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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  December 2, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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. there's a foggy morning commute around our region this morning. here's a look at the rush hour conditions earlier in the day on route 202 in north wilmington. skies were gray and drivers can see less than a mile in front of them. take a live look at the first alert radar. tracking steady rain falling in parts of our area at this very moment. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with that wet forecast. glenn? >> vai, in some places it's going to get wetter as the day goes on. we continue to see fog in most of the area. not much wind around. a lot of moisture.
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the live radar shows relatively dry conditions from philadelphia southward, maybe a little bit of drizzle. but the steadier rain north and west from washington, d.c. up into north jersey. this is mostly in pennsylvania here and especially lancaster county, berks county, lehigh valley and the poconos. but there is plenty more on the way. this giant area in virginia and moving into maryland, now, that's going to move right up across our region so if it's not raining where you are now, it's not necessarily going to stay that way. here's the futurecast hour by hour and you can see that all over the place as we move up into the afternoon hours. by late afternoon it's raining just about everywhere and through the afternoon rush. yes, it's going to be a very wet afternoon rush and then things start to taper off as we go into the evening hours. now, we still have some fog in
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parts of the area, wilmington, philadelphia, but a lot of the visibilities are starting to go up. that will be less and less of an issue as we go through the afternoon. but it's still going to be plenty wet. it's kind of mild for this time of the year. we'll let you know when the rain ends and the sun comes back with the rest of the seven day in a few minutes. >> see you then, glenn. a driver lost control of a car and hit a tree in delaware county. the crash happened at bryn mawr avenue and castle fin lane in bryn mawr. rescue crews rushed the driver to the hospital. investigators are trying to figure out if the crash was weather-related. and we have breaking news, police in cumberland county have recovered the bodies of a mother and her three-month-old daughter. both were reported missing and last seen in vineland late last week. matt delucia spoke with investigators outside the vineland police department. matt, what have you learned?
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>> reporter: vai, the suspect is cooperating with investigators. he was arrested last night. around that time, that's when police say they got the location of the two bodies. here is a picture of that suspect, the mug shot or 34-year-old ree cicardo santiag. he has a child with the victim and it appears they had a dispute. the victims, 34-year-old neidy ramirez and her three-month-old daughter were last seen at a vineland laundromat. her car was found abandoned on route 55 saturday and when she didn't show up for work on monday, that's when the official search began. one of the detectives says he believes the two were killed sometime on friday and here's how they got the details. >> voluntarily came in and through questioning the investigation broke open and he was charged last night. >> reporter: a sad ending here. investigators say they have been processing the crime scene all night. a source tells us the bodies
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were found in a heavily wooded area in fairfield township. meantime, ricardo santiago is locked up being held on $1 million bail now charged with two counts of homicide. live in vineland, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> matt, thank you. new surveillance video could help solve a murder. philadelphia police want to identify two people as part of the investigation into a deadly beating that happened outside a nightclub. the two men in the video here were recorded leaving the nightclub. a short time later two men were beaten and kicked in the head outside the club. one of the men died. if you othrecognize the me, cal police. police in two different counties want you to get a look at this surveillance video. it shows a serial robber who has hit dunkin' donuts in parts of philadelphia. the video shows him pointing a gun at one worker and demanding
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money. investigators think the same suspect robbed three dunkin' donuts stores between november 15 and monday. and new information this morning on a deadly school bus crash that happened in south jersey. authorities have identified the victims. this happened late yesterday at pemberton ridge roads -- at pemberton and ridge roads in southampton township. 49-year-old michael rizano and his passenger were riding in a volkswagen passat when it hit a school bus head on. the bus was carrying members of a high school swim team, both men were killed instantly. there were minor injuries on the bus. investigators are trying to determine what caused the crash. a judge has canceled a detention hearing for a secret service agent charged with trying to lure a teenager for sex. officials have quarantined lee robert moore and all other inmates at the federal detention center in center city, philadelphia, where he's being held because of a chicken pox outbreak. the detention facility has also
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suspended inmate visits. it's down to the wire as the city of philadelphia works to hammer out a new franchise agreement where the cable service provider comcast. residents had a final chance to sound off about this deal at city hall yesterday. the agreement comes up for renegotiation every 15 years. the city is pushing the cable giant for significant community givebacks after two and a half years of negotiations the goal is now to have an agreement finalized by thursday. comcast is the parent company of nbc 10. and look at this very clear surveillance video. it shows an alleged package thief. that's him there in the steelers jersey and he's loading up his car with packages outside of a home in newark, delaware. police say he doesn't live there but swiped the packages after watching a u.p.s. driver drop them off at this home. police have already recovered some of the stolen stuff but they're still looking for this alleged thief. police say his car had south carolina plates.
