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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  October 31, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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right now on nbc news 10 today, a live look as temple physical is in the spotlight, the irish are coming and owls fight to keep a perfect record. it is crowded down there to say the least. espn's "game day" is in town, and we are live with a preview. flames shoot through the roof of a row home, and details on the crew's efforts to get flames under control. it is the last day of october. it feels like it. some of us are waking up to temperatures in the 30s this morning. the trick or treating forecast just ahead. good morning, welcome back to nbc news today. i'm rosemary connors, 6:00 on this saturday, and we are tracking chilly conditions. i have to ask, what are you dressing as your kids tonight?
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>> jeremy is spiderman, a world i know nothing about, and elle is a tooth fairy. i'm just glad she's not elsa again. wear the jacket. they don't feel the cold, parents feel the cold. that's the program. it will be chilly this afternoon. cold start, temperatures in the 30s, a lot of spots below freezing or freezing across the area, and it's chilly later on this afternoon for the temple game and trick or treating festivity, and a live look outside, clear skies, hoping to drop the temperatures this morning compared to yesterday. 17 degrees colder compared to yesterday, 12 degrees colder in allentown, and 8 degrees colder in lancaster. temperatures in the 30z. look at that, 30 in mount pocono, and at the freezing mark redding, and it's cold south and east as well, southern new jersey, and 36 in atlantic city.
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we have sun by 8:00, 2. lunchtime, plenty of sun, 53 degrees. it will be chilly by 4:00, clouds increase. mix of sun and clouds, 58, and topping out at 59, and dropping back into the low 50s for the trick or treating and temple game. those two forecasts are coming up. before we get to temple action and, of course, halloween, we want to tell you more about breaking news we've been following overseas. a russian airliner carrying 217 passengers and 17 crew crashed in egypt's central sinai peninsula. it was on the way to the russian city of st. petersburg. the plane was reportedly carrying mostly rugs tourists. recovery crews located wreckage, you there's no information about about the people on board. we'll bring you updates throughout the morning.
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back to news in our area. this fire ripped through the house in north philadelphia overnight. crews got the call at 1:50 this morning for reports of flames shooting from the roof of the row home near 20th and oxford street. it took an hour, 2:45 or so, to get the flames under control. one treated for a minor injury, and the cause of the fire is under investigation. temple hopes for a halloween treat today in the national spot light taking on notre dame's fighting irish in arguably the bilgest football game in temple's history. here's a live look at lincoln financial field where the starts at 8:00 this evening. to add to the excitement, temple is undefeated, the best season start ever for the owls. because of the excitement surrounding the matchup between no. 21 ranked temple and no. 9 ranked notre dame, "college game day" is broadcasting live from
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independence mall, where we are live this morning. you are not alone out there. >> reporter: absolutely not, rosemary. another bus just rolled up. there are now hundreds gathered along independence mall. you see that the countdown clock is rolling now. 2:55 and still counts down. this is spn's "college game day" show, coming here because of temple's undefeated record in this epic game. look at my new buddies here this morning. owls decked out in the gear ready to rev up the crowd, and no doubt owl fever is in high gear. this historic setting is the beco backdrop for the matchup between temple and the fighting irish. [ cheers and applause ]
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well, the city of brotherly love is taking a break with the eagles this morning, the by week, of course, and the love fest focused on the undefeated owls. we spoke to students moments ago. >> it was exciting, i mean, like to come into something so big and know that, like, this is a huge moment for temple and me and my friends being freshmen. >> i'm waiting for the game. i've. up all night and i'll be up all day, so hopefully i stay awake. >> hopefully you see the game. >> exactly. >> reporter: back out live, espn is live at 9:00 this morning, and owls take on the fighting irish at 8:00 tonight, ready for prime time because they are undefeated, and that's what you'll see later on tonight. we'll have the jut come for you. students are arriving, coming with breakfast in tow, breakfast, coffee, and some say they never went to sleep.
