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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  December 2, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> we're in for another wet day, foggy and damp now in bryn-mawr and steadier rain is headed into our region. you can count on nbc 10 for the first alert forecast. and got packages? this time of year is open season for stealing off of your front steps. how you can protect your purchases. you won't have to wait until sunday to watch these eagles. despite budget woes you'll soon get a front row seat inside a bald eagle's nest. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. 51 degrees outside. so it's warm but it's wet and foggy. let's get you updated with meteorologist bill henley. >> tracy, the fog has been thickening up in the last couple hours and that's going to continue. have to deal with fog to start
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but it's not going to be an all-day affair. down to quarter mile in quakertown. coatesville at zero visibility and dense fog also in the pocono mountains. half mile visibility, improved in northeast philadelphia, to three quarter mile. down to a half mile at philadelphia international and wilmington. and you need your umbrella. we have more rain on the way. it's moved back into cape may and cumberland county and philadelphia. that is light rain to start. the heavier rainfall due in this afternoon, so well to our southwest. it's moving toward our area. so, rain coming down at 6:00 this morning, 53 degrees. steady rain at 9:00, 55, and a rainy noon time, too, 57 degrees with winds out of the south at 6 miles an hour. back in 10 minutes with the neighborhood by neighborhood forecast. fog and rain for today, the weather will definitely make your commute challenging. katy zachry is live in bryn-mawr
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with what she is seeing there. >> reporter: we're experiencing what bill showed you on the radarment in the last half hour we traveled from plymouth meeting, montgomery county, south along the blue route here to bryn-mawr in delaware county. i can tell you that short stretch of traveling south and west we saw the rain pick up along 476, so went from a mist to more of a sprinkle and on and off, enough to coat the roadways, though, and make them slick in some areas. you can see the fog has changed. we didn't have much fog up in plymouth meeting but the fog is definitely intensified and there are patches of thick fog in delaware county. what you need to know for the morning commute if you're headed out now it's not a bad time. it's pretty warm, you need a hat or rain jacket or umbrella. but as bill serksd as the day moves on and the rain picks up much of what we saw yesterday with the heavy downpours, it could make tricky times.
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for a look at the greater roadways i know a girl keeping an eye on the cameras. jessica boyington in the traffic center. >> hey, katy. we're watching construction, the fog and the rain this morning so a lot of things to take into account before you head out the door. on the vine street expressway where you can see clearly no cars in the area because we have it closed now. actually did see one drive through but this is around 24th street, still reports of it being closed with the construction but i did see a car move through so they may be opening it early. especially with the rain. there we go. my point,inging under way right now. they may have started to clear the construction early. when i looked i did see police activity on some of the off ramps. so something to watch for and around the curves and on and off exit ramps is where we tend to see the slippery spots. watch for slow moving maintenance vehicle northeast
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extension, 10 minutes delays or so. and with mass transit we're okay and currently the airports, no delays there. we'll have updates to come. >> thanks. it's 4:34. a driver loses control and slams into a tree in delaware county. the crash happened around 1:30 this morning at bryn-mawr. crews rushed the driver to the hospital. don't have word on that person's condition. there is also no word on whether the crash was weather related. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane is bringing in outside help to investigate the porn e-mail scandal involving several government officials. she announced that former attorney general doug ganzler will lead a team of washington-based attorneys to comb through the thousands of e-mails. kane discovered the objectionable e-mail exchanges last year. she says they are racist, homophobic and religiously offensive and the content shows a lack of tolerance or respect
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for others. >> we reached the point in pennsylvania where some government leaders lost their sense of dignity, of duty, and of civility. >> kane is running the attorney general's office right now without a law license, the state supreme court suspended her license last month while she awaits trial on charges that she leaked grand jury information and lied about it. the state senate considering whether to initiate a process to remove kane from office because she cannot do her job without a law license. down to a wire as the city of philadelphia works to hammer outnew agreement with cable service provider comcast. residents had a final chance to sound off about the deal yesterday. the agreements come up for renegotiation every 15 years. the city is pushing the cable giant for significant community give backs after 2 1/2 years of negotiations the goal is to have an agreement finalized by thursday. comcast is the parent company of
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nbc 10. happening today k eastern state penitentiary is kicking off its toy drive from now through december 14th, anyone visiting the old eastern state penitentiary will get a buy one get one admission to their historic tours. donated toys should be in original packaging, but not gift wrapped. the annual drive benefits children with incarcerated parents. one in 28 american kids has a parent who is incarcerated. we want to draw attention to that fact and we want to provide a little bit of joy at a time of the year that can be stressful for these families. >> you can donate new toys or children's books during the public hours even if you are not planning to take a tour. the pent is partnering with the institute for community justice for this toy drive. the budget impasse in harrisburg threatened to make a bald eagle cam go dark. but donations to a nonprofit group have come to the rescue.