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and package thefts are very common at this time of the year during the holidays. a new insurance industry report out this morning says a whopping 23 million americans have had packages stolen from their doorsteps. experts say you should consider having a neighbor watch for your delivery or have your packages delivered to your workplace. for more shipping safety tips, just go to our nbc 10 mobile app. what a night at the wells fargo center. the 76ers snapped a record losing streak and fans said good-bye to a retiring nba legend from our town. the incomparable kobe bryant. sixers fans cheering out of respect for kobe as he left the court one last time in philly. the tribute came after the sixers and their fans saw something they hadn't seen in months, this was a sixers victory. the sixers ended their 28-game losing streak over two seasons
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by beating l.a. lakers by a dozen points. the night belonged the kobe. the 76ers presented him with a framed version of his lower marion high school jersey. >> everybody just went crazy. i mean sixers fans and all. >> we want him to play another year. >> we want him to be on the sixers. >> one of the greatest players to ever play this game. >> after the game, kobe returned the love he got from his hometown fans. >> they got me. i wasn't expecting that type of reaction, ovation it was emotional. i can't -- the respect of respect, appreciation, adoration i have for this city. >> kobe scored 20 points on 7 for 26 shooting in his philly finale on sunday. he announced he would retire from basketball at the end of the season.
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kobe bryant also got a shoutout from a former rival, sixers great alan iverson. he told espn "kobe brought so much out of me like no other player ever has. there will never be another kobe bryant." now to decision 2016 and a big shakeup in the standings. find out which republican candidates are surging in the latest poll and which one is slipping. plus, big news for facebook founder mark zuckerberg. why the birth of his daughter is coming with a $45 billion promise. more steady rain falling in parts of our area today. when we'll see a break and what's in store for the weekend, that's just ahead.
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a new national poll shows a big change in the republican presidential race. donald trump still leads, but senators marco rubio and ted cruz are surging. nbc's hallie jackson has the latest on decision 2016. >> reporter: this morning, a shakeup of sorts in the standings. still dominating the republican race? donald trump. but the newest national poll shows marco rubio edging out ben carson for the second place spot. carson tying ted cruz, up three points to third. >> can anyone here kick field goals? >> reporter: all smiles in alabama, rubio faced a fired-up crowd, one of his biggest yet coming off his best fund-raising month yet according to a campaign aide who tells nbc news rubio is on track to raise $15
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million by the iowa caucus. >> i'm the only one running for president that's been able to score victories against obamacare. >> reporter: rubio, promoting his health care record, but his rivals see him as vulnerable on a different topic, immigration. donald trump taking target practice. >> you look at rubio, who's very, very weak on illegal immigration and -- i mean, extremely weak. you look at his stance on amnesty, he wants amnesty for everybody. >> reporter: trump campaigning in his ninth state in these last two weeks still hammering home his now widely discredited claim that thousands of new jersey muslims cheered 9/11. >> and things are all of a sudden materializing. >> reporter: and now, now fallout after some black religious leaders came out in support of trump. one telling nbc news he's being crucified by african-americans for endorsing the front-runner. >> that was nbc's hallie jackson reporting. pennsylvania's republican party says it's not endorsing donald trump's appearance at an upcoming fund-raiser.