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that's about the fourth fan of the fighting irish that we have seen in the crowd this morning. we're going to talk to them, after, we are not bias. live in independence mall, nbc 10 news. >> not at all. thank you. the matchup between temple and notre dame causes a little of traffic detours in philadelphia, market street, where we were just broadcasting from, it's closed between fifth and sixth between now and this evening at 7:00 because of the game day set. there's increased traffic around the lincoln, especially as we get closer to 8:00 this evening. keep that in mind. this is cell phone video nbc 10 has been showing you of teenagers fighting with police outside a high school in allentown. investigators call it disturbing video. now nbc 10 has a copy of the police radio calls when officers
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tried to help theired colleagues. take a listen. i just watched this huge group, we're watching assaulting police. >> we're going to be transported one officer. >> four officers ended up hurt in the braul that investigators say started as a fight between students. police estimate a crowd of 200 other students watched it all unfold. five students now face criminal charges. >> you have to pay the consequences, absolutely. i mean, hitting an officer is not acceptable. >> our kids have a mentality that the are the enmaine. they don't talk to them or respect. they are always -- my son is a victim of that. they man handle them, grab them, they are very aggressive. >> the school district administrators tell us they are now working with allentown police on the investigation. this morning, a philadelphia police officer is recovering at home after he was run over by a police van. this all happened yesterday afternoon pine street. investigators tell us the officer was chasing a suspect
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who smashed an suv with a baseball bat. they got in a struggle, fell to the ground, and that's when the van ran over the officer's leg. nbc 10 learned the suspect had worked for the ride sharing company, lyft, but the company since ended its relationship with hem. today, parents can take their kids treats for free candy x-rays to ensure they are free of foreign objects. today is the last day of the skreepin screenings at any patient first medical center this evening at 7:00 to 9:00. 10:00 this morning until 4:00 this afternoon, trick or treat with the ghosts from the haunted battlegroun battlegrounds. at 7:00, make a night of it. dare to sleep over? there's a a spooky party for grownups. the time now is 6:08. coming up, limp blimp. how the military plans to get this run away blimp out of the
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all right, welcome back on this saturday morning, a cold, cold start in case you're under the covers and have not checked outside. temperatures below freezing in spots, freezing in many others. 31 in pottstown, 30 in mt. pocono, and south and east, temperatures in the 30s, 36 in atlantic city, and 37 in dover, delaware. by, it will be a chilly afternoon. temperatures topping out in the mid to uppers in many spots, just 51, though, later on this afternoon in pocono, and 56 in redding. 58 in doylestown, and further south and east, we top out in the upper 50s as well, 59 in cape may. 59 in vineland. close to the city, temperatures at 59 in philadelphia.
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58 degrees in this afternoon in delaware. increasing clouds throughout the afternoon, so, still, a lot of sun by lunchtime, and by the evening, we see partly sunny skies, and mostly cloudy overnight. more on that and showers coming for your sunday morning. more on that coming pup zblp thanks, michelle. today, runners pound the pavement for the rock n' roll half marathon. here's a live look at the philadelphia museum of art. it's dark and quiet now, but looks like this later today. thousands of runners start at 7:30 this morning. event's normally held on the third sunday in september, but it was delayed because of pope franc francis' visit to philadelphia. for more information and a look at the road closures related to the half marathon because it does wind its way throughout the city, check out our website or the nbc 10 app. questions that have been asked so far in the debate
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illustrate where the american people don't trust. >> such a nasty question. >> the debate over the debate continues for the gop. the latest on the fallout with nbc coming up, plus, trouble in jeb's campaign. we'll tell you who has been fired.
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the republican national committee ends its partnership with the nbc, saying the rnc will not take part in the debate scheduled for february 2016. nbc news has responded with a statement vowing to work to resolve the matter with the gop.
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some of the republican campaigns plan to meet tomorrow to discuss their dissatisfaction with the debate. >> now to the candidates and a shakeup in jeb bush's came pain. the chief operating officer has been let go. this all comes a week after the bush cam pane announced organizational changes and money woes. word is bush is working to privately assure donors, those nervous, about the slimming down campaign operations and critiqued debate performance. protesters from the black lives matter movement interrupted a hillary clinton event yesterday. the democratic front runner was outlining priorities for reforming the criminal justice system at clark atlanta university when the demonstrators came in. clinton decided to take a moment to address the demonstrators themselves, promising them that if elected, she'll take on systemic racism.
