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tv   Today  NBC  December 9, 2015 10:00am-11:01am EST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody. you have made it. it is winesdaywednesday, december 9th, and that is one of my kids' new favorite artists, a guy named thomas repp and it is called "crash and burn." >> all right. anyway, hed a bunch of great songs. and great show. guess who is here? >> our friend andy cohen. >> andy cohen. >> and he is feeling nostalgic.
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>> and kathie lee gave me a cookie. >> and he used to do the news and now he is doing all kinds of stuff. >> he is an entrepreneur. >> he doesn't stop. >> he has a new special he is going to be talking about and amy poehler and tina fey movie "sisters," here we will talk to the divas of the wrestling world. >> and also, if you have not gotten over psy's "daddy" song, we will have elvis duran's new artist of the months. and these are the words of wisdom. >> i can't decide if i need a
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cup of coffee or a shot of vodka. what you think, andy some >> i don't know. >> why were you sleeping? get off of the air at 11:30, and then i'm all wired and it is awe all screwed up and then in okay.g i am so exci i will want you to enjoy this cookie. i want to tell you about my fr ann neilson at a fund r fund-raiser in new york city, and she just h $5,000 for cassi. and i want to give people their due. and so this is a cookie for you, and the money is for cassidy's place. don't touch that. >> okay. >> and last night, jimmy kimmel you had the two shots,
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and you had to choose if it was a kid on santa's lap or getting the flu is this kid sitting on santa's lap or getting a flu shot? the audience says flu shot. and it is flu shot. and this is -- all right. you feel very strongly that it is a flu shot, and it is -- an that's lap. all right. oh. that is more of the stink eye. are we sad because of santa or the d >> she is having nothing to do. >> all about the attitude. >> i have seen that look from women so m >> were you afraid of santa when
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you were little? >> i was not. >> but we were talking about a parent taking a ch get flu shot is terrible. >> i mow who would. >> and we have rumors. pe do. unbelievable. >> they are outside already waiting for the opening of this movie that is opening -- >> a week from thursday. >> they are outside. >> how are they making a living may i ask? >> maybe it is shifts. >> i don't know, because that is an incredible commitment of time. >> 100 people are camped outside of the chinese theater in los angeles. >> and in outfits. >> and they have opened that over 600 screenings were sold out. it, but i am already losing sleep, and i am not going to be out there. >> and i am excited, but i love it that the idiots are sleeping outside of the theater, and it
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is so old school, and we are as op in line and we the people who are are waiting in the line. and it feels very 1970-whateve " movie came out. >> and there trivia, but we think that it would make any money, so they only put it in 32 theaters at the time. >> wow. >> isn't that crazy? >>ic last night, nine singers competing and four spots in the finale, and they named the first top three. and they are from team adam jordan smith. and blake's robert s as and ba ba
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baber. okay. so then -- >> so there were - t singers we immediately sent home, and three left a that were competing for one final slot. so we will try to figure out t . ♪ live like you were dying ♪ live like you were dying ♪ hey now ♪ hey now the world comes in ♪ they come they go ♪ and just ale wall between ♪ ♪ make it rain ♪ make it rain ♪ make it rain >> i am going with mati the girl in between. >> she was good. bit like shania twain to
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me. i would go with the last gentleman. >> the female was from team pharrell and the last one was from team gwen. >> the votes have officially closed, co it is jeffrey austin. team gwen is in the finale. so put your harnds together for the players. >> and it is team gwen against team blake. >> we wi sustain this competiti competition. >> pharrell doesn't ha runner-up was jordan smith -- >> and you nknow he sang queen'
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"somebody to love" and he has dethroned adele at the top spot. ♪ can somebody find me somebody to love ♪ >> oh, my god. >> i am going out on a very thin limb and saying he is going to be take it home. it surprised us, hoda. >> it did. will there is a new movie coming out "joy" and you have heard of it. but melissa rivers is in this movie, and she is playing the role of her mother. >> yes, and appears on qvc, because in jennifer lawrence she plays a real life person who creates all kinds of things like the miracle mop who made a fortune, and we get to see a right? >> yes n is a taping from entertainment tonight, and they