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the annual pennsylvania society dinner is set for new york city next week. the state's gop chairman admitted trump could pump up attendance at the event and that donors would like to hear from him. new figures on tv ad spending in the 2016 presidential race shows jeb bush is way out in front. so far bush's campaign has spent more than $28 million on television ads. marco rubio and hillary clinton come in at less than half of that amount. republican front-runner donald trump has spent the least, just a fraction of that number. and congress is on track to pass a transportation bill before a deadline this friday. if it goes through, drivers will have to chip in, yesterday the house and senate agreed on a five year plan to spend billions of dollars fixing aging highways and bridges. to help pay for it, lawmakers agree to bring back a transportation gas tax of 18 cents per gallon. in hebrew, the word "mitzvah" translates into good
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deed. in this season of giving, the jewish federation of greater philadelphia is looking for your help to fill basic needs, food. naomi adler is the ceo of the jewish federation and she's here with brian, the director of the jewish federation center for social responsibility. thank you for being here. tell me about the jewish federation's mitzvah food project. what's it about? >> it's unique. it's in the area of giving out food to the needy. we incorporate a digital platform that helps consumers pick the most healthy options possible and incentivize them to lead as healthy lives as possible while we try to feed everyone that is in need. >> brian, tell us about the people you serve in the choice food program. there's a high-tech way that they get the food they need? >> that's right. so majority of our clients are older adults living on fixed incomes, about 15% are children and the rest are working fwam lise. and what we'll done here is if you've ever been to wawa and ordered a hogie on a touch
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screen, that's the approach we've taken for our food pantry. we give every household a set number of virtual dollars and they select their food off a touch screen and we've allocated their dollars by the my plate food group so they have a certain amount of fruit points, a certain amount of vegetable, protein, dairy and grain points that they can spend per month and they wind up getting about 20 pounds per person of food each month and unlike most pantries that just give canned goods, we have a real emphasis on fruits and vegetables and making sure we're giving people a very balanced nutritious diet. >> and you guys can't do the work you do without donations and without volunteers so tell me how you get both. >> it's really important to have the hands and feet of people can help us load, pack, help the volunteers at the food pantry and the staff at the food pantry as well as to make sure the clients who come in know how to use the touch screens. of course we also would like to have more and more people deliver the food so there are
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many different ways and, of course, if a person doesn't have time to do that we do need the donations both of food and of cash, especially this time of year. >> i was going to say, it's a holiday season where you have the most need, of course. >> absolutely. we have -- we service more than 7,000 people a year and a thousand people per week need this. >> for more details on how you can help out this great cause, head over to our web site at or check out the nbc 10 app. naomi and brian, thank you for telling us about your federation. appreciate it. >> thank you, vai. there's been a lot of fog around this morning and now there's even manufacture rain that is heading towards areas that aren't even seeing the rain right now. we have a wet wednesday and then things will change. we'll have the sunshine returning tomorrow but we'll also have gusty winds.
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you can see the fog, you can't see the tops of the higher buildings. 55 degrees, finally stopped raining officially but that's only temporary. the wind is very light, visibility two miles at philly international. still have some delays but not as bad as earlier. it's 48 in allentown, 49 in west chester. 55 in philadelphia. this is another relatively mild day here. the average high temperature is only around 50 degrees and it hasn't been close to that even for a low temperature this morning. we still have some fog in coatesville, less than a mile visibility. but other visibilities are coming up significantly. one and a half miles at philly international right as of this second. atlantic city international getting three quarters of a mile but, again they were way lower than that a couple hours ago. you can see most of the steady rain goes from north and west to
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philly and just some patchy drizzle elsewhere. but this other area rain by washington, that will be coming up here so even though we're not seeing big radar echoes here now, it's going to be coming because there it is. now, it's not going to necessarily rain every hour for the rest of the day, but that's multiple hours of rain on the way. watch this futurecast through the afternoon, more of that moisture from washington starts coming up and the temperature continues to go up a little bit. toward the 60-degree mark. and then this evening after 6:00, 7:00, we really start to see things taper off. we may even start to see a little bit of clearing and we do not expect a repeat of the fog that we saw this morning for tomorrow morning. the wind is going to shift. we're going to be in a westerly wind and that is going to dry us
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out, it's going to clean out the atmosphere and we're going to be lift with some sunshine. but chillier weather up toward the poconos and maybe everybody some snow flurries tomorrow morning in, again, the higher elevations, and for the rest of us, that's -- where's the cloud cover? where's the rain? no, it's sunshine thursday afternoon as temperatures get up near the 50-degree mark. so we have quite a change in our conditions between today and tomorrow at this time. cloudy with rain, some of it briefly heavy. we're not expecting any kind of flood threat. highs in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees and the seven-day forecast, we've got gusty winds coming in tomorrow but also the sunshine returning and then it just gets beautiful for friday, saturday, and sunday. your temperatures above average so that's a beautiful looking
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weekend and then rain coming in early next week. >> thank you, glenn. false or true? concerns after a new study reveal a connection between false positive mammogram results and a risk for breast cancer later on. ♪
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♪ with the name trusted for nearly 80 years, you have the courage to enjoy the ride. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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this week's wednesday's child is an accomplished young man who knows what he wants out of life and he's hoping to find a frorever family to support an guide him in all of his
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journeys. i'd like you to meet terrell, a great guy who is proof that everyone deserves a family to love them. >> this is a 3d systems machine. >> terrell is an outgoing and creative 20-year-old with a mature and curious spirit. he has a wide range of interest but his real fashion is for computers. so we visited next fab to learn about 3d printing. >> as soon as we melt the plastic away it will look like a rose. >> terrell could not wait to get his hands on the mamachines. he's following his dreams in his second year of college majoring in computer technology and he aspires to be a civil engineer. >> now it's going to draw a sketch but it drew it the wrong way so i'm going to hit the reverse button. >> terrell is an awesome young man, very outgoing, loves being around his peers, loves sports. he's just a fun guy to be around. >> you'll be printing something you couldn't make any other way.