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watch "meet the press tomorrow," jeb bush joins chuck todd to discuss the campaign and chuck sits down with newly minted house speaker, paul ryan. of course, all things politics up for discussion. it comes your way at 10:30 tomorrow morning. >> another important note here on nbc, president obama will sit down for an exclusive interview for nbc nightly news anchor, lester holt, visiting newark, new jersey to discuss criminal justice reform. that interview airs monday on nightly. local politics, a slam dunk for democrat jim kenny or come from behind victory for baily. tuesday, voters decide who will be the next mayor, but before you cast your ballot, watch nbc 10 "at issue" this weekend, talking candidly with both candidates about the issues that
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could impact your job and wallet. >> if we're able to attract manufacturing companies to work around the liquid natural gas we provide here, we can have the next generation boom. >> yeah not interested in raiding taxes, but we're in interested in service levels probably for people who want to live in the city of philadelphia. >> you can get your full dose of politics right before breakfast. tomorrow morning here on nbc 10. at issue coming your way at 11:30 right after "meet the press." now your nbc 10 first alert weather. it's a cold start out there, temperatures freezing in some spots, around the freezing mark in some others, 43 degrees in philadelphia. cold start, chilly finish, milder sunday. weather headlines saturday morning, there's the cold start, and we look at the forecast for halloween, of course, temple, a chilly one, but we are dry before that potential for sunday showers moves through. they won't be long, and they'll be short lived in the morning, and we see sun in the afternoon.
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42 degrees right now in philadelphia, winds north, northeast at 6 miles per hour. to the north and west, temperatures mainly in the low 30s, 31 in pottstown, mid 30s north and east, 36 in atlantic ci city, and 38 degrees in wilmington and delaware. cold start, clear skies, temperatures colder compared to this time yesterday, about 17 degrees colder in millville than 24 hours ago. live look, dark, sun coming up, a lot of sun to start out saturday before we start to see clouds build in throughout the afternoon. you can see this on future weather. i stopped the clock at 5:00. notice the clouds north and west, filling in for everyone later on topnight. there's the temple game and showers potentially in the forecast sunday. decreasing clouds later on sunday and monday. we may see the potential for more showers as well today, 57-60, chilly day, mix of sun and clouds, and overall, a nice
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day. halloween forecast, chilly forecast, 56 by 6:00, and 8:00, 53, and by 10:00, 51. for the temple game, same story. by kickoff, temperatures in the 50s. once we end the game at 11:00, we'll be around 51 before we see the temperatures dropping back into the 40s overnight. seven day forecast, 59 later on this afternoon. milder on sunday, up to 67. monday, may see potential for rain throughout the south, 65, and them it's warmer on tuesday, way above normal, 72. looking really nice for wednesday, thursday, and friday. a lot of sun, light winds, and temperatures in the mid-70s. next on nbc 10 news, the final lap for triple crown winner, american pharaoh. will he go out on top? coverage of the breeders' cup next. i think they had one cop. they were on top of him over here in the corner. students accused of attacking police officers. just outside a local high
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school. you'll hear the 911 calls that came in during the brawl.
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this is nbc 10 news. a huge night for the mets as the series is in new york for game three. the standout players, captain america and the grandmen known as david wright and granderson. they hit two-run homers as the mets trumped the royals 9-3. wright had four rbis, first time that happened in a fall classic 1973. game four is tonight at citi field. royals lead the series 2-1. now here's danny with the rest of your saturday morning sports. good morning, i'm danny from comcast sports net. in the fall football, front and center on the weekends, football at that, but this weekend, it's the owls and cherry and white, 21st ranked in the country hosts notre dame under the lights at lincoln. 7-0 for the first time in school
6:25 am
history, and game day, though, is none too easy. both teams, growing anticipation for tonight's game. >> everyone talks about defending right now, but two years ago, we were is-6 in the spot, you know, so we've come a long way, myself, and all the seniors, i mean, there's really not -- we say it all the time, not much you can throw at us that we have not been through. dpl this is the reason we come to notre dame, games like this, look at the schedule, and you don't circle temple, but the way things are set up and how they play football, somehow, some way, this happens. sixers took the home court for the first time friday hoping for sweet music against the utah jazz. the hashtags. after the game, the second nba contest shows off moves as in the first game, however, not the
6:26 am
same result for home, just 12 points, nick, meanwhile, made the debut, took the court to a surprising ovation, playing 21 minutes. ugly game, though, out of tune against the jazzrp?vñ off the turnover, and up in the mug with the flush, and jazz wins 99-71. the flyers entered buffalo, losing 2-0 last night, and they lost friday. they have a difficult time with the sabers this week. last minute of the first period. look at this. the check, nasty wrister, 1-0. second period, more buffalo. the wicked shot wins, flyers lose 2-1. one final note, we have cherry and white pregame live 6:30 to 7:30 before the notre dame game and temple.