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showed this clip, so let's watch. >> say go joy. good luck today. >> she should be in a skirt, and she has nice long legs. show her skirts. >> joan rivers wants me to wear a skirt. >> wow, you look so much like her there. and you sound like h >> i worked hard on her speech pattern but not so much the accent, because i didn't want to be an imitation or caricature. >> am i wrong, but are your eyes tearing up? >> a little. i can't watch myself, especially not like that, and i was so focused on the details and the job that it never hit me that i took a crazy emotional risk until i got home, and i went, what did i just do? >> and she had to be talked into it by the david orussell the
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director. >> and finally melissa rivers and jennifer lawrence are working tot. i have been waiting for that so long. >> and that is what she said that she could hear her mother saying, what, a chance to this but she sounded nothing like. >> wow. and "people" magazine did release that shot of melissa as joan. so the movie opens up christmas day, "joy." >> and a lot of big films. "concussion." >> and yes we want to give a is out shoutout to the cover of "hollywood reporter." >> donna langley. >> and last year it was bonnie hamlin and she is responsible this year for the biggest box office movie in history $6.7 billion with jurassic world, and
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fast and furious 7, and straight out of compton and 50 shades. >> and she is going to be honored there at that luncheon? >> yes, and so many are going to be there, sean penn and so many great people there. >> yes, have a great morning out there. >> and we had a feature on clara ra s sunwoo and her daughter roseanne and about their immigration sto story, and our fans have crashed their website, and they are now back up and running. congratulations to the them. >> and up next -- >> and up next -- >> andy is made a simple tripvere chto the grocery storeis anything but simple. so finally, i had an important conversation with my dermatologist about humira. he explained that humira works inside my body
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genius behind the franchise of real life brau have voe, andy cohen has made a living with history. >> and he has a new two-part series called "then and now with andy cohen. >> and friends. >> yes. >> and you talk to newsmakers and stars like mariel hemingway and connie chung. >> were you surprised when you heard the verdict that o.j. was not guilty? >> i think that everybody was shocked. the trial was such a circus that all of us were expecting something ridiculous. >> this is cool. >> it was really fun. i loved the show, and i loved looking back at things thpa eve ep is a different year. we premier sunday with 1994, and so we look back at 1994, and of course, o.j. was a huge story, and we talked to people who were there, and covered it and involved. and then we juxtaposed it and
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looked at how it is affecting what is happening today in the world. o.j. in prison, and i mow that you didn't interview him, but you tell that in the course of t an years? >> well, you know what, every year has a frothy mix of pop culture and so we picked things that i am personally interested in. and in 1994, i was at the olympics with 1996, and that is when tonya harding and nancy kerrigan and "friends" premiered. >> and yes, a loft people didn't know that you had the news background. >> i worked at cbs news for ten years, and so i had a front row seat for the 1990s and i could kick anybody's butt in a game of 1990s trivial pursuit. i am sure you could, too. >> yes, those were big years. >> and do you miss it? >> no, i loved it at the time. and you know, when i left in
10:17 am
2000, we were competing against "entertainment tonight" for stories, and everything had change and getting back to o.j. and 1994, that is one of the things that it killed soap operas, and i talked to kelly ripa that she felt that watching in the dressing room everyday watching the o.j. trial, and she was thinking, wow h this is the end for us, because this is more interesting than what we doing. >> and what else happened that year? >> birth of the internet. and the birth of chat rooms and i was saying, what? you can get porn ob this machine, wow? that is what it is for, right? >> that is why it is so popular. >> and loo computers. and it is hilarious. >> and we are going to be playing a game, andy cohen, and a game that you are familiar with. it"who is creeping on cohen." and we will give you 30 seconds to guess the clues of the
10:18 am
celebrities behind you, and we will give you some clues. >> all right. know who they are either. >> and we will get you some clues. ready. "who is creeping on andy?" go. ready. >> it is behind. >> no, this side. right here, right here. >> you are horrible. >> 1989. >> 1989. ta lor swift. >> okay. oh, i have a big crush on him from "voice." >> her dog. >> blake shelton. >> and she is in everything -- >> jennifer lawrence. >> no. >> melissa rivers. >> and latina. >> j.lo. oh, she's in everything. >> and gail is her best friend. >> oprah. >> that is a good one. >> and she just got married to joe mangiello.