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>> the ideal family would continue to guide and support terrell, they would encourage him and provide an environment where he will thrive. >> an ideal family for terrell will look like a family that's very, very supportive of him. his goals are set in life as to what it is that he wants to do. he will need a family that's going to support him with that. that's going to push him with that. that's going to encourage him with that. >> terrell has all the drive and he knows what a forever family would mean to him. >> awesome! ain't family that's going to take pride in what i do and don't just brush me aside wherever they don't feel like dialing with me. somebody who will be proud of me and say "that's my son." >> terrell is this week's wednesday's child. >> what a great smile. really a smart very bright young man. if you'd like to make terrell's dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child sponsored by the dave thomas foundation,
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go to our web site at and search wednesday's child. you can call the national adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt. we continue to follow breaking news from south jersey. a sad ending to the search for a missing mother and her baby girl. the discovery authorities made last night and who they are charging in the crime. and let there be light. we are hourts away from illuminating one of the world's most famous christmas trees. nbc 10 brings you a front row seat.
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. just about 11:30, mild conditions out there today but the rain is still alive. here's a live look at the jersey shore from our camera at the marquis de lafayette in cape may, new jersey. take a live look at the first alert radar.
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tracking steady rain falling in parts of our area. that's happening right now. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. glenn, one more day, right, this is going to end some time later today. >> and into this evening. tomorrow will be drastically different from the way the last two days have looked and continue to look. this is the pocono mountains in the french manor, we continue to see fog and as you saw the fog in cape may, but not much in the way of rain toward the jersey shore and in delaware but there's plenty of it from delaware county toward the poconos and toward washington, d.c. there's heavier rain down there that will be moving into parts of our area. we're seeing is an in crease in chester county, lehigh valley are about to get it but this other area of steadier rain in eastern maryland, that will be coming straight into delaware and philadelphia area right up
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i-95: that's what the futurecast is showing us. a little bit heavier rain between 11:00 and 2:00 this afternoon. we start to see it taper to the north and west and eventually tapering off elsewhere. but it will take a while. here we are ending the afternoon rush and we still have a pretty large area of rain, even by 8:00 or so this weather computer showing us a significant amount of rain across the area. but it will be ending, it will be moving out. the fog won't be repeating itself tomorrow morning. visibility below two miles in several parts of the area but not nearly as dense as it was earlier. we continue to see the clouds. we'll continue to see the rain. if anything it will get heavier before it cuts off. more on what's going happen once this moves without the seven day in a few minutes.
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is. police in cumberland county have recovered the bodies of a mother and her three-month-old daughter. both were reported missing and they were last seen in vineland late last week. matt delucia is live outside the vineland police department. matt, we have recovered the two bodies and there's a suspect but i'm guessing the investigation is just getting started. >> it is, vai. a sad ending to the story. i asked investigators not looking a what else they are looking for. they tell me they need more information, anyone who saw the suspect or the victims over the weekend to come forward with that information. as for that suspect, here's a picture of him. 34-year-old ricardo santiago of millville. police tell me he has a five-year-old child with the victim and that it appears that there was some dispute going on between them. police say santiago is cooperating with investigators right now. he was arrested last night and around that time that's when
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police got the location of the bodies. 34-year-old neidy ramirez and her three-month-old daughter were last seen friday at a vineland laundromat. her car was found abandoned at route 55 on saturday. when she didn't show up for work monday, the official search began. one of the detectives says he believes the two may have been killed sometime on friday. >> we're still coordinating the investigation but between the three agencies we're doing a very good investigation and everything is falling into place quickly. >> reporter: police say they have been processing the crime scene all night. in fact they're still trying to get those bodies out of the location. a source close to the investigation says that the bodies were found a heavily wooded area not easy to access out in fairfield township. now, meantime ricardo santiago is locked up on a million dollars bail. he's charged with two counts of homicide. my colleague cydney long is working the story as well trying to talk to those close to the victims and she'll have that update later this afternoon.