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people have given close to $2500 to the group friends of kadoris state park. it will allow the park to live stream for a second season on the pennsylvania game commission website. last year the live stream quickly went viral. >> this morning there is new information in the fight against breast cancer. it comes with controversy. find out what a new study says about mammograms and why false positive test results may not be actually be false. also ahead. wow. do we have to relive this. the morning team drops in for a good cause. find out why vai, sheena, and i took this scary plunge. >> 51 degrees and foggy. 4:37 the time. grab your umbrella. look at your neighborhood just ahead.
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20 minutes before 5:00. look what we've got this morning. fog, low clouds, mist and rain is starting to move back into the area. rain falling in northeast philadelphia but the temperature hasn't come down that much. we're at 52 degrees right now. thickest fog, you'll find it in quakertown, coatesville and chester county, zero visibility and light fog under a mile for northeast philadelphia right at a half mile and holding for philadelphia international and wilmington. some areas of fog to start with and rain. that's starting to fill back in especially in new jersey, central and southern delaware, the rest of the region is going to get this. so grab your umbrella. and plan on a mild one in the 50s this afternoon. for allentown and quakertown. near 60 for mount holly and trenton and in the 60s along the jersey coast line. for philadelphia, 59 degrees with a chance of rain through
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the day today. seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten. >> bill, thanks for that. 20 minutes before 5:00. heading out the door we've been showing you the cameras, visibility is low, roads are wet. jessica boyington has you covered looking at 42 now. >> so we're not escaping the fog here on the 42 freeway out in new jersey, you can see really difficult to see cars driving through in our cameras here. again this is around new jersey turnpike. the northbound lanes are here. you have to get to 295. the drive time is okay but there's not a lot in terms of traffic and volume but the problems are slippery conditions. give yourself extra time even though you see drive times are okay and no restrictions. 55 to the walt whitman bridge 5 minutes. you get to the walt whitman there are speed restrictions, 35 miles per hour. the tacony palmyra, the ben, the betsy, all doing great so far for the morning. watch out also in new jersey for construction on the atlantic city expressway around the $3
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toll plaza in egg harbor, some lane restrictions and small delays there. >> thanks. the debate over early breast cancer screenings could get a bit more complicated. find out what a new study says about false positive test results and why some researchers say they destarve a closer look. also, helping himself to someone else's stuff. hear what the experts say about keeping your packages protected during the holiday shipping season.
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it's quarter to 5. 51 degrees. here is a live look at the wet conditions in delaware county. the fog is in broomall. bill and jessica return in minutes. make sure you have the free nbc 10 app that has you covered with weather forecasts and alerts to your smart phone or tablet. we'll soon learn more about the search for that missing malaysia airlines plane. australian officials have scheduled a briefing on the
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investigation for tomorrow. the flight vanished in march 2014. >> the united states will set up -- step up their fight against isis expanding its special operations force in iraq. ash carter says the additional forces will help the iraqis and kurds fight islamic state militants. y he says the additional forces will be able to conduct raids, free hostages action gather intelligence and capture isis leaders. in making the announcement carter pointed to the recent terror attack in paris. >> isil's attacks in paris like those they perpetrated elsewhere were barbaric and an assault on the civilization we defend. isil requires and it will receive a lasting defeat. >> carter says the efforts of the additional special ops forces will also improve intelligence and generate more
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targets for air strikes. >> a new study showed efforts by isis to radicalize and mobilize americans is unprecedented. the report from george washington university showed there are active isis-related investigations in all 50 states. authorities arrested 56 people in isis-related charge this is year, the most terrorism related arrests since september of 2001. 86% of those arrested are men and the vast majority of u.s. citizens or permanent residents. >> tends to be male but not exclusively. and the vast majority were from the whole spectrum of the country. 21 states in their borders. >> there are three isis related arrests in new jersey and two in pennsylvania. looks real but this is practice. british authorities carried out an anti-terror drill in london. the exercise simulated a group of terrorists armed with guns
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and bombs storming a shopping center. yesterday's exercise was part of annual training for officers. the uk will vote on whether to join on air raids in syria. a chinese artist is trying to draw attention to his country's pollution problem. for four hours every day for 100 days, this chinese artist held up the suction head of an industrial vacuum clean tear suck in polluted air at beijing sites. he hopes the project can highlight the issue of air pollution to the chinese public. >> happening today, it is the traditional lighting of the rockefeller christmas tree in new york. you can see it here live on nbc 10. the "today" show will join james taylor, sting, mary j. blige. it airs tonight at 7:00 here on nbc 10 and washington will also get into the christmas sprit.