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tune in on comcast sports net. that's sports, i'm danny pommell. happening today, one final raes in the career of american fapharaoh. the legendary colt had a final workout yesterday in lexington, kentucky ahead of today's breeders' cup classic. don't miss it. watch it here on nbc 10. coverage of the breeders' cup begins at 4:00 this afternoon. the time now is 6:27. the heist is officially here. the temple owls taking on the irish, and fans are out in full force. nbc 10 is live in independence mall, and you can hear that crowd. >> reporter: oh, yeah. they've been doing this fight song, rosemary, here with hundreds of fans wearing the cherry and white in anticipation of the epic game this evening. back next up with a live report. with cancer, early detection can mean life or death.
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we are counting down to college gameday. the temple owls are the big draw this week, and students are taking independence mall to be part of the action of espn's broadcast there this morning, getting off by the bus load. we'll check in in gist moments. if you are headed out tonight or trick or treating on this halloween, we have you covered with what you need to know before you step out the door. good morning, welcome back to nbc 10 news today. it's 6:30 on this saturday. let's check in on the weather. people waking up in the 30s. >> we're cold, below freezing in many spots, freezing spot in others, some spots in the 40s, but that is limited. a cold start to the day, clear skies dropping the temperatures overnight. here's a live look outside. cold, at least for the couple hours before we are chilly to
6:31 am
end the day. 17 degrees colder in millville compared to this time yesterday, 12 degrees colder in allentown, and 10 degrees colder in atlantic city compared to 24 hours ago. 30 in mt. pocono, and below freezing in redding, and 42 in philadelphia, south and east mainly in the 30s as well. 36 in atlantic city, freezing mark in millville, 37 in dover, delaware, and you are waking up to 41 degrees in wildwood, new jersey. it's dark outside. we will see sun to start out our saturday, but 8:00, mostly sunny skies, 42. lunchtime, same story, mix of sun and clouds, 53, and cloud cover at 4:00 before sunny skies later on tonight, and mostly cloudy for the temple game and trick or treating events, more about that, and showers on the sunday, talking about that too coming up. >> thanks, shell. we continue to follow breaking news overseas. a russian airliner carrying 217
6:32 am
passengers and 17 crew members has crashed in egypt's central sinai peninsula. it vanished from radar 23 minutes into the flight. they recovered the wreckage, but no information about the people on board. we know that the airbus had just taken off from the red sea resort and was on the way to the russian city of st. petersburg. the plane was reportedly carrying mostly russian tourists. stay with us throughout the morning for updates. all right. now back to the big story in our area. fight, fight, fight for the cherry and the white. that's the chanting over independence mall as students are thrilled for what's being called the biggest game in owls' history. let's check in now with look at what's happening right at this moment in independence mall. the of espn's "college game day" broadcast. good morning. >> reporter: hey, rosemary. the owls, undefeated, and fans
6:33 am
say no doubt everybody is ready for prime time. look what's going on here along independence mall. hundreds of students arriving here on the mall where market street has been transformed into the game day sports stage. now, camera captured students arriving to cheer on the owls. they've been coming in by droves since about 4:30 this morning. for the much anticipated game against notre dame. some students tell us they are cheering on their team. they have not slept all night because they are so psyched about the game it's captured the attention of the nation. >> we did not expect this at all. not our school at all, but here we rewith. up believele. up believele. 4u are out. >> oh, deaf netly, but this is our family, like, our whole family loves notre dame, so we had to come like this. >> reporter: how brave are !:-t, right? well, back here live now, espn's
6:34 am
college game day show is live from independence mall at 9:00 this morning. you can see the countdown clock is showing you less than two and a half hours left. some of the guys remarked how nice everyone's been in philadelphia. i told them, that's right, you know, we may be divided on some issues, but when sports are involved, philadelphia unites, and no doubt, we are waving the and white. ÷ to you, mary. >> that's &right. city ofñ brotherly love and sisterly affection. we know the students will be polite to the fans. that's between temple and notre dame causing traffic troubles in the city. nothing 9rxñmajor, but market st is closed between 5th and 6th, c and liberty bell closed until 7:00 this evening because of the espn game day set. they will be there in the morning, and, of course, breaking down this afternoon. there also will be increased