11:34 am
for now, live outside the vineland police department, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> matt, thank you. just days after the head of chicago's police department said he had the support of the may glor the wake of that videotape police killing of the teenaged suspect, mayor rahm emanuel has now fired him. as nbc's stephanie gosk shows us, protesters say emanuel should also step down. >> reporter: the mayor fired the head of the chicago police but overnight protesters stood outside police headquarters, not satisfied, wanting more to to be done. >> the man needs to resign now. >> reporter: the protests began last week after the release of this video. the 2014 killing of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. the cop who fired the gun is out on bond facing a first degree murder charge. his lawyer says he fired in self-defense. in a letter to the justice department, the illinois attorney general calls the shooting shocking and says it highlights questions about the historic systemic use of
11:35 am
unlawful and excessive force by chicago police. asking for a civil rights investigation, the letter lists five cases, among them the police shooting of 25-year-old ronald johnson eight days before laquan mcdonald. police say he was armed with a gun. his family says there is a dash cam video that proves he wasn't and that the officer shot johnson as he ran away. >> they are still seeking to hide this video. they are still denying justice for ronnie. >> reporter: on tuesday, mayor emanuel announced the creation of a task force to look into police abuse. >> we're hoping that we add our part to making sure that people have trust and faith in the police department. >> reporter: emanuel fired police superintendent gary mccarthy, claiming he had become a distraction. but the mayor's fiercest critics are calling on him to resign, too. mr. mccarthy had become a distraction, there are a lot of questions in this room about you
11:36 am
and your office. have you become a distraction as well? >> well, you'll make that judgment. i think i'm doing my job and i try to do it everyday and do in the a professional way. >> that was nbc's stephanie gosk reporting. the state department is warning americans to stay out of mali following an attack in the capital city of bamako last month. gunmen believed to have ties to al qaeda stormed the hotel killing 20 people. the state department is also urging some u.s. embassy personnel and their families to leave the country. the british parliament is set to decide whether to take more aggressive action against isis extremists by launching air strikes inside syria. the country's lower chamber, the house of commons, began a ten-hour debate this morning with a vote expected later tonight on whether to authorize the bombing. britain has been participating in u.s.-led coalition attacks against isis positions in iraq only. the rio olympics are just eight months away and a new
11:37 am
round of test show the cities olympic waterways are as filthy as ever. the associated press conducted a test and found the water is even more widely contaminated than previously known. back in july, a first round of ap tests showed disease-causing viruses were found in the water at levels of up to 1.7 million times what it would be considered highly alarming in the u.s. or europe. sailors are scheduled to compete at high speeds in that same water and get drenched. facebook founder mark zuckerberg is a new father and to celebrate, he's giving away most of his wealth. yesterday on facebook zuckerberg and his wuf announife announcedh of their daughter max. the couple posted a letter to baby mcpledging to give 99% of their facebook shares to charity over the course of their lifetime. the shares are worth roughly $45
11:38 am
billion. a barn that stood for more than a century in new england was destroyed in a matter of seconds thanks to a teen on a joyride. police say a stolen truck full of hard cider crashed into a barn in maine. police arrested 19-year-old nicole diamond at the scene. the barn owner says the structure had been his n his family for more than 100 years but he's just glad no one was seriously hurt. >> thank god there was nobody going in that barn today because it would be horrible: >> the driver could be facing several charges including operating under the influence and failure to stop for a police officer. many people dream of hitting the lottery once. one california man won a jackpot twice in the same day. rodney meadows stopped at a modesto mini mart while running errands and picked up a scratchoff ticket. he won a thousand dollars big on the first prize so he decided he'd try it again.
