way to the russian city of st. petersburg. the plane was reportedly carrying russian tourists. we'll continue to follow the story and bring you updates throughout the newscast. this is cell phone video that nbc 10 showed you of
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teenagers fighting with police outside a high school in allentown. well, now nbc 10 that has a copy of the police radio calls when officers tried to help their injured colleagues. take a listen. >> just watched this huge group, we're watching, they're assaulting the police. >> we're going to be transports one officer. >> four officers hurt in the brawl that investigators started as a fight between students. police estimate a crowd of 200 other students watched it unfold. five students face criminal charges now. >> they have to pay the consequences, absolutely. hitting an officer is not acceptable. >> our kids have a mentality that the police are the enemy. they don't talk to them or respect. my sop is a victim of that. they man handle them, grab them, they are very aggressive. >> school district add min separators tell us they are working with allentown police on the investigation. this morning, a philadelphia police officer is recovering at
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home after he was run over by a police van. this happened yesterday afternoon on pine street. here's what we know. investigators say the officer was chasing a suspect who smashed an suv with a baseball bat. they got in a struggle and fell to the ground and then the van ran over the officer's leg. nbc 10 learned the suspect had worked for the ride sharing company, lyft, but the company since ended its relationship with him. it took seven hours for somebody to figure out what a 6-year-old boy with autism was left on a school bus according to the prosecutors in central jersey who charged the bus driver and an aide with child endangerment in middlesex county. this incident allegedly happened last week. the driver was to take the boy to school in edison, but he was on board for seven hours after the vehicle returned to the bus yard. another driver discovered the boy and returned him to school at 4:00 that afternoon. >> i do solemnly swear.
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>> what was once known as mischief night is now blue night in camden. a group of kids took an oath to be knights for the neighborhood to keep it safe. the goal is to transform a night of negativity into family fun and community togetherness. >> on this halloween, the temple notre dame game is not the only big event in town this weekend. thousands of runners lace up in phillie this morning. details ahead. and the gop has a beef with nbc. find out why republicans change some of their future debate plans.
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welcome back, i'm michelle gross man, temperatures in the 30s, 40s, and clear skies. clouds creep into the forecast later on this afternoon. here is a live look outside.
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we are waking up to the clear skies. we're going to see sunshine once the sun comes up, looking at temperatures cold across the area, so if you're headed out this morning, you need the coat because we're looking at temperatures in the 30s also the 40s in a lot of spots below freezing right now. temperatures across the area, north and west, right at the freezing mark a allentown, 44 degrees in philadelphia. at the freezing mark in millville as well, 42 in wildwood. going for a high today, a high of 59 degrees in philadelphia, so a chilly day today, 57 in allentown, and bucks county, montgomery county, temperatures in the upper 50s as well. same story down to southern new jersey and delaware, right around 59. in the city, 59 as well. warmer tomorrow. more on that coming up. >> thank you. happening this weekend, in case you forgot, it's time to fall back. yes. we get an extra hour of sleep. daylight saving time ends this
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weekend meaning we switch the clocks back one hour at 2:00 a.m. tomorrow. we'll gain an hour of sleep. good news in this. put fresh batteries in the smoke detectors inside your house. today, runners will be pounding the pavement for the rock n' roll half marathon. here's a live look at the philadelphia museum of art. this is the starting point. all is quiet right now, but it will be different later on. they take off starting at 7:30 this morning. the event is normally held on the third sunday in september, but it was delayed because of pope francis' visit to philadelphia. it's happening today. for more information, road closures related to the half marathon because they go around the city, tap on the nbc 10 news app. has time run out for the ss united states? up next, the deadline the historic ocean liner faces today
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and what those in our area who want to save the ship are hoping for.