6:35 am
traffic around the lincoln else as we are closer to kickoff.k a 8:00 this evening. we have to help you navigate ì% closures because of tonight's big game. go to for the latest' new information about a fight between allentown scw[cjz students and police. nbc 10 has the 911 calls as officers asked for help for their injured colleagues. take a listen. i just watched7s this huge group, wn9 watching assaulting police. >> we're going to be transporting one officer. >> four officers ended up hurt in the brawl last week that started as a fight between students. police estimate that a crowd of 200 other students then watched g# cell phone video was later posted on line. five students now criminal charges. today, thejf deflated rema of thennf military blimp that
6:36 am
crashed this week will be removed from the woods. yes. it's still qthere. pennsylvania air national guard helicopter will lift the blimp? out of the woods today, and military vehicles carry the pieces to an undisclosed government facility. the tail section. the blimp broke free from a military facility in maryland on wednesday. it crashed three hours later in be pennsylvania. nobody was hurt. it's unclear, though, how the blimp detached.y7>g a substitute bus driver in delaware won't be filling in ever again after school add m administrators say she yelled at a student, and the incident was caught on video. take a look. >> i'm not a typical bus driver, i'll lay my [ bleep ] on you and not think twice about it. >> the transportation office learned about the incident that the substitutecwh bus driver ha spoken to the students in a, quote, inappropriate manner and
6:37 am
said we are incredibly 8!& disappointed in the driver's behavior and have taken steps to ensure this individual will not drive for our district again. remember, this is a substitute driver. the district's transportation supervisor is now in the process of calling parents of the children on board that school bus to inform them about and discuss the incident. next on nbc 10 news today, it seems like a great idea, kids wearing glow sticks while trick or treating? before you put them on your witch or monster, a hidden scare to know about. that's coming up.
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and welcome back on this saturday morning, i'm michelle
6:40 am
grossman. it is dark outside. if you have not stepped out yet, the sun is not up, it is cold, temperatures in the 30s. a live look, sun gets going increasing clouds throughout the afternoon and evening hours. this is a live look from the adventure aquarium camera. temperatures are colder than yesterday, blue on the map indicates cold air out there, below freezing temperatures, north and west, 33 in allentown, 32 degrees in redding, below freezing in pottstown, warmesta spot is 42 at the freezing mark in millville, 32, 36 in atlantic city, and 41 degrees in wildwood. this evening, partly sunny, so clouds filling in later on this afternoon into the evening hours, and especially overnight. 51 later on this afternoon. mt. pocono, doylestown, 58 as a high later on. south and east looking at the 50s as well, 59 in cape may,
6:41 am
topping out at 59 in philadelphia. the halloween and temple forecast later on and the seven day coming up. on this halloween, we're sorry to let you know that we got sad news for chocolate lovers, the wilbur chocolate plant around for 113 years closes in january, 100 people out of work and another 30 relocated. the plant's museum and candy store, though, will stay open. tonight, when the kids are trick or treating for halloween, make sure they are safe. we got some reminders and tips for you. when it comes to the sweet treats, the american association of poison control says that parents should inspect all candy in the wrappers for holes or tears before your kids dig in. throw away pieces that look like they are tampered witha/s or co be a choking hazard, and avoid home ue treats from strangers that could contain unsafe iningredients. finally, a warning about glow sticks, good to carry at night so drivers see your kids, but
6:42 am
children should never chew on them or break them open. skin irritation or nausea or burning if(vzvñ 8g÷ cat the(0!÷ local poison contro cementer right away for any issues. not the78ólew crunch you wa p peanut butter. what could beg6i hiding in the in your pantry. that's coming up. the temple notre dame matchup is not the only game this morning. we'll have all the high 5&ol football highlights coming up in the high school blitz next.