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the capitol holds its annual tree lighting ceremony. this is last year. new speaker of the house paul ryan plans to be there and michelle obama will unveil the white house christmas tree decorations. 12 minutes before 5:00. it is a foggy misty morning. haven't had a lot of rain overnight but it's starting to move back into the area. with fog and mist around the temperatures are in the 50s and holding. likely not going to get much cooler this morning. we'll see a bit of a warm-up this afternoon. the rain will extend back in the pocono mountains. this is from blue mountain. some of the snow is disappearing they are making the last several mornings. 40s and 50s to start. the warmest is in new jersey. even chester county is seeing temperatures much warmer than normal and warmer than a couple days ago when we were in the lower 30s. 50 now in westchester, west town
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is 50 and 50 also in phoenixville. but it's cool enough in spots in chester county to see thick fog develop. and the fog will disappear. the rain is going to stay with us through the day today and into tonight. you can see heavier downpours in upper west virginia and moving toward western virginia, those are on track for us for this afternoon. futurecast showing pretty good rainfall at 3:00 this afternoon, sweeping through the area. then by 7:00 this evening, one more line of showers will come through. that will be at the shore, 10:00 this evening and then we're drying out overnight tonight. during the day today, fog, mist and rain with temperatures in the 50s to near 60 degrees this afternoon. tomorrow, cooler but dry. gusty winds will clear things out. 51 in the afternoon, the morning low of 44. less wind for friday, a colder morning, we'll be in the 30s friday and saturday mornings.
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temperatures in the low 50s both afternoons. a little milder sunday afternoon. 55 degrees. partly to mostly sunny skies on monday, but we could see umbrellas going up again tuesday. >> bill, thanks for that. 10 minutes before 5:00. let's get to you work, plan for extra time. you know the visibility is low, roads wet. jessica boyington is watching your ride to work including the vine street expressway. >> so the big problem with the vine street expressway besides being wet it's closed between the schuylkill expressway and broad street so both directions east and westbound you can see in the center there, no green cars so all of the rest of the roads around clearly moving but right now that's the biggest problem there. watch for it. should be cleaning up in the next ten minutes or so. the schuylkill expressway not much in terms of fog on these cameras around girard avenue but wet there as well. eastbound drive times the blue route to the vine street expressway 13 minutes. no problems for mass transit so a great alternate to avoid the roads.