10:19 am
>> sophia vergara. >> and this with one is always -- >> madonna. >> and her song is number one -- >> adele. >> and late night with -- >> andy cohen. >> the other one. >> jimmy fallon. >> and i made him a star. >> regis. >> and you made this guy a star, your best friend. >> anderson. we are on tour. >> and you are on the tour with him. tell everybody. >> ander and come see us columbus, ohio. oakland, california, seattle. we sit and tack and have cocktails and it is like a great night out. and we take it on the road. >> and it is so good. >> etch a sketch. >> from that year. >> so fun. >> that is so thoughtful of you. >> and we love andy cohen.
10:20 am
>> and what were you yelling the whole time? >> because it is a game. >> and from the moment you came out. >> and you are not the quietest shrinking violet here. >> sunday, december 13th, at 10:00 p.m. on our network bravo. >> and now, elvis durant is right here with his artist of the month. >> yes.
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here is a question. do you want to know who is the next big star? >> well, look mo further than artist duran's artist of the month or the moment. >> and this month it is tyler ward who came into a musical career and stardom. >> the new album is called
10:24 am
"boxes." and elvis is here to introduce us. >> and this is tyler, and he started out -- >> and he is so cute. >> yes. and he started out in his parents' basement, and now he has a great pop song that all of america's heartland will will catch on to. >> and you were on youtube and people found you right away? >> and i was in my dad's basement, and i said that i have to work, but then i decided to work on myself. and so i put it out. and people liked it. >> it is huge, right, 450 million? >> yes, he has had that many views on youtube. >> and you are going to sing for us? >> yes. >> and sister trivia with the bella twins. when i lay in my tempur-pedic contour then i slowly feel it start to kind of wrap itself around me. then the next thing i know it's morning.
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to treat their aches and pains more people reach for advil. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. girls: (giggling) girl: he's so cute. what should we name him? (mixed gasps) (snorting) new pet? get scrubbing bubbles. kill 99.9% of germs and destroy grime. with scrubbing bubbles for 100% problem solved. good morning, i'm vai sikahema. let's get our first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley. bill, it feels like april. >> temperatures are above
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normal. usually we warm in the 40s, today we're heading to the 50s. 44 degrees with sunshine and high clouds in the area, those will be increasing this afternoon. 45 degrees already in philadelphia. atlantic city 50 degrees. the 30s we saw, down to 33 degrees in roxborough, it will keep going into the 50s this afternoon. right now a jury in philadelphia is back deliberating the fate of the man accused of killing a teacher allegedly for his ipod. 37-year-old marcellus jones is charged with billing bo zebol near the philadelphia market in 2008. zabel was a teacher and just moved to philadelphia six months before he was gun down. he was shot in the neck at point-blank range. police are investigating a case of hate vandalism at rowan university in glass breaborogla. someone carved swastikas on
10:28 am
dormitory doors and left other hate filled messages. county leaders will unveil a new way to combat homelessness. the county will find safe places for people to live and work to help them keep those homes. the county has helped two people now living in collinswood. you can get the latest news and weather at the nbc 10 app. we'll send you back to the "today" show. have a great day. see you in a half hour.
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hey, guys, it is winesday wednesday, and we are playing trivia with the upcoming movie "s "sisters" about some famous sisters. and kath l right, and for anybody who doesn't, they get a autographed fabulous cds. and here in the studio with me are the wwe e ddivas and brie a bella, and at the end, you will be receiving some bella twin merchandise. >> yes, the best you can get it. >> and the movie with john cena in it, what did you think?