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6:45 am
you may want to check your peanut butter because metal shavings could be in the jar of skippy. yep. there's recall for reduced fat skippy creamy peanut butter spread. jars were sent to distribution centers in several states including delaware. for more information, go to or tap on the nbc 10 app. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. well, we are waking up to clear skies and temperatures right around freezing in many spots, below freezing in other spots as well. looking at temperatures, we'll see sunshine this morning before the clouds come into the forecast, and a cloudy night and decrease sunday. more on that, but weather headlines on saturday. off to a cold start, below freezing north and west.
6:46 am
we're looking at the forecast for halloween, of course, the temple game, a chilly night for everybody, but dry for both events. looking at the potential for an early sunday shower before we start to decrease clouds sunday. right know, clear skies, 42 degrees, wisconsin north, northwest at 6 miles per hour. winds light, skies clear. that's bottoming temperatures out, and that's what we see in the areament temperatures to the north and west around freezing mark in many spots, 33 in allentown, below freezing in mt. pocono. 42 in philadelphia. south and east mainly looking at temperatures in the low to mid-30s. 36 in at listen take city, a cold 38 in wilmington, and that's about 17 degrees cooler compared to this time yesterday in many spots. a live look outside. we are still dark. that will change tomorrow when we turn the clocks back an hour, but for now, looking at dark skies and sunshine will be seen once the sun gets going. future weather going throughout time here, by later on this
6:47 am
afternoon, notice the clouds coming into the forecast. even by 5:00, more cloud cover than this morning. chilly also later on this evening into the overnight hours. cold for your trick or treating if you're out late. temperatures eventually dropping into the 40s, and tonight, rather cloudy, waking up with showers early on sunday, and then we're going to the clouds throughout the day sunday. a decent afternoon once we're through the potential for a stray shower early sunday and more cloud cover. today, though, mix of sun, clouds, chilly, 57-60. a nice day for the last day of october. 56 by 6:00, 8:00, 53, and 51 by 10:00. mid-50s for kickoff and ending the game at 51 degrees. today, 59, 67 sunday, milder, mild temperatures in the seven day, monday, 65, tuesday, there's your warm up, 72, a lot of sunshine, and looking really nice, especially for november. no complaints here. wednesday, thursday, and friday, a lot of sun, and temperatures
6:48 am
in the mid-70s. >> looking good, thanks,my she. the "today" show at 7:00, and let's see what they are working on with erica hill and carson daly. good morning. >> good morning. just ahead here on saturday morning on today, we have the latest on the breaking news just happening in the last few hours, learning about the crash of a russian passenger jet and on the ground in texas this morning where heavy rain and possible tornados slammed that state overnight. ahead, a brand new poll puts republican rivals trump and carson in a dead heat. we're in iowa where bush and marco rubio are campaigns later today. plus, did you know last night on television the first ever live exorcism was broadcast, the same house that inspired the exorrist. what happened when they went inside looking for demons. we are expecting the plaza, and wait to see what we wear. that is not all.
6:49 am
there's another halloween surprise. that's when we get÷ú started, rosemary, here on saturday morning, halloween on "today." >> looking forward to it, thanks, guys, see you at 7:00. >> you got it. time is now 6:49. of course, the big news in our area is the temple owls playing tonight because eagles have a by week, but there are other important games happening this weekend. let's get a checkup of the high school matchups with the nbc 10 blitz. not many weeks left of the regular season of high school football almost over. playoffs on the line. let's kick it off with a matchup in south jersey. cherokee hosting valley. they have not beaten cher see since 1977. cherokee gets the rock and hands off to john and his legs do the rest. dodges defenders and takes them to the outside. 54 yards to the house. cherokee knocks off rv 35-12 and the streak continues.