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two people are dead, and two more are missing after heavy rain caused flooding in central and south texas yesterday. just look at the images. part of austin saw 6 inches of rain in an hour, catching many off guard, drivers were stranded yesterday, folks in the water, and a school was evacuated. the storm system spawned three tornados. today, the national weather service will be examining damage in the locations to determine if they really were tornados. two homes near tampa evacuated overnight after a sink hole opened up in the ground. the 30 foot wide hole sits between two houses. they were cleared out as a precaution. officials say the sink hole is not an immediate threat to the rest of the neighborhood, but
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coincidentally, this hole is very close to where a sink hole swallowed a man in 2013 while he slept. it happened right underneath the home, and another sink hole opened up in the neighborhood back in august. back in our area, today is deadline day for the ss united states. the legendary ship has been languishing in south philadelphia for the last 18 years. as we've. telling you, the ship desperately needs $60,000 a month in funding to literally keep it afloat. the conservancy that owns it put out an sos for money by today. without cash infusion, they may scrap any plans. an announcement is expected early in the next week. the ss united states holds the record as the fastest passenger ship ever made. if you're interested in donating to saving the ship, click on the nbc 10 app. all right. talking politics now.
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popping our decision 2016 coverage, gop debate fallout. the republican national committee is ending its partnership with nbc news after the cnbc debate this past week. that means that the rnc will not take part in the nbc news telemundo debate scheduled for february of next year. nbc news vowed to resolve the matter with the gop. some of the republican campaigns plan to meet tomorrow to discuss their dissatisfaction with the debates. now to the candidates and shakeup in jeb bush's campaign. nbc news learned the campaign's chief operating officer has been let go. this all comes a week after the bush campaign announced organizational changes and money woes. word is that jeb bush is working to privately reassure donors nervous about the slim down operation and critiqued debate performance.
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protesters from the black lives matter movement interrupt the a hillary clinton campaign event yesterday. the democratic front runner was outlining priorities for reforming the criminal justice system at clark atlantic university. clinton ended up addressing the demonstrators promising if elected she will address syst systemic racism. watch "meet the press" tomorrow morning as jeb bush joins moderator chuck todd and the newly minted house speaker, paul ryan, and other candidates in the mix. part of the discussion. airing tomorrow at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. now to another important programming note. president obama will sit down for an exclusive interview with lester h lester holt discussing criminal justice reform. that interview airs monday on nightly. speaking of the president, halloween came a day early for lucky kids.
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president obama and the first lady handed out treats to local students and the chirp of military families at the white house yesterday. as for the best costume? the president jokingly shouted top prize to a baby in a pope costume that included the pope mobile. bundle up tonight, a cold start this morning. keeping it cool throughout the day. temperatures eventually into the 50s and 40s tonight. we're starting out in the 30s and 40s, a cold start. looking at temperatures below freezing in some spots this morning. there's the first weather headline. our second one, halloween also temple, a big night tonight in philadelphia. kickoff at 8:00. we'll look at temperatures starting out in the 50s and then eventually dropping into the 40s throughout the game. we are looking at the potential for sunday showers. that would be early before we start to clear things out. we're going to flip-flop things.
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saturday, 44 degrees, clear skies, winds north at 5 miles per hour. temperatures in the region to the north and west, mainly looking at the low 30s. freezing in al helptown, 32, 31 in pottstown, 34 in philadelphia. south and east also in the 30s, a cold start everywhere pretty much. freezing in milville, 36 in atlantic city, and 40 degrees in dover, delsaware. they are 14 degrees colder than yesterday, and 16 degrees colder in pottstown. you'll feel that this morning. clear skies this morning dropping the temperatures overnight, and we're looking at temperatures cold and it will be chilly over the next couple hours. future weather, we see the clouds in connection withing throughout the afternoon. starting out with sun, but by 4:00, more cloud cover, we'll call it a mixture of sup and clouds by then, and cloudy for the temple game, and halloween
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festivities, but it is dry. it is dry overnight. early sunday morning, a stray shower or two. there's going to be plenty of cloud cover sunday morning, and then this is where we flip-flop it bringing back more sun later on sunday. decreasing clouds later on sunday. 57-60, winds southwest at 5-10 miles per hour. halloween forecast, chilly, incorporating the jacket into the costume. by 6:00, 56, by 10:00, down to 51 degrees. for the temple game, headed to the game? where the fleece, hat, scarf not a bad idea when temperatures are in the 40s walking home. 53 by 8:00, and 11:00, 51. seven-day forecast, chilly today, 59, dry, a sun before we bring in clouds this afternoon. sunday, early shower, otherwise mostly cloudy skies and decreasing clouds throughout the afternoon. warmer, though, 67, and monday, 65, and chance of rain, cloudy, and tuesday, sun returns,
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warmer, 72. looking beautiful wednesday, thursday, and friday with temperatures in the mid-70s. 75 thursday and friday. >> we'll take it. thanks, michelle. temple preparing to play the biggest football game in school history. a preview of tonight's showdown with notre dame next in sports.