10:31 am
>> it is hilarious, and john is so funny and ammy and tina is so funny, but everybody needs to see it, because it is hilarious. >> and you are besties? >> yes. >> okay. kathie lee, we are ready to roll. >>. >> the hit 1990 hit congress "hold on" was featured in the movie "bridesmaids" and who sang it? >> i am going to say a. >> and she wanted my cd so b badly. >> she did. >> ladies the correct answer is carney and wendy wilson. >> yes. and a great scene in the movie. always a bridesmaid. icky who >> i am a sister, and i'm allowed to say that. >> oh, oh, drop the mic, boom. >> and that is what sisters are for. back over to, you kathie lee. >> and now, fellow south carolinians, and this is for this lady. what are the names for this
10:32 am
separated yid cal twins played by lindsey lay lohan in "the pa trap?" >> i am going say c, annie and halli ee. >> he guessed right. >> this is lindsay lohan and the last time that we saw her you two don't mess around. i am a little scared. back over to you, kaththy. >> and finish the lyrics from the pointer sister song -- here it is. ♪ i'm so excited ♪ i just can't hide it >>. ♪ i'm about to lose control and i like it ♪ >> that is a great song. >> i know. i think that actually that should be new entra music. >> yes. >> and you could be our manager? you?s, and if i get to danc >> dance and a body slam. >> oh, well, okay.
10:33 am
back over to you, kathie lee. >> what is the age difference between serena and venus williams. serena is four months old, venus is 15 months older or they are twins. >> they are twinnis. >> no. but i highly recommend this cd. >> and venus is older. >> yes, and we are twins, but i am six minutes older. >> and she acts 14 months older. >> and you always claim that the i was a miracle baby. >> and she is. >> and back over to you, kath. >> from chicago, and what is the age -- i got all kinds of stuff today. sorry, honey, this is yours. which of these celebrities does not have a twin sister. linda hamilton, giselle bundchen or scarlett johansson? >> gisele.
10:34 am
>> no, she has a twin. >> really, who is that? >> and scarlett johansson has a twin brother. >> i would like to be the twin to gisele. >> yes, a super model twin. >> and what about you coming up? >> total divas airing on season five in january and so amazing, and make sure that you our man. well, the man and not our man. >> and you can always see on monday night raw. >> and how do you deal with the nosey family members at your holiday gatherings?
10:35 am
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if you are like hoda, you are probably spending the holiday season bouncing around from one party to another. >> and there is always a sticky situation that happens with your friends or co-workers or family and so we brought back mr. manner manners to learn how to handle these awkward just le than are getting some help from our "today" show staff. >> hello, thomas. and we have an office party, and friend party and family party. and at the office party. booze zi bob is at the party. >> who brought the shots? >> and we all know that taking the edge off going to the holiday party for the office can be good, but one or two turns into five, and as the employee, you have to be careful, and as the employer, you have to be
10:40 am
watching out for him. >> and he is taking suck up sand sandy. >> and would you like to try the san and what does she do in >> well, i come to the party, and i say that you guys have been doing a fantastic job and i do give myself some credit and the ratings are going up, and i think it is attribute d to me, and the wine. and very good, suck up sandy. >> and we give her credit, because a lot of peopl ski it, but be there to show some facetime, but don't suck up. you say, thank you so much for having me, and it is a great event. and move on. >> we are not throwing it. >> okay. bye-bye. >> and now, over the side. >> we have a couple of people. what is andrew doing here? >> who are you? >> i am hovering hal. >> what is that some. >> i just want to get into the conversation whether i am invited or not. and hovering h
10:41 am
host everywhere. and you need to task hal with things to get him awaym you have to be the good host. >> he is a lot like andrew, actually. >> and it is definitely typecasting involved here. >> and i think that i know her. camera happy cindy. >> yes. >> the selfies. >> the craziest. >> hey! >> and what do you do with the camera happy one. >> she is periscoping, and there is maybe some privacy issues, and people may not want to be tagged. >> hey! >> and what does cindy need? >> she needs something else to do, so put her in charge of the play list, and she loves the but she won't be in charge of the photos. >> and a lot of the kathie lee cds. >> and the friend party. is irma there? >> wow, do i hear wedding bells?