11:39 am
minutes later he won $10 million. customers say the store has seen lots of other winners. >> i won a thousand dollars one time on a cross word puzzle. he's won a thousand dollars on a cross word puzzle. >> lucky store. the store also sold a $25,000 winning ticket last month and a $30,000 winning ticket last year making it one of the luckiest locations in all of california. happening today, eastern state penitentiary is kicking off its holiday toy drive in philadelphia. from now until december 14, anyone who donates a toy will get a buy one get one free admission to their historic tours. donated toys should be in original packaging but not gift wrapped. the annual drive benefits children of incarcerated parents. >> one in 28 american kids has a parent who's incarcerated and we wanted to draw attention to that fact and we also wanted to provide a little bit of joy at a time of the year that can be very stressful for these families. >> you can donate new toys or
11:40 am
children's books during eastern state's public hours even if they're not planning to take a tour. the penitentiary is partnering with the institute for community justice for this toy drive. a holiday tradition is scheduled to take place tonight in new york city. in several hours it will start to look a lot more like christmas in the big apple. nbc 10 national correspondent sarah dallof has a preview of tonight's lighting of the rockefeller center christmas tree. >> reporter: it was a short journey for this year's tree, just 80 miles from gardner, new york, where it towered over the family who donated it for four decades. they have fond memories of the tree but they say at 78 feet tall it had become too much to handle. as you can see, a perfect fit for rockefeller center. now, it's adorned with 45,000 energy efficient l.e.d. bulbs and at the top that sparkling swarvoski crystal star. it will be illuminated tonight
11:41 am
and thousands are expected to attend, thousands more expected to watch. security will be extra tight. officials say it's a precaution. there's no credible threats known at this time. there will be highly-armed police officers and visitors are asked not to bring umbrellas even though it's supposed to rain on and off. also asked not to bring backpacks or any large purses. officials say they want to keep them focused on having fun, let officials worry about the safety, let everyone else worry about getting in the holiday spirit. in rockefeller center, sarah dallof, nbc news. don't miss christmas in rockefeller center: our coverage begins tonight at 7:00 right here on nbc 10. whashington will also get into the christmas spirit today. the u.s. capital will hold its annual tree lighting ceremony. this is how it looked last year. new speaker of the house paul ryan plans to be there. also first lady michelle obama will unveil this year's white house christmas decorations. making television history. nbc is getting set to wow
11:42 am
viewers with the live musical event "the wiz" tomorrow night. why this will be a ground breaking moment for some to experience the magic like they never could before. glenn? >> well, you've got to keep those umbrellas handy. you'll need them again today: and we'll finally see a break from the rain. i'll let you know about that and what's in store for the weekend as well just ahead. is somewhere is
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. a study suggests fols positives for mammograms could be an indicator of future cancer. erica edwards explains. >> reporter: when a mammogram picks up a suspicious area on a woman's breast she undergoes further testing, sometimes a biopsy to find out if it's cancer. if it's not, it's called a false positive. now a large study suggests some of those false positives may be an extremely early warning sign of cancer. >> having a false positive is a piece of the the puzzle. >> reporter: this doctor led the 15 year study of more than one million women. those with a history of false positives had a slightly higher likelihood of later developing cancer. expecters think something catches a radiologist's trained eye. it may not be cancer now but an
11:46 am
indication something may be changing at the cellular level. this doesn't mean false positives will turn into cancer. >> the vast majority are quickly shown to be not of concern and whatever increased risk there might be down the road is a small change in their overall risk and not something they need to be alarmed about. >> other risk factors like age and family history should be taken into account. experts recommend women speak to their own physicians to get a better understanding of their personal risks. erica edwards, nbc news. tomorrow's live broadcast of "the wiz" on nbc tomorrow night will feature more than just great music. there will be something ground breaking for those who are visually impaired. ♪ ease on down the road the show's second audio program will feature a voice describing the visuals. it's a first time descriptions for the blind will be available for a life entertainment program in the u.s. the service can be
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access bid hitting the "sap" button on your remote. and don't miss "the wiz" live tomorrow night at 8:00 on nbc 0 10. well, the man who brought us the legendary sound of philadelphia is bringing us sound and grace. kenny gamble and his wife fatima are behind the forces making a difference in the lives of our area. we welcome you both. tell us more about this and some of the successes you have had with it. >> i'll let you start off. how 's this? the style and grace is her idea and the reason for it is a fund-raiser. we have -- she has the boys to men program which is a social etiquette financial literacy program for young people that go to charter schools and we have the pearls of wisdom who will also be hosting this event at