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halloween, take child treats for free candy x-rays to ensure they are free of foreign objects. that's at any patient first medical centers. during the fall, football is front and center on the weekends, but this week, it's about the temple owls with the eagles, and the 21st ranked team
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in the country hosts notre dame at the lincoln. 7-0 for the first time in school history, and 8-0 will be none too easy. there's growing participation. >> everyone talking about what we're defending, but two years ago, we were 1-6 in this spot, so, you know, we've come such a long way. myself and all the seniors, i mean, there's really not -- we say a tul the time, there's not much you can throw at us. >> this is why we come to notre dame, to play in big games like this. looking at the schedule before the season this year, and you don't circle temple, but how things are set up and the way notre dame plays football, somehow, some way this happened. basketball now, sixers took to the home court for the first time friday hoping for sweet music against the utah jazz. darrell dawson, former sta tigs polished before the game, and
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after the game, the second nba contest shows off moves like in the first game, but not the same result for him, and nick, meanwhile, made a debut, took the court to a surprising ovation, played 21 minutes. they were out of tune against the jazz on the turnover. hayward up in the mug with the flush. jazz beat sixers 99-71. fliers entered buffalo, dropping thursday's game against the devils and tuesday against the same sabers they battled friday. they are having a difficult time this week. look at the route. nasty wrister beats. second period, more buffalo. o'reilly, wicked slap shot. ugly night for orange and black. flyers drop three straight. a final note, comcast sports
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knelt has cherry and white before the notre dame game. tune in on comcast sports net. that's sports. i'm danny pommell. let's catch up on late night word series action. the mets in a must-win situation. they did just that. using the home field advantage to pile on nine runs against the visiting royals. game four tonight. royals lead two games to one. today, one final race in the career of triple crown champion, american fpharaoh. he worked out in kentucky ahead of the breeder's cup classic. our coverage starts today at 4:00. the time right now is 5:27. temple plays the biggest game in its history tonight when the football team goes up against notre dame and the city is a buzz on this exciting sports day. we are live at independence mall for a look.
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>> reporter: the students are psyched, so psyched it appears some of them never went to sleep last night. they are partying in favor of their team. that's after the break. oh, youth in a nutshell. they have a great day today. a chilly day, but looking at a nice day in terms of sky cover, sun, dry, here's a look at the field. exciting today and tonight, and temperatures will be chilly for the game. the game day forecast and halloween forecast coming up.
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n b.c. 10 news starts now. right now on nbc 10 news today. excitement is building for this busy weekend. tonight is halloween, and temple takes on notre dame in the biggest game in the owl's history. looks like the weather will certainly be cooperating for our events today. a little bit cool, but you know what, no rain. you can't ask for more. whatever you have on tap today and tonight, we've got you covered. here's a live look outside, off to a chilly start. first alert forecast in moments. good morning, welcome back today. i'm rosemary connors, 5:30 on this saturday, and let's get to the weekend weather now with first alert meteorologist michelle grossman. any advice if the fans out there on independence mall. they have been up since for at least 24 hours. >> well, i want to say bundle up, but chances are they a


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