10:42 am
where is that bracelet from? >> and the questions are awkward and it could be when are you getting ma you having a baby. >> or, when are you due? >> in about a year. >> and you know, she might even ask personal questions so bring a deputy with you. >> i brought hoda. >> and irma, why would you ask sauch question like that? >> and what would you say? >> inquiring minds want to know. >>ha would exit stage door right. >> and no, diffuse it as a team. >> and who is walt here? >> well, in my days, we didn't have ober for cars, but we were lucky to have rubber for shoes. >> war story walt. telling all of the war stories. >> and has never been in the military. >> and why do you shave, and that is a good one. >> and you have been hearing the stories every single holiday for
10:43 am
the last 20 year, and you are tired of them and it is bringing the level of the party down, so you want tinterv and say, walt, we want to hear this, but before we do, hoda has a great stor and i want to have her tell it before i forget to remind her. and cut him off in a nice way. >> and he is no longer getting the attention, and he will find another victim. >> yes. and lazy larry. >> i love a piece of cheese and maybe a top theoff. >> you want me to get a piece of cheese? >> something wrong with your well, i don't want the do it, because i am lazy larry. >> i won't say it that way. >> what is yong with your legs? >> and rather grumb about this inside, you are going to acknowledge it, and say, larry, you know what, while the cooks are preparing the next course, we could use a hand clearing the tables. >> what would lazy larry say?
10:44 am
>> well, you say nit front it i the group. >> and you shame him. >> oh. >> and now, get ready to sing, because it is elvis duran's artist of the month tyler ward. wewe... get... angry. out of control, mad to the core, angry. so cancer, you've got two options. get out of the way or get rolled over. anger. just one reason more of us are surviving cancer than dying from it. give now to the american cancer society.
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♪ a one horse open sleigh >> just having some fun, and now it is time to meet elvis duran's artist of the month. >> he is the multi-talented writer and singer tyler ward. >> we are not happy we weren't invite to that great party you
10:50 am
were just having. >> yes. >> and his name is tyler ward. and this is him. ♪ spending your whole life chasing dreams ♪ ♪ went from sidelines to major leagues ♪ ♪ and now they say ♪ you finally made it you must be happy ♪ ♪ but on dark nights ♪ when you're counting sheep ♪ and the good times are fast asleep ♪ ♪ you think i'm okay, just maintain it i should be happy ♪ ♪ but when five years pass ♪ the same things don't make you laugh ♪ ♪ and now ten years go by alone ♪ ♪ and so maybe it is time to go home ♪ ♪ pack it up and leave' em a
10:51 am
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alone ♪ ♪ and so maybe it is time to go home ♪ ♪ pack it up and leave 'em a note ♪ ♪ saying i don't wanna do this alone ♪ ♪ so go pack those yellow boxes ♪ ♪ and make your way home ♪ and when everything is out of control ♪ ♪ and you feel like you have traded your soul ♪ ♪ for gold pack those yellow boxes ♪ ♪ and make your way home ♪ ooh ahh >> that is music, hoda. >> that is 111 on the scale of 10. >> and wow. do a youtube search for tyler ward today. >> and jingle ball? >> yes, new york city friday night. tickets. >> yes. and we will be back in a moment. >> this is "today" on nbc. >> oh, yeah.
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we are halfway through the 22nd annual toy drive and we have shipped millions of dollars of toys and gifts to children and families in need across t country. >> one of the generous partners avon is back to bring some joy to kid kids, and this is orenth >> and who is this? >> this is my granddaughter. >> hello! >> and on behalf of representatives worldwide, 2,000 of these the gorgeous holiday bears to needy children this holiday season. >> to you have like your bear? >> yes. >> is it soft, zoe? >> yes. >> and what is your bear's name? >> rosie. >> that is a good name. and merry christmas to all. and are you with me, zoe? >> and now, remember, you, too,
10:57 am
can donate to the toy drive on >> and now, little elf found our little elf in the kitchen. >> it is right there. >> oh! >> tomorrow from the movie sisters amy poehler
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right now at 11:00, a jury is deciding the fate of a man accused of killing an aspire, teacher during a robbery for his ipod. good morning, i'm vai sikahema. the jury got the case yesterday. victim beau zabel's family has been waiting seven years for justice. nbc 10's george spencer has been closely following this trial. he joins us live in center city. george, this is a family that's looking for some closure. >> reporter: they absolutely are, vai. jury deliberations, as you mentioned, started about 9:30 this morning, officially got under way, so the jury has only been working on this case for about an hour and a half now. but zabel's family here f


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