11:48 am
the university of the arts thursday, tomorrow night. >> fatima, what was the genesis behind the idea since you're the brain child of it. >> we teach our youth to dress properly and when you look at some of our youth today, some of the garments they're wearing i believe is inappropriate. >> pants hanging down, underwear showing. >> you got it, everything showing. and we wanted to show a dignified way of dressing and a sophisticated way of dressing and we were able to do that with the garments by frank agastino and some of the programs we offer are dress for success and we bring in experts to teach the young girls and the young guys how to tie ties, how to dress professionally. >> things that teenage kids or young adults may not even know how to tie a tie. tell me about the satisfaction that you both feel from doing
11:49 am
things like this. the way you reach out as you have throughout your lives. >> well, the joy i get from it, and my wife, we're both from philadelphia, i was born and raised from south philadelphia. and we have -- we've always looked at communities, especially the african-american community and you see that it's so much to be desired and we figured out. we said what could it be? what could this be to make not only in philadelphia but all over the country the african-american community is struggling. so it's education. when you know better, you do better. so what we were able to do is when the charter school revolution came we were able to work with our team at universal
11:50 am
companies, with rahim and shahid and my wife and i and many other s. >> it's a must stop for people when they come to philadelphia. >> it's a beautiful thing. it's not just any old kind of education. this is an education that teaches young people in the boys to men and the pearls of wisdom program about their culture, teach them about where they came from before slavery. we were captured people that were brought here to america, but who were we before we were captured so we have the wonderful guidance of dr. ed robinson and so -- well, fatima, you finish off. >> well, the satisfaction i receive when i see the young men and the young women go on to complete their high school education and to come back and
11:51 am
serve. >> we appreciate you what you do in our community. an evening of style and grace takes place tomorrow evening from december 3 to 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on 320 south broad street in philly. for more information, come to our web site at thank you very much for coming in and sharing your time with us. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> thank you very much. a couple of bloomy looking days out there. we have several more hours to go before we start clearing out here. we have a wet wednesday along with a wet tuesday we had. the sun, though, returns during the day tomorrow and a stretch of some really nice weather. after that we also have gusty winds coming in tomorrow. drying all this stuff out. we still have some moisture on the camera lens and the fog around but less rain in the
11:52 am
philadelphia area and points to the south and east right now. 56 degrees it's mild and calm. visibility two miles. the only places reporting now, lancaster reading, allentown, mount pocono, everybody else reporting just cloudy skies but that will change as you'll see. 50 degrees north and west, really mild for this time of year. 56 in mount holly 5, 5 in wrights town. 52 in trenton and as you can see we have more of a west wind and this is going to eventually help dry us out. pretty mild for this time of year. visibilities have gone up. we have areas of fog but look at coatesville. philly international still a mile and a half, a quarter mile in millville, an eighth of a
11:53 am
mile in atlantic city so we still have some areas with significant fog. and this stuff from maryland coming into delaware and the philadelphia area so if it's not raining now it will be raining this afternoon. take the umbrellas with you, it's not clear up just yet. you can see the dry weather temporarily because we've got this moisture to come back in before we can clear out. so here's that area rain coming in and it's going to be with us during the afternoon rush across much of the area as you can see. but it's not going to be with us tomorrow. for the rest of the day today, it's rainy, foggy, temperatures in the upper 50s to near 60 which is pretty mild for this time of the year and tomorrow the wind picks up, dries us out, maybe a couple flurries in the poconos and then some beautiful weather friday, saturday,
11:54 am
sunday. looks like a great weekend. above average temperatures and the next rain not until next week. we'll be right back.
11:55 am
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11:57 am
we'll have an update on your forecast this afternoon.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> kayla: if i hadn't seen bo's body, i don't think i would have believed it. >> roman: me neither. >> caroline: is there any word from kimberly? >> kayla: she texted me, mom. she's stuck at the airport and all the flights are delayed. i don't-- i don't think she'd gonna make it to the funeral. >> caroline: i see. we, she'll be with us in spirit. i'll be in the kitchen. >> roman: [sighs] >> kayla: i can't stand this. >> steve: hi. >> roman: hey. hi, steve. >> kayla: hi. >> steve: i rented an suv in case anybody needs a ride


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