6:50 am
burlington looking to keep it alive against holy cross. ominous night there. the price was right for drew price into the living room for the easy score. winning fifth straight 47-20. burlington city, faking out the raanan, and frnk knows where to go. making a call. the handoff, off to the races. winning 38-0. >> senior night, playing to chester, chris thomas takes the handoff plunging into the td. a lot of that in this. honoring seniors with a victory 41-7. sun valley on the move, sets downfield finding a wide open receiver. twinkle toes into the end zone. a golden night for the golden knights, if you will, winning
6:51 am
41-7. newstown and post season action taking on penn crest, the qb, many, a rough road sails deep down the field right into the hands of carmen, and they win 20-17. skylights, father judge looking to end the losing streak. no luck. lasalle beat judge ninth time in a row convincingly, 41-14. upper dublin on the board thanks to the 36 yard field goal. all upper dublin in this one knocking off the team 31-0. whitemarsh visiting, no fear. finds the opening, up the gut for six. white marsh gets the w winning 35-14. simon on the doorstep of
6:52 am
massbom. rumbling in the end zone, brought down, ball's loose, settling for a field goal, and bulldogs piled on points from that juncture winning 56-0. you're watching high school blitz on nbc 10! [ cheers and applause ] >> thanks, ladies. the cheer leaders cheering on their team excited about. the running back going nowhere. the offense is strong, too. winning 50-14. going at it, there's the baller. running back avoiding the tackle, takes it in for one his three touchdowns, 305 total yards, and winning 32-27. [ cheers and applause ] >> come on. lincoln cheer leaders getting the team fired up. lincoln qb, and they kicked off,
6:53 am
and ball ends up in the hand of lincoln running back. lucky is sometimes better than good. after that touchdown, lincoln shuts out 25-0. [ cheers and applause ] >> king of washington locking horns, rob harris called his own number plowing into the end zone. do work, young man. harris drew for 177, and mlk beats washington 34-24. central lancers lighting up the score board dependence kensington. going deep, and look at the catch by colin washington. getting the foot down back corner of the end zone. all central in this, 460. check it out. we can now reveal the three games vying for votes for next week's game of the week. some big ones, downingtown west and east, and academy park and more. vote early and often, tell a friend. go to to vote or call
6:54 am
and text your vote to 610-624-411. that's all for the blitz. we're out of time. have a gate great day. we work weekends here.
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because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at
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leaving you with this this morning, babies at the hospital of university of pennsylvania are celebrating their first
6:57 am
halloween at the intensive care nursery, dressed as bumblebees and pirates, on the way to be healthier and parents are happy to be with them. >> many days of eating lots of candy, right? so sweet. cool and crisp today, sup, and bright and cold, and which willy later on this afternoon. oh, a beautiful view, sun finally coming up. sun to start out the day, increasing clouds later on this afternoon into the evening hours. 59 the high this afternoon. for trick or treating, temperatures in the mid to low 50s. sunday, 67. could have a stray shower early in the morning and more clouds decreasing clouds in the afternoon, rain chance monday, especially south, 65, and we warm up the rest of the week. >> there's been so many rainy halloweens that you know it's going to be cooler tonight, but it was cold last year. >> not wet. >> that's all for us here, see you at 8:00 for a full hour.
6:58 am
newspapers back christine donohue for supreme court. saying this daughter of a coal miner gets the highest rating from the bar association. they call donohue uniquely qualified. and cite her commitment to restoring integrity.
6:59 am
both business and labor endorse donohue because she's independent and fair. prosecutors. firefighters. people who keep us safe - all back donohue. on tuesday - christine donohue. let's restore integrity to pennsylvania's supreme court
7:00 am
good morning. breaking news. a russian passenger plane with 224 people on board crashes in egypt. first responders on the scene right now. dozens of bodies recovered in a hostile region. reports that the pilot may have tried to make an emergency landing. what caused the plane to go down? deadly floods, relentless rain and tornadoes tear through texas overnight. at least two people swept to their deaths in raging flood waters. more stormy weather in the forecast today. we are live on the scene. and fighting back. >> oh! now that's announcing yourself. >> the mets send a message with the first pitch of g


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