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>> new this morning a new study finds false positive results from mammograms may not be so false after all. and could be an early indicator of future cancer. when a mammogram picks up a suspicious area she undergoes further testing to find out if it's cancer. if the it's not it's called a false positive. a 15-year long study of more than a million women finds that some of those false positives may have been an extremely early warning sign of cancer that will some day grow. experts think something catches a ratologist's trained eye but this does not mean false positives will always turn into cancer. >> the vast majority of these are quickly shown to be not of concern and that whatever increased risk there might be down the road is a very small change irtheir overall risk and not something they need to be especially alarmed about. >> other risk factors like age
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and family history should be taken into account. experts recommend that women speak to their own doctors to get an understanding of their personal risk. >> thieves are shopping this reason at your front door step. a whopping 23 million americans have had packages stolen from their home before they could open them according to a report released today by insurance experts say you should consider having a neighbor watch for your delivery or have your packages delivered at work. here is an example of an alleged theft in delaware. clear video showing a guy decked out in steelers jersey loading up his car with packages outside a home in newark. it's not his home. he swiped those packages after watching ups drop them off. police recovered some of the stolen stuff but still looking for this guy. hi car had south carolina plates. >> to ensure your packages are delivered safely and make it into your home, know when to expect your package, and require a signature before the package
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is dropped off. also, for more tips go to our nbc 10 mobile app. >> well, before you head out be warned, it is wet and foggy. low visibility today. katy zachry is keeping an eye in broomall. >> we are in delaware county. as you get up and get ready to head out the door expect rain, wet roadways and fog. we'll show you the live conditions. but first, check out this. >> everybody was laughing at us. there are highs and there are lows as vai, sheena and i saw them all in a blink of an eye, next hear why we did that. it was crazy. you more. the ford holiday sales event... with 0% financing for 60 months on 2015 f-150 and focus and 2016 fusion and escape. plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash
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now to decision 2016. pennsylvania's republican party says it's not endorsing donald trump's appearance at an upcoming fund-raiser.
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the pennsylvania society dinner is scheduled for new york city next week, the state gop chairman admitted trump could pump up attendance and donors would like to hear from him. >> new figures on tv ads spending in the presidential race show that jeb bush is way out front, so far his campaign has spent more than $28 million on tv ads. marco rubio and hillary clinton come in less than half of that amount. republican front-runner donald trump spent the least, a fraction of that. >> this morning officials across the country are putting out a call for volunteer firefighters. almost 69% of firefighters are volunteers, in our region those numbers are higher. pennsylvania 97% of departments are made up of volunteers in delaware, it's 98%, 89% in new jersey. but the number of volunteers keeps decreasing. tuesday the national volunteer fire council issued a new
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campaign aimed at potential recruits. >> we're facing is we're aging. volunteers are aging, our call volume is up and the younger generation, our next generation of volunteers, this campaign is to reach out to them. we know they are interested in joining and becoming part of the fire service family. >> fire council says the biggest challenge is that people aren't aware their local fire department needs help. there are only about 50,000 left in the state of pennsylvania. you can watch the investigative report now on or our mobile app. >> plans are moving along for a 4,000 seat arena in wilmington the mayor met with other officials yesterday, here is a rendering of the new arena. the plan is build it in the river front area, it would host minor league basketball games, concerts and conventions and a mix of city, county, state and private money would pay the $25
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million cost. >> all come together it's like making a great solution here with all of us being at the table and finding a revenue course. >> the nair says the next source is getting state lawmakers to support the plan. >> the largest single location food drive continues today. nbc 10 played a part yesterday. vai and sheena and i were down in south philadelphia yesterday morning at the camp out for hunger. nbc 10 donated about 500 pounds from our own drive at the station. we delivered it in storm force 10. we had fun. they asked us to take a ride on the can drop during a trivia game where you really can think.
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>> that was awesome. >> sheena says it was awesome. do it again? absolutely not. we did do it again. we did do it again. you can have fun, too and you can really help the hungry in our area. go to xfinity live this week, the food drive is accepting donations from 6:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. today and tomorrow and until 11:00 a.m. on friday. we do it because we knew that people in the area would be helped but why do we say yes to that. >> if you want to talk to me speak loudly. this ear is deaf from sheena screaming into it. >> see, i didn't scream, i held on for dear light. >> i was screaming but sheenla had the microphone on. that's why you heard her. it was great cause. that's the reason we did it or you and i, we don't do that stuff. >> we have a lot to get to. you're watching "nbc 10 news." "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now.
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we are looking at another wet ride to work and some fog is also hanging around. we'll keep an eye on the roads with our series of cameras. we'll let you know what exactly to look out for. >> the heaviest rain is on the way for later today. here is a live look at our first alert radar. we have the timing of the wet weather in your neighborhood. >> kobe bryant! >> yeah, philadelphia farewell for kobe bryant, the wells fargo fans threw their support behind the hometown boy. 28 straight. has come to an end. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news" toxtd i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. it's 5:00 a.m. 51 degrees, really foggy. meteorologist bill henley in the first alert weather center. >> a foggy misty and


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